This week… Beam Up delivers the dub, Bertie Bass-Hits brings the balkan and Capricorn Productions ministers the minimal…

Beam Up

Not a mixtape per se, but a live set from Beam Up (aka DJ Delay, and various other names…) recorded live at Fusion Festival, with live horns from Beam Up and David Karla and based loosely around some of Beam Up’s favourite riddims.

Beam Up – Fusion 2011 live dub set (d/l) by Beam Up / DJ Delay

No tracklist for this one, but they’re all forthcoming from the Beam Up labs…

Bertie Bass-Hits

Bertie – of Innamorati – draws heavily on Boom shakalaka presents: Baltik bass and Shazalakazoo for a Baltikan bass blend, with Jam Jarr’s I Am The Danger lurking incongruously at the end – love that tune but not sure it fits! Loving this mix none the less, have had it on rotation for a few days now. I think I partly love the Baltik sounds & tunes because they’re so similar to Celtic ones, which thanks to Michael Flatley are probably never gonna make it into the annals of cool but which are close to my heart.

Berties Baltik Bass by Bertie Bass-Hits

Tchiribim(Balkan Xpress Soundsistem Remix) – Watcha Clan
Milieu – Beats Antique
Move(Shazalakazoo Remix) – Balkan Beatbox
Thunderbird – Dj Emil Vs Markku Lepistö
Nazad(Shazalakazoo Remix) – Village Kollektiv
Smart Gypsy(Shazalakazoo Remix) – Gaetano Fabrini
Hermannin Polkka – Svengali Vs Markku Lepistö
Marock – Shazalakazoo
Vamos A Bailar – Dj Rideon
Riddim And Culture – Dj Emil Vs Kiharakolmio
Run Tings – Dj Emil Vs Markku Lepistö
Free Your Soul – Dj Svengali Vs Markku Lepisto Ft. Mad Ice
Hangover Quadrille – Shazalakazoo Vs Pirnales
Werk(Tomb Crew Remix) – The Living Graham Bond Ft Shon B
I Am The Danger – Jam Jarr

Capricorn Productions

This mix is a tribute to the genre of Dub Techno, paying homage to the likes of Deepchord, Echospace and other post-Basic Channel exponents who have taken the sound forward in recent times. The music’s depth and impact evolve over time, where small things make a big difference. Sit back (hopefully at around 1am) and let this wonderful soundscape bathe you in Cold Beauty and Deep Warmth. Enjoy!

Love the name of this mix, so fitting for this kind of music, cold an expansive yet simultaneously warm and enveloping, a disembodied journey through endless tundra, or something equally undergraduate-poetic… Echospace – First Point of Aries at 45 minutes is the perfect distillation of this extremely-minimal-dub-tech sound, and the percussion on the tune that follows is intoxicating in its subtlety and precision. Definitely a solo night time mix, or (as I’ve been finding) an early-morning-sleepy-bus-ride mix.

COLD BEAUTY, DEEP WARMTH [320kbps] by Capricorn Productions

01 Deepchord – Vantage Isle (Convextion Remix)
02 Echospace – Celestialis
03 Cv313 – Subtraktive (The Sight Below Mix)
04 Soap – Synchrofall
05 Quantec – Crescent Moon
06 Quantec – Transmitters
07 Quantec – Subliminal State
08 Bvdub – Isolation’s Embrace
09 Echospace – Abraxas
10 Echospace – First Point of Aries
11 Deepchord – Vantage Isle (Echospace Reshape)
12 Echospace – Aequinoxium
13 Sven Weisemann – Floatation Verb
14 Model 500 – Starlight (Echospace Dub)

Transnational Dubstep Monday


Transnational Resister’s:

Celt Islam
Bertie Bass Hits
DJ Pasha

Celt Islam


Some xcellent new cutz from my bro’ Celt!

Tayy Al-Ard by CeLt IsLaM { Limited Free Download } by Celt Islam

Some Transnational DnB!

THE GHAZI by CeLt IsLaM { Free Limited Download } by Celt Islam

Back 2 Transnational DubSTeP:

Frequency Control by CeLt IsLaM by Celt Islam

Bertie Bass Hits of Innamorati


One half of Immamorati, here’s Bertie’s Transnational Dubstep mix with loads of tracks from the comp 🙂

Bertie’sBalkanBassMix by Bertie Bass-Hits

Transnational dubstep meets global/balkan bass.

Shazalakazoo – Cyrillic (NEKI STRANAC Edit)
Village Kollektiv – Nazad (shazalakazoo remix)
Dobranotch – Grajovska (shazalakazoo remix)
Shazalakazoo – Istraton
Shazalakazoo – Puijro
Shazalakazoo – Riddle of the fiddle
Backflow – Other Weapons (Sub_Swara_remix)
Watcha Clan – Tchiribim (balkan_xpress_soundsistema_remix)
Bert On Beats – Harmonica
Mars – India Sleeping
Engine Earz Experiment – Kaliyuga
Alexis K – Undertow In G#
Fleck & Fish Finger – Rude Profile
Knowa Knowone – Cumbia Dub
Innamorati – Clownie
Syndaesia – Bukkake (Featuring AKS)
Bingoriot – Dub Circus
Schlachthofbronx ft.Spoek & Gnucci Banana – Ayoba! (Shazalakazoo “AyoBalkan” Remix) South Rakkas Crew – Dance Wid We (Mylo Riddim)
Riva Starr – Trompe D Amour
Dre Skull – Gone Too Far ft. Sizzla (Buraka Som Sistema Remix)
Bandish Projekt – Brown Skin Beauty (Liquid Stranger Remix)
Midival Punditz – Bhangra Fever (Piyush Bhatnagar Remix)
Barbarix – Shiva Step

DJ Pasha


Pasha is from Leicester (UK) and that’s all I know and he sent me this and it’s got a bit of Transnational flava about it and I really like it a lot cause it reminds me of Asian Underground Soundz dubstepped.

Dubsidia Feat Pasha-Smoking Kills Humans Slowly by Dj Pasha



Some pretty good gypsy Dubstep here from this Bristolian dude! Second track is pretty Caspa-esque concept wise!

Untitled by figcake

CUNT REVAMP by figcake



FLeCK is on fyah, check this out.  Still to me one of the best and most underrated Dubstep producers out there.


If you didn’t get this album, which is a Transnational Dubstep classic, first time round, here’s your second chance.

Grab it here

New FLeCK album on Generation Bass digi coming soon.



The dude sent me this a couple of days ago after I uploaded my LaZerDeLica concept.

Really feeling this, Psychedelic Transnationalism, really spaced out mix and beautifully mixed, just the way I like it……journeying type of mix!

I’ll let the dude tell you what this is all about:

The second in a 2 disc set KATA1yXZT is a recognition of the dual polarities that one must experience as a part of evolution through the illusion of 3rd density Earth.

This DJ mix is a journey to the realms of time/space through the frequency of the green ray heart chakra.This builds up to a confrontation with the shadow self in which through love and understanding the shadow self is recognized as part of the self and there is a breakthrough into the 6th density time/space realms where the lessons of the balance of love and wisdom are explored.


Intro – Excerpt from Celtic Cross – Jade Garden
Booka Shade – Regenerate (Omega Remix)
Frost Raven – Spekter (Dubstep Mix)
Bird Of Prey – The First Step
Bird Of Prey – Atrium
Shamanic Technology – Onix
The Widdler – Shaman
The Widdler – End Transmission
The Widdler – Origin
Bird Of Prey – Paradise (Dubstep Mix)
Frost Raven – Seraki Mire (Original Mix)
Pink Floyd – Breathe/On the run (An-ten-nae Remix)
Vandera – Scanners (Original Mix)
Bass Junkies – Devils Haze
Adam John – The Little One
Shamanic Technology – Alone In The Dark
Droid Sector – Insomnia
Pink Floyd – High Hopes (Sageone Dubstep Remix)
SPL – Holy War (Original Mix)
Droid Sector – Crimson Tears
The Love Theme – Indian Girl (Alexis K Remix)
Tshabee – Awakening Of Gaia
Peek – Sphinx (Original Mix)
23Hz & Numaestro – Nemesis
Vandera – India Joya
Shelia Chandra – Nana (Fish Finger Dubstep Remix)
Tsubliminal – Whale Bay (Organiksmness Remix)
Zookeeper & Helatrobus – Samsara
Wu-Tang – Alphabets (Dakimh Instrumental Remix)