banda uó

banda uó

TecnoBrega RocKs!!!!

[The cool girl in the pic is LADY GREEN] Following on from my Cremoso TecnoBrega Mixtapes over the past couple of years, I thought it was time to do another TecnoBrega mixtape of some of the other Read More

Daniel Haaksman Presents Tecno Brega : Album of the Year!

As you know from my Cremoso mixtapes, I am an absolute sucker for TecnoBrega and we've been covering it ever since this blog began in 2009! I gotta say I was surprised when Daniel Haaksman informed Read More

Technobrega still alive

The new generation of technobrega, before King Dj Cremoso, still producing some new sounds to technobrega style. Jaloo is one in this new crew of producers. Jaloo is a producer who called our attention Read More

Banda Uó – New Technobrega Band

  Take one minute of attention to Band Uó. This new band of technobrega style, come to shake everyone and the old idea about Technobrega. Gringos are used to hearing Dj Cremoso and your incredible Read More
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