Artwork by Tropi Delia


So this is the last post from us for 2016 ! We believe 2016 was a very hard year for some but in general Cumbia has helped us through it and gave us that big smile we hope you are all having whilst reading this. Thank you so much for keeping this blog alive and generally giving us the love to carry on writing about this magical music.



Kazike en Estado de Trance Mixtape 032 – Festival Nomade Colombia

To start my selection I have the pleasure and honour to present this absolute badman mix from a person that is very important to me! Yes: Kazike en Estado de Trance is his name and he is the person who taught me everything I know about classical vintage cumbia. A great person and also a great maestro. Here he presents to us a really well put together mix for the Colombian festival that is “Nomade” organised by Mr Toe. Enjoy!


La Orrorosa Feat. El Hijo De La Cumbia – Infeccion Tropikal

So now let’s get started with the cumbia punk, one of my favourite fusions within this musical scene. New track from La Orrorosa of the disc “infección tropical” with the participation of Emiliano Gomez (El Hijo de la Cumbia). The rhythm and vocals couldn’t go better together to be honest. Really powerful track which I recommend to any Cumbia-Punk lover.


Jota Karloza – Ugate Sooraj (SolSelectas)

So as I might have said before since I saw Barrio Lindo this summer I truly discovered a love for this downtempo minimal stuff and I have to say it is growing J On this particular track Jota Karloza brings us some deep ethnic vocals on a really rounded bassline. The label “Sol Selectas” always brings us the cream of the crop and on this one they have really upped the game once more. Recommended for any time spent on the beach or as my partner in crime would say in any hammock 😉


VIVOTROPICAL – Cumbia De Los Pajaritos (cover De Los Mirlos)

Who has seen “Stranger Things “? Well if you have, this is the Cumbia version of the synthesised soundtrack. Well not really as El Búho brought a version a while back. But you will see what I mean when you press play on this track. VIVOTROPICAL is a producer I have just discovered who seems very fluid and locked on his synth game! The beat is nice but very simple and lineal with this main guiro line, but the main work is in the composition and deepness of the effects. Brilliant vibes and I believe this has already reached our alien friends in outer space!


Metralleta De Oro – Doing Time (Sumohair Remix)

YES! It seems like Sumohair lives in a constant summer state, more productions he brings out, the more I need sun, cocktail and chilling L.A style. This refix of the classical “Sublime” track is all to love. Nicely made bassline rounding up some light drum breaks followed by some ragamuffin arrangements. What is there not to like about this eh? So go on if it is rainy or grey where you are close the curtains, get a cocktail and put volume on full blast!


Fokus – Amazonico

When Eastern Europe meets Colombian cumbia what does it give you, you might ask? Well I will reply with great joy: this is what it gives you. An absolute belter of a tune J a truly inspirational and nice friend has brought me this killer track a few weeks back and wow. He has also asked me to work on a colab with him so watch out in 2017 for the Fokus vs Silly tang stuff to appear. Coming back on this track with an amazing effort from a Jungle producer background and as always a superb construction with deep subs to get us jumping.


SCBdB – Jeden

So while we are in Eastern Europe I got sent this mix via soundcloud by this upcoming artist called “SCBdB” (be careful about the spelling he is meticulous) 😉 So this amazing journey within the deeper vibes of cumbia has totally rocked my world. On a different tip than the previous mix by KAzike, this takes us on a deeper more electro side of the spectrum. The great news is that you will be able to stream his first performance live on our first show of the radio via our: la Selva Radio J


Los Wemblers de Iquitos – Lamento del Yacuruna (Tribilin Sound Remix)

Back to basics children, back to basics. Every time I see a Tribilin Sound track come up I´m like a kid at Christmas, believe me. So when this appeared and I saw “Los Wemblers” and “Tribilin Sound” on this remix, every day is the 25th of December for me now. Really subtle as always but truly refined tune with this amazing guitar, that backs up the Wemblers. Some psychedelic notes in here and some really echoed out instruments: a perfect combination from the mighty Tribilin Sound aka Alvaro Ernesto.


Julio Inti – Cumbia Dub La Venenosa vol7

Here we have another fusion which I love within this Cumbia world, Dub and Cumbia mixed together in a superb mix brought to us by “Julio Inti”. As you may know this is an area of expertise for me and I have to say hats down to one of the best compiled mix of these two genres meeting each other. Run go tell your friends!


LolaManola – Psicosis Fem & Sziget Fest (presentación)

Here she is, our famous local from Madrid, “ Lola Manola”!! Very young on the capital´s scene, she has really made a great effort and impression on us. We have had the pleasure of hearing her a couple of times now and believe me she knows what she is doing. Here is a mixtape she brought us as promotion for the two nights she rocked in Madrid, “Psicosis tropical” and “Conspiraciones Tropicales”. Get your ears around it and it will make you digest a big New Year lunch or brock out to a pre-new year party J


Aslán Dub System feat. Jef Stott – Soñar (Global Barrio)

The label Global Barrio which is new to me has had an amazing impact bringing some quality music to our ears, thank you Aslan Dub. Trust me this compilation is pure gold! I have chosen this particular track to present it to you because as I said earlier Dub and Cumbia I just love it. But this is not any Dub, the production and slickness of these sounds are real soft and marvellous. Really great, great work thank you so much.


RCA & Tropikhongo – Delicia (Bleepolar Remix) (Regional Label)

Our friends from Regional never sleep, FACT. No, only kidding, but they are really active all the time which is a blessing for our scene. Here is a remixed Ep by RCA & Tropikhongo called Delicia. I chose this version because of its dancefloor potential. I can promise you that this track by the Colombian “Bleepolar” well mixed is a killer for the hips!!!


Turbo Sonidero Presenta: Kumbias Macabras en Acetato (Records)

To end my part of the selection for this year and this month who else than Turbo Sonidero! If you know how to get hold of these guys please contact me via “Silly Tang” as I have some projects but never managed to get in touch J To get back to this mix, it is as always very true and generous on the cumbia level. From the first tune you can hear the purity of the music that these boys bring. I´m a real big fan of this collective.



Rio Mira – Adios Morena (AYA Records)

This was released just after our post last month and has been on repeat since then ! The original tune is simply fantastic, and is followed by 4 great remixes by Nicola Cruz, Kaleema & Chancha Via Cicuito, M.RUX, and Midnight Ravers. Adios Morena is the first single of Rio Mira’s forthcoming first album ‘Marimba del pacifico’ so make sure you keep en eye out!


Barrio Lindo & Wende Wen – El Humo del Fasito (Damas Gratis cover)


Barrio Lindo teamed up with Wende Wen for a new ep, which includes this beautiful chilled out cover of Dama Gratis’ tune “El Humo del Fasito”.


Matanza & Oceanvs Orientalis – La Luna Y El Lobo (Jhon Montoya Expedition) (Shika Shika)

Waow waow & waow ! What a great journey !! I love the slow & minimal aspect of the original tune, but I must say Jhon Montoya absolutely nailed it with this remix. The progressiveness and atmospheric violin he adds is just perfect ! That’s another one that has been on repeat for the past month.


El Búho – Mañana En Tepoztlán (Pata De Perro Remix) (Global Barrio)

I’m a big fan of the band Pata de Perro and a huge El Búho fan, so this could only be a winner for me! They have added a proper live dubbed out groove to the original tune and it sounds great! As mentioned above by the Silly Tang, this tune is part of an amazing compilation, Global Barrio’s Vol. 1, so make sure you check out the whole thing.


Mercedes Nasta – Paricutín (El Búho Edit)

The man never stops and it’s becoming a monthly tradition to post about his new tunes and edits, with this one going out to Mercedes Nasta. He’s done it again and manages to take us on a wonderful journey into his world accompanied by Mercedes Nasta’s lovely soothing voice.


LEDA Edits Vol.1 (Fertil Discos & Folcore)

We mentioned their campaign last month and here are the first two versions of this incredible forthcoming double-vynil, which will also include great artists like Chancha Via Circuito, Tremor, Tonolec, Intiche, King Coya, Soema Montenegro, Miriam Garcia and Doma Tornados, among others. For now, here is El Remolon’s deep bass driven remix, and a wicked progressive edit by Barda. You can still support the campaign on:


Bomba Estéreo – Raíz (Nicola Cruz Remix)

This is an absolute beauty of a tune! Nicola Cruz just landed! He brings so much texture and depth to the remix, incorporating Liliana Saumet’s voice perfectly ! It’s part of Bomba Estereo’s brand new ‘Amanecer Remixed’ album so get on it while it’s hot !


Señor Chancho Meets El Buga – Conga Dub (Shango Records)

Fresh sounds straight out of Shango Record’s oven with this banger by Señor Chancho & El Buga. Pure dubby tropical sounds with wicked flutes and synths to groove up the whole thing, without forgetting a fat beat and a fat bassline: I love it ! This tune is part of the ‘Bora Bora’s Mist’ Compilation, which is full of other great tunes so make sure you check it out:


La Walichera – Sendero (King Coya Remix)

Out on La Walichera Remix Vol. 1, here’s King Coya’s cumbia bass remix of the tune Sendero. He brings an original intake to the tune, with very few drums and nearly no kicks but it works really well.


Eduardo Zambrano – Llamacornio (Edmoon Records)

Let’s travel to the Andes with Eduardo Zambrano’s new album. I had been waiting for this one, and it was definitely worth the wait. His music is hard to describe as it covers many genres whilst incorporating different influences, and that’s part of why I love it! He brings a potent electronic touch to the more traditional and emotional side of his tunes, switching from one rhythm to another so smoothly, and always progressing along the tune.


Lascivio Bohemia – La Cumbia Quitapenas

Yes yes and more yes ! Another great project by the above mentioned Eduardo Zambrano is Lascibio Bohemia, and it’s hot ! He goes back to the more traditional side of things on this one and brings to us this beauty, with heavy guiros and powerful flutes! It’s part of a new 3 track EP so hit play and enjoy the whole thing. “This is a tribute to Sixto Silgado, Paito & Los Gaiteros de Punta Brava, life was better after having seen them live”


VA Hystereofônica Vol. 1 (Tropical Twista Records – 2016)

Very happy to hear Tropical Twista’s first compilation entirely dedicated to female artists: “Here we have artists that come from different branches that ensnare the electronic Latin-American scene in the most variable sonic textures and beats per minute. There are twenty-two women involved in this project – and only women – , some already established and some new potencialities among them, gathered by Ágatha Barbosa (Cigarra) in a big net on the Hystereofônica project.”


The Nu LatAm Sound – Ecuador Episode 3 – The Andes Sounds (ZZK Films)

Here’s the third episode of ZZK’s series on new Latin American sounds, focusing this time on Ecuador and the Andes Sound. It’s always a pleasure to watch these episodes. Enjoy ! The fundraiser they had put in place to continue these audiovisual projects was reached so we can expect more to come 🙂


Paloma del Cerro en Tomate la tarde

Nice interview with Paloma del Cerro + live performance on Argentinian TV.


Don Plok – Mercedes Sosa – La Carta (remix) (La Bicha Producciones)

Don Plok in the place straight from Argentina with a live remix of Mercedes Sosa’s ‘La Carta’.


Chancha Via Circuito ft. Miriam García – Como Noide (en vivo en La Trastienda)

Chancha Via Circuito’s live performances are becoming more and more impressive, and including more & more people to the show; here’s an extract of what went on in La Trastienda


Sonido Gallo Negro – Mambo Egipcio

Brand new bangin’ psychedelic cumbia by Sonido Gallo Negro, announcing their forthcoming album ‘Mambo Egipcio’


Son Palenque – A PILA EL ARROZ

Son Palenque have just brought out a brand new video clip straight from the beach for us to enjoy.


Festival Nomade 2017

For those of us who couldn’t go to this lovely festival in Colombia, here’s a little glimpse of what went on ! Festival Nomade has another editon coming up in Chile so keep an eye out !


Fania Presents: MANANA Cuba Festival

Great insight into the legendary Fania Records label and the recent Manana Festival which took place in Cuba not so long ago, bringing together both traditional and electronic worlds by including a fabulous list of bands and djs.


As always, here are some of the mixes which I have had the pleasure of hearing over the past month:

Cal Jader’s Tropicalista Mix 2016 – Sounds and Colours

Stream on:


Dr Gato – after temazcal


IST 062\Rafael Aragon – Casa Caos


Shika Shika Showcase en Xaman


Barda Mixtape 036 – Festival Nomade


We hope you have enjoyed the read and we look forward to more cumbia-tropical action in 2017 !

It’s looking hot and tasty so get ready for it!

Happy New year to all of you from La Selva



Sexxy *Sunday* Cumbia – Cumbia Carnival!


Last week I had to make a difficult a choice: shall I connect with the zouk bass week or shall I do a carnival-post instead..? But I was too curious not to look into crossbreeds of zouk and cumbia. And now, carnival is over, which kinda sucks because I also missed it in real life. I must confess that I’ve never been to one. Every year I’m determined to go THIS year.. but once the time has come, for some reason, there’s always something why I’m too busy to permit myself a good carnival..

In the Netherlands it’s almost a week of festivities that starts the weekend before Ash Wednesday. But carnival culture is a thing of the Catholic South here. And I’m from the historically Protestant North, where life basically goes on and any attempt to do some carnival stuff is predictably lame, especially when it’s outside in public. But every year tons of people travel southwards for the weekends. Basically as an excuse to get shitfaced in broad daylight. But Southerners are not always happy with this internal tourism. Because carnival is more than just getting drunk. And like a native language, if you haven’t grown up with it, it’s doubtful whether you’ll ever be able to fully get the whole thing.

That idea must definitely also apply to the famous carnivals like the one in Rio or in Barranquilla, Colombia, one of the birth places of cumbia. But that of course doesn’t mean that you can’t appreciate from some more distance. Here a couple of nice impressions from this year, both with cumbia as important ingredients!

Here the some nice cultural activities before the actual thing takes off..

And this is how the parades are in Barranquilla!

Let’s move on to the mixtapes!

Regional Label delivers it’s weekly fantastic contribution again and this time it is Arturo Herrera‘s turn for the mixing work. As a producer, he is known for creative genre-crossing cumbia edits. This mixtape is also a great selection of tunes from different corners of the cumbia world  (both style-wise and globe-wise)!

The Label KONN Recordings has been releasing absolutely great stuff lately. Now they’re back with a delicious mostly vintage-cumbia mix from the Colombian tropical alrounder Deejay Garnnika!

Where Garrnika keeps it traditional and basic, this Mr. Toé released this absolutely fantastic futuristic mixtape, labelled as “poscat”, ‘poscategórico’: beyond genres and features cumbia percussion, prehispanic Andean chants alongside experimental electronic sounds and house grooves! Inspiration comes from the mouthwatering Chilean Caleta Condor Festival, a 3 days long celebration of culture and sustainability, held about a month ago, to which many of our favourite artists have contributed. As Generation Bass, we are definitely looking forward report about and promote this festival in the future!!

But something that is not too late yet is the Launch Party this month for the new netlabel Piri Piri, an initiative of the creative platform INI. This is the promo-mixtape, delivered by the Haarlem based organic-deep-tropicalist Umoja! The party will be on the 29 of March. We’ll keep you updated!

Being a day later with a post also has its advantages, such as finding an extra nice mixtape. This deep and dreamy selection is from the Argentinean tropical dub dj Loco Munico!

The same goes for this great tape from Piska Power, a young tansnational bass talent from Germany whose productions and remixes have frequently featured on our blog.

It also looked like there wasn’t going to be an EP release featured this week. But when I opened my soundcloud I saw this fresh new EP from the transnational bass formation Dialect Trio in collaboration with Piper Street Sound. The EP, without a further title, contains four wonderful, psychedelic tracks, three of which different versions of the main track, ‘cumbiarus’, completed with a separate new tune ‘chicago’. Yet all tracks are organic, studio recorded blends of cumbia, ska, latin-funk and dub with a warm, loungy vibe! Get the EP here!

The Chilean producer Bacondo is a new and very promising name in the transnational bass scene. Bacondo fuses traditional Andes melodies with the powerful, rave-festival sounds of bigroom house, moombahcore and trap. This tune is the a fortaste of his upcoming EP that will released soon on Latino Resiste! I can assure you that we’ll going to hear more from Bacondo in the near future!

The second most-important single releases is doubtlessly this remix of Capital Cities‘ ‘Safe and Sound‘ by the innovative cumbia band Astros de Mendoza together with Cumbia Drive!

Qechuaboi did two again fantastic tracks this week. The first one is a deep but heavy cumbia-tech tune..

The second one is beyond any genre but is best described as experimental tuki-bass-dub.. It was so fantastic that I just had to share it!

One of the cool things that happens if you’re a blogger is that artists know how to find you. That means that you’ll get to know great new stuff that you might otherwise have missed. That happened with this heavy, dark cumbia-jungle track from the Bristol based tropicalist The Silly Tang! He sent me this and I was in love with it right away! This is my sound!!

This new release from the San Francisco based rapper Mex Tape has an equally dark-underground vibe about it, but now in an oldskool hiphop way.. This is the first demo for his new project ‘Rucas y Cervezas’ (which means ‘girls and beers’..)!

Our team member Filipe Ribeiro reposted music from this fantastic producer from Portugal, Rastronaut! I checked out his music and came across this deliciously dark cumbiaton remix of a tune from the British Afro-punk visionary I.R.O.K.! It’s a couple of months old but more than worth checking out!

That also goes for this latest release from Pabz Y la TiaJuana (a.k.a. Pabz El Tropical), who did this deliciously electronic cumbia track about two weeks ago!

More cumbiaton here, a very danceable mashup by Club de Baile CD’M!

I love the sound of Turbo Sonidero Futuristico! I’ve regularly blogged music from him over the last weeks and every time I’m surprised how well he combines the vibes that are as far apart as dark electronica and urban-pop or oldskool sonidera. This week he spiced up a psychedelic sonidera tune with 808 drums and basic electronic sounds! The remixed track is itself a cover of an originally Colombian song La Bulerengue!

It’s been a while since I first introduced the Argentinean dj/remixer Chico Parany. This week he is back with this nice gipsy-cumbia tune, in collaboration with the gypsy-music artist Marceau Panvino: ‘GROOVIXIMO’!

And Dj Krack did this nice cumbia snippet this week.. once he releases the entire track you’ll definitely see the updated version in a future SSC post!

I also discovered a new great artist from the Argentinean nu-cumbia scene: El Leo Rodriguez, this crazy and energetic tune is his newest release! Looking forward to more!

I’m also new to CharmedAxxNoel, a transnational bass producer from Mexico City with a dark experimental style. His passion exactly similar to my own: using boundary-crossing music to bridge worlds that are as different as possible! This uptempo track draws influences from cumbia, 3ball, dembow, melodic electronica, trap and even some pop-rock!!

But from the experimental side of things it’s more than time for club bangers now!

If there is one melody that can rightly be called the ‘anthem’ of the entire genre it is the ‘La Cumbia Sampuesana’, which keeps being remixed and reinterpreted.. which is understandable because this melody will give the ultimate sweet-recognition feeling to every possible cumbia fan. This is Dj Bekman‘s newest version!

And here more energetic, dancefloor oriented cumbiaton, from the Argentinean latin beats allrounder  Juancho JS!

Last week I closed my post with some good cumbia-twerk, here more of the same delicious crossbreed of vibes, delivered to you by the Macon (Georgia) based 3ballero Dj Angel Mendoza!

This urban-cumbia track from El Infamoso Dj Gecko is probably my personal favourite for this week! It has a delicious guitar sample, a powerful electronic lead, full lyrics mc’ing and a bangin’ beat!!

Mc Jorge Colombia further turns up the temperature with not one but two new releases! One collaboration with Deejay Lazer..

And this badass collaboration with El Plan: norteña-influenced cumbia!

I’m closing this post not with cumbia but with the ultimate carnival sound of the Colombian North-coast.. champeta !!

Dany F did this excellent remix of which I couldn’t find the original song, but amazing carnival-work here from the king of deep tropicalism!

And how else could I end a carnival post than with the Colombian transnational bass band Bomba Estéreo, who released a superb champeta tune last week..

Mediopicky did this massive bass remix for Latino Resiste!!

And here is the original Colombian carnival banger.. ‘Qué Bonito’!!

See you all next week!

Dazed Dog : Gully Juke EP

dazed dog

Too many words come to my mind to be able to describe correctly the diamond that landed yesterday in my mailbox.

Pure energy is not appropriate enough, maybe a 3-track-riot could do.

Dazed Dog, excellent producer from Berlin, has just released his new Gully Juke and decided to share for free the 3 tracks from the EP. You can listen and download them in high quality format (or not, your choice). Enjoy !

Inspired by Chicago Juke, London Bass, Latin & Caribbean Vibes the EP starts with Shango.


[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”90″ iframe=”true” /]
Second is the Favela Hardcore Remix of Gully Bounce by Rio Mandeira.


[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”90″ iframe=”true” /]
We also get a lovely remix of Buraka Som Sistema‘s Burakaton, the track featuring Bomba Estereo.


[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”90″ iframe=”true” /]


Another track, Drunken In Bangkok, should be on the EP but it got lost and Dazed Dog will release it in two weeks.

Bomba Estereo – Elegancia Tropical Review and Video

Perhaps the best representation for the nu cumbieros infiltrating the somewhat mainstream music scene would in my opinion inarguably be Bomba Estereo.

Their last few releases set the groundwork for this mainstream infiltration we needed in order to grow interest in the underground nu cumbieros productions and presence.

Elegancia Tropical is the name of their much-anticipated follow-up album. Sticking to their Colombian roots Bomba Estereo strays only to incorporate other genres to further innovate their sound. Elegancia Tropical is a trip further into this profound sonic exploration. Starting with the trip hop and electronic bossa nova influenced song Bosque, the smooth synth pads and quiet tropical rhythms pull me in like a siren at sea. In short it is simply lovely and not quite what I had expected.

Immediately following Bosque the album jumps right into the modern cumbia sound we have become used to from their last album. I look at this as a good thing to be honest. Continuing to release new albums that reach an audience the same way or better than the last is always difficult. It is the test of their initial response to pass as not being just a fluke or a lucky short term phenomenon. If a band or artist can come back with something slightly different and have it appear as rather a continuation of their debut efforts then it will surely be a received successfully. Elegancia Tropical I swear to you dear readers is such an album.

El Alma y El Cuerpo draws upon their Afro-Colombian roots with a soukous-like rhythm and guitar work while incorporating brilliant vocals and electronic effects. I hear a lot of the Afro-Colombian roots in Elegancia Tropical actually. The production and musical dynamics are uniquely Bomba Estereo and I think that is what makes them stand out.

Elegancia Tropical isn’t all just drawing from Afro-Colombian roots; “Pure Love” for example pushes the roots into the EDM club music scene. Also it is a very unique piece of music honestly. I can hear moombah-heads remixing it now. Vocally it is more along the lines of dancehall. I think this song will be the most “remixed” of all their tracks.

Making the album even more unique is the incorporation of Brazilian MC Bnegao on the track “Rocas.” This track hits hard rhythmically and vocally.

Perhaps the most unique track on the album is “Torcido” featuring Buraka Som Sistema. It is the track I would choose to best describe to others the sound of “electro tropical” music. It’s a beautiful mix of intense Latin percussion with electronic percussion, even at one point mirroring a dubstep beat. It truly is different and something to definitely look forward to checking out.

In the past few years champeta has been making an impression up here in the States. “Pajaros” is the perfect track to assist anyone in introducing this style to someone inquiring about it. I would go as to even say it most likely would make the inquirer an instant fan of champeta.

The last couple of tracks calm down considerably making for a lovely end. The last track keeps brings up the energy just a bit in one of their best songs in my opinion. It is experimental with electronic processors and effects and an incredible epic outro.

I can confidently say that Elegancia Tropical did not disappoint me even the least. It is an excellent new album for Bomba Estereo sure to bring aboard many new fans as they tour on the various festival circuits this year and the next.

The album is due out November 6th 2012.

Okay you need more am I right? Well I can help you there thanks to help from my friend Tropicaneando. Here is the sound El Alma y El Cuerpo on Mixcloud as well as a remix of it.


al roc

How ghetto is ghetto?

There’s a difference between saying it, and living in the ghetto!

This post is a homage to the most under rated, underground and influential MC from these Global Bass Latin American underground scene.


A real and conscious MC who’s played with Big projects and still remains unknown for many, because he is the Ghetto!!

AL ROC is real.. he is the tough guy. His lyrics are pure gold.

He is the first BOMBA ESTEREO MC that I knew.. before Liliana I knew AL ROC was spitting Fire with Bomba!!

He was also part of Dub Killer Combo

He was in Sistema Sonoro Skartel.. (one of the pioneers of Dn’B fusion in Colombia)

Back in his ASILO 38 days, he even Made it to MTV before anyone else!! and still no one mentioned it..

what a shame!

And even though he is now into Hip Hop, he has also joined Cumbia Rockers All stars!!
Cumbia Rockers Allstars: Dejala correr by Cumbia Rockers Allstars

Anyway.. Hope if a Colombian newspaper or magazine see this don’t miss this kind of stuff..

People like Al roc, Sr ledesma, Bingi Fyah, Batori, Bleepolar, Qurrambeat, Alguacil Gamboa and perhaps myself (caballo) are pushing hard to show a different side of Colombian music and reality..alongside well established projects like Bomba Estereo, Systema Solar, Pernett, Frente Cumbiambero, Voodoo Souljah.

To see how tuff real Colombia is YOU CAN NOT MISS THIS SONG!! Al ROC knows how bad ass the streets are

He is perhaps one of the biggest names in Colombian HIP HOP.. and see him in this documentary!

Zuzuka @ iBOMBA 21st August 2010




Long time G Bassers’ but I’m back!

What a great season it has been…

Here are some updates, videos, parties, music downloads & interviews from artists that made this summer very special.

I will probably host another Zuzuka’s Infamous BBQ Summer Close Out party. I will keep you posted.

Let’s get on the dance floor this week, because we have tons on reasons to go out and party hard. Are you with me?




Back for THE end of summer blowout @ Brooklyn’s Knitting Factory, SATURDAY!! A nite of international bass, digital cumbia, & future club styles: a fiesta tropical for ALL.


ZAKEE – Stuttering abstract drums, plenty of 808 bass, and Timbaland-esque melodies only begin to describe Ku Ku Bass pioneer Zakee. Raising the bar of production to pole vault levels and linked to such artists as MIA & Rye Rye. Zakee will be in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo & Bahia from Aug 27- Sept 12 at Back2Black Festival.


ZUZUKA PODEROSA – Dropping Brazilian bred, Brooklyn based swagger like none other, Zuzuka blends Balie Funk & NYC rumble; adding a breath of fresh air to today’s international music scene. A captivating performer with an audaciously sultry style, Zuzuka gives the listener non stop booty basslines and that favela energy you won’t find anywhere else in the city.
in the news: Marcelo D2 ” Meu Tambor” video has been nominated for best video of the year on MTV Brasil, which was directed by Gandja Monterio.

Plus Zuzuka Poderosa latest interview at

Download new track released on LATINO RESISTE!!

Zuzuka Poderosa vs HeartMe – Can’t Stand The Wait (DJ CHERNOBYL remix) by Zuzuka Poderosa


CUMBA MELA – Music collective Cumba Mela encompasses a sonic global experience as culturally rich and diverse as their home, New York City. Their sets are known across the boroughs for blending a colorful array of international genres such as Digital Cumbia, Kuduro, Samba, & Afro-Latin Club. The trio (2Melo, Atroplolis, & Thornato) craft original tracks and remixes born of intercontinental folk influences mixed with urban bass.

Thornato-I Love Cause (ladysmith black mambazo edit) by Cumba Mela

Thornato-Back Door Man Remix by Cumba Mela

Thornato-I Don’t Know (roostah riddim) by Cumba Mela


MIOS DIO – Selector Mios Dio, known for nomadic sets across Mexi mashup filled terrain, can also be found enticing hips & feet with schizo handclaps, mambo, barrio house, and otherworldly tunes meant for the floor.

Mios Dio DJ – damn Zun, que pasó by juangueldez

WITH a bonus opening set & visuals by:


Knitting Factory
361 Metropolitan AveBrooklyn, NY
ii 10 – 4 AM !!FREE = GRATIS






LIL JON  “MACHUKA” feat MR. Catra & Mulher File.  Track Produced by KASSIANO.


LOS RAKAS, have a brand new video for ‘Abrazame’ ft Favi set to smash hit Gyptian’s ‘Hold Yuh Riddim (Uproot Andy’s Remix):  Filmed all over SF, the video touches on the complicated issues of interracial dating that are still prevalent in Latin America, set to a tender call to…just hold me! the band is in rotation in SF’s 106KMEL and NYC’s La Mega!

In the press: Pagina 12 (Argentina) | NYTimes | KEXP (Seattle) | KCRW


BOMBA ESTÉREO at THE GETTY from LalaCinema on Vimeo.

BOMBA ESTEREO BLEW UP the USA  on their romp around the USA to NYC, Philly, LA, SF, Chicago, DC, Boston and North Carolina {Go Raleigh!!!}
Check out this video of their show at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles:

In the press: Boston Herald | LA Times | Brightest Young Things

Watch the official SXSW 2010 video from their EXPLOSIVE performance at the Levi’s FADER fort. After playing Portugal’s ‘Sudo Este Festival’ this past week, where they hung out w/ Buraka som sistema & graced the stage with the Flaming Lips & M.I.A !

An official FANIAxFADER remix project, new video for ‘Feelin’ to be released, a Remix EP…and recording of their new album.



Something to Believe • Blitz the Ambassador from MVMT on Vimeo.

BLITZ THE AMBASSADOR “Public Enemy is the group that made me start listening to hip hop back in Ghana,” Blitz says. “My older brother turned me on this new music I had never heard before, and i was like ‘wow, these are young black people speaking with power and purpose,’ I had never heard that before. I remember when Public Enemy came to Ghana in 1992 it was a HUGE deal. I didn’t get to go to the concert then, but now I get to share the stage with guys that literally inspired me to be the man I am today. It’s definitely a dream come true,” he adds.

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Zuzuka Poderosa’s music on Souncloud!
Zuzuka inside Dollar Van Demos on media week!!

Magnificent Sunday Seven: BATATA III (the last king)


Last month a guy asked me how i learned that much about cumbia, if i spent that much time into rock/metal/alternative music.. and the answer i gave him was: “well, mom used to play lots of it at home, but later i met tons of musicians including Batata..and every time i could i bought him a beer and he told me rivers of info”..

who? i said: “Batata”!!! and i made me think that probably you guys don’t know who BATATA is?

Paulino Salgado (Batata III) was considered one of the best percussionist of traditional African-Colombian rhythms  of all the times, mainly cuz he was unique, the way he hit the “tambora“, his creativity and persistence in teaching the traditional African roots in Colombia. He was born in San Basilio de Palenque (which is the core of all Afro-rhythms in Latin America).  His father Manuel Salgado Cañate Reyes (Batata II) was an important  chalupa, gaita, bullerengue, lumbalú and cumbia player.

Manu Chao made it ..TOTO made it, P18 made it, and probably more bands and remixes also have covered this one, Paulino aka Batata was the composer of la verdolaga!!!

and Candela viva!! most of the people know these songs famously sang by TOTO la Momposina

I had the chance of partying with him (!! animal parties !! and he was born in 1927!!!!) many times in a small place in where i saw him playing live with the band.. the place’s name was MUELLE MACKENZIE, and let me explain this…it’s like seeing BB KING playing blues for free every friday/saturday in a bar, or Thelonius Monk playing jazz in a fast food restaurant.. i said this because MUELLE was a restaurant, but they had a live act so good that some of people from what we now know as this “new colombian music” played/danced there..

my good friend Kike Egurrola (Bomba estereo, systema solar, sidestepper, Calle 13) many times also joined batata or stood up as batata asked the “tambora” kike was playing with..

Gaiteros de San Jacinto played in there with him too..and i had the privilege to be introduced by batata to Rafael Cassianis and Victor Cassianis who made me a “tambora” that i keep as my coolest treasure.

Now.. some music!!

PERNETT brings us this jewel!!! and the best it’s FREE!!
Adios Batata, palenke Remix by Pernett
a remix of Ataole!!
Ataole Remix by Pernett

well.. dr harvey made his techno version..if you like the fancy “cubilleo” here’s Feat BATATA!!

NOW a WELL DESERVED DOCUMENTARY ABOUT HIM!!! if you are chillin’ at home PLEASE watch it!!!

Then you’ll understand how much African roots mean to Colombian musicians and why we don’t see cumbia as “hip trend” but as a whole heritage.

“TU ERES MI SANGRE” -Paulino Salgado a.k.a Batata  ( you’re my blood)

fonogramaticos awesome compilation

tryout1Club fonograma

has made a really nifty compilation of the hottest acts 2009..
01 Carla Morrison – “Valentina” (Unsigned, México)
02 Los Amparito – “Por Medio de la Lectura (Unsigned, México)
03 Lucky Dragons – “La Desdeñosa” (States Rights, USA)
04 Mexican Institute of Sound – “Cumbia” (Nacional Records, México)
05 Valentina Fel – “Sin Control Mi Diversión” (Lizard King, Chile)
06 Emilio José – “Ti” (Foehn, Spain)

07 Rita Indiana y los Misterios – “El Blu del Ping Pong” (Unsigned, Dominican Republic)
08 Papa Topo – “Oso Panda” (Independiente, Spain)
09 Pedropiedra – “Sol Mayor” (Oveja Negra, Chile)
10 Uproot Andy (Zizek Collective) – “Brooklyn Cumbia” (Nacional Records, Argentina)
11 Selma Oxor – “Abrázame Demonio” (Nene Records, México)
12 Niña Dioz – “Faquir” (Independiente, México)

13 Los Amigos Invisibles – “Mentiras” (Nacional Records, Venezuela)
14 Ceci Bastida x XXXChange – “Controlar” (Independiente, México/USA)
15 Bomba Estéreo – “Fuego” (Nacional Records, Colombia)
16 Joe Volume – “Indesition” (Grabaxiones Alicia, México)
17 María y José – “La Tierra Sagrada” (Unsigned, México)
18 Turbopotamos – “Bigote” (Unsigned, Peru)

19 Sol Pereyra – “Reggaetonta” (Independiente, Argentina)
20 Montañas – “Calamares Gigantes de Luarca” (Tres Pies, Spain)
21 Choc Quib Town – “Son Bereju” (Chocquibtown Records, Colombia)
22 Los Macuanos – “Alma” (Unsigned, México)