Stonkingly Brilliant Lebanese Mix

Yes, as it says, a stonkingly brilliant Lebanese Pop mix here had me swinging from my chandeliers with my Jazz-endured smoked salmon in hand lol!Nothing massively new in this mix or unheard of before and if you're into this kind of music, you'll know many of the artists who are pretty well-known Read more [...]

Orange boy after firing it, will Crash It!

 While 80% of producers still follow the 'way of success' from other producers, I found Orange Boy, a brazilian guy from Goias - Middle West from Brazil. He is enjoying metallics-synths with dancing beats, walking from twerk to moombahton and remixing tracks from his childhood, as music by Read more [...]

BRAAP and BSBass

The label Braza, is introducing all kind of electronic music from Brazil. Since you know a little from that big country, you will - at least - know about baile funk, Rio de Janeiro ghetto music. But, since Brazil is the 5th huge country in the world, and his size is almost all south america, you can Read more [...]


 I went to Brazil a few months ago to play and I`ve been accommodated at this guy`s house in São Paulo. I went to take a nap in the early evening one day when i heard weird mixture of baile funk loops and Thai psychedelic rock guitar lines and voices. I didn`t know if i were dreaming or not. Read more [...]

“New World Disorder” by Sugar Crush

Chaos, mess, Noise, Shooting, this is the model that Sugar Crush have to mess with the “World Order”. Debuting their first album, the duo of producers put all your influences in 8 tracks and explains that “this story of a single musical genre” has passed. Rodrigo and Samuel, reflected in songs Read more [...]

Moombrazilians volume 2

"Moombahton is dead"F*ck, I love to read about death of musical genres. WHY DOES PEOPLE LOVE TO KILL IT? I can't understand, but this isn't the topic about it. The serie Moombrazilians - bringing the best of brazilian moombahton - is back.In the volume two of label Braza, there are 6 new producers Read more [...]