Josif Marius & Joxaren : Nuntă de valoare

Awesome new EP of Romanian music from Swedish Skweee pioneer Joxaren just dropped. It focuses on Tallava or Talava, an oriental-sounding music genre originating in Kosovo but also popular in Albania and in the Albanian-speaking communities in the Republic of Macedonia. It is identified as part of Read more [...]

Dj Sissyfus – Børek På Oslo S

Dj Sissyfus is behind the brilliant Center Of the Universe who hail from Norway. You should recall we released his brilliant Transnational Skweee EP "Never Mind The Boreks" last month. He has now dropped this MEGA mixtape incorporating the sort of material he plays out as a DJ. This takes in all manner Read more [...]

Center of the Universe : Acid Rembetiko

The awesome Norwegian Center of the Universe's Oriental Skweee EP "Never Mind the Boreks" will be ready soon for free download on Generation Bass Digital. Whilst you're waiting for that sublime slice of Skweee, you can grab his latest release which takes in some Acid Rembetiko. Rembetiko is "a term Read more [...]


I've been following the brilliant Norwegian artist Center of the Universe aka Jørgen Skjulstads for a few years now. This dude does a unique brand of quirky electronica that takes in all manner of things. His releases contain traditional songs remade alongside original compositions inspired by archaic Read more [...]