el guero unico

el guero unico

Sexxy Saturday Cumbia – Nostalgia (and why that’s becoming a bad thing..)

Generation gaps have probably always existed and for people in my own age category (late 20s) the moment will come sooner or later that you'll find yourself shaking your head about the absurd way of Read More

Sexxy Saturday Cumbia – The Not-So-Final Countdown…

  It is already half a year ago that I became the new blogger for Sexxy Saturday Cumbia. Time flies. I'm reaching the stage of age where that say is becoming kind of a grim reality. Even a Read More

Sexxy Saturday Cumbia – El Guero Unico Signing Off

Art By 4:20 Grafix This is one of those articles that I want to take a long time with. I want it to go on and on with no end in sight. But alas an end is in sight. All week I’ve been thinking how Read More

Generation Bass Cumbia EP No. 2 Elegante & La Imperial “Azangaro Remakes”

Art by Tu Guiana I can't quite give an honest representation in words how pleased I am with the Cumbia EP series I'm running here on Generation Bass. We're only two albums in with a third (the next Read More
sexxxy saturday cumbia ep-3

Sexxy Saturday Cumbia – A Truly Awesome Week

Art by 4:20 Designs This is the post that brought me here to Generation Bass just over two years ago so it means more to me than you’ll ever know. If anything the promotion has given me a refreshing Read More

Sexxy Saturday Cumbia – Decaffeinated

Art by 4:20 Designs You know what is a hell of a drug? Caffeine is one hell of a drug. Several times in my life I’ve been able to get off it but always end up relapsing without paying much attention Read More

Generation Bass Cumbia EP No. 1 Paceña Tropical

It's finally here, the EP we have been waiting for! The premier EP for the new series featuring some of my favorite nu cumbia artists. Starting things off we go to Bolivia where we find Paceña Tropical Read More

R.U.N. by Gazelle Feat. Jogyo & Devi Mambouka – Video and Music Stream

Have you guys heard of Gazelle or Jogyo or Devi Mambouka? Yes, no, maybe so? Well I just heard an awesome track by these Stateside artists originally from other lands (like most of us here). Actually Read More
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