Monsters on the Horizon

Halloween will kick off this year with an unlikely forward looking blend of electrifying EDM and deconstructed dancehall and club vibes, all with a dark twist rooting in the full spectrum of the rock genre.Monsters On The Horizon, a NYC Collective of Musicians, Artists, and Producers, bringing back Read more [...]

12 Bangers to Get Ready for Festival Season

Over here, the weather is slowly starting to get better and when sun feels warm on your skin for the first time of the year, you know festival season will be there sooner than you think. Time for a teaser roundup with the first hot summer tunes that I'm really feeling. I tried to draw stuff from some Read more [...]

Dwight Rass & Samo

Dwight Rass & Samo are a promising, up and coming DJ-producer duo in the Dutch urban-eclectic scene, based in my own hometown Utrecht. Yesterday they announced a fresh original production to be released this Sunday to celebrate the 2K followers they gathered in less than 2 months on both Soundcloud Read more [...]

What to Expect in 2016? [MEGA POST]

Leaving 2015 behind it is time to do make some first predictions about what we can expect in the coming year. Last year we saw the massive breakhroughs of some people both under and outside the radar of Generation Bass, such as Nidia Minaj, Kamixlo, ANGEL-HO and Santa Muerte. All artists who demonstrate Read more [...]

Vaphoree – Flakka EP [Dancehall-Grime]

Cover design by the artist himself (the man behind the mouthwateringly sharp URL Futurefest posters!)Producer and designer Vaphoree from Madrid is one of the promising upcoming artists for 2016, a member of the club trax avant-garde who hasn't come to full bloom yet this year. With Flakka EP, he Read more [...]