Lord Breu – Futurafro EP


You might recall that we dropped an awesome “Bahia Bass” Ep here a few months back and this artist,  Lord Breu, was one of the fantastic artists on that EP.

Latino Resiste picked him up after that release and have now dropped this BOMB of an EP for free.  It must be their finest release to date and certainly the one that has most caught my own personal attention.

This is truly amazing & original work and one of the Trans Bass EP releases of the year thus far for sure.

Check it out and download it for free:

Understanding and experiencing the importance of music while building the Afro-Bahian identity, Lord Breu very natural blend of Bass music to the cultural elements as ijexá rhythms, Samba reggae and all Bahian musical universe, composing a festive mix of cultures and sounds characteristic of Bahia and Africa you see in Ep Futurafro released by the label Mal Dicen!

Spoek Mathambo – Dummy Head Mix


Really feeling this mix by South African & regular Schlacthofbronx collaborator, Spoek.

He did it for Dummy Magazine, whoever they are, and it’s a mix that’s vibing.

High Voltage Humans – Heated Hearts (Schlachthofbronx Remix)

Another great new remix from our favourite Bavarian dudes, Schlachthofbronx, which again demonstrates why they are on top of the “quality” pile and god only knows why they are not household names yet, surely that will happen soon!

Here they experiment with Indie guitars & vox alongside their trademark Ghetto Bass riddims, pure quality!

Schlachthofbronx – 7 Free Edits

One of the world’s best Dance Acts just released a bunch of free edits to celebrate reaching 15k likes on their Facebook Group, yep no liking to download them, just given free cause they reached 15k without forcing you to like them, which is always the best and most authentic way to build up a following.

Comgrats guys, u deserve it!

We reached 15k likes on facebook recently! thanks everybody!




My homie Daryl sent me this through the other week about his label’s new release.

GRAB the 2 free downloads and then read all the official info:

Big Dope P – Kazfara Juke (192kpbs)

Emmanuelle – What A Booty (192kpbs)


Moveltraxx presents DA MOVELT POSSE Episode 2

Moveltraxx is back with a brand new release: DA MOVELT POSSE Episode 2. This LP contains 10 Electro/HipHop flavoured tracks by some the hottest artists in the Electro & Ghetto music scenes but also by new comers discovered by the record label.

Some of the Moveltraxx artists & close friends meets on this hot release.

· Big Dope P (Moveltraxx, OMG! Recordings, Sony BMG)

Moveltraxx co-founder and producer of the ghetto hits Southside Anthem & Back To Da Old Future, Big Dope P delivers his Kazfara Juke a blend of Juke Music & Hip Hop which announce his future releases (EPs for OMG! Recordings, Crossfaded Bacon, Moveltraxx & Remixes for French Big Rapper Booba, The Cheerz…)


· The Cheerz (Moveltraxx, Ho-Ju Recordings)

UK revelation 2009, The Cheerz created a perfect mix between Fidget, Ghetto House & Baltimore which rocks any dancefloor from London to Sydney. Weekly playlisted by Kissy Sell Out on BBC One,They are actually finishing their EP soon to be released by Moveltraxx.


· Dj Rashad (Juke Trax, BTB Recordings, Moveltraxx)

One of the Hottest Juke producer in the game with his crew Ghetto Teknicianz (Dj Gantman, Dj Spinn…), Dj Rashad delivers here his RnB / Juke thang… “Let Me See Your Footwork”


· The Disco Villains (Dirty Disco Tracks, OMG! Recordings, Moveltraxx)

Loved by Felix Da Housecat, Justice etc… They make em known with their dope remix of The Gossip, Lil Wayne or Gorillaz… They have rocked all the dancefloors they spinned. The Disco Villains are in the house gringo !


· Traxman (Dancemania, BTB Recordings, Moveltraxx)

Founder of the Ghetto House movement in the 90s, this Chicago legend released his first tracks on the mythic Label Dancemania. He offers us a crazy track of his own that annonce his next EP soon to be released on Moveltraxx


· Dj Hilti (Moveltraxx, Juke Trax)

French representant of the Juke Movement in France, Dj Hilti brings here a mix between Juke, Disco & Crak music.


· Kill Frenzy (Cheaper Thrills, Moveltraxx, Dust Trax)

Kill Frenzy’s music is totally in the Moveltraxx spirit cause he brings a real metissage between Electro and Ghetto cultures… He can make a dope Ghetto release on Juke trax and the month after release a Fidget EP on Cheaper Thrills or remix Count & Sinden.


· Beus Bengal (Moveltraxx)

That French Hip Hop beatmaker releases for Moveltraxx his first Electro Track ! Club Banger !


· GTO (Moveltraxx)

Cerebral Vortex on the mic, Raziek on the production… GTO is born.


· Emmanuelle (Moveltraxx)

Big Dope P’s « protégés » made em known by remixin his Southside Anthem track. They release here their first original rack that show their skillz… Watch out !


DA MOVELT POSSE EPISODE 2 (Digital & 12″ Vinyl) out 01-13-2010 [MTXLT106]

01 – BIG DOPE P Kazfara Juke


03 – DJ RASHAD B Day Sex Remix

04 – THE DISCO VILLAINS Move Bitch Remix

05 – TRAXMAN There Some Pimps Up In Diz Bitch

06 – DJ HILTI Swing Inferno

07 – KILL FRENZY Ghetto Shit

08 – BEUS BENGAL Shock Wave

09 – GTO Busted Remix

10 – EMMANUELLE What A Booty

“U Wanna Fight? Step In The Ring!”

Soon on Moveltraxx:


featuring hot remixers…


DJ ASSAULT Rules Everything Around Me

DJ%20Assault%203Just knicked this offa the great ITS AFTER THE END OF THE WORLD blog by DAVE. Such a dope track man..:

DJ Assault – I Say Uuuah (from Everybody Fuck 12″ 2003)

“Craig Diamonds at his finest in my opinion. Probably my favorite use of a sample in the ghetto club world, though I might go with something from Chicago depending on the day of the week. This one came on out Assault’s own Jefferson Ave records. The flash videos on the website have to be seen, especially the one for Yo Relatives…”