Bert On Beats – Wedding [Arabtronix]


A new track from Estonian producer Bert On Beats that will be a welcome addition for my next Arabtronix mix instalment. Arabic Bass has certainly started coming to the fore more and more in the past 12-18 months and that’s an encouraging development cause the Middle East has always been a 1st choice for me.

B.O.B tackles Arabic Bass in superior fashion and crafts an immensely enjoyable floor stomper of a Dabke Bass track and its to kick off his new free DL series “Bert On Friday’s”. He’ll give out a free choon on his soundcloud on every first friday of the month.

And as he says:

“If you like these middle-eastern over amplified double-reed mijwiz and oud sounds, handclaps with compelling vocal cuts, then its yours! These are dabke influenced beats from north side of the globe. Those who take the bride and groom as enemies won’t be forgiven! :)”

Bert On Beats – Arriba [Transnational Bass]


Bert on Beats is becoming a bit of a veteran in the Trans Bass scene, it seems funny saying that, but we’ve known him for so long and he has yet to let us down on a track.

His output is always immaculate and to the highest standard, it really is a crime that he is not known worldwide like some others who are more famous than him.

On this new track he just dropped on Echufada he traverses the Trans Bass world with a tinge of an Arabian flute melody.

A Big track with a Big sound from a Big artist in this scene.

Here’s what the label say:

After the zouk maestro JSTJR kickstarted the third Upper Cuts season with his slow winding beats, it’s now time to pick up the pace with Estonia’s foremost Global Club Music expert, the one and only Bert On Beats.

Proving exactly how global this Global Club Music scene can get, this top-notch producer returns to Enchufada with the powerful Arriba, a bass-heavy track that sees the studio wizard blend UK bass music staples with all sorts of tropical dance floor heat. Heavy syncopated drums and roaring basslines draw inspiration from the London underground scene, as the layers of intricate percussion and contagious flute melodies create a hypnotic vibe with middle-eastern flavour that is bound to make hips sway across the world.

Arriba points the Global Club Music series that is Upper Cuts in new and unexpected directions, while keeping the party vibes on a constant high. This tune marks Bert On Beats’ return to the label, after dropping the powerful Bassy Baile on the Hard Ass Sessions EP series back in 2011.

Bert On Beats – Piano Loco EP


Bert On Beats is back with a great new EP, straight dancefloor fyah!


After a series of heavy low-end remixes for the likes of Buraka Som Sistema, Gotan Project, Vybz Cartel and Daniel Haaksman and a collaboration with New Jersey don DJ Sliink, Bert On Beats returns to Man Recordings with a club-ready Salsa banger. For “Piano Loco“, the badboy from Tallinn, Estonia, combines spicey Latin percussion and a bubbly Salsa piano with stomping Samba drums and heavy basslines.

Zombies For Money from Lisboa create a monstrous remix by putting the percussion through a meat grinder and serving it on massive beats with a Bmore twist.

Ackeejuice Rockers from Italy give “Piano Loco” a massive Moombahton makeover with deep bass, chopped up synth madness and everything the Tropicalista’s heart could wish for.

Czech-Peruvian talent Chong X slows things down with his dubby version, only to freak you out with an insane drum-drop at the end.

Montreal tropical legend Poirier finally gives “Piano Loco” a smooth and driving vibe, focussing on flowing percussion and mesmerizing synth bleeps.

Listen to Bert On Beats Piano Loco Minimix here:

Order it from here:



Grab this free mix:

Copia Double Systema – Fisketorvet Riddim (Milangles rmx)
Crookers ft. MC Dandao (Joao Brasil Remix)
Cham ft. O – Back Way
Reggie Stepper – Kimbo King
Schlachthofbronx – ft. Spoek Mathambo & Bigspace – Nasty Bass
El Dusty – K Le Pasa (So Shifty Remix)
Wine and Wave (Toddla T Remix) BOBedit
Major Lazer, No Doubt, Mr Vegas – Settle/Bruk it Down
Mr Vegas – Bruk It Down (So Shifty, Walshy Fire Full Vocal remix)
MC T – Pam Pam (El Negro remix)
DefRäädu & General Levy – Give It Do Dem (Bert On Beats Boomriddim remix)
Dj Sliink vs Bert On Beats – RRR U
Branko vs Njena Reddd Foxxx – Silly Bitch
Poirier ft. Natalie Storm – Gal u Good (Bert On Beats remix)
Enigma Dubz – What Must i Do
Tomb Crew – Watch This (Bert On Beats remix)
Bert On Beats – Get Your Freak On
Carlos Barbosa – Toca Flute
Bebucho Q Cuia – Aguluwo
Makina del Karibe – Maki Man (Daniel Haaksman remix)
Buraka Som Sistema – Candonga
Batida – Alegria
RDX – Jump (Schlahthofbronx edit)
Daniel Haaksman – DinDada (Bert On Beats remix)

Kuenta i Tambú : Tambutronic from Curaçao&Aruba!


Roël Callister from the band Kuenta i Tambú (KiT) answered a few questions for the GenBass team. Read, listen&Enjoy !

Q : Can you describe KiT ?
A : KiT consists of a bunch of crazy people mostly from the islands of Curaçao and Aruba. One band member is from Germany. We all share the same passion and dedication to music. Most of us have a background as a drummer or percussionist and we all love Carnaval and chicken! And there’s the one important thing we have in abundance: energy and drive!

Q: Can you tell me your part in the band ?
A : Mostly I try to come up with ideas and make them work within the live setting we’re playing in. Thank god I don’t have to do it all by myself. I’m doing the writing and production part with my good friend, and not to forget, great producer: Rusted Braces. Whatever we make in the studio I’ll try to reproduce on stage. Live I do mostly chanting and some of the small traditional percussion instruments.
Besides the studio work and the live shows there’s also the label and the management part, which need to be taken care of. Together with 3 others we do all of this.

Q : Can you explain me what KiT means ?
A : KiT is short for ‘Kuenta i Tambú’ which translates into stories and drums.
Tambú is the name of the drums we use on stage! There’s actually two of them. The normal tambú and the tambú Grandi which is the bigger drum.
Tambú is also the name for music style, which is one of the most traditional music styles on Curaçao. It was brought to the Caribbean by the African Slaves.
It’s a combination of singing, clapping, tambú drums and the chapi (hoe). Since the band name is a bit difficult to pronounce we mostly stick to KiT.

Q : Can you tell us a bit about the story of KiT ?
A : It all started back in 2005 when one of my best friends, who’s a great artist and story teller, asked me to do a performance with only traditional music styles from Curaçao. 3 years later I was booking our first theater tour with his help. Until then it was totally acoustic and traditional. In 2010 we decided to change it up a little bit by adding samples and electronics. It was quite a long process going from acoustic to a 50/50 with electronics and acoustic drums.
The one thing we keep on doing is: using the traditional instruments and elements in a modern setup where we’re able to experiment with i.e. ‘work songs’. ‘Work songs’ were sang by the slaves to ease the pain of their situation while ‘working’.
We also have the ‘celebration songs’. These were used to thank God for a great harvest and to celebrate the great season they just had.
The Tambú drums and the Chapi are always present.

Q : How have you come up with the project ? What are your inspirations ?
A : I try to get inspired by anything I listen to. I especially like it when there’s loads of Drums and percussions. Those are my fist instruments and form the basis of all our compositions.
Bands and artists I listen to are quite varied and actually too many to mention. I’ll just name a few who did inspire me while producing music for KiT: Carlinhos Brown, Timbalada, Sergio Mendes and of course the local artists from Curaçao that make traditional music.
The connection here is simple: rhythm & percussions and especially the concept behind it. It’s how to make songs having percussions as the first instrument.

Q: What was the evolution of the band ?
A : The evolution happened when I gave in to electronic music influences. I was listening to electronic music already, but at some point we started trying out different things for KiT’s music. Things like bleeps, pitched vocals, weird basslines, using conga’s instead of snare drums and those kinda crazy things.
We shifted from ‘Tambu’ music to make something else. This was the birth of ‘Tambutronic’: we make use of traditional elements of tambu music and loads of loops, samples and electronics.

Q : Can you explain what modern Caribbean music is ?
A : Caribbean Music doesn’t stop at just reggae, zouk, or calypso. They do refer to many different styles as Caribbean Music. To me it becomes modern when you take it out of its original context and add i.e. some slick synth. sounds to it, really poppy sounding chords etc. It will always be danceable though. That’s its strength.

Q : Why being attached to your roots ?
A : Because it’s that one thing that you get for free! It’s that one thing that keeps on reminding you where you’re from. It goes beyond music. It’s like a blueprint for many things. For KiT it’s something we all can relate to and fall back on. It’s something you should be proud of.

Q : Can you tell us about your releases ?
A : Our first release was back in 2009. The album is called ‘E Kalakuna’ and was totally acoustic. The title track to the album was the first song I have written, and the first song I have ever sang. It reached the #1 position on a few charts on the islands. It’s a very special album to us. It’s where it all started.
The second release was on 30 nov 2011. It was an EP. Here we started exploring the possibilities within the new style we were creating: Tambutronic!
On 22nd of September 2012 KiT is releasing its second EP called Jackhammer. It includes remixes by Bert on Beats (Man Recordings), Wiwek (Mad Decent) and our own Rusted Braces.

Q : Can you tell us about difficulties (or not) to find a label, and what are the solutions you came up with?
A : To be honest: I tried a few times, but I always got to hear the same thing:
The music is very specific and there’s probably no market that would be interested. So I decided to release it myself. Nowadays I really don’t know if it’s a good or a bad thing, to not be signed to a label. It has both positive and negative sides to it. On the one hand It gives you total freedom to decide about your releases, while on the other hand It takes a little longer to build your network though, but it works.

Q : Do you see yourselves as a new type of club music ? Maybe close to IDM ?
A : To me it’s a kind of club music yes. We decided to adopt the name Tambutronic. It’s the best way to explain in one word what we do. You can definitely dance to it. It’s raw; it’s loud with loads of bass! On the 22nd and the 29th of September we’re organizing the first ‘TAMBUTRONIC SESSIONS’. In the near future we’ll be organizing more of those in different cities.

Jackhammer EP by KiT

[soundcloud url=”″ height=”200″ iframe=”true” /]



I know you’ll all want to grab that free DL and bang your head on the walls listening to KiT. Here you go !
Listen on Soundcloud&DL for free from the Bandcamp page

Cabaron-Upgrade Music (Kuenta i Tambú remix) !

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]


Ban Selebr’é – KiT (Kuenta i Tambú)


Tiro Loco – KiT (Kuenta i Tambú) ft. Orange Grove

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]


Interesting documentaries about the traditional Tambu:

Nochi No Ke Lagami Bai – trailer (AIFF Caribbean Spotlight Series 2012)

Tambu of Curaçao


Visit KiT on :

KiT on Facebook

KiT on Twitter

Official website


Daniel Haaksman: More Rambazamba

The world’s leading Global Bass DJ from one of the world’s leading Global Bass Labels!

I learned all I know about Global/Transnational Bass from this man, Daniel Haaksman, and his label, Man Recordings.

The real deal!  This man is genuinely respected whilst others are genuinely derided!

His classic album of last year gets a classic remix treatment!

Read all about it below but first grab this briliant free “So Shifty” remix of “Bomba”.


CAT.NR.: MAN 067

Following his acclaimed “Rambazamba” album release in May 2011, Berlin´s tropical pioneer Daniel Haaksman now returns with a remix version of his debut, aptly titled “More Rambazamba“ (a.k.a. “With a blazer”).

“More Rambazamba” literally translated means “More Mayhem“”(“Rambazamba” is a German word for “stiring up”, “kicking up a fuss”).  Ensuring instant dancefloor rage, the musical styles on this album reflect on Haaksman´s DJ and production style: Always full of surprises, eclectic and high-powered, yet with a gentleman touch. We hear on “More Rambazamba”, to quote Wayne & Wax blog author Wayne Marshall, “creative reworkings of some time-honored Haaksman anthems  such as “Rap Da Silva”, “Carnival”, “Jesus” feat. Tati Quebra Barraco or “Bomba”. Marshall:

“These remixes overflow with polyrhythmic joy, bumping along with little regard for genre boundaries and in the process creating even more space for winding waists — and tastes!”

The list of remixers on “More Rambazamba” is hot and high-calibred.

Highlights include: Berlin noise master Jan Driver returning with his classic remix of “Hands Up” feat. Seguindo Sonhos, which also got retouched by Paris hyphy don French Fries.  Sound Of Sumo´s Kry Wolf laid Haaksman´s “Carnival” onto a bass heavy, UK groove, Estonia´s Bert On Beats reworked the bumpy cover version of “Din Daa Daa” in his trademark Kuduro inspired bass style.  Big Dope P of Moveltraxxx sent the Rio funk anthem “Rap Da Silva” to Chicago for a Juke examination.  Hamburg´s So Shifty injected beefy beats to “Bomba” feat. Roxxxy Bione, while Chrissy Murberbot put another Chicago infused rhythm onto “Jesus” feat. Tati Quebra Barraco. And Urbs from Vienna remixed “Rap Da Silva” in classic JA roots fashion.


1. Carnival (Kry Wolf Remix)
2. Din Daa Daa (Bert On Beats Remix)

3. Rap Da Silva feat. Bani Silva (Big Dope P Juke Remix)
4. Bomba feat. Roxxxy Bione (So Shifty Remix)
5. Dubcheck feat. Shantel & Boban Markovic (El Dusty Remix)
6. Hands Up feat. Seguindo Sonhos (French Fries Remix)
7. Copabanana (DJ Punish Remix)
8. Bomba feat. Roxxxy Bione (Neki Stranac Remix)
9. Hands Up feat. Seguindo Sonhos (Jan Driver Remix)
10. Jesus feat. Tati Quebra Barraco (Schlachthofbronx Remix)
11. Din Daa Daa (Boogaloo Remix)
12. Jesus feat. Tati Quebra Barraco (Chrissy Murderbot Remix)
13. Rap Da Silva feat. Bani Silva (Urbs Remix)

We, Love, Bass, Music

visionary art by my friend, krystleyez (.com)

yo yo yo it’s been a moment since I’ve done my last mix post and there is load of fresh trim to share. Each cut in this post has been hand picked like buds off a cannabis plant, so load em up and hit em up with the volume turned way up because we about to burn this joint! :}=~

Bunch of different kinds of music in here that all fit in the category of global bass and world music.

As always I recommend listening to the whole post using the shuffler hookup, click on the icon next to the facebook on the top right, or just float down the list as you wish.


Found this one on Andy kisaragi’s blog, untimely sounds, and just had to relay it here, Ori of Balkan Beat Box just killin it with some solo work! Not sure when Ori Kaplan opened his soundcloud page, but the secret is out and you better follow!

Sirens 7 by DJ Shotnez by orikaplan

Sticking to the tradition of BBB, Ori drops cutting-edge electro Balkan beats with awesome traditional vocalist, Yiddish Balkan beats anyone? Massive Jewish Wedding song for all the Bar Mitzva Djs out there! 🙂

What can you mach sis is AMERIKE – DJ Shotnez vs. Joe Feisch by orikaplan

Going to steal another one from Andy just cuz it so hot it needs to be mentioned here again in case you missed it. The lovely Flore shows us how it’s done in the latest mixtape of the prestige Club Popozuda series.

Club Popozuda Mixtape #20 (Flore) by Club Popozuda


Flore’s hit tune, feel me, gets a mean grimy dubstep remix by Uzul

Dub me – Flore & Shunda K (Uzul remix) – FEEL FREE TO SHARE/ BLOG/ COMMENT! by Flore



FLORE: / /

One more from untimly sound, this one has been sitting high on my queue list for a moment now, so I was happy to see that Andy gave it a shout out as well,

Boogat drops some hot latin sounds out of Montreal. Cumbia, reggaeton, dancehall and baile funk combine to form the beats here, produced by Poirier, Nom de Plume and Boogat himself.


also here:

Ok time to break some new grounds here, I was checking out the latest Episode of Abstractor Radio, Venezuela’s leading TukiBass underground bass label and radio show, and on this show they debuted a new EP by an incredible Female MC named Mpeach. English, Spanish, and Traditional lyrics on hot tropical and tukibass rhythms. Her lyrics are conscious, smart, her voice is addictive. So I did some digging and found the newly released [free] EP, enjoy and give a warm welcome to Mpeach! =) Mpeach fits perfectly with the likes of MIA, Shunda K and Maluka, so check her out!  by the wayz, all 3 remixes on this EP are super hot!


Abstractor Radio EP21: Jueves 27 de Octubre por La Mega 107.3 FM by abstractor

abs005: MPeach – Vengo Por Ti by abstractor

Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, MPeach (a.k.a. Mariana Martín Capriles) is a multidisciplinary visionary, defined as much by her stage and studio collaborations with the likes of Todosantos (Flamin Hotz) and Latin Grammy winners Los Amigos Invisibles, as her design work and live installations in spaces such as BRIC Contemporary Art.

Now based in Brooklyn, New York, MPeach’s experimental work dances at the intersection between music, vocal, and visual elements, incorporating live performance and video art. All of this is compiled into her first solo release, Vengo Por Ti, an EP produced in conjunction with dynamic Venezuelan duo Pocz & Pacheko, who have released on labels such as Buraka Som Sistema’s Enchufada (Portugal) and Senseless (UK). The EP also reconnects her with Barcelona-based Venezuelan producer Cardopusher, famous for his genre-bending releases on Hyperdub, Tigerbeat6, Trouble & Bass, PeaceOff, and Lo Dubs, and Raptor House legends DJ Yirvin and DJ Baba.

Vengo Por Ti goes deep into Venezuelan culture and its boiling energy, exploring underground styles created at the crossroads between traditional and modern, local and foreign. The influence of Venezuelan folk and Afro-Caribbean vocal styles is evident on “La Hora”, which takes influence from Un Solo Pueblo as well as early reggaeton legends TheNoise, Yvy Queen and El General. “Fuerza” cops vibes from merengue hip-hop godfathers Proyecto Uno and merengue house queen Lisa M. Of course, the entire EP is influences by Venezuela’s native ghetto-dance music, the style known as changa tuki, coupling that raw and infectious sound with Mpeach’s Caracas-meets-Brooklynflair.

With lyrics both in Spanish and English, this blend of sounds echoes Ramadanman, Warrior Queen, Daddy Yankee, Chrissy Murderbot, and Tambor Urbano all at once, adorned with MPeach’s original artwork, style, and shake! Continue reading “We, Love, Bass, Music”


The original album release, “Antenna Of Tallinn”,being considered as one of the major tropical bass albums of 2011, gets now the appropriate remix treatment. With “Antenna Of Tallinn Remixed” Bert On Beats returns witha big bang.

Having put his magic touch on tracks by other artists such as Vybz Kartel, Buraka Som Sistema or Tomb Crew, Bert On Beats now is reworked by friends and inspirators.With fourteen reworks, “Antenna Of Tallinn Remixed” is a huge package that presents tracks in a wide range of styles.

Remixes come from hot 2011 tickets such as Munchi, Daniel Haaksman, Neki Stranac or Big Dope P, upcoming young talents such as Woz, Julius Sylvest or Max Le Daron, as well as established names like Flore, Diamond Bass or Raiden amongst others.

AOT RMXD Is out on 17th of October!!!

Bert On Beats – Girl Ninja (Hortus Musicus remix) by Bert On Beats


THE GLOBAL MASHUPS project continues! – this means we bring couples of artists together, in Tilburg, Holland during the Incubate festival, 12-18 sept 2011. We’ll supply them with a working spot and they will work here on music for a day, presenting the results live, at night. The following day we will repeat this at another venue in Holland, WORM, Rotterdam and another one in Amsterdam called Smart Project Space.

The show will be recorded in video and audio and will be posted in your trusted GENERATION BASS of course! I’ll be presenting the participants to you this week!

Watch out for Meneo – he tends to go on stage naked!
Meneo is an act that is basically described as electropical 8-bit with soul. With their Atari and gameboy sounds the party is on! In the Spanish scene these guys have made quite a fan base with their wild energy, because with their music they’ve got everybody jumping from side to side, up and down and swinging side to side. Meneo is bringing the party to Tilburg!

Working with Meneo is Bert on Beats. Bert on Beats is the hottest new artist to release on the Berlin based label Man Recordings, run by our homie DANIEL HAAKSMAN! His music is a huge source of UK Bass and mixes dubstep with kuduro and other tropical beats. it will fill up your ears with energetic, up tempo and danceable dance tunes. Mixing Guatamalan gameboy sounds with the tropical kuduro beats from Estonia is a mash-up that will get you interested. Meneo on Beats!

GO SEE THIS LIVE!!! – FRIDAY SEPT 16th: 013, TILBURG – 03.00 – 04.00

Global SoundClash Round #1: listen, vote and reeeewind!

global soundclash #1
click image to get full size

Global SoundClash Round #1

Caballos y Caballeros, Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the first ever Global SoundClash on GenerationBass!

This clash brings together talent from my previous posts; I’ve selected my favorite recent tune from each artist and shuffled them in groups. Vote for your favorite track in each group. The highest ranking artists will move the next round.

Round #1: 16 artists, 4 groups, 1 tune each

Round #2: 4 artists, 2 groups, 2 tunes each

Final Round: 2 artists, 1 group, 2 tunes each

Victory lap: The wining artist will get a full feature post here on and more!

Voting for round 1 will close 4/20/11 at 16:20 UTC (GMT). Next round will come soon after.

Who is going to be the first GB Global SoundClash Champion? You decide!


Help your favorite artists win, vote now and spread the word around.