Milangeles – Passionata EP [Man Recordings]

milangeles 2

Milangeles, North Italian term for Latin American working migrants living in greater Milan and Milangeles, name of the musical project with the most tight and consistent sound of the actuality of Global Bass Music. Filippo Tortorici and Teddy Renton, from Pavia, the duo behind Milangeles had  already been showing good credentials with the Turismo Sexual EP and tracks like  Crookers – Get The Fuck Out Of My House (Milangeles rmx) ,Copia Doble Systema , Fisketorvet Riddim (Milangeles rmx),  Uproot Andy ft. MC Gringo & MC Nem – Fock Me Avontade (Milangeles rmx) which they have been showing in festivals around Europe this last years, driving people crazy.

With the EP Passionata they put together the arguments to release for Berlin´s label Man Recordings. Destination marked since Daniel Haaksman saw them live for the first time and which become passage for the release of some  remixes on Man Rec. since then.  From Juke to Trap , from Baile Funk to Afro Latin vibes.  Audacity that comes from the machinery in an audio-visual performance. All influences very well measured to provide the best experience to the public. PASSIONATA EP  consists in Samuel, Pan Man, and Senta Senta Senta  (Feat. the Brazilian Baile Funk  crew Bonde Das Preparadas) as authentic ass shakers.



The team is complete with Copia Doble Systema in this EP. The Copenhagen´s duo joins Milangeles in the theme Passionata to create an hypnotic travel through Dub sonorities with rythyms that goes from the Downtempo to Dancehall and a voice that guide us in repeated appeals accompanied by acid pan flutes .

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DJ Quotes:

Diplo: “Big ups for Passionata!”
Crookers: “Will play Samuel”
So Shifty: “Fantastic! All killer, no filler, can´t really pick a fav here.”
Schlachthofbronx: “Wicked release, love it!”
Bert On Beats: “Will definitely play Samuel. Dope energy there!”
Uproot Andy “Senta Senta Senta is super fun!”
Poirier: “Nice melodic baile funk inspired tracks!”
Shir Khan “Sameul And Senta Senta Senta are good fun”
Boogaloo “Crazyy!”
TLP: “Nice!”
Flore: “Huuge!”
Nickodemus: “Fun!”
Max Le Daron: “Great EP, love it so much!”
Chernobyl DJ: “Perfect! Exactly what I need!”


Funk Globo: the sound of neo Baile

funk Globo : the sound of Neo Baile
funk Globo : the sound of Neo Baile

Baile Funk is certainly one of my first musical love stories. Like a real one, with the « coup de foudre » or love at first hearing. The heartbeat, the passion, the anxiety, the anger, the lust, frustration and renewed pleasure, it was all of that.

It happened by chance and it started with Mr Bongo. Yes, the very label we talk about today. Years ago I knew i’d have a big party coming and i didn’t want to open on the headline artist playing something casual, so i digged in the net for a few months and that raw diamond came out. It was a real fight to extract it, but i got my first Baile Funk Comp vinyl :

Slum Drunk presents Funk Carioca by Tetine. And the storm of Putarias (sry i dunno what appropriate plurals are) of proibidão started. All the tracks i could get of Deize Tigrona, Tati Quebra, Tejo, Black Alien, Speed Freaks, Edu K (of course !) these were my names, my music. Thanks to Mr Bongo, Daniel Haaksman (who did an amazing job with his record label), the artists themselves (my Capoeira Mestre as well, thx Guara, i still have that recording you brought me back from Rio and forbade me to play public, – it’s about guys from one gang bitching onto another one –, actually thx for telling me, i guess it avoided me some serious trouble).

So enough of my good memories. Baile Funk has become Neo Baile. I wouldn’t even dare to explain what Neo Baile is exactly (i’d make a fool of myself), just know that you can get a hand on that superb comp released on Mr Bongo label, the tracks collected and put together by Sao Paulo-based Funk na Caixa aka Renato Martins and London-based Sean Casey aka Bumps, founder of Club Popozuda.

That’s 14 unreleased tracks blending tamborzão, heavy trap beats, uplifting close to moombahton drilling synths, tropical rhythms, dutch house snare rolls, Bmore drumbeats, great samples and even remixes of Maga Bo, Bert on Beats &Mc Gi, all of that into new ass-kicking versions.

Tecnobrega of course hasn’t been ignored – how could it be -, and you’ll get some caracteristic elements of that superb style and even as a bonus track Deize Tigrona‘s Prostituto feat. Jaloo. Just that track reveals the quality of this comp.

And yes don’t worry the 808 Volt hasn’t disappeared !

Mr Bongo records started life in 1989 and now 20-something years on they now have an impressive recording roster featuring some of the best Brazilian, Latin, reggae, African and Jazz music and artists. They also became an established bearer for hard-to-find, classic Latin music, and are particularly strong supporters of Brazilian music outside of the Americas.

‘Funk Globo: The Sound of Neo Baile’ features established names such as DJ Comdrade aka Xao, whose ‘Favela Trap’ album made a major dent in the burgeoning scene at the end of 2012, Sao Paulo-based MC Gi, one of the forerunners of the scene, and Rio-based
Maga Bo, who has been producing Brazilian-flavoured bass music since the early 00s.

Alongside these are upcoming artists Ophex from Lithuania, Ckrono&Slesh from Italy, Gato Preto from Mozambique, Chuck Upbeat from Moscow and London-based Bumps, one of the compilers. As a bonus the compilation also features the first lady of Funk, Deize Tigrona, on a track entitled ‘Prostituto’ that fuses Tecnobrega and the best of Trap rhythms and aesthetics. A truly global compilation, ‘Funk Globo: The Sounds of Baile Funk is a don’t-miss-it release from Mr Bongo, and will be released on the 22nd July 2013.
From Press kit.

You can listen here to the tracks mixed by Funk na Caixa :



1. Guto de Almeida-Vai Danada Ft. MC Wa

2. Maga Bo-No Balanco da Canoa (Bumps’ Neo Baile Remix)
3. Ophex-Gostoso
4. DJ Comrade-Xão Trap
5. MC Gi-Chega Mais (Carlos Nuñez Remix)
6. Chuck Upbeat-Cicadas’ Dance
7. Miam Vandale-Dança Gostosa
8. La Bombacion-Baile Funk Ft. Tecou
9. MC Dedê-Real Funk Do Povão (DJ Comrade Remix)
10. Bumps-Bumporzão
11. Ckrono & Slesh-A Patricinha
12. ViA The Robots-Shtusha Kutusha
13. MC Kacho-Bole Rebole (Prod. By Jaloo)
14. Gato Preto-Saca Me Desse Banzé
15. Deize Tigrona-Prostituto Ft. Jaloo

Daniel Haaksman Presents Tecno Brega : Album of the Year!

As you know from my Cremoso mixtapes, I am an absolute sucker for TecnoBrega and we’ve been covering it ever since this blog began in 2009!

I gotta say I was surprised when Daniel Haaksman informed me about this compilation because I had no idea he shared a massive love for it, like we do!!! As far as I am aware, he never articulated it publicly at least, albeit, he has had a Cremoso remix on one of Joao Brasil’s releases in the past.

I am so glad that he decided to put this together as his knowledge of Brazilian music is rich given his Baile Funk background and his contacts in Brazil are influential too. Indeed, for me it was really Haaksman’s Baile Funk output on his Man Recordings label way back that got me into much of the Transnational Bass scene as we now call it. So he has been an original in this scene for quite some time.

This new compilation just blew me away, it is my album of this year by a long shot. It could not have been better timed either because 2012 has been the year of CHEESE!

From the emergence of Trap, which caused mass bandwagon jumping with loads of people losing their integrity, to the rise of so called “EDM” in America, which practically ethnically cleansed the rich UK, European and USA history of Electronic Dance Music.

2012 has been the year of CHEESE!

Ironically, both “EDM” and Trap have ended up being far more cheesier than the material on this compilation which sets out to be deliberately cheesy. In other words both have out-cheesed TecnoBrega but not in a good or great way.

TecnoBrega is cheese but it’s cheese that brings a smile to your face, that makes you want to flip out and go a bit nutz, it’s just deliciously camp but in such a good, good way! This compilation by Haaksman makes a point and that is great music, even with a deliberate cheese agenda, still sounds far more classier and underground than other stuff that tries to pretend to be classy or underground!

Each track is a gem and will bring a smile to your face and make you wish that there were regular TecnoBrega parties in the UK and Europe!

So many great things are on this compilation that it’s hard to single out any for individual praise, it’s just such a great collection and fantastic introduction to the greatness of TecnoBrega and Haaksman has done an incredible job in putting it all together!

You really need this in your life!

Check out the mini-mix to get a flava of the compilation:


1. João Brasil feat. Marina Gasolina “Funk Do Iphone”
2. Banda Uó “Faz Uó”
3. Major Lazer feat. Amber Coffmann “Get Free” (Bonde Do Rôle Remix) (G/A/S only)
4. DJ Waldo Squash “Melo Do Dedo”
5. Gang Do Eletro “Pith Bull”
6. Charque “Money” (Edu K Remix)
7. João Brasil “Metal Brega”
8. Daniel Haaksman “Kid Conga” (João Brasil Remix)
9. Gang Do Eletro “Diabinhos Digitais”
10. DJ Waldo Squash “Bass Melody”
11. Crookers “Soca Ali Baba” (João Brasil Remix)
12. Felipe Cordeiro “Fim De Festa”
13. Banda Uó “Chorei”
14. Daniel Haaksman “Berlin Brega”
15. João Brasil “Aguas” feat. Gaby Amarantos



Tecno Brega is Portuguese for “cheesy techno” and it’s the sound of the Amazon finally getting its hands on cheap technology. Cheesy by name and cheesy by nature this is the sound of a simple preset drum pattern and mid to high range synth lines being pushed to the max.

Brega can be seen as a further example of the musical possibilities emerging from the world’s developing areas, yet another third world peripheral music that is based on a rigid but at the same time ever-evolving structure. This is no underground phenomenon, it is popular music, reviled by the urbane sophisticates but designed to appeal to and move the maximum number of Saturday-night revellers.

“Daniel Haaksman Presents Tecno Brega” gives a thorough overview of what is happening to Tecno Brega at the moment, in Pará, Brazil and the rest of the world by including a range of the most cutting edge producers and artists working within this genre. The compilation kicks off with three heavyweight names together, Man’s own genius of mash-up João Brasil teaming up with ex-Bonde de Rolê Marina Gasolina and remixed by DJ Cremoso, a recent new kid on the block whose remixes have been shaking up the genre with his indie crossovers. Banda Uó have two tracks on the compilation, their namesake track showing off their signature style, while “Chorei” seems to be their attempt to get a song played on the Novella (soap opera) at nine o’clock, a sure-fire way to have a hit in Brazil. This strategy seems to have worked for Gaby Amarantos, now a household name in Brazil, who turns up here for the tasteful “Aguas de Março”, again with Man’s own Joao Brasil.

Banda Uó’s producer, DJ Gorky, this time working with Bonde de Rolê, turns out the joyous and uplifting remix of Major Lazer’s “Get Free”, Gorky again showing why he is the man most likely to move Brazil’s music scene forward with a stunning remix of an already great track.

No Brega compilation would be complete without contributions from Pará’s own DJ Waldo Squash, here weighing in with two contributions as well as his work with Gang do Eletro. Squash’s signature sound of wailing synths and juddering stop/starts are an important contribution to the development of Brega, and key track “Bass Melody” is a lesson in short sharp minimalism. Elsewhere on the compilation you can find him inventively adapting anything from Kraftwerk to “Popcorn”.

The João Brasil remix of Daniel Haaksman’s own “Kid Conga”is the track that introduced Brega to Europe and deserves inclusion for it’s pioneering spirit and for demonstrating the blueprint synth sounds and drum pattern. Elsewhere Edu K’s remix of charque’s version of “Money” is channelling Sigue Sigue Sputnik and Belgium techno, Pink Floyd have never sounded so good (and let’s face it, energetic), there’s life in the old dogs yet! Part of the new generation coming out of Belém, Felipe Cordeiro offers up the kitsch but charming “Fim de Festa” a track that nicely encapsulates that melancholy feeling at the end of the party, where the punters are leaving and there’s a few stragglers on the dancefloor, a great example of the traditional meeting the new.The disc finishes with compiler Haaksman’s own take on Brega with the aptly named “Berlin Brega”, for where else would a strangely kitsch sound from the most northern region of Brazil be adopted and accepted with such loving care.

Daniel Haaksman is a Berlin based producer, DJ and journalist. He is head-honcho at Man Recordings and is responsible for all the releases and productions that come out of Man HQ as well as his own releases and remixes. Last year’s “Rambazamba” by Haaksman spawned many cult dancefloor hits and exciting remixes by the likes of Chrissy Murderbot. Man’s catalogue is responsible for the introduction of Brazilian Baile funk into Europe is THE label for Tropical Bass currently coming out of the worldwide periferias. For other labels he has put together such genre-defining compilations as “Rio Baile Funk – Favela Booty Beats” (Essay 2004), “More favela Booty Beats” and “Dub Infusions 1989-1999”and “More Dub Infusions” for the Sonar Kollektiv.

P.S. Today man Recordings have the big, first Brega night outside of Brasil ever as above, if you’re in the area, you’d be a fool to miss it.


Another quality release from the excellent Man Recordings label, one of the original Transnational Bass labels.


After teaming up with global heavy-hitters Toddla T, Branko (formerly known as J-Wow) and Daniel Haaksman, Swiss badboy Wildlife! is now bringing the remix version of his highly acclaimed collabo release.

The “Pastiche Remixes EP” features a bass-laden take on “Hear Dat” from Warsaw-based up-and-comer The Phantom, who’s recent releases for Silverback Recordings have gotten him praises from FACT, XLR8R, The Fader among many others. Italian stallion Nic Sarno turns the collaborative effort between Wildlife! & Toddla T into a southern rap influenced 80 bpm smasher. Young Chicago beatsmith EQ Why gives “Paragon” a mind-bending footwork treatment, while UK young-guns Piri Piri – of Sounds Of Sumo fame – take “DNO” into slightly housier but nevertheless bassbin-shaking territories.

Wheel up and come again!

DJ Feedback:

Crookers: “I like The Phantom remix!”
Feadz: “Great ! Will play The Phantom version and the Nic Sarno !”
Sinden: “Feeling the Piri Piri remix, theres some very good mixes here.”
Schlachthofbronx: “Wildlife! is the don. Nic Sarno and The Phantom remix are da bombs.”
So Shifty: “Great stuff, Nic Sarno remix is for us!”
Chrissy Murderbot: “Love The Phantom remix”
DJ Orgasmic: “Love The Phantom remix”
DJ Sabo: “Piri Piri remix is sick!”
Big Dope P: “EQ WHY murdered it ! And the whole release is dope!”
Beataucue: “Great release, thanks!”
Acid Washed: “Piri Piri remix is great, thanks!”
Mixhell: “Wicked!”
Chief Boima: “Love it, unexpected!”
DJ Crabbe: “Totally love The Phantom remix”
Max Le Daron: “Good to hear some dirty south rythms in dance music without noisy dutch trance leads innit”
Flore: “Love this release, very different stuff & forward thinking.”

Grab the free Nic Sarno remix of “Hear Dat” feat. Toddla-T from here:

So Shifty "Rumba" Ep feat. Madera Limpia – free Edu K remix

Excellent new release from one of the original Global Bass labels, Man Recordings:

So Shifty from Hamburg, Germany have been long time associates of Man Recordings. Their remixes for Beware+Motorpitch´s „El Toro“ as well as their remix of El Dusty´s 3ball hit „K Le Pasa“ have been on heavy rotation around the world for a while and recent remixes for No Doubt, Busy Signal, I-Octane, Chan Dizzy, Popcaan, Shal Marshall and others have been popping up left, right and centre. Their high-powered sound system DJ sets are considered to rank among the most powerful shows on the current tropical bass scene.

Now it´s high time for the Nordic power duo to release an original release. It features the mighty Cuban trio Madera Limpia, who in an earlier incarnation released their seminal „Loco“ track on Man Recordings in 2008. Madera Limpia are based in Guantanamo (the infamous town home to the American war prison) and contributed an amazing song to the waist-shaking beats of So Shifty. Call it a summer hit even now that summer has already peaked – or simply a big, tropical tune that fuses Reggaeton rhythm patterns with contemporary Moombah sounds.

The EP is heavily loaded with remixes that features a wide range of tropicalists from all over the field. Man Rec boss Daniel Haaksman gave Madera Limpia a 2nd remix treatment and with his tropical trance twist, made it ready for the clubs. Chong-X from Peru, currently considered one of the hottest remix tickets in the transglobal bass field, gave „Rumba“ a heavy Reggaeton treatment, right up there with his other recent remixes for Torito Bandindo or Rawpa Crawpa. Legendary Brasilian MC/DJ and producer Edu K, Man Rec´s first released artist, returns after a two-year musical hibernation with a surprising Bahian take on „Rumba“. Additionally, there´s german Club dons BassIllEuro from Stuttgart bringing „Rumba“ to the Moombahton crowds, with an uptempo version of So Shifty’s anthem. And last but not least it´s time for the Austin-based Peligrosa crew (from the blog/label/DJ-collective) to give „Rumba“ the Texas treatment.



Grab a freebie here: from the brilliant Edu K:


Another great new release from Man Recordings featuring an array of talented artists, J-Wow from Buraka Som Sistema, Toddla T from BBC Radio 1 and head honcho of Man Recordings, Daniel Haaksman. They all join forces for Wildlife’s first EP on Man Recordings.

Stream the release here:

Listen to Wildlife’s Mix:

Watch the Vid:

Read the PR:

WILDLIFE! who first gained public attention for his unanimously praised productions for Jamaican bad gal Terry Lynn, and then continued making waves with global bass bubblers “Jumbie”, “Metazoa” and his dancehall-soaked “Buckup EP”, readies his first outing for Man Recordings.

The Swiss badboy teams up with Buraka Som Sistema’s J-Wow, with Toddla T and with Mr. Daniel Haaksman himself to deliver a bass fueled 4-tracker, respectfully paying hommage to a variety of genres they’re drawing inspiration and influence from.

On “DNO” WILDLIFE! & J-Wow deliver slowed down kuduroesque rhythm patterns paired with heavy sub-bass action , while the Toddla T collabo “Hear Dat” swings between grimey dancehall and post-apocalyptic soca madness. On “Paragon” WILDLIFE! and Haaksman take things up to 150 bpm, clashing a Juke/Footwork influenced percussion section with chopped-up vocal bits and genre-defying electronica weirdness. WILDLIFE! rounds things up, with dub influenced half-time smasher “Clappaz”.

Grab a Freebie:



Daniel Haaksman: More Rambazamba

The world’s leading Global Bass DJ from one of the world’s leading Global Bass Labels!

I learned all I know about Global/Transnational Bass from this man, Daniel Haaksman, and his label, Man Recordings.

The real deal!  This man is genuinely respected whilst others are genuinely derided!

His classic album of last year gets a classic remix treatment!

Read all about it below but first grab this briliant free “So Shifty” remix of “Bomba”.


CAT.NR.: MAN 067

Following his acclaimed “Rambazamba” album release in May 2011, Berlin´s tropical pioneer Daniel Haaksman now returns with a remix version of his debut, aptly titled “More Rambazamba“ (a.k.a. “With a blazer”).

“More Rambazamba” literally translated means “More Mayhem“”(“Rambazamba” is a German word for “stiring up”, “kicking up a fuss”).  Ensuring instant dancefloor rage, the musical styles on this album reflect on Haaksman´s DJ and production style: Always full of surprises, eclectic and high-powered, yet with a gentleman touch. We hear on “More Rambazamba”, to quote Wayne & Wax blog author Wayne Marshall, “creative reworkings of some time-honored Haaksman anthems  such as “Rap Da Silva”, “Carnival”, “Jesus” feat. Tati Quebra Barraco or “Bomba”. Marshall:

“These remixes overflow with polyrhythmic joy, bumping along with little regard for genre boundaries and in the process creating even more space for winding waists — and tastes!”

The list of remixers on “More Rambazamba” is hot and high-calibred.

Highlights include: Berlin noise master Jan Driver returning with his classic remix of “Hands Up” feat. Seguindo Sonhos, which also got retouched by Paris hyphy don French Fries.  Sound Of Sumo´s Kry Wolf laid Haaksman´s “Carnival” onto a bass heavy, UK groove, Estonia´s Bert On Beats reworked the bumpy cover version of “Din Daa Daa” in his trademark Kuduro inspired bass style.  Big Dope P of Moveltraxxx sent the Rio funk anthem “Rap Da Silva” to Chicago for a Juke examination.  Hamburg´s So Shifty injected beefy beats to “Bomba” feat. Roxxxy Bione, while Chrissy Murberbot put another Chicago infused rhythm onto “Jesus” feat. Tati Quebra Barraco. And Urbs from Vienna remixed “Rap Da Silva” in classic JA roots fashion.


1. Carnival (Kry Wolf Remix)
2. Din Daa Daa (Bert On Beats Remix)

3. Rap Da Silva feat. Bani Silva (Big Dope P Juke Remix)
4. Bomba feat. Roxxxy Bione (So Shifty Remix)
5. Dubcheck feat. Shantel & Boban Markovic (El Dusty Remix)
6. Hands Up feat. Seguindo Sonhos (French Fries Remix)
7. Copabanana (DJ Punish Remix)
8. Bomba feat. Roxxxy Bione (Neki Stranac Remix)
9. Hands Up feat. Seguindo Sonhos (Jan Driver Remix)
10. Jesus feat. Tati Quebra Barraco (Schlachthofbronx Remix)
11. Din Daa Daa (Boogaloo Remix)
12. Jesus feat. Tati Quebra Barraco (Chrissy Murderbot Remix)
13. Rap Da Silva feat. Bani Silva (Urbs Remix)


Wow, wow, wow, wow!!!

Madonna has RIPPED OFF our Brazilian homie Joao Brasil’s Love Banana track on the Man Recordings label.

Check this out:

I just hope Daniel Haaksman, head honcho of the Man Recordings label tries to do something about this, maybe with a possible lawsuit against her. I’m not sure about the legal mechanics of that kinda thing apart from it’s a big risk and will cost $$$.

Hopefully, he’ll succeed and as MIA said “the little guys get to f**k shit up” 🙂

I hope to see Mr Haaksman & Joao driving around in their new Rolls Royces’ this time next year ahahahaha from the winnings of a lawsuit!

All the best guys, I hope you take some action cause you deserve some $$$ from a cut of her royalties from that single.


Maybe I said all of the above in haste and they should try to talk to her management first to see if a collab is on the cards as suggested by someone in the Moombah Forum!!   It’s doubtful her management would talk back but it’s worth a try.

La Makina del Karibe – Maki Man

this one via our friends at Ghettobassquake:

This almost slipped by me without me noticing… but it’s a def killer, check it: A few months ago, A.J. Holmes played me his great remix of a champeta track ‘Maki Man’. Its finally been released along with some other banging remixes from our dudes Moroka, Daniel Haaksman and Hat & Hoodie. Like most Colombian champeta tracks it has a strong west african soukous flavour and can’t fail to cheer up your January with its sunny caribbean party vibes. Grab the whole release from Chasuma records and here’s the Daniel Haaksman remix for gratis.

Makina Del Karibe – Kosmik Chankleta EP by Chusma Records


The original album release, “Antenna Of Tallinn”,being considered as one of the major tropical bass albums of 2011, gets now the appropriate remix treatment. With “Antenna Of Tallinn Remixed” Bert On Beats returns witha big bang.

Having put his magic touch on tracks by other artists such as Vybz Kartel, Buraka Som Sistema or Tomb Crew, Bert On Beats now is reworked by friends and inspirators.With fourteen reworks, “Antenna Of Tallinn Remixed” is a huge package that presents tracks in a wide range of styles.

Remixes come from hot 2011 tickets such as Munchi, Daniel Haaksman, Neki Stranac or Big Dope P, upcoming young talents such as Woz, Julius Sylvest or Max Le Daron, as well as established names like Flore, Diamond Bass or Raiden amongst others.

AOT RMXD Is out on 17th of October!!!

Bert On Beats – Girl Ninja (Hortus Musicus remix) by Bert On Beats