Generation Bass Presents: GBMIX#10! Neutrom X


Following the relaunch last month, we continue full force with a highly energetic mix from Generation Bass crew member Neutrom X, based in the western region of Spain. When he joined the team a year ago, he already built a massive following base with his tastemaking Soundcloud repost channel. Neutrom X is involved in the Spanish juke & footwork scene, hosts radio shows on the independent underground broadcasters LIE RADIO and BELOW and is also a member of the Classical Trax community. His signature style is contagious: raw, uptempo beats drawn from different undergrounds like club, global bass, future bass, post-internet and vogue, blended effortlessly with the more breakbeat and techno vibes.


Brenmar feat. UNiiQU3Hula Hoop (JayTheBiggest Remix)
– False WitnessDip Don (Dubbel Dutch Remix)
ARMEPop It Like A Frog
Dj HookJay Desean Vogue Theme
Break FastDesigner
Draft DodgerStank
Disco DYou Need Another Drink (Elisa Bee Rework)
Barow XL & TrimmerDangeross
V. Geels feat. MapalmaThunder Track
Traxx RomayCandy Darling (Byrell The Great Remix)
Banginclude & ComradeTo The Floor
Bok BokFoxtrot (Neana Bootleg)
MorceePinball (Scottie B Unruly Mix)
AHBS1989 (JX Cannon Remix)
ImaabsWhite Noise (Dembow Rework) (Foba Edit)
Black VanillaThrow It Down (Mike Q & Dj Fade Remix)
MC Bin LadenBololo Haha (Banginclude remix)
Clap FrecklesDanza De La Lluvia (Paul Marmota Edit)
Minds Alike CollectiveDo It To The Katz (Normaling VIP Edit)
Stroon & FallgrappX-Type
Bored LordBlow Your Mind
Street TerrorStreets Of Terror
StoltenhoffRajasthan (Original Mix)
OuanounouAgo Ago
Divoli S´VereChild´s Play (Boys Like Princesses)
T_A_MWatty (Tarquin´s Don´t Get Lemon Edit)
FarsightHymn Of Safe Passage (Luru Remix)
Aranha & ParticleSublo (Aranha VIP)
Capo LeeLiff (Cardinal Sound ReLiff)


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Trailblazers #3 : Unknown Artist


Design adapted from original by Vaphoree

Who are the people behind the world’s most important new initiatives in music right now? Who is doing what and where can you find them? That is what the ‘Trailblazers’ series wants to spotlight. With URL Future Fest 2015 coming three weeks from now, the third session the man behind the platform, label and collective URL FUTURE: Corey Stetzer a.k.a. Unknown Artist. URL Future connects net-publishing with real-time sharing and experiencing music in the virtual club environment of a formula which is there to stay.

Corey, nowadays a multi-talented artist – dj, producer, designer and promoter – based in Buffalo (NY, USA), is a concept-developer at heart. He started hosting events as young as age 14, in the small town called Springville where he grew up, at a local community center known as Springville Center of the Arts. The music was metal/punk… He has been bringing music people together ever since.

In the early 2010s, while working at Soundlab for touring acts such as Deerhunter or Melt Banana, he started a collective called West Coast NY Bass Music. In those days, Corey was already looking to start an open sourced project to involve underexposed labels, collectives and producers. Trying find his place in the chaotic music world, he got involved in the Future Garage/2-Step/UK Dubstep/Grime room at, the original precursor of, where he found a home among like-minded spirits. It was a time when many people started to launch their own labels on the web. The combination of netlabel-culture and the real-time music sharing experience at, evolved into the URL Futurefest, a 4 DAY IRL/URL CAMPOUT, first held in the summer of 2014. The try-out, set up to be small, turned out to attract over 900 producers, 32 labels and a steady number of about 500 viewers throughout the festival, virtually out of nowhere.

In Spring of 2015 Corey founded the Greater Buffalo Collective: a non-profit organization aimed towards higher thinking, healthy choices for yourself as well as the world around you. The collective hosted two IRL Festivals and have planned future events for 2016, including a collaberation with the Aquarium of Niagara in the spring. Most recently, they have teamed up with the Silent Disco Event Company ´SE²´ which will be involved in many upcoming irl and url events.

GB: It seems you know a huge lot of people, the moniker Unknown Artist almost sounds ironic..

UA: Well, Unknown Artist started back in 2009, when I was in the UK bass (garage/2-step/dubstep/grime) room of turntable fm, a platform with virtual rooms where you could chat and play music to each other at the same time. During that time people would upload direct to If u didn’t meta-tag your tracks you were “unknown artist”. So that’s where I got my start.

Also I wanted to stay away from the modern spotlight.

GB: Do you still see yourself as part of the UK bass movement?

UA: As a producer, my style of music is atmospheric trill/juke mixed with hybrid hegemon and future bass. I’m inspired by all kinds of melodic and mysterious bass music. Think about names like Dj Paypal, DJ Rashad and the whole teklife crew, spf420 and all the weird and wonky producers making it big on URL Future Worldwide.

As a music promoter, the whole netlabel world gets me. STYLSSSublimated Sounds, Shoeboxxx RecordingsAppliedPhysicsSunset WavesS o m i c o, 710 Records, the list is endless. And so many of them are doing great stuff, but most of all my true fam for ever Lush Selects.

GB: We interviewed you last year about the URL FUTURE platform, what has changed since then?

UA: I guess the biggest change this year is more organization more structure and we have more experience with making the experience a little easier, more accessible to participate. Music events are a great fun way to bring people together to rally around, learn and give back to the community. Everything is always a big mystery. Sometimes it works, sometimes it flops.


Unknown Artist behind the IRL decks

GB: And music-wise? Is there a direction you feel you’re going into.. fresh sounds you pushed recently that really stick out?

UA: Dead Stare and their insane sounds still have me in shock. Also Dj Metadata‘s EP was crazy. Dj FLP and Shinji also had very unique and eccentric sounds and EndlosKosmos was super futuristic! But somehow it all fits, it’s the internet and online culture that seems to bind us together. When it comes to Futurefest it’s just so mysterious I try not even taking a peak. I trust it’s all good. But Craigomaniac‘s ‘Cosmic Resonance‘ is definitely one of my all time favourites haha.

GB: What’s coming up for you after the Fest?

UA: There’s a new URL FUTURE website coming soon, the site is temporarily offline, but it will be back soon and huge! After the festival we will continue with Biweekly URL Events. Our own label activities will also be resumed, with EP/LP release signups reopened in January. We plan on hosting tons of IRL events as well, and possibly a Silent Disco Tour During Halloween 2016!


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Last Chance to Sign Up for the URL FUTUREFEST 2015 !!

URL FutureFest 2015 GB poster

Official design by Vaphoree

This year’s edition of URL FUTURE‘s annual URL FUTUREFEST is around the corner and you can still participate! A year ago, we promoted ‘Time Capsule’, a smaller but similar online streaming event and interviewed head honcho Corey about this exciting concept which takes online music sharing and the collective experience of music sharing in a virtual space to the next level. This year, Generation Bass teamed up with URL Future to extend the concept into new underground and territories of music and we will present a big showcase ourselves as well!


>> Instead of, which died earlier this fall, its more basic cousin will be the place to tune in!

>> There will be more diversity this year. Next to future-bass and internet-underground flavours and alternative dubstep, provided by the familiar URL FUTURE affiliated collectives like Lush Selects, Post Religion or Applied Physics, expect lots of tasty Latin bass, Andean electrofolklore and the most cutting-edge avant-garde club from ourselves and affiliated labels such as Caballito, El Flying Monkey, Brother Sister Records and La Brousse!

>> There will be exclusive live viewings in physical venues, to be announced soon, which you can join if there is one in your area!


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Step 5: Send Us Your Audio/Video Mix (Click To Submit) >> All Mixes Will Be Due November 9th, 2015 <<

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Here’s what you missed at Lush Select’s 18th Sunday School >>


The virtual dance floor, screen cap from Shinji a.k.a. ßęđŧīmĕ Šŧōŗĩėş

Has any of you Generation Bass readers ever wondered what it would be like not just to read the posts and listen to the music by yourself, but to be together, listen, share and talk simultaneously as if you were together in a club? That is exactly what happens at the interactive music sharing platform, successor of the popular after that initiative was effectively destroyed by the music industry. There is an active and growing number of netlabels using plug to strengthen the community of producers and fans online and to exchange new ideas in real time. You suddenly find yourself not only discovering and discussing amazing new music in a much more intense way than on Facebook, you´re at the same time surrounded by dancing and DJ’ing robots, pizza slices and jellyfish, which creates a totally surreal, addictive experience.

The international music collective Lush Selects is a pioneer in the use of online music sharing with regular, well visited Sunday School sessions in their own room which they have been organising for a year now. Active participants record a 20 minutes long mixtape, preferably a video-mix with animated visuals or a recording of the performance added, uploaded to Youtube or Soundcloud, to be showcased during the session. In between the mixtapes, there’s always some room for interactive ‘collective back-to-back’ music sharing.

The last, already 18th edition of Sunday School was two weeks ago. But since we at Generation Bass wanted to announce and attend it but missed, here a recap of what the artists have delivered and what we could have experienced.

Vlkvi & moistbreezy teamed up for an absulutely fantastic back-to-back set of apocalyptically flavoured avant-garde club, post-rap, post-witch house and ambien! Keep an eye on them because judged by their numbers of Soundcloud followers they’re heavily underrated!

Vord also made an edited visual recording of his set, focused on hypnagogic garage beats. This video in particular shows the power of editing video-performance in combination with music, drawing both the artist and the into a whole other universe that appears beyond from time and space!

Starfoxxx makes even more surreal, with a lo-fi webcam video from an intimate bedroom setting, blowing bubbles, wearing cloud and strawberry masks. Transmission issues between Mars and Earth have glitched the data into a psychedelic cloud-trip. Imagine this projected on the big screen above the virtual dance floor populated with ponies, robots and carnivorous plants and the absurdism is complete!

The French sound-wizzard Shinji, whose album Myst has been one of our most favourete releases this year, is mostly making music via his melancholic alter-ego ßęđŧīmĕ Šŧōŗĩėş lately. But for this session he unleashes the dark energy once more with a powerful witch house and metalstep mix, accompanied by distorted, suggestively sinister and horror visuals!

Logicoma is a multi-talented post-trap and futurebeats oriented dj-producer and visual artist based in Baltimore (US). As an affiliate of the VOIDSKUAD collective, he is part of the movement that bridges the gap between the sounds from the post-internet underground and the avant-garde of hiphop. His Sunday School video-mix is a perfect illustration of the characteristic sound pushed by this movement, combined with the equally characteristic, post-internet flavoured animations!

The last video-mix is from the French underground alrounder T0T0, featuring melodic, even psychedelic flavoured chill vibes from genres including futurebass, IDM, chillwave and more!

The two-headed cybernetic monster Frank & Stan deliver 20 minutes of high voltage electrostep and DnB!

Seudo from Columbus (US) leans more towards virtual angel-rave, nightcore and kawaii flavoured future bass!

Circuitree, from Lincoln (US), who describes the project as “celebration of the fusion of organic and synthetic elements in our lives,” present a powerful mix with cybernetically charged DnB, electrostep and moombahcore!

The last contribution is intr3pico from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He has been a faithful contributor to the Sunday School sessions and is also celebrating his own artistic anniversary with this mix. It’s a very diverse mix that sharply illustrates the opennes of the online music scene today. His inclusion of some baile funk and Brazilian folkloric bass elements also give a first insight in what it might sound like to have this sort of thing in a Generation Bass setting!


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Ruxell Presents: Future Baile – EXCLUSIVE BOLANGO TRACK




The producer Ruxell, from Rio De Janeiro, created the EP Future Bass. The idea is remixing old track of baile funk culture in a 2015 way. To do this job, he asked for good friends producers to help him, and this week he is releasing the LAST TRACK WITH GENBASS. I spoke with him about each track, check the exclusive Bolango with WellStack. (we already write about WellStack here)

How was the project?

Working with artists from several places was something magical to create a differentiate sound on this EP. I am very grateful to everyone who participated and contributed their time, dedication and creativity throughout the process.

Ruxell x Rocky Wellstack – Bolango

This is a exclusive track for the GenerationBass. I made the connection with Rocky Wellstack, from Netherlands, which became a big partner. A great kid, too funny and oddly enough, he has a great feeling about baile funk, even being a foreign. We try to maintain the ideia of Funk Carioca feeling with the Favela Trap, however, we drop a really fun vibe and what prevails is the Tamborzão and lyrics. By the way, the lyric is very funny.

Ruxell x Atman – Sensação

Working with my blood-brother is always very good and convinient, we have a great understanding and live together, so whenever we sit to produce something things go quickly and easily. There was no different producing the revival of classic track Sensação. Mix my footprint Trap style with his Future Bass style resulting this remix.

Ruxell x x MC Marginal Men Bin Laden – O Faraó tá de R1

This was undoubtedly one of the most different and crazy collaborations I’ve ever done. Work with Marginal Men is always very cool and even more with the MC Bin Laden together, the MC is the face of KL Produtora. They allow the acapella for us of Bin Laden’s music already released (“Faraó Tá De R1”) and we decided to recreate it putting some wobbles, a more dark footprint and it worked very well.

Ruxell x Flying Buff – Tchunarubleize (Rap do Trabalhador)

I dispense comments to my brothers Flying Buff. A great duo from São Paulo that is doing a great job and we always had wonderful results when we join to make a collab and this time wasn’t different. I draft a brief idea to them about this great classic Carioca, and they excited since from the start, broke everything with his ideas and it has worked very well on clubs.

Ruxell x Menz – Nosso Sonho

Menz is a young producer of Bass House and UK Garage. We known each other since a childhood, we always had a feeling to mix the styles and this time he came with the idea of ​​reviving this great song by “Claudinho e Buchecha”. I can say from that song I could set the style of this EP and call it as “Future Funk”. This was one of the tracks that most surprised me by its originality.

Ruxell x Heavy Ball – Bonde dos Carecas

Heavy Baile crew was a fundamental participation in the EP because they’re a crew on RJ doing a great job with the Funk Carioca, in a totally hot and current form. I had the collaboration of DJ Dorly and Leo Justi on this track, where we had a successful in mixing classic Voltmix and Favela Trap.


Essential EP’s #5


In the midst of a totally reshuffling music landscape, 2015 has so far been the best year for music in a long time. In a way it looks like 2009, very early days of what would come to be known as ‘global bass’, when a small circle of enthusiasts, producers, dj’s and bloggers, engaged in a passionate underground community on the internet, passing around the freshest finds from all over the world to remix, mashup, insert into mixtapes and to make the next round of tracks with ever more influences and flavours. The atmosphere was to inspire and to be inspired and to celebrate the diversity of the most exciting club and bass music coming from places ranging from Baltimore to Luanda, from Rio de Janeiro to Tilburg.

Previous essential EP’s >> #1 ; #2 ; #3 ; #4

Then came the mainstream media attention and the rise to fame of one platform from this underground, becoming EDM’s innovation magician, drawing hype after hype out of its hat. But under the covered table supporting that hat was still this underground, blogs like Generation Bass, who kept on finding and, against our will, scouting talent from around the world who could then readily be grabbed by the ears and pulled through the hat. Hyped as if they were created out of nowhere. And the scene labelled as global/tropical bass became a race to be seen and heard by the big fish, with a sound already pre-crafted for the festival stages, ending up with a meaningless final genre which took the concept of EDM + hipster exoticism to the extreme (you know what I’m talking about).

Today, the vibe from 2009 is back like never before. There is a vibrant community on the rise, remarkably uninterested in self-promotion. Instead they find each other in finding the most exciting talent to involve in their circle, to mix and experiment, with an amount of energy and enthusiasm that keeps stunning me every day. But the wind is blowing from a different corner now. This time it aren’t the old global or tropical bass folks any more.

I am talking about the club-trax avant-garde, with Dj Rueckert‘s Classical Trax community taking the lead. They connect the club undergrounds of Baltimore, Jersey & Philly with grime, vogue, baile funk, 3ball, future reggaeton, dancehall, kuduro, gqom and more. Even cumbia is making its entry! On a personal note, what I´ve seen in this scene so far is so vastly superior to anything I´ve experienced during my years in ‘global bass’, a scene which I entered at its peak, right before the inevitable downfall. The trax scene is refreshingly free of the need to rebrand Afro-Latin & African flavours as exotic, ‘tropical’. They don’t even seem to avoid it actively, it’s simply out of the question. Baltimore, London, São Paulo and Durban have truly become unquestionable equals here and what binds everyone together are the club, the internet and the music, the trax. I realised that the artificial anti-eurocentrism in the global bass scene and the whole notion of certain music genres being ‘non-western’, no matter how ‘politically conscious’, all too easily becomes a twisted concept, hypocritical and offensive to all those producers in the scene who live in and fully belong to North America and Western Europe.

What has come in place are avant-garde visuals shaped by movements like healthgoth, DIS Magazine and post-internet aesthetics. In a sense, the club-trax scene encompasses the original heart of global bass as well as the heart of the other excitement from the last five years, the post-internet underground (witch house, seapunk, vaporwave and derivative microgenres). I’ve been predicting and promoting such fusion for more than a year. Now it is suddenly there, and in an unexpected way, more exciting than I could ever have imagined. No wonder that most of the list of Essential EP’s on Generation Bass have been coming from the trax scene for many editions in a row now. And let’s start right away with the leaders of the movement: Classical Trax’ Architecture compilation!

1. Classical Trax  Architecture… The Compilation

‘Architecture’ is an gigantic, 26 track compilation, divided into two Chapters, that includes a treasure of better and lesser known artists with a very diverse set of styles and flavours but with grime as its main ingredient.




Probably nowhere else do the club-trax avant-garde, Latin bass and urban genres come so close together as in the Mexico City based netlabel NAAFI. After a couple of months release-silence they’re back this week with the absolutely mouthwatering second edition of their Pirata pack series. Like we saw in the first edition, Pirata is a seamless blend of remix and mashup elements, acapella editing (something very common in the Latin American urban underground) and original productions flow together into one whole that is at the same time nostalgically accessible, and uncannily futuristic. Pirata 2 whirls fromexperimental grime and industrial sounds to underground reggaeton to Nicki Minaj and Drake, and the result borders on the absolute perfection.




//WDIS, acronym for What Do I See, is a Berlin based avant-garde label, also strongly involved in the club trax scene which is like Classical Trax one of the rising projects to watch in the near future. Their 7 track mini compilation _VIRALITY, adorned with a mindblowing artwork of what I believe is a big-data network connectivity visualisation, has been out for some weeks now and it generated a lot of enthusiasm in small circles on the internet already. NAAFI nestor Lao appears on it, together with promising members from the trax scene, including the healthgoth futurist DJ NJ Drone. Seven forward-looking grime club tracks inspired by the mysterious, biological properties of the internet.




A whole different kind of fusion between global bass and the post-internet underground is emerging in Brazil. Vaporwave is a vivid online subculture in Brazil and for every international style goes that at some point in time, a homegrown hybrid variant will emerge that adapts its aesthetics and elements to the local context.

That’s exactly what happens at the freshly established audiovisual platform Favela Wave, launched by the enigmatic Brazilian video designer KOI. The Tumblr page shows an eery, deconstructionist combination of vaporwave aesthetics, glitched and accelerationist brand-logo edits of Brazilian life and harsh favela scenery. The YouTube channel takes it to an even higher level by editing Chicago-drill, Brazilian hiphop and baile funk tunes into post-internet flavours that vary from lush future funk to suffocatingly dark witchhouse (<< this one is pure GOLD check it out!!).

The music to accompany these visuals is provided by a newly emerging underground of Brazilian avant-garde producers such as JAKZ, godjira and Vini ダサい, who are with one leg in online scenes such as vapor-trap/trillwave, dark trap and with the other in Brazilian urban club sounds like funk and rasterinha. This is a whole different kind of movement than the turn-of -the-decade neo-funk movement which tried to make the sound of the favela accessible to a wider electronic music audience. This is a new generation exploring ways to reflect on a rapidly changing, contemporary Brazil. In that sense it is comparable to what’s going on at NAAFI, but less trax-y and a lot darker.

The first fruits of Favela Wave as a label are bundled in a massive 14 track compilation full of brutal, futuristic dark-trap baile-funk hybrid stompers!



5. Deltatron Ritmo & Sustancia EP

The Peruvian latin-bass alrounder Deltatron is a very interesting artist. As creator of the ‘dumbia‘ genre and founder of the label Terror Negro Records, he belongs to the circle of artists supported by the blogosphere since the early days of the global bass scene. On the other hand, he is one of the very few from that era, especially in the cumbia scene, who is at the same time so clearly part of new emerging urban-Latin avant garde à la NAAFI. Integration is happening in many parts of the scene right now but Deltatron is one of the most outspoken examples and apparently without a too drastic style-switch.

He was recently spotlighted again as a producer for the rising next-gen reggaeton artist Tomasa del Real and on this fresh EP that came out some weeks back on El Flying Monkey Records, it’s the avant garde duo Santa Muerte making their appearance. Ritmo & Sustancia is an EP with 7 pumping tracks that completely distroy the boundaries between ‘global bass’ as we know it and the future generation of Latin music that is taking shape right now.



6. Siete Catorce  Principio /// Final EP

Siete Catorce is another example of such artist. He first appeared in the border city Mexicali under the moniker of Den5hion in the days of ruidosón, a dark avant-garde style from North-Mexico which predated the popularity of 3ball and fused prehispanic rhythms with experimental synths and eery dark ambient effects. When 3ball came into the spotlights of the blogosphere, Siete Catorce became known for his unique, minimal-deep and experimental approach to that genre. In the recent years, when he moved to Mexico City, he was hailed as part of the avant garde gathering around the innovative climate generated by the NAAFI crew, where he released his previous EP ‘Flor de Lirio’.

This newest EP, out since a month again, is self-released again. Where ‘Flor de Lirio’ was more influenced by future beats, industrial, footwork and trap, ‘Principio ///Final’ returns to his characteristic sound of deep-trippy 3ball. The last tune, a collab with analog acid cumbia experimentalist Mareaboba, derserves a special note as gets most clearly into industrial territory and opens the way into a whole new sound.



7. Yaw Faso & unsoundbwoy Walk The Rope

Unlike what the cover image says, this EP is NOT released on Brother Sister Records but self-released by unsoundbwoy. Brother Sister tipped it to me so I thought it was their release, I’ll change the picture ASAP.

‘Walk the Rope EP’ is a collaboration between the innovative hiphop, dancehall and Afro-tronic producer and vocalist Yaw Faso and the bass music alrounder unsoundbwoy, both based in Melbourne, Australia. The 3 track mini EP contains elements from azonto, afrohouse, dancehall and DnB, blended into a sound that is yet again exemplary of a new generation global bass moving away from EDM, slipping back into an underground where the boundaries between electronica, urban and roots flavours have vanished completely.


8. This Is Kuduro 1y

Kuduro platform ´This is Kuduro´ was established a year ago as a new channel and platform for the new generation of kuduro. The Angolan electronic genre that has reinvented itself many times, each time drawing in new and exciting flavours and vibes as diverse as RnB, hiphop, dancehall, grime techno and industrial. All these influences and a lot more come back on this anniversary compilation featuring artists from diverse musical backgrounds. Especially notable are the contributions of afro-industrial ambient futurist Only Now and the dark flavoured hiphop, trap & kuduro alrounder SP Deville who both move the sound of kuduro into radically new directions.



9. Erick Jaimez El Tigre

No matter how head over heels I am about the Classical Trax sound, it would be shortsighted to suggest that the entire new generation of Latin music does or should converge onto one type of sound only. But fortunately that is not the case. Well before avant-garde trax emerged as a new post-EDM gravity point, a unique, fresh urban-Latin electronic sound has been on the rise in Texas’ cities after the rapid rise and collapse of 3ball among Mexican youths in those places. Most attention from mainstream media has gone to El Dusty and the #cybercholo movement in Corpus Christi, which featured prominently in El Dusty’s hit trapanera with 3Ball MTY star Erick Rincón.

The sound of this new movement is a characterised by sampled traditional cumbia and regional Mexican/Latin music with trap, crunk, 3ball and house beats. If there is anyone who most clearly deserves the honour of being the motor and inspiration behind this sound, it is the Dallas based #CVMBIATRVPLORD Erick Jaimez, one of our favourite producers for a long time now, with behind him cumbia crunk pioneer DJ FUNK E.

‘El Tigre’ is his freshest release, out for two months now on the rising contemporary Latin label Kumbale, and in many aspects a perfect follow up to his #CVMBIATRVPLORD EP. El Tigre continues where #CVMBIATRAPLORD stopped, moving beyond cumbia and hiphop into mariachi, salsa and techhouse flavours. And since this EP has been out, a number of exciting tracks have appeared again on his Soundcloud pushing his sound into even more diverse directions!



10. Monotronique Voodoo EP

Last time, I introduced the trailblazing Ukrainian producer Monotronique with his conceptual Afrika EP. In the meantime, I got to know him better and found out, not surprisingly, that he too is an active member of the classical trax community.

Last week he released his newest project, ‘Voodoo EP’, via the online avant-garde label, event platform and clothing line Get Busy! Where Afrika EP was characterised by eery, hyperreal minimalism, Voodoo EP ventures into much darker industrial ambient à la Nazar and Only Now, with influences of jersey club and grime. Dark industrial rhythmical music is heavily in the air this year, and this EP may be a first sign that the trax scene may be getting onto this vibe as well.. to be continued!



11. El Catorce Antesala EP

The Mexico City based alround prodigy El Catorce is a third artist who, like Deltatron and Siete Catorce, bridges the early days circle of global bass and cumbia digital with the newly emerging avant-garde. Also without a personal style-switch (band-wagon leap), as his cumbia, moombahton and trap have always sounded refreshingly forward-looking and unlike anybody else. Yet he hasn’t received even as half as much recognition for it as he should.

High time to spotlight this creative producer who on his new, absolutely genius EP – titled ‘Antesala’ (which translates as ‘entrance hall’ or ‘waiting room’) – blends flavours as diverse as Andean flutes, lyrical reggae-hiphop, vaporwave/future-funk, trax style club & grime, oldskool dubstep, moombahton, NAAFI-esque avant-garde reggaeton, footwork, trap and dark-industrial sounds! Remixes are provided by prehispanic trapstep emperor Javier Estrada and futurebeats specialist 10010.



12. SidiRum & Barda Todos Nosotros

Sexxy Saturday Cumbia blogger and producer Nico Bruschi, a.k.a. SidiRum teamed up with Barda, both from Buenos Aires and close companions in Argentina & Chile’s flourishing digital folk scene, a third enduring new Latin underground that is becoming the sound of a whole new generation electronic listeners in South America and beyond. Where movements like Classical Trax and #cybercholo are characterised by a dark deconstructionism and dancing energy, South American digital folk is toughtful, deep relaxation music. A meditative, purifying experience rather than club music. Little influence of urban genres like reggaeton, dancehall, trap and cumbia villera here but the Jamaican influence is certainly there, in the form of dub.

This stunning EP – released via yet another rapidly growing netlabel, Frente Bolivarista, moving out of the shadow of predecessors such as, ZZK and the Generation Bass-affiliated Chilean label Regional – draws from a variety of folkloric Latin rhythms, including Andean cumbia and Argentinian chacarera. Electronic influences include analog electronica, 80s spacedelica, deep dub, gothic flavoured minimal synth, oldskool prog, future bass and psybient. All tracks are original productions, created collaboratively.



Essential EP’s #4


Exciting releases are coming in a much faster tempo than we can keep up with. That’s why you’ll find some older stuff in here too. We’ve got a diverse selection of styles again. With quite a lot of future bass this time, for Generation Bass standards, but also a couple of impressive classic-tropical releases. Add these treasures to your sets and playlists this summer and get a taste of the directions in which music is heading!

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1. Shinji Myst LP

Shinji from Paris is one of the most multi-faceted upcoming young producers today, whose deconstructionist style covers everything between kawaii vibes, classical music, witch house and breakcore. I interviewed him earlier this year and there he announced that his track Vers Les Etoiles was going to be part of a bigger release to be called Myst. This extensive 12-tracks long album is finally out now, released by our friends over at internet-underground label URL Future!

If you liked the emotional delicacy of Vers Les Etoiles, the album is a straight eye opener. Listening to it feels like accompanying the producer’s on an ayahuasca trip into the deepest crypts of his inner being. In an interview with Cvltstars blog Shinji explains: “Myst […] has to be read as a contraction of ‘My Mist’. […] The artwork is a modified picture of me holding a coral, surrounded by an opaque fog […] an insight into the tortured mind behind this…” Myst is the musical crystallisation of Shinji’s philosophy: representing the voice of what he calls the ‘singularities’ of this world. The growing number of rejected young people in our society who fail to find their identity in any existing group, wandering through life like a gasseous molecule in empty space.

Press play and be tossed around the entire emotional spectrum on the waves of ethereal ambient noise, retro-gothic synthpop, neo-classical harmonies, melancholic vaporwave and more.

Download the album for free!


2. F L ♥ R E S フラワ  ズ 3 EP

URL Future also released another marvelous EP I’ve been sleeping on last month, but which would have been one of my favourites if I had known about it. Flxres (‘flores’ or ‘flares’, not sure..) フラワーズ is a promising new-generation electropop project based in Menifee, USA. At the beginning of this year we announced a comeback of 80s electronica and it is very fascinating to see it happen in front of your eyes. The most exciting thing is that this exploration of 80s and early 90s sounds is led by a generation who hasn’t lived those days, being entirely free from the purist urge to preserve a genre’s ‘heyday sound’ behind sterilised glass walls.

In many ways, ズ 3 EP is in fact much more a fresh eruption out of the depths of the internet than it is a traditional retro-project. The bubbling, subterranean magma goo, gushing out microgenres like witch house, vaporwave and bubblegum bass now seems to bring out a sound that resembles the spirit of 80s, gothic flavoured cyberpunk, reinventing it as if it has never existed before. Long, black trenchcoats, cybernetic implants, rainy neon cityscapes and dim blue lit underground clubs where sweaty industrial bands perform for a small, drugged crowd swaying back and forth to the ethereal, dystopian grooves. Flxres shows a future which is still ahead of us.

Free download here!


3. Monotronique Afrika EP

Stumbling across this pearl of a release, it’s almost unbelievable to find out how underrated this promising avant-garde grime producer from Ukraine is. His style brings in mind highly respected front-runners like Fatima Al Qadiri.

It may be bold to draw such comparison for a beginning producer but the similarities with Fatima Al Qadiri go even deeper. Afrika EP in essence does with Africa what Fatima’s ‘Asiatisch‘ did with the Far East: it takes you on a virtual trip into an imagined, rather than the actual Africa. By evoking a similarly hollow, plastified experience, it makes you wonder what is left if after all the layers of meaning Western society attaches to the most diverse continent on the planet, have evaporated into the air. What’s left is minimalistic, polyrhythmic percussion, accompanying distant fragmented snippets of imagery that isn’t there and gets destroyed in the experience. This makes Afrika EP therefore vastly different from traditional ‘tribal ambient music’ or artists like Clap Clap, who create a thick, prescribed ambiance that should contrast with our own, unable to free themselves from presenting Africa through ongoing Western cliches of primitive tribalism and savage beauty.

Brilliant avant-garde kuduro from a producer who is there to stay!


4. Mareaboba Bioamorfo

The Mexican acid-cumbia experimentalist Maraboba is a producer whom we haven’t blogged as much in the past as I expected. Shame on us, because Mareaboba is one of the more interesting names from the still vibrant digital cumbia underground, which is temporarily off my radar but has an important place in my heart.

Bioamorfo is a unique release, coming from the direction of psychedelic cumbia experimentalism of artists like Tu Guaina or 420 Music Flavor, but at the same time becoming so dystopian that it can be seen as an example of the growing fusion of global, non-Western rhythms with the dark-hard side of electronic music.

Caballito is also an interesting label which, like us at Generation Bass, forms in many ways a bridge between and the global avant-garde and the now marginal turn-of-the-decade ‘tropical’ scene which have become completely different worlds.

Grab it for free!


5. Alfonso Luna Alfonso Luna EP

If there is anyone who stays faithful to the original movement of tribal prehispanico and at the same time keeps innovating it, it is the Monterrey based techno-folklorist Alfonso Luna. He releases exciting new stuff on a monthly basis and, unique for most 3ball producers after the earliest oldskool perdiod, experiments with different rhythms and tempos that deviate from the standard 140 BPM syncopated-cumbia groove.

In Alfonso Luna EP, released by our friends from Kumbale in Germany, he shows the best of the entire spectrum of his diverse style. With tracks like ‘El Dios Luna’ and ‘Mexica’, he deviates even more from the conventional paths than usual, getting into experimental techno and deep-dub territory. 3ball prehispanico and techno go very well together and I hope this EP will inspire producers to release more of such experiments in the near future!


6. Sonido Berzerk Unworthy EP

On the cover art I made some weeks back I forgot to put a reference to the London based label Etoro Records that released it, so here still a major shoutout. The bass alrounder from Veracruz, Mexico, must be a familiar name for dedicated readers. His eclectic style combines grime, juke, jungle, hiphop, dub and dembow blended together with a melodic chill flavour. This makes him fit seamlessly into the post-EDM global avant-garde, global bass fused with future beats and the internet-underground.

Unworthy EP is such an EP which is as much future beats as it is traditional global bass. Deep dub techno, afrohouse, baile funk, salsa, bachata, juke, kuduro, kizomba, merengue and deephouse.. everything is fused together organically into a thoughtful, slightly melancholic trip which is best listened to alone at a late summer night.

Get it on Bandcamp!


7. La Fama Blanca Baile Tropicante

Baile tropicalte is a compilation and La Fama Blanca is not technically the author but he is the host of the recurring Baile Tropicante tropical club nights in Lisbon. Even though the tropical movement as we have known it in the past is no longer at the forefront of the global music avant-garde as it was back in 2010, it has retracted into a thriving and vibrant underground which keeps on generating treasures.

This grand compilation features many Generation Bass household names as well as some lesser known artists, all more than worth checking out: the Dutch organic tropical duo UMOJA, the Chilean digital cumbiambero Señor Chancho, the Peruvian rising tropical indie duo Animal Chuki, the Argentinian Latin-dub producer El Barba Dub, the Argentinian tropical bass duo FAAUNA, Caballito Netlabel nestor and tropical vanguardist BIGOTE, the French soulful tropicalist iZem, the Brazilian alternative tropical project Sistema Criolina, the Spanish cumbia fusionist DJ Caution, the Madrid based Colombian organic cumbia duo Guacamayo Tropical, the Mexican extraterrestrial cumbia futurist Asagi Saund, Caballito affiliated ‘graveton’ bangerista Grita, and Kzike Guacamayero Cumbiero who I believe is one half of Guacamayo Tropical.

Baile Tropicante are 15 tracks full of organic dub influenced Afro-Latin grooves. A warm-memory infused sound which, for our generation, can perhaps already be called ‘classic’.

Download track by track on soundcloud!


8. Moniker Thousand Bit

Bangeristas attention!! The American bass duo Moniker are an upcoming name in the future bass world and his style is absolutely RAD! This is forward-looking bass music at its full potential, involving complex rhythms, diverse percussion sounds and a storehouse of influences when it comes to synth sounds. Much future bass today seems to go down the same road towards destruction as EDM, falling in the pitfall of replicating the same formulas over and over, even before the genre has fully replaced EDM as the new commercial grab bag of everything electronic. But Moniker shows how it can be done and the result is brilliant, intense and uplifting!

Guest appearances are made by the Generation Bass affiliated crew BANGANAGANGBANGERS, the Dutch bass bangerista Subp Yao, the Utrecht based future beats alchemist Frenquency, the enigmatic prodigy Rustybird, and the psychedelic bass alchemist from Cincinnati, Spankalicious.

Free download!

World Series Vol.7

Trax Couture is a London Based avant-garde label, club-night and clothing store created by the forward looking cultural alrounder Rushmore, one of the influential voices of the London club underground. Their monthly ‘World Series’ LP series has been running since about a year now, showcasing the promising underground artists, mainly in the vibrant area where flavours like ghetto-house, vogue grime and juke are constantly being blended into new exciting sounds.

This time (actually I realised the next edition is out already..) it is the internet-underground inspired futurist GROVESTREET, an absolute must-follow for Generation Bass readers, who delivers 5 magnificent tracks which combine the most unlikely genres such as industrial techno, experimental ambient, vaporwave and grime!

Get the EP here!

 Lege 伝説 
The Colours EP

Lege Kale is a skilled producer whose style reminds in more than one aspect of Mr. Carmack’s uncategorisable eclecticism. It’s not future beats (in the narrow sense), not trap, not instrumental hiphop but truly something in between. “Who cares?” you may ask, but it does matter in a time where most new musicians copy fixed formats all the time and genres, even umbrella terms like EDM and future beats, lose creativity and diversity almost as soon as they become ‘a thing’.

In a sense, ‘The Colours EP’ is the chill answer to Moniker’s ‘Thousand Bit’, also combining catchy beats, delicious polyrhythmic percussion and subtle well-produced synth work in a brilliant way. I’d love to see him collab with Moniker in the future!

Download on Bandcamp!

Lascivio Bohemia
Le Rumbé Saboralia

It’s been a while since I have had the time and opportunity to pay attention to one of the most promising newcoming labels of last year: Regional from Chile. They’ve released quite some great stuff in the meantime so I picked the release that I found most exciting of all: an experimental 11 track electro-folklore album from the Ecuadorian alrounder Lascivio Bohemia. Cumbia is blended with other prehispanic Andean and Afro-caribbean rthythms such as mambo, dembow and downtempo 3ball, accompanied by extensive sampling and dreamy as well as rough, experimentally flavoured synths.

Le Rumbé Saboralia connects the haydays of Sexxy Saturday Cumbia to the fast changing global music landscape of today!

Grab it now!

Strangers LP

SIMPIG, formerly known as the duo Shake it Maschine & Mr.Pigman, from Switzerland are probably a new name for many Generation Bass followers but not if you’re familiar with the vibrant underground of juke, footwork & alternative trap which is constantly feeding new sounds into the future-bass/futurebeats movement. A name to keep an eye on definitely!

Strangers LP is a breathtakingly perfect artwork of complex rhythm and melody. Traces of juke, footwork, jersey club, grime and trap can be recognised but the whole of every track transcends genres completely. The melodic work is a true composition that goes beyond club music, dragging you into an almost cinematic grippingly melancholic, future-noir scenery!

Buy on Junodownload!




BDW is a producer out of Italy and I’m feeling his vibe. I think like Tilha (Future Tarraxo guy) there’s simplicity, a rawness and just like Tilha, needs some fine-tuning here and there but something’s def there.  He’s got a vibe!

Another for the future to keep your eye on.

NKOTB – Roundup 6


Time passes really quick, half a year doing this… It has been a pleasure doing it and I hope this is the first of many “half years” writing in GB.

In this one I will try to keep the jibber jabber to a minimum and let you just enjoy the playlist. As usual there is a lot of chill trap, future beats and all that kinda of stuff. Heads up to the stuff from Babel and Sango.