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“I am a lover of all music. Although, as a producer & performer I gravitate toward dirty, gritty, grimey, glitchy, pretty, sacred, fun BASS-HEAVY Dubstep, Breaks, Downtempo, Glitch Hop, Ethno, Crunk and whatever else makes me and you groove music.”

The term ‘renaissance man’ doesn’t quite cut it for Miraja, perhaps ‘millennium man’ does a better job describing his multitude of talents. Miraja is Raja Ananda, a talented producer that is also a specialist graphic/web designer, a veteran DJ and event organizer, a sound engineer and an excellent massage therapist (seriously!). Miraja is one of the main forces behind Family Moons, the “geographically diverse multi-media artist collective”, based in New Mexico / Colorado USA. Miraja is half of the successful duo Future Simple Project (together with Mikey Fisher). Miraja is also a key member in the upcoming usa-based collective, dubanimals, which I am hoping to write to you about as soon as their tracks return from mastering and the upcoming release is ready.

Before we go any further into the post, hit play and put on a soundtrack for the read as you check out a sneak peak from Miraja’s upcoming EP:

Devotion Infinite – Original Track & Remix Contest (prizes & rules in description) by MIRAJA

man his sound is contently evolving and changing, gotta love that about the man!


bio photo

Earlier this week I sent him a bunch of questions to which he kindly took the time to reply, enjoy the interview and keep scrolling for tunes and other surprises!

What are you currently working on in the studio?

I have lots of great projects in the works.  I am always inspired. At the moment I am preparing for a full schedule of live shows coming up the next couple of months.

Tell us about your studio. What gear do you relay on and what software can you not live without (please include some VSTi names for the music producers out there)?

At the heart of my studio I have a Mac computer loaded up with Ableton Live and Logic Pro.  I use a lot of different synths and found sounds to generate the layers in my music. However, I’d say Albino, Massive &  Sylenth are my top software synth picks. I have several pieces of Akai gear that I regularly use and abuse in both my studio and live on stage.  I also have access to a Virus Polar that I try to get my hands on every chance I get, which never seems to be enough.  I love that that thing. Big sounds! It might be hard to believe, but sometimes I even generate sounds from synth apps on my smart phone.  Crazy eh?

What are some of the intentions behind your music and live sets?

One day I sat down and asked myself this very question.  When I was able to answer it, my music really started to take form.  It is my intention to create unique and fun music environments that invoke a sense of emotion and tell a story from beginning to end. The story doesn’t necessarily always need words or a specific subject per say, but sometimes that is helpful.  I am not a religious person, but for me music is a way of prayer…. even the dirty, gritty, grimey stuff.  In fact, I feel that when people are sweating, screaming and getting down on the dance floor, they are able to let go of the tensions and stress of school, work and life in general. Many of us live in urban environments and thrive off of edgy music when we are out at a club dancing.  I am the guy that is not afraid to mix in the pretty stuff too.  I think the balance is important.

I noticed you are a certified Natural Therapeutic Specialist. Do you find your attraction to bass music coincidental?

Not at all.  In fact, I’d say it played a huge role in me becoming a DJ to begin with.  I was a promoter and party-goer for many years so I was already fully surrounded and inspired by the music.  As an avid dancer, I sometimes felt that electronic music touched my very soul.  When I started taking clients for my massage practice, I absolutely despised most of the generic massage music that was out there at the time.  So I decided to make my own journey mixes with music I was inspired by.   I would start the sessions out with ambient sounds to calm the client down and bring them to a state of general relaxation. Then I would slowly increase the tempo and decibel level over time. I soon realized that I could take my clients into a much deeper states of healing while I was thumping on them to 135 bpm progressive trance music or tribal breaks even.  It was like I was dancing on their tension and pain with my hands.  I’d say the subwoofer under the massage table also played a huge part.  Then one day, I started getting asked to play events.  After experiencing a few full dance floors, I was completely hooked. Now in a sense, I get to massage masses of people all at once with my music.

What direction is music taking you, both in the studio and in life, are you finding yourself comfortable in the Dubstep at the moment, or can we expect more fusion to come out of your background in break-beats and tribal?

The truth is, I am a lover of all music.  Although I am definitely inspired by Dubstep and the Bass Music scene right now, you can definitely expect to not know what to expect. Hah… does that make sense? Basically I am completely inspired by the idea of fusion in music. Although I am focused on getting my own music out there, I have also been working with other professional musicians. I do a lot of different things, but music is my life.

Tell us about these collaborations you are involved with?

I regularly work with Mikey Fisher on a collaboration we call Future Simple Project, which also has led to working with a classically trained Russian violinist named Ilya Goldberg. I also just recently did some recording of Jamie Janover (of Zilla) playing the hammer dulcimer over one of my tracks (not out yet). Sometime early spring I will be setting up some studio time with a professional flute player and I gotta say I am really excited about that.

What can you tell us about your upcoming EP?

I have at least couple of EPs lined up for 2011 coming out on Dubanimals.  I wrote a song called Reflections that a couple of other producers also remixed. This should be going off for mastering any day now.  So be on the lookout for that.  I am also working with Future Simple Project to put out some new music soon. Recently, I just offered up one of my new tracks to Family Moons who is hosting a remix contest.  The winners will get their remixes professionally mastered and released on Dubanimals with my original.  It will be interesting to see what other producers come up with.

Any tours planned out for the near future? Is there any chance our European listeners will get the Miraja experience anytime soon?

I am based mostly in Colorado at the moment, but I regularly play shows around the US South West & West Coast.  I am playing Costa Rica at the Envision Festival in March both solo and with Future Simple Project.  I would absolutely love to play a full US and European tour sometime.  I have never been to Europe and it would be great if my music could take me there. Setting up a world tour takes a lot of work though.  I’d much rather make music then spend the time writing emails and talking on the phone hashing out details.  Maybe I should start accepting applications for a manager. If anyone is interested feel free to contact me.

Any tips on artists for us to watch out for?

Definitely.  There are a lot of upcoming artists to be on the lookout for.  For brevity sake, I would say be sure to check out Omega, Jantsen, Siren, Markus Whaley, Unlimited Gravity, Project Aspect and of course Future Simple Project.

Finally, if you had to summarize the message you wish to deliver/spread with the music you create?

I am just doing what I love and doing it with positive intention.  Humans truly are our own worst enemy.  The best way to win is to be excited about what you do.  Just remember, whatever it is that you do, do it with love in your heart. For all the up and coming producers out there, don’t be afraid to try new things. You can’t please everybody, so just have fun with it.

Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions, big up !!!

Remix Contest


Miraja’s track Devotion Infinite, is up for re/mix/fix/edit in the first of many to come remix contests hosted by Dubanimals.

Check out the details and rules here: http://familymoons.com/public/content/family-moons-dubanimals-remix-contest

You can grab the stems until the 20th of Feb, and the remixes must be in by March 15th. The prizes are well worth the effort and the track is going to be great to work with.


“Two winners will each receive one Dubanimals hoodie, one free download code for “Dubanimals Volume 1” and the winning remixes will be professionally mastered and released on the Dubanimals label along with the original, which will be distributed to online record shops around the world.”

MIRAJA – Devotion Infinite Remix Contest (prizes & rules in description) by Devotion Infinite

Free tunes giveaway

miraja music

Back in October of last year, Miraja made a set of tunes for free download and at a super-high quality (aiff) (the set was featured here by DJ UMB), hit play, let it flow through your speakers and immerse in the sounds of the blissful king.

MIRAJA MUSIC – 10 Free Downloads for DJs & iPods by MIRAJA

Mixtape madness

This bad boy is a top-notch DJ and his mixtapes are well put and always clever so grab them now and save for later:





Find Miraja everywhere:

MIRAJA Music (official site / press kit)
Family Moons
Future Simple Project

Feel free to leave a message using the comment system and please hit some of the social bookmarks to help spread the word!

big up massive!

It’s Zenodelic!

My boy Zeno just shared his 2009 release, AudioVision, for free on his soundcloud. Have you heard his style before? Zeno does not conform as he bends genres to fit his own sound!

Hear what he was doing back then:

AudioVision by zenodub

The offical word about the release:

Keeping his sound original and innovative Zeno drops six undulating Dubstep tracks with flair, showcasing throbbing bass, pleasing snares, well timed amen breaks, 8-bit and Electro influences as well as Hip-Hop styles. The album, ’Audiovision’ hits a sweet spot with sounds that invoke synesthesic experiences, with smooth, full, colorful, deep rhythms and attention to detail. Ranging from soothing, and chill to banging club material, each song has a unique groove to it making for an enjoyable diverse experience.
AUDIOVISION album art created by c0p.

Hear what he is doing now with this awesome experimental piece, I freakin’ love it!

Zenodelic [Free Download] by zenodub

Official word:
Free download here: http://plasticsoundsupply.com/release/experimental_dance_breaks_36/ – part of Experimental Dance Breaks 36 from Plastic Sound Supply – full release December 15th, 2010
Purchase it NOW exclusively @ Addictech http://www.addictech.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=62327

Drums, Guitar and Production by Zeno
Released by: Plastic Sound Supply
Release date: Dec 15, 2010

And In case you missed his well-received Cosmic EP on Crazy Language:

cl-033 | Zeno – Cosmic by Crazy Language

Official word:

Zeno doesn’t follow the traditional genre rules, instead he brings a more complex feeling to it, drawing influences from a variety of places that quickly evolve in different directions, mixing itself with the most improbable genres. With classic acid techno synth lines, moody ambients and everything he can find, Zeno explores uncharted territores with “Cosmic”.
MC Zulu gives his vocals to the DJ Machine song and surprises doesn’t just end here: Jack-of-All-Trades Huron, gives us two lovely remixes to complete this bass driven trip, with a more classical approach, faithful to the roots of dubstep and another stimulating remix from veteran Widdler complements the album with a re-interpretation from Clish. [F.G.]

and for the record…Zeno is working hard in the studio on an upcoming full album, so stay tune for reviews and exclusives here on GenerationBass.com

VibeSquad Exclusive


This guy is just going from strength to strength, awesome new release from him.

He is Lazer Bass’ MR FUNK!

Funky grooves man, all crunked up to send you out into psychedelic solar space to fill your head with glitchdust!

Grab this free track that we have exclusive give-away rights to!

The title of it is highly appropriate cause when listening to this album you need to get your FunkWear on! 🙂


Now you can read all the official Speil:

One of Colorado’s premier electronic producers, VibeSquaD, will release his fourth full-length album entitled “The Fire”on October 21, 2010.

Staying true to his unique take on glitch-hop, hip-hop, and bass music, Aaron Holstein, aka VibeSquaD, is taking these genres to new heights with “The Fire.”

In the past few years, VibeSquaD made a huge impact on the US electronic music scene with his captivating and energetic live sets. Anyone present at his performances at rammed clubs and festivals can vouch that he is hands down one of the most entertaining performers in the scene right now.

His sound is energetic and packed with interesting sounds generated from the far reaches of our solar system. It’s loaded with thick, fat drums, heavy bass and eects, and jaw-dropping, dynamic changes.

VibeSquaD’s “The Fire”undoubtedly will take listeners to an elevated state of bass.