Kicking Off 2017 With The New Dark Generation

2017 will see a rise of Lovecraftian, cosmic horroresque aesthetics

2016 slipped away without a spotlight for a development in music that has come into full force over the course of this year, completely out of view of most blogs and music magazines, even independently of the internet avant-garde’s metal fetish. It is one of the most successful stories of how a music movement can be assembled from different genres and musical backgrounds. Meet the new dark generation.

I’m calling it a generation rather than a movement or a scene because not all of the artists are necessarily connected or would recognise each other as part of the same thing. Rather there are smaller groups and scenes, probably more than there are on my radar right now, that are making forward looking, multi-genre music with a dark twist. With the facebook group Dark Electronic Music, I’ve tried to tie all of these small movements together and to some extent this was successful, but still far from where I’d hope it will move. But all of these movements and scenes have grown and diversified this year and that is something which can never deserve enough support.

Some household names and some new names to support. Also I lost a bit sight on the techno, hardcore and industrial side of things, so that’ll be saved for next time.

1. Hexx 9 records (label)

Of all the labels and collectives out there, few embody what I call the ‘new dark generation’ as on point as the New York based trailblazers of Hexx 9. Born out of the post-witchouse movement, they have released next generation gothic music on the interface of witch house, industrial, ritual ambient, drone, noise rave, dub, trap and more. Even Abu Ama‘s Arabic ambient dub tarraxo has found a warm home at the label.


2. 209 SINS

With separate projects known under different pseudonyms, 209 SINS is one of the most consistently active Soundclouders, combining repost selections with own productions and mixtapes: れモモ刀下∨ㄥ 匕卄丹れム乙 for vocal hiphop, ᴆ ᴀ ᵛ ᴵ ᴆ † ᴌᴬ ᴮ 0 ᵙ ℜ for hard-hitting industrial DnB rave crossovers, Philip K. Decker for cinematic ambient influenced instrumental tracks and yunΠg≠wellbutriΠ for mixtapes.

209 SINS recent selector’s choice of industrial bass rave mixtapes


3. ßęđŧīmĕ Šŧōŗĩėş

We’ve supported the Paris based prodigy ßęđŧīmĕ Šŧōŗĩėş and his alter-project Shinji (now [lyn]) several times before on the blog, but 2016 was the year where he put himself on the map, both with his two artistic projects and with his avant-witchhouse Facebook channel U+06e9. An autodidact classical singer, electronic producer and improvisationalist, bedtime stories’ has developed an impressively unique style, individually, without following any trend. Although he calls it ‘classical witch’, the sound transcends the witch house genre in every possible aspect, while its relation to classical music is even more intriguing. ßęđŧīmĕ Šŧōŗĩėş is a neoromantic, early-classical punk, reclaiming the sound and aesthetics of thoroughly elite, institutionalised entities as a tool for improvisational self-expression.

I’m looking forward to what 2017 will bring. Yet for now, ‘Gaia’ (Hexx 9, September 2016) is ßęđŧīmĕ Šŧōŗĩėş’ defining release.


Ģăīă was a project created by an unknown entity, a creature able to bend the nature of things and able to change reality by interacting with dreaming people. Ģăīă was able to save lives, but playing with human psyche is not without consequences, and most of the dreamers died. Only a few stayed alive, connecting with nature to transfer the energy of the entity into the lands. Now, Ģăīă is all around us and influence our reality, but maybe this reality is just a lng dream orchestrated by Ģăīă itself.

One of the exiting aspects of ßęđŧīmĕ Šŧōŗĩėş is that he knows how to deconstruct his own sound, combining elements of it such as the gothic opera singing, with vastly different vibes such as this industrial, rhythmic ambient track collab with Achromatic Residue.


4. Volkanos

Another very active producer and scene pusher involved in blending witch house elements with industrial ritual ambient music is Volkanos from Denver, U.S. Involved with the Hexx 9 label as well as the dark experimental techno label Tenebrous Music. Grown up in a family involved with Wicca and Shamanism, Volkanos always had a vision of fusing music with symbolism, mythology and ritual choreography. Expect a more in-depth interview soon on the blog!

Volkanos’ style: suggestive horroresque soundscapes, blended with organic percussion and witch house flavoured rave synths

The All Souls mixtape which came out around halloween is one of my favourite mixes of 2k16, particularly because Volkanos, next to myself, is one of the only artists in the world fusing witch house, dark techno and 209 sins style industrial bass music with the dark flavoured side of ‘avant garde club’


5. Young Yogi

Supported several times before, Young Yogi, alter-project of GAMEFACE, is paving the way ahead of the dark trap microgenre which GAMEFACE has been building for about two years now, steering away from sounds of EDM trap as well as from post-internet cloud trap into a more unique and conceptual direction. Young Yogi’s sound combines the explosive tension and monstruous 808 bass of the new dark wave of cloud trap and with psychedelic uplifting melodies and cyber-utopian mystical thematics.



Mad genius of the witch house scene, playing with thematics and imagery sometimes too gruesome for even me to share. When he disappeared from all his social media platforms at some point last year I, and probably more with me, was honestly worried he’d put an end to his life. But he came back and has been uploading so much fire lately, venturing from his already rough and eclectic twist on witch house further  into noise, breakcore, hardcore, dark trap and black metal.



Especially Sadwrist’s more trap leaning work would probably fit the new #RAGECORE genre, created by the Antwerp based beatmaker Rare Akuma. Pushing a blend that is sitting somewhere in between drill, deathstep and metal, Rare Akuma bridges the worlds of hiphop, loud bass music and the rise of metal in the electronic avant-garde.



The witch house scene in the Netherlands is small and fragmented. The people that make it are not really connected into one scene. In fact, there isn’t really a scene at all. The genre is just getting a bit more known over here only recently (then I’m not talking about Crystal Castles) among the new generation of dark-alternative leaning fans who can nowadays listen to anything from vaporwave or sad rap to anime music or whatever edgy genre the internet has spit out over the last years. Producers are a different story. With Atilla The Hvn and Noire Antidote there are two great forward looking examples, one coming (as far as I can tell) from industrial techno, the other (alter-project of Benjamin’s Plague) coming from the cybergoth-industrial scene.

From Tilburg, home base of Generation Bass, Atilla the Hvn seemed to come out of the blue when I first discovered him last year, but apparently he has not only been experimenting with witch house for more than two years, has a solid following and is well connected in different forward looking corners of music. If I may bet on any producer from the Netherlands to rise to greater heights in 2017, Atilla The Hvn is the one.

Dark melancholic trance & hardcore beautifully blended and distorted into a powerful emotional rave flavoured soundscape.

I’ve known the guy behind Noire Antidote for a while (never met him in person tho) because of my occasional adventures in the industrial scene and how much I like dark electro, I was even happier to find out that within the remnants of the gothic scene at large, there is interest in witch house as a direction to go into. Not that I have anything particular against industrial hardcore or psytrance, but with self-proclaimed scene destroyer DJ Krat (industrial hardcore/rhythmic noise), the psy/goa scene or wallowing in German festival nostalgia as the only three options, witch house was never embraced by the gothic scene in the Netherlands so far. In 2017, things have changed. Whether it makes sense or not to still talk about a gothic scene is irrelevant. Noire Antidote is making great music and actively reaches out to crowds with livesets on industrial minded festivals, without the need for a witch house scene.


10. The Enigma TNG

Back in the days I’ve suppored The Enigma TNG, still one of my all-time favourite producers, as an example of what an eclectic, multi-genre cyberpunk flavoured dark music future could look like. Almost two years later, he is still going strong, consistent pushing and developing his unique style. And where back then, he was a solitary pioneer with a solid following mainly in the world of cybergoth-electro and alternative electrostep, today his sound, involving elements of metal and cinematic epic orchestral music, is being mentioned as an inspiration for the direction in which the club avant-garde will be moving in 2017.

His newest album, ‘Midnight’, came out in October last year.



11. Toxic Embryo

Upcoming live electronic formation and enfant terrible of the dark-alternative scene in the Netherlands. Drawing inspiration from sources like Babymetal, BOTDF, anime music and nightcore, Toxic Embryo’s twist on dark electropop possesses the same post-ironic DIY edge as PC Music’s bubblegum rave or Elysia Crampton’s conscious use of cartoonish horror elements and recontextualised pop sentimentality. The nostalgic, trancy neo-rave melodies and anime-esque adventure lyrics combined with campy cyberpunk aesthetics will leave the traditional electropop fan in utter confusion whether this is a joke or truly garbage. Yet at the same time, this androgynous blend of hyperpop and angelwave, fused with metal, hardcore, trance, rap and live performance is exactly where the avant-garde of internet culture will be moving in 2017.


Essential EP’s #9


Well into the new year, the long awaited new edition of Essential EP’s, most of which are from 2015 still but too essential to skip. An exciting selection which finally has a fair share of cumbia included, some of which you may have seen supported already in Sexxy Saturday Cumbia, but deserves to be included among the essentials. At the same time, the selection is an attempt to be a perfect bridge into the coming year!

1. Mixpak Holiday Bundle 2015 (MIXPAK)

There are few things so essential and broadly influential as everything that future-dancehall label MIXPAK does. To my surprise, after our own show on Stranded FM last Friday where I played Florentino’s romantic future-zouk tune ‘Leave’, El Maria from the Bright label club-night & radio show in my hometown, played the exact same track as well as MM & Kid Antoine‘s anthemistic banger Final Response. The other contributors are Escape From Nature’s Orlando Volcano and the London based grime & dancehall producer famous eno. MIXPAK’s Holiday Bundle is by far the most essential compilation in all your sets and playlists for a while ahead this year!



This enthusiastically received compilation has been out for quite a while already and it’s a shame we haven’t been able to support it yet. Where the label made a powerful start with only music from the founding members (ANGEL-HO, Chino Amobi and Nkisi) here the family extends into a wide variety of artists from all over the world, notably gqom collective Rudeboyz and upcoming star GAIKA but also so lesser known artists like Farai and FAKA. I’d love to see the NON family extend even further in the new year. They announced a first edition of a magazine with critical essays, art, photography, poetry and more so that will certainly happen. More about this soon on Generation Bass!

>> BUY HERE <<


The future Latin club duo Santa Muerte was one of the greatest newcomers last year and will continue to grow in 2016. It was exciting to see how they would connect to many different scenes and sub-scenes, releasing with the futurists from The Astral Plane for example, but also with the tropicalistas from El Flying Monkey. Two weeks ago, they kicked off the new year with an exclusive bootleg pack for the influential GHE20G0TH1K platform.


4. Tomás UrquietaManuscript EP (Infinite Machine)

I listed Tomás Urquieta from Viña del Mar, Chile, as one of the artists to watch in 2016 and I’m almost convinced that his mechanical, even techno-flavoured club EP, which pushes the sounds of the club avant-garde beyond the current club scene’s inner circle, will in retrospect prove to be among the most forward looking works of the year. Therefore here again, in case you haven’t checked it out yet, the entire EP, including exlusive tracks for influential platforms as XLR8R and Complex UK.

>> BUY HERE <<

5. Erick Jaimez Dallas Cumbiaholic 3 (Americano)

In a time where what we once called ‘bandwagons’ look rather like a swarm of spaceships in a Star Wars battle, it is both refreshing and impressive to see somebody undesturbedly pushing a personal style. Few have done this so persistently over the years as the Dallas based future Latin producer Erick Jaimez. His catchy blend of sampled cumbia with crunk beats and house grooves had lots of potential from the very beginning but fell just in between the different centres of gravity existing at the time. Too ‘urban’ to be ‘hipster-tropical’, too much roots to be ‘EDM’ and too experimental to fit into the Mexican tribal, cumbia & norteñas underground. But as time has passed and his followers base has grown steadily, there is finally space arising in the shifting music landscape. Since the beginning, Erick Jaimez has been closely affiliated to the next generation Latin culture movement around El Dusty and his Americano label, which will be gaining even more gravity and attention this year. One of the great signs is the new club night Sonidero Dallas, launched recently, where Erick Jaimez will perform next to Track Meet curator Shook Nite, which smoothly links him to the club avant-garde (circle closed!). More about this soon. For now, feel the vibrant anthem potential of this fresh EP, where Erick’s recognisable style is notably crystallise even further from an innovative experiment into perfected quality production.

>> BUY HERE <<

6. Kazuki Koga The Salathé Wall (Apothecary Compositions)

Almost a year ago, I selected a previous EP from this upcoming Montreal based Japanese producer as essential. I must also immediately confess that I promised a major post on the mysterious rock-climbing cult genre GORGE, which I never managed to write. But I can tell you that the draft is already sitting on the dashboard to be completed and published soon as one of our major new things this spring. Also an exciting observation is that with releasing on this avant-garde label with close connections with Classical Trax for example, Kazuki as an artist but also gorge as a genre is finding it’s way into the club avant-garde! Compared to the percussive, uptempo dreamy ambient flavoured tone of his previous, equally breathtaking EP, this release is a lot heavier. The rather maximalistic melodic synth, sample and ambient patches and take over the leading position from percussion drums, in a way that often strongly reminds me of 2814‘s post-vaporwave ambient. Also shout out to experimental producer and vocalist Così e Così, whose vocals appear on the second track!

>> BUY HERE <<

7. GAMEFACE Alpha Centauri 2

Without any doubt the most independent and enlightened mind in trap, even in his own niche of dark trap which has developed into a vivid underground over the last one and a half year. With Alpha Centauri 1, already two years ago, he was very much pioneering the ‘dark trap’ sound. Not only did that genre not exist yet at that time, its closest cousins, dark trillwave and Chicago drill on the hiphop side were still very underground and very separate from the EDM-trap movement. His unique combination of distorted leads, drums and vocals, indian chants and mystical imagery would completely open new ways for trap music in the years that followed. Now with the second volume, he aims to take the initiative for another next step. Now not against the background of a genre at its peak, but rather after its downfall, free from the dominance of EDM trap and its expectations. Out of the crucible of darkness and its post-apocalyptic ashes he now rises, reborn, transformed into a divine cosmic being, like a transdimensional butterfly, drying its wings in the endless sea of galaxies. Collabs contributions are from fellow dark trap OG Hounds (Canada) and new talent Donny Coke (Amsterdam).


8. Morten HD Darkside Kygo

If anyone deserves the honour of being Classical Trax’ most active member, it is certainly the experimental ambient grime producer Morten_HD from Oslo. Next to his contributions to compilations, appearing on every compilation project released by the CT collective and other platforms, he occasionally releases EPs by himself. As a matter of fact he also just released his newest EP via Apothecary Compositions some days ago, while I was already writing this post. Darkside Kygo is such a personal outburst of creativity, re-interpreting EDM-pop hits from the Norwegian superstar DJ Kygo into a wild conceptual blend of ambient noise and classic hardcore with bubbling and soca beats!


9. BIGOTE Cumbia Maluca (KUMBALE)

As we speak, KUMBALE’s nestor René Gamez a.k.a. SSDSS is on tour in Mexico together with his friend and Esperanza nights co-host Bogdan Krawalski and the Hungarian tropicalist Stas. Meanwhile, they continue releasing fantastic stuff. Bigote, curator of his own cumbia based label and collective Caballito in his country Spain, continued his friendship with KUMBALE, celebrated last month with a special Esperanza edition, with an EP released on KUMBALE: ‘Cumbia Maluca’. Maluca, a Brazilian slang word for a wild, crazy girl, used a lot in baile funk, is the ultimate fusion of the raunchy pleasure vibe of funk with the hypnotic slow grooves of cumbia.


Check out the aftermovie of ‘Esperanza vs Caballito’ here!

10. GRAVETON IV (Caballito)

Around the same time, Caballito Netlabel itself returned with the 4th ‘Graveton’ compilation, started back in 2010 to showcase the most creative underground bedroom productions with cumbia and reggaeton elements. Unfortunately, not all editions are available online any more, but in its successive releases you would notice the successive development in sound, from the digital cumbia scene’s origins in psychedelic dub towards the banger sound of ‘tropical bass’. This time, the mega compilation with 39 tracks seems dedicated to the sound shift towards the club avant-garde, including not only established names from the digital cumbia scene such as Tribilín Sound and Real Cumbia Activa and but also London club underground OG Endgame, future dembow pioneer Kid Cala and the enigmatic Mexican underground formation Grupo Jejeje. Even more excitingly, even relatively mainstream names from the Andean electrofolk scene are involved like Animal Chuki and Dengue Dengue Dengue, who are normally operating at a fair distance from the new club scene. Yet broad compilations and flexible labels like Caballito are able to bring these worlds together, and that is where the most interesting things will happen.


Essential EPs #6


After 5 successful ‘Essential EPs’ selections, started almost a year ago, we tried to do it differently this time and post the EPs (including albums & compilations) as immediately as possible when they come out and only list the best of them here as essentials. That means, no more extensive reviews in this series. If you’re curious what we have to say about a release, go to our earlier review via the link. We’re still running behind and a new list of essentials has already come out before I was even able to assemble this post. Expect #7 on the blog within a week!

Previous essential EP’s >> #1 ; #2 ; #3 ; #4 ; #5

1. ANGEL-HO Ascension EP (Halcyon Veil)

ANGEL-HO’s tracks feature elements such as eery soundscapes with lots of reverb, gabber and speedcore kicks, vocal samples and combat sounds from videogames which together harmonise into rhytmical patterns that sometimes resemble styles like baile funk, afrobeats and grime but almost never becoming conventional beats. This continuous movement between rhythm, consciously crafted near-chaos and broody, tense ambient creates a unique experience. It communicates a subconsious message of protest so powerful that it can bring down the world as we know it, yet so elusive that it cannot be boxed in and controlled.



2. Elysia Crampton American Drift (Blueberry Recordings)

…apocalyptic synths and videogame sounds as well as elements of crunk, cumbia, 3ball, baile funk, Bolivian metal and Andean huayno […] an extremely powerful transdencental experience.



3. Alfonso Luna Tribal Prehispanico LP (KUMBALE)

…“you’ve got tribal and you’ve got Alfonso Luna, that guy is on a whole different level.” – Erick Jaimez



4. Mr One Hundred Calypso Fugitive (Mixpak)

His brilliant and unique fusion of Soca with Techno is a massive thing just waiting to happen and dominate dancefloors across the world.



5. BLVCK Sounds of the Apocalypse EP

Woe is ye, you have been warned!



6. 8-Channel Trax (Classical Trax)

Elements of many different genres and flavours are found, including jersey and baltimore club, grime, house, techno, hiphop, 80s synth, reggaeton and industrial, blended together in a way that is – as usually in the trax scene – at the same time incredibly catchy and incredibly uncategorisable.



7. DoomBahTon Vol.1 (Monsters of Doomcore)

His idea to fuse dancehall, moombahton and industrial hardcore connected with me as something the times are ready for. A bridge between worlds.


[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=757875168 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small]


8. Monotronique Grindhouse EP (Pear Drops)

The 4 pioneering tracks of Grindhouse EP will continue the throat-grippingly thrilleresque as well as futuristic experience with a blend of grime, dark twisted avant-garde club and industrial sound effects!



Let’s finish it with two releases we’ve been sleeping on but still recent enough to include..

9. Sonidos Profundos Malandrena (Regional)

Sonidos Profundos, cumbia-bass alrounder from Lima, Peru, is an old Generation Bass favourite from the Sexxy Saturday Cumbia era, and a member of the Lima based labell & collective Terror Negro Records. After about a year of Soundcloud-silence he made a comeback last month with an impressive release via our Chilean friends at Sello Regional. Malandrena is everything that digital cumbia should be in 2015: devoid of fixed formula’s, diverse in terms of influences and sounds, energetic as well as melodic and even hypnagogic here and there. Appearances are made by some of our favourite artists from the latin-bass scene such as El Catorce, Dash SLKTR and Tribilín Sound.

Regional was one of my favourite labels last year and because of all the new avant-garde club thing going on I seem to be losing track (in terms of blogging) of what they’re doing this year. They definitely need to stay in the spotlights and you can expect a lot more from them in the coming months.


10. Erick Jaimez Sonando Poblano (KUMBALE)

Erick Jaimez‘ new EP came out almost simultaneously with Alfonso Luna’s EP, also on KUMBALE and I had to choose which one to blog so I chose the newest one. But this one definitely would have deserved a separate place on the blog as well.

Sonando Poblano is classic Erick Jaimez, uptempo as well as ‘rebajada’, passionate, danceable and reflecting above all the vibe of contemporary Dallas: a sound to stay!

Darkness Rising [Special Mega Feature]



This was originally a Krampus-special, planned for half a year ago. Last year, I first introduced krampus to Generation Bass in a legendary edition of Sexxy Saturday Cumbia.


And with every passing year, ever more people all over the world are finding out about this frightening creature that unleashes chaos and darkness in the streets of cities and villages at the onset of December. There was a Krampus Walk and Krampus Fest in Rotterdam to which couldn’t make it so a Youtube clip is all I can give you until upcoming year…

This is what regained my interest Krampus, a radiopodcast from Rotterdam, hosted by forward looking minds from the dark-alternative electronic scene who have been pioneering in the borderlands of hardcore, industrial, schranz and more. Since this year they’ve launched a campaign to introduce krampus in the Netherlands to show that an alternative to the Dutch idiotic blackface tradition doesn’t need to be a character-less, watered-down-consensus figure, but can also be something vibrant and exciting. As a teaser for the krampus walk and krampus fest, they made this podcast with a 2 hours of mindblowing brutal dark beats and background information about krampus (in Dutch).


At the same time, I’ve witnessed a rise of dark, apocalyptic vibes in many areas of music, including global bass genres. We’re in the midst of a transition and ever more revolutionary chaos is spreading in music and in our understanding of virtually everything in the world around us. I’ve been talking with people about the idea of dystopian futurism and darkness in music, fashion, art and wider culture for about a year now and mainstream vids like Skrillex ft. Ragga Twins‘ ‘Ragga Bomb‘ and Skrillex newest video Dirty Vibe‘ confirmed that gut-feeling.

As I explained in my skullbass post, there are three main innovations going on in our times: 1.) fusions of different dark/hard genres music such as hardcore, breakcore, drum ‘n bass, dark dubstep, dark techno, industrial, hard electro, noise music and metal; 2.) global bass; and 3.) fusions between urban flavours with dark music and aesthetics.

Fusions between styles that are known as dark and those that are not that much known as dark have, in fact, always been there, but throughout the 2000’s, the hey-days of animosity between scenes, it has never grown out into something more substantial. But towards the 2010’s, a fusion emerged between southern Chopped n screwed hiphop and gothic flavours which became hyped by the music media (in parallel with global bass) as which house. Remeber those days? Witch house was kind of the ‘thing’ before seapunk and vaporwave and a lot has been written about it that seems to be iconic for music in the internet-age: is it an actual genre? when did it become a ‘thing’? was it just an empty bandwagon?

And the list is much longer. Venus x‘ vanguard movement GHE20G0THIK is probably the most transformative cultural initiative of our time, Tommy Lee Sparta fused dark sounds and gothic aesthetics with dancehall in a way nobody has ever done before. But dark-alternative dancehall is growing (more about this later), and so is industrial hiphop, brought into the mainstream by Death Grips & Kanye West. And only think about the dark-industrial influences in bass music genres like grime, dubstep and DnB, which are endless.

So what’s the idea.. Global bass is the source of innovation for EDM while dark-alternative music incorporates ever more flavours of dance music (for an excellent history of how goth incorporated EBM and trance and transformed it into cybergoth and then died of a lack of innovation listen to this podcast!) and urban music is innovating by incorporating dark, abrasive flavours. Considering that global bass itself are often urban inspired rather than dance inspired music, an eventual convergence of dark music and global bass rhythms and flavours seems almost unevitable. And with internet trends like Healthgoth now also embracing the idea of cross-genre dark music, there is only more potential for this to happen in 2015.

Munchi was years ahead of his time..

To actively speed it up, I created the Facebook group Dark Bass Underground, later turned into (for the lack of a more accurate name) Dark Electronic Music to share stuff from both sides, trying to inspire people. And especially now we at Generation Bass started the NXNW section, we also moved more solidly into dark terrain. Time to celebrate it with a massive dark bass post, with picks from the best of what has been shared in that group so far.

One of my main loves when it comes to dark music is the 80s retrofuture-noir atmosphere of cyberpunk, which I call ‘a mirror’ for our own world. It is the sound that emerged as people were thinking about the times ahead of them that we are now living in, and it is only logical that this music will rise again after the euphoria and consumerist air castles from the 90s are stripped away. Perturbator is one of the most important new generation of artists who is bringing dark, often analog, synth music back to the forefront of electronic music today! Check out this amazing set from November!

What’s especially promising about analog oriented styles like ebm, early electro, early techno, synthwave and synthpop is that they can be performed by bands and can break the current dominance of DJing in electronic music. As I found out while writing this post, the line between live and pre-recorded is often very blurred when it comes to performances of electronic bands, but nevertheless, this performance from the Detroid based electro band Dopplereffekt shows what kind of things we may see much more in the future.

Now compare this to the legendary Boiler Room performance of the ruidosón OG’s Los Macuanos, and imagine what may happen if band-based electronica and global bass will merge on a larger scale!

The Enigma TNG is one of my all-time favourite producers, with an eclectic retro-futuristic approach that varies between cinematic electronica, industrial and hiphop!

GR∆V3☦ROBB∆ is currently one of the most active and experimental names in witch house. He doesn’t follow fixed formulas but always explores diverse sounds, from dark dubstep to ritual ambient to techno!

For more of most forward-looking witch house, check out one of my absolute favourite YouTube cannels: Nightmares & 808s. This mindblowing, industrial-inspired tune from the Russian dark avant-garde producer Greycity is a good example of the fantastic stuff that you will find on this channel!

Before I move to the next genre, here an stunning, genre-crossing tune from Wanage Ska, an industrial & witch house producer from Rosebud Sioux Tribe reservation Lakota!

A whole different kind of fusion of dark sounds and southern hiphop is dark trap. As an antidote to the brainless euphoric laser-sound of festival trap, dark trap could be called ‘funeral trap’, combining distorted 808s with ritual chants, mysterious pads, trans-dimensional synths and brutal bass stabs.

If there is anyone who should be credited as the originator of dark trap, it is the cosmic trapgod Gameface. Check out his newest, apocalyptic track that pierces a hole in the veil between life and death, in the middle of the harshness of the streets!

Another rising dark trapper is the Portuguese producer Bruno Alison! That subtle percussion is just perfect and my deepest wish is that he will collaborate with the Portuguese tarraxo underground one day!

Avant-garde producer Flint Beastwood from Amsterdam made this stunningly dark for his grand Blasphemy Age album that was just too good to leave out.. It’s definitely the darkest track on the list but if you want to hear some of the best post-internet underground vibes, you should definitely check it out!

A specific genre of ‘dark urban music’ to mention is drill, Chicago’s dystopian, ice-cold cousin of Atlanta trap, which has been on the rise over the last years as one of the new major waves of hip hop, known for acts like Bobby Schmurda and Chief Keef. The harsh lyrics go hand with the most spine-chilling dark sounds that sometimes comes close to a industrial ambient flavour, fused with downtempo 808 beats, like this throat-gripping instrumental by Dj Hitkidd!

Industrial music, the prototype of all dark electronic music, seems to be in a state of confusion for a while now, torn between innovators and purists who do everything to keep existing sounds subgenres the way they are. Meanwhile, fans hop into ther scenes, such as hardcore or goa.

But in all different corners of the umbrella term ‘industrial’ there are interesting things going on. Especially now the early and heydays of industrial are being rediscovered in the wake of internet hypes like healthgoth, I’ll expect it to get only better in 2015!

For me personally, this massive yet thoughtful electro-metal flavoured stomper from the German band Chrysalide was the best industrial single of 2014! Download it from their webpage!

The experimental producer Grimstatic keeps impressing me with a eclectic blend of dark electro, harsh EBM, industrial noise and complex rhythmical patterns. I’ve been reposting him for a while and I’m happy I can finally support him on Generation Bass!

Electronic Body Music and industrial music are not the same thing but they are often heard together, especially when it’s harsh EBM. Generation Bass on an 80s underground synth trip and EBM is definitely a fascinating movement of electronic music rooting in the 80s that you will hear more often on the blog in 2015. Here an great example of an 80s flavoured EMB tune that blows my mind!

Spectral Incision is an experimental producer who calls his own style ‘industrial filth’: a fusion of industrial, metal and dubstep. His newest track explores a whole new sound, an abrasive, percussive DnB-flavoured beat with a vibe that goes into the direction of zoukbass!

And here another experimental industrial track, from eclectic dark producer Beat Driven Insomnia, fusing a typical industrial cyber-electro synths with an uptempo, distorted breakbeat!

And from Argentina we’ve got PSICOTOP, a very interesting experimental producer who fuses industrial and EBM with dark ambient, noise and Latin influences. I originally wanted to blog a track where you could clearly hear elements of cumbia and salsa but he took it off his soundcloud so here another amazing example. Not exactly industrial, but dark ambient with flute sounds from the Andes!

In you are interested in what’s happening at the front-line of innovation in hardcore and all its sub-branches, check out the magnificent label Noisj and new events such as N.O.R.A.D., where excellent crossovers between hardcore, DnB and hard techno are starting to form a whole new generation of hard-dark music fans from many different directions. People from the cyber-industrial scene, the still substantial gabber underground, from DnB, from raggacore, acid and tek, from hard techno.. all have found their way into this new and exciting world.

Let’s start with crossbreed, a hybrid genre of hardcore and DnB, which I heard is still far from embraced both by the hardcore scene among DnB fans. First an example which is still close to the darker side of DnB, by the Russian dark-hard eclecticist DNE!

And here a crossbreed track with the same monstruous energy as hardcore, a fresh release from the Belgian innovative hardcore duo Existh!

With more complex breakbeat patterns on the high frequencies it becomes breakcore rather than crossbreed. There’s some very interesting experimental stuff out there which tries to bring the drum insanity from breakcore and the brutal harshness from hardcore closer together.. Check out this stunningly futuristic track by Maza (Russia) & The Infernal Brothers (Russia)!

Other experimental vibes go more into a melodic, quiet direction, like ‘dreamcore’. With soothening pads & piano work, Ragnarok (Norway) & Starving Insect (Sweden) manage to fuse abrasive, distorted kicks with a toughtful, post-apocalyptic chill-groove!

Also from Ragnarok: a magnificent techno flavoured banger with a vibe that almost becomes 3ball!

And here a third track from Ragnarok, remixed by The Peoples Republic of Europe, one of the most influential formations in another hybrid genre, industrial hardcore!

A genre where dark sounds are living a strond and passionate underground life is techno. There is a network of connected subgenres like doomtechno, dark techno, industrie techno, mainly located in Germany. I can’t cover it all but I can share an example of the amazing stuff that is coming from this underground..

Here brutal fresh release from the Düsseldorf based producer Klangtronik!

The Belgian producer Ethan Fawkes is a producer-dj who stands with one leg in the world of industrial and with the other leg in the world of dark techno and a lot of amazing industrial flavoured techno is being released these days by him and producers around him. I picked this remix by the duo E-Squad, because of the groovy tribal flavoured percussion!

Of course there cannot be a Generation Bass post with dark techno without a major shoutout to Generation Bass godfather Drvg Cvltvre.. Check out this fabulous dark, almost Latin-flavoured percussive techno track!

The Colombian producer Luix Spectrum combines percussive dark techno with a rhythmical pattern that comes close to 3ball!

But the most deliciously polyrhythmic percussive dark techno I’ve come across so far is this EP from the Marseille based brothers F. Akissi and M. Akissi!

We’ve seen that there’s a lot of experimentation going on in different dark electronic music scenes, especially with rhythm and percussion, and urban music embracing dark flavours on an ever larger scale. So what about ‘global bass’?

The duo Deadstare is the most outspoken dark-global bass initiative, who referred to their style as a the middle between the Owsla signed, occult-cyberpunk themed black metal dubstep act Phuture Doom (one of my favourite dark music acts, which I couldn’t blogged here because they haven’t released in a while), and global bass! They fuse sounds like cinematic horror ambient, terror and speed- and breakcore with latin rhythms like cumbia and 3ball. This is one of their newest releases that you might have missed: a moombahton rework of one of the tracks from their New EP!

NAAFI signed Mexican avant garde producer LAO made an absolutely stunning 3ball rework of a horror ambient piano track!

The innovative 3ball bass duo Los Innsurgentes dedicated an entire, evil-themed EP last year to energetic dark sounds, drawing from dark trap, metalstep and witch house! This should have received a massive shoutout from us long ago already, but it’s never too late I suppose.. Grab the EP here!

One of the most established subgenres of dark, dystopian global bass fusion is rough kuduro, which we introduced last year with Nazar‘s magnificent Nihil EP! It isn’t bad to reblog a post that almost went unnoticed: this industrial horror vid with a dark ambient-noise kuduro track from avant garde producer OnlyNow a.k.a Kush Arora!

SP Deville is a London-based Portuguese producer with Angolan roots who specialises in hiphop beats, Luso-African styles as well as eclectic bass music with a dark edge. Check out this fabulous track which draws influences from drill, dancehall, kuduro and grime!

I remember from my Sexxy Saturday Cumbia time that there are many amazing dark cumbia tracks out there. This is the newest example I could find: a black metal flavoured electronic cumbia tune from the Argentinian tropical alrounder Fede Trip!

Deliciously dark avant-garde dembow here, from the upcoming eclectic underground formation Santa Muerte!

Under my new artist name S x m b r a, I try to experiment some different dark global bass blends myself as well. Here a quick demo where I try to capture a typical cyber-goth atmosphere, fused with moombahton. Try to picture a choreography that holds the middle between industrial dance and perreo!

Closing this mega-post with some uncategorisable but mindblowing dark tracks!

iLLu!, dark trap duo from London, released this powerful, apocalyptic DnB track!

Another new trend of 80s inspired electronic underground music you will come to see more often is ‘minimal synth’. Also analog and melodic, but more minimalistic and groovy than synthwave or EBM. Ortrotasce is a musician who is specialised in this sound, which can be mellow and dark. This absolutely perfect, surrealistic underground track is his newst creation!

Alternative hiphop producer Mike Sore, from Warsaw, Poland, makes beats for rappers as well as dark trap, witch house and experimental stuff. This menacing instrumental hiphop tune blows my mind!

Another dark eclectic hiphop producer, Dark User, is one of my most interesting recent finds on Soundcloud. This symphonic-electronic-blastbeat-ambient-industrial track is one of the best things I’ve heard lately!

A third experimental avant garde dark trapper who deserves more attention is AyyJAy, from London. This horroresque, mellow dark pearl of a track is one of my favourites of is productions! Close your yes and feal the fear..


Essential EPs #2


It has been a while since you’ve heard from me. For personal reasons. Too long to leave you without music. Therefore I made another selection of the 12 most exciting EPs you may have missed.

There are two EPs left out here that you cannot have possibly have missed: Photo Romance‘s marvellous Lagao Roxa EP and BanganagangbangersLoyalty Lane EP.. Want more? Check out this post!


#1. Billion Dollars – Satan Bass The Remixes

Last summer, the eclectic Mexican producer Billion Dollars arose out of the blue and can now count himself among the most promising producers of today. His Mad Decent-supported Satan Bass EP, creating ‘satan bass’ as a new genre, was featured on all the major blogs, including many EDM ones, which usually shun away from the global bass underground these days.

Satan bass EP cried for a follow up, and now it’s there, with contributions of familiar Generation Bass producers and a couple of lesser known names. Casarodrb‘s remix fuses cumbia with trap and brostep. H2O DJ drops some hyperactive trap-bubbling that reminds me of the crazy eclecticism of names like Wost, Purplemonkay or Hoodie. Future bass alrounder Treovr made a moombahton remix pushing a fresh, almost techno-flavoured sound. My favourite remix on the EP comes from the radically forward-looking duo Dead Stare who fuse a NAAFI-esque avant-garde Latin sound with hardcore! Jet Airess‘ closes the EP with another fantastic, hypnotically percussive remix.


#2. Dead Stare – From A Nightmare EP

The duo Dead Stare (for new readers: the new project consisting of the Hungarian tropical producer Gekkei and the Santa-Rosa based latin-bass experimentalist DJ Broken Record) also released a new EP of their own, via the upcoming internet-underground platform URL Future. This release, a follow-up of their debut last summer, further explores the unique territory between cinematic gothic darkness, horror poetry, speedcore and Latin percussion.

The fact that an important player from the post-internet avant-garde, URL Future, releases music from the global bass movement makes me even more happy because it shows once again that two of the main motors of creativity today are opening up to each other, which is a very exciting thing for the future of music!


#3. Dj Dotorado – Maluku

Dj Dotorado has featured on Generation Bass before and is currently one of the promising newcomers from the Portuguese underground with the potential to reach a wider audience, both via the mainstream afrobeats and via the global bass scene. Maluku is a fantastic, diverse EP with quite extensive synth work that makes it accessible to combine with different styles. It covers not only kuduro, tarraxo and afrobeats, but also experiments with trap and (even more excitingly for a Portuguese underground artist), baile funk!


#4. Antae – Alma EP

This EP has featured already in Sexxy Saturday Cumbia some weeks back, but I felt it should get more attention than Nico managed to give it. Not because I organised this EP myself, but because of the unique collaborations on it. Nico calls Antae’s original “a 3ball track that pushes you to shake your hip”. True that, but I think the focus on the ‘swing’ kindof misses the point that this isn’t your average ‘tropical’ track.

When Antae, the Sello Regional team and myself started this project a year ago, we foresaw a shift from a the ‘mad-boom tropicalism’ that has dominated the global bass scene for years, towards a more sophisticated space-age sound, inspired by melodic 80s electronica like Vangelis, Hi-NRG and underground prog. Future tarraxo is of course the best and most successful example. The track Alma applies the future-tarraxo formula to 3ball, making ‘future tribal’.

Antae recalls that back in the days, during the heydays of moombahton, people would laugh at melodic tracks. They all wanted bangers with bleeps and Skrillex growls. Today, tides have turned, with important names like Erick Rincon experimenting with future tribal, and the entire zouk-bass scene starting to copy future tarraxo.

The EP takes it a step further, not only creating a new sound, but bringing widely different branches of the global bass world (and beyond) together around it. The times that producers from Latin and luso-African scenes have released together on one EP are scarce. But this EP contains a unique combination of artists who can make a bridge independently of worn out ‘tropical’ clichés.

Freddy da Stupid (Mozambique) made a hypnotic deep afrohouse remix. Gabriel Rowano (Netherlands) fused the grooves of progressive breaks and dembow. S x m b r a (Netherlands) took inspiration from genres like dub techno, tribal house, psybient and goa, combined with moombahton. Tribilín Sound‘s (Peru) moisty cumbia dub remix is one of my favourite cumbia tracks in general. Mr.Jags (Mexico) takes it into radically experimental territory, fused with hypnotic moombahton and cumbia. When I gathered the remixers, I just new there had to be future tarraxo on this EP and Photo Romance (France) did exactly that, with an absolutely stunning remix. I am also very excited to have HVRXLD (UK) on this project with a vaportrap/artwave remix, making another connection with the internet avant-garde. Los Innsurgentes (Mexico) provided the connection back with the 3ball scene, with a powerful remix. And a futuristic Andean folklore remix from JMKR (Chile), a tribute to the background of the sampled quote, makes the EP complete.


#5. La MiniTK Del Miedo – La Trilogía de La Salvación

The Colombian latin-goth band La MiniTK Del Miedo is one of the most unique music acts in the world. They’ve been on the Generation Bass radar for some years now and this week they are back with new music after a silence of almost two years.

Compared with their older work like ‘Yo Soy la Muerte’, La Trilogía de La Salvación EP has a brighter and more energetic tone, exploring flavours like mambo, reggae and moombahton. And the melodic synth work, which this time draws from synthpop and reggae rather than witchhouse and nu-wave, breathes protest and energy rather than gloom and depression. Buy the EP here!


#6. Imaabs – #Pack 001 (Latin Bootlegs) 

The NAAFI-signed avant-garde producer Imaabs from Chile is one of the names to watch in 2015. He one of the few most prominent producers who fuse the post-internet underground with global/latin bass and is always some steps ahead of both worlds. His futuristic style draws from grime, jersey club, vaporwave and detroit techno. In this first volume of bootleg packs, he Latinises tracks from the avant garde producers Drippin, OMW and Trax Couture but also a tarraxo track from Dj bboy a.k.a. Tia Maria, from Portuguese underground!


#7. J(ay).A.D. – Dedeyuru Vol.1

J(ay).A.D. is probably a new name for Generation Bass readers, because we don’t follow styles like future beats, future grime and jersey club as closely as we should. I recently stumbled upon this Surinamese producer living in Amsterdam his style absolutely blows my mind. He describes himself as:

A hunter gatherer from deep in the amazon forest of Suriname
where he protects the rain forest from evil one day he created a track that was a combination of juke/footwork with kawina, dancehall, dub and grime that caused a chemical reaction what erupted from the process giving him superpowers to vanquish all horrible music from the world.

I couldn’t think of a better way to make the heart of a Generation Bass blogger beat faster instantly!

Dedeyuru Vol.1 is an eclectic, forward-looking future bass EP that combines grime, footwork, trap, RnB and juke with hypnotic, polyrhytmic percussion and mouth-watering synth work. Just press that pay button and buy this EP, it’s more than worth it!


#8. Kazuki Koga – Alleingehen 2.0

Kazuki Koga, from Fukuoka-city, Japan, is also a new name on this blog but someone all of you should follow immediately. His unique style combines bass music genres and avant garde futurism with the obscure but mindblowing asian underground genre called GORGE!

Gorge is the probably the most exciting non-Western electronic underground that has never been introduced yet by Generation Bass (spoiler: expect a post called ‘Generation Bass Introduces Gorge’ soon on the blog, written either by myself or by Dj UMB). And it’s about time that that changes because Asia has been a very undervalued in the global bass world compared to Latin America and Africa (not ‘tropical’ enough, probably..).

The almost un-Googleable genre is cloaked in mystery and legend has it that a giant from the Himalayan Giant called DJ Nanga, created it in a climbers club in the Hymalayan mountains. Whether this is true.. who knows? We like mysteries at Generation Bass. But from what I can tell by listening, gorge is a fusion of ritualistic hymalayan folk with industrial cinematic ambient (often close to the genre martial industrial), noise and dark techno.

Kazuki Koga’s interpretation with elements futuristic chill-bass is the perfect move to make the dark, shamanic noise of gorge a bit more accessable to a wider audience!


#9. WHIPPED CREAM – Law Of Attraction EP

As a blogger I usually skip artists who already are more or less entering the mainstream, especially artists without a specific non-Western background that make it relevant for Generation Bass to support. But sometimes you stumble upon a gem that is simply too good to ignore. Whipped Cream is an incredibly producer from Vancouver who released this genreless experimental EP which draws heavily on transnational influences like zouk bass and Indian folk. Unconditional has a sound that comes close to the powerful percussive styles of Jet Airess and Billion Dollars, while Inside My Mind is best described as cinematic tribal ambient, with Lil Gypsy being exactly in between those styles.


#10. Relo & Tropikore – Dojo EP

Dojo EP is the fresh product of a teamup between Subklub‘s Relo (Argentina) and Le Ronca Records‘ Tropikore (Venezuela), released via Le Ronca Records and launched as a Casetteblog special. Style-wise it is a dark-experimental fusion of cumbia, zouk bass and lento, with some hints of techno and retro-rave, which neatly connects with developments like Billion Dollars’ satan bass and Deadstare’s dark eclecricism. It is once another example that ‘global bass’ starts looking beyond the formula of tropicalising the EDM-sound of the day!


#11. Joe McFly – Transcendence EP

JoeMcFly is one half of the forward-looking American producer-dj-designer duo The Gurus, whom we have seen been enthousiastic about since we discovered them. Where their style is usually characterised by groovy, meditative g-house, Transcendence EP takes a whole different approach. It experiments with dark ambient, 80s flavoured synthpop and early techno, all fused with a hint of blues!


#12. DJ Cueheat – Latin Club Take Over Vol.1

I’ll close this roundup with some happier, readily accessible dancefloor vibes for your weekend. The recent rise of jersey club will soon reach the centre of the mainstream. Fusion jersey club with all the nostalgic classics reggaeton’s golden age is something so thickly in the air that it seems almost like fruit hanging from a tree right in fromt of you. The only question is: who will pick it first. DJ Cueheat did it just two weeks ago and as soon as you press play you will know that this is the sound that will be heating up the dancefloor like nothing else this summer!


Drvg Cvltvre presents: North by Northwest


hey guys, it’s your favourite web hound with some new gems of the industrial techno / techno / abstract / weird house / noise kind…I found some really good stuff this week, so I’m just going to dive right in here:

D. Tiffany drops some seriously dark stuff with his new track zZzz. I love how those eerie strings keep going and then suddenly drop out. drums and percussion are awesome and then the vocal snippet is making it all hypnotic. really cool. check it:

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Interesting little label COS_MOS follows up an EP from Clendon Toblerone with a new one by Italian duo Life’s Track. Previously the pair have released together the Bosconi label and always favour a raw, analogue house sound that is physical as well as emotive. The first track here is ‘Stone’, a hurried house jam with raw and splintered hi hats racing over broken sounding drums as urgent synth stabs fill in the spaces left behind. It’s live sounding and loose, ghetto in texture and truly arresting in nature. The b-side starts with ‘Velocity’, another over-driven bit of house with non-stop claps chattering over slower, purposeful kick drums deep down below. Nagging synths slowly shape shift and draw you attention away from the physical percussion, making for a nice duality to the track. Lastly, ‘Invisible Symphony’ is a stripped back techno banger with heavy kicks, a great little hook at its heart and turbo charged synths slicing through it like lasers. This is no nonsense, high impact house and techno that takes no prisoners.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

One of my fav incognito collectives of late is the mighty RSS B0YS from Poland (I think?) who keep bringing their twisted version of techno and industrial to us via the webz. This is a speedy and dark transmission referencing Shangaan Electro, but also Tekno and Gabba. Check out these guys before they become the new Daft Punk..

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

And since it’s my bit I can also safely introduce you to my SLUDGE HOUZ series, upcoming on RADIO KOBAYASHI RECORDS, run by my good friend ARCHIE KOBA.I’m dropping three sets of 4 tracks this month. Each digital only. The blurb: Hot on the trails of his acclaimed ‘American Psychosis’ releases, Drvg Cvltvre is back with new music to claim that dark little corner on your dance floor. Sludge Houz is like a Dj Screw blend of straightforward techno from the Terrence Dixon and Hieroglyphic being school of all-out and the dark UK experimental sounds of Actress, Throbbing Gristle and Demdike Stare.

Opening cut ‘Codex Regius’ kicks off with some repetitive power and a pounding drum machine that sets the tone for the entire Sludge Houz sound. Followed by a crowd favourite in my dj sets, ‘Faraday (Version)’ which sounds like a slowed down Regis track corrupted with a computer audio virus. Third up is ‘Dark Clouds Coming’ an acid stomper that’s designed to break sound systems and crowds. Finishing up this first EP is ‘Spooky Kind of Love (Acid Redux)’ an alternate version of a track released on Porn Wax last year. This new version has a completely different build-up and melody though. Solid acid worx and lush melodies.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

and this is a free edit I did of an already really awesome KEVIN MORBY song, buy the original if you have the cash to spare:

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Just when you thought it was safe, NTOGN returns with an ice cold cut from the North…excellent stuff this, you people should really forget about skudge and book this guy more often. freakin amazing output and an original and authentic voice in modern techno!

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

This is just in, an awesome record by the awesome WHERE TO NOW? crew. check it out:
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

also BASIC HOUSE, all the time every time. Sometimes I feel like I’m talking to a brick wall you fuckers. Buy all the releases by him and his mighty OPAL TAPES and less of all that other stuff you seem hell bent on buying.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Another Number was D’Marc’s debut EP which came out way back in 2009, when the outsiders where still truly outside – but not looking in! – toiling away in obscurity for a handful of freaks ~ the true salt of the earth. This features the criminally overlooked JAK Blues anthem “Another Number”, that echoes the ghosts of a unholy marriage between Bitches Brew and Sleezy D, JTC’s powerhouse remix of “No Control” and three further flabbergasting template cuts from one of the future masters of JAKbeat.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

I’m going to leave you with some seriously twisted stuff. For his Environs album LAICA continues the less-is-more path trodden on his earlier works. Where previously he was removing melody leaving just a smudged and faded memory – with Environs he has taken his sound a step further, removing instrumentation all together.

Built entirely from field recordings, the composite sounds of his album have been edited, looped, treated to layers of reverb, run through various resonators, sped up, slowed down, stretched, granulated and eroded – creating an entirely new environment. Check this out:

[bandcamp width=350 height=522 album=2646475094 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5]

Coco Bryce – Rave The City


After spending a few days with this dude in Hungary a few years ago, we’ll love this guy forever. We don’t just love him for that though as he’s a real music head and a great producer and DJ to boot.

He just dropped this lazy end of summer liquidy mix of awesome Breakbeat, Rave, Jungle and Hardcore tunage packed to the brim with interesting stuff.

Scuba – Adrenalin (Aucan Remix)


Love the Industrial percussion work on this track! Killa remix of a Scuba track by this Italian duo, Aucan!

Says it’s due out on Basement Recordings but you can cop it for free!

Guaranteed to give you a surge of Adrenalin on the dance floor (excuse the pun)!

Tip O’ Hat 2 AnnaK!

Dead Stare (Gekkei & DJ Broken Record) – Dead Stare EP (Free Download)


A couple of weeks ago, my amazing friend and musical co-traveller Svmus Bass hit me up on Facebook about some stuff that kept him busy and one of the things was his deep compassion and thoughtful worry for the young Hungarian producer Gekkei. Gekkei recently talked to Svmus about the breakup with his girlfriend and how that affected him emotionally. But now, Svmus had seen a track, just uploaded to Gekkei’s Soundcloud, so dark and gruesome that it bordered on the alarming and he wanted me to give my opinion. It blew my mind.

That track, a downtempo horror-bass experiment called ‘baby’, was taken off a couple of days later, but it has been the basis for something even more exciting. That thing is this EP, which also marks the beginning of a new collaborative project together with the Santa Rosa based dj-producer, blogger and radio host DJ Broken Record: Dead Stare!

As Broken Record tells on his blog, “…it didn’t take long for us to come across the word “expression,” become mutually stoked, and realize that, though being 10 years apart in age and 9,000 miles in distance, we were on the exact same wavelength when it came to music. This 17 year old from a country I’ve never been to and that I know nothing about decided to tell me, a complete stranger, about his recent breakup, because he knew just from listening to my music that I’d understand.”

The first fruit of these two passionate minds coming together is the most forward looking, exciting experiments in bass music that I’ve seen in a long time, if not all time. This absolutely breathtaking EP, released this week as an exclusive for Cassetteblog,com, throws several global flavours into a pitchblack melting pot of ominous sounds, alchemically forging four deliciously horroresque musical creations that defy any sensible classification. Even skullbass wouldn’t be a fully accurate description. Rather than the raging madness of Munchi or the acidifying slow grooves of God Wonder, Dead Stare’s subtle style is precisely as the name suggests: it literally makes you feel as if somebody, dead or alive, is staring at you alone in the dark – like myself as I am writing this post in bed, sitting upright with a buzzing notebook in my lap and an empty darkness gaping behind the glaring screen.

The titles of the tracks together form a poem around which the music builds up its tension:

1. Someone standing in

2. An otherwise empty room

3. Staring directly at you

4. With no expression or emotion

The first tune is a wonderfully subtle fusion of the sounds of hardcore-terror, speedcore and break-techno with soft, mesmerising melodic synths that have an almost cinematic ambient effect!

Gekkei showed me the EP yesterday and when I heard the second track for the first time I literally cried of exaltation. Faithful readers will know my passion for both 3ball and dark, apocalyptic music and this tune is the perfect combination of both. The melody grips me right from the start and builds up towards a heavy, industrial flavoured tribal vibe, with stomping kicks alongside bright percussion and intense vocal samples!

The third track is the most ingeniously frightening one of all. Constantly jumping back and forth between downtempo, haunted piano sounds and insane experimental bass madness and demon-squeals that just cut through your spine!

But just in case you thought you’ve heard it all after these three examples of otherworldly experimentalism, the most evil wine has been preserved for the end. Can you even imagine anything remotely absurd as comforting baby-lotion-commercial-like piano sounds in combination with torture-screams and raging breakcore? Press play if you dare (not for the weak of stomach)..

Download it here for free!

Follow Dead Stare:

Official Webpage