There’s a new dance in town that has taken the Arab world by storm and it’s called “The Barbs”.

As reported in the Washington Post:

CAIRO – If you live in the Arab world, you’ve probably seen the dance video by now.

You may have tried the moves at a club, or at a house party with friends. You may have even posted a video of yourself parodying the dance on social media, as countless young Arabs have done.

The “Barbs” is a certifiable hit in the Middle East. A fun mix of hip-hop and early 1980s-style break dancing melded with Arabic rhythms, the routine is performed by a bunch of young Saudis, including one wearing a dark suit and bright red high-top sneakers. Their video has gone viral.

“In a region that is often dealing with some kind of conflict and turmoil, it is no wonder that people seek ways to escape from the harsh realities of life by doing what many of us love to do: dance,” wrote Rym Ghazal, a columnist for the National, a newspaper based in Abu Dhabi. “I have to admit, at first I thought it a bit silly, but then I got into it and caught myself ‘barbsing.’”

The dance, which means “untidy” or “messy” in a Saudi dialect, was created by Majed al-Esa, an artist and director known for melding Saudi culture and diction with a Western style. The dance actually starts little more than halfway through the video when the youth in the red shoes says “Put your foot like this” in Arabic. He then shuffles the other foot, tilts his back back and wriggles sideways, bobbing his head like an ostrich to the song, which some say sounds a lot like “Bring It Back” by Travis Porter.

But like many aspects of free expression in the Middle East, there are unforeseen consequences: Take the two poor souls in Abu Dhabi who danced the Barbs while wearing military uniforms, and then uploaded it on social media sites. The Abu Dhabi government didn’t look at it kindly – and swiftly served an arrest warrant for them and took them to court. They were charged with disrespecting the military uniform and the national army. You can seethe video that got them into trouble here.

The dance has also triggered the ire of conservative columnists and critics of social media in Saudi Arabia. Some describe the video as proof of how Western influences are spoiling their society. They have publicly urged a boycott of the dance and demanded that authorities arrest the performers for their “indecent” moves.

“Some added an Arabic hashtag that translates to ‘don’t make stupid people famous,’ ” Ghazal noted in her column.

Here’s more videos of the dance going viral-ish:

Bored Lord… The Global Artist.

Bored Lord is part of Rare Nnudes, a digital collective that includes fellow cyber artists BastienGOAT, minivan_markus, and p l a i n t e x t. Their Bampcamp contains some truly ace releases by a variety of Internet musicians, and true to the vaporwave/seapunk form, it’s strewn with as many Japanese characters as English ones. The collective’s two slogans are “birthed from the Internet’s mainframe” and “transcendent digital shamanism,” which I think says a lot while meaning nothing at all.




Just about a month after i first wrote about Oligarkh from St.Petersburg HERE ON GB – they have released a brand new album! It`s better sounding than the 1st one, but with relatively same idea of fusing Russian religious and folk music with hip hop, trap, EDM (whatever that may be) and beyond. Same old formula, just enhanced. Check it out:



The album is for sale on iTunes, but we have exclusive free download of the 1st album track RIGHT HERE!!!






This is the real deal, trust me. That`s all i have to say about it.



Oligarkh is a young hip-hop/IDM producer, seeking for special Russian vibe in between progressive electronics and sounds of his motherland.
His music is a collage of images, melodies and words that portray the features of the national character. Spiritual, folk, chanson and lyrical music is framed by solid bass bells, 8-bit balalaika and broken rhythms. With their help, he drives the audience from light of the church to dark night forest, from walls of Kremlin to remote villages, from ghetto-like suburbs to luxury rich districts. All his music is based on this contrast, opposition of high culture and popular, contemporary and ancient.
Oligarkh’s debut, an “abstract-orthodox” longplay “Zemlya i Volya” (Land and Liberty) was released in the end of the last year and got lots of reviews. Russian internet was confused, “is it true love to motherland or first echoes of new Russia?”. Some people see in him “a typical occurrence for doom generation”, others — “reconsideration of pre-urban sound” and epic trap-shit.
Together with a drummer Oligarkh makes unbelievable solid music from fragile abstract hip-hop to heavy dubstep. His gigs are supported by video collages from historical films, documentaries, fairytales and media heroes.”




“St. Petersburg electronic band Oligarkh is a unique phenomenon on the Russian music scene. Their debut album made quite a mark on the Runet with its impossibly eclectic mix of Orthodox prayer, traditional Russian lyrics, bell-ringing and modern electronic bass music. Even young people are unsure if they like this kind of mixture, while the older generation is just shocked.

The musicians themselves think that their songs help to unearth their native culture. Listening to a peaceful prayer with an offensive drum beat, for instance, creates a prevailing sense of darkness. And that’s where the mystery lies. According to the band, that’s the secret of the Russian soul, when the lines between good and bad are blurred.”




Like it? Follow them —> SOUNDCLOUD / FACEBOOK

Balam Ajpu : 20 Nawales (Mayan Hip Hop)


Javier Estrada turned me on to this pretty interesting Mayan Hip Hop release. It’s not new, around 7 months old but seemingly getting hardly any coverage and that just ain’t right at all.

It’s a project fusing Mayan spirituality with Hip Hop, “the project investigates the ancient knowledge of the Maya culture, songs, and ceremonial mantras are combined with the Kultura Hip Hop and Universal Music”.

“Balam Ajpu: means Jaguar Warrior and represents duality, the opposites that complement each other, masculine and feminine energy. This group is made up of M.C.H.E., Tz’utu Kan, Danilo Rodriguez and Dr. Nativo, who crossed paths at Lake Atitlán in the beginning of the Wayeb (Time of No Time, 5 days of the Mayan Calendar) in the synchronization of 12 Sak Bey (Carrier of the Year) in 2010. This project was born in the ancient Oxlajuj Baktun, and continues in the new Jun Baktun, passing between the past and the present”.

Film by Kenneth Muller, KRAFTLOGIC STUDIOS.



Major Notes who hails from London via Accra, Ghana and who is a self-proclaimed  “Afro Bass Pioneer ± Uk funky disciple ± House lover ±Hip Hop educated scholar ± lover of all good music” sent us his new track which is Mashin’ Up Da Place!.

He first made a little name for himself in the underground with his brilliant “Abeka Lapaz Dance”. Latterly, he started gaining some global traction with Township Funk’s little sister from another mother “419 Riddim” which got some staunch backing from the likes of Murlo, Walshy Fire and was also picked out in Spin’s 50 best Dance songs from 2014!

Spin described 419 Riddim as thus “matched Afropop rhythms with plodding ’80s synths and a squelching hook so rubbery and sinewy that you can hear Diplo seethe with jealousy while listening. Don’t be shocked if “Riddim” shows up underneath a pop megastar’s attempt to trend-hop in 2015”. Really surprised, it hasn’t caught on more extensively in the blog world and more commercially in the dance world and is still pretty much UNDERGROUND.

Anyways, whilst listening to his new release, you can catch up on some of his other excellent stuff below including a vocal version of 419 Riddim and his Nu African Disco releases:

419 Riddim Vox:


The Best Exotic Maieli Mixtape


I hope you get the joke in the title but that aside, this is a cracking and beautiful mixtape that this US DJ & Producer of mixed Indian/Columbian heritage has delivered for Mishthi Music.  This has perfectly complimented my Saturday afternoon!  It even includes some Electro-Qawali!

Maieli is one of the new generation of “Brown Power People” who are due to be making a mark in the scene alongside peeps like DJ Haram, 8ulentina, Foozool, Otina and many others and so keep a watch out, it’s already catching on.  I think one of their main sources of inspiration comes from powerful & established players in the scene like Future Brown, Nguzunguzu & Fatima Al Qadiri amongst others.

And of course this mixtape is not “exotic” for GB readers but it might be for the likes of Red Bull lol!

Here’s what Mishthi Music have to say:

Time to ring in 2016 with an amazing tropical desi mix by Los Angeles DJ Maieli! For our sixth installment of our Mishthi Music Mixtape series, Maieli digs into her Colombian and Indian roots to create a mix that swirls Desi dance with hip shaking Latin sounds. The mix heavily features the lyrical talents of Horsepowar – for whom DJ Maieli produces beats for. Pulling tracks from the deeper sounds of Raxster, Adil Omar, Sikh Knowledge and as well as mixing in some classic filmi samples, this mixtape brings it hard.


  • Maieli – Untitled (Unreleased)
  • Timbaland ft. Magoo – Indian Flute (Pepeflinco Reggaeton Remix)
  • Sabo & Cassady – La Curura Remix
  • Maieli – Indo-Rain
  • DJ ANTZ – Don’t Taal ‘Em
  • Jai Matt ft. Dr. Srimix – Don’t Tell ‘Em (Dhol Remix)
  • Maieli – Last Call
  • Sikh Knowledge – Drunk Ali Khan
  • Aazar – Masala
  • Mahendra Kapoor vs. Uproot Andy – Sada Vasda Raje Punjab (Rafael Aragon RMX) 
  • Horsepowar – Eyebrows on Fleek (prod by Maieli)
  • Shreya Ghoshal – Barso Re (from Guru) (Intangible Remix)
  • Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons – Lovers’ Eyes (Mohe Pi Ki Najariya)
  • Willie Colon & Hector Lavoe – Timbalero (Nguzunguzu Remix) 
  • Raxstar – Poison (Zair)
  • Adil Omar & Talal Qureshi – Nighat & Paras
  • Horsepowar – Pinky Swear (prod by Maieli)(Upcoming Release)

Maieli : Cumbia 2 Bollyhood


I’ve been a bit blown away by some of the Artists who featured on the Browntourage Mixtape series we blogged  a few days ago and so I thought I’d shine some singular spotlight on some of them.

Maieli (pronounced Mah-yell-eee) AKA Yung Honeychild describes herself as a Beat maker / Hip shaker / & Real down to Mars girl.

Maieli’s dropped some awesome mixtapes and also has turned her hand to some production too creating edits fusing Cumbia, Bollywood, Hip Hop and Trip Hop, check these out:

Here again is the mixtape she dropped for Browntourage, this time complete with a tracklist:


1. Brandy & Monica – The Boy is Mine (GRAMAH remix)
2. Cheri Coke – The Interlude (Sango refix)
3. Missy Elliot – Slide
4. Yumo – Future Nubian Queen (Sir CRKS Styrofoam Edit)
5. Farhad Bhiwandiwalla, Hitesh Modak, & K.S. Krishnan – Bali (The Sound of Shaitan)
6. Nancy Ajram – Min Elma Endou
7. Ashanti – Hey Baby (Florian Shipke remix)
8. Mapei – Don’t Wait (Kingdom Remix)
9. Wavy Spice – Versace Hottie
10. Kelela – Do it Again (prod. NA)
11. Samename – Make it Hot at Nightfall (Nguzunguzu edit)
12. SWV – Weak (Joseph Trotto Junior & B. Ames remix)
13. Fatima Al Qadiri – Knight Fare (post-war dub)
14. L S D X O X O – NI666A PLZ (Interlude)
15. Beyonce – Drunk in Love (MeLo-X remix)
16. Mala ft. Danay Suarez – Noches Sueños
17. Cooly G – Trouble
18. JD. Reid – Amber Waves (ft. Yordanos & Gabriella Skies)
19. Njena Reddd Foxxx – Watercolour
20. The Internet – Sunset (ft. Yuna)
21. Kali Uchis – Porque Te Vas

Browntourage Mixtape Series


Stumbled upon this truly amazing collection of mixtapes oozing everything you want in a series after having checked out DJ Haram as one of her mixes features amongst this great collection by Browntourage.

Browntourage is a creative crew producing diversity of aesthetics and conscious recreation. You can find out a lot more about them HERE.

I’m really impressed by this Mixtape collection and the range of artists they have featured on it, most of whom (embarassingly) are all new to me.


You’ve already met DJ Haram from my previous post and she’s dropped an awesome mixtape for them.


There’s another by Iranian, Yasi aka Jasmine Safaeian, a photographer and DJ currently living in Los Angeles.


Then there’s 8ulentina, of Turkish heritage, and Foozool, an Iranian-Armenian and their mixtape is a collaborative visual experience and a way to share stories about identity and healing inter-generational trauma.


Jeepneys is a music, video, and performance artist based in Los Angeles and she drops another, the second in the volume.


Maieli (pronounced Mah-yell-eee) AKA Yung Honeychild, a Beat maker / Hip shaker / & Real down to Mars girl from LA via New Delhi, a producer in her own right drops one featuring mainly cool female artists starting with one of my all-time fave tracks and Nancy Ajram too!!!.


Finally, there’s the first of the series by DJ J^QI SP^RRO.

I’ll be listening to all of these for the next few weeks on a loop, trust:



Some really interesting mixes here from New Jersey based DJ Haram aka Zubeyda Muzeyyen incorporating Middle Eastern elements amongst all sorts of Industrial carnage and genres such as Footwork, Hip Hop, Jersey Club and other mad stuff.

Really feeling this: