Been a while since we had any George Lenton on here.

He is always progressing and from his Heavy Metal Dubstep days, he now goes a litte more mellow into Electronic/Future Bass/Hip Hop/Lazer Bassy vybz and it’s all worthwhile checking out and it’s all free too to download!



My bad, George sent this to me a few months back and unforgivably, somehow, it got lost in all the madness that I’m involved in atm.

It’s an xcellent EP covering Dubstep, Funky House, Bass Music and Moombahton too!

You can’t go wrong with this and so you really need to grab it.

Inform EP by georgelenton



Really love George’s work, he’s so much more than “just” a dubstep producer.

Here’s some stuff that he’s been working on over the last 12 months, which he’s given fresh mixdown’s and there’s a few new ones too.

Really interesting stuff as usual and spanning a number of genres including Dubstep, Lazer Bass, Electronica & IDM:

Mediafire Link

SBPM ep by georgelenton

SUMMER OF LUVSTEP : LuvDuB Symphony & Luvstep Serenade

It’s with great pleasure that Generation Bass & RockTheDub present to you SUMMER OF LUVSTEP!

LuvSTeP Serenade mixed by DJ NAPPY

Summer Of Luvstep: Luvstep Serenade (Mixed by DJ Nappy) by djnappy


We all know luvstep is a movement built on melody at 140BPMs, and for this Luvstep Serenade, the idea is a pretty heavy night of passion. Some of our lovers like things a bit rougher, though, so while we have more somber, melodic bass bits from the likes of Matt-U, Starkey and L-Wiz, there are some curveballs thrown – a lot of these tracks speak of love lost, which is just as big a part of being in “love” than the puppy eyes, boo’d up afternoons that we all wish we could remember. Hell, when you break up with “the one”, you feel the pain more than the warm embrace, so why not explore both facets of this thing we call luv? Luvstep from the THUGSTEP architect…

LuvDuB Symphony mixed by DJ UMB

Summer Of Luvstep – LuvDub Symphony Mixed by DJ UMB (June 2011) by djumb

Luv, Luv he said!

Luv is here…Luv is lost…luv is gained…hearts are broken, hearts get mended & hearts melt….u feelin’ the butterflies in your stomach yet?

LuvDuB Symphony is really an emotional journey exploring your passions, your romance, your joy of being in luv, your love lost and also your heartbreak.

You might feel as high as a kite, as if on cloud 9, you might get a warm glow inside you, you might wear a smile on your face and your heart might skip a beat.

You might experience some insecurity, despair, pain, get nostalgic over the memories you had with your loved one and also you might feel as though you’re world has ended too.

It’s all a part of being in luv!

Happy sun shiny songs but also sad, sad songs, all meshed together by me, DJ UMB, to make you feel the uplifting, superhuman strength of being in Luv but also the devastation & low ebb of breaking up and being heartbroken.

The mix, well yes it’s pretty lengthy but that just how love-making and getting over a heartbreak ought to be. Imho a Luvstep mix shouldn’t be rushed and some tracks should be allowed to be played in their entirety for the sake of creating a mood/ambience.

Everybody is doing short mixes but I love to do the opposite of whatever everybody else is doing and so I’ve opted for long & epic mix on this ocassion. It stretches to just over 2 hours & 20 mins and contains over 50 tracks including some personal & sentimental faves that have been meshed in that are not dubstep. Tracks like Led Zeppelin’s “Thank You”, Neil Young’s “Expecting To Fly” and various versions of Lovesong. Indeed, the main inspiration for this mixtape comes from The Cure’s “Lovesong”, which is one of my all time favourite tracks.

Anyway, enough waffle. I hope you enjoy it and it becomes a soundtrack to some part of your happy or sad life.

I need to give BIG thank you’s to all the artists, DJ Nappy, Dirty South Joe & Flufftronix, all my dudes at Generation Bass and all of you who take time to listen to my mixes.

A special thank you to members of the Luvstep Dub Symphony Facebook group who posted some of the tracks in that group, which I have used in my mix, Anna, Lara, Ivo, Badshah and some others. Also to Monica & Kiran for recording the Lovesong dialogue and sending it to me.

Tracklist (as it is going to be difficult to decipher from the cover):

  1. Intro – Cure “Lovesong” – Man with No Name
  2. Lost In Space – Starkey
  3. Down Like – Fleck feat Eski
  4. Lies (Endless Blame’s I Know it’s raining mix) – Amelia June
  5. Squeeze Me – LoL
  6. I Speak Because I Can (Engine Earz remix) – Laura Marling
  7. Girl (Beatles Cover) – Jim Sturgess
  8. You Can Count On Me (The Get Remix) – Panda Bear
  9. Pictures (KJs remix) – Benjamin Francis Leftwich
  10. Fireflies (Capt and Cooked Luvstep Version) – Owl City
  11. Paper Crows FTL – George Lenton
  12. Twilight Galaxy  (Gladkill Remix) – Metric
  13. Transition (Dillon Francis Remix) – Dwntwn
  14. Taste – GoldRush
  15. Apologies – NastyNasty
  16. Intermission – Apologies (original excerpt) – Wendy Rene
  17. Accordé Don – Débruit
  18. Rolling Stone (sAuce REMIX) – The Weeknd
  19. Mad World (CalicoLeaf Bootleg) – Gary Jules
  20. What You Need (ChrisB Remix) – The Weeknd
  21. Moments – Y2d
  22. Intermission – Yumeji’s Theme/Li-zhen’s Dialogue – Umebayasi Shigeru
  23. Lovesong – My Black Frog
  24. 4D – Koreless
  25. On the run (Dan Donovan Remix) – Selah Sue
  26. The Scientist – Mike Posner
  27. Dare Me – LoL
  28. High For This (Flufftronix’s Luvstep Arena Boot) – The Weeknd
  29. Lost At Sea – Truth
  30. Finest Hour (Planas Remix) – Submotion Orchestra
  31. Intermission – Cure “Lovesong” – Woman With No Name aka Monica
  32. LuvLuv 2.2 –  Two Inch Punch
  33. Living In My Head – Wizard
  34. Ur Heartbeat (Wizard bootleg) – James Blake
  35. Is Pleasantly Lifted – Richard Sweat
  36. No Rain (Pumpkin Remix) – Blind Melon
  37. Dragonfly feat Zaki Ibrahim – Richard the Third
  38. Break You Down Ft Sanna – Loz Contreras
  39. Take it slow – Gladkill
  40. Heart Breaker(TORO43 remix) – T2 feat Jodie
  41. When I Go feat Taho Nguyen (Stephan Jacobs Remix/Bootleg) – Emancipator
  42. Starlights – Krsur
  43. Conny Srockett – Krsur
  44. The Way You Move – Hostage
  45. So Fine (Joker Remix) – Sean Paul
  46. Baby Food – Guttstar
  47. Touch – Holy Other
  48. MTI – Koreless
  49. Intermission – Lovesong – Band With No Name
  50. Lovesong – DJ Jaybird & Kamala
  51. Thank You (excerpt) Led Zeppelin
  52. Expecting to Fly – Neil Young/Buffalo Springfield


Luvstep, Lovestep, Popstep, Voxstep, Dub Symphony..whatever u wanna call it!

It all gravitates towards the same thing.  I’d say it’s just Dubstep/Garage/Lazer Bass music with an emphasis on the more emotional side of that kinda music.  A more reflective, romantic and emotional side.

I guess I first dropped elements of Luvstep in or about August 2009 in the last 20 minutes or so of my first Apocalyptic Dubstep mixtape.  It contains traces of what would later evolve into my first Popstep Dub Symphony and what I now fully embrace as Luvstep.

I dropped my first “official full length” Luvstep mix in December 2009 during an extremely creative period mix-wise. In the latter part of 2009 I had dropped The Transnational Dubstep Calling series & also Apocalyptic Dubstep, as mentioned above.  Both series of mixtapes had received great feedback.

As I thought I had got more serious work out of the way, it finally gave me the balls to drop my first Luvstep mixtape, which I called Popstep Dub Symphony.

Although it wasn’t called Luvstep, Popstep Dub Symphony embodied all the elements, sound, vision, atmosphere & feel of what we now call Luvstep. As far as I was aware there was nothing else like this concept out there at that time.  I had toyed with the idea of calling it LuvDub or something like that but to be honest with you I thought it would come across as a bit cheesy.

It was not until Dirty South Joe (DSJ) and Flufftronix (Fluff) released their excellent mixtape “Luvstep”, on Valentines Day 2010 that I realized just how great of a concept it was to call it “Luvstep” and that it was not at all cheesy.  They had executed the concept with some style and vision.

I felt a tiny bit surprised and upset though, cause there was no mention or acknowledgement to my Popstep mixtape, which had preceded it and I felt it had been overlooked & unfairly ignored by them both.  However, I didn’t allow that to spoil my enjoyment of it and so I carried on with my Popstep mixtapes and also supported DSJ & Fluff with their Luvstep mixtapes.

It was DJ Nappy’s idea to do this mixtape and also to call it Luvstep and he invited me to do it with him.  However, I felt a bit uncomfortable about using Luvstep as a title, as I had used Popstep for so long, and now, Luvstep had become more synonomous with DSJ & Fluff.

I didn’t want them to think we were hijacking the name or anything or jumping on their bandwagon, even though they don’t own it and there are other competing claims to it by others.  But because I got to know DSJ, I approached him about the issue outta respect as I didn’t want him to be upset or us falling out over something trivial like a name.

To my relief, DSJ was in full support with the idea and had this to say about my role in the development and creation of Luvstep.  He also, very graciously, provided his approval & support for calling this mixtape, “Luvstep”:

“You were definitely among the first to focus on and help develop perceptions of this style and sound. … Bro, you have provided me with a TON of inspiration over the last couple of years! FULL SUPPORT forever!!

When I asked him where the inspiration for Luvstep had come from, he revealed a fascinating history I didn’t know about and here’s what he said:

“The inspiration for Luvstep initially came from Caspa’s Deadmau5 remix and our friend Alex “Rx” Burkat’s remix of Jupiter One’s “Find Me  A Place” when he passed it to me in demo form in February of ’09.

Dubstep seemed to always be presented as a testosterone driven, male dominated scene where things were getting more and more aggressive (filthy) to the point where it was comical. Either that or stoner music…

Obviously, there was a lot more going on and melodic, beautiful music was being made, so my initial effort was to create a dubstep mix that people could listen to while either having sex, taking a walk, or doing homework.

I compiled tracks over the next few months when I invited Fluff to join me on the project sometime around July or August of ’09.

We completed it and sent the promo out to somewhere around 300 friends and industry people at the end of October ’09. Then we put the video teaser out that January, and released it on Valentine’s Day, having already garnered the support of Brodinski, Switch, Sinden and others from the October mailout…

I am TOTALLY down with and in support of your Luvstep project and can’t wait to hear it!”

DSJ’s perspective of this history also offered to me a “valid” & understandable explanation as to why a nod had not been given in my direction (not that he owed me any explanation).  Although their mixtape had officially dropped in Feb 2010, it was actually conceived way before then in 2009 and had been sent to close friends and reputable dj’s in or about October 2009.

So it’s not really a question of who was actually first to do it, as it appears now that we were all amongst the first to have the same ideas germinating in our minds, around the same time, with the same aims, but with different names.

I have to confess though, their decision to call it Luvstep was a masterstroke and I have to bow down to that because it conveys so much more as a title for the concept than Popstep, which does not sound as effective in comparison.

I have now totally brought into that title and so from now on all my mixes in this kinda terrain will be known as Luvstep mixes.

Luv “step” mixes are kinda new but the concept behind them, “luv mixes” is not a new idea by any stretch of the imagination. I and millions of others have been doing luv mixes for years as compilations and mixtapes for our loved ones, friends etc etc.

My inspiration for “luv mixes” came from Claude Challe and his 2 CD mix that came out in or about 1999/2000 “LoverDose” and his subsequent Buddha Bar & other cd’s.  Claude has sold over 10 million compilations, an amazing feat, and has since become a friend of mine. It is to him, to whom I owe my greatest debt and inspiration, cause thru listening to his mixes, he taught me all I know as a DJ/Sound Designer.


It Takes a nation of 2 Million To Hold us Back Volume 1


[Artwork: (]

So in 2 years we have managed to reach this amazing feat of now having over 2 million people visit our blog! Boy, we have always felt that the stats on our site have played some kind of mind-game with us and that we were in someway, being led on, or tricked. We have checked and cross-checked and man there ain’t no tricks nor mind games, it’s actually fact!

So what does it all mean?  Well to us it just means that, at the very least, we must be doing something right.  We are shown lots of <3 and a lil’ bit of hate too from time to time but that’s the nature of the beast.  Success, however, you wish to define it, breeds contempt and some hatred.  No escaping that I’m afraid.

We are thankful for all of the <3 and it keeps us going, knowing that so many of you appreciate it.

We have seen many of the genres/sub-genres, that we were one of the first “or” most consistent to blog about, such as Moombahton and DrumST3P just fly through the roof recently with ever increasing popularity.  Lots of people point to us when they mention how or when they first discovered them, which is always a pleasure to hear.

We have also broken so many new artists too who have gone on to bigger things and that for me, defines our success!

For all those that have shown us <3,  all that we can say is a BIG THANKS to everybody who has dropped by for a few seconds, minutes or hours. You’ve been more than welcome, and thanks for taking the time to check us out.

When we hit the 2 million mark we did not even have a contingency plan in place on how we were going to celebrate it because we’ve been so busy. Then Vince suggested that we contact all of our mates and quickly put together a compilation as a free giveaway to all our visitors.

So the e-mails went flying off from his list and from my list and we were only expecting a handful of tracks to come in but they just kept coming in and in and in…lol..

Originally we had planned to release this compilation almost 2 weeks ago, but because of the sheer number of tracks coming in and also some people requesting more time to make exclusives for us, we have been delayed up until now.

Due to the high number of quality stuff that came through we have had to split the compilation into 3 epic volumes, which feature almost everything we cover on the blog, Dubstep, Nu Cumbia, Kuduro, Transnational Bass, Lazer Bass, Dancehall, Dub, Popstep, Transnational Dubstep, DrumST3P, Transnational Luvstep, Global Ghettotech, Moombahton, Trans Tribal Bass, Brostep, Neo Baile Funk, Sufi Dub, Nu Electronica, Nu Baltic Bass, Romantic Bass, Chip Bass, DnB….etc etc etc

Over the 3 volumes there’s also a sprinkling of xclusives from some of the scene’s leading producers George Lenton, Diamond Bass, Fleck, Celt Islam, Bert On Beats and some others.

So this one goes out to all the ones we love, YOU!

It also goes out to all our Generation Bass bloggers, old and new.  Thanks for bringing so much to the plate and also for contributing some tracks, we appreciate that!

We really hope you enjoy all of this and feel free to spread the love via your own networks, Facebook, Blogs etc etc.


Conceptualized, Compiled and Realized by Generation Bass – Vince & Umb.

Sequencing and Mastering by Vincent Koreman.

Download Here:

GB – It takes A Nation part I





It Takes a nation of 2 Million To Hold us Back

[a generation bass compilation, part I]

1. Krsur – Starlights
2. Boyfriend ft Offkey Rolex – High Rise Horizons
3. Diamond Bass & Mfana – Mumboa
4. Andy Kisaragi – Spunn (oh yeah)
5. Amplifier – Barbarix remix
6. Bert on beats – Bullet Skank
7. Anthony B & Subatomic Sound – Dem can’t stop we from Talk
8. Paul Oakenfold – Southern Sun (FLeCK & Eski remake)
9. Dj Delay – Gypsytronic
10. Laura Marling – Speak because I can (EEE Remix)
11. George Lenton – Imd
12. Edu K – Me Bota Pra Dancar (Motorpitch edit)
13. Mexican Dubweiser – Hacienda
14. Tinie Tempah & Ellie Goulding – Wonder Man (Bandish Projekt mix)
15. ArtCade – Good Bad Girl

artwork credit: (
all tracks distributed FREE by
all tracks courtesy of the artists, support them!

UPDATE: 13.50 (uk time)

Here’s streamers of some tracks on the compilation get you into the mood:

Diamond Bass + Mfana – Mumboa by DIAMOND BASS

Gypsytronic (DJ Delay Sambatronika rerub) free on GenerationBass – click Buy Button! by Beam Up & DJ Delay

Paul Oakenfold – “Southern Sun” (FLeCK & Eski remake)-[free download] by FLeCK





Here’s a new group set up by moi, DJ Umb and Mad Decent’s and Luvstep’s brilliant Dirty South Joe.  This is a group set up to celebrate Luvstep Dub Symphonies.  The best of all things Luvstep/Lovestep/Popstep/Voxstep/



1. MRK1

2. AlexisK

3. Trypt

4. Subsource

5. Haydn Hoffman

6. Koyunbaba

7. Algorithm

8. LU 10

9. Crimes

10. JKG

11. George Lenton

12. Selah Sue



We Love MRK1 here and here’s what he says:

Following it’s support on MistaJam’s Radio 1 and 1xtra shows as well as featuring on my latest compilation, Future:Dubstep:04, I’m now giving away my remix of R.I.O “What If”

You can catch me playing this month in the following cities:

1st April – Sheffield
15th April – Lemington Spa
23rd April – Antwerp
29th April – New York



Ok, here’s the brilliant Alexis K.

She has 2 new EP’s out, highly recommended to go and check them out and BUY them:

Playa Haters Club – Stupid Fly Records
Obsession – Temper D Productions

Here’s some freebies :

Shafqat Amanat Ali – Tere Naina (Alexis K) – FRICTION LAB – BBC Asian Network – Free Download by AlexisK

Metric – Front Row (Reiko Che) – Free320 by AlexisK

The Qemists – Take It Back (Alexis K) by AlexisK

Watermarked Competition Entry. Full track here



Download HERE

Lovin’ this, glorious PopSTeP!

Skrillex – All I Ask Of You (Trypt Remix) by Trypt



Subsource with their first in our series of resmashed classics.


Some very cool stuff here from this dude!

Crissy Criss – Kick Snare (Haydn Hoffman Dubstep Remix) by haydnhoffman

Designer Drugs – Drop Down (Haydn Hoffman Dubstep Remix) by haydnhoffman

Kids at the Bar – Your Body On Me (Haydn Hoffman Dubstep Remix) by haydnhoffman



Did a Clssical Step post not so long ago all about this dude and here he is again re-working another classic to quite brilliant effect too.

Carl Orff – O Fortuna (Koyunbaba Remix) by Koyunbaba



This dude appeard here on these pages last week and I’m really, really feeling this dark, melankolik, gothic number.  Not exactly dubstep but StepCore but feelin’ it man!

Like Muse doing Dubstep!

Igorrr – Caros (The Algorithm remix) by The Algorithm

LU 10 Records


This is a Birmingham based Dubstep label and their releases sound promising.

Phillysoundsystem – * Sacrilege EP * (Free Download) by LU10 Records



This is Crimes going for a Deeper Bare Dub Reggae feel!

CRIMES! – Rundatrak (Free Download) by CRIMES!



Really find this pic hilarious!

There’s nothing funny about the track though, even though it is one of his older tracks.


Jogo – Ready To Go (FREEBIE) by JOGO DUBSTEP



Now,after all that Popstep & Brostep, let’s gor for some Chillstep and end with two sublime tracks.

Here’s 20yr old Hull based JKG dreaming of playing to thousands on an open beach in the Balearics!

Summer Vibes – JKG by J K G

George Lenton


Goerge never lets up on the quality man and it’s great to hear how diverse he can really be.

This is another Chillstepped Pop beauty!

George Lenton – Action (feat. Perkie) by jmktlsn

Selah Sue


Awesome track here, just simply amazing!

Find out more about this promising new artist HERE



Happy Monday!

I want to start off this week by letting you know about the forthcoming EP from IFA set to release on Crossroads Records, March 1st.

IFA is based in France and has been involved with music in general for quite awhile. He is in fact on a French tour with his band Cloverseeds as you read this.

He is also involved in other projects but found the time to come up with 3 gems in my opinion and I’m happy to help him continue to get his work out to you all.

Here are 2 clips that will give you an idea of what to expect next month.

CRSRDSEP011 – IFA – Warfare [Out March 1st] by crossroadsrecordsmusic
CRSRDSEP011 – IFA – Another November [Out March 1st] by crossroadsrecordsmusic

I’d like to introduce you to the newest member of the Crossroads Familia, Lokrian.


All I’m going to say here is that Lokrian is an alias of an artist you know and probably appreciate… 😉

Keep those ears open and those eyes peeled, we expect some BIG STUFF from this guy!

Returded by Lokrian

PIECE by Lokrian


from Deesee here!

I don’t know a thing about Deesee other than his work is appreciated by Crossroads family member, Aftee. I’ll be paying attention from now on, I’d bet you will be too.

Deesee – Let Go by dee:see


I’m really not sure how I missed this tune, but it’s a lovely step away from everything cliche.

Big Up Aftee for offering this piece to all of us, it’s really different.

Aftee – October 17th by Aftee

If you haven’t heard of George Lenton, you’re in for a treat. If you have been following him I’m sure you’ve missed something as he updates his soundcloud account about every 3 and half minutes. Insane work flow!
This guy has produced a huge amount of work and it is all absolutely Grade A quality.

I have too many favorites to go on a rant, but click on the picture below for a massive amount of FREE remixes and originals! BIG UP George for the generosity!


DJG has shared a tune he finished in 2009.

It may be 2 years old but it’s solid and one to be heard.


Enjoy the FREE download, he doesn’t do this often.

DJG – Roots (2009) – free download by DJG


I gave this away along with a few others this week and considering the tune from Dean and for continuity sake I’m hopping in line or jumpin’ on the wagon, however you wanna look at it. FREE DOWNLOAD!
Grab the others here>

Fish Finger – Wasted [2008] (Lost and Found Files) *FREE DOWNLOAD* by Fish Finger


Who are the Subliminals? 😉

Subliminals – Future [unmastered] WIP by subliminals
Subliminals – Flashback [unmastered] by subliminals

Big Up DJ UMB and the rest of the Generation Bass Fam. Until next time folks!




2. NastyNasty









George does it again.

This time he re-invents himself with some gorgeous electronic soundscapes to take you into the year 3000.

Ladies & Gentleman, we are floating in space…..

San Angel by georgelenton


One of my favourite current producers creates yet another beauty.

He says it’s a “rework of Wendy Renee’s “After Laughter”!

The original is a gorgeous track from an artist that I’d never heard of before until I checked out the reference for the Apologies track.

I’ve stuck up the vid for the original for completeness sake.

Thanks for the intro to Wendy Renee man, I think I’m gonna check out more of her stuff now!

Apologies by NastyNasty


Wow, this is an awesome remix!


Boreta was asked to remix one of his favorite songs from one of his favorite artists — Nosaj Thing’s “Coat of Arms.” Nosaj is on tour right now. Visit for dates.

Read the full winter update from the mob here:

Nosaj Thing – Coat of Arms (Boreta Remix) – Free DL by The Glitch Mob


Got into Sugarpill via my boy, GoldRush.

He’s too damn right to describe this as future bass, xcellent material here.

The first track is forthcoming on Gruntworthy Records and the other two tracks are free

Sugarpill – Shine On by sugarpill

Sugarpill – Verderbo (Rock and Rose) by sugarpill

Sugarpill and ChrisB. – Pussy Wet Paint by sugarpill


With over 14 years experience in the hip hop and electronic dance communities, zero one has come to be known as an outlet of powerful production and stage presence. His recent production credits include artists such as 2mex, Ariano, Castor Pollux, Oddity, Iota Arcane, Life Rexall, Ed OG, Dizzy Dustin, the 47’s and many more currently in the works.

Zero One’s recording and engineering credits lend a hand to his wide array of production ranging from heavy boom bap hip hop tracks to deep and moody downtempo and glitch music. As a fan of turntablism and scratch music, Zero brings a party-rocking vibe to each performance.

Alongside production partner DJ/Producer John Massey as the Dysposable Heroes, the catalog is expanded into nearly any and every genre of music. Working as the full time DJ and engineer for Southern California hip hop group, Gutter Water Music, his list of talent he has played alongside is vast, including artists such as DJ Vadim, Cut Chemist, DJ Drez, Rass Kass, Chino XL, C-Rayz Walz, Abstract Rude, Aceyalone, Tha Liks, Psycho Realm, and many many more.

With a budding career in Glitch music and Downtempo, we can look forward to a long series of releases of originals and remixes in 2010 and 2011.

Zero One – Clear Corners by DJZeroOne

Zero One – House of Bboy by DJZeroOne

Zero One – 99 Problems (And A Glitch Aint One) by DJZeroOne


This dude is based in Leicester, UK and this track is kinda good man.

Remixed by an outfit called Mental Martians based in India, track shows a glimmer of promise and so I await to hear more.

Aeroplane Dope & D-Skillz feat Raggo Blunt – Pinky Finger (SickFlip remix) by D-Skillz


Put out your space suits and reload your lazahblastahs we are goin on a neonlight mission.

We got 13 mindbleeping Rmxes from Doshy tunes who already killed some kneecaps out there on the dancefloors.

This digital laserpie contains rmxes from Monky, Rudi Zygadlo, CocoBryce & Halp, Demokracy,

Zeno, Pixelord,P45, Curtamos, Lakritze, Didjelirium, Esia and Doshy himself.


10001011001010100beepbeep if u still know what I mean!!!!!

Here 4 crazy earblowing freermx(320) out of the ep:

Rbxep16rmx – Doshy – Scatter Remixes by Robox Neotech


Fitz Ambro$e (CA) is a Tokyo based producer originally hailing from remote eastern Canada. A beat maker with deep roots in 80’s soul & r’n’b, 90’s hip-hop and space funk, Fitz creates stripped-down synthetic hip-hop filled with electronic intricacies, hi-score hits and laser beam sheen.

‘Tameeka’ features contribution from long time collaborator Devonwho (Klipmode, USA) fresh from remix duties for Dam Funk on Stones Throw.

A follow up remix E.P featuring very special guests is planned for release very soon.


So Diplo’s also getting in on the Lazer Bass theme with this really brilliant new project by indie/electronic trio Mansions On The Moon.

This is REALLY great stuff man, like chilled out, space-age, flower power and I’m really feeling it.

Here’s a mix that you can download.

You can also download the individual tracks HERE

Diplo & DJ Benzi Present: Mansions on the Moon – Paradise Falls by Mansions on the Moon



George Lenton is bangin’ them out, always top notch quality man!

Let’s start with a bootleg!

George Lenton vs Nicki Minaj – Hussle by georgelenton

Next up is his new release coming out on Hardcore Beats:

Magnet Man – Faith in chaos (George Lenton rmx) by georgelenton

Now loads of freeeee shiiiiit to commiserate Georgie boy upgrading his soundcloud account:

Remix by georgelenton

The freee shiit deson’t stop there, here’s some more

bits + beats by georgelenton

Finally some DJ mixes:

Mix-y by georgelenton



One of our faves, George is back with an xcellent new release. Here’s what he says:

hello hello hello, thought id drop a couple of bits over to you all…


Stay Around ft Jack the lad came out this week:

Stay Around ft Jack da lad by georgelenton

Here’s the beatport link : BUY AT BEATPORT


Here’s a couple of FREE reggae tracks :

Forward by georgelenton

Alt Download Link

Capone by georgelenton

Alt Download Link

Hopefully it’s sunny enough to suit those where ever you are!

Here’s a little animation called reach I watched earlier:

Insert some philosophical underlying concept to it *here*

anyhow…. that’s all!!




Soundcloud ;

Myspace ;

Facebook ;