Dominican Republican, Munchi, has taught us a lot about Bachata and some of his productions have always included his own twisted underground take on the genre which has helped to peak our interest.

Well, here’s a great educational piece on all things Bachata from Afropop Worldwide!

Arabia Rising – Umm Kulthum : The Queen of all my Dreams!

The single greatest female vocalist of all times, she is the Queen of all my Dreams!

Educate yourself on one of the most important vocalists to have ever graced this earth!

I’m loving these podcasts:

Umm Kulthum has been called the greatest singer in the Arabic speaking world in the 20th century. Born in 1904 the humble daughter of an Egyptian village imam, she went on to become a glamorous Cairo celebrity in her 20s, and soon after that, a cultural icon whose monthly live radio broadcasts brought much of Egypt to a standstill. She turned high poetry into popular culture. She extended musical forms with her virtuoso, extended vocal improvisations. Combining historical, religious, literary and musical passions, she inspired an enduring sense of national pride and left a legacy for the ages. Millions gathered for her 1975 funeral. With Umm Kuthum biographer Virginia Danielson as guide and guest, this program explores the life and music of a musical legend. Produced by Banning Eyre. (#465)


Great bunch of pr0grammes here, which provide an excellent insight into some of the Transnational Roots genres that we love here at Generation Bass!




Homies, some good news given to us by our good friend Garrett Baker of FlipSwitch PR who pointed us into the direction of AFROPOP WORLDWIDE, who have voted your boyz and girl into their Top 10 of the best blogs.

Man, we are very pleased with this considering we were not expecting it or any type of recognition of this sort.  That’s never been our aim.  Our aim is just to share what we love with whoever wants to lock into us.

It does feel great standing next to the other blogs in that list, Mad Decent, ZZK, Mudd Up, Dutty Artz, Ghetto Bassquake, Birdseed, Wayne & Wax, The Fader and some others.  A very impressive list of blogs, who we really look up to.

Man we’re stoked!

Thank you Afropop and thanks, everybody!