Shemsa & Kraftwerk – Ni Model, Ni Hleba


We don’t normally post many mash-ups here but this is a good one delivered by some mysterious figure from the deepest, darkest depths of the Balkans who goes by the name of August Oktobar.

It’s a mash-up of the awesome Krafterk track “The Model” featuring the vocals of Šemsa Suljaković, a famous Bosnian folk artist. When the Yugoslav Wars started in the early 1990s, Šemsa held concerts throughout Europe and the United States to raise money for the Bosnian people.

Gato Preto feat. Edu K – Barulho Video [Kuduro vs Punk]


Crazy, energetic new track & Apocalyptic video by Gato Preto featuring Edu K, both of whom have appeared on Generation Bass Digital in the recent past.

“The word “Barulho” is translated into “Noise” in english. The songs message is “Make Noise”, Jump around and wild out!!!

Hard african Kuduro rhythms meet Punk Guitars, portugese Raps and Electro Bleeps – Africa meets Europe meets Brazil!! Sounds crazy?!? Yes it is…

Gato Preto, the energetic duo with their roots in Ghana,Portugal and Mozambique team up with a true brazilian music legend Edu K. Hes the lead singer of the famous band Defalla and is known for his Bailefunk hit “Popozuda” released on MAN Recordings.The mixture of these different backgrounds in music show that creativity has no limits once you start to create.

This track will set your ears and feet on fire!”

Las Yumas : Jinetero Jam Mix


Las Yumas are a DJ duo out of Berlin, Germany and they sent us this awesome mix of sexy dembow vibes with lots of #FutureTarraxo, Smooth Reggaeton, Zouk, Kizomba and Tropical vybz.

Really feeling this:

Dorothy Parker ϟ The Supercute Mixtape Vol. II


Been away for a few weeks, can’t say where as it’s a bit of a secret, hence the lack of posts.

Anyhow, here’s a woman after my own heart, she does all her mixes live on old-school CDJ100s and she has played warm-up sets for ariel pink, dan bodan, cornerboy and many others. She’s from Leipzig, Germany and I find her Supercute Mixtape series super-interesting and embodies some superb mixing amongst the sea of dull and boring mixes you usually hear on the interwebs. Saying all of that, taste is subjective and I’ve got pretty high demands!

This is Volume 2 of that series, it’s blindin’ and Supercute!!!

Fuzzy Gang – Dai Burger
Weeerrrk – Byrell The Great
Smooth Criminal Ha – DJ MikeQ
Check This Out
I’m So Twisted – Gregg “Ace” Evisu
#WorkHa – Buddah – Divoli S’vere
Dance Pon Dem – Byrell The Great
Move – Lewis Cancut & Blinky Bill
Naughty Cat – Rambow & 199?
Lady Marmalade (Koppi Mizrahi Vogue Remix) – Koppi Mizrahi
Like, Really Cunt (Beek Jersey Club Remix) – B. Ames
Yo (I’m Lit) – Saint & Uniiqu3
~_~dragonflies~_~ – Unicorn Florida & DEV_N_
Slip Thru Your Hand – SO SO IN LUV

Mokujin : Ghetto Opus EP on Blaq Records


Released two weeks ago on Blaq Records, this bomb assembled by Mokujin is going to blow some crates and dancefloors. A loud beat, a grimy bass and a voice with an evil inspiration, it’s dark, it’s an outburst of anger ! A small EP with three tracks, an amazing intro and two Opus blending strong tech and future garage.

This Opus comes as a name-your-price download, so there’s little reason not to get it !

[bandcamp width=350 height=470 album=3580817597 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false]

From PR :

Mokujin does it once again with his futuristic vision on club music, his unique approach to underground culture, always gold just like dawn.

Blaqnet is the rebellious young sister of Blaq Records / Pantamuzik, it is the punk renegade black sheep of the family, always walking the thin line where experimental meets club music, where techno meets ambient-noise, where breaks meet future garage and phantom rave within a unique convergence of artists from around the world, always stepping outside the trends with a DIY attitude showing her love for the underground with free releases for your downloading pleasure.

Blaq Records is a transnational label, based in Mexico but with artists from Iceland and Germany, the talents sheltered in this label have no frontier.

Modeselektor produce Omar Souleyman : "Enssa El Aatab"


About 5 years ago, after witnessing Omar Souleyman live and meeting the great man, I had a convo with Drvg Cvltvre about doing some Techno Dabke remixes of his material and his label at the time, Sublime Frequencies were up for it too. But we never got around to it.

Some years later, he’s worked with Bjork and has been produced by Four Tet and now 2 of my favourite electronic producers in the entire universe, the unique and amazing Modeselektor.

Modeselektor haven’t been too adventurous with this new production, keeping to familiar Souleyman territory, was hoping for a far more darker electronic vibe along the lines of their material but it’s all cool, it’s such a great and epic track anyway.

Brilliant stuff and let the Arabic renaissance continue.

Modeselektor are no strangers to Transnational vibes themselves as this great and classic track testifies, which I snuck on Arabtronix Volume 3:

Camel Driver : The Wedding [Heavy Oriental Stoner Rock]


Feeling this, makes a change, Heavy Orienal Stoner Rock!  Luv that “Wedding” track!

CAMEL DRIVER is a three piece instrumental rock band from Kiel/Germany. They combine finest desert rock sounds with rawmetal influences and fine-tuned/hot oriental jazz parts. CAMEL DRIVER has gone deeply into versatile songwriting to create their own colorful and massiv sound landscapes. Their self-titled debut album was released on vinyl in autumn 2014

Mehmet Aslan [Anatolian Bass]


The Turkish Bass scene has been coming out in a giant leap for the past 18 months and here’s another name to add to that list.

This is a wikkid combination of Electronic, House and Techno Bass all imbued with that Anatolian Turkish flava!

Pure bliss for me!!!

DJ Badre Fusion 2014 Luftschloss


Great lil’ mix by my homie, Moroccan born but Germany based DJ Badre of his set at the recent Fusion Festival in Germany. Starts off with a heavy dose of my fave kinda vibe, ARABIAN and dips off into Tech-House territory. Good stuff holmes:

Omar Souleyman – Warni Warni (bEEdEEgEE remix)
Restless Leg Syndrome – Pimpin’ Ramzy
Yestegan chaY – Yeh Estekan Chaee
Hicham – Orient
Trentmöller – Prana
Masomeno – Coco classico
Niconé & Sascha Braemer – Raoui
Dj Tomahawk – HABiBi
Hickup – Mitzwa (Original Mix)
Funky Muslim – Juicy ( Pento Boys )
The Micronaut – Schleie
Superpendejos – SP Airlines (Fasten Your Seatbelts) (Dixone Meltdown Remix)
Kadebostan – Love In Looxor
Roman Flügel – Softie
Yes – in
Pablo Rez – Asian Dream (Dub Edit)
DJ Koze – Blume Der Nacht (Original Mix)
Radiohead – Little By Little (Caribou Remix)
Nicolas Jaar – Russian Dolls
Kohra – Hush

Schlachthofbronx : Rave And Romance Free Album


The brilliant Schlachthofbronx just dropped their new release for FREE!!!!!!

Have not had time to digest the album yet but listened to snippets and it sounds amazing as usual.

It’s 10 songs full of Rave And Romance and contains features like New Orleans Bounce rapper Nicky Da B, Warrior Queen from Jamaica and Bonde Do Role (Brasil) amongst others. They also released a zombies go Springbreakers themed video for their first single Lights Off.

Why are you reading this…go and download it!!!

Full Download:
Vinyl & Shirts & stuff: