Artwork by Tropi Delia


So this is the last post from us for 2016 ! We believe 2016 was a very hard year for some but in general Cumbia has helped us through it and gave us that big smile we hope you are all having whilst reading this. Thank you so much for keeping this blog alive and generally giving us the love to carry on writing about this magical music.



Kazike en Estado de Trance Mixtape 032 – Festival Nomade Colombia

To start my selection I have the pleasure and honour to present this absolute badman mix from a person that is very important to me! Yes: Kazike en Estado de Trance is his name and he is the person who taught me everything I know about classical vintage cumbia. A great person and also a great maestro. Here he presents to us a really well put together mix for the Colombian festival that is “Nomade” organised by Mr Toe. Enjoy!


La Orrorosa Feat. El Hijo De La Cumbia – Infeccion Tropikal

So now let’s get started with the cumbia punk, one of my favourite fusions within this musical scene. New track from La Orrorosa of the disc “infección tropical” with the participation of Emiliano Gomez (El Hijo de la Cumbia). The rhythm and vocals couldn’t go better together to be honest. Really powerful track which I recommend to any Cumbia-Punk lover.


Jota Karloza – Ugate Sooraj (SolSelectas)

So as I might have said before since I saw Barrio Lindo this summer I truly discovered a love for this downtempo minimal stuff and I have to say it is growing J On this particular track Jota Karloza brings us some deep ethnic vocals on a really rounded bassline. The label “Sol Selectas” always brings us the cream of the crop and on this one they have really upped the game once more. Recommended for any time spent on the beach or as my partner in crime would say in any hammock 😉


VIVOTROPICAL – Cumbia De Los Pajaritos (cover De Los Mirlos)

Who has seen “Stranger Things “? Well if you have, this is the Cumbia version of the synthesised soundtrack. Well not really as El Búho brought a version a while back. But you will see what I mean when you press play on this track. VIVOTROPICAL is a producer I have just discovered who seems very fluid and locked on his synth game! The beat is nice but very simple and lineal with this main guiro line, but the main work is in the composition and deepness of the effects. Brilliant vibes and I believe this has already reached our alien friends in outer space!


Metralleta De Oro – Doing Time (Sumohair Remix)

YES! It seems like Sumohair lives in a constant summer state, more productions he brings out, the more I need sun, cocktail and chilling L.A style. This refix of the classical “Sublime” track is all to love. Nicely made bassline rounding up some light drum breaks followed by some ragamuffin arrangements. What is there not to like about this eh? So go on if it is rainy or grey where you are close the curtains, get a cocktail and put volume on full blast!


Fokus – Amazonico

When Eastern Europe meets Colombian cumbia what does it give you, you might ask? Well I will reply with great joy: this is what it gives you. An absolute belter of a tune J a truly inspirational and nice friend has brought me this killer track a few weeks back and wow. He has also asked me to work on a colab with him so watch out in 2017 for the Fokus vs Silly tang stuff to appear. Coming back on this track with an amazing effort from a Jungle producer background and as always a superb construction with deep subs to get us jumping.


SCBdB – Jeden

So while we are in Eastern Europe I got sent this mix via soundcloud by this upcoming artist called “SCBdB” (be careful about the spelling he is meticulous) 😉 So this amazing journey within the deeper vibes of cumbia has totally rocked my world. On a different tip than the previous mix by KAzike, this takes us on a deeper more electro side of the spectrum. The great news is that you will be able to stream his first performance live on our first show of the radio via our: la Selva Radio J


Los Wemblers de Iquitos – Lamento del Yacuruna (Tribilin Sound Remix)

Back to basics children, back to basics. Every time I see a Tribilin Sound track come up I´m like a kid at Christmas, believe me. So when this appeared and I saw “Los Wemblers” and “Tribilin Sound” on this remix, every day is the 25th of December for me now. Really subtle as always but truly refined tune with this amazing guitar, that backs up the Wemblers. Some psychedelic notes in here and some really echoed out instruments: a perfect combination from the mighty Tribilin Sound aka Alvaro Ernesto.


Julio Inti – Cumbia Dub La Venenosa vol7

Here we have another fusion which I love within this Cumbia world, Dub and Cumbia mixed together in a superb mix brought to us by “Julio Inti”. As you may know this is an area of expertise for me and I have to say hats down to one of the best compiled mix of these two genres meeting each other. Run go tell your friends!


LolaManola – Psicosis Fem & Sziget Fest (presentación)

Here she is, our famous local from Madrid, “ Lola Manola”!! Very young on the capital´s scene, she has really made a great effort and impression on us. We have had the pleasure of hearing her a couple of times now and believe me she knows what she is doing. Here is a mixtape she brought us as promotion for the two nights she rocked in Madrid, “Psicosis tropical” and “Conspiraciones Tropicales”. Get your ears around it and it will make you digest a big New Year lunch or brock out to a pre-new year party J


Aslán Dub System feat. Jef Stott – Soñar (Global Barrio)

The label Global Barrio which is new to me has had an amazing impact bringing some quality music to our ears, thank you Aslan Dub. Trust me this compilation is pure gold! I have chosen this particular track to present it to you because as I said earlier Dub and Cumbia I just love it. But this is not any Dub, the production and slickness of these sounds are real soft and marvellous. Really great, great work thank you so much.


RCA & Tropikhongo – Delicia (Bleepolar Remix) (Regional Label)

Our friends from Regional never sleep, FACT. No, only kidding, but they are really active all the time which is a blessing for our scene. Here is a remixed Ep by RCA & Tropikhongo called Delicia. I chose this version because of its dancefloor potential. I can promise you that this track by the Colombian “Bleepolar” well mixed is a killer for the hips!!!


Turbo Sonidero Presenta: Kumbias Macabras en Acetato (Records)

To end my part of the selection for this year and this month who else than Turbo Sonidero! If you know how to get hold of these guys please contact me via “Silly Tang” as I have some projects but never managed to get in touch J To get back to this mix, it is as always very true and generous on the cumbia level. From the first tune you can hear the purity of the music that these boys bring. I´m a real big fan of this collective.



Rio Mira – Adios Morena (AYA Records)

This was released just after our post last month and has been on repeat since then ! The original tune is simply fantastic, and is followed by 4 great remixes by Nicola Cruz, Kaleema & Chancha Via Cicuito, M.RUX, and Midnight Ravers. Adios Morena is the first single of Rio Mira’s forthcoming first album ‘Marimba del pacifico’ so make sure you keep en eye out!


Barrio Lindo & Wende Wen – El Humo del Fasito (Damas Gratis cover)


Barrio Lindo teamed up with Wende Wen for a new ep, which includes this beautiful chilled out cover of Dama Gratis’ tune “El Humo del Fasito”.


Matanza & Oceanvs Orientalis – La Luna Y El Lobo (Jhon Montoya Expedition) (Shika Shika)

Waow waow & waow ! What a great journey !! I love the slow & minimal aspect of the original tune, but I must say Jhon Montoya absolutely nailed it with this remix. The progressiveness and atmospheric violin he adds is just perfect ! That’s another one that has been on repeat for the past month.


El Búho – Mañana En Tepoztlán (Pata De Perro Remix) (Global Barrio)

I’m a big fan of the band Pata de Perro and a huge El Búho fan, so this could only be a winner for me! They have added a proper live dubbed out groove to the original tune and it sounds great! As mentioned above by the Silly Tang, this tune is part of an amazing compilation, Global Barrio’s Vol. 1, so make sure you check out the whole thing.


Mercedes Nasta – Paricutín (El Búho Edit)

The man never stops and it’s becoming a monthly tradition to post about his new tunes and edits, with this one going out to Mercedes Nasta. He’s done it again and manages to take us on a wonderful journey into his world accompanied by Mercedes Nasta’s lovely soothing voice.


LEDA Edits Vol.1 (Fertil Discos & Folcore)

We mentioned their campaign last month and here are the first two versions of this incredible forthcoming double-vynil, which will also include great artists like Chancha Via Circuito, Tremor, Tonolec, Intiche, King Coya, Soema Montenegro, Miriam Garcia and Doma Tornados, among others. For now, here is El Remolon’s deep bass driven remix, and a wicked progressive edit by Barda. You can still support the campaign on:


Bomba Estéreo – Raíz (Nicola Cruz Remix)

This is an absolute beauty of a tune! Nicola Cruz just landed! He brings so much texture and depth to the remix, incorporating Liliana Saumet’s voice perfectly ! It’s part of Bomba Estereo’s brand new ‘Amanecer Remixed’ album so get on it while it’s hot !


Señor Chancho Meets El Buga – Conga Dub (Shango Records)

Fresh sounds straight out of Shango Record’s oven with this banger by Señor Chancho & El Buga. Pure dubby tropical sounds with wicked flutes and synths to groove up the whole thing, without forgetting a fat beat and a fat bassline: I love it ! This tune is part of the ‘Bora Bora’s Mist’ Compilation, which is full of other great tunes so make sure you check it out:


La Walichera – Sendero (King Coya Remix)

Out on La Walichera Remix Vol. 1, here’s King Coya’s cumbia bass remix of the tune Sendero. He brings an original intake to the tune, with very few drums and nearly no kicks but it works really well.


Eduardo Zambrano – Llamacornio (Edmoon Records)

Let’s travel to the Andes with Eduardo Zambrano’s new album. I had been waiting for this one, and it was definitely worth the wait. His music is hard to describe as it covers many genres whilst incorporating different influences, and that’s part of why I love it! He brings a potent electronic touch to the more traditional and emotional side of his tunes, switching from one rhythm to another so smoothly, and always progressing along the tune.


Lascivio Bohemia – La Cumbia Quitapenas

Yes yes and more yes ! Another great project by the above mentioned Eduardo Zambrano is Lascibio Bohemia, and it’s hot ! He goes back to the more traditional side of things on this one and brings to us this beauty, with heavy guiros and powerful flutes! It’s part of a new 3 track EP so hit play and enjoy the whole thing. “This is a tribute to Sixto Silgado, Paito & Los Gaiteros de Punta Brava, life was better after having seen them live”


VA Hystereofônica Vol. 1 (Tropical Twista Records – 2016)

Very happy to hear Tropical Twista’s first compilation entirely dedicated to female artists: “Here we have artists that come from different branches that ensnare the electronic Latin-American scene in the most variable sonic textures and beats per minute. There are twenty-two women involved in this project – and only women – , some already established and some new potencialities among them, gathered by Ágatha Barbosa (Cigarra) in a big net on the Hystereofônica project.”


The Nu LatAm Sound – Ecuador Episode 3 – The Andes Sounds (ZZK Films)

Here’s the third episode of ZZK’s series on new Latin American sounds, focusing this time on Ecuador and the Andes Sound. It’s always a pleasure to watch these episodes. Enjoy ! The fundraiser they had put in place to continue these audiovisual projects was reached so we can expect more to come 🙂


Paloma del Cerro en Tomate la tarde

Nice interview with Paloma del Cerro + live performance on Argentinian TV.


Don Plok – Mercedes Sosa – La Carta (remix) (La Bicha Producciones)

Don Plok in the place straight from Argentina with a live remix of Mercedes Sosa’s ‘La Carta’.


Chancha Via Circuito ft. Miriam García – Como Noide (en vivo en La Trastienda)

Chancha Via Circuito’s live performances are becoming more and more impressive, and including more & more people to the show; here’s an extract of what went on in La Trastienda


Sonido Gallo Negro – Mambo Egipcio

Brand new bangin’ psychedelic cumbia by Sonido Gallo Negro, announcing their forthcoming album ‘Mambo Egipcio’


Son Palenque – A PILA EL ARROZ

Son Palenque have just brought out a brand new video clip straight from the beach for us to enjoy.


Festival Nomade 2017

For those of us who couldn’t go to this lovely festival in Colombia, here’s a little glimpse of what went on ! Festival Nomade has another editon coming up in Chile so keep an eye out !


Fania Presents: MANANA Cuba Festival

Great insight into the legendary Fania Records label and the recent Manana Festival which took place in Cuba not so long ago, bringing together both traditional and electronic worlds by including a fabulous list of bands and djs.


As always, here are some of the mixes which I have had the pleasure of hearing over the past month:

Cal Jader’s Tropicalista Mix 2016 – Sounds and Colours

Stream on:


Dr Gato – after temazcal


IST 062\Rafael Aragon – Casa Caos


Shika Shika Showcase en Xaman


Barda Mixtape 036 – Festival Nomade


We hope you have enjoyed the read and we look forward to more cumbia-tropical action in 2017 !

It’s looking hot and tasty so get ready for it!

Happy New year to all of you from La Selva



Bleepolar Remix Competition Entry – Calentura (ChocQuibTown)


Writing about underground music comes with many different pleasurable aspects. One of the best is when I come across a young multi-talented prodigy. Bleepolar is such a prodigy, an enigma actually. Not only are his original tracks interesting and lack flaw but also he is a brilliant graphic artist who seems to have mastered proper English by teaching himself.

Bleepolar is currently competing in a remix contest for ChocQuibTown’s single ‘Calentura.’ First prize is one thousand dollars and an official release. Voting ends on the 10th of January 2013.

Below I have included his remix of ‘Calentura’ along with a link to vote. It’s a simple process and I really do hope we all can support our good friend Bleepolar. Currently he is in first place but let’s make him win by a landslide.

Dem Can’t Stop We From Remixing

It’s been a grip since i’ve posted due to school this past year but I had to look up from the studies to give some GB support to Subatomic Sound System. I really love what Subatomic has been doing over the past years and this remix album continues in fine form. Some amazing remixes here by producers from around the globe. Twelve versions fuse cumbia to tropical to dubstep twist ups to vintage rude boy roots, hip hop, and dancehall reggae.

Stereotyp bangs out his signature style here
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”show_comments=true&auto_play=false&color=ff7700″ width=”100%” height=”81″ iframe=”false” /]

The Sabbo remix rocks a dancehall digi-bashment vibe
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”show_comments=true&auto_play=false&color=ff7700″ width=”100%” height=”81″ iframe=”false” /]

Subatomic deemed my Process Rebel remix as “Afro-Dub” (saves me trying to label it)
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”show_comments=true&auto_play=false&color=ff7700″ width=”100%” height=”81″ iframe=”false” /]

And of course what GB post is complete without a couple of freebies 😉

Bleepolar cumbia dub bizness
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”show_comments=true&auto_play=false&color=ff7700″ width=”100%” height=”81″ iframe=”false” /]

Subatomic Sound System brings a Riddim Re-Up
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”show_comments=true&auto_play=false&color=ff7700″ width=”100%” height=”81″ iframe=”false” /]

Sexxy Saturday Cumbia – Cumbiambero Loco

Stepping away from my jazz listening binge right now (well right now is relative to when I wrote this) to get the cumbia out and up for the week. I was thinking yesterday how crazy it is that I am the blogger for such a prestigious blog (Generation Bass) and my specialty is cumbia. If you asked me a few years ago if I ever thought I’d be doing this let alone produce nu cumbia, I’d not see much possibility for this reality. That goes to show you that it’s always a good idea to keep doors of possibilities open because you can never know exactly what you can experience. I’m a white guy in the U.S. and cumbia is my bag. It’s a trip to write those words here but it’s the truth. The thing about a musical genre is though it may be regional in original conception, it’s still music and music can speak to anybody anywhere around the world. It’s an honor for me to present my findings and spread the word of nu cumbia around the net. It’s also been such a pleasure meeting many diverse dj’s and producers from around the world. By doing this I found one thing to be true; we are not that different. Maybe culturally yes ok but at the heart of things we’re quite similar no matter where you’re from. I feel like I’m breaking down walls that have been up to long at least in my life. The connections I’ve made have proven this to be a great thing.

I just wanted to share that feeling of joy and appreciation for what I do here. Sometimes I may seem too pessimistic and other times maybe too preachy but at the end of the day I can honestly say I love what I do.

To start things off this week I am going to the roots of cumbia with Jack Posada’s help. There are two sides to his third installment of his Cumbiambero Loco series which explores the true roots of cumbia. This is where we start with the sounds of cumbia and how I choose to start this week.

Side A is as Jack puts it uplifting and tribal and Side B takes an influence from Peruvian version of cumbia which adds psychedelia.

[soundcloud url=”″]

[soundcloud url=”″]

Jumping far into the future this is a great example of where cumbia is going or rather where it is. Sonido Desconocido II continues to produce great original work and remixes.

[soundcloud url=”″]

Let’s go now far into the future. The most futuristic decade I can remember that is, to the 80’s! Chong X is crazy with this one. It’s funny, fun and too good not to be on here. Super Cumbia Bros is an awesome title. I’m not sure exactly how he went about doing this but I’m glad he did.

[soundcloud url=”″]

I have two other mixes that I MUST post here. Everyone knows Bleepolar. He’s a genius artist and producer in Colombia. His first ever dj mix was recently uploaded. It doesn’t sound like a first. Somehow I knew his first would come out great. And it did!

Folcore is at the forefront of nu cumbia and to prove it here is a El Timbe vs. Cherman mix with many greats on it.

[soundcloud url=”″]

I’m glad the New Year is under way now. The holidays seem to drain me more and more every year. Copia Doble Systema dropped this one for the New Year. I don’t mind revisiting New Years for this one. I truly do hope this is a happy new year. But I guess that’s up to me.

[soundcloud url=”″]


I’ll start the remixes section here even though I know there were remixes above but I don’t care. I’m writing this post so I’ll go ahead and make this call.

This one blows me away to be honest. The Teddy Bears are seriously old school. I was shocked by this choice for a remix alone but even more shocked with how much I loved it. Andres Digital is dope is all I can say.

[soundcloud url=”″]

Some of the coolest cumbia mashups come from Le Cumbianche Disco. I’m glad I get to post their work here again. It’s a cumbia-disco mashup of Black Box and El Grupo Parchis.

[soundcloud url=”″]

Last I have a hard hitting bass chicha from the always good DJ Chakruna. He rockin the new chicha sound hard down there in Lima, Peru and this is a great example of what he’s capable of.

[soundcloud url=”″]

I can’t get over the fact of how nu cumbia is growing and expanding these days. I promise to stick around for as long as possible to share the genre pushing of nu cumbia producers. As it is a major pleasure for me to be a part of this world. And it’s been surprising to see how many of you in the cumbia scene have kindly accepted me into your cultures. Long live CUMBIA!

Cumbia Bass Beats Library!

A whole zip with more than 100 Cumbia loops Free!!

Basically it is the work of some of the coolest and most creative neo cumbia producers around.

The idea came from Joelito (emayo Cutz), Guarana Bass, and Caballo , who worked together finding producers who wanted to donate their loops for FREE.

The result is a dope Library called CUMBIA BASS BEATS with famous signatures of well known masters like Pernett, Joelito or Che sudaka, or the roots-avant guarde styles of Gux swadharma, los Reyes de la milanga, The Binary cumbia Orchestra, Bleepolar or daniel Klauser, to more bass oriented loops from Caballo, Dj rustico & The probretons, Andresground, Dj discreto diaz, Dj subversivo and more producers who dropped a whole pack or at least one loop !!!

It is more than just a simple cumbia library and can be used in almost any modern music genre, remix or new production. Almost every possible mood is presented to the “user” in this library ranging from fast paced hard hitting cumbia dembow dubstep through to real roots of cumbia like tambora, chalupa, chande, or son de negro..

For example

Base dembow Cumbiastep


cumb Loop


CUMBIA BASS BEATS ( cumbia base beats)


or copy paste

All Cumbia Bass beats tracks have been carefully crafted and wherever possible, the samples have been tested in Ableton, Logic Pro, Acid Pro, FL studio and most of them were well mastered allowing us producers to maximize the sonic cumbia palette available.

Most of the loops are sample-accurate which allows total flexibility to mix & layer together any combination of sounds which helps facilitate endless sonic fusions.

In Fact the result is so awesome that we decided to do a showcase with just a very small portion of the samples (only 7!) and adding our own styles..

and it grew to a Huge real PROJECT called SANCOCHO E’ TIGRES!!

with loops taken from Pernett, Bleepolar, Caballo, Gux Swadharma, Don Conejo, The cumbia binary orchestra, dj discreto diaz.. and later made a tune called LUJO DE POBRE!!

Sancocho e’ tigres will release their first album via the rebel records for FREE

LUJO DE POBRE -Cumbia Version (instrumental)

Sancocho e’ Tigres- Lujo de pobre (instrumental) by therebelrecords

Here’s Don Conejo (Daniel Klauser) version.. a dope house cumbia

Sancocho e’ Tigres – Lujo de pobre (Klauser edit) by klwzer

And with a different approach from the same beats you can have a more cumbiabass edit ..

This one is Bleepolar’s

Sancocho e’ Tigre (Bleepolar edit) by Bleepolar

This is just a showcase of the library and it goes so much further than mere genre.

Cumbia bass beats is about excitement, about passion and about a creative force that can help to produce some of the best sounds to hit the street in a long time.

With all our love, from the guys who helped doing the library, including the stunning art from brazilian master Sassa

We really hope it will give you with the edge required to help provide the statement and impact needed in a saturated market of over heard cumbia sounds!


Big thanks to Joelito and El hijo de la cumbia @ Emayo cutz!! Pernett, Gux, and Bleepolar, All the guys in Chile, Guarana bass andres, discreto, daniel, all the guys in Argentina, Colombia, and all over the world to help us to spread cumbia to the next level!!

If you want to know how come we can “say” we do know about roots, and how parts of these loops were created

Here’s pernett with percussion master Alex Castellanos.. with an instructional video or “percussion clinic”

these are the 9 rhythms of (son del negro) or Black son..

The roots of cumbia, champeta and son palenquero

Sonido Global & Mestizo

Today!! New sounds from the globe…
No need to get ready your passport.. cuz in here there’s no need for visa or crap like that to see what’s going on in the real street of the world!!!!

No more chit chat..and GO FOR THE MUSIC!!!

Sergent Garcia is back!!

Next a Brazilian Berimbau sickhall..
from NY’s sick producer Thornato!!

Capoeira by Thornato

Nao Maya

Check this Bullerengue
Tabaco Mascao Refix by El Criollo

and this sick Rmx of Killamu!!

A House Cumbia from Bleepolar & Sancocho e’ Tigres
Sancocho e’ Tigre (Bleepolar edit) by Bleepolar

Bullerengue Dub
Free download thanks to bom bom bum!! MMMMMMMMMMMM..hehehe.. (colombian joke)
bombombum > mi mama abrame la puerta (studio 1 dub) by bombombum

Uyoysholo Wena (Moroka’s Version) – Big Nuz
Uyoysholo Wena (Moroka’s Version) – Big Nuz by Pollinate

el tigre Dany F is also back
he dropped a new cabeza go there and download his latest!!
..a FREE ONE..
DCB aka Dany F – Kasimasato (CUMBIA 3D) by DCB AKA Dany F

Musica Donum Dei (Caballo’s Cumbia Highlights 2010)

Musica Donum Dei is a series of posts that I (Caballo) started last December and it’s my picks for 2010.

It is not a “the best of” necessarily; because it’ll be totally unfair with hundreds of producers, djs and artists who dropped amazing tracks during 2010..

This is my second MUSICA DONUM DEI. and it is a CUMBIA !!!

Before starting with the countdown.. i’d like to drop a cumbia called or Cumbia Rebelde (REBELSOUNDS), because it is dedicated to all the people/artists/deejays who still drop free music with attittude
Caballo & TMFK-Rebelsounds (Cumbia Rebelde) by caballo

OK.. back to the DONUM DEI CUMBIA

I didn’t want to base this post in only my i asked one of the most active (if not the most) cumbia commentator on soundcloud and DOS MUNDOS RADIO host DJ LINTERNA, to help me out with making a dope top!!!

so here it is!!!

15 La Cumbia del Tigre by Jairomendez & mr. ioso
Jairomendez & mr. ioso – intergalactic cumbia of the tiger by mr. ioso

14 Perfume de gardenias-santos
Perfume de gardenias-santos rmx by santos

13 Yo Me Llamo Cumbia– Kinky Electric Noise
EPHNIKO, Kinky Electric Noise and Carlito Sway – Yo Me Llamo Cumbia by Kinky Electric Noise

12 Broken Via– Los Reyes de la Milanga
Broken via-Sandro Dalepedro (Los reyes de la milanga remix) by losreyesdelamilanga

11 Fever (la cumbia)– Juan Pablo Shuk
Fever la lupe cumbia by jp shuk

10 Coral – Dany F
Dany F – Coral by Dany F

09 Portobello– Sandro Dalepedro
Sandro Dalepedro – Portobello (St. germain keys) by Peppa – Sandro Dalepedro

08 Sudor de cumbia– Acorde On
Sudor de cumbia by Acorde On

07 Champion Cumbia– Gameboy
Champion Cumbia by Gameboy

06 Cumbia Voladora Bleepolar
Cumbia Voladora by Bleepolar

05 Cumbia Gorilla by Jairo “campesino” Mendez
Cumbia Gorilla by jairomendez

ZZK & Copia Doble Systema
– Doble Troble feat. Catar sys
Copia Doble Systema – Doble Troble feat. Catar sys by zzkrecords

03 Made in China– Copia Doble Systema
Copia Doble Systema – Made in China (PREMIX) by COPIA DOBLE SYSTEMA

02 Wepaje Fish! by Gux Swadharma
WEPAJE FISH by Gux Swadharma

01 Bacardi Cola-El Hijo De La Cumbia
Bacardi Cola-El Hijo De La Cumbia RMX by ElHijodelaCumbia


Frente Cumbiambero meets mad professor

MS7 Afro-Mestiza


Some of you know these names: Cumbia, 3ball, mambo, merengue, reggaeton, urban, and so on..
although here on generation bass we normally do not post MESTIZA
Today we are going to drop few videos and a Free song and ONE Exclusive RMX!!

What is musica mestiza?
Musica Mestiza gathers outernational riddims such as upbeat ska, alternative rock, reggae/ragga, dub, balkan and latin rhythms (cumbia, vallenato, champeta, merengue…etc..)ALL in one concept!!

Few bands we have posted here are into Musica Mestiza in their full expression!

All of those bands have many things in common. Not only musically but also in the art which normally is very colorful!
Most of them can go from ska, to dub, and then to salsa in one song… and the next one can be totally based of drum n bass!!

Ozomatl, King Chango, Manu Chao, Locos por Juana, El gran Silencio and Los Rabanes are few of the thousands examples that we can find in the Mestizo sound!

Perhaps most of you know the Ska-latin Version but after his visit to Colombia, things changed a lil bit for this Master!


Sargento Garcia joined Pernett, Curupira, Bomba Estéreo, Radiocumbia, Mojarra Eléctrica & Richard Blair (Sidestepper)

and they did an album called Cumbia muffin!! His live versions got more and more cumbianized!!

This is a Live cumbia version of ACABAR MAL

A good example of how diverse these bands are, we have Grammy Nominees
Locos por Juana, who were in LatinAfrica with a CHAMPETA!! (free DL)
well.. LPJ Drop this Drum n bass RMX made by SHIELD of their Latinoso sound
Locos por juana- Plata o Plomo Remix by S.H.I.E.L.D

If you remember Latino Resiste Vol 1 (free DL)
El gran silencio got dubstepped
El Gran Silencio – MC (Bleepolar remix) by Bleepolar
But El Gran silencio sound is not that dubstep related, they are the pioneers in something called Chuntaro Style
This is:
No sabemos amar

Finally one of the most innovative bands of musica mestiza and latin rock rhythms:
they released Demons on Fire just few months ago and they joined an icon from an Indian tribe in Panama!!!
for real..
These guys are soo innovative that you have to see the video to understand the importance of having on the scene the composer and musician from the Kuna tribe , “AudriYala” who with their participation gives a mystical touch not only to the song but to the video as well.

All visuals are made by AFROMESTIZA


sonidero revolucionario

!!Caballo & The Mothafu Kings is back with a new album FOR FREE!


My fourth release is actually a DOUBLE album called SONIDERO REVOLUCIONARIO N’ SONIDERO EVOLUCIONARIO.  It is been a wild ride since Global Propaganda.

Although I keep dropping unashamedly political lyrics, I still try to fit them with these latin/world/afro-beat, dubstep/breakbeats and Global Bass madness we feel and post here on Generation Bass.

In fact, it is because of  Generation Bass , that I’ve managed to meet and collaborate with some of the sickest guys in Dubstep such as Nit Grit, FLeCK, Process Rebel, Cottonmouth and Saism.

Also because of Generation Bass, I’ve been able to collaborate with some of Nu Latin’s finest nu Cumbia masters Sonido del Principe, Mr Ioso, Sonotech, The Cumbia Binary Orchestra.  Plus of course the eclectic sounds from Global Bass monsters like Munchi, Volfoniq, Dj Regeanomics, Kinky Electric Noise, and si: Red Hot Chilli Peppers!!

Adding to these masters beats you can have my vox which I feel creates a unique sense of identity.  Mainly in Spanish, Sonidero Revolucionario, brings lyrics to open minds and attack the actions of this world media and governments.

Sonidero Revolucionario is FREE for DOWNLOAD

SONIDERO REVOLUCIONARIO also drops something that I am very proud of, original Dubstep “en español” !!

Music by Cottonmouth, SDP, Nit Grit, The Binary Cumbia Orchestra, Munchi, Process Rebel, FLeCK, Mr ioso, Saism, Sonotech, Bleepolar & MORE!!!!!!!!!


And also the PREMIERE of the VIDEO

Check the Video

So.. I’d really like to thank in advance everyone who downloads the album!
Gracias!! for Real!!

And also if you want to have a look this is part of what we did @the reservoir studios, with RELIC!! to Sonido del Principe’s CARTAGENA




This album brings Caballo (me) as a producer, so you’ll find mostly instrumental, unreleased tunes and very own versions of some of the tunes included in SONIDERO REVOLUCIONARIO, like a Darkstep of Talk Positive Riddim feat Caballo and MC ZULU!!

Process Rebel- Talk positive (feat Caballo & MC Zulu) by caballo

Disco Killah-Booth (Caballo Rmx) by caballo

MS7: The Black Da vinci- Alfonso Cordoba aka El Brujo!! +Free TUNE!

Cumbia, digital cumbia, kuduro, barefoot and more black rhythms are flooding the dance floor with their amazing power!!
but there is one rhythm that is getting stronger!! AFRO-PACIFIC!!!
Well tons of times we have talked about Chobquibtown, pernett, bleepolar, and many other amazing guys who include marimba sounds and afro pacific rhythms in their tunes..
Here it is an example of the pacific sound:
Salvaje by Bleepolar
And in the Afro Colombian context, 2 big names come across: we have Batata in the Atlantic and we have EL BRUJO in the pacific !!

‘The Wizard’,or in spanish “EL BRUJO”, whose real name ALFONSO CORDOBA barely was pronounced, was one of the great personalities of the pacific and so co-called black capital of Colombia, Quibdó. It couldn’t be different. His cleverness allowed him to speak with wisdom, not only in music and composition, which are known to have given more, but jewelry, costume design, wood carving and construction of musical instruments. For that reason, lots of people say :”he is our Da Vinci beardless, our black Da vinci.”
Alfonso ‘El Brujo’ Cordoba died at 82, His death was so devastating for black culture that even Colombia’s Culture Ministry announced it. The composer, singer and music collector is considered one of the most important exponents of Afrocolombian music.
He died in Quibdo, the capital of the west Colombian department of Choco, in where he was well known.

Culture Minister Paula Marcela Moreno Zapata regrets the death of the music legend and praised him as “one of the greatest exponents of the musical heritage and memory of the Colombian Pacific. [He was] an all-round artist,full of great virtue and an immense heart.”

Cordoba was not only a musician, but was also specialized in the production of traditional Afrocolombian jewelry, wood carving and the construction of musical instruments.

Because of the work of Cordoba, a lot of traditional east Colombian lyrics and rhythms were conserved as he traveled to document the musical heritage of the east Colombian jungles.

In 2008 he received the medal of the ‘Gran Order of Cultural Merit, Colombia’s highest cultural recognition.
what a short documentary about his awesome legacy made by our homie LUCAS SILVA and palenque records

His composition, singing, drawing and carving began to appear in his life “so hasty,” as ‘El Brujo’ is described. Unlike Da Vinci, whose first inspiration came from nature, Cordoba’s came from the displayed images of saints in the churches.

“I saw and copied in clay those figures with colleagues. We made small processions. But I was often scolded at home because it was seen as a sacrilege. Then, secretly made some in the morning and afternoon i smashed ’em” said.

At that time, when he was about ten years, ‘The Wizard’ composed his first song.
“I remember, of course” when asked. Very rough though: lyrics are ” The poor Candide, who is stupid, buys specific in quantity to Panfilo, which is his only child and is stunted, may gain weight. ”
Here he is singing with La Mojarra Electrica: Nostalgia Africana

Lucas Silva, from Palenque Records, has been very kind in giving us a song from EL BRUJO

Alfonso Cordoba-piloto

The life of ‘The Wizard’, his music and rhythms and songs that has been collected for over 60 years are impossible to cover.

Choco Gospel songs are known priceless memory that few know and that, therefore, have been disappearing. “Here we did the equivalent of the American spiritual music. The funeral song of praise-Pacific is our gospel.” And the teacher is released to sing, but not first say that this sad song is originally sung by many voices: “God died Friday. Friday will make the funeral. Saturday sing glory. Sunday goes to heaven.” ‘The Da Vinci black’, the music library of music of the Pacific, has achieved almost everything he wanted in his art. He has recorded two albums, the latest last year. He has had success in radio, as Vano return recorded by the Orquesta Guayacan. He received the National Award for Jewellery. And it has been a winner in their costumes of the Fiestas de San Pacho.

If you remember MAITE HONTELE gave us a tune called Son cepillao con minue, that song is Cordoba’s !!!!