Bored Lord… The Global Artist.

Bored Lord is part of Rare Nnudes, a digital collective that includes fellow cyber artists BastienGOAT, minivan_markus, and p l a i n t e x t. Their Bampcamp contains some truly ace releases by a variety Read More

Orange boy after firing it, will Crash It!

  While 80% of producers still follow the 'way of success' from other producers, I found Orange Boy, a brazilian guy from Goias - Middle West from Brazil. He is enjoying metallics-synths Read More
crash it capa 6

Introducing : E.Reflexion

We'll be dropping an exciting, fresh & innovative free album by this French beatmaker later this week (artwork above) on Generation Bass Digital. It's an audio travelogue of collages and sketches Read More
dama dofffffffffffffffffff

Three Amsterdam Dance Event parties you have to check out! – Part 1: ‘BANGANA INVITES’

While I am at Afrofuturism Now! in Rotterdam for the rest of the week, there are three events at the Amsterdam Dance Event we really want to spotlight: BANGANA INVITES, RIMBOE RIDDIM and LIQUORISH Read More

Roundup #1

I haven't been doing roundups for a long time since my time is scarce. Today I have some time left and I'll keep you updated on what i've hearing. Read More

Damien Blaise,The Lost Ep

  Damien Blaise is no stranger to the world of club music.From Southern California ,this boy has previously produced music projects like BLOK_. This ep is an unreleased work in 2012 but has now Read More
generation x

Pack of the Week #2

Took me a while to make the new roundup but here it is: Read More


DALLJUBSTEP  are a japanese bass music band.Was formed in 2012 by a.t.p as a drummer/fx (ex-DACOTA SPEAKER), Bench as a bass player​/singer (ex-DACOTA SPEAKER) and Yuta Hoshi as a fx/singer (WOZNIAK).Their Read More
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