Art by Tropi Delia This month, La selva moves into winter cumbia style, with bigger warmer basslines  to keep everyone cosy at home and on the dancefloor! There are loads of amazing tunes out, here is a selection of the best below! We hope you enjoy!   Silly Tang selected: Carmelo Torres To Read more [...]

Munchaid! a fundraising album

This is something I (Caballo) have personally been working for the last days.. MUNCHAID.. a fund raising Album to help our mate munchi.. We are basically giving these songs for PAY WHAT YOU CAN which in many cases means "free" but as Bandcamp would shut the downloads after 200, we think a minimum Read more [...]

Magnificent Sunday!! CAMPESINO Attacks AGAIN!

Jairo "Campesino" Mendez is BACK!!! For those who don't know Campesino.. His music speaks for himself!! He has roots and fire, flavor and soul, speed and good taste.. He is CAMPESINO - Ferias del Rio and Miss tanga after parties Venezuelan DJ Champion !!- GRAB this one for FREE! Jairomendez y el Read more [...]


Bestie boys can fit to ANY kind of Cumbia! You name it!! We got them all!! GRAB MOST OF THEM FOR FREE! Cumbia of the Tiger!! Jairomendez & mr. ioso - intergalactic cumbia of the tiger by mr. ioso Peruvian Bestie cumbia Beastie Diablada soundcloud remix by pachanguito Cumbia Villera Cherman Read more [...]

The Campesino Dj!! Jairo Mendez

One of the best exponents of the New Venezuelan National Folklore began his artistic career in 1983 in the town of La Grita, Tachira. As a real country person..or as we call it in spanish: a real campesino; he was in touch with tropical music while harvesting.. He wrote to me many times, but he never Read more [...]