-Ark- , The Enigmatic Beatmaker from Amsterdam Everybody Slept on

Amrit Bansie, a.k.a. ARK, is a beatmaker from Amsterdam about whom I know almost nothing else than that he has a Soundcloud and a Youtube account and made many beats until a year ago. Most of his Read More

Important Stuff We’ve Slept On

I am a slow blogger. I usually rake in as much as possible of everything that pops up in my soundcloud feed or on Facebook and if I dig it, repost, comment, or thumb it up. But as usual, I´m Read More

Gingee’s Tambol EP sets an Example for Everyone [Review]

It may sound paradoxical but in some cases, the biggest compliment can be to see that your own work has become superfluous. In an age where blogs as a medium are becoming superfluous everywhere, this Read More

Trailblazers : A New Portrait Series – #1 : Savana “OMEN” Painter

Generation Bass has been introducing innovative music developments all over the world since 2009. Over the last years, the focus of the blog has shifted more and more towards connecting and integrating them, Read More


I was too late to announce the virtual live showcase which was held last week Sunday, but the 10-track Soundcloud compilation came online this week and the tracklist is gold! The theme was Read More

Transnational Bass Integration, It’s Happening Now! (..and Why That is a Good Thing)

Remember the post where I gave you that map of Global Bass with some thoughts about where it's heading? This post will be kind of a 'PART II' to that one. One of the buzzwords you may have heard Read More

Lush Selects presents LUSH: 001 [Compilation]

The LA based netlabel Lush Selects presents the first edition of a new compilation series with a very diverse selection of open-minded, high standard future beats. Future beats or future bass, what's Read More

Darkness Rising [Special Mega Feature]

*** This was originally a Krampus-special, planned for half a year ago. Last year, I first introduced krampus to Generation Bass in a legendary edition of Sexxy Saturday Cumbia. *** And Read More
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