Bored Lord… The Global Artist.

Bored Lord is part of Rare Nnudes, a digital collective that includes fellow cyber artists BastienGOAT, minivan_markus, and p l a i n t e x t. Their Bampcamp contains some truly ace releases by a variety of Internet musicians, and true to the vaporwave/seapunk form, it’s strewn with as many Japanese characters as English ones. The collective’s two slogans are “birthed from the Internet’s mainframe” and “transcendent digital shamanism,” which I think says a lot while meaning nothing at all.

Orange boy after firing it, will Crash It!


crash it capa 6

While 80% of producers still follow the ‘way of success’ from other producers, I found Orange Boy, a brazilian guy from Goias – Middle West from Brazil. He is enjoying metallics-synths with dancing beats, walking from twerk to moombahton and remixing tracks from his childhood, as music by Michael Jackson.
He Has a good hand to synths and remixes. I spoke with him to understand why he is releasing his second EP, Crash It, only with remixes, since the first EP – Fire It, there was only originals.

The EP will be available to download on Friday – 18/march – but Orange boy mixed all 8 remixes in this mini-mix. He also said me, that who download the EP will receive a bônus remix and a unreleased remix from Sigma! So take attention to don’t lose it on Bandcamp (free download in exchange to your email).

– Who is the Orange Boy?

Pure fire, anger and restlessness.
– How did the idea of the EP of remixes ‘Crash It‘?

Man, I love remix. I love reworks, mashups and edits. This is the soul of electronic music. I made many remixes and saw that some I had already ready made. So I wanted to bring something new to the scene with my music remixes and I’d like to hear this kind of music in the club and, damn, how I like to hear. So I took the opportunity to explore many styles that I enjoy in the Bass music with this EP.

– What can we expect from the Orange Boy in the future?

Man….A lot of thing! I have a side project ‘underground’ to come out soon, and my 3rd EP is already in half. My mother said it would be loud as well as being only original. And other things too early to tell. For now, I’m just enjoying this crazy politic tense atmosphere in my the country.


Presskit 1


Follow him at: Soundcloud // Facebook

Introducing : E.Reflexion

dama dofffffffffffffffffff

We’ll be dropping an exciting, fresh & innovative free album by this French beatmaker later this week (artwork above) on Generation Bass Digital. It’s an audio travelogue of collages and sketches of his journey to North & West Africa (Morocco/ Mauritania /Senegal/Gambia). He skilfully blends the traditional music of these countries with experimental Electronica.

Whilst you’re eagerly waiting for that to drop, check out some of the stuff on his Soundcloud and Bandcamp:

Three Amsterdam Dance Event parties you have to check out! – Part 1: ‘BANGANA INVITES’


While I am at Afrofuturism Now! in Rotterdam for the rest of the week, there are three events at the Amsterdam Dance Event we really want to spotlight: BANGANA INVITES, RIMBOE RIDDIM and LIQUORISH RECORDS. If you’re around Amsterdam this week you definitely have to check them out!

BANGANAGANGBANGERS are an upcoming innovative bass crew whose filthy, energetic style we’ve been digging for a while now. The exciting thing is that they can translate new flavours to a more mainstream audience while maintaining the essence of the underground.

This year is the second time they host an night at the Amsterdam Dance Event and will put on a show that bridges different corners of the bass spectrum. Notable in the lineup is the Grimeyard crew, hosted by Zwart Licht who are the most influential embassadors of the grime in Amsterdam. The Belgian dj Murdock will bring drum ‘n bass, while Eskei83 from Germany takes care of the turntablism. And with Guerilla Speakerz and Brocco, moshpit bangers are guaranteed.

Check out the aftermovie of last year

The party has started just now! Hurry to the North Sea Jazz Club and join the madness!



Roundup #1


I haven’t been doing roundups for a long time since my time is scarce. Today I have some time left and I’ll keep you updated on what i’ve hearing.

Pack of the Week #2


Took me a while to make the new roundup but here it is:



DALLJUBSTEP  are a japanese bass music band.Was formed in 2012 by a.t.p as a drummer/fx (ex-DACOTA SPEAKER), Bench as a bass player​/singer (ex-DACOTA SPEAKER) and Yuta Hoshi as a fx/singer (WOZNIAK).Their sound is made of the powerful bass sound and the flowin​g/free drumming and electronics with improv​isation and experi​mental​ism. They are making truly alternative music embracing various music genres such as Dubstep, Jungle, Juke/F​ootwor​k, Techno​/House, and HipHop. Enjoy!!!!










Based in Beijing, dohits is an electronic music collective based on local musicians.Howie  Lee is the best known artist but in this compilation also apepear others almost unknown as Guzz,Zaliva D,Jason Hou and 只要你. Global beats with flavored traditional sounds. Enjoy!

Sinerise : Calling


The brilliant Canadian producer Sinerise is back with a great EP of down tempo Garage with some remixes taking in lush atmospherics.

You can preview one of the tracks and grab the rest via her Bandcamp.

OVERTURE. Bound by growth, our third verse carries us lightly, with the wind.

ARIA. With open sails our humble producer & vocalist, SINERISE, introduces herself to the world with a visceral, brooding haze of downtempo garage. Layers of vocal harmony coalesce with driving low end as our hero’s debut single has her pushing forward, back to the wind.

CHORUS. Navigating uncertain waters, both SUBMERSE & Brooklyn trio ARCHIE PELAGO challenge the brewing storm, reinterpreting our hero’s account with a story entirely of their own respective design.

CODA. Limited to 200 press, the pink 10″ vinyl will available worldwide on 24 February 2015 but can be purchased in advance on Valentine’s Day, 14 February 2015, exclusively from this store.

Releases 24 February 2015