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Asian dub foundation, Nasha Recs, La trama & Chandrasound are today’s guest for this amazing update of the new asian sounds…
All of them shared to me by Asian dub foundation’s website/blogger Jurgen!!

So let’s start with

nasha Records
Dropping Sick Dubstep with South Asian vibes..


NR008 – The Calling – Ges-e & Osmani Soundz – Rogue Star Remix by Nasha Records

NR008 – The Calling – Ges-e & Osmani Soundz – Morphy Remix by Nasha Records

La trama & Chandrasound, who are doing something that is super cool..perhaps one of the ways to save CDS or at least to bring them back..we have seen a vinyl revival, and perhaps this is the first step in something super creative, interactive and totally futuristic, not only in concept but also in music

If you want to have a songhttp://generationbass.com/?p=33396&preview=true
here is one of the bonus tracks from “Love & Projects” that you can only download if you put your CD in front of the webcam to play with the augmented reality stuff:

Check it out here

Basically broken beats stuff with african/middle east/flamenco/japanese stuff on the top

Here’s a preview of the whole set….

Love & Projects – Latrama new Album Cuts Preview 2010 by chandrasound

second is ADF track from their new album “a history from now” released couple of weeks ago..

Check for full info HERE

and This is the TUNE…for FREE right here:



Galdino :Pataxo Warrior ( Sawandi’s Defiance In The Shadows Dub Mix) feat Jah 9 , Zumbi &The Ghos by Indigenous Resistance

Galdino : Pataxo Warrior ( Sawandi’s Defiance In The ShadowsDubMix) feat Jah 9 , Zumbi &The Ghost.

Galdino Jesus dos Santos was an indigenous Pataxó activist based in Brasil.

His story:

In 1997, he attended an indigenous rights meeting in Brasilia. Unfortunately, he missed the last bus to his lodging and as is the custom for many Brasilians, he stayed all night in the bus shelter in order to catch the morning bus. A group of youths – the sons of the capital’s elite judges and lawyers – found Galdino asleep. They poured gasoline on him and set him on fire, all as part of a cruel joke. Galdino died after suffering burns to 90% of his body. These murderous actions are indicative of how Brasil’s economically powerful elites treat those they perceive as ‘powerless.’

Our story:

Indigenous Resistance attended the trial of Galdino’s murderers. We met his family and were shown the coroner’s photos of his charred corpse. I.R. was also witness to the special treatment and light punishment meted out to the murderers. In the years since his death, we have watched the Brasilian media continuously mute all coverage and remembrance of Galdino’s tragedy. This state of neglect stands in sharp contrast to the high visibility given annually for the death of journalist Tim Lopes. But we know that Galdino’s death is not an isolated incident. It opens up urgent issues of land demarcation; the exploitation of resources on indigenous ancestral lands; and the abysmal state of indigenous rights throughout Brasil in general. There is no silence on Galdino’s story – only shadows.


Track Credits

In Brasil: Zumbi and Pataxó singers recorded by Francisco X, João S. D. C., and The Ghost.

In Jamaica: Jah 9 (aka Janine Cunningham) vocals recorded by Sawandi. Drums: Rashaun “Blackush” McAnuff, recorded by David Kennedy at Cedar Hill. All other music created and arranged by Sawandi. Mixed at Anchor Studio by Delroy “Fatta” Pottinger. Mastered at Anchor Studios by Spiderman.

In Cyberspace: Vocals: The Ghost. Arrangement assistance: Prasonik, Tapedave, The Ghost & the Spirit of Galdino. Lyrics by Zumbi, Jah 9 (aka Janine Cunningham), The Ghost and Tapedave. Text remix:Prasonik

Released by: Indigenous Resistance

Indigenous Resistance!!!

The themes of IR18.3 are dub , the land is not for sale, the situation in atenco mexico and a special collaboration done with asian dub foundation around that issue.

ATENCO is a classic indigenous land rights struggle: the Mexican government wants to build an airport and eject the people who live there, the people fight back and win. Although, the government tries again, this time with more soldiers and more brute force: killing, raping and imprisoning the “insurgents.” A 14 year old boy is shot and 12 people are imprisoned; some given extremely harsh prison sentences of 100 years.
The media coverage out of Mexico regarding it is massively biased, siding with the governments’ view. You can watch an excellent documentary on Atenco “Breaking the Siege” on YouTube
In Mexico there is a very powerful and inspiring grass roots campaign against these injustices, the main organisations are Libertad Y Justica para Atenco and the People’s Front for the Defense of the Land (FPDT). Both are affiliated to the EZLN’s “Other Campaign” which aims to unite all autonomous resistance in the country
Asian Dub Foundation played some concerts in Mexico last year. To the press and from the stage, ADF spoke out about Atenco. After one of their shows they were honored to find a delegation from the peoples front for the defense of the land waiting for them, including a woman whose husband was one of the 12 political prisoners. The delegation thanked ADF for being outspoken about their plight and made a special presentation to them of their neckscarves. The scarves had a picture of Zapata and emblazoned with their slogan saying their land is not for sale. They also gave ADF with an audio recording of a very powerful speech about Atenco. This speech became the catalyst and backbone of the track “This Land Is Not For Sale”.

For some time, IR had been aware of the siege of Atenco and had been following the news through its direct and underground channels. When Asian Dub Foundation contacted us about working on a collaboration around this issue, it made perfect sense to us. Land rights are the center of many indigenous struggles and IR has done tracks & grafitti projects related to this matter. With tracks on recent IR releases, we have hoped to illuminate the independence movement in West Papua, the The Free West Papua Movement (OPM), the struglge of the Krikati people of Brasil, and the Minga Indigenia of Colombia. This new collaboration was created through the internet with musical mixes, speech fragments, and ideas flying back and forward in the digital domain. IR’s network of dubversive members working in shadows across the Americas from Peru to Colombia,Êmade their contributions by editing, transcribing, translating and recordings. These were relayed via the net to ADF in the UK. Special shoutouts to alexadub, dubitista,manueladub, the ghost ,sistah dub, gabriella dub, and dubdem from the (IR) crew and chandrasonic, sun j, bobby dubman from (ADF) All this work culminated with the track being mixed in Jamaica by IR and engineer Lynford “Fatta” Marshall. “Fatta” grew up watching and learning from King Tubby, which you can can hear in his glorious mix magic to the dub. Fatta, himself, has mixed everyone from Sizzla, Dennis Brown and Black Uhuru to luciano, beres hannond and marcia grifiths,.you can watch him in action on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMiUMQsSQ1s
on this dubcast you can hear the tracks created and learn more about atenco and at the same time saour some serious dubwise and dubversive music.



dj kentaro-tuff cuts-bezjam remix
the pop group -blood money
eyes-on u sound
no means no-tired of waiting
queen ifrica-what is life
ADF/IR -the land is not for sale (full vocal mix)
indigenous resistance -minga indigenia
sizzla-babylon ease off
missing brasilians-ace of wands-on u sound label
creation rebel-space movement 7
dub syndicate-struggle
natty congo- righteous sound dub
IR/ADF -ready for teargas instrumental land is not for sale