The Indie-Brazilian scene is on fire, the Paraná quarted of "Eletromelody" Brega, Gang Do Eletro keep spreading contagious energy and unlikely fusions on their shows and releases. This time they bring a 5 piece mash-ups. Look what they say.Gang Do Eletro:"Here they are, 5 mashups that were made Read more [...]

Uaná System – electro carimbó

Day by Day, more brazilian styles come to underground scene. Mixing the original and organic sounds, as carimbó, with eletronic beats and some electro synths, result in some new strong and creative sound.Uaná System is a project of Dj Waldo Squash (from Gang do Electro) with artist and Vj Luan Read more [...]


Some new TecnoBrega and EletroMelody to drop on your asses:DJ WALDO SQUASHIf you know your Tecnobrega and Eletromelody then you'll know this dude and if you don't, get to know him, cause he is leading the pack atm.GANG DO ELETROIf you know about Waldo above, then you'll know about this Read more [...]

TecnoBrega RocKs

So Tecnobrega does officially RocK!!Here's a few noobz:THE STROKESLet's KicK off with this most famous TecnoBrega Rocks track ever made by the infamous Strokes, so good it's worth a repeat within days of it's release and it's previous feature here only 2 days ago.Can you believe one of the Read more [...]