Afro Touch Mix

Mene Mauroa just dropped this very serious mixtape dripping with sensuality and covering a range of deep, soulful and jazzy vibes all imbued with the pulse of Africa!Afro House, Beat & Tribal fused with some Tarraxo, Tarraxinha and Zouk, very sexy  Read more [...]

Zakee Kuduro : The Gold Rush

Zakee Kuduro is back with a great new track from his forthcoming sophomore visual LP Rise Of The Rebels: Assimilations, due later this year.This is the 3rd track from the album and it's a hard-hitting alternative rock track, a fresh take on the smooth and complex blends of electronic, afro-beat, Read more [...]

Idan K & The Movement Of Rhythm

To continue with my going on about the brilliantly insane Idan K. from his involvement with George And The Good Vibes to his own Idan K & The Movement Of Rhythm.IKTMOR as I like to call them starting right now, is a whole other brand of cookies, with their heavy Afro-Beat, Funk, Latin Rhythm and Read more [...]

George And The Good Vibes – Ben Avigdor EP

I'm excited and grateful for my new friend, introduced to me by my good friend Maximilian Becker of Los Chicos Altos, Idan K. or if you prefer to have difficulty speaking, Idan Kuperferberg.Idan is a multi-instrumentalist though primarily percussionist of various Israeli based music projects. For Read more [...]

Cumbia Cosmonauts – Tropical Bass Station

I actually covered this a couple times in the past. One of those times was when it was first uploaded to Soundcloud, and I reviewed and shared it on my Sexxy Saturday Cumbia post right away. But I feel it deserves a little more love.The guys of Cumbia Cosmosnauts are hard workers in a place where Read more [...]


Estrella, one of the main band members and the vocalist contacted me about this brilliant release via Facebook and man I'm really digging this!Afro-Latin Dub meets West Coast bass, the first release from World Hood Music is a peaceful revolution in itself, uncrowded by the usual suspects.The debut Read more [...]


This great track by TONY ALLEN has been sampled extensivly by Q-TIP on his last album, now here's the sparkling original. One of the funkiest tracks ever. Drums & bass slide together, propelled by a nice wahwah guitar and lush organ sounds... just great stuff!TONY ALLEN - ASIKO Read more [...]