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End of Feb already.. had a huge month with Blip Festival Australia happening so apologies if I missed some things this month.. (pic from Graff artist Gameboyone.) Cheapshot The one and only ChipBass powerhouse that is James York aka Cheapshot is about to drop a new release called Streets of Bass and its going to be huge.. a follow up to the amazing zOMG! release last year you can hear for yourself with this exclusive preview of the track Minger.. Stay tuned to Cheapshots Facey for download details KeFF Awesome Chipbass / Skweee / Game Boy wonk from this Finnish bro. Really love hearing his particular sound develop hopefully see a new release soon     O Samuli A Some more stuff from Finland, wonky Chipstep available on Vinyl!! Really keen on the groove that is in some of these tracks     Kodek & Not Fear Straight up Ice Funk Skweee, great to hear Kodek exploring some new sounds and working with other artists this is really quality .. cool fun video and name your price download.. no excuses grab it.     DA CHIP – DAFT PUNK REMIXES So the first one of these came out a few […]]]> 0 Chip Bass Blip Fest Edition Thu, 09 Jun 2011 07:00:50 +0000
So I attended Blip Festival in New York City and it was absolutely incredible I am going to attempt to recap some of the Chip Bass-centric highlights and a few extra bits too! BLIP FEST CHIP BASS RECAP I don’t think I can begin to describe the all encompassing shared lucid dreaming that is Blip Festival. Massive visual walls blasting lo-fi destruction and the worlds best and most creative practitioners in the art of squeezing sounds out of archaic machines combine to provide an unforgettable 3 nights of shows. This year it was very clear that chipmusic is broad and diverse and shows no sign of slowing down, there was punk (10kfreemen), noisy amiga core (stagediver), alt-folk-electro-awesome (talk to animals), post-rock space anthems (starscream) and heaps more. All the acts were really amazing but for this post I will just be sticking to the Chip Bass focused acts.   Ralp This guy from Spain delivered a non-stop assault of heavy kick drums and rolling bass. While I may not be able to name a single Ralp song and his set (as well as his albums) seem to be a single epic progressive electro jam that is actually an incredibly refreshing […]]]> 2
Chip Bass Monthly Fri, 29 Apr 2011 13:04:14 +0000 chipbass5Every month after I do these posts I wonder if there will be enough new material next month to fill out an entire post and every month I am overwhelmed and surprised with the quality and quantity of Bass influenced Chipmusic being put out in the world and the vast majority for free or cheap.. I <3 Chip Bass!!! (image by Jenn Yves Lemoigne) MonoDeer From the Netherlands this GameBoy artist (aka DEER or Mark van den Heuvel) has made some of my favourite chipstep stuff in the past but hasn’t been active for a little while, so it is with great pleasure I announce his return with this killer track that has a real unique swing and step to it and I am a big fan MORE PLEASE! Stream the Finished track below or download the Demo here March of the Grizzly Bears by MONODEER   Sparkyboy Now to the only active South African Chip artist that I know of  Sparkyboy. His most recent EP release is a great progression of his style and includes some Dubstep influences as well as a bit of Tropical/Reggaeton and electro and is really really great fun. My two favourite tracks on the […]]]> 4