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We are back and pleased to be here once again with our monthly cumbia selection!!

It never seems to get old as this edition delivers more than ever before!

We hope you enjoy:



Inti Che – Manantial (Folcore/Konn Recordings/Aztec Electronic Music)

This is one of the greatest releases that I have had the pleasure of listening to this month. Inti Che never fails. Hypnotic atmos and synths progressively meet potent drums and shakers, and create this all in one profound dense atmosphere. The panning on these tracks is fantastic and boosts the whole experience so well. I couldn’t choose one track to represent the whole album, so make sure you check out the whole thing. There’s even a track featuring Rodrigo Gallardo from Matanza. And thanks to those involved in making this album free to all of us !


Lulacruza – Orcas Remixed Vol. 2 (Black Swan Sounds)

Uno Resuena (Chancha Via Circuito Remix)


(Link to bandcamp: )

I mentioned Nicola Cruz’s remix from the 1st volume of Orcas Remixes a few months back and was pleasantly surprised to see the Vol 2 taking shape so quickly, and with great names on board: Chancha Via Circuito, David Last, King Coya & MI. Chancha Via Circuito’s deep & organic remix of ‘Uno Resuena’ has left me eager to discover the 3 other remixes which should be available by the time you read this blog. In his remix, I love how Chancha integrates his world into the original vibe of the tune; you can really feel his sounds progressively surrounding her voice; the drop half way through is amazing !!!!

If you missed them, don’t forget to check the original ‘Orcas’ album released on Jumpsuit Records in April 2015, & ‘Orcas Remixes Vol 1’ released a month ago on Black Swan Sounds with remixes by Nicola Cruz, El Búho, SaQi & Sleepers Work.


VA – Sonidos De La Jungla (Fértil Discos)

“After receiving contributions from more than 40 artists, Fértil Discos is pleased to announce its first compilation, gathering the most interesting representatives of the south american electronic scene. Following the wave initiated by albums such as Chancha Via Circuito’s Amansara and El Remolón’s Selva, we’ve decided to adopt this environment as an inspiration, taking home recordings of birds, crickets, rivers, ayahuasca’s ícaros and amazonic sounds as leit motivs.” (Fértil Discos)

This album is beautiful and brings a really diverse insight into the current tropical wave. The sounds are organic, crunchy, vibrant, true,,…. and each track feels like it could be a different path in the jungle. And to make it all even nicer, the whole thing is available for free. Thank you to Fértil Discos and all the artists involved in this album.


Lascivio Bohemia – María Arrullá la Guagua

“María arrullá la guagua = María calma al bebe = María calm the baby.”

Absolute tune !!! It has been on repeat since he kindly sent it to us a few weeks ago. Thank you from La Selva. The vocals are amazing, so powerful; just like the more instrumental moments in the tune, with beautiful marimbas, violins, bongos, congos, ….and a wicked subtle, crunchy bassline. The tune continuously evolves, with really good drops catching you on the way! The great news is that this is apparently one of the tracks from his forthcoming EP !


Gaiteiros De Lisboa – Se Fores ao Mar Pescar (El Bu?ho Remix)

I’d never heard of the Gaiteros De Lisboa and was amazed when I heard these pipes ! We’re used to tracks with LatinAmerican gaita sounds in them, but here, combined with the melancholic vocals, they bring you into a completely different world; it’s more like a slow walk along the misty Lisbon waterfront. El Búho has kept the essence of the vocals and pipes and added a lovely deep beat to them, full of atmos, reverbs, delays, and little details that enhance the whole atmosphere. Love it !


Tactical Groove Orbit – Trujillo Alto (TGO feat Calle 13 “Atrevete te”)

Tactical Groove Orbit has released several really cool remixes and new tunes over the past few months, but this one is a personal favorite. Proper dancefloor business. The production is really tight and potent. I hadn’t heard anything using Calle 13 vocals in a while and it was worth the wait; they work really well here. TGO also leaves a lot a room in his tune for the instruments to take over and add to the festive and bouncing vibe. We will have the pleasure of playing with him for the first time in Rodez (FR) next week, alongside many other french tropical ravers (more info: Balkan Vs Tropik )


Tribilin Sound – Cholo Cósmico

This guys never stops ! Everytime I am on soundcloud I have the great surprise to see that he has uploaded something new, and this time he’s gone deep and I love it.

A deep and thick atmosphere with heavy cowbells and shakers that take you on a 4 minute journey into some sort of synthesized tropical jungle. Close your eyes and enjoy.


Chakana – Inkarri (Colectivo Huachuma)

Another incredible musical journey ! Seems like 2016 is starting off with a very deep and atmospheric vibe; I like it !! Thanks to the almighty Silly Tang for sending this one my way. I had heard of the Colectivo Huachuma and their parties around Rennes in France (check them out if you are in the area), but hadn’t had the pleasure to hear Chakana’s productions before. This tune is a constant progression and develops profound sounds, with new elements and superb vocals that come & go in such a smooth way that you are taken into a progressive psychedelic tropical journey right into the Andes !


Shika Shika – Flavour of the Month – Barrio Lindo

And you can keep on travelling with the Second mixtape in the Flavour of the Month series on Shika Shika, which was released at the end of January and mixed by Barrio Lindo. It’s a beautiful hour long smooth tropical trip around the globe with a great selection of tunes, including some amazing forthcoming releases which I had the pleasure to discover.


Dj Turbo Boom-Boom – Tropical Hit Parade 2016

“3 hours Tropical Beat & Tropical Bass demo mix 2016”

It’s not often that you have 3 hours of spare time to listen through a mix of that length, but when you do, or when you have a few mates at home for a few drinks, you’ll be glad to have this great selection by the French Dj Turbo Boom-boom. Originally from the Grenoble and Saint-Etienne area, where he is still involved in the organization of several tropical parties such as ‘Tropical Clash’, he is now based in Paris and ready for some action ! This mix covers it all, in a really nice varied way, with classics, older tunes and recent releases of Cumbia, TropicalBass, Afro, Caribbean, Latin, Champeta, Kuduro, Tribal, Bullerengue ..


Perro Agradecido – Mata Hari Spy Dance (Official Video)

A cool new video came out last month from the Mexican psychedelic cumbia band Perro Agradecido. Might be a good opportunity for us ‘guiris’ to take note and learn a few moves.

This video reminded me to listen to their last album again,’Ánima en Pena’, which came out last summer. Pure psychedelic chicha business ! It’s amazing.


La Yegros – Chicha Roja (Official Video) (Soundway Records)

La Yegros is coming back at us with a new album in March: ‘Magnetismo’, to be released on the great label Soundway Records. Meanwhile, here is a really cool animated video for one of the tracks on the album. It’s sounding & looking great: full of life, with a catchy rhythm, traditional instrumentals, subtle electronic hints, her lovely voice,…. ! As most of you will be, we are really looking forward to and are curious to hear the whole album. Keep your eyes out.


A Musical Journey – ZZK Films

“A Musical Journey is a documentary film exploring the story of the Argentine digital cumbia movement accompanying a band as they tour across Europe for the first time.”

ZZK Films brings to us a great insight into La Yegros’ band’s first European Tour, as well as a great outlook on the label itself, and an interesting overview of the development and growing of this tropical/cumbia scene all over Europe. It’s really worth a watch.

For all English speakers, the documentary is subtitled !

Keep informed about all forthcoming ZZK Films on




Celia Cruz – Virgencita (Happy Colors Remix) (Fania Records)

I have to say I was gobsmacked when I saw this title appear on Fania Record´s soundcloud page. Celia Cruz remixed by the one and only Happy Colours. It has both the Celia and the Colours vibe and it creates this unique piece of sublime music.


Zurvolt – Shake (Caballito Netlabel)

Once again Caballito brings us some pure niceness ! This time it is the producer called Zurvolt who brings us this Ep “Tentacion” which to be honest is an all in one banger release! I love the production and the dark edge to some of these tunes. I choose this particular one because it has this kind of Dinamarca sound. Very dark but still very dancehall orientated.


Tropical Terror – Crujiente (Caballito Netlabel)

While I´am talking about Caballito, this is another work that was put out this month on their label. Watch out! This one is much more Cumbia orientated and has the perfect twisted psychedelic flavours we all love. Get a snake and start teaching him how to dance 😉


Radio Rebajado Vol.3 (Rebajado Mx)

Rebajadoooooo ! I wanted to mention this radio show somewhere on the blog as it is a show I follow regularly. On this mix you can get some previews of some tracks by our hermano El Barba Dub, El Buho o Los Brujos. A very fine selection of lovely cumbia. Big up Radio Rebajado !


Turbo Sonidero Mix for Club Chai

Now this mix ! Once again THIS MIX ! I came across it at the beginning of the month and I truly love it ?¡ All the cumbia versions are very solid and it has this slight twist which makes the whole mix a very trippy journey ! Big up Turbo Sonidero everytime !


Bigote – Xiloton (Caballito Netlabel)

The new village grime favourite Mr Bigote once again hits us with this dope beat. Following the lines of artists such as the N.A.F.F.I crew, this track has the ability to make you feel intensely strange and make you brock out at the same time.


HNRY – Dónde estás Satanás!

Here we have it for me; The banger of the month. This track brought to us by HRY is a real pleasure to the ear for me, as I love the original. The re-edit of it sounds great. Minimal work but a true refix that keeps a real nice deep production. Been listening to this on loop all month !


Kumbia Boruka – Live 2015

Kumbia Boruka is a group originated from Lyon, France and when I caught a glimpse of this live video it really made me want to dig more into what they do and maybe try to get myself to Lyon to see them live¡ Wicked old school sounding cumbia band¡




La Sound – Diplo’s Riddim (Cumbia Reboot)(WorldwideMX)

Take your shoes off and get your booty shaking, this lovely bit of cumbia injected tropical funk really does the job. It combines catchy accordeon hooks with a lovely guitar and some sweet, sweet electronic atmos including everything from vocal cuts to party lasers. A nice fresh tune that makes you wish summer were here already!


DJ Caution – Donna Summer Vs Fito Olivares

One of the main protagonists of Madrid’s explosing tropical scene, Caution never fails to blend his sense of humour with a sense for the dancefloor. This Mash up features Donna Summer and Fito Olivares, an 80´s disco classic combined with a cumbia booty shaker. I haven´t had the opportunity to play this in the club yet but as usual it’s pretty tight and I can just imagine the happy faces!


Haris Pilton – Green Mamba 2016 (cumbia version)

Haris Pilton is back with a trademark Balkan Cumbia style, mixing catchy eastern riffs from a variety of instruments with mad vocals and a stepping beat. It also espouses a dub influence – I´m pretty sure this will sound good on a big system. Big up!!


Pablo Pachacutik – Afro-Andino (Hermanados En El Ritmo) (Regional)

Regional Label always brings something slightly different to the table. This release is no exception and sees Pablo Pachacutik bring us some cumbia mentalism. The album boasts a variety of style and features an avalanche of crazy sounds, where trippy synths mix with futuristic influences to great effect. Roll one up – it is a very interesting listen.


Club Popozuda Mixtape #42 (Andrés Digital)

As usual from Andres Digital, expect an absolute belter of a mix for this 42nd mixtape from club Popozuda. He mixes guiros with ragga, tropical bass and moombah with a dancefloor vibe. Check the tracklist out, and enjoy the tunes. Don´t forget to get your lighter out!


Tincan – Ora Esatta Cumbia Edit

This is some experimental orchestral cumbia business! Epic uplifting melodies blend with lazer sounds with some crazy electronic beats for a pounding backdrop. Tincan brings some very original ideas to cumbia here, got to love the way it drops.


La Inédita – Chicha chicha (Pachanguito Remix)

This is a great piece of music – Pachanguito nails it with a party banger: this has upbeat fast cumbia beats and some great guitars and organs. The vocal touch on the top rounds it off nicely. A track for festivals and the great outdoors as it has a very summery vibe, it no doubt will work in the club just as well.


Cumbia With Colors (Dj Neber)

DJ Neber has undoubtedly been polishing his Hip hop cumbia style for a long time, and it really shows with a nicely executed stepper. Rootical colombian cumbia with hard hitting beats!


Folcore 050 – Sampler

This album was only slightly too late to fit into our last edition, so we were keen to make it up this time. This is a nicely varied LP with a nice mix of artists. There are some great cumbias, a few tropical dancefloor numbers, but also some tasty experimental / chill out bits. Listened to as a continuous LP, I found it really put me into a space, hitting me in all the right places. Check it out, there is something for everyone in this Folcore release.



Madrid´s tropical music scene has been making waves for a good couple of years, and, like a tropical avalanche, the progression seems to grow at exponential speed. Aside from the many parties that take place week in week out (special mention goes to Guacamayo Tropical, Sonidero Mandril, Manglar, and the many other very special events one can have the pleasure of attending), the radio shows (La Selva), Madrid´s tropical scene is also special for the collective it has progressively spawned, Conspiraciones Tropicales.

A meeting point where the city´s artists come together to promote the scene and culture, organise events, and showcase Madrid´s finest tropical creations.

After a long tropical winter, one of the collective´s many projects has borne its fruits. This one will get you sweating so hard you will remember the experience. Conspiraciones Tropicales Vol1 showcases a special part of Madrid´s nightlife, and the album certainly provides a tasteful example of what to expect in these gatherings.

Featuring a very special mix of tracks, Los Candeleros kick things off with a trippy chicha track. 2G1B delivers a killer 8 bit track featuring Secta Selectah, DJ Caution does his thing and gives us a funky Dembow that will rock any dancefloor, while Cholofoniks follows with an incredibly rolling experimental cumbia.

Guacamayo tropical brings the Jungle didjeridoo madness: Tropical Yisus´ contribution is a tasteful 80´s remix, and la Tremenda Jauria have an atmosperic electronic cumbia (beautiful!). Skywaka shakes up the dance with a lifting champeta, and Coconutah & Kaygee bring marimba flavours to 2016. Finally, the Silly tang offers an incredible dancefloor remix of a Juaneco classic!

The compilation was released on the 15th of February thanks to CASSETTE BLOG (BIG UP!), and is available for free download:

Conspiraciones Tropicales-Compilado Vol 1 (por Pablo Borchi – Exclusivos Cassette)

We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we did 🙂

Thanks to all for reading as always, and see you next month!

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Art by Tropi Delia


Sexxy Saturday Cumbia with La Selva is back!!

There is always a surge of excellent music as the winter kicks in – this year has not been any different. The scene we all love is blessed with an incredible diversity of influences, as new sounds emerge on a regular basis and we are hit by new cumbia bombs relentlessly. This month, our cumbia round up covers the full spectrum of flavours, from the folkloric to the dubby, from the dancefloor killer to the swinging rebajada. We hope you enjoy the selection!


KayGee selected:

Nicola Cruz – Prender el Alma (ZZK Records)

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has been waiting for this album to drop ever since the first few extracts of it started appearing here and there in different mixtapes  over a year ago. Was the wait worth the while? Hell yes¡! This is one beautiful journey through the andes with a hint of sub and some deep basslines! I was also happy to discover songs that I’d never heard before, like Equinoccio ft. Huaira and Cocha Run aft. Tanya Sanchez which once again show Nicola Cruz’s talent, and his ability to create his own atmosphere with his use of delayed guitars, a very deep low end, accompanied by organic sounding percussions and beautiful lyrics. If you don’t have a copy of this, grab it now! And keep an eye out for Nicola Cruz live shows as he is just finishing his tour.

Meanwhile, you can also enjoy this brand new video of Colibria LIVE ft. Huaira:


Tribilin Sound – Octavio EP (Regional)

I’ve always been a very big fan of Tribilin Sound, his progressive and minimal yet potent production always amaze me. For this EP, Regional Label brought together 9 other artists to remix Tribilin Sound’s ‘La Cumbia de Octavio’, a song dedicated to his son Octavio David for his first bitrthday.

With names like Señor Chancho, Papi Pérez, Freddy Da Stupid Broken Edition, BeatFunk, Pigmalião, El Catorce Dash Slktr, Murúa and DJ Ground on the list, this was definitely going to be interesting; and it’s truly amazing. We have the pleasure of hearing 9 completely different approaches to this tune, with my personal favourite: Sr Chancho’s dubbed out version !!!


El Búho – Cenotes EP (Wonderwheel Recordings)

El Búho seems to be a recurrent artist for me in these posts. He never stops to astonish me with his many mixtapes, in which I discover an incredible amount of music, notwithstanding the quantity of music that he releases. I mentioned his new album last month, ‘Cumbias de Oro’ on Frente Bolivarista, and would now like to present to you his debut EP on the amazing record label Wonderwheel Recordings: ‘Cenotes’. Now located in Mexico City, El Búho offers us 5 beautiful tracks where “lush tropical vibes clash with ambient soundscapes, deep bass, and folkloric innerworkings” (Wonderwheel Recordings).


Deela – Ghost of the Cumbia (Cocotaxi Remix) (Shango Records)

Aie aie aie! Another heavy heavy remix by the great duo from Stockholm, Cocotaxi. The original version is already cumbia orientated but with a ‘housier’ touch to it. Cocotaxi have taken the Cumbia vibes forward, given it a potent rhythm and brought the tune to the tropical dancefloor! The flute/gaita just hits the spot when it appears. This remix appears on an EP by Shango Records with another remix from Larry Skg. Massive thanks to both of them for sending their remix to La Selva.

We will have the pleasure of seeing Cocotaxi in Madrid on December 18th with Dengue Dengue Dengue, and los Candeleros in one of Madrid’s many tropical parties organised by Guacamayo Tropical. And amongst the tropical rumors, I’ve heard some about Cocotaxi stopping off in our Selva Radio Studios?!


La Mecánica Popular – Móntame en la Tormenta (Names You Can Trust)

Some will say that it’s a risky thing to remix or do a version of a classic, and some will say that it’s very risky to do so with the Doors. Many have failed, but here, La Mecánica Popular simply nailed it! This “Amazonian cumbia” version is simply perfect! It keeps the psychedelic vibes and guitars, with perfectly layered guiros and cowbells, offering us a “beautifully dark and shadowy trip into the heart of la selva.“ This was released on 7” Vynil on the label Names You can Trust, with another version from La Mecánica Popular of the all time Michael Jackson Classic ‘Thriller’.


Negro Dub – Cumbia Wall

Talking about remixing classics, Negro Dub just did a wicked chilled-out Cumbia version of Another Brick in the Wall (Pink Floyd). Proper dubbed out, echoed vibes in this one, with a catchy cumbia rhythm and tropical percussions, and the lovely guitar solo.


Cassette Blog 5th Anniversary

Cassette Blog have just dropped a Tropical Bomb on us with 4 incredible compilations, more than 100 tunes, to celebrate their 5th Anniversary, and as usual, for free !

Va-Vuelta al mundo en globo vol 1 y vol 2 (compiled by Chancha Vía Circuito)

Va- I want your riddim (compiled by The Ghost)

Va-Food for animals (compiled by Tropikore)

Va-Tonos de la marimba (compiled by Rafa Caivano de Frikstailers)

All 4 compilations are very different, and represent very well the sounds of the person who was in charge of compiling them. There are far too many great tunes and a huge amount of new artists for me to mention here: you can click on the above links to download and find all of the related info on all 4 compilations


Bosq – Cumbia en Bahia

Here’s a video of Cumbia en Bahia, a tune from Bosq’s brilliant new album released on vynil last month, Celestrial Strut. You should really check it. It goes from Latin Rhythms to Afrobeat, with a few stops of Disco; an eclectic feeling also found and enjoyed in Bosq’s DJ sessions.

Bosq’s own footage was used in the production and edition of this video, showing us a “slightly psychedelic journey through the beautiful mountains of Colombia captured mostly from bus, jeep & car windows between La Eje Cafetera & Medellin”. It accompanies his track really well, with the traditional sounds and instruments blending in with the beautiful and impressive Colombian landscapes.


SidiRum – “Máncora” // Video Mixtape (Fertil Discos)

Many of today’s musical projects go hand in hand with visual ones, both in live sessions and on the web, taking the whole experience for the crowd/listener/viewer one step further. This is a new series of videomixtapes presented on Fertil Discos; the first one was published a week or so ago with SidiRum’s sounds (both older and forthcoming releases) alongside Bruera’s visuals. “‘Máncora’ is a visual path, marked by a unique style in which deep electronic sounds come along with the most synthetic latin energy”. Find more videomixtapes, other cool projects and beautiful sounds on

Last month I mentioned Barda’s new LP, Gruta (released on Fertil Discos). Here’s a video on the makings of the LP recorded in Isla Festival and shared a few weeks back through Remezcla:

Isla Festival is a new festival which took place in September in Arroyo Esperita in Argentina, gathering great artists of the scene (Barda, Barrio indo, Chancha Via Circuito, El Remolon, Iluminate, Jin Yerei, Kaleema, dj Nunsense, Rivas Bowson Orchestra, San Ignacio, SidiRum. Keep an eye out for the next edition in February 2016:


Caballito Netlabel Showcase/URL Futurefest 2 0 1 5

Keeping on the whole visual side of things, Caballito teamed up with Wapastream last month and presented their part of the ‘URL Futurefest 2 0 1 5’, with 3 wicked half hour Cumbia & Tropical sets by Kuto Quilla, Bigote and Grita, accompanied by some crazy psychedelic, tribal, futuristic visuals by Wapastream

And keeep your eyes open, I’ve heard rumors that Don Plok, from Guateque Soundz in Buenos Aires is about to drop his first album !! I’ve heard a sneak peak and it sounds eclectically great !


The Silly Tang selected:

 Cumbia China – Caballito Mixtapes – Grita

The master Grita has dropped this new mix on his own label Caballito. This mix can be enjoyed while in the sun with a couple of beers or in a very hedonistic after party surrounded by freaks. I love the way Grita always tries to find this original cumbia sound and the eccentric sounds that come with it.


Tribilin Sound – Cumbia Wax

The one and only Tribilin Sound is back with this track and again it’s a masterpiece. His work is very lineal and very well worked on always! On this Cumbia Wax tune he delivers a very fresh but also psychedelic flavour to the dancefloor. When the little sample from the “Marijuaner0” comes in the tune really gets into its whole depth and groove.


Maguin Diaz Y El Sexteto Gamerano – La Rama De Tamarindo (Dengue Dengue Dengue! Remix) (Konn Recordings)

Again and again Dengue Dengue Dengue keeps bringing us the goodness of both sides, the electro minimal part of the structure and the folk drum sections and samples that bring us back to South America. I hope you will enjoy this remix that came out on Konn” records a few days ago on a big bad sound system !


Pachanga IMx – Son Reebook O Son Nike 2015 Limpia Grupo Maravilla (Low)

Waow waow waow ! This tune has been running through me and my mp3 all month ! Its a great joke that develops into an amazing cumbia track. Big up Pachanga mix for this exelent and creamy cumbia !


Deejay Theory, Jahdan Blakkamoore, Kush Arora – Definitely (Cocotaxi Remix) (Discos Peligrosa)

Cocotaxi who is a an old producer now but has just come to my attention thanks to our Kaygee 😉 Such a huge musical duo they bring out pure killerz everytime but this one really made it for me when we saw Dj Sanbandija de Madrid played it ! Puro flow de los Cocotaxi !


Borchi – La Rasterinha Imperial EP (Cassette Blog)

Before moving to Paris, our good friend Borchi has brought us a very good Ep with many remixes from great producers such as Dj caution and Ckrono & Slesh. But the version which really grabbed me is the remix by Basement freaks. It has pure flow and incredible energy to get all the people rocking it hard!


Con Ese Culazo (Wildsound Bootleg)

This last tune is less cumbia orientated but has some guiro parts and generally has a very Latin feel to it. It is dedicated to the very young “Happy colours”. The producer “WildSound” has dug up his most south American style sample of “culazo” and, inspired by Happy Colours, left us with this very hard hitting, but very efficient version of the new moombahton scene.


Coconutah selected:

 Sun Matt – Cumbia Meets Balkan

This is a nice little surprise: it starts off like a classic digi-cumbia number, and evolves into an original balkan animal dance that boasts cool female vocals and gypsy, middle eastern sounding strings. To top it off, there´s even some farm animals thrown in.


Lagartijeando – Cardos Rodando (Frente Bolivarista)

A brand new, very tasty album, showcasing a variety of beautifully mixed folkloric instruments, layered with a variety of tasteful latin rhythms. A sound inspired by the combination of Andes and the tropical dreams of brazil, switching from “Huaynos” to “Batucadas”, covering a journey between “Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil” , there are some awesome flutes and charangos to be found here, not to mention the rocking percussion and great instruments appearing throughout the album.


Zona Norte – Queen of the Ghetto Ep (Wakan Tanka Records)

Calling all cumbia dub addicts: This is a journey from Argentina to Jamaica and back again, with some amazingly dubbed out tropical sounds – personal favourites are Rasdub (panama) and Kungling (sweden). Big up to the all the producers involved and the always inspiring wakantanka records.


Andres Digital – Sonidero tropical (KUMBALE LP)

Andres Digital has been a repeat offender for making interesting, dancefloor orientated, eclectic music recently. Here he is again with 6 very different remixes, traveling all the way from a jungly denbow version of Currura, to the Arabic flavours of ElMoro, to a more reggae / dub / dancehall influence on the 4 other tunes on the LP. Check it!

Another shout for Kumbale for two new releases on Kumbale:

El Hijo del Misterio – Ocarina Tropical EP:

Some cool Electronic Cumbia tracks, straight from Tijuana Mexico by El hijo del misterio.

And Sudaka bass, a series of great tunes by a varied set of artists. Check their soundcloud.


Sonido Mamalón – Nijé Cahuíhuarachi (Mi Tierra) (Regional)

Regional delivers the goods with another fresh album, this time from Mexican producer Sonido Mamalón. A couple of tunes are accompanied by some good MCs and vocalists, while others go deeper and more rolling. The album is punctuated by some cleverly selected and distributed samples, and there is a definite dedication to the indigenous peoples of northern Mexico running through these sounds…..Niiiice and chilled.


Captain Planet – S.S. Esfahan (Thornato Remix) (Bastard Jazz Recordings)

This is a lovely cumbia influenced oriental dub from Thornato. This is smooth smooth and silky as you like it and will take you for a magic carpet ride. Some nice strings are accompanied by a pounding bassline. This is a great mood setter.


Flor De Ramona (mr.landero Rmx)

A nice remix by Mr.Landero from Buenos Aires, Argentina, this tune has a lovely dubby, future – cumbia atmosphere that really grabs the listener. A blend of new sounds without loosing the flavour of the original, you´re in for a nice trip that will make you want to hear it again.



To finish off this week’s cumbia vibes, you can enjoy a Sound System Style Vintage cumbia mix, all on vynil, released on Regional Label’s series of mixes, by our one and only Silly Tang:


We hope you enjoyed ! Please do not hesitate to contact us online or on air every Tuesday on our Radioshow from Madrid !

Big ups !

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Essential EP’s #7



Magnificent releases keep coming at a faster pace than we can blog. Last time I tried to post everything immediately and summarise in the Essentials compilation but now I already have to give up, even though I’m still trying. Every single one of this list would have deserved a separate place on the blog. Pay attention to them as if these were all indivual posts!

1. Rizzla Iron Cages EP

We know Rizzla from Brooklyn as a member of the collective around the KUNQ microgenre. Nowadays he is one of the leading figures in the avant-garde club scene in the US and has now released his new EP with the influential tastemaking label Fade to Mind, the first single of which, ‘Twitch Queen’, appeared in August this year. In an interview with The Fader, the director of the Twitch Queen video, described the EP as a contemporary cyberpunk story about “an unidentified protagonist who seeks to escape from earth due to the ongoing collapse of society.”

“Playing off of the undulating rhythms of the titular track, the video ebbs and flows with a feeling of relaxed calamity and the perhaps foolish hope for utopia elsewhere. While drifting, the protagonist encounters a vaguely ominous orb of light just in the distance as the second track bellows ‘I want to corrupt you tonight.’ The audience is then immediately transported into scenes of violence, police brutality and abandonment. The charged momentum of the beat fuels the disaster and abjection that’s taking place on screen, showing the need for this ‘Iron Cage.’ The footage serves as one of the artifacts that has survived.”

Iron Cages EP is another very powerful example of the avant-garde club sound, where diverse familiar club sounds including reggaeton, kuduro and RnB are transformed into a surreal, virtual and dystopian experience.



2. Track Meet Track Meet Compilation 03

The Dallas-based avant-garde label Track Meet is quickly joining the ranking of the major tastemakers. This is already the third compilation they released since their starst in 2011. Even though, in line of labels such as NAAFI and Staycore, they have been working with urban-latin elements for a long time, scene-wise global/tropical bass and ‘club trax’ have remained (and often still are) worlds apart. The exciting thing is that this compilation now does includes a two of artists coming from the scene known as global/tropical bass: the Generation Bass affiliated alrounder Banginclude and tribal evolution innovator DJ Giovanni Rios, next to names from the ‘club trax’ scene such as Classical Trax member Vaphoree from Spain and ‘post-arabic’ producer HABIBIBOI!



3. Pobvio Syndombe Club EP

This 6 track EP, with remixes from the NAAFI afiliated Chilean producers Imaabs and Lechuga Zafiro, has been out for a while on the Lechuga Zafiro‘s fresh own SALVIATEK label and is a shame it hasn’t featured on Generation Bass so far. Especially because it is the exact and perfect fusion between the kind of initiatives (reworking traditional folkloric music in an electronic settting) that our blog has been enthusiastic about since the very start, and the world of avant garde club music that, as we can say with confidence now, has fully replaced ‘bass’ as the new centre of gravity.

‘Syndombe Club’, brainchild of the Uruguayan producer Pobvio takes the Afro-Uruguayan candombe drumming as its inspiration. But no dub, heavy bass growls or Dutch lasters here, but melodic, tubular synths and ethereal scapes that breath the mechanical ambiance of avant garde club. ‘Ta Maluca’ even breathes an Andean folkloric atmosphere melody-wise, that reminds of yet stays very different from the electrofolklore that has been from the Andean countries for a long time now. With Syndombe Club EP, several worlds of music are bridged once and for all. If there had to be any basis from where top build a global-club sound for the future, this would be a perfect place to start.



4. MM MM EP [correction: ‘5 Rivers’ is a track from the EP but not, as my main image suggests, the title of the EP]

MM is the new moniker of the London based artist formally known as Miss Modular and this 5-track self titled EP is the first release of the artist’s rebirth under this new name & identity, on the artist’s self-run label Her Records. Style wise, it follows in the same unique fusion of styles as Syndombe club EP, with much heavier focus polyrhytmic percussion than usually found in avant garde club. The comparison goes further than just a similarity in sound, as Lechuga Zafiro makes an appearance on this EP as well. The skeletal rhythms on the EP can be traced back to UK funky, Portuguese batucada, soca and 3ball are blended in with delicate mechanical sounds that here, even more than in Syndombe Club, create a dark, cyberpunk flavoured ambiance. In the track titles, cryptic allusions are made to a deeper layer meaning which I cannot get behind well enough to start interpreting.



5. #weirdkids #weirdkids 002

#weirdkids is a new netlabel run by endlosKosmos, tru luv and DJ FLP, who have managed to draw many exciting producers  towards their label from different forward-looking backgrounds, including the remnants of the post-internet underground, the avant garde club / ‘trax’ scene and the netlabel world such as represented by URL Future. This is the second official #weirdkids compilation with 16 diverse tracks from upcoming names such as future beats producer Pixelord (Hyperboloid Records), club prodigy Monotronique (Classical Trax) and indie-bass alrounder Squirrely Bass (Lush Selects).

Style wise too, all these backgrounds flow together in a spectrum varying from future beats and bubblegum bass to ethereal vapor trap and club, sometimes even combined in one single track. #weirdkids is a label to watch, a step ahead of the rest by bringing the several movements together that are all still making their way into the mainstream sound of today.


6. Gingee Tambol EP

The one release that we have in fact supported separately on the blog could of course not be left out from this compilation of essentials. About this gem from LA-based Filipino-American producer, vocalist and percussionist Gingee, I wrote last month:

‘Tambol’ means ‘drum’ in Tagalog, the Filipino language. The 5 track EP is built around dembow as the central vibe, diversifying into different tempos and grooves and involving synth as well drum elements from genres as diverse as house, dancehall, hiphop, meditative ambient and even feature some oldskool turntable-scratching. Gingee shows once again her independent creativity which will definitely set an example for everyone in the global bass movement!



7. Julito Balacera meets Andrés Digital Rakataka

With every release from Regional label from Chile I realise how much music owes to them, including me personally. For this project, the German cumbia producer and Tropicalbass blogger Andrés Digital did a project in Panama where he teamed up with the Panamanian MC Julito Balacera for a project fusing the flavours of global/tropical bass from the last 5 years with oldschool reggaeton, starting with two cumbiaton riddims from Andrés himself, later extended with remixes from El $abor, Erick Jaimez, Fake Moustache and Tribilín Sound. The EP appeared last month as an official collab between Regional and


8. OKKVLT KɅTT DeepSleep x Masha Petrova

Now something different but nevertheless important. Witchhouse is making a comeback, resurrected as a mature genre instead of a gimmick (more gothic, less hipster, which is a very good thing) and since we’ve been planning a regular dark feature on the blog, here already a taste of what you can expect.

OKKVLT KɅTT is a witchhouse band who are very much part of this comeback movement. Just a week ago, they started performing live shows again with their newest band member, singer Emily Acid. I didn’t want this EP, a collab with the Russian vocalist Masha Petrova, to escape the radar unnoticedly, especially not because of the involvement of one of our all-time favourite experimentalists, Shinji a.k.a. bedtime stories!

Check out an impression from their live performance here, hosted by the Cardiff based formation †RIɅLS!


9. EndlosKosmos 444,100 hRz

Yet another #weirdkids release here, from label co-owner endlosKosmos who describes her radically experimental sound as ‘dreamwave’ and ‘cosmic’ but usually avoids genre descriptions altogether. Unique is the way in which she builds patterns out of the edited snippets of samples put together in a way that remains indeterminate but creates a rhythm-like groove at the same time. The result is a hypnotising sound-caleidoscope which brings to mind many, more and less familiar atmospheres, without ever literally resembling anything. EndlosKosmos is a promising producer whose music may not be the most immediately accessible but whose creativity to imagine and create something unique has only just started to manifest.




The Hungarian alrounder Aluphobia is a new name on Generation Bass. Out of the Hungarian electronic underground he has been lifted into the Global Bass scene by Stas‘ label BABYLON Records, where he appeared earlier with a contribution to a remix EP.

Unlike Monotronique’s similar titled EP from a while back, ‘Afrika’ takes a rather maximalist approach to its theme. Each track is polished with many different elements and influences, varying from ambient soundscapes and energetic lead synths to distorted central African mbira melodies and vocals. Overally, accessible techno grooves are a constant connecting factor, which makes this EP actually one of the few prominent introductions of techno into the global bass scene.



Sexxy Saturday Cumbia – In a Shamanic Jungle


2015 is here and it brought brand new winds to the tropical oriented scene.

Huge tracks from well known artists that strength their position as shamanic totems, and from other side… a branch new projects that opened the limits of the game.

Here is a review of the tracks that were appearing among the green branches, sliding to the soft tropical beat, shaking to spread the bodies with sweet moves.
This is the tropical scene today, a whirlwind of fresh ideas with the premise to vibrate the ears.

Frente Bolivarista is one of the big project of this short period of the year.
Led by Daniel Lucas (a.k.a. pigmalião) the compilation is form by a many artist from Latin America (Leo Justi, Psilosamples, SidiRum, R Vicenzo) and some artist from Europe but that takes in their compositions a real latin flavor as El Búho and Andrés Digital.

As it says:
“This is a compilation regarding various artists influenced by Latin American cultural references. This is just the beginning of a Bolivarian journey across the whole American continent.
On this debut you’ll find a great selection of artists from Brazil, Ecuador, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, and two European guests.”


One of, in my opinion, the best music festival happened this February in the south of Chile.
As you see the picture of the Festival Nomade facebook page you will understand the magnitude of the project. It was a really tribal paradise in Mapuche lands.

Before the festival, they release a brunch of mixtapes done by some of the artists involved.

Here is the extraordinary mixtape from Nicola Cruz for the Nomade Festival:


Tropikhongo is one of the projects of Adrian Lopardo (a.k.a. – Reghetto – former Pecokumbiastyle and half part of Zona Norte).
Here is with a remix of “Bonita se ve bailando”, an special dish for dance floors:


What if you could enter into you childhood’s favorite computer game and infect it with cumbia and tropical beats?
Thats the deep trip of Los Pat Moritas that has dropped a new album in the 8bit label called BlipBlop.

Its amazing how an entirely 8bit project, done with one (sometimes two) gameboys can make the crowd become mad and dance to the rhythm of cumbia.

Don’t miss the excellent version of “Cumbia Cienaguera” that takes it to another level:

“Nativo Mixtape” is a journey among palms and magic beats through tropical wings.
Jin Yerei invites you to pic your sit and wait for the take off-

With their last releases, the chilean Regional Label, keep the quality of music that known build throw last year.

Three big releases with unique sensation from each other.

Qapac, from Perú, brings a new sensation with tropical winds and a trippy deep cumbia.
The beautiful visual-art was in charge of David Bugueño.

Then, Antae with a 3ball track that push you to shake your hip. This is what Regional says about the release:
“Introduced by Victor Evink sound 3Ball, Antae mixes his progressive influences with Latin sounds creating these new recording called “Alma”. Using the scale of C # to get in touch with your soul and adding the voice of his favorite of all time, Alika, talking about the connection between the word “soul” and the term “word” in the language Guaraní”

“Temporal” albums have been the way to lump together the label artists and make a compilation of different latin sounds. Now they make a twist and tell each artist to remix each other. The result is a huge combination of sounds and new feelings of the tropical scene.


The mixture of latin flavors, deep synths, 80’s atmosphere and solid vocals, is a formula that could be pursued by any tropical scientific.
But something like that is what Mandiboola brings to earth with their delicious album “Tropical Mystery”.


Brasil has one of the new emerging tropical scene in the region. With artist like Thomash, Burkamina, Felipe Sa, Leo Justi, Daniel Lucas, R Vicenzo, URUBU Marinka and more.
But one that caught my attention lately is Spaniol, Resident of the well known “Sonido Tropico” party in Sao Paulo.
He has dropped some huge edits:

Track with Capoeira chant.

An Umbanda chant to call Xangô, god of fire in Africa. Mixed with a lush rhythm.


“Amanecer en el campo” its a beautiful album that dropped at the end of the last year.
The author is Golondrina Alfa from the countryside of Argentina. In the album, sounds bring to for imagination pictures of the countryside landscape with some little touches of electronic sparks.
Definitely and album that invite you to close your eyes and feel the wind between ourselves.

[bandcamp width=350 height=470 album=1101571352 size=large bgcol=333333 linkcol=ffffff tracklist=false]


Also from the countryside, but in the future, Fashionfacts proposed that:
“In the year 2237 at a place north of La Pampa Argentina now called Leuvucó was found in the ruins of an old bank an ancient instrument known as “sampler” containing small pieces of audio in the form of loops. While they are digital audio samples that have suffered a little fatigue time, the sound is fairly consistent and listenable. It is assumed that music data of a subsequent collapse of the First Internet occurred in 2090. It is one of the few musical records are kept of that strange time post-apocalyptic decade. This is the first installment of the musical wonders found in this small appliance.”


To finish some oldies but goodies:

DJ Mica Towers help me to find this gem from Ramiro Jota.
A clasic cumbia tune like “La Danza Macabra” with some mad lyrics that fit perfectly well:

And some really cumbia bombs for the dancefloor!!


Two bombs from Plan B that still fresh:

Andrés Digital : Marimba y Bass Mixtape


Great new mixtape from our homie Andrés Digital and here’s what he told me:

“I got a new mixtape dedicated a MARIMBA y BASS…its not Global its not Transnational, but it is very Tropical and it got groove”

And here’s what he also said:

Here comes a brandnew mix by Andrés Digital. You will find Cumbia, Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, 3ball, Moombahton and many more styles in this uplifting mix of high energy Bass Tunes.

WARNING: This could contain some Steelpan !!

This Mix is dedicated to a Instrument I’m really in love with for a long time and wich has made history in Tropical Music: the Marimba. The Marimba has his roots deep in Guatemala and spread his vibes to Mexico and later into the Afro-Colombian Communities. You’ll find Artists like Boogat, Fauna, Lido Pimenta, Las Palmeras de Uraba, Grupo Socavon and many more. You’ll hear Remixes de Atropolis, Thornato, Cero39, Dany F, Cocotaxi, Quantic, Mr Slaughter, KiT, Marflix and many more. You ready to press the play button ? Download it here

Marimba y Bass Mixtape by Andrés Digital on Mixcloud

1. Recordando (Andrés Digital Remix) – Grupo Bahia
2. Cumbia De La Cantina (Andrés Digital Cumbia Mash Up)
Cocoa Tea, Buju Banton, Shaggy, Ramones
3. La Cumbia del Justino (Andrés Digital Remix) – Grupo Socavon
4. Dejala Corre – Cocotaxi
5. Desde Colombia (Marflix Remix) – Los Transatlanticos
6. Pajaritos del Baudó – Dany F
7. Donde esta la garcés (Andres Digital Remix) – Palmeras de Uraba
8. Pomporaso – Atropolis ft. Boogat
9. Chupanafta (Cero39 Remix) – Fauna
10. El Diablo Alegre – Los Chicos Altos feat Palo QSea
11. Reza por mi – Atropolis ft. Lido Pimienta
12. H.O.A. CST – The 13th Tribe
13. Un Poquito Mas – Captain Planet feat. Chico Mann
14. Sueños de Marimba – Cocotaxi
15. Marimba – Thornato
16. Duvidó – Quantic ft. Pongolove
17. Admire You – Mr Slaughter
18. Seckle – Danny Scrilla
19. Jackhammer (Bert On Beats remix) – Kuenta i Tambú
20. Tri – Motin
21. Pagodao – Jus Now & A.MA.SSA
22. Ruff Ride (Cocotaxi Remix) – Symbiz ft. Lady Chann
23. CumBass Culture – Andrés Digital ft. Linton Kwesi Johnson and Busy Signal

Fall Sessions #1 – Cumbia (Mega Roundup)


This may have been the longest time ever I’ve left you without cumbia. I didn’t count but I think it’s been more than a month. So how else could I start my new Fall Sessons series, a continuation of my (End of) Summer series, than with a cumbia edition?

All the great stuff that has been released since last time is simply too much to jam into one post.. But everything that you really have to check out is here!


If you’re directly involved in the cumbia scene you’ve probably see this buzzing around already:  a new cumbia/latin bass channel has been launched this month. In his interview, Makina talks about his German friends. These certainly include the two german tropicalists, René Gamez a.k.a.  Skrupersounds a.k.a Sonidero Sin Dinero Sound System and Pocho Gonzalez a.k.a. Dj Gonzalez, who now  joined forces to create a platform that supports upcoming producers from Latin America. The goal is to establish a closer connection, an “underground runway”, as they call it, between the scene in the homelands and the German global bass community. This will not be limited to music only, but also other artforms are part of the long term planning. And we from Generation bass are enthusiastic to help them forward!

Kumbale, which combines the virtues of a label and a soundsystem, starts with an impressive list of releases from more and less familiar names, which include Exta Machine, El Catorce and El $abor. You will definitely hear more from them soon!


We´ve got a lot of everything and mixtapes are no exception. I just needed to share them all.

Let´s start with UMOJA, the Dutch duo, one half of which I just saw live at Fantástica. The other half was booked that same night at a tropical party in Portugal, organised by Musicbox Lisboa. Judged by this exclusive mixtape, that night must have been equally warm and joyful!

The Amsterdam based tropicalist El Búho, Spanish for ´The Owl´, is one of the most unique nu-cumbia producers worldwide. His downtempo, atmospheric blend of deep-dub sounds with organic percussion and bird sounds makes clouds of thick, Amazonian jungle haze and thin Andean high land air steam right out of your speakers. This delicious mixtape was recorded on Graefenthal IV Kloosterestival, a meditative electronic music festival in and around an old monastery, organised by event platform 12inchCity in collaboration with INI Movement!

Dash Slktr is a global bass alrounder from Cali, Colombia who loves pumping, sensual dancefloor beats. This month he featured in the new edition of Regional Label‘s legendary mixtape series with an energetic blend of cumbia, moombahton and zouk bass!

Pablo Borchi, owner of our great sister-blog Cassetteblog and one of the minds behind Mexico City’s most successful global bass party Day Off, was featured prominently in Noisey Mexico with an inverview and a mixtape session. If you read Spanish, check out the great interview with one of the most active pushers of the global bass movement in Mexico. If you don’t, you can continue directly to the music!

Pedrolito Radioglobal is back with a new session of cumbia mixed with other global bass flavours, this time recorded live from this summer’s Goulash Disko Festival in Croatia!


We´ve also got many albums and EP’s in store. Take some time to listen through them because they all deserve a special place in your sets and in the playlist on your phones.

Lima´s global bass nestor Tribilín Sound is one of those artists who really take the movement to a whole new level. Next to experimenting with different styles, he knows how to bring an idea to perfection, resulting in excellent quality music that keeps blowing my mind release after release. This 9 track album blends his deep, organic-futuristic style with a variety of mostly downtempo flavours!

Andrés Digital is another nestor in the scene. The German cumbiambero embarked on an extensive project, collaborating with a wide array of artists. First of all vocalists from different corners of the global bass world: the Colombian digital cumbia alrounder Masilva, the German dancehall Mc Longfingah, the German afro-Latin band Mama Limón and the Peruvian singer Inti Irie. Besides, the original tracks have remixes by names such as LATA, chong-x, Dany F and Yelram Selectah.

The album, named ‘Andrés Digital y su Conjunto Extraterrestrial’, was published two weeks ago by the Mexico-City based netlabel Tropic-All

That same week, he also published an equally great EP, ‘Racordando’, on the Venezuelan-Peruvian netlabel El Flying Monkey Records!

The Argentinian producer Chancha Via Circuito is known for his mesmerising organic-chill style. Now he is back with a fresh and absolutely impressive 11-track album that mixes dreamy, organic Andes sounds with stunningly deep electronic vibes. Although most of the tracks are solo productions, guest appearances are made by the Canadian-Colombian indie-Latin vocalist Lido Pimienta, the Argentinian ancestral-folk singer Miriam Garcia, the Argentinian rapper Sara Hebe, and the Argentinian electronic folklorists Barrio Lindo and SidiRum. Another nice thing, with two tracks taking the chacarera rhythm, this nice, downtempo Argentinian folk rhythm seems there to stay in global bass, let’s hope for more in the future!

Just 3 days ago, the official album saw the light, published by the Brooklyn based label WHONDERWEEL Recordings. Grab it on Bandcamp, and don’t forget to check out the two video’s there!

Orihuela M.S.S. is an experimental post-futurist who is equally inspired by glitch art and underground internet culture as by Mexican cumbia sonidera and ‘global bass’. That creates a unique combination of styles and vibes, perfectly displayed in this self-published 7-track album ‘Piñas_para_todos.rar’: a musical pineapple-stand on a hypnotising Mexican market in cyberspace.. Grab the album here on his website!

After a month without a cumbia roundup, there are of course many new artists I want to introduce. The first is CumbiAp, a dark-edged tropicalist from Peru, who released a great 2-track mini EP 2 weeks ago!

And just two days back, he uploaded two remixes of tracks from his previous EP that came out half a year ago .. But that EP is so good that I had to share the original here!

Single releases

Let’s move on quickly to the single releases now!

Qechuaboi is back! While much of his recent work explores other styles, here some amazing experimental cumbia-dub-ton!

Rafael Aragon cumbiafied this absolute banger by the French dancehall-reggae artist Taiwan Mc , for his new remixes EP ‘Heavy This Year’, which you can grab here!

Erick Jaimez is also back with many new tunes! I selected two but make sure you check the others out as well!

Then now my absolute favourite treasure-find: deep vapor-trap cumbia from the Mexican channel Snu Music!

The Granada based tropical futurist Bigote is the man behind one of out favourite latin-tronic channels: Caballito Netlabel! He cumbiafied a trap banger by XVII. The original has just been released as an exclusive!

Panikooo unleashes halloween with this deliciously dark tune that came out already last month!

LaEpidemiaDeLaCumbia remixed an amazing chill ambient-folk tune by the multi-talented Turkish composed and musician Omar Faruk Tekbilek!

Dj-negro-dub throws some heavy, energetic bass sounds into his cumbia groove!

Sumo hair blends cumbia with deep wobbly grime, a perfect combination that never gets old!

Qapac is an experimentalist from Peru whom I’ve blogged, I believe only once before. His new lush, soulful and slightly melancholic track delivers the perfect Sunday afternoon chill-sound!

And here some nice latin-psychedelism from El Teclado de Eliazz!

DjGeomix is a 3ball producer who makes some excursions into cumbia once in a while, often choosing remixes of reggaeton. Check out this cumbification of Jean Paul ft. Farruko‘s summer hit of this year, ‘Passion Whine‘!

Let’s also share another huge reggaeton connection here.. If you’re into reggaeton, you must have seen already that the Puerto Rican duo Plan B released a bass-inspired cumbiaton banger this month: ‘Mi Vecinita‘!

DJ TAO is back with many new cumbiaton vocal edits, I selected this one as my favourite!

As usual, I’ll close with some happy, accessible feelgood-tunes!

Fede Flores made a remix of Vatos Regios‘ ‘El Solterito‘ sunny, tropical grooves for all!

CumbiaDrive produced a happy retro game-flavoured 808-cumbia tune!

The Mexican formation Friccardos cumbiafied Magic!‘s hit ‘Rude‘!

And, under his on name, Fricci (1/3 of Friccardos) turned Kelis‘ classic hit ‘Trick Me‘ into tasty cumbiaton!

Tasty Tuesday Cumbia – The Future Is Now


In most of my posts, I’ve been exploring the developments of music, trying to “connect the dots”, as Caballo poetically calls it, and seeking to forecast what will happen next. Because that is what my music-heart loves most: innovating, sharing ideas, bringing people together and in that way trying to be your own little part of this future of music as it unfolds in front of your eyes. It’s like the chemistry you learn at high school. There’s a certain energy needed for a reaction to take off. Sometimes a little, and sometimes a lot. But at a certain moment, you reach a point where a drastic change towards a whole new world becomes visible everywhere, almost automatically. I believe this moment is now!

The years gone by were the age of hypes. Different genres were fighting each other for the title ‘Next Big Thing’, which basically meant, the next big EDM-thing/succesor of dubstep. So whether it was 110 BPM, 90 BPM, 100 BPM, dembows, 108 drums or whatever else, the main purpose of it all was feeding the next fancy flavour to a drop-hungry molly-popping festival-crowd. With these stages and crowds as the highest thinkable end-point of a successful music career, the rules of the game were simple: press the serotonin and adrenaline buttons in the brain as smartly as possible with every means at your disposal. It d0esn’t matter whether you use heavy rise builds, euphoric chords, high-voltage basses, or tossing a cake, as long as you manage to make masses of thousands of people feel like they’re having an orgasm every 2 or 3 minutes. And as soon as they’ve tasted your flavour, they throw it away and try the next one.

But that was until 2014. Now there are much more exciting times ahead of us. In my first monumental moombahton post I called it the zombie apocalypse. Dead, underground genres that do not only resurrect from their graves to feast on the remnants of the gone-by music world, but also cross paths with each other in the process, forming new hybrids and new cohesions, bringing more dedicated fanbases together into what begins to look like more permanent scenes that are entirely new and vibrant. This future is beginning to take shape all around us. Let’s embrace it and celebrate it with some tasty cumbia. Because after all, cumbia is still with us in this new future and more vital than ever. I can hardly think of another genre so innovative, flexible and hype-immune that it can set a perfect example for what tommorow’s music will be like.


Our trip into tomorrow’s music has a perfect start with this mixtape from Dj Caution, the fifth edition of his ‘Descubre la Cumbia’ (‘Discover the Cumbia’) mixtape-series. Enjoy a futuristic blend of digital-electronic, organic and galactic dub flavoured cumbia grooves!

I must confess that I don’t know exactly what ‘cumbion’ means. First I thought it was another word for ‘cumbiaton’ but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I’ve been wondering cus I’ve seen this worshiping-kid meme saying “Oi nomas ese cumbion” all over the place on Facebook over the last weeks, which made me wonder. But whatever the word means, this mixtape from Kuko Selekta, from Aguascalientes, Mexico, contains anything from mainstream cumbia to pop-cumbifications to cumbiaton with an extra crazy surprise halfway the mixtape!

And just before publishing this post, I discovered a minimixtape from the Argentinian cumbia dub master Sonido Landero which came out today!


Our central attention goes out to the wonderful 10-track album that was released a week ago on Regional Label by Tribilín Sound, one of the label’s collaborators of the first hour. I couldn’t give a better discription of it than what the label’s official webpage writes about it. ‘Aqui Siempre Bailamos’ (‘Here We Always Dance’) is: “a road-map that collects the works of Tribilin Sound with classics recovered, remastered and remixed, in addition of some exclusive material of one of the producers of the new sound of Peru. With collabs from Umoja, Reptilian Commander, Yelram Selectah and Loko Bonó that are amazing.” “The fruit of the confidence that Regional has put in me,” says the maestro Alvaro Ernesto himself, “thanks to them and thanks to the public I’ve had a good reason to explore cumbia, and more.” Generation Bass wants to thank the producer as well as the label for delivering such fantastic music: forward looking, excellent quality and one of the most promising thinkable examples of what the future of music will bring!

It is about exactly a year ago since one of the best cumbia songs came out that I’ve ever heard in my life: La Yegros – ‘Viene de Mi’. Today Piper Street Sound presents all remixes of this song together in one mixtape, featuring well-known artists like Rafael Aragon and El Remolon. Unfortunately there are no links to the individual tracks and I didn’t manage to gather them all by myself but still a excellent compilation!

Single releases:

Last week we shared Schlachthofbronx‘ fresh new album ‘Rave and Romance’, reason for Andrés Digital to give the first track on the album a cumbia makeover: ‘Turn the Lights Off’!

I’m always happy to see new music from Tu Guaina. A couple of months ago I talked to him about his work and he told me that he is mainly a visual artist, using music as a way to let off extra steam and creativity. Over the years this has resulted in an impressive list of tracks that are as visionary as his artworks.. Just check out the newest example!

2014 is halfway now and we’re already living in a world dominated by multinational corporations who become ever more powerful because of all the data that we generate and in which the technological abilities to create machines with human-like characteristics seems  closer than ever before. This cyberpunk reality is another aspect of realising that what was once a grim, dystopian vision of the future has become a reality we are living on a daily basis. As a preparation for 2019,  Tribilínsound also released an epic tribute to one of the best movies ever made: Blade Runner, cumbifying a classic tune from electronic music legend Vangelis.. Let’s dance the cumbia of the future replicant-revolution!

For the next song we move from future LA to a gone-by time in the past somewhere on the Mexican-Texan border where Mariachi trupets and industrial metal guitars swirl up the hormones in the town’s cantina, at least that is the visual interpretation of a Youtuber to Rammstein’s song ‘Te Quiero Puta‘.. Yelram Selectah shows some more love for dem putas with this crazy cumbia-trap-porn remix!

I can only think of one artist who can rival Yelram in a similar style of ‘crazy creativity’.. Latin-rap alchemist Chingo Bling(o) is back with a massive amount of cumbia-swag: ‘Accordion’!

Captain Cumbia is also back with this nice mashup, cumbiafying Cypres Hill ft. The Fugee’s ‘Boom Biddy Bye Bye‘!

For who, like myself, can’t get enough of the fusion of cumbia with the powerful grafitti-vibe of latin-hiphop callejero, there is this remix of ‘Que Veneno‘, from the Peruvian rap crew Fucking Clan ft. Rila, cumbiafied by dumbiambero Deltatron!

Don Alex remixed a great song from the latin-indie-rock band Superlitio from Cali, Colombia, adding some extra accordion and organic cumbia percussion!

Checking out their website I stumbled upon the band’s newest release, which came out in April this year, ‘Alma En Pedazos’ (‘Soul In Pieces’), an absolutely fantastic, emotional cumbia-rock song with a moving video that goes straight to the heart!

And here some more vibes that go straight to the heart with this remix of a classic song by the Israeli reggae band ‘Sheva’, cumbiafied by Arun y la Cumbia!

If is mixtape above has made you want more delicious, dreamy cumbia-dub sounds, here some more from Sonido Landero!

Anyone remembers ‘Bien Warrior’? If you don’t, you should definitely check out the original a massive cumbiamuffin hit from Miss Bolivia from a couple of years ago, now reinterpreted by Fede Flores!

4:20 Music Flavor makes so much great cumbia that I could almost fill entire weekly roundups with it. Here a selection of some of his newest releases, experimental as always!

I always love Dj Gecko‘s stuff, especially now he’s experimenting with different genres like trap and festival EDM, always bringing his fresh style. This week he delivered another nice short cumbia tune, also tagged with that new term ‘cumbion’.. I really should research it!

Another 3ball producer who is regularly doing cumbia now is Dj Gabriel, check out his newest release!

Closing goodies:

It’s tuesday so I’m again not just preserving the bangers for the end of the post but any catchy song that will stay in your head for the rest of the week.

Villera-pop is always kinda catchy so I thought it’d be more than time to blog some of that again. I’m a bit behind on the urban/nu-Villera scene, where many great new songs are being released every week as well.. so here a quick selection that caught my ear..

Roman El Original is a crew that fuse cumbia villera with a wide arrange of other latin styles, usually with a pop-ballad touch.. This is their newest release featuring some nice bachata and tango influences!

And another new nice ballad-ish villera-pop song here from Mak Donal!

Get it for free!

The following perreo-inducing cumbiaton banger ‘Donde Estan Las Atrevidas’ (‘Where Are The Ratchet B*tches’.. freely translated), a collab from the urban cumbia duo Me Gusta with the reggaeton duo Juan Quin y Dago a.k.a. Los Expertos seems to be a hit in Argentina!

Add it to your sets and heat up the club coming weekend! ..and if you’re ready for some serious titties ‘n ass, check out the NSFW video..

Erick Jaimez teamed up with Fake Moustache for another exclusive preview of the upcoming Cumbiaholic Volume 3 that will drop on 11 June! Enjoy this excellently produced cumbia-trap-3ball banger..

I’ll end my introduction to the future with the remixes that have since been added to the original remixes compilation that we supported a while ago of Astros de Mendoza‘s ‘Vamos Bailando’..

1. Cumbia Drive

2. Tropikore

3. Don Alex

4. Chong-x

..because whatever the future of music may hold, we will keep dancing.. vamos bailando!

Regional Label – Temporal Vol. 3 Compilation


This fantastic compilation came out last month and I dediced not to include it in Sexxy Saturday Cumbia because I wanted to devote a special post to it. Sorry folks that it took so long but here it finally is!

Followers of Sexxy Saturday Cumbia cannot have missed that the Chilean netlabel Regional Label is rapidly becoming one of the major suppliers of all things Latin-bass and it seems their victory march has only just begun! This year only, they’ve been releasing great music from all the major, promising musicians out there and almost-weekly mixtapes which make the whole thing complete.

This new compilation is the third edition of a series which began September last year as a visionary, experimental project marking the beginning of a new era of innovative Latin music, followed by a second edition in November. These compilations which combine the best of many vibes and atmospheres, are among the highest-quality and most innovative music that I have seen appearing over the last years.

Now it is time for the third edition, with 12 new tracks, produced by frequently featured artists here on Generation Bass such as Hydroselekter, Pablo Pachacutik and Tribilín Sound. Regional Label describes as a gathering of sounds from the “vanguard of the periphery”: a fusion of the popular flavours from Latin America’s barrio’s like cumbia, dembow and salsa, with an experimental electronic palette of deep house, dub, bass and trap.

Here a couple of freely translated excerpts of what authors say about their tracks:

Pablo Pachacutik (Bolivia):

“Cumbiapiraña (‘cumbiaflirt’) was born in the 42 degrees heat of the Pantanal, on the Bolivian-Brazilian border, surrounded by travelers who now collect reals and pesos on the market, among addicted prostitutes and drug-dealers. Everyone is looking for some flirtatious adventures in life!!!! That’s what inspired this track!!!!”

HydroSelekter (Mexico):

“Without any doubt, the Cumbia Sampuesana was a track which marked a certain phase in my life around the year ’98. I’ve heard various versions of it along the way but I’ve always had some itch to make my own. Over the last years, I’ve been exploring many rhythms. In the end, I decided to go for a trap remix. It has turned out exactly the way I imagined it to fit together. I knew it would work! Almost at the end of the song Vianey de los Santos features with vocal contribution.”

Reptilian Commander (Argentina):

“Lizard Reign is a futuristic moombahton track. In an advanced society at thousands of light years away from our planet, the court members of the lizard king are having a good time on the grooves of this paraphyletic rhythm.”

Get the compilation and more of these personal stories here on the label’s official website!

Sexxy Saturday Cumbia – Ready to Dance?


If you are going to a cumbia party any time soon, make sure you’re well prepared. Of course, you can have fun freestyle-dancing like you’re doing in your average EDM club. But I bet that actually knowing more sophisticated moves will do more than just increase your chances of stealing the show on the dancefloor. Knowing how to dance the cumbia, especially in pairs, will add a whole different experience to enjoying the music!

That’s why Generation Bass has selected some tutorials or clear examples this week of different cumbia dance styles to choose from…

Original Colombian Cumbia

Cumbia Sonidera

Newskool Cumbia Villera, you can find a tutorial here, but the moves are a bit different…

Monterrey style, which has buzzed around on the internet a couple of years ago in vids like these, but still a pretty badass thing to be able to actually DO yourself, on slow Mexican cumbia vibes!

Mexico City cumbiaton/reggaeton, which looks like a form of ‘Free Step’, an ecletic mix of moves from many dance styles we’ve seen over the last decades like shuffle, c-walk, jumpstyle, tektonik etc.

Practice these moves while listening to this week’s newest cumbia!

Let’s start with the mixtapes. We’ve got three this week.

The first one is a delicious, deep-tropical mix with a lot of cumbia that  Dengue Dengue Dengue! did this week for VICE’s new electronic music channel THUMP!

La Brousse Records is a also a new label, based in Brussels and specialised in Afro-Latin sounds. Maybe you’ll remember them from the Tarraxo EP they released last month. Now Andrés Digital did this excellent mixtape for their monthly mixtape series Brousse FM!

Before finding out about this mixtape, I didn’t know El Gayo Negro yet. But I am to blame, because this cumbia-latin DJ-producer from Zürich, Switzerland is a well known member of the international nu-cumbia scene. This week he delivered a nice selection of nu-cumbia with tracks from SSC regulars as Dj Caution and Polymiller for the Swiss alternative radio channel GDS.FM.. which stands for ‘Gegen Den Strom’ (Against the Stream)!

For the EP releases I am introducing another new artist to Sexxy Saturday Cumbia. Sabogal from Lima, Peru, is an experimenter who combines hypnotising cumbia grooves with psychedelic, deep and weird electronic sounds and even with rock. This is his newest release which came out exactly a week ago!

Dj Manchas is another talented nu-cumbiambero and tropicalista from Lima whom I, shamefully enough, didn’t know before. But I’m happy to find out about great new parts of the scene. This delicious dark-deep cumbia-techno tune is only one example of the diverse styles and vibes of his impressive portfolio! Make sure you check out his other stuff as well, especially if you are, like me, a fan of transnational beats with a techno flavour, you’ll absolutely love this!

There is this well known say and legend about the Midas Touch.. when everything somebody touches seems to instantly turn into gold. That is sortof the feeling I get when listening each new tune from this all-time hero Yelram Selectah.. It doesn’t matter what kind of vibe or style it is, everything he touches instantly turns into cumbia, with a extremely danceable vibe and always a unique, crazy edge!

Someone we haven’t seen for a while is P-Teez, a.k.a. Pablo Tesio, from Argentina. But now he is back with this nice new track which is not bass, not deep, not dub, not villera and also not a simple sample-edit.. but really occupies an unclassifiable area in between all these things. That makes ‘Rio Cuarto’ the perfect track for any kind of cumbia set or playlist!

This absolutely massive sonidera-bass banger from S.L.C. Sonidero was this week’s greatest find and an instant all-time favourite! This is cumbia sonidera on steriods, or on adrenaline.. or both.. ! The vibrating synth lead in the end even adds kindof a villera-vibe to it ! ´Guelcome tu de barrio homs´..

For anyone who doesn´t speak Spanglish: welcome to the hood homies !!

Hydroselekter is also back, with this crazy cumbia edit of Coolio’s all-time hiphop classic ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’!

More cumbia hiphop this week from the rapper Mex Tape, who did this badass short demo for his upcoming Turbo Mex EP !

This basic tune from Grupo Jejeje, spiced up with some porn sounds, has the perfect vibe to practice either your Monterrey-style or your sonidera moves..

Time for some cumbiaton as well now, of which we’ve got quite a lot this week..

Pablo Pachacutik, a talented allrounder from Cochabamba, Bolivia, did this delicious fusion of Andes music, traditional cumbia percussion, deep, washed-out bass growls and dembow!!

I’ve blogged many tribaleros lately who’ve turned to cumbia.. and this week I’ve got the honour to share this cumbia experiment from none other than Dj Tamalero!! ..of course I hope he’ll keep doing 3ball, but more cumbia is definitely appreciated!

Fricci is a dj-remixer from Mexico with on his list number of good cumbifications of popular hits. This is his cumbia reflip of a new release from the innovative Mexican reggaeton and dancehall vocalist MC Peligro..

The original is so good that I just had to blog it.. keep an eye on MC Peligro.. massive shoutout from Generation Bass!!

DJ KBZ @ TOTY DJ 2014, who has released a lot of new dembow and cumbia over the last weeks, has a pretty extensive following on soundcloud. Too bad I couldn’t find out more about him.. Everyone who is into party-oriented cumbiaton, should definitely check out his stuff !

Transnational bass alrounder Bongolaser is a better known name on Generation Bass.. last week he released a massive compilation of new tracks, ‘Salvaje Rancho’. I selected one to share here, ‘Illusion De Caderas’: uptempo funky disco-cumbiaton!

Also uptempo is this nice cumbiahouse tune from the eclectic and probably ironic, barefoot cumbia-mystic and theologian from Pueba (Mex.) Sonido Motherno..

I hope this has built up enough energy for the closing bangers! And ain’t no better preparation for a night of clubbing than some good remixes of over-played radio-pop.

The first one is from the latin-bass alrounder, Acorde On from San Luís Potosí, who hasn’t released new music for more than half a year already.. But with this crazy, psychedelic remix of Daft Punk’s ‘Aerodinamic’, it seems as if he’s never really been away!

The second one is from Stereo Revuelta, who cumbiafied Milley Cyrus’ ’23’!

Get ready to put your newly practiced moves to practice on the dancefloor! ..and don’t worry, my own skills need practice too.. A LOT!

Andrés Digital and his Revancha!


It’s been a while since we’ve seen the German nu-cumbiambero Andrés Digital, but now he’s back with his 6th EP called ‘La Revancha de Andrés Digital’, released yesterday on KONN recordings and TropicalBass.

A ‘revancha’ is a revenge with style. With five very diverse but prime-quality cumbia tracks, Andrés shows he is still on top of his game like a chevalier from the old Mexican North-West.

1. ‘I wanna be like you’ is a cumbification of the legendary swing soundtrack of Disney’s Junglebook, sung by Louis Prima.

2. ‘Know your Rights’ is a delicate combined of the legendary song with the same title by the punkband The Clash, with vocals from the Jamaican-English reggae-dub artist Linton Kwesi Johnson and punk singer Johnny Rotten. A classic reggaeton dembow is added to spice up your next protest march with sensual waist-moves.

3. ‘Noches de Amor’ is a delicous, groovy edit of a Colombian classic by Alfredo Gutiérrez & Calixto Ochoa.

4. ‘Me Duele el Alma’ is a tribute to the Afro-Caribbean roots of Colombian cumbia, remixing this amazing song from the folkloristic cumbia artist Maria Mulata!

5. ‘Cerveja’ is Andrés crazy cumbiaton interpretation of one of Generation Bass’ all-time favourite zouk bass bangers from JSTJR!

And for anyone who’s not yet convinced by my words only, there’s this..

Grab the EP for free on the artist’s bandcamp!