Step One – Turn up the Bassline [ #Carnival]

Second time we've featured up and coming Canadian producer Step One here on this blog and with this new track he has created something pretty fresh and innovative.He calls it " #Carnival" - "This genre is called carnival. It sits at 140bpm with a 4x4 kick and often elements of Moombahton, Hardstyle, Read more [...]

The Harder Side of Bass

After my mega-post last week, here a quick post to bring a brilliant EP under your attention.Yesterday, I found this in my facebook inbox and the first seconds were enough to drive me wildly enthusiastic. I typed back - and must have shouted aloud through the house - "wow, gabber-3ball, bro that's Read more [...]


Arehouse has just let loose on this 3 track multi-genre EP full of interesting stuff. Diamonds track is a bit of stomper methinks. Check it out and grab it for free and read the track commentary by Arehouse himself:1. DiamondsThe title track is a new venture into a world that is different for Read more [...]

SOVIET BASS – Free Album!

 Ok people, CCCP is back! Moscow-based Midget Ninjas strike back with their Soviet Bass II, free album that fuses sounds from the glorious Soviet supapowa era with various kinds of contemporary electronic music. Check out what Midget Ninjas have to say about it: "In our struggle against Read more [...]

SaBBo a.k.a. Obas Nenor – HIGHER!

You know me and my brother SaBBo have opposite views on certain political issues which are making headline news at the moment but in spite of that he is still my brother and I still love him like my brother.  Like all minor friendly family disputes/squabbles these kind of things happen because of Read more [...]


Moombahlicious Vicious Viv mentioned this dude and I picked up on it and I gotta say this is pretty dope shit!The first track sounds like an amalgamation of Trance, KLF, Ethereal vybz & all sorts of weird shit, which is right up my alley!Read more [...]