Essential EP’s #13

More than 2 full months into 2k17 now and there are still tons of essential releases that cannot be left unblogged on Generation Bass. The stuff that has come out in the last months of 2k16 belong to the year's best releases and give most insight in where stuff will move towards from now. See this Read more [...]

Important Stuff We’ve Slept On

I am a slow blogger. I usually rake in as much as possible of everything that pops up in my soundcloud feed or on Facebook and if I dig it, repost, comment, or thumb it up.But as usual, I´m behind with important posts so that all the important new stuff disappears to the end of the queue of everything Read more [...]

Beat Garden Compilation 4 by Gergaz

Gifted. This simple word sums up the amount of talent, energy of the artists who composed the tracks of this fourth compilation.It's not the first time we talk about Gergaz label, almost a year ago we presented FVLCRVM's Notch EP and the third Beat Garden compilation which was already impressive. Read more [...]

Bwoy De Bhajan

Some awesome stuff here from Denmark by Bwoy De Bhajan aka Søren, a 19 year old with a pretty bright future ahead of him.He makes, as he says, "mind bending glitched out ethnic bouncy abstract whompy bass music".Thanks to Khev from 13th Tribe for the tip-off:2032 by Bwoy De Bhajan Read more [...]

Rumle – Sun Is Out EP + Goodies!

Rumle (official word)<action>About 20 km. outside Copenhagen, in the suburban hell of Nærum, he sits with his face plastered to the glossy screen, while the neighbors and the communal sewage, slowly begins its day in the early morning hours, and spreading its fumes all the way the the small Read more [...]