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Roi Rocky Assayag aka Rocky B introduced me to this dude, originally from Jerusalem but now based in Berlin. They have both collaborated on a track we'll be releasing soon called "Dead" which is also Read More

Karaoke Tundra : Okupant

This is something pretty straight up weird from the Czech Republic, just how I like it. I just love the original version of the track  with its Middle Eastern, Bagpipes sounding manipulated Saxophone Read More

Edamame : Lawndale

More Lo-Fi Electronic mellow vybz from this Chicago based American producer. Some really interesting ideas, atmospheres and general good feeling, up-lifting beats. Def worth exploring: Lawndale Read More

Menik – El

Menik is someone top keep an eye on with his chilled brand of Future Soul. Born and raised in the south of the Uk Menik has been interested in music and sound since drumming along to Fleetwood mac Read More

This is Palestine – Shadia Mansour

Shadia Mansour has been known for some time in the London Underground Arabic music scene and is rightfully regarded as the "The first Lady of Arabic Hip Hop". I can't believe I haven't done a post Read More

Just another THUMPing Nguzunguzu Mix

The thing with Nguzunguzu is that apart from being impeccable and interesting producers, they always deliver on their mixtapes. I have yet to hear one that hasn't been sensational and this one that Read More

GlobalRuckus : Burning Man HookahDome Mix

To us it doesn't matter if a mix came out yesterday, last week or even 5 years ago like this Burning Man mix from GlobalRuckus.  If we're feeling it and see some unique aspect within it, we'll def Read More

Pearls Negras : Pensando Em Você Remixes [Free Downloads]

The most exciting girl group to emerge from Brazil for quite some time who we've been supporting from the beginning from around a year ago are just blowing up worldwide in a huge way nowadays. It's Read More
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