I've been a long-time fan of DJG (now Grenier) and his VOIDS series. Check out the latest in the series VOIDS THREE. Future Bass, Post-Dubstep and whatever you would call it...his atmospheres and production are always on the mark, somewhat tribal at times...minimal, yet satisfying. His music always Read more [...]

Bass Nomadic

Some sounds I've been compiling for GB for some months...as usual, some new - some new to 'me' & some, if not all, timeless. Time has not been on my side but I managed to steal some this morning for this post.I decided not to label the genres this time, instead I present them in tempo...tempo Read more [...]


Happy Monday!I want to start off this week by letting you know about the forthcoming EP from IFA set to release on Crossroads Records, March 1st.IFA is based in France and has been involved with music in general for quite awhile. He is in fact on a French tour with his band Cloverseeds as you read Read more [...]