Kastle, Sabo, Anubus


Last Sunday I was in Austin, Texas at the SXSW music conference and having worked like crazy Wednesday thru Friday I was super excited to just chill out and enjoy some good music on Sunday, which happened to be St. Paddy’s day, which is basically a fun excuse for ALL Americans to wear green and get sloppy.  It also happened be the SXSW edition of ‘Moombahton Massive’ Nadastrom and Sabo’s party which is normally held in Washington DC.   I came and left and came back, and as the sun was setting Kastle stepped to the decks and played an astonishing, wonderful set.  Even Dave Nada tweeted “I haven’t been this blown away by a dj set in a long time. Here’s @kastledub playing our Nadastrom & Friends closing party in Austin. Barrett is patiently waiting for everyone to catch up with him. Amazing.”  So on Kastle’s soundcloud I found this little gem of a mix.  This is exactly the mixtape I have been begging DJ mOma to make me for years.  I suppose to all you guys in the UK this kinda stuff might be passé, but to the rest of the world who wasn’t clubbing in London in 2001, this stuff is pretty dope and with the recent rise in popularity of Funky House and acts like Disclosure, these classic joints seem even more relevant.  Todd Edwards, fuck, I’m just shaking my head his music was so amazing to me and my friends when we first heard it 12 years ago (yikes!) and still, just dope, dope, dope.  

At that same party I was happy to also see the homie Sabo, and yesterday he just dropped an AMAZING little gift on us.  A full mix of his own edits.  DAYYYUM, to assemble a full mix of dope raw edits that you cooked up all yourself, I really don’t know what to say.  This mix is kinda everything thats right about Moombahton, super deep and vibey, great synths and light years away from the aggro-brostep-moombahcore that I’m personally starting to detest so much.  All the tracks are available for FREE download if you go and “Like” Sabo’s fan page on Facebook, YAY!

Lastly here is one from a old time friend of mine DJ Anubus.  He used to be known as a really great turntablist with a really terrible vinyl collection.  I can’t explain how happy it makes me to see how far he’s come as a selector and producer!  His side project Disco Llama has some really great disco reworks and edits and be sure to scroll down on his soundcloud and check his Moombah Don’t Sweat the Technique, its iLL!   This mix here is a very nice groovy, bassy, chill out listen.  ENJOY!

Yo, next week we go to the dirty south with mixes from three TEXANS, bring ur trap hat…








mixtape riot, sabo, jamie xx

my homie charlie wears many hats and has a number of monikers, chuck wild is also known as captain planet and he also runs a blog known as mixtape riot.   a steady source for all things groovy, funky and frequently foreign its one of my most reliable places to check for new stuff.  this mix he did for brooklyn radio doesn’t fail to disappoint, and any mix thats got arthur russell at the top of the track list is winning in my book.  charlie, holla at ya boyeeeee!



this is an old(ish) moombahton mix from dj sabo which i just came across.  if you arent familiar, sabo and moombahton are virtually synonymous.   his label sol selectas is a good example of all things right about moombahton, shying from the moombahcore sound and often hailing to moombah’s cumbia and ethnic influences its a great label and this mix from sabo is really fantastic.

recently my homie dizzy in austria put me on to the boiler room videos on youtube where a bunch of english people set up a camera, dj decks, and then start dancing to some dope club music.  i really really want insert some clever dig on english people not being able to dance or having funked up teeth but the words escape me, sorry.  um well, this mix here is from jamie xx whos a giant from the world of indie rock with his band “The xx”.   its a cool kinda chill out listen, with lots of heavy sub-y type stuff in start, and the second half of the mix he gets pretty eclectic, even dipping into some afrobeat and disco type stuff.  also a beautiful alicia keys exclusive at the end, very nice!



holla at the kid!!!!




Transnational Moombahton

So I messed about with the idea of “Transnationalism” with Dubstep a few years ago which culminated in a huge CD release earlier this year. Can the same idea apply to Moombahton, yes it can.

Here’s a small selection of Transnational Moombahton tracks and I focused more on non-Latin stuff as we all know the roots of Moombahton are firmly rooted in Latin sounds.

So here’s a selection of Indian, European, Arabic, Far East Asian and African tracks.

I’m sure there’s LOADS more but these are the ones that sprang to my mind almost immediately.


Nadastrom – Trompaton.mp3 by T&ARecords


African flute – (obeyah moombahton edit) by obeyah

Alex font – angola (obeyah moombahton edit) by obeyah


DJ Melo – Song For My Children (radio edit) by azdjmelo


Boochie Boochie Bango by TROWA


Ben Tactic – Coroa de Ouro by Tactic


Fat and Ugly – Indian Giants (Jabo’s Moombahton Remix) http://www.mediafire.com/?qt8jvqtc93ylc8h by JABO’


ETC!ETC! & Kid Cedek – Dem Boyz (Moombahton) *Free Download* by ETC!ETC!


Jazmine (Moombhangra) by David Heartbreak



David Heartbreak – Chavvi (BOYFRIEND remix) by BOYFRIEND




Shazalakazoo – Bang! Bang! EP Teaser (Mixed by Neki Stranac) – OUT NOW by djumb


Slap In The Bass – Egypt (Neki Stranac Moombahton Mix) by NEKI ★ STRANAC

Bert On Beats ft. Anbuley – Kelewele (Neki Stranac Remix) by NEKI ★ STRANAC

Palčići On Fyah – Kudurica (Neki Stranac Razmiks) by NEKI ★ STRANAC

SuperStereo feat. Szolga Józsi – Goran in the Disco Club (Neki Stranac Moombahton Mix) by NEKI ★ STRANAC


Chong X Contra Scotland Yard – Fantomas by chong-x

Chong X – Dobry Den by chong-x

Vocal Sampling – El Tren (Chong X Remix) by chong-x

Wayanay De Los Andes – Purunrunas (Chong X EDIT) by chong-x

Bhangra Punjabiyan Da – Ishq di Maari (Chong X EDIT) by chong-x





The 13th Tribe-Afreaka ft Mila (VOCA) by The 13th Tribe

The 13th Tribe – 2 Way Mirror feat Mila (VOCA) by The 13th Tribe

The 13th Tribe – Un Chiste feat Khain74 by The 13th Tribe

The 13th Tribe – Sociedad No Limit feat mcSafa by The 13th Tribe


Fr33ky Egypt by djsabo


Here’s a REPEAT of what I said exactly almost 1 year ago, gotta say a lot of this actually came through as being true 🙂

Of course the New Wave of Moombahton Compilation demonstrated just how far this scene has come in just 1 MEGA year for Moombahton!


2011 might just end up being the year of Moombahton and Moombahcore!

I think it has the potential to emulate the success of Reggaeton worldwide!

Of course, it might also not do what we hope for or expect, such is the nature of the music biz!

However, with Nada working with Switch for a dubsided release, Heartbreak & Munchi being signed up by Mad Decent and Generation Bass Digital and a growing audience and appetite for the genre worldwide, the signs seem too good to be true.

However, like always, suppose we’ll have to wait and see and assess the success or failure by the end of the year!

Here’s a nice lil’ taster for 2011, the year that Moombahton & Moombahcore ruled the world..ahahahhaa!


My tip for one of the rising Moombahton stars of 2011!

We’ve pencilled in a release on GB Digital, let’s see if the boy can deliver but I bet my bottom dollar that he will MORE than deliver!

This is designed for commercial dancefloors worldwide and a lil’ sign of things to come!

Hay Consuelo (Obeyah edit) by obeyah


This dude share’s more than just a name with the other DJ Sabbo from Israel.

They are also both exceptionally gifted in turning their production skills to a range of different genres, which makes distinguishing one from the other, even more difficult.

This track demonstrates the huge commercial potential for this genre, it’s a huge start for the Moombahton invasion of 2011.

Here’s what he says:

A little holiday Moombahton gift for everyone!

I took my favorite Layo & Bushwacka tune called “The Next Level” and made an extended Moombahton edit. I added lots of percussion, a few African vocal snippets here and there, a little Native American flute, removed the only “progressive” sounding part, and extended the track by layering the synth. Its a long, deep, and hypnotic journey. Much respect to the original version and its producers, I hope I was able to maintain the originally intended spiritual feeling.

Feliz Navidad and Happy 2011 mi gente!!!!

Next Level (Sabo’s MoombahDeep Edit) by djsabo


By now you should all know that Moombahcore was invented by Monsieur Big Hair (lol..aka Munchi).

There’s a real beauty in having this as a sub-genre to Moombahton because it showcases a sometimes more aggressive side to Moombahton, which for Dubstep heads like me, is a dream come true!

My only concern atm is that there’s not many original tracks in this sub-genre yet. So it remains to be seen whether it can translate well with original tracks.

This, by Sonora, follows the Moombahcore tradition to brilliant effect, awesome track!

Pacheko – 930 (sonora moombahcore remix) by SONORA


DJ Orion is another exceptionally gifted producer and as we know he cross-pollinated Moombahton with Tribal Guarachero & Footwork to create Boombahchero, which I thought was really good stuff man!

Here, he tries his very capable hands at Moombahcore and pulls it off as usual!

It ain’t got a name (Orion Remix) – Rough Cut by dj_Orion


I already said a couple of days ago that Heartbreak is going to be one of the rising underground stars of 2011, let’s remind ourselves why!

Emalkay When I look at You (Heartbreak’s I love Moombahcore Remix) by David Heartbreak

King Kong by David Heartbreak


Moving on to one of the main and pivotal guys in the scene, Dave Nada who created Moombahton, by accident.

One of the best accidents to happen last year I’d say and so thanks Dave!

Nadastrom – Rum & Coke EP by T&ARecords


Whilst Nada is working with Switch, Diplo has got his hands on our Munchi. Pretty soon, he will be everybody’s Munchi..lol.

Top marks to Diplo & Switch for keeping their ears open to the underground cause they could have been so stuck up their own arses that they might have missed this completely. Full credit to both of them for not missing out on this. With them on board, the potential for both Moombahton and Moombahcore to explode internationally is looking more and more realistic as opposed to just a pipe dream imagined in my head!

So, for me, Munchi is one of the “reigning” Kings of both Moombahton and Moombahcore. To his credit, he also invented Moombahcore!

Here is the evidence:

Dillon Francis & Dave Nada – Brazzers Theme (Munchi’s Fuck That It’s Bangbros Rmx) by Munchi

Moombahton by Munchi

David Banner ft Lil Flip – Like A Pimp (‘Munchi has bad table manners’ Moombahton Edit) by Munchi

Bassanovva – Chickenlover (Munchi Likes Em Fried Moombahton Rmx) by Munchi

TC – Where’s My Money (Caspa Rmx – Munchi’s Kinda Agressive Right Now Moombahcore Rmx) by Munchi

Datsik – Firepower (Munchi Moombahcore Rmx) by Munchi


So, Andy, our regular midweek mixxxtapes dude isn’t here to do this one cause he’s honeymooning in MonteNegro.

From all of us here at Generation Bass, Andy, congratulations to you and your missus, have a great one mate and see you back here soon.

Here’s a lil’ wedding pic I nicked from his FB page of the newlyweds, I hope he don’t mind.

Now onto business:


Jahliet is sunning herself in Poland, trying to get golden brown and she’s playing her Global Bass mixxtape which is making it feel even hotter than the summer sun.  A round up of chooons she’s currently feeling, taking in Global Bass & Moombahton vybz amongst others.

The summer is back! (july 2011 mix) by jahliet

Douster – Carajo!
Joao Brasil feat. Lovefoxxx – L.O.V.E. banana (Daniel Haaksman remix)
Nadia Oh – No bueno
Lumidee – Uh Oh (Never leave you) (Daims & ChriSupreme remix)
babySTEPS – Suave (original mix)
DJ Javier Estrada – Adicta
Daniel Haaksman – Puero Rico (Neki Stranac moombahton mix)
The Lights – Andy P
Poirier feat. Boogat – Que Viva (Lata remix)
Poirier feat. Boogat – Que Viva (tropical funky remix by Dash)
Sara Tavares – One Love (DJEFF AFROZILLA remix)
Chief Boima – African by the bay
Pacho Galan – Sombra de tu sonrisa (Criollo RFX)
Latin Fresh – Ella se arrebata (Chong X rmx)
David Heartbreak – Ragga Muffin
Beastie Boys – Don’t play no games I can’t win (Major Lazer remix)
Bro Safari & Nerd Rage – Wombats!
Dixie Cups – Iko Iko (DJ Groovematic moombahton edit)



One of the Moombahdons returns with a new mixtape of a recent show he was involved in and here’s what he says about it all:

On Friday June 24th, 2011 I was asked to Dj for the 2nd year in a row, the One Step Beyond party, which takes place underneath the planetarium inside the Museum of Natural History in NYC. It truly was both an honor, and challenge, to open up for my friends Dave Nada & Matt Nordstrom aka NADASTROM.

Challenging because my sets lately have consisted of so many tracks, remixes, and edits by them. An honor, simply because they have both inspired me immensely over the past year since I met them, and have also become my really good friends.

When I started off there was really only myself and the staff of the Museum present, so I kept it deep and soulful, slowly working the energy level up to prepare the floor for Nadastrom. About an hour into my set I had almost a full dance floor, and by the time Dave and Matt got on, the room was at serious party levelz. They proceeded to, for lack of a better term, KILL IT!!

Sorry, the mix was too long for a full track list, but there a few exclusives in here that will be coming out soon, as well as some classics that I play pretty often.

Enjoy and feel free to share, pass along, re-tweet, facebook, blog post, etc. ~ Sabo

Dj Sabo live at Museum of Natural History 06/24/11 by djsabo


Now, this girl is really quite vicious!

She openly admits to freely using explicit/erotic images of female sexuality to lure visitors to her bangin’ blog, ViciouzZzViv!

I guess you’re all over there now and not here, oh well!

However, she’s also capable of some pretty vicious mixes as these 2 below will testify.

And she says:


Mixtape I made for my mom 4 fun

Cumbia Rumba Moomba by ViciouzViv

1.Rica Rumba (Toti A, DJ Andyloop & Maxey Remix)
2.SabroSound – Dash (Rumba Cumbia Instrumental )
3.Paris Luanda (Sabo Moombahton Remix)
4.Ritmoombahton de amor (yelram selectah REFIX!)
5.El General / LBL & Diplo – Pu Tun Tun / Hey (DJ Ayres edit)
6.Dj karaway ft fuego & omega – super estrella Dj Solar El Fuerte
7.Lambada 3000 (Max le Daron Lambahton refix) Gregor Salto & Kaoma
8.Shakira – Loca (Dj LeuzZ Remix)
9.Trompaton – Nadastrom
10.Bomba Estereo – Fuego (frikst
11.Sabo – Philly BOUNCE
12.Puga – Sabina (Four Four Bass Rmx – Nadastrom Moombahton edit)
13.Missy Elliot – Get ur freak on (ALVARO & PUNISH MOOMBAHTON BOOTLEG)
14.Sabo – Mezclaton

Naughty Girl Swag!

Set for Summer Meltdown, jic u missed it.

Naughty Girl Swag by ViciouzViv

1. Billy The Gent & JWLS – Chick Like This
2. Mendez – Feel this Shit!
3. Still Fly – (J-Trick Moombahcore Edit)
4. Cat Daddy Moombahton (DJ Audio1 Bootleg)
5. Inna De Ghetto (Billfold Fr33ked Out Remix)
6. Freaky Philip – Completo (Original Mix)
7. J-Trick – Badman Riddim (Original Mix)
8. Javier Estrada – LOW DRUMZ
10. Sub Swara – Fire It Up (Gaucho Maje Moombahcore Edit)
11. Alex Clare – “Too Close (Nadastrom remix)
12. Breaking Free (Lightning EyeZ Organic Raw Vegan Gluten & Dairy Free Hemp Seed Remix)

Sazon Booya ‘La Bomba EP’ [OUT NOW]

Sazon Booya’s experience in Moombahton is profound.   It’s hard to say that with the sound only over a year old at this point.  But still they have managed to get their tracks dropped by some of the largest names in Moombah.  ‘La Bomba’  is an ambitious 7 track  digital release that’s straight up dancefloor sex with a prominent Latin pressure.  Show these guys some love by pulling out your wallets.  Here’s the official press from NYC’s Sazon Booya.


The La Bomba ep is Sazon Booya’s debut project in the moombahton genre. The tracks have been supported in the past month by Dave Nada, Heartbreak, Cam Jus, Munchi, DJ Sabo, Boyfriend, Groovematic, Fellow, 2 Deep, ETC!ETC!, Kid Cedek, and many more. The La Bomba ep features 7 original tracks with a collaboration with reggaeton producer El Chombo & reggaeton rapper Prinicpal for “A Mover El Culo”, a collaboration with NY producer Willie Bones on “Bam Bam” and a collaboration with Boston songwriter/singer Amy Douglas of SPF 5000 for “La Aran Negra”. The ep will be available as of July 4th in all digital music stores (Beatport Itunes Amazon etc etc). 

Buy Sazon Booya ‘La Bomba’ EP on Beatport 



And while you’re hear pick up some free edits by Sazon Booya!  Including remixes of Swizz and T-Pain that should pack the dance.  Download Sazon Booya: Free Edits



Great mix here by Sabo that appeared on Dubspot Blog.  Go and check it, there’s an interview there too.

Dubspot Podcast 014: Sabo – Exclusive Moombahton Mix by Dubspot

TRACKLIST :: SABO Exclusive Moombahton Mix for Dubspot

01. House Of Gypsies – Sum Sigh Say (Heartbreak vs. Sabo Edit)
02. Sabo – Mezclaton
03. Oliver $ Feat. Deize Tigrona – Ta Com Medo De Mim (Sabo Moombahton Refix)
04. DJ Djeff & Silyvi – Canjika (DJ Bu5a Remix) (Sabo’s Amtrak Edit)
05. Sabo – Philly BOUNCE
06. House of Pain – Jump Around (Sabo’s Moombahstep Edit)
07. Sabo – Fr33ky Egypt
08. Sabo – Patchy Moombahton
09. Benga & Coki – Night (Sabo Moombahton Edit)
10. Sabo – Toca Aqui (feat. Zuzuka Poderosa & Joytoy)





These 2 massive tracks are going to the top of my Moombahton bag, Sabo is killing it, Hail King Sabo!


Another banger from Dj Gregory and Gregor Salto that I flipped and edited into a Moombahton track. Basically i just tooks parts from the Manoo remix and the Frank Rizardo remix, did some arrangement editing, added some reverb effects, and threw in the classic “ay tan sucia” vocal. I debuted this at the second Moombahton Massive party, and played it again at SXSW last week to great response. Enjoy mi gente!!!

Paris Luanda (Sabo Moombahton Remix) by djsabo


Canjika (Sabo’s Amtrak Edit) by djsabo

I made this quick edit on the train to DC en route to the 2nd Moombahton Massive party in DC, hence the name “Amtrak Edit”. Shout out to my man Laurent in Nairobi who put me on this tune. This is the Dj Bu5a remix of the original. As soon as I heard it i knew it’d be a killer at 110 bpm. I barely did anything other than re-arrange the parts and add some reverb effects. Sometimes the simpler the better. Pretty stoked on the artwork i made for it though! Enjoy mi gente!!!



There’s certain problems that start to arise when the numbers start getting bigger. For example, the more you earn, the more you pay out. The more girlfriends you have, the bigger the headache and arse-kicking you gonna get too 🙂

Then there’s soundcloud friends (I dislike that term “followers” as much as I despise that word “fan”(s)) too.  I mean man I’m on almost 4000!! How’s that happened, I don’t know, it just did.

I hate to complain about it though but there is one MAJOR problem with increasing numbers like that for me and this relates specifically to soundcloud. I can’t check out each and every new cat who friends me on there like I use to do. It’s just too much. So the downpart is that I miss out on stuff like this when these peeps friend me and I didn’t even know they did!

I found out about Moombahton Massive III, via this great blog Los Equis who I came across today as the guy blogged my new mix and said some lovely words about it.

Then I checked the Moombahton Movement soundcloud and discovered they’d friended me a few days ago already and cause of my increasing numbers I didn’t know…ahahahha…man keep on friending me though cause I don’t wanna scare any of you away, you can never have enough friends in my book 🙂

I gotta say a a few things about this new free EP and that is:

1. The Temper Trap track is probably one of my current all time fave Moombahton Edits, ever since I first heard it on Nada’s mixtapes.  I’ve been waiting for him to drop it free, it’s an awesome track, emotional but also a huge floor-filler!

2. It’s great to see them giving other guys involved in the Moombahton scene, who are not always in the spotlight, an opportunity too.  Man that’s only fair and so big up to you guys.  You get our FAIR PLAY award 🙂

Here’s what Carlos from the brilliant Los Equis says;

The Moombahton explosion continues! I recently posted part 2 of Moombahton Massive EP and it was fire! This time around there are some new cats bringing new sounds to the table including this “Temper trap” remix by Axwell and Dirty South. A jam which has probably been remixed to death but one can’t deny the warm vibes that gives this Moombahton edit that infectious swagger. Check out the EP and share this!

Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition (Axwell & Dirty South remix) (Nadastrom Moombahton Edit) by Moombahton Movement

download the full Moombahton Massive III EP here

1. I Can Make You Dance – Pickster One & Melo
2. Patchy Moombahton – Sabo
3. Lemme See Ya Pop – A-Mac
4. Fix Up (Sabo Moombahton Edit) – Jay Vegas
5. Sweet Disposition (Axwell & Dirty South remix )
(Nadastrom Moombahton Edit) – Temper Trap
6. Fich So Saxy – DJ Apt One

MoomBahTon & MF' MoomBahCorE Round 5 zillion!


1. Smutlee & Frankie Grimes
2. Dillon Francis
3. Audio 1
4. DJ Sabo
5. Torro Torro
6. Four Four’s
7. Tommie Sunshine
8. Doc Adam
9. Neki Stranac
10. Andy Kisaragi
11. DJ UMB

Smutlee & Frankie Grimes


Here’s something really cool about Moombahton and I’ve nicked the 2 above tracks from it, which appeared as exclusives.  It’s a pretty big piece covering most of the big players in the burgeoning Moombah scene.

Generation Bass gets a mention and also the writer of the piece contacted me with a link to it and said this:

“Wanted to send it to you, and say thanks, as it was through Generation Bass that I found out about Jake Twell and Nadia Oh, so massive thanks for that.

Keep it up – …you guys have been totally on top of the whole moombahton thing”.

Read the brilliant article HERE

I’m really pleased we get a mention because as I said to Sabbo the other day, a lot of people miss out the fact that we were the first to “consistently” blog about it.  Consequently a whole bunch of new producers and music lovers got into it and that’s really how it grew.  All our dubstep heads got into moombahcore through us, who might otherwise not have paid it as much attention, who knows.

So when they do decide to write the history of Moombahton we definitley deserve some solid and clear recognition in that story!

Hence, Round 5 Zillion!

Dillon Francis


Straight from Mad Decent including spelling mistakes .lol..(it happens to all of us):

Dillin Francis’s debut EP Westside is out everywhere today!  Own these monster tracks that have been widely support by some of the biggest DJ’s in the world including; Toddla T, Annie Mac, Steve Aoki, Diplo, Will I. Am, Drop The Lime, Sinden, and Major Lazer to name a few. Dillon teams up with Diplo, Dave Nada, Maluca, DJ Ammo, and Munchi to bring Moombahton to the next level. Download Munchi’s remix of Brazzers Theme for free above and check out the rest of the EP below!

Dillon Francis & Dave Nada-Brazzers Theme (Munchi’s Fuck That It’s Bangbros Rmx) by maddecent

1) Dillon Francis-Masta Blasta
2) Dillon Francis & DJ Ammo- Westside!
3) Dillon Francis & Diplo- Que Que(feat Maluca)
4) Dillon Francis & Dave Nada- Brazzer’s Theme
5) Dillon Francis & Dave Nada- Brazzer’s Theme (Munchi’s Fuck That It’s Bangbros Remix)

Preview the tracks HERE
Purchase on Itunes HERE
Purchase on Beatport HERE

Audio 1


Audio 1 is no stranger here and here’s what he says about his latest works:

Back by popular demand and supported by Dave Nada, Heartbreak, Munchi, A-Mac, Melo and other Moombahton luminaries. Far East Movement featuring The Cataracs & Dev “Like A G6” remixed by superstar producer CHEW FU and Moombahton FIX by AUDIO1. Please drop this in all of your sets. Enjoy.


DJ Sabo


If one Sabbo on Gen Bass digi was not enough already, the addition of NYC’s Sabo is only going to cause even more confusion for the both of them.

Man, what can you do when you got 2 equally talented quality producers, both on top of their game, both in the same scene and both doing the same kinda stuff?  How can you seperate them when they both share the same name?

I think they should both join forces and become twins as producers too 🙂

Here’s some top, top stuff by NYC’s Sabo, this man will be churning out quality time after time, cause that’s just what he does.

Fr33ky Egypt by djsabo

Mezclaton – Sabo by djsabo

Torro Torro


A producer from Canada who has recently jumped on the Mommbah bandwagon to tremendous effect too. Bigged up by none other than Big Don Moombah Dadda himself, Dave Nada!


Gooffee – Flow (Torro Torro Remix – Billfold Moombahton Edit) by TorroTorro

Four Four’s


I really couldn’t care what this sounded like, I’d stick it up for the above image alone..ahahaha but in all fairness, it’s a KillaR track too!

King Africa-La Bomba(Four Four’s Moombahton Remix)(Preview) by Four Four

Tommie Sunshine


King Tommie, man geezer’s got some of the coolest hair in the biz 🙂 and of course some of the coolest House cuts and now evidently, Moombahfied Edits too!

Rock on Tommie!

@MORNINGSTAR did a take of my Rihanna Edit and made me want to collaborate with him on a project. I had been listening to ‘World Clique’ quite a lot lately and felt these two tracks were exactly the right ones. Not a ton of changes, just recontextualized for the Moombahton Generation with ultimate love.

ALTERNATE DOWNLOAD LINK & FIRST POSTED AT: http://moombahton.tumblr.com/post/3704966299/deee-lite-tommie-sunshine-morningstar-moombahfied

God bless @davenada.

‘moombahfied’ Edits by tommiesunshine

Doc Adam


Another dude killin’ it on the Moombah front!

Here’s his latest!

You NEED them for your sets man!

Wu-Tang Slang by docadam

Bang With Me (You Don’t Wanna) by docadam

West Coast Shit by docadam

Steady B – Serious (Doc Adam Moombahton Remix) by docadam

When’s The KNAS Time (Doc Adam Moombahton Edit) by docadam

Boeke (Doc Adam Moombahton Remix) by docadam

Neki Stranac


Neki is part of the Shazalakazoo crew from Belgrade, Serbia and just recently he got into Moombah and he has not looked back cause all of his stuff has been met with great praise.

This is why:

Kickstarts (NEKI STRANAC Moombahton Edit) – Afrojack vs. Example by NEKI STRANAC

Wanna Be Gangstas (NEKI STRANAC Moombahton Edit) – Oliver Twizt & Dj Rockid by NEKI STRANAC

Turbulence (NEKI STRANAC Moombahcore Edit) – Laidback Luke & Steve Aoki ft. Lil John by NEKI STRANAC

Stuk (NEKI STRANAC Moombahton Edit) – The Partysquad vs. Hardwell by NEKI STRANAC

Andy Kisaragi


Here’s our bro’ Andy’s first moombah attemp and here’s what he says:

Moombahesque tune I’ve been making on the bus to work for the past few days… Cutting up bits of Gang Starr’s You Know my Steez

Steezy (bus bounce) by andykisaragi

DJ UMB’s DeeP MoomBaH


Yep, this is me!

Here’s my Moombah mix again.  A lot of you have been asking for listing and so this time, here it is with a tracklist:

All work and no play ain’t good for you and so here’s me at play and massaging my own ego, again..ahahhaha…f-k the haterz cause no-one is gonna hate me more than myself…ahahahhaha!

The DeeeeP mUMBahton SeSSionS (Feb 2011) – DJ UMB by djumb


1. Midnight – Jon Kwest

2. Next Level – DJ Sabo

3. Swangin’ – Jon Kwest

4. Space Runner – Moombahtron

5. Show You Love – Jon Kwest

6. Hey Hey (Sabo dub) – Dennis Ferrer

7. Like we use to do – Jon Kwest

8. Litoral (Ben Tactic Moombahton Edit) – Michel Cleis

9.Big Top – Jon Kwest

10. Angola (Obeyah’s edit of Alex Font remix) – Cesaria Evora

11. African Flute – Obeyah

12. Africa – Jon Kwest

13. No Pare Moombahton – DJ Sabo

14. Calypso (Doc Adam edit) – Round Table Knights

15. Alors on Dance (Heartbreak’s edit) – Stromae

16. Jungle Music – Jon Kwest

17. Soltero y Sin Compromiso – Munchi