Important Stuff We’ve Slept On

I am a slow blogger. I usually rake in as much as possible of everything that pops up in my soundcloud feed or on Facebook and if I dig it, repost, comment, or thumb it up.But as usual, I´m behind with important posts so that all the important new stuff disappears to the end of the queue of everything Read more [...]

Lush Selects presents LUSH: 001 [Compilation]

The LA based netlabel Lush Selects presents the first edition of a new compilation series with a very diverse selection of open-minded, high standard future beats.Future beats or future bass, what's in a name, is definitely the most accessible and mainstream movement of the post-EDM world and often Read more [...]

Darkness Rising [Special Mega Feature]

***This was originally a Krampus-special, planned for half a year ago. Last year, I first introduced krampus to Generation Bass in a legendary edition of Sexxy Saturday Cumbia.***And with every passing year, ever more people all over the world are finding out about this frightening creature Read more [...]

Gameface, BLVCK & Watengwa: Looking Back

Gameface (left), with the singers Pculture and Novena, producer Daudi a.k.a . Daz Naledge and Incubate project leader Maarten (right)Last month, we announced a collaboration of the Tanzanian hiphop crew Watengwa with the Dutch dark-trappers Gameface and BLVCK, organised by Hivos, Incubate Festival Read more [...]