Sexxy Saturday Cumbia – Nostalgia (and why that’s becoming a bad thing..)


Generation gaps have probably always existed and for people in my own age category (late 20s) the moment will come sooner or later that you’ll find yourself shaking your head about the absurd way of dressing, talking or behaving of ‘contemporary youth’. That’s when nostalgia kicks in. Nothing wrong with that, don’t get me wrong. I consider myself a very nostalgic person in almost every aspect. Most kids have grown up with their parents playing popular music from their own teenage years and for many this has provided an excellent musical heritage.

Most people our age too will probably be starting to return to the sound of their youth these days: the 90s, when the world as we know it today was born. 90s retro designs and 90s music are all over the place these days, whether it’s hiphop, RnB, dance or pop. Even the cassette-tapes and walkmans have been buzzed to be making a comeback. Because hearing that quivering sound when you press a solid, resisting play-button just feels so much realer than the touch-screen of your iPhone 5..

But there’s a downside to all this. There’s nothing wrong with cherishing or rediscovering musicians from the past. Many new technologies appeared during the 80s and 90s and it’s impressive to realise what dedicated pioneers were capable of doing without all the stuff that we have today to make life easier. That’s beside the point. The point is that those musicians who were pioneering with new sounds were passionate about doing something NEW! I mean.. they could just as easily have done something more traditional, and most other musicians around them probably did exactly that. Most of those have probably been forgotten by the way..

The thing that worries me about contemporary retro-culture is that so many people are going ‘back to’ something, that even the new generation itself seems to believe that new movements and styles can never be good as old music. The question is.. if everybody is going back to whatever gone-by era and mainstream pop sounds either like the umpteenth brainless talent-show, the umBteenth Endless Duplication of the same Message or.. well, like something old indeed.. who is going to save tomorrow’s music?

Don’t worry, even cumbia does not escape from today’s the collective nostalgia. Not at all, it’s one of the most nostalgic genres around and the original Colombian classics are still the most popular and most widely played in the genre. But sometimes it gets a little more seriously retro-minded than just playing a record from the hall of fame. This new music video for ‘Cumbia Amazonica’, from the legendary Peruvian band Los Mirlos was made last year and it breathes the ‘back to’-spirit in all aspects (check the subtle reference to LP’s and cassettes at 1:58!!). But I cannot deny that both the song and the video are absolutely brilliant, so even if you aren’t going to listen to every item in this post, watch this!

Then, for the sake of the theme, some 90s cumbia for you to enjoy! First some 90s examples of the unique Mexican sonidera-sound, which actually goes back to the 1960s and has been very much alive ever since..!

And here a mix of more obviously pop-influenced songs from Argentinan bands who popularised cumbia in the 90s ! (I must confess that I don’t know most of these names.. definitely need some catch up reading on this..)

But enough nostalgia for today, let’s move on to the great new stuff that today’s cumbia scene ‘s got on offer. At least three mixtapes appeared this week and I actually wanted to make a choice for just one, but they were so good that I just couldn’t. So here are all three of them..

First this mixtape by Cumbia Dub Club Petardo: the perfect fusion of dreamy, groovy and sexxy. Cumbia-dub at its ver best, featuring tracks by artists like Uproot Andy, Yelram Selectah and Sonic Groove!

After last week’s excellent mixtape (I listened it almost every day during my study work this week and loved it more with each time..!) Regional Label has got a fresh new mixtape for this week which actually appeared yesterday night when I had large parts of this post prepared already. This one, mixed by Tribilín Sound, is more bass-oriented and contains many tunes that have been featured here on SSC over the last months including a subtle dose of zouk-bass and twerk.

We have blogged new tracks/dub-edits from DJ Rayo (a.k.a. Colombian Free Mix) almost every week but this time he did a short mixtape with cumbia-dub in his own, actually very nostalgic style!

It’s not only raining mixtapes this week but also compilations. Since my predecessor El Güero Unico started The Global Bass Experience, he hasn’t sit still and released his official TGBE Cumbia Compilation Vol.1 last Friday, with tracks carefully prepared for this grand release. This thing has been on the planning even since the time that El Güero was part of our own team and here it is…

El Güero’s co-worker at TGBE and member of the Soberio Music and the Pachangas Collective, 4:20 Music Flavor, is one of the most productive cumbia musicians that I know on soundcloud, with at least 2 new mashups or productions uploaded on a daily basis.. We’ve always been a big time fan of of El Catorce‘s underground hip-hop/tech-inspired productions and this week 4:20 did this extended compilation of edits! His other tunes are also more than worth checking out!

Qechuaboi has been releasing a lot of wildly creative stuff over the last weeks and here he is again with a ‘live’ tagged, experimentalistic techno-ish track: ‘Qenuncafaltechocolate’! ..which kinda sounds like a Valentine wish: ‘thattheremayalwaysbeenughchocolateforyou’..

This track from LATA has been with us for about two weeks already but I realised that I missed it when it was released. LATA has been a leading figure in the nu-cumbia scene for years and great grooves like these should be supported on SSC, better late than never: ‘Mucha Chita’!

The same thing goes for this release from last week by AstrosMendoza: an excellent cumbification of the  rock tune ‘Sound tha Primer Amor‘ from the innovative Mexican band Kinky.

Then it’s time for the cumbia-surprise of this week: a new producer whith music that blows my mind. Dj Chico Parany is a Dj/remixer/producer who focuses mainly on organic vintage gypsy and Andes-sounds and a little bit of dub in an extremely danceable way! This week he released these two excellent tunes. The first one is tagged as ‘gypsy andino’ but very much cumbia in rhythm, the second one is more gypsy-swing but with such an awesome latin flavour to it that I just wanted to share it here.. I’m telling you: this is amazing!!

There is always a lot of cumbia-dub going on, done in many different ways but for me goes: the dreamier the better. These two tracks made me very happy. It always makes bloggers happy to see new music from artists that have released good music in the past but have been silent for a while. That definitely goes for elBarba dub, whose speed-3ball ‘guarachoguer’ track from 3 months ago was the last thing we’ve seen on Generation Bass. But now he is back with this dub remix of Candelaria‘s Las Cruces, as part of Club Subtropical‘s New Year’s compilation Ensalada Subtropical Vol.1. Grab it here!

I didn’t know Tlopsytech before I discovered this great experimental work ‘Bass Line’. The delicious deepness of this is just amazing.. halfway, it changes to another melody-line so it could be that it’s a mini-mix rather than one specific track but anyway it’s great!

Dj Caution did this minimalistic dubbification of Andres Landero’s classic Cumbia del Festival! These are always the perfect kind of tracks to create a vintage Latin atmosphere!

The Mexican collective Real Cumbia Activa, which consists of the well known names Fake Moustache, Agustín Soundsystem, 4:20 Music Flavor and Albert DJ, did this awesome cumbia mashup of M.I.A. this week!

There was also quite a lot of hiphop inspired cumbia this week.

Stereo Revuelta released two versions of the same edit of ‘Porque te Vas‘, a sonidera song that is actually from the 90s and as n0stalgic as cumbia sonidera can get..

..and this is the same tune, used as a basis for a hiphop tune featuring the crew Los Enviados and Nena Lea MC.

Cumbia-hiphop has never been away. Here is another nice example from THEWACHIN.. ‘Undersong’: oldschool-rap flows, a minimalistic noisy-bass and an as-basic-as-possible cumbia beat!

We’ve got some new cumbiaton as well this week.

Cooliado added a dembow to El Hijo de la Cumbia’s ‘Dale Otra Vez’..

Personally I’m a big fan of the cumbiaton that’s coming from Mexico City’s scene. Some of it may sound a bit monotonic and repetitive on a first listen but it has that kinda thing that I love about underground movements: its own unique sound, combining different sources of inspiration, old or new doesn’t matter, and making something different out of it. The scene has existed for quite while already now but Tiestoriki‘s channel still releases new stuff everyday. One of the things you hear a lot in their tracks these days is the use of percussion that has more of an ‘oriental’, ‘belly dance’-ish vibe to it, combined with downtempo cumbia an basic dembow. This new track from Dormek Dj is a great example. I think the transnational bass scene should definitely keep an eye on what these guys are and will hopefully keep doing.

DJ TAO has his own version of nostalgia this week, going back to the very basics of oldschool reggaeton with this cumbification of ‘Arriba Abajo’!

I’ve said it in earlier posts but there’s a trend going on of 3ball producers moving into cumbia. This is an example that I discovered just this week: a nicely perc’ed cumbia edit of a reggaeton-acapella by Dj All$tar.. Mueve Ese Culo!

The dance-drive in this tune is a good start for some more energic stuff now..

The Peruvian nu-cumbiambero Tribilín Sound did this great remix of ‘Dime lo que Bailas’, fusing a Mexican-style cumbia groove with salsa percussion, trap hi-hats, delicious deep pads and even an explosion of crazy laser-synths in the end!

..and dj Anya‘s mashup of Missy Eliot’s ‘Pass that Dutch’ and a cumbia-bass explosion from Tropikore brings even more fuego to the dancefloor!

It’s been a long post, time for the club-warming-up now, starting with this brilliant new uptempo banger from Erick Jaimez: ‘Pollera Colora’.. This bigroom cumbia is set to push classic cumbia sounds onto the mainstage of the next rave festival! #Esooo!!

And what could a better closing song for this post than the ultimate 90s dance song: Robin S’ ‘Show Me Love‘! ..cumbiafied for you by DJ Chop-E:

Sexxy Saturday Cumbia – The Not-So-Final Countdown…



It is already half a year ago that I became the new blogger for Sexxy Saturday Cumbia. Time flies. I’m reaching the stage of age where that say is becoming kind of a grim reality. Even a couple of years back, the future seemed big, vague and distant. Now, with another year having just vanished before my very eyes, I’m slowly realising that this – “my friend” – is the future. It is true, when you are in a routine, time goes a great deal faster than when you’re embarking on new adventures.

For me – forgive me this little moment of complaining.. again – 2013 has been a thesis year. The year where the challenge to graduate and achieve something significant in life became serious business. That mission is still not completed but soon I will reach the finish. It has also been the year where music became serious business, and it is still overwhelming me. A little more than two years ago I became hooked on “bringing different worlds of music together”.. commenting on my favourite Soundcloud tracks, trying (and so far failing) to produce my own stuff. Via 108 Moombahton and Tropitronics, I was drawn into the scene in a way I could have never dreamt of. But the most incredible blessing has been the opportunity to blog here at Generation Bass.

The end of such half a year is also a way to look back at Sexxy Saturday Cumbia and look forward to the future. I have spent some time leafing back though the archives of my predecessor, El Guëro Unico, which made me even more the aware of shoulders on which I stand. EL Guëro is an experienced blogger and musician. Reading his posts made me realise how much more there is to know about cumbia than I do now. El Guëro is a dedicated craftsman, whereas I am a passionate but a bit impetuous jack-of-all-trades (moving from moombahton and 3ball into industrial, i mean..). El Guëro is a passionate, sometimes a bit opinionated activist, trying not only to spread love with music but also to teach social responsibility, whereas I am a quiet academic, sharing next to music information about culture and history, trying to spread not only love, but also curiosity.

As soon as I’ll have time, I will try to build further on what is now. Like El Guëro did in the past, I will try to establish closer connections with musicians, bloggers and artists who can contribute. I will be ‘out there’. You’ll get to know me. And, beware.. you might even get to see me in person on an event.. (in whatever role). I’m counting down to 2014 with a smile..!

Now let’s move on quickly to cumbia!

Because it’s the final SSC of the year, we’ve got not 1, but 2 mixtapes to celebrate the end of this musically great year. But first of all, I want to share something extra. When going through the SSC posts of the last year I was so impressed by the amount of great cumbia that has been produced in just one year that I share some of ‘the best’ tracks we’ve seen in 2013. Of course there is no real ranking involved. There are so many different styles.. there is no fair way to go about really selecting te ‘best’.. it’s just a quick reminded of the great musical treasures of last year’s digital cumbia that has been shared here on Generation Bass, by El Guëro and by me! I wanted to make a mixtape of it but with a lack of time and equipment her at my parants’ place, I didn’t manage to do it, so I made a playlist instead. Enjoy!

The first mixtape is one I got in my inbox a couple of days ago. The German cumbiambero Dj Zhao brings a fine selection of the best new and old nu-cumbia tracks. His delicate taste for older and high-quality cumbia is noticeable in his choice of tracks: a foray into digital cumbia of a vintage-expert.. enjoy!

The second one, from the London-based Latin/oldskool hiphop dj Huskiii, is more on the hiphop-side of cumbia. He told me that he’s been inspired by the SSC posts for a while now.. so let it be a compliment, not just for El Guëro and myself, but for the blog as a whole.. inspiring people to play good music is what we exist for!

Now I move on the the newest releases. It contains a couple of older ones because, for all the thesis-stress, I’ve missed a few ‘must-blog’s which I share with you now. Most importantly this remixes EP that appeared two weeks ago on Regional Label. Even though I frequently blog stuff from this channel, I must have missed it completely. It’s a nice collection of tracks, with contributions from frequently blogged artists such as Rafael Aragon and Trillbilin.

The other great release that I have missed is the remixes EP of Baglady’s ‘Ice Age’, on Caballito Netlabel, also from two weeks ago. All tracks on the EP are baltimore, with exception of one cumbia version, from Bigote:

Dany F has got a new tune as well. A not that well categorisable ‘Dany F style’ edit of Disclosure’s ‘Help me Lose my Mind’. It’s doubtful whether this still counts as ‘cumbia’ but never mind, it’s almost NYE, I love the tune, and Dany F is always welcome on SSC, whatever he does..!

Very much cumbia is this new tune from Yelram Selectah: a minimalistic, swagged-up cumbia edit of A$AP Ferg feat. A$AP Rocky’s ‘Shabba’

Sonora Rumbatron also did a very basic but oh-so-badass cumbia edit of Orihuela M.S.S.‘ ‘Amalucan’. An EP of remixes of the original appeared a couple of weeks ago on the artist’s bandcamp, get it here!

Also check out Sonora’s Christmas release:

Next to the tracks on his own soundcloud, Sonora also released a track on the Mexican label Especimen Tropical, in collaboration with Mexican Stepper:

It is always funny to see the overlap and the differences in taste and choice between yourself and other bloggers. One of the cool things things was to see that Hydroselekter was also a frequently featured artist in El Guëro’s posts.  This is the newest release of this productive producer who keeps going strong.. an cumbiamuffin edit of Steppa Warriors’ ‘Militant Style’!

The San Luis Potosí (Mex.) based dj Add on de Bass released this special  edition of Fanfarri Cumbia: cumbiaton meets dub meets balkan.. and even meets breakbeats..!

Regular guest DJ RAYO Mix is also back with his unmistakable laidback dub grooves!

Searching for tracks to build a mega-post worthy for a NYE-edition, I also came across some new artists again I considered worth sharing with you.

The first one is the Buenos-Aires based dj La Epidemia de la Cumbia, who did this nice cumbia-dub edit, in the style of the other subtle cumbia-dub edits we’ve seen and enjoyed so often here at SSC:

The Peruvian urban-tropical MC Black Jocker teamed up with Dj Petardo for this funky cumbiaton-underground-rap tune Arma Mortal!

Finally there were two new urban cumbia(ton) tracks, one from Argentina, from the channel Conquest Records, who released two tracks from the artist Te Hago Nana.. due to the mega-ness of this post I blogged just one, a villera banger with the most dance-energy for NYE: ‘te voy a romper el culo’.. to be interpreted in any way you wish..

The other one is from the Monterrey based Dj Mike Casas, who cumbiafied Owin & Jack’s Es la que Va.

And as we’re gettint into the cumbiaton vibe anyway and this is a mega-post, there a quick snippet-mix of the Vol.2 the best Mexican cumbiaton tunes, compiled by Tiestoriki.


And last but not least in this series.. Dj Tao, who is back this week again with his specialty: the acapella cumbificaiton. Grab the tune here for free!

Then we’ve arrived at the end of this mega-post, with hopefully enough great cumbia for a good NYE party and its weekend ‘rehearsals’.. three euphoric encore bangers this time:

Don Alex did this crazy, kinda minimalistic-ish cumbia interpretation of DJ Fresh & Diplo ft. Dominique Young Unique’s ‘Earthquake’..!!

Now turn the tempo up with Alan Rosales & El Dusty‘s cumbia-3ball fusion ‘Mi Cumbia’!

And .. althoug it´s old, I just had to post it because of the title..

There were different versions of it.. This one I liked best!

Have a booming New Year´s Eve.. and, watching the clock.. I realise what my new year´s resolution will be, definitely.. In 2014, I´ll post ON TIME !!

Sexxy Saturday Cumbia – El Guero Unico Signing Off

Sexxy Saturday Cumbia Signing Off

Art By 4:20 Grafix

This is one of those articles that I want to take a long time with. I want it to go on and on with no end in sight. But alas an end is in sight. All week I’ve been thinking how to approach this specific article. And to be honest I haven’t decided on how it is supposed to be.

I honestly have lost count of how many Sexxy Saturday Cumbias I have written. I lost count somewhere in the mid-80’s and started guessing. If my guessing is correct then this should be around the 127th mark. That is 127 consecutive weeks, without missing a single one, when I claim it to be consecutive, I am not merely carelessly throwing that word around. I have honestly never missed one week. I have been late on a few occasions, but not a week has passed during this 127-week stretch without an issue of Sexxy Saturday Cumbia being delivered. I take much pride in this fact, but also it shows one of my obsessive-compulsive habits. I do not fail to do my job no matter how ill I feel.

When I first started my Cumbia Facebook group called Nu Cumbia Experience, I had neither the foresight nor an idea that it would be the catalyst that started me on this remarkable and honorable path. I was simply interested in collecting music from artists within the Digital Cumbia community. I knew very little about what was going on outside of the mainstream Cumbia scene. Nu Cumbia Experience was as far as I remember only the second Facebook group completely dedicated to Digital Cumbia, but I may be wrong about this. Friends sent me stems to play with and before I knew it I was hooked on Digital Cumbia or rather Nu Cumbia as I’m happier calling it.

Canalh was at that time writing Sexxy Saturday Cumbia. He sent me a private message telling me that I was to be featured on a post on Generation Bass. I didn’t even know what Generation Bass was, to be honest. Through Canalh I was introduced to Generation Bass. I remember how incredibly excited I was to have my music featured here, this is an excitement I’ve never forgotten, I’m reminded every time someone shows excitement when I feature their music here.

Being on Sexxy Saturday Cumbia I found myself very inspired and motivated to produce more Nu Cumbia. I made many friends within the community, most being located in Mexico because Sonidera and Cumbia Nortena was what I was most familiar with having lived and worked in the local music scene here in Phoenix, Arizona. As my popularity grew I continued to feel inspired. The embrace the Cumbia community has kindly held me in since those early days, I must say still feels just as warm as always.

I remember one day searching around Generation Bass for old posts when I cam upon the post Dee Jay Umb put up asking for a blogger to take on Sexxy Saturday Cumbia. This post was very old, as it was the one Canalh apparently was interested in. At that moment I remember clearly thinking that I wish I had known about Generation Bass and more importantly, Sexxy Saturday Cumbia at that time when Umb was seeking a new blogger. Then the odd twist of fate happened, well shortly afterward anyway. Dee Jay Umb asked if I was interested in taking over because Canalh left the spot open. Nervous with excitement I replied immediately with a resounding “Yes! Please. And thank you.”

Nervous as all hell, after planning for two weeks, I wrote my first Sexxy Saturday Cumbia with shaking hands in May of 2011. Then the addiction started almost immediately after the first publishing. I wrote and wrote, loving every week and loving all the music I encountered. One might think that the passion one feels when first starting something might decline in feeling the longer one does it, this is the exact opposite of the true case. Over time my passion only grows and I expect it to keep growing still.

I met many wonderful people over the two years and two months I’ve been writing here on Generation Bass, many of those wonderful people’s eyes are surely grazing over these words at this very moment.

Writing for Generation Bass played a large part of creating the person I am today. I have learned a lot about a lot of topics not just about Cumbia. I had no idea, no guess so wild, that I would become a co-owner of Generation Bass. This is such an honor for me, I cannot emphasize this enough, there simply aren’t any words capable of describing this honor I feel.

Alas, the time has indeed come for me to hang my hat. You might be assuming I’ve gone mad, and perhaps that is the case, but the time has come nonetheless. I only leave with positive words to express my love and appreciation for both Dee Jay Umb and Vincent Koreman, without them I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am today. I may have put in the work, but they gave me the opportunities and the trust that helped me flourish and cultivate my skills as a writer, producer and business owner.

You might be asking why it is I’m leaving. That question is worthy of an explanation. I have decided after much thought that it is best for me to continue on elsewhere. I feel I can make a better impact in the music industry as a producer, publisher, editor, writer, musician and businessman if I focus my attention on one location of work. That location is the site I operate called The Global Bass Experience. I know there I can do much more work. I have a better budget, less distraction and more influence. I have massive plans for the immediate future including pressing vinyl for album releases, CD’s, merchandise, attending and operating showcases at various music festivals and a bigger online presence.

My goals are to increase productivity at a faster rate and larger impact and at The Global Bass Experience I have much better options. I will continue a similar weekly Cumbia post but instead of Saturday, the post will appear on Friday. The name of course will be changed to Funky Friday Cumbia, because I’ll leave SSC for a future writer here on Generation Bass. I feel Friday is a better day to share new music so DJ’s can download and get their sets together for that weekend.

I will continue releasing Cumbia EP’s monthly. I already have some ready to go. I will also oversee EP and LP releases in other genres. I have assembled a great team of bloggers and producers whom are gung ho about working with The Global Bass Experience.

So this is not a “goodbye” but more of a “see you over there”. I won’t miss a beat with any of these projects including this Cumbia round up. It will be as though nothing changed, except where I am located online. Also there will be many major positive changes that will be coming with the switch.

There should be no melancholia found here today because that is unnecessary. I am not leaving you, nor will I ever. This is my life, doing this work means the world to me. I’m only moving to a new location. So if you would be so kind as to come join me I promise a wonderful and productive future for all of us.

My sincerest and best regards to Generation Bass and specifically my two partners who are soon to be referred to as former. Much love and respect all around.

Now for the biggest Sexxy Saturday Cumbia you’re likely to ever encounter!

Let’s start by kicking back to this dope Cumbia Dub refix jam provided by Mexican Stepper of “Real Rock Riddim.”

Since the very first moment I encountered Animal Chuki I was hooked to their sound. Peruvians sure leave their mark on great Cumbia innovation.

It’s still somewhat bizarre to me how well Dnb and Cumbia can work together. Markuz R. shares in my sentiment.

El Dirty Sonidero provides us with a summer mix suited for the rabid Cumbia fan.

I still remember the first time I shared some of Abel Digital’s work here on Sexxy Saturday Cumbia. I actually dedicated a post to him along with an in depth interview. Well he’s back a couple of years later with more of his hallucinogenic stylings.

The name El Remolon is spoken often and always with respect. And for good reason. Here is his latest contribution to dopeness.

Qechuaboi, what have I not said about this Electribe genius? I’ll think that question over in my head while you jam out to his latest masterpiece.

Cumbia and Rap also seem to flow well together. I suspect it has a lot to do with the chill repetitive rhtyhms of Cumbia, which allow words to flow freely and effortlessly on top.

Papi Chulo and the great Elegante & La Imperial seem to be a match made in heaven, well at least a match made by [email protected]

Speaking of Elegante & La Imperial, his is the latest Cumbia EP from my series, which I will repeat first started here on Generation Bass but will be continued by me on The Global Bass Experience (punto) Com.

Azangaro Remakes has proven to be another hit EP from this incredible series. Listen and download it for free.

Another sick release by out Deep Cumbia Colombiano Boy, Dany F, graced our laptops and ear buds this past week. Infinite/Finite is another EP that can successfully attest to the mad skills Dany F possesses.

G-Flux has for a rather long time now been synonymous with the phrase “dope as hell.” His debut solo LP will be released this coming Tuesday July 30th. On this incredible album one can find Los Master Plus, Boogat, Empresarios and Chicha guitar legend Jose Luis Carballo. But don’t fret he will also be visited by his long-time partner Afrodita.

The name of the album is G-Sound and you can preview it all here below.

Deltatron! Another dope figure from the underground Peruvian scene and member of the incredible crew Terror Negro Crew. He always delivers sick new tracks that hit the right spot.

Don Juan Pachanga has a long and productive future ahead of him that is sure to be filled with much success. I love collaborating with him because his style is perfect for my personal musical tastes.

His latest track with Hijo De La Cumbia is a dope remake of Nicky Romero’s “Symphonica.”

Exta-Machine Mx has been making several appearances lately here on Sexxy Saturday Cumbia. His music is just too good to overlook. Check out this intensely sick Tropical Bass tune.

PabloTez is just simply amazing with his work. I expect as so should you, that I will be sharing a lot of his new work in the future and most likely for many years to come,

His new song Maracuya is a wonderful Tropical Bass gem.

Chusma Records was running what seemed to being, or at least ended up being, a confusing contest for remixes of their recently signed genius act, Dengue Dengue Dengue’s track from their debut album “La Alianza Profana” called “Simiolo.”

Many top remixers, young and old, wise and silly, came on board to compete for the most voted for remix to be featured on the Chusma Records re-release.

It was confusing because not all the remixes ended up on the site for the listeners to vote from. Then some were added later. Well it became rather hectic and somewhat messy but a winner was indeed crowned and awarded. That winner is none other than Manduka. And here is his remix.

Another of my top favorite Nu Cumbia DJ’s is Tribilin Sound. I know I have said that before and not that long ago, but the dude is just that great I feel I have to repeat my sentiment.

Here to back up my claims of greatness is his latest work “Bilongo con Sandunga.”

Petardo is always hard at work spreading his message of peace and love around the world. While in Germany he longs to return to the barrios of his native Peru where he can further spread his message.

To at least put one in a chill daze, I have his newest remix featuring Barrington Levy with “The Cumbia Stepper.”

Pedrolito, my good and friend for many years to come, shares with us another special mixtape where he gives respect to Colombia.

Folklore digital #8 – Especial Colombia by Pedrolito Radioglobal on Mixcloud

Here is a sick new rebajada rework from Mamalon of “La Cumbia De Las Culeras,” courtesy of Especimen Tropical.

Perro Ki shows his love for the female vocalists of ZZK Records with his small mix of lovely Cumbia.

Before I leave Generation Bass I wish to leave something melancholic of me behind. It seems fitting to me to do so. This is my sequel to my first full mix of my originals titled “Condicion del Corazon.” This time I revisit the beauty found in the darkness along with the spiritual feelings within the depths of music. I do so with “Condicion de Mente.”

To help wake you up a little, El Catorce provides us with a high energy rework “Cumbiambera.”

I shan’t honestly ever tire of this work. I love this, I love you, I love Generation Bass but I’m going to have to love this work and love you elsewhere from now on. In a place I like to call The Global Bass Experience (dot) Com. If you feel like you’re going to miss me, I beg of you to please don’t fear, do not cry, for I am not leaving you. I’m not going anywhere. Yo soy El Guero Unico, tu eres mi gente! Ahora y para SIEMPRE! Now and Forever! I am your El Guero Unico and now I am on The Global Bass Experience.

El Guero Unico out!


Generation Bass Cumbia EP No. 2 Elegante & La Imperial “Azangaro Remakes”

sexxxy saturday cumbia ep-3

Art by Tu Guiana

I can’t quite give an honest representation in words how pleased I am with the Cumbia EP series I’m running here on Generation Bass. We’re only two albums in with a third (the next one) sitting patiently on my hard drive, and the diversity and quality of these songs are wonderful. This allows me to explore the different cultures that Cumbia has graced with its presence over the decades. Every geographical place is very different from their neighbor but even more so is the diversity among the artists. This Cumbia EP series allow me to get into and expose the sound of individual artists. Everyone is different and I want to make that fact as apparent as possible with this series.

Last time we visited two young artists in La Paz, Bolivia going under the name Pacena Tropical. Alejandro Cassis and Villa Victoria Sound System. I don’t pay heed of the claims that different nations, especially in the Third World are deprived so much that they’re way behind and unable to be productive with the faster paced and often much lazier First World nations. Pacena Tropical are far more advanced than many others from the more privileged areas of the world. They just work harder and they’re more creative is all, and that I can believe.

This time we go down to Lima, Peru to visit someone who has already become legend in his own right, Elegante & La Imperial. We’re going to go on a dope Digital Cumbia ride with his re-interpretations of songs we know and loved through the ages. It’s called Azangaro Remakes and consists of some really incredible tracks that are also free to download. Any one of these tracks will tear up a dance floor.


Sexxy Saturday Cumbia – A Truly Awesome Week


Art by 4:20 Designs

This is the post that brought me here to Generation Bass just over two years ago so it means more to me than you’ll ever know.

If anything the promotion has given me a refreshing motivating feeling to pursue more into the world of Digital Cumbia and the like.

This week I have some real goodies for all of you to prove my sincerity and passion. Let’s get going!

This is the first and possibly last time I will single out my favorite Cumbia of the week. It is so good that I couldn’t resist the urge to proclaim my favoritism of it. Tribilin Sound is always spot on with his productions. I know that I will be playing this one out many many many times!

I feel that this next one flows very nicely with the last one. DJ Pase can really create a chill vibe in his music. I’m quite fond of chill vibes.

I’m pleasantly surprised by the darkness and creativity on the new EP México Ecléctico by Mr. Jags. Caballo got to it first on his Tropical Bass post so I will just post it here on SSC. It is really excellent, it goes many places and the changes are surprising.

El Mulato takes us now back to the roots with a Cumbia Colombiana remix of La Pastorsita.

DJ Albert Style also lends a hand by bringing us back with some Lisandro Meza.

Slowly we merge back into modern Cumbia with one foot in the past and one in the present, thanks to Philthy Dronez.

Bubbleheads released their EP this week. A couple days back I wrote about it right after the fact here on Generation Bass. This is the single Chupa Chups.

I’m going to spice things up now with a few new videos from this past week. First off is a bit of Qechuaboi’s set from this year’s TOMA party in Lima, Peru. Let’s watch the master at work shall we…

Qechuaboi Live! @ TOMA! 10, Frikstailers Night, Lima – Perú, 2013. from qechuaboi on Vimeo.

Also the masters of tropical darkness La MiniTK Del Miedo released their excellent music video this past week. Many were excited to see this, myself included.

Another highly anticipated and extremely exciting video was released this week. Hannah Shinohara and Brujjas Deejay make a great team. No one flows like Hannah and her lyrics are very well thought out and creative. Brujjas produces music that fits so very well with Hannah’s vocals. I can’t imagine a better result.

This is their new video for their song El Gusano.

Hanna Shinohara & Brujjas Deejay / El Gusano from VJ_DSG on Vimeo.

This is a very exciting 3ball Cumbia with a lovely Peruvian flavor. La Sonora Beatbox provides the music that you must have in your collection. It’s a cool song called Del Perú pal Perú.

The excitement doesn’t end there. Exta-Machine MX makes another appearance here on SSC with this dope edit of a song we all know (30 years old +).

Now onto a mixtape with an excellent selection of old school Cumbia along with some new gems. Courtesy of Musik-Kurier.

Cumbia Del Monte by Musikkurier on Mixcloud

We speed things up now with [email protected] new energetic Cumbiaton mix.

DJ Subversivo just introduced me to this song from Colombia, La Gringa a Vallenato, which if I remember correctly is Cumbia from the Pacific Coast. Well it has a great title, I’m surprised I’ve not heard it before.

I choose to end this week’s SSC with an SSC newcomer Nino Francois, with a great new Digital Cumbia.

I hope I delivered this weekend with my selection. I feel very good about these songs and videos. It has been a busy and very exciting week. Here’s to the promising future in store for Generation Bass – you haven’t seen nothing yet!


Sexxy Saturday Cumbia – Decaffeinated


Art by 4:20 Designs

You know what is a hell of a drug? Caffeine is one hell of a drug. Several times in my life I’ve been able to get off it but always end up relapsing without paying much attention to how it happened nor when. This week was the latest attempt to get clean from caffeine and man has it been hell. I’m at the end of the weeklong detox and finally the headaches are going away and my focus is returning.

Kicking a habit is serious business, the long sweaty nights, the terrible restless leg syndrome and the insane mind racing thoughts. But the moment when your body and mind feel free from the hold it has over you is well worth the struggle. Now the question is when will I relapse again…

A caffeine withdrawal won’t keep me from my duties. I mean who else out there is going to bring the usual homoerotic Cumbia blogging of Sexxy Saturday Cumbia, the sexiest and the Saturdayist Cumbia post on the Internet? This is a job for El Guero!

How better is to leave one addiction than to replace it with another? How about with Candy Crush and Cumbia? These loco cumbieros Cumbia Drive can help you get started that.

Don’t forget your free download!

Enjoy your seafood appetizer (I won’t, I am not one for seafood) courtesy of PabloTez and his Cumbia dish of Ceviche Galactico.

For those of you who like your tobacco (I’m not one who does) your tastes are not left out this week. Aruturo Herrera likes to experiment with ideas and sounds into a Cumbia mixture. This is one of his latest experiments.

Real Cumbia Activa is Fake Moustache, Albert DJ and 4:20 Music Flavor’s new project. They explore the world of Cumbia and push it beyond its boundaries (imaginary of course) and come up with some interesting stuff. They have been pretty active lately so I expect that there will be a lot more noise soon to come.

Let’s check out their new one, Mas Dark.

Our deep Cumbia boy Dany F wisely decided to take on Miss Bolivia and remix her track Apagolo. He does so with his own Cumbia touch.

I can always go for a cool Rebajada, especially of a Sonidera. Sonideras sound really cool to me like this, I like them a lot normally but they work best as Rebejadas compared to any other Cumbia style. That’s my personal opinion of course. And here we have one of Mariana by Mezcal Sound System.

al Sound System.

Mexico and Argentina join forces by way of Cero 39 The E-xta Machine with this dope little Cumbia Bye Bye.

You might remember last week I shared a bit about the Oakland-based Cumbia Colombiana band La Misa Negra and how they launched a Kickstarter campaign to help finish mastering and producing their new album. Well I have the first cut from the album here for you called La Cumbia Cura. And with it comes a cool little story, which I will quote below.

“We played the VivaFest! festival in San Jose last year and an older lady in a wheelchair came up to us after the show and told us that she hadn’t stood up in a very long time but that she loved the band so much, she couldn’t help but get up and dance! She had never heard of us or seen us play before, but she was very grateful for the music and for helping her forget about her ailments, even if it was for just a moment. Usually, we go on stage, play some songs, people dance, jump around and have a good time, and it’s mission accomplished for us. But this woman reminded me of how truly powerful music can be and how it may even have the power to heal. Of course it’s not going to cure your arthritis or fix a broken hip, but it can touch your soul and your heart. At the very least, it makes your day better. The woman in the wheelchair inspired me so much, that I instantly came up with the name for this song. I didn’t get her name, but I wrote this song for her.” – La Misa Negra

Anyone still interested in helping with their Kickstarter can do so here: La Mis Negra Kickstarter.

And for now enjoy La Cumbia Cura.

I am not familiar with Omi EKP or their Moeland project last year, but apparently there is a remix album for Moeland and I came across this remix by Bomb Diggy. I really enjoy this minimalist track, which has a hint of Cumbia going on in it.

This next one is really a nice unique trip. FeroZMonas takes Cumbia to a Middle Eastern land.

You might remember The Night Goes Cumbia by Sigsonbia (though I think he went with a different name when it originally came out). Well here is Piska Power’s dope dark minimalist remix of it.

While we’re on this bizarre electronic experimental Cumbia path, a visit to Tu Guiana would seem to be a logical stop. This crazed artistic master returns this week with his new concoction.

I’m going to leave you this week with a couple of very different Cumbia mixes. First we will go with a modern Cumbia mix featuring Cumbia Digital and Cumbia Dub as the main ingredients. The modern mix is by AtaSelektah.

AtaSelektah-DeepCumbia-Set by Ataselektah on Mixcloud

The second and final mix for this weekend comes by way of DJ T-Short, with some old classic Cumbias mixed with hip hop beats and other modern rhythmic flavoring.

I lied! One more to go HAHAHA (read as an evil laugh if you would be so kind, thank you). This week on my podcast The Global Bass Experience, Piper Street Sound put together this excellent mix. You’ll have to sit through a short introduction but once the mix gets going you’ll be quite content.

The Global Bass Experience Episode 11 Piper Street Sound Mix 06.07.2013 by The Global Bass Experience on Mixcloud

Well my friends that about does it for me this week. Have a wonderful weekend.


Generation Bass Cumbia EP No. 1 Paceña Tropical

sexxxy saturday cumbia ep-3

It’s finally here, the EP we have been waiting for! The premier EP for the new series featuring some of my favorite nu cumbia artists. Starting things off we go to Bolivia where we find Paceña Tropical a duo featuring two young talented artists from the Oi Mas Bass collective Alejandro Cassis and Villa Victoria Sound System.

These dudes are incredibly talented producers with a huge and successful future ahead of them. It’s been a real pleasure getting to know them and it brings me much pride to be able to release their debut EP here on my series.

We have four songs and one remix by Siete Catorce. All the mastering was done in Bolivia as well by 8bit giant ninho. The first song was released a week ago here as a single and teaser. The success of the single “Capitan Chichas” surpassed my expectations. I was both moved and astonished by the positive response, I can assure Paceña Tropical was too. The rest of the album has this unique quality to it, in the way that the songs don’t sound the same. I love this about it because I see it lacking in many other recent albums. It’s also not all over the place and confusing. Each song compliments the next one and Siete Catorce’s (another young brilliant talent) remix only adds another dimension to the EP.

Paceña Tropical is splendid and so is their debut EP. I personally couldn’t be happier. I look forward not only to the future of this Cumbia EP series but to the future of Paceña Tropical!

Enjoy mis cumbieros! Enjoy the free download too!

R.U.N. by Gazelle Feat. Jogyo & Devi Mambouka – Video and Music Stream


Have you guys heard of Gazelle or Jogyo or Devi Mambouka? Yes, no, maybe so? Well I just heard an awesome track by these Stateside artists originally from other lands (like most of us here). Actually the leader in charge of this EP is Gazelle, originally from Mozambique, a very interesting artist that has come a long way. Along with Jogyo, who came from Jamaica, a very interesting artist that combines hip hop and global bass, and Devi Mambouka originally from Africa and grew up as the daughter of the Ambassador of Gabon, another unique artist who explores and shares her African heritage and is known for her DJ presence in the New York nightlife.

Together they came together for Gazelle’s new song R.U.N. (Remember Union Now). It is quite powerful and beautiful combining different global flavors together with roots in African music. Together these three artists compliment each other while sharing a common vibe. The musicianship is lovely and the production is really well done.

Today we at Generation Bass are pleased to share with you the new video. We also have the EP streaming for you via Bandcamp. Along with the single in this EP there is also a very cool spacey vocal remix by Sao Paolo’s, now New York’s own dub master Strikkly Vikkly (Victor Rice). Following that remix is another dubbed out version also by Strikkly Vikkly.

Gazelle – R.U.N (Featuring Jogyo & Devi Mambouka) by dm_517554946c655

iTunes Link

Calavera Calavera – Dracula’s Castle – Official Video


Wow look at this! Our boys of darkness in sunny Madrid Calavera Calavera allow us a glimpse into their live show experience. It’s great for me to personally see a shared love for the good ol’ MicroKorg. That synth came along just in time for Korg and still dominates. Even their XL follow up model couldn’t compete against it. I have mine sit snugly on top of my Korg DW-8000, a 1985 legendary mode, which was the first digital/analog synthesizer on the market (I think that’s true) and was used by Depeche Mode on their 1986 album Black Celebration (and the presets on it alone scream of Depeche Mode).

Besides our love for synthesizers, we also share a love for theatrics. I think I’ll pass this along to my Phoenix neighbor Alice Cooper to show him what he has created. I’m sure he’ll advise Calavera Calavera to involve more killing of demonic babies and to have their heads cut off with a guillotine. What is it with dark horror performers and desert sun?

When I first heard Calavera Calavera with the release of their brilliant album The Fearless Vampire Killers, I knew they were special. I’m going to keep my eye on these guys, no wait, I’ll keep both of my eyes on these guys, because I’m positive they’re going to be much more popular soon. One thing we can all keep our eyes on right now is their new video featuring their song Dracula’s Castle. Watch these boys at work and go see them if you get the chance, while I stay home thousands of miles away jealous of your experience.

Sexxy Saturday Cumbia – UB 40 Shout Out


Art By Tu Guiana

What a good life this is huh? Sitting back and chilling out every week to all the newest nu cumbia and then sharing them with all of you. Well sitting back and chilling isn’t quite accurate. Normally it’s a full week of panic to get a lot of work done, work that I love to do, don’t get me wrong, it’s a true labour of love (UB 40 shout out!) but it’s a lot of work nonetheless.

Yeah to make all of this happen it takes a lot out of you. People who try out blogging with big thoughts in their head, rarely make it a year of consistent blogging. We may be a bunch of opinionated elitists, but at least we’re dedicated opinionated elitists. Though I’m not really a very good elitist, I share what I think is good, it has nothing to do with being a know-it-all and I know what’s best sort of thing. I’m an elitist with things that don’t matter much, like guitar picks, my coffee and for some reason office desks (real wood is the only way to go).

I don’t have to be an elitist to post what is good with nu cumbia, because so much of it is good without me saying so. Take a look this week and see if you agree.

To listen to a special mix of this weekend’s selection click on: Piper Street Sound Sexxy Saturday Cumbia Mixtape!

Let’s start things off with a smooth kick back mix courtesy of Panikoo. There are a lot of great tracks on here, some new and some old, some chicha and some not so chicha.

Okay I really need to figure out this great Facebook marketing trick. You know which one I’m talking about. The one where if you want a free download you first must “like” the page. It works on me every time and it’s ingenious. Such a trick is done successfully and in all fairness, fairly by DJ Galletas Calientes with his cool edit of a classic oldie by Los Piratas De San Felipe.

This week I’ve said a lot about Pimentón and their new album Electrocachengue. It is truly incredible! Please give it love. This band really put a lot of honest hard work into this EP. I know this because they kept me updated a lot during the process. I recently posted a what was then exclusive article for the release yesterday, so I won’t do much on this SSC except play their video here. Check out the official exclusive article here, by clicking this line that is colored, yeah this blue one that turns red when you put your mouse over it.

We can really kick back to this next one from SSC first timer El Leo Rodriguez. And let’s do just that with his marvelous rework ELCafé Mix.

Petardo shares a special history from Jamaica with his rework of a song and of artists I honestly didn’t know (what?! And I call myself an office desk elitist!). I’m not one of those “peaceful” reggae and dub elitists haha you know what I mean, the kind that “kindly” inform those who don’t know about a popular cumbia/dub artist who wear Bob Marley shirts and honestly love the music, but I did grow up with the music by starting my listening experience at an early age. Well that all needlessly said here is Petardo lovely rework of Heart Of The Congos, by The Congos, yet another great act produced by the legend Lee “Scratch” Perry, someone I do know of quite well.

Let’s see what we all, who can that is, can do for Oakland based cumbieros La Misa Negra. They need our help raising money for the mastering and pressing for their finished album. Any donation can help and you can do so by clicking this word: KICKSTARTER.

Stereo Revuelta went to work on this Los Angeles Azules song “Mis Sentimientos.” He re-drummed it making the song go through different rhythmic changes in interesting ways.

Malefics are seriously one of the dopest nu cumbiero outfits today. I love their dark sound, as I’ve stated a few times in the past, I’m drawn to dark things, especially in music. The work of Malefics is absolutely lovely and very unique. Here is a new one.

Three artists united to provide us with this sick tune produced by one of the three, Rescate DJ. This freestyle consists also of vocalist Leidy Perales and DJ Puma. Check it out and dig it!

Here is a lovely piece of cumbia digital by El Mencho Cumbia Dub that is simple yet it complicates my thoughts when trying to think of how, with words as my tools, I can describe it. You’ll just have to listen and whatever words come to your mind will have to serve as the description.

The robots made him do it? That’s his reason for making this. I think it’s a good reason. Thanks robots for making Philthy Dronez do this Daft Cumbia.

I miss the days of Fiestas Pirata, the Mexicano Cumbia team. I heard from a little bird the other day that we might just see them return. Such a return will be welcomed by me with arms wide open. Papi Perez is one of the creators, along with Spike Devil Disco. It’s an honest pleasure to have some more Papi Perez here on SSC, it’s been a while. He returns with a rebajada edit of Cumbia de la Playa.

Now chilling out things even more may seem difficult after a rebajada but it is possible. I’ll prove it with this next one by Baiperbass (super vitamina). This track really speaks to my personal production tastes.

There is no better way that I can think of ending this SSC post this week than having it be Tu Guiana. Tu Guiana is the artist behind the brilliant design for my Cumbia EP series. So before Tu Guaina’s new brilliant song let’s go with the first single of the first EP in my new series!

Paceña Tropical is the first of the Cumbia series. With Alejandro Cassis and Villa Victoria Sound System working together, this EP is incredible and based on the response from this single, Capitan Chichas, I strongly feel the EP when released on June 4th, will be a big hit.

Here is Tu Guaina’s brilliance on the music production side of things.