Sexxy Saturday Cumbia – A Truly Awesome Week

Art by 4:20 Designs This is the post that brought me here to Generation Bass just over two years ago so it means more to me than you’ll ever know.If anything the promotion has given me a refreshing motivating feeling to pursue more into the world of Digital Cumbia and the like.This week I have Read more [...]

Sexxy Saturday Cumbia – Decaffeinated

Art by 4:20 Designs You know what is a hell of a drug? Caffeine is one hell of a drug. Several times in my life I’ve been able to get off it but always end up relapsing without paying much attention to how it happened nor when. This week was the latest attempt to get clean from caffeine and man has Read more [...]

Generation Bass Cumbia EP No. 1 Paceña Tropical

It's finally here, the EP we have been waiting for! The premier EP for the new series featuring some of my favorite nu cumbia artists. Starting things off we go to Bolivia where we find Paceña Tropical a duo featuring two young talented artists from the Oi Mas Bass collective Alejandro Cassis and Read more [...]

Sexxy Saturday Cumbia – UB 40 Shout Out

Art By Tu Guiana What a good life this is huh? Sitting back and chilling out every week to all the newest nu cumbia and then sharing them with all of you. Well sitting back and chilling isn’t quite accurate. Normally it’s a full week of panic to get a lot of work done, work that I love to do, don’t Read more [...]