future bass

future bass

Generation Bass Presents: GBMIX#10! Neutrom X

Following the relaunch last month, we continue full force with a highly energetic mix from Generation Bass crew member Neutrom X, based in the western region of Spain. When he joined the team a year Read More

Trailblazers #3 : Unknown Artist

Design adapted from original by Vaphoree Who are the people behind the world’s most important new initiatives in music right now? Who is doing what and where can you find them? That is what the Read More

Generation Bass Presents: GBMIX#7! UNKNOWN ARTIST

OCTOBER's edition is online, featuring UNKNOWN ARTIST a.k.a. Corey of URL FUTURE. A short mixtape with a variety future beats and indie bass: a teaser for the URL FUTURE FEST which will also feature Read More

Last Chance to Sign Up for the URL FUTUREFEST 2015 !!

Official design by Vaphoree This year's edition of URL FUTURE's annual URL FUTUREFEST is around the corner and you can still participate! A year ago, we promoted 'Time Capsule', a smaller but similar Read More
URL FutureFest 2015 GB poster

Here’s what you missed at Lush Select’s 18th Sunday School >>

The plug.dj virtual dance floor, screen cap from Shinji a.k.a. ßęđŧīmĕ Šŧōŗĩėş Has any of you Generation Bass readers ever wondered what it would be like not just to read the posts Read More

Ruxell Presents: Future Baile – EXCLUSIVE BOLANGO TRACK

  [EXCLUSIVE TRACK] The producer Ruxell, from Rio De Janeiro, created the EP Future Bass. The idea is remixing old track of baile funk culture in a 2015 way. To do this job, he asked for Read More

Essential EP’s #5

In the midst of a totally reshuffling music landscape, 2015 has so far been the best year for music in a long time. In a way it looks like 2009, very early days of what would come to be known as 'global Read More

Essential EP’s #4

Exciting releases are coming in a much faster tempo than we can keep up with. That's why you'll find some older stuff in here too. We've got a diverse selection of styles again. With quite a lot of Read More
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