Kahn, Commodo & Gantz : Heavy Artillery Mix For Japan [Transnational Dubstep]

One of the most interesting Dubstep releases in quite some time dropped from the heart of Mala, Deep Medi Musik by these 3 chaps.  They have followed that up with an awesome mix showcasing that release Read More

Here’s what you missed at Lush Select’s 18th Sunday School >>

The plug.dj virtual dance floor, screen cap from Shinji a.k.a. ßęđŧīmĕ Šŧōŗĩėş Has any of you Generation Bass readers ever wondered what it would be like not just to read the posts Read More


More Arabic Bass in this latest instalment featuring a lot of Middle Eastern inspired Juke, Footwork, Dubstep, Grime, Trap and wild North African flavas. Features tracks from the soon to be dropped Read More

Commodo Gantz Kahn – Volume 1 [Transnational Dubstep Heaven]

3 of the leading lights of the Dubstep scene have just dropped a sublime piece of Transnational Dubstep Heaven on pioneer Mala's Deep Medi Musik label. This is deep, dark and twisted shit and some Read More

Prince : “This Could B Us” [PrinceStep]

I made a special request not so long ago for my Purple friend to start embracing more underground sounds into his music and it seems he has started to take on board some of my advice. He teased us Read More

Trailblazers : A New Portrait Series – #1 : Savana “OMEN” Painter

Generation Bass has been introducing innovative music developments all over the world since 2009. Over the last years, the focus of the blog has shifted more and more towards connecting and integrating them, Read More

FOX : ELEVATE [Free Album Download]

One of my personal faves of 2015 thus far is this artist and new find FOX. Been blown away by him since I first heard his stuff. He has just dropped this free album of electronic, DnB, Dubstep and Read More

Muudra : Resistance // مقاومة // Berxwedan [ Transnational Dubstep]

Loving this release by Muudra, whoever he is. It's a sublime slice of Deep Transnational Dubstep, hypnotic, enthralling and trance-like. We need more of this kinda stuff, executed so masterfully Read More
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