The Best Exotic Maieli Mixtape


I hope you get the joke in the title but that aside, this is a cracking and beautiful mixtape that this US DJ & Producer of mixed Indian/Columbian heritage has delivered for Mishthi Music.  This has perfectly complimented my Saturday afternoon!  It even includes some Electro-Qawali!

Maieli is one of the new generation of “Brown Power People” who are due to be making a mark in the scene alongside peeps like DJ Haram, 8ulentina, Foozool, Otina and many others and so keep a watch out, it’s already catching on.  I think one of their main sources of inspiration comes from powerful & established players in the scene like Future Brown, Nguzunguzu & Fatima Al Qadiri amongst others.

And of course this mixtape is not “exotic” for GB readers but it might be for the likes of Red Bull lol!

Here’s what Mishthi Music have to say:

Time to ring in 2016 with an amazing tropical desi mix by Los Angeles DJ Maieli! For our sixth installment of our Mishthi Music Mixtape series, Maieli digs into her Colombian and Indian roots to create a mix that swirls Desi dance with hip shaking Latin sounds. The mix heavily features the lyrical talents of Horsepowar – for whom DJ Maieli produces beats for. Pulling tracks from the deeper sounds of Raxster, Adil Omar, Sikh Knowledge and as well as mixing in some classic filmi samples, this mixtape brings it hard.


  • Maieli – Untitled (Unreleased)
  • Timbaland ft. Magoo – Indian Flute (Pepeflinco Reggaeton Remix)
  • Sabo & Cassady – La Curura Remix
  • Maieli – Indo-Rain
  • DJ ANTZ – Don’t Taal ‘Em
  • Jai Matt ft. Dr. Srimix – Don’t Tell ‘Em (Dhol Remix)
  • Maieli – Last Call
  • Sikh Knowledge – Drunk Ali Khan
  • Aazar – Masala
  • Mahendra Kapoor vs. Uproot Andy – Sada Vasda Raje Punjab (Rafael Aragon RMX) 
  • Horsepowar – Eyebrows on Fleek (prod by Maieli)
  • Shreya Ghoshal – Barso Re (from Guru) (Intangible Remix)
  • Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons – Lovers’ Eyes (Mohe Pi Ki Najariya)
  • Willie Colon & Hector Lavoe – Timbalero (Nguzunguzu Remix) 
  • Raxstar – Poison (Zair)
  • Adil Omar & Talal Qureshi – Nighat & Paras
  • Horsepowar – Pinky Swear (prod by Maieli)(Upcoming Release)

Narcos Theme : Rodrigo Amarante – Tuyo (Covers, Remixes & Edits)


If like me you’ve been Netflix bingeing on Narcos the past few weeks, you would not have been able to escape the awesome opening theme “Tuyo” by Brazilian, Rodrigo Amarante.

Apart from that glorious opening number, everything about this series is HOTTT, the plot, dialogue, the ladies and the rest of the music too! For me it’s up there with The Soprano’s and Breaking Bad as one of the all-time greats

So here’s a bunch of covers, edits and remixes of that awesome opening number but before that, the amazing lyrics:

I am the fire that burns your skin,
Soy el fuego que arde tu piel
I am the water that kills your thirst.
soy el agua que mata tu sed.
Of the castle, I am the tower,
El castillo, la torre yo soy
the sword that guards the treasure.
la espada que guarda el caudal.
You, the air that I breathe,
tu el aire que respiro yo
and the light of the moon on the sea.
y la luz de la luna en el mar.
The throat that longs to be choked
La garganta que ansio mojar
that I’m afraid I’ll drown in love.
que temo ahogar de amor.
And which desires you are going to give me.
y cuales deseos me vas a dar
just to look is treasure enough,
mi tesoro basta con mirarlo,
it will be yours, it will be yours.
tuyo será, y tuyo será.


Let’s start with the original in all its glory:

Then, we have this one which is a Minimal House tool:

Electro House:

A Piano Instrumental:

I’m feeling this one too:

A souped us Bass Trap version:

Another cool House version:

A darker Tech-House edit and I love what they did with this one too:

Here’s a few cute covers:

Really love the vaudeville vibe of this:

There’s a thousand more I bet but let’s end with the official soundtrack to the series that you can buy from most digi stores;

Silver or Lead?

Ji Nilsson – Encore (Dance Kill Move Edit) [Cumbia Pop]


Colombian producer based in Sweden Dance Kill Move returns after a while and has found inspiration for a new Cumbia Pop edit of an artist from Sweden, Ji Nilsson.

He says “Finally got some inspiration/time and made musik again! This time a Cumbia Edit of one of my favourite tracks of the year!”

It’s been while since we had some great Cumbia Pop on the blog and this one is a welcome return. Sadly, it was removed from his Soundcloud due to copyright but you can grab it below via his Dropbox:

Ji Nilsson – Encore (Dance Kill Move Cumbia Edit)

Introducing: Salsa Choke by Latino Resiste

Captura de tela 2015-02-22 às 22.06.22


Day by Day, more ghetto music is coming up for global crew. And when it appear it’s a good oportunity to: we knew more about a new trend musical, understand which factors result in this kind of music, know more about the country and their culture.

This post is to introduce the Salsa Choke (Pronounced Choh- kech) from Cali – Colombia, and the label (if we can call that) responsable for this compilation and search is nothing less Latino Resist – the place where you listen all the good shit from Latin America for free. Better then this, Lation resist show to you a alternative to new music and new culture.a

The idea here isn’t to start a new global trend as twerk became, or jersey club. Here, the idea is to listen to sound that you should never heard before because this producers never had a chance to show your talent.

First example of this new Salsa is the  Wiky Wiky by Patio 4. This music is  a kind of remix from Missy Eliot – Get Freaky, and remixes is the best choice to undersand a new movement. You will recognize the elements of the original and the new parts and you will thougth: “oohhhh yes, got it!”

Other good music to this sound is Tuky Tuky Luky by Matblack & Leka El Poeta. This production use the melody of Dr. Dre and Snopp Dogg, Next Episode. And again, you can associate the elements of original in remix.

Talking about music, this neo salsa has influence of hip-hop (with a mc singing in beats), reggaeton, reggae, caribean music and, of course, salsa.

Nothing with much influence of bass culture, and it sound different from original salsa. There is a lit touch of gangata elements, and maybe one or other track will be good to include in a mixtape of latin music. As Tuky Tuky Luky, I listened 3 times already while I’m writing it.



The best part of it is: you can download all material for free in this Link. There is 10 musics with art and covers and all details.

Say thanks to Latino Resist. They are doing a great job!

Sexxy Saturday Cumbia – In a Shamanic Jungle


2015 is here and it brought brand new winds to the tropical oriented scene.

Huge tracks from well known artists that strength their position as shamanic totems, and from other side… a branch new projects that opened the limits of the game.

Here is a review of the tracks that were appearing among the green branches, sliding to the soft tropical beat, shaking to spread the bodies with sweet moves.
This is the tropical scene today, a whirlwind of fresh ideas with the premise to vibrate the ears.

Frente Bolivarista is one of the big project of this short period of the year.
Led by Daniel Lucas (a.k.a. pigmalião) the compilation is form by a many artist from Latin America (Leo Justi, Psilosamples, SidiRum, R Vicenzo) and some artist from Europe but that takes in their compositions a real latin flavor as El Búho and Andrés Digital.

As it says:
“This is a compilation regarding various artists influenced by Latin American cultural references. This is just the beginning of a Bolivarian journey across the whole American continent.
On this debut you’ll find a great selection of artists from Brazil, Ecuador, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, and two European guests.”


One of, in my opinion, the best music festival happened this February in the south of Chile.
As you see the picture of the Festival Nomade facebook page you will understand the magnitude of the project. It was a really tribal paradise in Mapuche lands.

Before the festival, they release a brunch of mixtapes done by some of the artists involved.

Here is the extraordinary mixtape from Nicola Cruz for the Nomade Festival:


Tropikhongo is one of the projects of Adrian Lopardo (a.k.a. – Reghetto – former Pecokumbiastyle and half part of Zona Norte).
Here is with a remix of “Bonita se ve bailando”, an special dish for dance floors:


What if you could enter into you childhood’s favorite computer game and infect it with cumbia and tropical beats?
Thats the deep trip of Los Pat Moritas that has dropped a new album in the 8bit label called BlipBlop.

Its amazing how an entirely 8bit project, done with one (sometimes two) gameboys can make the crowd become mad and dance to the rhythm of cumbia.

Don’t miss the excellent version of “Cumbia Cienaguera” that takes it to another level:

“Nativo Mixtape” is a journey among palms and magic beats through tropical wings.
Jin Yerei invites you to pic your sit and wait for the take off-

With their last releases, the chilean Regional Label, keep the quality of music that known build throw last year.

Three big releases with unique sensation from each other.

Qapac, from Perú, brings a new sensation with tropical winds and a trippy deep cumbia.
The beautiful visual-art was in charge of David Bugueño.

Then, Antae with a 3ball track that push you to shake your hip. This is what Regional says about the release:
“Introduced by Victor Evink sound 3Ball, Antae mixes his progressive influences with Latin sounds creating these new recording called “Alma”. Using the scale of C # to get in touch with your soul and adding the voice of his favorite of all time, Alika, talking about the connection between the word “soul” and the term “word” in the language Guaraní”

“Temporal” albums have been the way to lump together the label artists and make a compilation of different latin sounds. Now they make a twist and tell each artist to remix each other. The result is a huge combination of sounds and new feelings of the tropical scene.


The mixture of latin flavors, deep synths, 80’s atmosphere and solid vocals, is a formula that could be pursued by any tropical scientific.
But something like that is what Mandiboola brings to earth with their delicious album “Tropical Mystery”.


Brasil has one of the new emerging tropical scene in the region. With artist like Thomash, Burkamina, Felipe Sa, Leo Justi, Daniel Lucas, R Vicenzo, URUBU Marinka and more.
But one that caught my attention lately is Spaniol, Resident of the well known “Sonido Tropico” party in Sao Paulo.
He has dropped some huge edits:

Track with Capoeira chant.

An Umbanda chant to call Xangô, god of fire in Africa. Mixed with a lush rhythm.


“Amanecer en el campo” its a beautiful album that dropped at the end of the last year.
The author is Golondrina Alfa from the countryside of Argentina. In the album, sounds bring to for imagination pictures of the countryside landscape with some little touches of electronic sparks.
Definitely and album that invite you to close your eyes and feel the wind between ourselves.

[bandcamp width=350 height=470 album=1101571352 size=large bgcol=333333 linkcol=ffffff tracklist=false]


Also from the countryside, but in the future, Fashionfacts proposed that:
“In the year 2237 at a place north of La Pampa Argentina now called Leuvucó was found in the ruins of an old bank an ancient instrument known as “sampler” containing small pieces of audio in the form of loops. While they are digital audio samples that have suffered a little fatigue time, the sound is fairly consistent and listenable. It is assumed that music data of a subsequent collapse of the First Internet occurred in 2090. It is one of the few musical records are kept of that strange time post-apocalyptic decade. This is the first installment of the musical wonders found in this small appliance.”


To finish some oldies but goodies:

DJ Mica Towers help me to find this gem from Ramiro Jota.
A clasic cumbia tune like “La Danza Macabra” with some mad lyrics that fit perfectly well:

And some really cumbia bombs for the dancefloor!!


Two bombs from Plan B that still fresh:

Winter Sessions #1: 10 Essential EP’s


Image via Cyber Ghetto

There’s a drawback to blogging one or a few genres very tightly and then doing a step back to focus on other things (like organising Generation-Bass-related events): stuff slips through your fingers. You see things on Soundcloud and Facebook via your phone of which you know that you want to blog it immediately, were it not that you don’t have access to a proper computer or have your agenda jammed with so many meetings that you cannot sit down for the necessary background research.

These are 10 such EP’s. I hope you have downloaded them already when they came out. If not, there’s still a chance to grab them before the end of the year!


The Mexico City based vanguard label en collective NAAFI has been one of my absolute favourite initiatives in music for a while now, but for some reason I haven’t found an occasion yet to blog them here. Mexico City is, like Lisbon and London, one of the hotbeds of creativity where the future of music is being forged as we speak and NAAFI is the spot where the country’s most creative minds have come together. These include for example the artists who created the exciting ruidosón movement back in the days, as well as giants like LAO, Paul Marmota, creative prodigy Siete Catorce, and 3ball costeño OG Dj T3TRIS.

Two weeks ago, they released this mouth watering EP from the Mexican grime and future-bass producer O.M.A.A.R. a.k.a. OMVVR – featuring a remix by Dave Quam a.k.a. Massacooramaan – which brings together the sounds of grime, dark-mystical avant garde trap, Jersey club and ancestral percussive experimentalism!

Get it here!



One of the most exciting things about the movement embodied by NAAFI is that, while equally drawing from genres like UK bass and urban-latin flavours, it also incorporates gets inspiration from the post-internet microgenres such as witch house, vaporwave and similar, futuristic electronica. This is cutting-edge music that has surpassed the phase of branding the urban-latin and ancestral elements as ‘tropical’, a move that we at Generation Bass have also taken with sounds like future tarraxo.

DINAMARCA is a producer based in Stockholm, who released an EP this month which ex-colleague Filipe (who nowadays runs the successful YouTube channel LAcroixx, formerly known as Zouk Bass TV) described to me as the kind of sound that would result from a collab of Munchi with Fatima Al Qadiri, the two OG’s of global bass and post-internet music respectively! The 5-track EP ‘No Hay Break’ – featuring the Swedish trailblazing rapper Gnučči, the American genius Dj New Jersey Drone, the swedish futurist Ṭāriq, the Swedish singer-songwriter Kassandra and the Mexican, NAAFI-affiliated futurist Zutzut – delivers a radically forward-looking blend of deconstructed reggaeton drums, experimental synths and minimalistic vocals.

Add it to your sets and phones!



Something that you will definitely see grow bigger in 2015 is the blend of global bass as well as avant-garde sounds with more extensive, live performed vocals. All these upcoming movements aren’t just the new ‘dance music’, new innovations for ‘EDM’ but just as much the new ‘urban music’. Or even more, they make these old categories ever more obsolete.

Blaze Kidd is a London based rapper with Ecuadorian roots who fuses grime with reggaeton, zoukbass and future-RnB. This 13-track mixtape contains a diverse collection of tracks with different flavours and vibes, produced by many of London’s most innovative producers: EndgamE, u l i, Kamixlo (a name to watch in 2015!!!), S H A N T I, Ana Caprix and PALMISTRY, also featuring extra vocals from Bladee and Virus!

No download or buy link, unfortunately.. Book him live >> [email protected] !



We’ve supported the rise of Billion Dollars since the start and in a short period of time this Mexican global bass talent has emerged from the shadows of the global bass underground as one of the most promising producers to watch in 2015! After he launched his ‘Satan Bass’ genre experiment, he has been picked up by giant Mad Decent and featured as background music in a documentary by Vice News with his track dedicated to the 43 missing students from Ayotzinapa.

A month ago he extended his experiment into a full EP, released via Caballo’s Latino Resiste as a ‘Mal Dicen!’ project.

If you don’t have it yet, grab it here for free!



Another rising name we’ve been supporting from the beginning is Gabriel Rowano, who just launched a new, promising platform, NLSHYRSLF, which will bridge the gap in global bass between the passionate online underground and mainstream nightlife audiences, in both the dance and the urban scene.

Last year, he entered the scene with an impressive EP named Unleashed that experimented with an uplifting, emotional, melodic sound which was refreshing compared to most global bass that kept stuck into the hyped-up lazer synths that we in Holland have been hearing for almost an entire generation now. Now, a year later, he is back with a second volume, with flavours varying between moombahton and rasterinha, featuring Cuernavaca (Mex)’s global bass talent Washiwasha and Dutch prodigy Indisa. Pepare for some exciting projects in 2015!

For now, grab this here!



Jet Airess, who emerged from Malaysia’s creative Borneo bass scene, is a producer whose unique, catchy style we’ve been in love with ever since we first heard it. Like Billion Dollars, she has quickly become a core member of the online global bass scene and has now also moved to the next level with an extensive EP for Latino Resiste.

With 10 tracks, Wok Enow EP is a happy, psychedelic trip on the most crazy imaginable bangers, with remixes from Caballo, Billion Dollars, the Borneo bass OG’s Sundae & Pharmacist, the Indonesian bangerista Rama Rival and others.

Download the tracks for free on Soundcloud …and also check out Jet’s newest exclusive release that came out this week on Global Bassed!



I’ve been wanting to blog this so bad ever since it appeared but I didn’t have time until now. Remember my collosal post about how moombahton is growing into an ever more powerful movement inside Latin America? Well that is only continuing. Chile’s next-generation global bass producer S T Δ R K teamed up with Guatemala’s Big Brown Bears (formerly known as Dawgie Style) to create the netlabel Latino Army Records to push moombahton and neighbouring global bass flavours more effectively into the local Latin American music scenes.

S T Δ R K‘s second volume of ‘Viva Moombahton Mi3rda’ is the label’s first major release, featuring many known and lesser known names such as Dawgie Style (Guatemala), DASH Slktr (Colombia), Moombah Kingz (Chile), Marco Villarroel (Sweden), Wost (Venezuela), MASTA (El Salvador) and 3F3XT (Chile).



Rod Franco belongs, together with Dawgie Style, Master Fad3r and our own Generation Bass blogger Shivo a.k.a. Ead Wine, to the circle most active global bass pushers in Guatemala.

Last summer he released an EP via Moomba+ records, with 5 original mix tracks, delivering the classic sound of bumping moombahton, with some experiments in the direction of cumbia and lento.



Colombia’s upcoming global bass name Dj-Tombs provides yet another example of the rise of moombahton in Latin America with again an essential release from Latino Resiste, which reached the November Top 20 of the influential Colombian urban-latin music portal Flow Cartagena!

Appearances are made by again a diverse array of both Colombian and international artists: the Bogotá based reggae singer Farina, the Puerto Rican Latin-indie-pop singer Danny Fornaris, Jack Style, the reggaetoneros Criss y Ronny, Raro Bone and Jack Style and the moombahton heavywheights los XL and Happy Colors!



I conclude this post with a jewel of an EP. One of the releases from our Chilean friends at Regional, that I’m still behind blogging here.

Dat Garcia is an independent, creative spirit from Buenos Aires who freely mixes electronica with live organic elements and her own lyrics and vocals, blending it into a thoughtful, meditative atmosphere that draws from ancestral music as well as from many different branches of modern music genres such as dub, minimal folk-pop, and ambient.

‘Ermitaño Interior’ is an emotional, personal project that tries to capture the soul of the artist into 8 excellent, purifying tracks.

Zona Norte – Conurbano [Cumbia]


Really interesting work here, the first track alone and its vocoderism’s blew me away.  Loving the whole thing, be sure to give it some time!

This is what it is about:

This is an album that reflects the different rhythms commonly heard in the neighborhoods of the province of Buenos Aires, all in the same “Zona Norte” concept.

Produced by “El Hijo De La Cumbia” and “Punto Rojo” this rhythms are born, mixed with elements of dub, “down bpm” cumbia, electronics “murgas” and a bit of “trance” why not?
All this soundsl lead us to a trip around the streets of the slums of Buenos Aires, what could be any emergency neighborhood in Latin America.

Emiliano Gomez and Adriano Lopardo joined their rhythms and melodies reflecting their influences from the cumbia “bailes”.

Style Of Eye & Magnus – Antidote (Dance Kill Move Remix)


Our dude, Dance Kill Move aka Ricardo Ocampo aka Mr Zouk Bass just dropped this Cumbia Bass Banger of Mighty, Epic, Monstrously Big, Humongous, Massive proportions, in other words not small!

“The kind of remix that didn’t get released and then forgotten about and then “shit this is good”… and then forgotten some years again and then “wow, this shit is still good” so now i’m giving it away!
You may have heard it in some of my mixtapes.”

The Night I Really Learned to Dance Cumbia (Event Review + Cumbia Mega-Roundup)


Artwork: Dancers of the folkloric dance crew Grupo Kaypacha

After being your cumbia selector for more than a year now, I’m still stuck with the awkward fact that, no matter how much I like the music, I actually don’t know how to dance cumbia that well. Sure, I did practice a bit with the tutorials I once gave you, but without more experienced people around and places where you can watch people do it in real life, you keep stuck into a kind of noobish cluelessness once the actual music drops and people start dancing in pairs. Cumbia is not like the shuffle.

Like myself, many Colombians in the Netherlands who go to Colombian parties have been adopted into a Dutch family since young age and it’s conventional wisdom that you can tell the adopted ones from the non-adopted ones by their (lack of) young-learned salsa skills. But for adopted and non-adopted alike, Colombia Cultural Festival, an initiative of Latin-event agency PaGoza has been the central meeting spot for the Colombian community since 2005. Last saturday was the 10th edition and since it was one of my first free weekends in ages, I headed to Amsterdam to experience it for the first time.

One of the things that always strike me about Colombian culture is how family life and partying seem to go hand in hand smoothly. From the youngest ones in strollers, kids running around, teens immersed into their cellphones to youngsters, adults and even elderly people who spend their time dancing and drinking, everybody seems to have an amazing time and the good vibes buzz around the place. That was exactly what this festival was like: a cocktail bar, stands with all kinds of Colombian products, a dancefloor and an inflatable bouncing castle. And of course a stage where a diverse number of live artists, delivered music vibes according to the well known formula at many Colombian parties these days: happy cumbia and vallenato during the day and moving towards passionate salsa after dinner, frequently alternated by sensual bachata. When the night set in and families with the youngest kids started heading home, bright lights were turned off and ever more people gathered on the dancefloor on the sounds of reggaeton, merengue and of course more salsa. And when the final DJ’s started switching between these latin vibes and house music, even some moombahton could be heard!

Cumbia and vallenato were delivered by Orlando Bedoya and his band Colombia Tropical, whom you can see here in action, recorded on this festival!

The Switzerland based salsa band Mercadonegro which performed later the night, led by Colombian singer Rodry-Go, is one of the most if not the single most prominent exponents of the new generation of Salsa. And their performance was indeed amazing, managing to bring their vibes so passionately that you often forgot that Holland was playing the third-place World Cup final against Brazil at the very same time, displayed on a big screen above the stage. Dancing salsa and watching football at the very same time was a pretty unique experience.

I also really digged the energetic performance of the upcoming reggaetonero JeyCon a.k.a. Drago, who got the crowd in motion with his catchy blend of reggaeton, salsaton, urban mambo and bachata. Fans of urban latin music should definitely keep an eye on him!

But when, with so many more people on the dancefloor, Mercadonegro decided to play Matilde Diaz & Lucho Bermudez’ informal national anthem ‘Colombia Tierra Querida’, I had no choice but to dance. There was a beautiful lady on the dancefloor with her little daughter, whom she tried to teach the basic steps and vibe of cumbia and I was so lucky that I could to join this private class. With the kid together, we danced to these amazing vintage cumbia vibes and enjoyed this intense moment moment of Colombian flavoured happiness.

Check out some impressions from the event’s Facebook page, made by photographer Rien de Jager..

Orlanda Bedoya and band playing the indispensable Colombian cumbia and vallenato classics!


Great folkloric dance performance of Grupo Kaypacha, in traditional indigenous clothing!


JeyCon and stunning dancer bringing some massive reggaeton vibes!


Young and old dancing reggaeton..


Rodrigo and Mercadonegro heating up the dancefloor with their fantastic salsa performance!


And yes, to the right, that’s me.. (if you’ve ever wondered what that dude behind these posts actually looks like.. there you go!)


But with the memories of last week still lingering in my mind, we continue to the roundup of this week.


El Gayo Negro is back with his fifth mixtape edition for the Swiss alternative radio station GDS.FM! Deep-dub flavoured cumbia grooves for your lazy sunday afternoon pleasure!

If you’re looking for something more energetic, Arturo Herrera‘s new mixtape involves some more serious bass work, combined with bouncing hiphop and pumping moombahton grooves, but is nonetheless explicitly meant for the Sundays!

Tropical Patrulla is a newly established collective of tropicalists in the Basque country, which just released its first fruits this week: the first edition of a mixtape series, which shows almost every side of latin bass, from cumbia-trap to moombahton to rasterinha and 3ball!


Since my Argentina-post couldn’t cover everything, I’m a bit behind on cumbia and I haven’t been able to share some important albums and EP’s yet that have come out last month.

First of all the tropi-futurist duo Frikstailers, one of the leading digital cumbia acts whose every track deserves a prominent place in your music collection, released a new EP last month which I haven’t been able to share yet. If you missed out on this one, be ready for an uplifting trip of deep space-time vibrations, stardust-shakers and galactic marimba’s, spiced up with delicious retro acid synths. Check it out and grab it here!

The alround tropical bass label El Flying Monkey Records also released important stuff lately, which you’ve probably seen around and downloaded already but for everyone who hasn’t yet: the summer of 2014 without these two EP’s isn’t as vibrant and beautiful  as with them..

Two weeks ago, the Venezuelan experimental latin bass duo El $abor, released this spectacular EP, with guest appearances of TropikoreAKA LAKRA and Francisco Torrealba. The EP is a tribute to the ‘sabrosura’ (‘tastiness’) vibe: a latin umbrella term for afrocaribbean flavours ranging from cumbia and salsa to orisha and sangeo. In the preparation phase Boonk asked me if I were familiar with this term and whether you have it in Holland. Since there is a considerable afrocaribbean and latin community here, I suppose it must exist here, but I didn’t manage to find out about it.. But never mind, here four powerful examples of sabrosura inspired latin bass, with flavours varying between trap-bubbling, cumbia, lento and groovy latin tech!

Somewhat earlier, Tropikore released this EP based on his summery, salsa-dancehall-bass tune ‘Chevere Cambur’, with equally hot remixes of El $aborToro! and DartZero75!

Whenever the Colombian deep-cumbia master Dany F releases new music, I am excited to hear it. Since I’m behind on cumbia, I just found out that his new EP has been out for two weeks already, as the 65th release of Cabeza Netlabel.. Check out the one absolutely marvellous track they put online as a teaser.. the rest is still a surprise but you can grab it here for free!

Single Releases:

More delicious deep cumbia this week is heading to your speakers directly from Lima, Peru, delivered by Tribilínsound! Here his rework of Frikstailers’ track ‘Kepler’, from the ‘Crop Circles’ EP shared above..

..and here another deep-flavoured rework of La Yegros‘ song ‘Viene de Mi

Yelram Selectah‘s unique style is usually less deep but equally futuristic and always with a crazy edge. His newest track is an electrifying shower of magnetic, extraterrestrial bass sounds and downtempo cumbia madness!

..also check out his […] remix of Die Antwoord‘s new hit ‘Pitbull Terrier‘! I already loved the original song because it has such a massive dark-cyber-industrial-aggrotech kinda sound to it which I would love to see grow bigger and fuse with other genres. And now Yelram cumbiafied it in an epic way!

Erick Jaimez announced a while ago that he does not have enough time any more to focus on music as much as he used to do. But now he has completed some tracks that were still in the making and made me and released them all this week!

A groovy cumbia-house tune..

Tracks with a ‘fuma marihuana’ vocal sample in it are one of the most effective tricks to make the crowd go crazy and this energetic cumbia-twerk banger will be an excellent example! a Erick Jaimez-style cumbia crunk edit of Iggy Azalea‘s hit ‘Fancy‘!

..this mariachi flavoured crazy trap tune from a couple of weeks back is not exactly cumbia but it’s so epic that I couldn’t leave it out!

Turbo Sonidero Futurístico cumbiafied an instrumental ‘All My Loving’ cover by the Italo-American rock ‘n roll duo Santo & Johnny, from the 1950s!

S T Δ R K is a Chilean moombahtonista who has been releasing a lot of great moombahton lately. He makes his debut on Sexxy Saturday Lazy Sunday Cumbia with his subtle bass rework of the song ‘Padre Nuestro‘ by the Argentinian ska band Los Fabulosos Cadillacs!

Then we’ve got a lot more debuts which, unlike Stark’s track, lean much more to the experimental-electronic side.

The Mexican experimentalist Sigsonbia, whom El Guëro has probably supported earlier back in the days, released a delicious space-flavoured deep-acid cumbia track this week!

Xalistech, also from Mexico made this absolutely genious blend of minimal techno with norteño music and cumbia.. ‘Frijoles & Ketchup’ (‘Mexican mashed beans with ketchup’)!

Acapulco Zombie, from Monterrey, Mexico, has been producing experimental cumbia-bass and cumbia-hiphop since a year now.. It’s a downright shame that I discover and blog him so late. First listen and grab his fantastic dark-experimental cumbia track he released just yesterday.. but before you do anything else, check out the rest of his work on his Soundcloud page too!

DJ [email protected] is a new Argentinian producer whose first tracks on his list are from last week only. His cumbia and reggaeton productions and vocal remixes have a minimalistic style that reminds me a bit of Mexico City cumbiaton or Dj TAO’s tracks: urban-flavoured, and experimental-digital at the same time!

The Lima based Andes-digitalist UNQA we’ve seen before a couple of times, but his new release smoothly fits into this experimental series!

As usual, I’ll end with some feelgood stuff!

First a remix of Missy Eliott ft. 702 & Magoo’s 1998 hit ‘Beep Me 911‘ by the Mexican latin bass alrounder Sonido Perdido!

Like Erick Jaimez, Fricci also decided to cumbiafy ‘Fancy’!

As part of his joint project Friccardos with Los Ricardos, he revived some sweet memories of the summer of 2005 with a catchy remix of Shakira ft. Alejandro Sanz’ hit ‘La Tortura‘!

And for anyone who hasn’t yet overcome the trauma of the last-minute penalty (which I, as a Dutch person, admit should NOT have been a penalty..) that eliminated Mexico from the World Cup, the best therapy is to dance it away.. Therefore a delicious editada, delivered by Dj Chuntarito!

Los Gaiteros De San Jacinto "Dub De Gaita" Khaliphonic 01 12" [DUB MEETS GAITA]


Very, very impressive release from ZamZam Sounds:

ZamZam Sounds is proud to present a truly massive release, the first on our new longer- format vinyl label, Khaliphonic, in partnership with Llorona Records (Colombia).

Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto are Colombian cumbia roots icons, legendary in their homeland as guardians of ancient regional musical and cultural traditions. Here they are joined by another legend, On-U Sound founder and dub producer Adrian Sherwood. Alongside Llorona Records ́s Diego Gómez, Sherwood and the band have created an absolutely unique sound that seamlessly blends timeless cumbia rhythms and sonorities with powerfully restrained dub mixing.

It is no exaggeration or hyperbole to call this mystical music, a heart-centered psychogeographical journey from the Caribbean Coast of Colombia through Jamaica and UK dubscapes. The heartbeat rhythms this team explores so deftly unite musical cultures in such a natural way that the sound they produce feels almost inevitable. Vocal exhortations, massed flutes, organic bass and keys, extraordinary volleys of percussion, echo trails, reggae skanks, and truly masterful arrangements and dubbing make this a simply crucial release. Miles beyond most attempts at cross-cultural musical fusion, we guarantee you will be mesmerized by the beauty and power of Dub De Gaita. There is simply nothing else like it.

Produced by Adrian Sherwood and Diego Gómez, mixed by Adrian Sherwood at On-U Sound. Assistant Producer: Skip McDonald
. Mastered by Kevin Metcalfe at Sound Masters UK.

Special Guests: George Oban (Bass on El Fin del Mundo), Diego Gómez (Bass on Maria Solá), The Ital Horns (Brass on El Fin del Mundo and Maria Solá), Skip McDonald (Keys and Guitar on El Fin del Mundo).

Strictly limited: 650 copies for the world – hand screen printed – No repress – No digital

Release Window: Early August, 2014