Go over to the site and read what Okayafrica  have to say about the mix.

Download here:

Africa in your Earbuds – African Apocalypse

Here’s what I have to say:

Okayafrica asked me for an Africa in Your Earbuds Mix at least 2 years ago. It’s taken me this long to get around to it because I always wanted to do something extra, extra special for this mixtape series and for this site. It’s a site and series that I really love. And it’s taken me over 2 years to get into this extra special mood to lay down this mix for them.

As usual, recorded live on CDJ’s with manual mixing, basically, a live DJ mix, like all my mixes are.

Artwork – Underdog
Beat Laden – Mastering

Don’t book for me for gigs, book one or more of these guys below and enjoy the mix:

Dj Znobia
Dj Paparazzi
Bison & Squareffekt
Deejay Anderson
Dj Liu K
Mambos Da Casa
Nigga Fox
Dj Marfox
King Kong
Lx Monkey Beatz
Dj Marshall
Beat Laden
Dj Doraemon
Dj BeBeDeRa
Dotorado Pro
Dj Lilocox
Dj Finicox
Dj Zulox
DZC Crew
Dj N.K
Nidia Minaj
Diamond Bass
Dj Satelite
Dj UmbFox
TxiGa Pro
DJ PutOo Helder
Blacksea Não Maya
Deejay KarFoX
Babaz Fox
Power Music Beatz
And the list goes on…….

Zakee Kuduro : The Gold Rush


Zakee Kuduro is back with a great new track from his forthcoming sophomore visual LP Rise Of The Rebels: Assimilations, due later this year.

This is the 3rd track from the album and it’s a hard-hitting alternative rock track, a fresh take on the smooth and complex blends of electronic, afro-beat, hip-hop, punk, and global music, for which Zakee is known.

A great video accompanies it with a 2 minute intro of Zakee’s thoughts before the track kicks in with a Zeppelinesque “In The Light” riff.

“THE GOLD RUSH” the second in a series of short films, providing viewers with a visual window into the visual LP ” Rise of the Rebels.”The Gold Rush features a woman dealing with drug addiction and love; the subject also has an uncanny affinity for a fencing mask. Zakee describes The Gold Rush as, “a visual journey through our darkest moments of love.”

Written and Directed by Zakee Kuduro
Starring: Nicole Burgess & Zakee Kuduro
Executive Produced by Twelve Bit Media
Score “The Gold Rush”: Zakee

THE GOLD RUSH from ZAKEE on Vimeo.

“Earlier this week, Zakee previewed the song accompanied by its jarring yet beautiful visual in performance at the BlackStar Film Festival Closing Awards Ceremony. 
The Gold Rush features a woman dealing with drug addiction and love; the subject also has an uncanny affinity for a fencing mask. Zakee, who shot and directed the piece, describes The Gold Rush as, “a visual journey through our darkest moments of love.”

Idan K & The Movement Of Rhythm


To continue with my going on about the brilliantly insane Idan K. from his involvement with George And The Good Vibes to his own Idan K & The Movement Of Rhythm.

IKTMOR as I like to call them starting right now, is a whole other brand of cookies, with their heavy Afro-Beat, Funk, Latin Rhythm and Dancehall flavors. The energy released by the band is intoxicating and truly shows how talented Idan K. is, as well as his many fellow musicians that make up the band.

The future EP from Idan K & The Movement Of Rhythm (IKTMOR) will be out on the 15th of July, 2013. But I have plenty to share with you to fill your cup, or even over-flow it, with sonic brilliance.

Here are the three previous IKTMOR albums up for sale and to stream. But first check out this dope video of IKTMOR playing live.

George And The Good Vibes – Ben Avigdor EP


I’m excited and grateful for my new friend, introduced to me by my good friend Maximilian Becker of Los Chicos Altos, Idan K. or if you prefer to have difficulty speaking, Idan Kuperferberg.

Idan is a multi-instrumentalist though primarily percussionist of various Israeli based music projects. For almost two decades he has collaborated with many top international talents while leading his own percussion ensemble.

So far from what I have heard of Idan’s percussion skills, they are intense and have that certain quality that immediately get one up off their ass to dance. To describe his sound with one or two words proves to be rather difficult for me. There is Afro-beat, Malian, various Latin rhythms in the mix along with Middle Eastern, Dub and Funk. No matter what I attempt to describe it as, I’ll never do it justice, though based on my lack of description abilities for Idan, one can only anticipate greatness with a plethora of influences.

He has a couple of current projects he has been working on lately. One is a position in the band called George And The Good Vibes, a ten member brilliant horn section, a drummer, two percussionists, a bass player and a keyboard player. This band is truly remarkable and also makes it quite difficulty to describe with words, however I shall try to anyway. Latin, Middle Eastern, Funk, Jazz, Soul and passionate energy flood through my speakers and into my ear holes (not sure which holes it all comes out of, so I implore one to use one’s imagination if one feels so inclined – one).

Here is their last album to be released just released last week. It is as I say beyond excellent and one of my favorite finds of the year so far.

Rhythm section –  Idan Carmeli (drums), Idan K & Chen “pepe” Meir (percussion)
Ben Danzig (bass)
Adi Hillel (guitar)
Ido Zeleznic & Gilad Jacobson (keys),
Horn section: Adir Kochavi & Arthur Krasnobaev (Tpr), Matan Maman & Yonatan voltzok (trb), Matan Maman , Yonatan voltzok
Ilan Arad (Alt & Flute ) , Roy Rabinowitzy (Alt & Tenor ) , Gal Dahan (Tenor & Bari ) and of course, band leader Tomer George Cohen (Tenor , Alt , Sopran , Clarinet ,composer , arranger)

The other project Idan is currently working with is his own called Idan K And The Movement Of Rhythm. To read and hear more about them, click on their name!

Cumbia Cosmonauts – Tropical Bass Station

I actually covered this a couple times in the past. One of those times was when it was first uploaded to Soundcloud, and I reviewed and shared it on my Sexxy Saturday Cumbia post right away. But I feel it deserves a little more love.

The guys of Cumbia Cosmosnauts are hard workers in a place where cumbia is scarce save a couple other cumbieros in the area, specifically our good friend Jack Posada. Once again I’ll point out that Tropical Bass Station is scheduled to be released by the always brilliant label Chusma Records on the 23rd of November.

The cumbieros from down under really deliver something nice with this album. My favorite by a considerable amount is “Tribal Amazonico”. It features the powerful vocalist Deize Tigrona. Her voice is used more as a rhythmic instrument which I found really interesting and quite affective.

Also they get into some cool afro-beat influenced tracks like “Radio Africa feat Tshila”. And to show off even more diversity in their sound they go very digital and heavy bass-wise with “Big Sound feat Congo Tardis”.

With “Colombia” I found it to be quite unique with what I decided was a mixture of cumbia, dub and chicha, making for a really diverse sound.

Check it out here and get ready for the release in less than a week away.



Estrella, one of the main band members and the vocalist contacted me about this brilliant release via Facebook and man I’m really digging this!

Afro-Latin Dub meets West Coast bass, the first release from World Hood Music is a peaceful revolution in itself, uncrowded by the usual suspects.The debut album plays like a breakbeat fairytale with distinct Afro-beat, Latin Fusion, and Hip Hop chapters. If Portishead and Too Short ran into Chico Mann at the corner store at 2 a.m. World Hood Music is what would commence shortly after.

Go and take a listen and grab 2 free tracks, Mar Y Monte & Children of the Sun.

Watch a vid too: