The Best Exotic Maieli Mixtape

I hope you get the joke in the title but that aside, this is a cracking and beautiful mixtape that this US DJ & Producer of mixed Indian/Columbian heritage has delivered for Mishthi Music.  This has perfectly complimented my Saturday afternoon!  It even includes some Electro-Qawali!Maieli is Read more [...]

Introducing: Salsa Choke by Latino Resiste

 Day by Day, more ghetto music is coming up for global crew. And when it appear it's a good oportunity to: we knew more about a new trend musical, understand which factors result in this kind of music, know more about the country and their culture.This post is to introduce the Salsa Choke Read more [...]

Winter Sessions #1: 10 Essential EP’s

Image via Cyber GhettoThere's a drawback to blogging one or a few genres very tightly and then doing a step back to focus on other things (like organising Generation-Bass-related events): stuff slips through your fingers. You see things on Soundcloud and Facebook via your phone of which you know Read more [...]

Zona Norte – Conurbano [Cumbia]

Really interesting work here, the first track alone and its vocoderism's blew me away.  Loving the whole thing, be sure to give it some time!This is what it is about:This is an album that reflects the different rhythms commonly heard in the neighborhoods of the province of Buenos Aires, all in Read more [...]