This is Sam and he produces and DJ’s under the name Taste Tester in Atlanta, GA and this is his brilliant new freee EP.

The EP consists of 6 tracks and covers a wide range of dubstep sounds.

Remix stems are available too for anyone who wants them Here.

SCOUT SHIP reports back with Soundboy Murderstyle

:::open comm link:::channel-GenerationBass:::transmit:::

Some new shit from Subinfinity Recording Labs. Scout Ship has been dispatched to explore future-rim sonics in garage, drum & bass, breakbeat, dubstep and electro, and to report back with next-step hybrid productions.

The debut from Subinfinity Recordings artist Scout Ship presents versions of ‘Soundboy Murderstyle’ featuring the glitched vocals of newcomer Bondgirl69.

The release activates with the lush drones and driving breakbeat of Harmonic Garage Mix forging a magical trance inducing juggernaut first track.
Scout Ship – Soundboy Murderstyle (Harmonic Garage Mix) by processrebel

Next up is the pulsing 80s-esque tour de force of Dubwave Mix, where classic arpeggiator patterns propel the brazen glitched-out chant.
Scout Ship – Soundboy Murderstyle (Dubwave Mix) !!Free Download!! by processrebel

In track three, Jazz Ghost Mix shows off a fresh minimal arrangement with a tough junglist attitude and sensibility.
Scout Ship – Soundboy Murderstyle (Jazz Ghost Mix) by processrebel

Lastly, Soundtrack Instrumental Mix shows off the songs 172bpm with a head-nodding four-on-the-floor and by hook or by crook plays like a recently unearthed neo-gothic cold wave classic.
Scout Ship – Soundboy Murderstyle (Soundtrack Instrumental Mix) by processrebel

DrumSTeP KinGs : DIRTY DEEDS – Xclusive Interview & Download!


We and you, are very lucky today to have an xclusive from one of the American pioneers and reigning kinGs of the DrumSTeP scene, The Dirty Deeds.

If you recall we briefly covered these dudes a few weeks ago HERE as part of the DrumSTeP friday post in which, and much to to the astonishment of the DrumSTeP scene, Ozzy made a special guest appearance…lol…

DrumSTeP, of course, has not yet been fully accepted as a sub-genre all on its own.  Some say it’s just DnB or half time DnB, whilst others are all embracing of the term including our goodselves 😉

Here’s what another respected source, GenXGlow.FM Radio,  says:

Many of us that pay attention to post-modern sub-genres in today’s electronic music culture would have some difficulty putting this fresh and unfamiliar term into perspective. The answer is simple; Half-step Drum and Bass. Tunes still weigh in at 170 to 180 BPM and possess that intoxicatingly wompy drum pattern with the snare hitting at the 3rd beat of every bar instead of the doctrinal 2nd or 3rd. The low end bass structure is slowed down to half, giving it a Dubstep feel.

Let’s leave those arguments behind for the moment and focus on the chiefs of today.

Here take a listen to what they’re all about, this is gonna BLOW U AWAY!


Dirty Deeds – Lose It (Drumstep Mix) CLIP DDIG #007 by DirtySynergy

Ok man, let’s get on with the Interview:


For those who might not be familiar with who you are, please tell us a little bit about yourself.

We’re Dirty Deeds (SDF1 & Blitz), a couple of fun-lovin’ guys from the L.A. (Los Angeles, California) area who enjoy making music.  Dating many years back, we’ve headlined & been supporting artists on many BIG events and acts here for quite sometime.

For several years we produced Jump Up/Dancefloor style Drum & Bass for several labels in the UK and here in the states.. Our long time performance & release schedule eventually led us to include Dubstep tunes into our repertoire as well.

Shortly after this we embarked on the production & performance of the Drumstep genre, which has become quite a secure fit for us at this time. Of course we still include many styles of DNB & Dubstep into our sets, because really we just like going BIG with the music we play.


How would you describe your musical style?

BIG Fun energetic intense music that you can party, drive around or walk your dog to.

How would you define Drumstep?

Drumstep is… well how about we let people decide by listening. 😉

When did you first hear Drumstep?

We were on the search for Mokele-Mbembe, when off in the distance….

Who would you credit as starting it all off?

Dunno for sure, but we’d like to thank Gregory Sylvester Coleman for his input.

A lot of people say it’s no different to Drum and Bass and does not need a new name like Drumstep, what are your views on this?

Jungle, Tech step, Jump Up, liquid, nuero funk, hardstep, drumfunk, clownstep, dubstep, J Tek…

Is there a Drumstep scene anywhere, and if so, what new names do we need to look out for coming from this scene?

It’s definitely emerging that’s for sure.  We’re seeing more quality artists play it around, and more fans gravitating toward it.

Artists new and established alike are producing it as well:

Dub Foundation
Danny Thunders
Stick Bubbly
Macky Gee
Mischief & Mayhem
And many more talented artists as well.


Tell us a little about some of your past & upcoming projects/releases.

Our Captain planet VIP tune came out early this year and was widely accepted by many including DNB Legend Grooverider, who played/rewound it on his BBC Radio 1 show.
Just recently we released ‘Lose It’ on our label and that tune includes vocals by one of us (Blitz), expect the Dubstep remix of this tune out soon as well.

Comin out soon is our Drumstep remix of ‘Hearts Under Fire’ by Vocalist Lea Luna, set for release on Reid Speed’s PLAY ME records.  Much more to come as well.


Please give us your TOP 5 Records, dance or otherwise!

In no particular order:

1. Goldie – Timeless
2. Dillinja – Twist em out
3. Prince – Let’s go crazy
4. Wu tang Clan – wu tang forever
5. Vince Black – Standing up for love

Who/what are your musical influences, music or otherwise?

Life experiences mostly.  The world around us / Crowd Reactions.

Your all-time favourite song/piece of music?

Is that possible?!


What is next on your musical agenda?

More releases of our music on various labels including ours. Also more drumstep releases by us and other artists on our own Dirty Digital label.

Oh, and we’re getting the live band back together for Dirty Deeds, something we haven’t done since 2008. This will include our music as well as other big tunes with live instrumentation as well.

Where do you see yourself in another 5 years time?

Making music & having fun.

If there is one thing you would like to say to the world, what would it be?

Love – Life – Music.

Do your good works while your here on earth & don’t let ANYONE stand in your way. Most people who try to stifle what you do or say you can’t do something are afraid to do it themselves.

Let the music take you to a higher more positive level.


I couldn’t agree more man with that last statement!

Awesome stuff guys, thanks so much from all of us here at Generation Bass.

I already feel that we’ve just spoken to boyz who are gonna go on and make it MASSIVE and that we’re very lucky to have had this brief opportunity to chat with them, cause soon they might be far too BIG to talk to us..lol..

Grab this XCLUSIVE free choon that we’ve been given especially for all of you Generation Basers’ from these cool dudes, it’s an AWESOME DrumSTeP remix of a Kosheen track:

Kosheen – Hide U (Dirty Deeds DrumSTeP Remix)

To finish, listen to that awesome mix again:

Dirty Deeds – STEP OFF: The Drumstep vs Dubstep Showdown. by Dirty Deeds = Drumstep



1 Bassnectar – Teleport Massive
2 Taxman – Look what you’ve done
3 Heavy Hittahz – The Pearl
4 Dirty Deeds – Lose it
5 Original Sin – Without You
6 Lea Luna & Mike Balance – Thrill of the Chase (J Rabbit Remix)
7 Dirty Deeds – Captain Planet VIP
8 The Force – Darkside
9 Original Sin – Step on
10 Hazard – Wicked So
11 Dub Foundation – The Gunmen
12 Sqlosh – Step off
13 Danny Thunders & Blitz – War of the Worlds
14 Danny Thunders – F*ck ‘Ardcore

15 Dr Dre & Snoop Dogg – Next Episode (Jay Robinson Clubstep remix)
16 Rusko – Da Cali Anthem
17 Borgore – Foes (16 Bit F*ck Hoes remix)
18 Champur – Punisher
19 Birdman & Lil Wayne – Pop Bottles (Dirty Deeds VIP dub)
20 Simon Bassline Smith & Drumsound – R U Ready (Dubstep mix)
21 Doctor P – Sweetshop
22 12th Planet – Reasons (Doctor P remix)
23 Flux Pavillion – Voscillate (Roxsonix Remix)
24 Barenoize – Chucky
25 Emalkay – When I look at You
26 Bassnectar – Cozza Frenzy (Bassnectar’s MEGA Bass remix)
27 J Messinian & Zound Collector – Terrorize

Dirty Deeds web links:




Drumstep vs Dubstep Mix:

Dirty Deeds – Captain Planet VIP

Dirty Deeds – Lose it:

Dirty Digital Music Label:

Once upon a time in the East (part 1).

It was a day, during the year 2004. 6 years ago, already.

It was in a small flat of a friend of mine, down the grey suburbs of Budapest, Hungary.  A certain type of border with the very close Balkans territory.
An afternoon end, where the late sunlights were burning the curtains, and my face, getting me out of a too late nap.

This friend just came back from a small trip to Romania, a few hundred Kms ago.  In his suitcase, not only alcoholical souvenirs, but also musicals stuffs. A contempory piece of music.  An audio tape, called « Etno party »

On the top picture of the tape, you can see it, a well done mix of amateur photoshop art and romanian rural bad taste. Don’t smile, hiphop mixtapes are as ugly as that sometimes.  « Crazy things ! It is folkloric dance music ! » he told me.  He keeps on telling me things about this tape, arguing that in Romania, this type of sound is heard everywhere, by everyone. Olds, youngs, in bus, taxis, restaurants, bars…

Then, we decided to listen one tune.

Radu Ille : Sam ca Cant sa cant. Something like « when we sing ».

Radu Ille, the tune : Sam sa cant sa cant.


The singer and artist, originaly from the Maramures Montains, in North Romania, is a bit like a superstar in Romania, a big boy into the Etno Music, or Manele, industry.  Folk bling bling, traditionals suits and bimbos smelling like fresh cutten up grass.Brand new Mercedes rolling down the broken roads of romanian countryside.  Here it is for the visual.

At that time, it sounds incredible for me. It was like a crazy impossible wedding, but wich seems very actual and modern for romanian peoples.

Hip-hop, Dub, Drum n’ bass was for me very new things. I mean, I was living in it, passionately.  No, there, it was allready part of the popular sound landscape. And for a country like Romania,  there, the witheout-big monney producers and Dj’s were playing with thoose codes since few years allready.

They were mixing digital riddims with very tradionals folk songs, tzigans melodies, rural tunes.  Maramures Drum n’ Bass.  Digital reggae from Bucurest.  Fusion Hip Hop from Cluj.

All that mixed with the singer echos, and a big dose of Romanian and Eastern Europe Kitsch Folklore.  Of course, I am conscious that this tune will not sound good according to purist of Bass music, or also to true Folkloric lovers.

Of course, you can tell me « bad taste »…Anyway, it is something.  Like reverse Sono Global.

Here, it is the folk businnes, that samples digital riddims. Not the other way, as usual.  When folk music, takes pieces and parts of bass music to create a new style, in order to send Folk into the 21st century, for everyone.

Latter, when I used to travel down across Eastern Europe, I decided to bring with me a few CD’s and tapes of Etno everytime.  Every single track is symbolic of this strange musical globalisation, for the good, and the bad.
Le meilleur et le pire.  Now, I use to play a tune like this at every gig and party when I am « at the control ».

Peoples sometimes look at me, smiling weirdly, but still dancing like crazy.
Try to listen to this, maybe be you will take pleasure doing that.  And they are so many different styles of Etno and Manele, a huge universe of unknown music for a frenchy like me.  It stills drive me mad sometimes, a little vodka or Palinka glass alongside with me.

Here is the videoclip of this tune. A desert highway, some fresh romanian girls, and here we go !

(to be continued, with romanian Hip-Hop band Parazitii and others crazy balkan culture mixes…)



Ok, more stuff from Poland from this dude, Sulphur Phuture!

This is more Transnational Dubstep orientated with a good measure of  old skool dub, DnB and breakbeats decorated with Polish, Indian and Arabian flavas.

You can download one track free and stream some others

Sulphur Phuture – Tree of Conscience by sulphur_phuture

Sulphur Phuture -Outside Consciousness by sulphur_phuture

Sulphur Phuture – The Last Day Before by sulphur_phuture


Originally posted on JANUARY 18 2010!

I thought we’d give this another re-run because it’s just such an exceptional and extraordinary album.

This album is one of the best Dubstep albums I’ve ever heard.

I was guilty of picking out tracks from the album mainly to DJ out and I didn’t until a few weeks ago give this album the justice it deserved and needed, that is, to play it in full and listen to it in one sitting.

With FLeCk’s stuff you have to give it more than the benefit of a once-over or just hone in to find tracks to play out in a DJ set or to include in a mix.

You really need to “LISTEN” to it too.

The brilliant thing about this album is that it includes a variety of moods and atmosphere and it just gels so well into one cohesive whole.  Each part is related to the one previously or the the one forthcoming, it’s all inextricably intertwined.

The danger is that unless you to listen to it in full, you will miss this aspect of it, which is one of the most important aspects of it.

It’s an album that will in my oopinion stand the test of time because it’s not all about following a fashion or fad, there’s real depth and emotion in this album.

It’s not a quick fix, it’s permanent therapy 🙂

So please do check it out and listen to it in full in one sitting as it was meant to be heard!

It will only help to enrich your life!

Some streamers/downloads here BUT grab the whole album in full 320 glory below!


FLeCK – Genocide Denied by FLeCK

Proceed with the original post:


FLeCK is a producer from Athens (Greece).

FLeCK makes music called DUB*******STEP!

He is the Dubstep Prince of Greece.

GENERATION BASS EDITOR DJ UMB says he is ONE to watch out for in 2010!

We have covered him previously on a few occassions because we LOVE him and his work is HOT & UNIQUE!!

Although he focuses mainly on Dubstep, he also produces in a whole range of other genres from downtempo via dub and drum’n’bass to jungle.

He started back in the 90’s remixing hip hop tunes into jungle and writing music for the theatre, plays and short films.

At the same time, he started dj’ing in Greece and in Italy, dropping jungle/drum’n’bass sets.

Recently, FLeCK got  introduced to Dubstep and started writing tunes that immediately caught the attention of many djs from all over the world.

His first dubstep release was his debut album called “dub muse” in 2009.  The album has 13 tracks ranging from dubstep through to dub and jungle sounds.

You can download it here FOR FREE in excellent 320kbps sound quality.

Generation Bass is the official download site for this free download.

This is the tracklist:



Here’s a mix which contains some of the tracks from the forthcoming album and some which appear on DUB MUSE!

FLeCK-Pesky Plates. by PeskyPlates



I was chatting with my mate Jurgen Van Roovert and suddenly the conversation pointed to projects we both love, and they are HUGE!!!!!!
and i dunno why why we haven’t posted anything lately about them.. Perhaps i assumed, because they are “big” there are plenty of post about them everywhere.
anyway..i said what the hell..these guys are pure BOMB!!! so here it is (in case you don’t know who they are)
the Magnificent
Shiva Soundsystem ft. Buzz Singh – Mumbai Cells (Radio Edit) by D-Code

one in particular i want to share today is D-Code
who dropped this BOMB
D-Code ft. Nerm – Outlaw by D-Code
and much more apocalyptic stuff
Sparfunk & D-Code – Apocalypse by D-Code

In 2009 the collective released their debut LP Phasmatis in Machina which shot to number 3 in the Drum and Bass charts and number 10 in the DMC charts, with have-to-hear collaborations with Foreign Beggars, Shaair & Func and Elio D’Anna Jr.

Foreign Beggars – Gash (D-Code’s Surely Money Shot Remix) by D-Code
D-Code’s distinct musical signature and lively DJ sets turned heads at BBC Radio 1 and in 2008 alongside Nerm, they presented their own show as part of ‘In New DJs We Trust’. A year and a half later they stand dizzied after stepping in for Mary Anne Hobbs, sharing the mic with Annie Mac, Pete Tong, Zane Lowe, Fabio & Grooverider and featuring a wide range of guests including Matt Helders from Arctic Monkeys, Norman Jay, Marky, Rusko, Andy C, Foreign Beggars, London Elektricity, Sub Focus, The Count & Sinden. The duo maintain close ties with the station and regularly appear as presenters across the BBC networks.

Shiva Soundsystem – Tubla Ethics (D-Code Remix) by D-Code

Swami – Ching (SSS’s Mo’ Flo’ Remix) INSTRUMENTAL by D-Code

Visionary Underground
Visionary Underground – Eye of the Storm (SSS’s Cloud 9 Remix) by D-Code

also Soarfunk and Dcode
Sparfunk & D-Code – Under the Moon by D-Code
His latest appointment as a lead remixer for the newly released smash music computer game “DJ Hero” has made him as one to watch within the music industry. His track ‘Annie’s Horn’ as the only Drum & Bass on the game, mashed up and remixed with DJ Shadow.
D-Code – Annie’s Horn (as featured in DJ Hero) by D-Code



Welcome back.

I hope you’ve had a good chance to digest some of the beautiful sounds created by AlexisK.

Now, let’s delve deeper into the mind-set of one of Dubstep’s most exciting and innovative future legends!



GB: Who are you, please introduce and tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m AlexisK. I’m from Wellington, New Zealand. I am a 23 year old female producer and musician 😉

GB:How long have you been producing music and what’s been the plan?

I started using FL studio 8 in September of 2008. I’d been using guitars and recording on cool edit and cakewalk pro for a year or so before that but was given a copy of Fruity Loops by a good friend who introduced me to drum and bass in may of 2008. First track I ever heard was Audio – Vigilante and then The Qemists – Stompbox (Spor Remix). TO this day, both are my favourite tracks and I am lucky enough to have them both on vinyl 🙂

It was January last year that I decided that I wanted to be a producer. Not just a bedroom musician but a real producer. Someone who knows how to craft sounds and songs.

As far as plans, I have a list of goals I’m working towards. There are labels that I am working to be a part of, definitely, but mostly I want to be working with the people who inspired me to be better at what I love doing. I love vinyl and a huge goal for me is to be releasing on vinyl by the end of next year. Its something that really drives me to push in different directions with the ideas for tracks.


GB:When did you first get into Dubstep?

First heard dubstep at Phat 09. Was lucky to catch an amazing set by Skream and Benga. Was just blown away by the huge wall of bass. Was pretty much sold on it after that. I loved the heavy crisp stuff by the likes of Rusko and Caspa and owe Rusko a huge thanks for his producer masterclass vids for filling in a lot of blanks on dubstep for me.

GB: How did you get into it?

My DJ partner Spinsta (Nieta Moore) has been my best friend for nearly 13 years now and she has been a hugely dedicated and driven DJ for the last 5 years, it was her influences that totally got me hooked on dubstep and dnb. With any style of music, you can learn to really appreciate it if you find someone who can show you how to listen to it. Show you what to appreciate about it and how. She did that for me with Dubstep and DnB.

GB:What is the Dubstep scene like in New Zealand?

Dubstep is gaining a lot of momentum here in New Zealand with some really amazing work being done by some very talented producers. Truth, P-vans, Optimus Gryme, L Que, Olie Bassweight, Majiika…there is a lot of talent which is really starting to get some good following. Can only mean good things for our whole music scene really 🙂


GB:Tell us a little bit about your experiences of being a women and involved in a predominantly a male driven genre?

I wouldn’t say the genre is male ‘driven’ as much as male ‘orientated’. I haven’t had to deal with as much of it as some of the female DJ’s I know as I haven’t played out yet. I’m definitely glad there are more female DJs, producers and MCs coming through now and doing there thing. There is a lot of talent waiting for the opportunities.

GB:How are you perceived by guys in the scene and other women?

There is definitely a lot of pressure to ‘tart it up’ in the scene. But its about the same from both guys and girls so I think that its more a general thing throughout the scene.

GB:Is there anything you would like to change about perceptions or about the scene generally as it relates to women?

I’d like to see people get the opportunities that they deserve. That they have worked for. And not have their gender, sexuality or anything else of that nature be the first thing that defines them.

I’d love to see an equality in expectations for everyone. So if people like what you do, they would say you are a talented producer. Instead of your talented for a girl 😉 having said that. I like that I can be proud of being female and able to produce music that people enjoy. Multi-tasking has its up sides 😉


GB:Tell us a little about some of your upcoming releases. Of course there’s a couple of tracks that you’ve kindly put aside for me and away from public view as I’m hoping to license them for one of our Generation Bass Compilation releases this year..heee…heeee. Aside from us, do you get approached by other labels for licensing requests and if so who/what do you have coming out?

I started pushing a few tracks out in January this year as I felt I had progressed enough with my tracks over the last year to start sending stuff through. The initial idea was that, even if the quality wasn’t up to standard, hopefully the idea’s came across strong and it would get me on the radar. Has been a pretty amazing month though.

I Am in the process of finalising 2 EP’s with Permanent Damage Records.

The first, The Death of Everything Cool, is a 4 track EP coming out in March. The second, as yet, is untitled. Also have 3 tracks coming out with them on compilations over the next 3 months. I also am just finalising a 5 track EP with Optimus Gryme Recordings here in New Zealand which I’m really excited about aswell.

Besides the EP releases, I have a few tracks coming out on compilations from HBBR Radio UK and have a track on the soundtrack to American Dance Legends TV show in the US coming out in April. The aim is always vinyl though. Hopefully by the end of next year.


GB:You’re pretty prolific on the churning out the great tunes. How are the musical ideas conceived and how do you go about turning an idea into a fully formed track?

Sometimes I just click ‘new’ and start playing with a synth and a drum kit. Most of the time, I have a theme or general idea or concept for a track and collect and/or make some samples for the concept.

I have a bunch of samples for different concepts so that when I dont have a fresh idea in mind when I click ‘new’ I can choose from the concepts I’ve already pre-worked. Some of them are just trying to capture a ‘soundscape’ of a moment.

For example, the track Sewer Rats I was trying to make it sound like you were listening to the track in the sewers and the sounds represent a story.

Alexis K – Sewer Rats by AlexisK

In the track ‘Easy Company’ I wanted it to tell an audio-visual story about being in Normandy during World War II on D-day. Trying to make the song evolve out of the atmosphere from the place was fun. Built that whole soundscape from scratch.

Alexis K – Easy Company by AlexisK

I have about 70 or 80 concept ideas in there at any one time and am just slowly working my way through and adding more as I think of them.

GB:What sort of equipment & software do you use to make your music and what are the processes involved?

I use FL studio 9 XXL now. Edirol Orchestral vst, Albino 2, NI Massive and currently a Moog Analogue synth. Also use a digitech rpx400 and OM3 Mic for live recording.

When I started, I wanted to get to the point where I could make tunes efficiently. By that, I mean that if I had an idea for a track, or a melody in my head, I wanted to be able to jump in the studio and be able to make it, to hear what is in my head on the computer. So I started to learn everything I could. Still am now.

But there are things that people don’t tell you. Like, to define your own sound. You should spend a lot of time going through samples and making your own drums. I use the same drum kit through all my tracks (is a variation on 24 different snares, 4 kicks and a series of hats and 3 amens). I layer them different each time to give the sounds some uniqueness but overall, the tracks have a similar ‘sound’. It’s like choosing your electric guitar and amp or your drum kit and sticks. It’s a huge part of your sound but it also comes down to how you use them.

GB:How many tunes do you have in your bank of tracks and how many are you presently working on?

I only started finishing tracks properly in the last week of December last year so have been going back over some older tracks and finishing/rebuilding them. But currently have 31 ‘demos’ that I am pushing (or will be soon) to labels. about 70% are Dubstep (or dubstep oriented) and the rest are dnb or triphop.

I have about 6 tracks I have started in the last 48hours that should be finished within the next few days (including the one to accompany this interview) and most likely would have started another 3 or 4 from the list of concepts or just out of interest to see what happens by monday (its thursday as I write this).

I tend to work on one track for an hour or so, then switch to a different one, then another after an hour again. That way I am sparking off different Ideas from each project into the other.

A lot of the time I will build just the main 64bars of a track listen over and over for an hour or two until it sounds dull and then build it again or rework it until it sounds fresh again, so by the time anyone else listens to it I’ve heard it about 50 or 60 times.

GB:Where does the inspiration come from for your stuff. Cause one minute you’re churning out a tune with a 7/8 time signature with Middle Eastern inflexions, the next minute you’ve produced another awesome Movie Score-Step (Cinematic Dubstep) tune and the very next you’ve got another Drum and Bass baby popped out…how, where…why!!!!

I just try and capture what I am feeling in that moment. When I was playing guitar all the time, you could always tell what I was feeling by what I was playing. I set out to learn how to do that with production. To get to the sound and vibe I want as quickly as possible. Which is why I structured the way I taught myself producing so I could do it quickly. To capture that ‘spark’ that happens.

I love film and games and have always wanted to write the music for a feature film and or a video game. So a lot of my focus on melodies has been from listening to a lot of film soundtracks. Trying to figure out how they create a mood with certain sounds and notes. I try to recreate the same mood with different instruments and sounds 🙂


GB:I’m really, really, really interested in your Transnational Dubstep stuff and that’s what brought you first to my attention. What else you got cooking on that front?

Definitely more Transnational Dubstep coming along. Some really ambitious ideas that may or may not work but I’m definitely loving the vibe that comes from different cultures music.

GB:Where does the influence/inspirations come from for the Middle Eastern, Indian and South American stuff?

A lot of that influence comes from my metal and rock background. I used to play guitar in a thrash/metal/grunge band. I grew up listening to Deftones, Tool, Incubus, Korn and Limp Bizkit. Soundgarden, QOTSA, Perfect Circle, Sepultura.

I mean, if you listen to a lot of the tribal drumming or the bass rhythms I use, a lot of them are based on the sounds, scales and rhythms metal guitarists use. I basically am trying to make rock/metal with a dubstep soundscape in a lot of tracks 🙂

Also, there is something magical about the Middle Eastern modal key and South American percussion. Just does things to me…

GB:What are you feeling when you’re making the Transnational Dubstep stuff?

Usually an exciting tension that builds as the track comes together. The melodies and rhythms tend to find you when you have chosen the sound. Sometimes it’s the most amazing thing to just pick a set of sounds, or a theme, and then just see what happens. Usually the vibe of the track comes through from the sound and you can feel where it needs to go.

GB:If I had to choose, my favourite track of yours, I would have to say either Undertow or Tribal Grind, both of which are Transnational Dubstep tracks, what are they about?

Undertow was about the growing discomfort with the way things are heading in certain parts of the world. The vocal is a prayer. I felt moved by it and even though I don’t know what was said, I couldn’t help but feel humbled by the passion that came with it.

The Tribal Grind is a long story but it kinda is meant to be the soundtrack to a fantasy that a friend of mine shared with me 😉 apparently it fits it well.

GB:Will you promise that you’ll define all your Dubstep tracks that come with an ethnic inflexion within the genre of Transnational Dubstep from now on..lol..

I think I can definitely give it a try!


GB:Do you live for music?

It’s probably closer to say that I live despite the music. I literally spend all my time, from the moment I wake till the few seconds before I fall onto my bed asleep surrounded by music. I’m always that girl who is dancing in the club with headphones round her neck because she couldn’t stand not having music for even just the 10min walk to town or the 20minute stumble home at 6am.

GB:Please give us your TOP 10 Records, dance or otherwise!

Well, these are more albums but in no particular order:

Deftones – White Pony. Soundgarden – Superunknown. Audio – To The Edge of Reason. Burial – Untrue. Massive Attack – Mezzanine. Portishead – Dummy. Thomas Newman – American Beauty OST. Amanda Fucking Palmer – Who Killed Amanda Palmer. Amon Tobin – Foley Room. Everything from Freak Recordings.

GB:How did you get into music, what are your musical influences?

My dad was a musician and still plays a mean guitar and bass! Grew up listening to Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, U2 and Paul Simon. I think a lot of that comes through in my music too. Edge from U2 uses a lot of echo and I draw a lot of inspiration from them all.

GB:When you are not working on music, what sort of music do you listen to?

Everything from current value (tightest production I’ve ever heard) and Doc Scott through to Santogold and MGMT. Have a huge love of Mars Volta, and Fall of Troy. But still usually end up going back to the triphop stuff of the early mid nineties.

GB:Who you do you rate at the moment?

-DJ’s: DJ Spinsta @ Radio Active, DJ Foster from SubFM. Definitely rate Blackplanet from Chch for their live show. Am loving Truth’s massive sets and eagerly awaiting their new album coming out soon.

-Producers; Love Current Value 2012 LP. Been really digging wagawaga, Macka, Fujiwara and Riccicomoto from Soundcloud. Also some mint local talent from NZ at the moment; Majiika, Olie Bassweight, Bit Jax and P-Vans.

-Artists; Digging this solid rock band Kabanaz from Wellywood lately and some of the new stuff coming out from a new Welly producer ‘Fis’ is amazing. This guy is a serious talent waiting to break loose!

GB:Your all-time favourite song/piece of music?

Thats a fricken hard one! Probably the red roses theme from American Beauty or the track Alice by Cocteau Twins (theme from The Lovely Bones)

GB:Your all-time favourite movie?

What Dreams May Come. Dir. by Vincent Ward. Starring Robyn Williams.

GB:Your all-time favourite book?

Checkers by John Marsden.

GB:Your greatest influence – music or otherwise?

My dad. His love of music and all his influences gave me the passion and appreciation for what makes a good song. What makes a melody feel beautiful, even if it’s something dark.


GB:How do you see the future for Dubstep?

I see it expanding into more areas. It has so much potential to be a huge umbrella term for a whole group of different styles. at 140bpm its pretty much open to being mixed with any other genre so its fairly limitless in terms of unique songs that can come from it.

GB:What is next on your musical agenda?

At the moment I’m concentrating on trying to get a dnb EP signed. Working on alot more dnb (and dubstep of course) but also have electro and triphop stuff that I have been thinking of putting out again. I’m just basically seeing what happens when I start with a blank track.

GB:Where do you see yourself in another 5 years time?

Hopefully crashing the couches of a list of talented producers I have put together who I really want to collaborate with. Its a long list and includes some pretty ambitious names. But its always good to have big goals to work towards.

There is a huge culture of ‘remixing’ in dubstep (which is great) but I think we are overlooking what can happen when people actually come together to make something new. Can spark off something that neither could have thought of by themselves. SO, hopefully, doing alot more of that in 5 years.

GB:If there is one thing you would like to say to the world, what would it be?

Be open to a shift in perspectives, it keeps life interesting.


GB:Who is your favourite blog (wink, wink) and why?

Generation Bass! Because it’s the first one I’ve read this year!


When I first suggested that we do a big feature on AlexisK , she immediately offered to make a track especially for the blog in my favourite Transnational Dubstep style.

Within a matter of days she’s come up “Gumby’s Night In Cuba” which we are very proud and honoured to be the first in the world to stream and to offer as a free download.

It’s a Dubstep track like no other that I’ve ever heard. It’s SALSA-STEP….with a tinge of 1940’s JAZZ-SWING!!!


Limited to 100 downloads only, so be quick and grab it!!!



Alexis K – Gumby’s Night in Cuba by AlexisK

Get this player from Fairtilizer!






Man got to tell you that this is the first of many firsts.

It’s the first time that this artist ALEXISK has been interviewed and appeared on a blog.

It’s the first time that I’ve spent this much time investing in preparation on a post on somebody who is yet to establish themselves within any scene anywhere in the world.

It’s the first time that I’ve felt so 100% sure and confident that in time to come this relatively unknown artist is going to go on to greater things.  Not just within a particular genre like Dubstep but on a general level because she has the depth, adaptability, foresight, talent, originality, passion and driving ambition to reach some truly spectacular heights.

It’s also one of the first times that an artist has suggested to me to create a new track especially for Generation Bass to accompany a feature!

So with a preamble that could only befit somebody of legendary status, I introduce you to the Future First Lady of Dubstep!



I first came across this artist a little while back and as soon as I heard her music it struck a chord with me on all levels.

I heard the signs of GREATNESS!

I think for the first time I had discovered a Dubstep artist who not only shared the open vision and saw the same endless possibilities that can be found within Dubstep but who also has the capability to produce and deliver on that vision.

The more I explored, the more and more I became impressed with what unveiled itself before me.

This girl creates straight up Dubstep, Transnational Dubstep, Popstep and Movie Score-Step and DnB!

In fact I’m pretty sure she could create almost anything!

Take a listen to these for starters:


This track has to be one of the best Transnational Dubstep tracks I’ve ever heard!

Alexis K – Undertow in G# by AlexisK

This one’s been done in a 7/8 time signature!!!!!

Alexis K – The Optimal Grind (16bit Wav) by AlexisK’

These next two, I would call MOVIE SCORE-STEP!

Alexis K – Ritmo di Luca by AlexisK

The best Ennio Moriccone influenced dubstep track I’ve ever heard, it’s a KILLA!!

Alexis K – Sundance at Dawn by AlexisK

The next one is a more straight up dubstep track.

Majiika – Diamonds In Time (Alexis K Rough Cutz Remix) by AlexisK

That’s just for starters, that’s not even scratching the surface of what hidden gems this artist has and what she is capable of producing in the future as she matures!!!…She’s only 23yrs of age!!!!!

AlexisK DnB

I’m not a DnB fan at all, in fact as soon as I read it’s a DnB track my interest wanes like a lead balloon but she’s getting me into DnB with some of her productions and that’s never happened before either!

Take a listen to these:

Alexis K – Binding by AlexisK

Alexis K – Easy Company by AlexisK


That is the sign of a great artist.  Someone who can entice you into a genre which you really cannot stomach and I cannot stomach DnB unless it’s by AlexisK or my homies’ Supreme Selecta & Celt Islam.


To reinforce my belief that this artist will be bigger than just in the Dubstep genre, here’s a new track she has done ACOUSTICA DUBSTEP!

She plays all the instruments on this track!!!

Alexis K – Losing Red by AlexisK

There’s lots more coming in Part 2 including an in-depth interview & a FREE DOWNLOAD of a track that our First Lady has created especially for GENERATION BASS as a WORLDWIDE XCLUSIVE !!!!!!

You cannot grab this tune anywhere else and also it’s only up for a LIMITED 100 Downloads.

Check back in a couple or few hours time  or even sooner!