Stonkingly Brilliant Lebanese Mix


Yes, as it says, a stonkingly brilliant Lebanese Pop mix here had me swinging from my chandeliers with my Jazz-endured smoked salmon in hand lol!

Nothing massively new in this mix or unheard of before and if you’re into this kind of music, you’ll know many of the artists who are pretty well-known and famous in Lebanon already.

No claims of discovering a stash of dusty old records which are going to be released on vinyl and which the DJ will try to book gigs on the back off lol. Is there anything worse or less cool than that nowadays?  I just think it’s a pretty shit way of trying to make it.

Just some gyal in Brazil of all the places not in the Middle East laying down some awesome good time grooves and sharing them with the world without the need for recognition. Just how we like it and isn’t that how it ought to be, just for the love of music?

This is great:

Orange boy after firing it, will Crash It!


crash it capa 6

While 80% of producers still follow the ‘way of success’ from other producers, I found Orange Boy, a brazilian guy from Goias – Middle West from Brazil. He is enjoying metallics-synths with dancing beats, walking from twerk to moombahton and remixing tracks from his childhood, as music by Michael Jackson.
He Has a good hand to synths and remixes. I spoke with him to understand why he is releasing his second EP, Crash It, only with remixes, since the first EP – Fire It, there was only originals.

The EP will be available to download on Friday – 18/march – but Orange boy mixed all 8 remixes in this mini-mix. He also said me, that who download the EP will receive a bônus remix and a unreleased remix from Sigma! So take attention to don’t lose it on Bandcamp (free download in exchange to your email).

– Who is the Orange Boy?

Pure fire, anger and restlessness.
– How did the idea of the EP of remixes ‘Crash It‘?

Man, I love remix. I love reworks, mashups and edits. This is the soul of electronic music. I made many remixes and saw that some I had already ready made. So I wanted to bring something new to the scene with my music remixes and I’d like to hear this kind of music in the club and, damn, how I like to hear. So I took the opportunity to explore many styles that I enjoy in the Bass music with this EP.

– What can we expect from the Orange Boy in the future?

Man….A lot of thing! I have a side project ‘underground’ to come out soon, and my 3rd EP is already in half. My mother said it would be loud as well as being only original. And other things too early to tell. For now, I’m just enjoying this crazy politic tense atmosphere in my the country.


Presskit 1


Follow him at: Soundcloud // Facebook

BRAAP and BSBass

EP Cover 1440x1440 (1)

The label Braza, is introducing all kind of electronic music from Brazil. Since you know a little from that big country, you will – at least – know about baile funk, Rio de Janeiro ghetto music. But, since Brazil is the 5th huge country in the world, and his size is almost all south america, you can guess there are another electronic cultures around there. And there is.

The duo BRAAP is from capital Brasília. Brasília is a ‘young’ city, it was born at 1950 more less and from a call of president to brazilian people from all country to help to build the capital. So there is a big mix of culture there and BRAAP grab all of it the EP BSBass.

They open the EP with Greengo, a trap music with brazilian influences. Then follow with VAI, moombahton song grabbing funk carioca influence. Going through, they met MC Jimmy Luv – from SP – and the group MOVNI.

MOVNI is a rap group from Brasília. They don’t have a characteristic accent – remember, BSB is a younger city, they are coming to the 3rd generation now in 2016. What is most interesting here are the lyrics talking about orbit, space, world, planets and another dimension things. They are 3 guys very intelligent and creatives, I never listened to any other kind of rap like that. And again, they are original.

I like the EP by the quality and technique, the BRAAP – Leandro Morgado and Marcus Diniz, are taking Brasília electronic music to another level, and including the city on global bass map.

You can download all material for free at Bandcamp – in exchange of your email. Or can support the artist with a regular download at oficial stores.

Follow BRAAP at Soundcloud and Facebook. And keep following Braza to know more about brazilian electronic music.


Gato Preto feat. Edu K – Barulho Video [Kuduro vs Punk]


Crazy, energetic new track & Apocalyptic video by Gato Preto featuring Edu K, both of whom have appeared on Generation Bass Digital in the recent past.

“The word “Barulho” is translated into “Noise” in english. The songs message is “Make Noise”, Jump around and wild out!!!

Hard african Kuduro rhythms meet Punk Guitars, portugese Raps and Electro Bleeps – Africa meets Europe meets Brazil!! Sounds crazy?!? Yes it is…

Gato Preto, the energetic duo with their roots in Ghana,Portugal and Mozambique team up with a true brazilian music legend Edu K. Hes the lead singer of the famous band Defalla and is known for his Bailefunk hit “Popozuda” released on MAN Recordings.The mixture of these different backgrounds in music show that creativity has no limits once you start to create.

This track will set your ears and feet on fire!”

Narcos Theme : Rodrigo Amarante – Tuyo (Covers, Remixes & Edits)


If like me you’ve been Netflix bingeing on Narcos the past few weeks, you would not have been able to escape the awesome opening theme “Tuyo” by Brazilian, Rodrigo Amarante.

Apart from that glorious opening number, everything about this series is HOTTT, the plot, dialogue, the ladies and the rest of the music too! For me it’s up there with The Soprano’s and Breaking Bad as one of the all-time greats

So here’s a bunch of covers, edits and remixes of that awesome opening number but before that, the amazing lyrics:

I am the fire that burns your skin,
Soy el fuego que arde tu piel
I am the water that kills your thirst.
soy el agua que mata tu sed.
Of the castle, I am the tower,
El castillo, la torre yo soy
the sword that guards the treasure.
la espada que guarda el caudal.
You, the air that I breathe,
tu el aire que respiro yo
and the light of the moon on the sea.
y la luz de la luna en el mar.
The throat that longs to be choked
La garganta que ansio mojar
that I’m afraid I’ll drown in love.
que temo ahogar de amor.
And which desires you are going to give me.
y cuales deseos me vas a dar
just to look is treasure enough,
mi tesoro basta con mirarlo,
it will be yours, it will be yours.
tuyo será, y tuyo será.


Let’s start with the original in all its glory:

Then, we have this one which is a Minimal House tool:

Electro House:

A Piano Instrumental:

I’m feeling this one too:

A souped us Bass Trap version:

Another cool House version:

A darker Tech-House edit and I love what they did with this one too:

Here’s a few cute covers:

Really love the vaudeville vibe of this:

There’s a thousand more I bet but let’s end with the official soundtrack to the series that you can buy from most digi stores;

Silver or Lead?




I went to Brazil a few months ago to play and I`ve been accommodated at this guy`s house in São Paulo. I went to take a nap in the early evening one day when i heard weird mixture of baile funk loops and Thai psychedelic rock guitar lines and voices. I didn`t know if i were dreaming or not. Well i was not – in fact, in the other room – Vincenzo was practicing for his live set that evening (which i unfortunately missed because we were playing at the same time on different stages of Venga Venga party)… Anywayzz, you have to hear this!

But first – let`s check what Wikipedia says about macumba:

“Macumba (Portuguese pronunciation: [maˈkũᵐbɐ]) is a word meaning both “a musical instrument” and “magic”. It was the name used for all non-Abrahamic religious practices in Brazil during the 19th century. In the 20th century, these practices re-aligned themselves into what are now called Umbanda and Quimbanda. The term “macumba” became common in Brazil and it is used by non-practitioners as a pejorative term meaning “witchcraft”.

Macumba is practiced in Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. There appears to be a relationship with the concept of the Boto (the fresh-water porpoise found in the Amazonas River and its tributaries) having shape-shifting abilities and then while in the form of a human male having sexual relations with young women. This belief was noted in several Indigenous American villages along the Amazonas (Solimões) River, Rio Negro, and Rio Japurá.

Macumba is widely practiced throughout the Southern Cone. Many practitioners continue to practice their traditional religions (Christianity, Islam, Judaism, etc.) but also practice Macumba.

Some people use Macumba to inflict harm, financial failure, illness, death, etc. on other people for various reasons. One request that a spiritual leader will ask if you want to inflict harm on a person is to bring a picture of that person and to write their name on the back of the picture.”


[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]


His info is brief. But accurate:

Sample machine. Mashup. Ready-made. Instant collages. Digital macumba. Psychedelic punch.
Livesets syncre​tizing tunes of african, balkan, brazilian ritualistic sounds, funk carioca, assorted cumbias, chiptunes and other beats creating a fusion of musical styles. Fresh & live.

Also, make sure to check out his live set here:


[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

Pitbull Feat. Chris Brown – Fun (Kassiano Official Remix) [Moombahton]


Can’t really believe I’m blogging a Pitbull track cause I can’t really stand him, his leeching on young women, his bald head nor his dad dance but I’ve really liked Kassiano for some time and he use to drop some awesome Baile Funk stuff years ago. Here he turns in a pretty dope Moombahton remix (official) which I would def play out and I am glad to see him doing some big stuff at long last, at least the pay checks are finally coming in. He (and Chris Brown) manage to make Pitbull sound pretty dope which is an altogether impossible task but they pull it off!

Available soon on iTunes and Amazon via RCA Records.

“New World Disorder” by Sugar Crush

Chaos, mess, Noise, Shooting, this is the model that Sugar Crush have to mess with the “World Order”. Debuting their first album, the duo of producers put all your influences in 8 tracks and explains that “this story of a single musical genre” has passed. Rodrigo and Samuel, reflected in songs how is your creative process with a lot of mess, picking up a little of each genre and increasing the bass line. Not only bass is present on all 8 track, as the funk carioca is present in every song too – reaffirming the style as Brazilian electronic music. In eight tracks, the duo deconstructs several styles, travel in the Trap and Electro, drop fast beats, puts more weight to the drops, brings global sample and to finish the chaos closes with track “Under Wolrd” the calm before the confusion.

The duo is getting attention in Brazil, with schedule of show and releasing tracks (the last one was with Main Course). They are working with new names from brazilian bass culture as Flying Buff and AquaBazz (we spoke about this duo last week). This is the third release, but they also have “Favela +55” – showing their hability on twerk – and”From Neighborhood“. This last release is with their crew “Dirty Kidz Gang“, this project is to start promote the producers from a party crew, and Sugar Crush is one of  them.


Well, I asked few questions to Sugar Crush to understand about this album, while you listening the album and read the questions you can download all material 4free here:

– How did the idea of ​​the EP?
We are two producers very active and like other producers, we have a lot of songs and some end up getting saved – most are not even finished, but this time had a major focus. We were a few months without releasing singles (most of our releases were bimonthly and sometimes even monthly) and we decided to release our first album to show our evolution and our endless musical references.
– Why “New Word (Dis)Order“?
We baptize the EP “New World Disorder” because we do not like tag or genres. And it can be noticed from our first performances even in our musical references. In our show we play it all: Trap, Moombah, EDM, Hip Hop, and so on … Some N.W.D. songs are impossible to tag in one specific genre, because we mix a little of everything, we can say that in a track you will hear 3 “styles ” different as: Trap music, Baile Funk, EDM … Our creative process is fun and unpredictable, and the result you can see in our songs.
– Who is the Sugar Crush?
We are a duo of big fat friends who love each other and are always eating pizza; who are almost always running not to miss the flight; who collect a wide collection of stories to tell to children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. A double that during the presentations are Aggressive and Funny; a double running from the ghetto to the luxury and luxury in the ghetto; a couple who likes commercial sound but also loves non-commercial sound. In short: The Sugar Crush is a project without labels or a genre that has BASS is the rule number one.

tuenobbIn order: Samuel Prado and Rodrigo Barbosa, aka Sugar Crush

Moombrazilians volume 2

Capa_Moombrazillians 960x960

“Moombahton is dead”

F*ck, I love to read about death of musical genres. WHY DOES PEOPLE LOVE TO KILL IT? I can’t understand, but this isn’t the topic about it. The serie Moombrazilians – bringing the best of brazilian moombahton – is back.

In the volume two of label Braza, there are 6 new producers bringing all kind of moombah:  banger to dance floor, moombahcore, moombahton with vocals and a twerk-moombah.

The producers are spread for all Brazil, maybe you would never read about electronic and bass music from those states: Goias – Orange Boy, Paraíba – Furmiga DUB feat. Atomico MC e Sacal, Santa Catarina – Zinho Beats, Brasília – BRAAP, Rio Grande do Norte – Citizen Kannot and São Paulo – Golden Kong (this last city you know). But, now you know.

BEST PART: all tracks are for free download HERE.


There is a mixtape only with moombrazilians. Record by Irmãos Coragem.