Andrew Weatherall : Phonica Mix


Andrew Weatherall is indeed a legend of the UK music scene and he has just dropped this awesome mix for the Phonica Mix series. He has also done an interview to accompany the mix which you can read HERE.

The mix includes some really trippy & eclectic stuff from cumbia & jazz through to slow-mo Patrick Cowley cuts, afro rhythms from William Onyeabor and mid 80’s cold wave from Nagamatzu. I’m loving this.


01. Patrick Cowley – Cat’s Eye

02. Los Gaiteros De San Jacinto – Fuego De Cumbia Dub De Sangre Pura

03. Roland P. Young – Moon & Stars

04. Savant – Stationary Dance

05. William Onyeabor – Ride On Baby

06. Youth Stand Up – Ave Wo Nane

07. Youth Stand Up – Come With Me

08. Boots For Dancing – South Pacific

09. Patrick Cowley – 50oz of Funk

10. Savant – Facility

11. General Strike – Parts Of My Body

12. Owiny Sigoma Band – Nyanza Night

13. Nagamatzu – Carmine

14. Dexter Story – Yene Konjo

Loris : Bedayat ❂ Mix [Latin Arabe]


Loris is a DJ from Mexico with Palestinian origins, yes, that place in the Middle East facing the worst excesses of brutal modern-day apartheid! Nope, I don’t care what you have to say about that last statement, history will tell us we were on the right side!

Loris has been following us for a while and she wanted to share her new mix with us which takes in both her Latin and Arabic roots, 2 places of the world which take up a bulk of our posts and interests. It’s a great mix fusing awesome new sounds from Meixco such as Nu-Cumbia, 3ball with remixes of tracks from the Middle East by Western producers taking in Trap and Moombahton amongst other genres.

This is a gorgeous ride and the title which is in Arabic means “Beginning and Inception”:

HotGem – Everybody hustlin' mix


Another great mix here from our Hottie Head Honcho from the HotGem label (that sounds catchy, she ought to use that 🙂

Starts off in terrific ambient mood setting the scene for a great journey into HotGem Land. Features Ruff Sqwad, Nancy Sinatra, Chaka Khan, her matey Koreless, Pusha T, classics by Raze, Caribou, her artists Machines in Heaven, Indian shit like Rahul Dev Burma, Hudson Mohawk, Syrian Dabke, Saint Etienne, some Gen Bass stuff too and so much more.   This is the kind of diverse and wide-ranging mix we love here at Generation Bass cause it kinda epitomizes what we’re all about.  She’s just recently started creating mixes and I gotta say she’s def got a knack for it, keep them coming Clair.

HotGem – Everybody hustlin’ mix by Clair Crawford on Mixcloud

Dj Zhao – NGOMA 21 – (Debkah) – Syria For Ever


Amazing music from Syria and a very interesting background story to the mix by the ever impressible Dj Zhao.

Kindly note, none of this music has been mined, found, re-discovered or stolen and Zhao is not going to release it on vinyl without requisite permissions or knowledge of the artists and he is not going to do edits and release those edits on vinyl without requisite permissions or knowledge of the artists and he is not trying to book a world tour on the back of it (well, I really hope not)…….but please do book him for gigs!

Here’s what he says:

In Gaziantep, an old Turkish city on the Eastern and Southern Most part of the country, bordering Syria, i had the fortune of meeting 2 Syrian young men who were involved in the initial student and popular uprising, part of the so-called “Arab Spring”. They were among the most charming, intelligent, funny and friendly guys i’ve ever met, and had become wanted men and refugees, one of them with a price on his head, hiding out in Turkey. They told inspiring and harrowing stories of the spontaneous peaceful demonstrations against the oppressive Assad regime, how it kept going in the face of brutal repression by police and military. And of how the government, in 2011, released thousands of jihadists from prison, while the revolutionary political prisoners stayed in captivity and continued to be tortured, in order to dilute the rebellion, to brand the opposition as extremists, and create a false choice for the population, of either government or fundamentalism. Shortly after that, the US backed jihadist group known as ISIS or ISIL infiltrated, and the country has been steadily torn apart by violence, its infrastructure crippled, its glorious ancient cities destroyed, creating multiple and massive humanitarian nightmares.

In addition to first hand accounts of these events, one of these guys also gave me a collection of amazing contemporary Syrian Debkah, a modern dance music with ancient roots, very popular in many parts of the Middle East.



Great new mixtape from our #FutureTarraxo pioneers Bison & Squareffekt and here’s what’s said:

Bison & Squareffekt are one of the Portugal’s hottest new Bass duo’s have made a massive impression in the past 6 months and have been auded by the Portuguese Bass Masters themselves, Buraka Som Sistema.

Bison & Squareffekt both had their first releases on Generation Bass. Bison with “The Wave of Tarraxinha” and for the second time with Squareffekt and their “Odyssey of the Mind” series. Volume 2 of that series will soon follow. They have also been featured on the amazing Portuguese Bass Underground Release,They also been supported by blogs like Generation Bass,Enchufada,Mad Decent,Do Androids Dance,The Fader among many others.

Together are making a unique sound fusing the Space Age Beats from Africa mixed with vintage 80s atmosphere and creating what the blogosphere are calling the Future Tarraxo and bring it to an all new level, this guys fits like a glove and make one of the hottest producer teams anywhere in the world right now!

1.Bison & Squareffekt – Futura
2.Dj 2PeKes – Tropicaliente
3.Dj 2PeKes – Deep in Zouk Bass
4.Steve TellcO – Zombo Zouk
5.Dub Phizix & Skeptical – Rags
6.Jameston Thieves – St. Lucia
7.Caski Feat. Chimpo – Um Bongo
8.Alo Wala – Badman Bible (RIOT Remix)
9.Go Tiago – Swax
10.Tenor Fly – Rude Boy Talk (Toddla T & Melé Remix)
11.RIOT – 4AM (feat. MC Strategy)
12.Mala Noche – War Zouk
13.Dub Phizix – Buffalo Charge
14.Bun Out – Drop The Hype
15.Elliphant – Ciant Hear It (Zoorock Remix)
16.Toddla T Vs The 2 Bears – Big Tune A Drop (feat. Mr lexx)
17.Pote – Tia Guarra


287677bf0850c64eb985fb6244ce815a multi

Desert Wave is an Arabic/Eastern themed concept which is both ambient and rave in equal measure.

It conceptualizes a hallucinogenic & psychedelic vibe where you can trip’ the **** out either in mellow mood at the Sand Dunes (dreaming your dreams) or more upbeat at the Light Fantastic, raving till dawn.

Part 1 – Trippin’ at the Sand Dunes:

A collage of cinematic, ambient & club sounds draw from music made by emerging artists from the Middle East, artists from the past, western artists with an interest in the Middle East, movie soundtracks, the deeply spiritual, video game composers and much, much more. Nestled amongst all of this is one of the world’s greatest ever rock bands but in this collection they are made to sound just as anonymous as many of the other artists they feel comfortable to sit with in the mix, truly hUMBled 🙂

DesertWave – Part 1 Trippin’ at the Sand Dunes (March 2015) by Dj Umb on Mixcloud

Part 2 – Trippin’ the Light Fantastic:

The higher octane side embraces psychedelic club sounds that take you on a shamanic journey that lilts you into a deep trance and draws from music on the leftfield of the dance world. Here you get the latest underground merging with some classic and relatively unknown material of the past and some real curveballs thrown in to add that unique experience from 60’s drone merchants, 70’s & 80’s Electronic pioneers, one of the 90’s biggest Electronic acts and also North African infused Krautrock and finishing with musicians in North Africa paying homage to a Rolling Stone.

DesertWave Part 2 – Trippin’ the Light Fantastic (March 2015) by Dj Umb on Mixcloud

Here’s some of the Artists on the mixes, which might come as a bit of a surprise to some of you:



Regarded as one of the greatest ever Krautrock albums, this debut release by German band Agitation Free saw them taking in the Middle Eastern vibes as far back as in 1972.   Heavily inspired by Egypt and full of “dueling guitars, spacy synth work, desert rhythms and taped sounds of dusky cities… adding depth and spice to the otherwise smooth, Teutonic grooves.”

This is one of the greatest ever albums in any genre and I would strongly reccommend that you buy the whole album.

The vibe of the track I used just fitted this whole concept in feel and atmosphere and it’s relative anonymity just added to its allure!



Another act from the 60’s who were hugely influential in both the Krautrock and Electronic worlds.  In 1983 though they released an album called “Hyperborea”.

“‘No Man’s Land’ was a tour de force of conception full of spirited North African pipe and drum inflections. Its oriental flavour was increased by the use of exceptionally crafted electronic sitar and tabla sounds. With its hazy Moroccan dance feel and use of additive and cyclical melodies ‘No Man’s Land’ was an entrancing nine minutes of luminous Dream music.”

The track I used just sets off the second ambient passage of Part 2 perfectly!



The sustained oriental drones in this epic track had to be included.

The track in the mix beautifully concludes the second ambient passage in Part 2 before the mix really starts to rise up a few gears with more dance oriented material.



Led Zeppelin are well known for their forays into Middle Eastern music with their world conquering “Kashmir” track and they have hinted at the Middle East in other tracks like “Friends”.  From the same album as Kashmir, I used a track that has all the eerie, transcendental atmospherics of the kind of vibe I wanted to create for the first mix  and I think it is snuck in there (in edited form) in completely mysterious and anonymous fashion.  If you didn’t know Led Zeppelin material, you couldn’t be blamed for not recognizing it was a tune from one of the world’s greatest ever rock bands.



No, it’s not “Galvanize”, a track that was based on “Just Tell Me the Truth” by Morocco’s Najaat Aatabou.  It was originally a big hit in Morocco in or about 1993 and was sampled by the Chemical Brothers in their worldwide hit “Galvanize” in 2005 which sold over one million singles.

I was lucky enough to be 1 of only 2 people ever to be granted permission to license this track for a compilation, my Experience Morocco comp.  The other being, PAUL BOWLES!!!!  Indeed the track on my & Paul Bowles’ compilations is only an MP3.  A WAV version does not exist.  Najaat had agreed to re-record the track for me at the time of my compilation but it didn’t happen in the end cause she suddenly wasn’t in the mood for it!!!!

The Chemical Brothers track that I have used in Part 2 came much later than Galvanize and it’s a heavy, Big Beat Floor Stomper of a Middle Eastern tinged track that has been grossly overlooked.  I hope more people find it now or pay more attention because of its inclusion in this mix.



Amongst all the big ass dudes in the mix, who are in the minority, there’s some equally enthralling little known guys like The Blue Lily Commission aka Steve Palmer from my neck of the woods.  He makes global music that also fuses synthesisers into the swirly mix and some of his tracks are an intoxicating brew like the one I used which is probably one of my favourite tracks over the 2 mixes.

Please check out his material, some of it is pretty mega:



What can you say about this man and that hasn’t been said before…..BLADERUNNER……!!!

I have used a few tracks, one from that soundtrack and a few from other albums and one that is not him but which might be mistaken for him.

He is the master at evoking future sounds and when those sounds have a Middle Eastern tinge, it’s better than sex!


Yellow One Second

Yello were one of the first Electronic acts that intrigued me and I’ve been a huge follower of them since they hooked me in. There’s a great Snake Charmer-esque track by them that I’ve included in this mix, it’s brilliant.

The Master Musicians of Jajouka


We were lucky enough to include a transcendental track by these legendary dudes on our Transnational Dubstep Compilation when they teamed up with Dub Gabriel and ex-Bauhaus & Love & Rockets bassist, David J.

“The Master Musicians of Joujouka are Jbala Sufi trance musicians most famous for their connections with the Beat Generation and the Rolling Stones founder Brian Jones.”

I’ve taken a track from their Sub Rosa release which is in the praise of the last coming of Brian Jones and it’s dead trippy – “brahim jones joujouka very stoned”!!



Stephane is a French composer of video game music and his Dune soundtrack is legendary.

The tracks here on Part 1 are renditions of the Dune soundtrack played through dunemidi.exe in DOSBox.



Another French Composer best known for working with Luc Besson.  He’s done some great soundtracks, many of which include arabic inspired sounds.

Other Artists

If you’re into the Arabic Undeground, you’ll know some of the other stuff by dudes like Professor Genius, Crackboy, Legowelt, Acid Arab, El Mahdy Jr and our Generation Bass dude C-Productions!

Mexican Jihad: music to… perrear (tu gata es mi homi)


We love to support some of the indigenous labels doin’ it for themsleves and Naafi are one such label doin’ it for Mexican Bass music in all its forms. Hence why we agreed to permit them to release our Javier catalogue on CD whilst we retained Digital rights because that is the perfect home for it.

Their Creative Director just dropped this mix for ID and it’s a really interesting concept:

Alberto Bustamante, a.k.a. Mexican Jihad, is originally from Oaxaca, Mexico. He is the creative director of N.A.A.F.I, his independent record label. He’s currently developing the brand #MexicanJihad by doing DJ sets that include genre frictions and easy to dance music like perreo, Mexican club music and mainstream pop.

​1. Horror Piano (LAO Tormenta Costeña Ha Mash) -Unknown Artist
​2. Comprendes Mendes -Control Machete
​3. Wiggle (Version Perreo Dj Bekman)
​4. Lo Vamos A Danzar (Perreo RMX) -Ivy Queen ?- DJ Bekman
​5. Mi Vecinita -Plan B
​6. Maldades -La Mafia del Amor
​7. Wudang (ZUTZUT & LAO reggaeton bootleg) -Fatima AlQadiri
​8. Vernáculo -Future Brown ft. Maluca
​9. Nuestro Combo Mixeo (CULO) -DJ Hate
​10. Mix Jhon Erick Edition Bachetera -DJ AZA
​11. 96 Rakata ?- House Party (Thursty Moore Mash-up) -Wisin Y Yandel & Meek Mill
​12. Perreo Mágico 4 La Mafia del Amor -LAO + Paul Marmota
​13. Préndelo -Tomasa del FT. Ceaese
​14. Buena Vida -Füete Billete
​15. Bossy Instrumental/Bossy-Kelis Ft. Too Short
​16. Lloren -Zonora Point ft. Marciano’s Crew
​17. Tu No Lo Sabes -Jose Victoria Ft Manny LMP
​18. No Type (Spanish Version) -Gio El Androide

Head to to read his Slumber Session interview.

Tipper – CoSM Ambient Set


The masterful Tipper who once got a bollocking in 1997 at the V Festival from The Prodigy’s stage manager, because the band couldn’t hear itself due to the excess volume emanating from Tipper’s soundsystem from his 1970s Dodge Challenger car which was fitted with 6 x18″ subwoofers and a Funktion-One mid/tops speaker unit.

Once upon a time Tipper also brilliantly mastered our Generation Bass Presents Transnational Dubstep Compilation, which was a huge coup for us.

He has just dropped this amazing Ambient set consisting of originals tracks and recorded at CoSM and featuring tracks spanning the last 15 years.

Traveler's "Dub The World" Mix


The Six Degrees label have been at the helm of Transnational/Global Bass since the late 90’s, early 2000’s and they just don’t get enough of the praise and credit that they deserve for it. They use to do a wonderful Traveler series of compilations curating great Indian, African and Arabic Global Club anthems and I use to use a lot of their material for my early DJ sets.

Of course, a few years ago it was also the perfect home for our ground-breaking and classic compilation “Generation Bass Presents Transnational Dubstep”.

In addition to their brilliant releases as a label, they have also been running one of the most interesting, eclectic and diverse radio shows/podcasts for a number of years, lovingly put together by Bob Duskis.

Each week, usually, consistently, without failure, he compiles a bunch of awesome tracks behind a different theme. The theme could be anything, it might be something to do with the weather or it could just be somebody’s name and he curates a bunch of tracks around that theme, all having something in common with it. I think it’s a brilliant and unique idea and he should be given a much bigger platform to express it on but as we know all great ideas usually stay residing in the underground!

This week, he put together an awesome mix of Dub from around the world and I’m really feeling it. So check it out and follow these shows cause they’re great and educational too.

Tracklist is on the player:

Traveler’s “Dub The World” Mix by Sixdegreesrecords on Mixcloud