Art by Tropi Delia

This month, La selva moves into winter cumbia style, with bigger warmer basslines  to keep everyone cosy at home and on the dancefloor! There are loads of amazing tunes out, here is a selection of the best below! We hope you enjoy!


Silly Tang selected:

Carmelo Torres

To start this month Sexy Saturday Cumbia, some very sad news indeed, but that we can all help towards. The great maestro Carmelo Torres got his sweet accordion robbed last week. Here is a page where you can actively participate in the buying of a new one for him. Even if you cannot put any money, share it! A very good cause for a much needed artist


Lascivio Bohemia – La Visherita Flashera

To follow getting on some deeper vibes via our champion Lascivio Bohemia ! Once again he comes through with a delicate but very hard hitting cumbia called, La Visherita Flashera. The production behind this man is top notch every time but in this one we can feel the drum patterns being really worked on. Very spooky synth or instrument noises which would have blended perfect into your Halloween fiesta.


San Ignacio – Os Ventos (Fertil Discos)

I wanted to stay within deep cumbia and what better track to bring you than this one by San Ignacio! Also on a great label which I have had the pleasure of meeting the owner, the great Jin Yerei . Normally not my type of music but this track caught my ear via its guitar strings and deep kicks. Very soothing tune indeed.


Stereo Beaver – Pelicula (Folcore)

Let’s stay down there within the deepness for a while eh! This is an altogether bomb of a compilation compiled by the mighty label Folcore. Lots and lots of good tunes on here but a couple have really grabbed me. I’m not sure what exactly pointed me in choosing this particular track apart from the way it has been put together. I think the lay out is absolutely on point. And as the winter is settling here in Madrid this melody goes perfectly with the clouds passing by.


Nixtamal – Eru Ara (Folcore)

So people will start saying “your French, his French” you campion him a lot! Well lol I have actually never had the pleasure to meet Nixtamal and I can tell you I would love to! Now to come back to music and production (no hippie business here). This track also to have come out on the Folcore compilation first of all has vocals which reminded of the very famous French film “The Chorists” even though I’m sure it’s not taken from there. That’s what grabbed my ears first and then the pushy mids Nixtamal always brings in his tunes are larger than life. Lovely drum work, but oh god I love this bassline!!!


Poupa Honk – The Great Dog (Folcore)

So this month for me Folcore came and did it properly, and I know personally that next month they have plenty of other surprises.

So this track is by a producer I didn’t know before, which really interested me because he has come through with a whole album of various beats. I love strings and kicks so you will understand why I chose this one to present this album.


Loquera Tradición – Santa Muerte

As you might have realised, I dig a lot of acoustic Cumbia and I truly respect its foundation. Where here is a cumbia track which blends at first the very sharp acoustic sounds and then drops into a slow digital monster! Never came across these guys but I love the way they combine the old and the new.


El Remolon – Radio Gladys Palmera

Here I wanted to present this fabulous video of the great El Remolon which I met last month. This video has been shot in the studios of a great local radio called “Radio Gladys Palmera” which I really respect for all there efforts and work. To come back to the video this is from his new EP on Fertil Discos called Senderos. A very political piece of music if you ask em and here an superb version of the track called “Guerreros del Amor”.


Aztek 732

Was it Halloween this month passed? Well yes it was if you weren’t already aware… No this mix is no joke! A person I had the pleasure to meet about a year ago has dropped this killer skilled mixtape for all our Halloween musical needs. I have to say sometimes in the Cumbia world we encounter some djs which are good but not topatop, well here is an ill mixed session by Aztek732!


Dj Masaya

Cumbiah! Mixtape (Selected and Mixed by Dj Masaya)

Just a little mention of this real nice mix from our good mate my Dj Masaya ! Look out for its filled proper nice cumbia hits and as always very smoothly mixed from the most famous moustache in the cumbia world.


Rafael Aragon

And to finish my month´s selection who else than our top shotter badboy Rafael Aragon. Real tropical vs Bhangra gangster this time he has come to run it with this tight little mix dedicated to the Colombian folklore. It is filled of rudeboy styles and proper dapper tunes. (Hopefully Mr Rafael would have got the joke) No seriously this is an excellent mix to get more Colombian musical culture within you!


Coconutah selected:

6Blocc – Ragga Cumbia 4

Bass music producer 6Blocc presents a “round of cumbia edits of classic reggae and dancehall classics”. What a great release! I have been secretly hoping to have cumbia edits of these classics for years, and here they are! Brought together by heavy bass and trappy cumbia beats, this is sure to get the dancefloor grooving!


Angeles Azules – Cumbia Suavecita (Nacho Libre Remix)

Digital style! Atmospherics, synths and guitars take you on a journey into digital cumbia as a stylish beat pumps in the background. Sound good? This is cumbia suevcita remix by Nacho Libre.


Dengue Dengue Dengue! – The Enemy (Sonidero Sabotaje Bootleg Remix)

Here´s a nice little edit of Dengue Dengue Dengue´s the enemy, remixed into a slow cumbia sonidera style stomper. It keeps the vocal hooks and the atmosphere while radically switching the beat up – the guiros are pretty relentless and the result is hypnotising.  Check out Sonidero Sabotaje!


Jairo Mendez & Tropikore – Peru Bass (6to Aniv. Cassette Blog)

Bass cumbia in full glory with Jairo Mendez & Tropikore distilling a cut of dirty, bassy cumbia, full of their signature sound. Wobbly bass lines are matched to perfection with a funky guitar and choice vocal cuts, while a heavy guiro rounds it off. Check this badboy out!


Kaygee selected:

Kike Pinto – Mi Corazon (El Búho Edit)

What better way to begin my month’s selection than with an edit by El Buho. I will probably be repeating myself when I say that he has once more managed to bring in his world to the original tune with smooth and deep touches all around whilst keeping the original folkloric vibe. It’s an absolute beauty !


El Búho – Pehuenche (Gente De Los Piños) (D R O S S E L)

And this month El Buho delighted us with another release, which came out on an amazing compilation: ‘VAgabunden Teil 1’. The whole tune is incredible, but I’m sure you will notice how the subs just take you to the next level. I simply recommend that you press play and enjoy the journey. And don’t forget to check out the whole compilation, which has loads of great tracks including a wonderful one by San Ignacio.


Cigarra – Hilda (Dj Nirso Edit) (Tropical Twista Records)

This is a beautiful spaced out edit by DJ Nirso. It has a lovely electronic approach to the usual cumbia beat, with a load of atmospheric shakers and cowbells to enhance the trip. It’s always a pleasure to hear Nirso’s works. Make sure you check out the whole Remix Ep on


INTICHE – Zurka (Cassette Blog)

Now this is hot hot hot !!! Cassette Blog have just released another one of their banging compilations, celebrating their 6th anniversary, and Intiche landed with this incredible bass business. The progression in the whole tune is amazing; it takes you, slowly but surely, into a profound undergound atmosphere.

Grab the whole compilation for free on


King Coya feat. La Walichera – Tierra de King Coya (ZZK Records)

Yes yes yes, King Coya is back ! Here’s the first preview of his forthcoming second album on ZZK Records. This tune shows a great mix of traditional elements mixed in with heavy kicks, basslines & spaced out synths for an all in one wicked tune, leaving us eager to hear the whole album in 2017.



Some of them drop cumbia bass, and Inti Ziman has just dropped Salsa Bass !! Absolute rinse out ! I love how he has maintained most of the salsa rhythm and added a fat bassline to it.


Bert Kaempfert – Afrikaan Beat (Time to beat)

So this is not cumbia, nor salsa, but I’m sure a lot of view here love a bit of Samba, and especially when it has a hint of drum’n’bass added to it ! Straight out of Madrid, Time To Beat always releases some really nice sunny and groovy dnb edits. Make sure you also check the salsa dnb edits he has on his soundcloud.


Ondatrópica – Hummingbird

Ondatrópica are preparing a new album, ‘Baile Bucanero’ on Soundway Records or 2017 and it’s looking tasty.


Tropical Frequencies: A brief history of Peruvian cumbia (Native Instruments)

Native instruments are coming up with interesting short videos recently, including this one, with a little introduction into part of the traditional Peruvian cumbia sounds.


Like every month, as well as he great amount of releases that have come out, there has been a huuuuge amount of lovely mixtapes from all over the place for us to enjoy, and here are some of them:


Dj Nirso Mixtape 031 – Festival Nómade Colombia


Kazike en Estado de Trance Mixtape 032 – Festival Nomade Colombia


San Ignacio – Camaronbrujo Mixtape #002


El Remolon en La Selva Radioshow

La Selva Radioshow - 08.11.2016: BUMBAC JOE & EL REMOLON


Barda – SKYY Vodka Mix 18


Dr Gato – En la montaña


See you next month for some more cumbia action!


la selva LA design

Munchaid! a fundraising album

This is something I (Caballo) have personally been working for the last days..

. a fund raising Album to help our mate munchi..

We are basically giving these songs for PAY WHAT YOU CAN which in many cases means “free” but as Bandcamp would shut the downloads after 200, we think a minimum of $6 is fair..
but if you want to give more.. AWESOME!!!!
Everything will go to help Munchi with his medical bills, travel expenses and perhaps medication in the recovery process.

Once you read the tracklist, i have to “unveil” something I am very proud..
G.U.N collective is a project that gathers a lot of producers/bloggers/djs/artists/managers/ and people who are in the Global Bass scene.. so GUN and Artists helped me to make this amazing compilation in record time..
All the profits will go to help munchi’s recovery process and expenses he needs.


Some of the songs here are


a world premiere
Les Voyeurists


TRACKLIST and the way they made it to the compilation

1 Munchicore by Billy the Gent ( Via Dave Nada)

2 Pikachu Anthem by Munchi ( Via Munchi Himself)

3 Bundastic by Les Voyeurists (World premiere..via underground)

4 Crowd Control by Bumps & Mc Zulu ( via Club Popozuda)

5 nastybass ft spoek mathambo & bigspace By Schlachthofbronx ( Via GUN grabbed from Mad Decent)

6 Rebound by Caballo & TMFK (Via Cabeza netlabel – upcoming release)

7 People by UnSub ( via ellie hudson (un sub))

8 Chega Mais feat. MC Gi 1 by Bert on beats ( via GUN grabbed from MAN Recs)

9 Club Cocaine by Jairo Mendez ( First Donation to Munchaid few seconds after opening it)

10 Heartbreaker by Anna Love ( via GUN)

11 Junkies & Freaks by Radiex n Sonotech ( Via GUN)

12 FEEL ME RMX MASTER by Flore ( Via Flore)

13 Alexis_K_-_State_of_Play_Unsub_Suicide_Dub_ (via AlexisK grabbed from Mad Decent)

14 Kudance by AlexisK ( via GUN)

15 Itchy Gash by Guapo Feo ( via GUN)

16 TalkPositive feat Mc Zulu (Drumline Mix) by Process Rebel ( Via Chad “process rebel” Lee & Dominique “zulu” Rowland)

17 In da club by Neki Stranac ( via GUN)

18 Novalima- Machete (Daniel Klauser remix) By Dani Klauser (Via GUN)

19 Samim – Heater (Ckrono moombahton edit) by Ckrono ( Donated by Gianluca Diianchiro)

20 Petrona Martinez – Sepiterna (thornato rmx) by Thornato ( Donated by Thornato & Cumba Mela Collective)

21 Munchi ft Mr Lexx – Shottas (Crookers Remix) by Crookers ( Posted by Munchi grabbed from Crookers page)

Some of the songs are unreleased.. some are grabbed from Free Promo from Mad Decent n Mad Records, in the case of AlexisK she was the one who suggested, also Bert on Beats belongs to the GUN community.

Big up to the People involved in the release upload and process..
Alex Ferguson & Xao, Mark Boom Diggy who did the artcover, and Harley King who set the bandcamp and paypal!!
and Specially to Munchi who was aware and commented, donated a song and kept very positive!!!

We can’t wait to see you again dropping mad tunes!!!

Musica Donum Dei (Caballo’s Cumbia Highlights 2010)

Musica Donum Dei is a series of posts that I (Caballo) started last December and it’s my picks for 2010.

It is not a “the best of” necessarily; because it’ll be totally unfair with hundreds of producers, djs and artists who dropped amazing tracks during 2010..

This is my second MUSICA DONUM DEI. and it is a CUMBIA !!!

Before starting with the countdown.. i’d like to drop a cumbia called or Cumbia Rebelde (REBELSOUNDS), because it is dedicated to all the people/artists/deejays who still drop free music with attittude
Caballo & TMFK-Rebelsounds (Cumbia Rebelde) by caballo

OK.. back to the DONUM DEI CUMBIA

I didn’t want to base this post in only my i asked one of the most active (if not the most) cumbia commentator on soundcloud and DOS MUNDOS RADIO host DJ LINTERNA, to help me out with making a dope top!!!

so here it is!!!

15 La Cumbia del Tigre by Jairomendez & mr. ioso
Jairomendez & mr. ioso – intergalactic cumbia of the tiger by mr. ioso

14 Perfume de gardenias-santos
Perfume de gardenias-santos rmx by santos

13 Yo Me Llamo Cumbia– Kinky Electric Noise
EPHNIKO, Kinky Electric Noise and Carlito Sway – Yo Me Llamo Cumbia by Kinky Electric Noise

12 Broken Via– Los Reyes de la Milanga
Broken via-Sandro Dalepedro (Los reyes de la milanga remix) by losreyesdelamilanga

11 Fever (la cumbia)– Juan Pablo Shuk
Fever la lupe cumbia by jp shuk

10 Coral – Dany F
Dany F – Coral by Dany F

09 Portobello– Sandro Dalepedro
Sandro Dalepedro – Portobello (St. germain keys) by Peppa – Sandro Dalepedro

08 Sudor de cumbia– Acorde On
Sudor de cumbia by Acorde On

07 Champion Cumbia– Gameboy
Champion Cumbia by Gameboy

06 Cumbia Voladora Bleepolar
Cumbia Voladora by Bleepolar

05 Cumbia Gorilla by Jairo “campesino” Mendez
Cumbia Gorilla by jairomendez

ZZK & Copia Doble Systema
– Doble Troble feat. Catar sys
Copia Doble Systema – Doble Troble feat. Catar sys by zzkrecords

03 Made in China– Copia Doble Systema
Copia Doble Systema – Made in China (PREMIX) by COPIA DOBLE SYSTEMA

02 Wepaje Fish! by Gux Swadharma
WEPAJE FISH by Gux Swadharma

01 Bacardi Cola-El Hijo De La Cumbia
Bacardi Cola-El Hijo De La Cumbia RMX by ElHijodelaCumbia


Frente Cumbiambero meets mad professor

Magnificent Sunday!! CAMPESINO Attacks AGAIN!

cumbia hp

Jairo “Campesino” Mendez is BACK!!!
For those who don’t know Campesino..
His music speaks for himself!!
He has roots and fire, flavor and soul, speed and good taste.. He is CAMPESINO – Ferias del Rio and Miss tanga after parties Venezuelan DJ Champion !!-
GRAB this one for FREE!

Jairomendez y el poderoso – marejada vs jelly wet mash up by jairomendez

After Cumbia of the tiger..he drops Cumbia Gorilla!
Cumbia Gorilla by jairomendez
Black is the night – dj vadim ( jairomendez remix ) by jairomendez
In case you wanna know how M.I.A sounds doing merengue, dembow..
Grab FREE!
Walking across the paper planes ( technomerengue mix )
Walking across the paper planes ( technomerengue mix ) by jairomendez
Berry watta berry – JairoMendez Refixxx by jairomendez

Campesino is soooooooooooo good..
YOU NEED TO listen to this moombah!!
You got the moombahton by jairomendez



Bestie boys can fit to ANY kind of Cumbia!
You name it!! We got them all!!
Cumbia of the Tiger!!
Jairomendez & mr. ioso – intergalactic cumbia of the tiger by mr. ioso

Peruvian Bestie cumbia
Beastie Diablada soundcloud remix by pachanguito

Cumbia Villera
Cherman – Sure Chorro (Pibes Chorros vs Beastie Boys) by cherman

No sleep till Jamrock Remix by AndresDigital

Last one! Bombonmusic drops Tropical Cumbia body moving
Bombon – Beastie Boys & Sombras by Bombonmusic



Jairo “Campesino” Mendez was selected as the best DJ in “MISS TANGA After party Contest”
He said it was EPIC!!
Some of La gente (the people) came down by mule or horse to see the pageant!!
Then it was the after party,& he drove people crazy..
with only one unfortunate incident, in where a drunk guy almost drowned miss tanga when he threw her to the river in the middle of Jairo’s set!!
just because he asked ” ‘on tan los rokis?” ( where are all Rocky?) before presenting his Cumbia del tigre

What’s in the Album..
Cumbia of the tiger
Intergalactic Cumbia of the tiger (mr. ioso y jairomendez) by jairomendez
Pastilla gangsta – jairomendez by jairomendez
Pagarás – dubjungle refixxx (Jairo Mendez rmx) by jairomendez
i-dont-know FROM
jairomendez & jacinda-espinosa
I don´t know – Jairomendez y Jacinda Espinosa by jairomendez


The Campesino Dj!! Jairo Mendez

jairo mendez
One of the best exponents of the New Venezuelan National Folklore began his artistic career in 1983 in the town of La Grita, Tachira.
As a real country person..or as we call it in spanish: a real campesino; he was in touch with tropical music while harvesting..

He wrote to me many times, but he never finished his emails..and i never checked his tunes.

the reason?
he was writing from a CAFE INTERNET!!! and he ran out of time in the middle of the email..

Later when he sent me his first song i was amazed!!
i asked him: how u make music in the middle of nowhere?
-I have a dj console and a computer i bought in a Pawn shop- he replied– i got it when the cops arrested a drunk disc jockey from Radio Perola in a bikini contest and it was used as the bail!!!!

Its recordings got heard by the prestigious company Super Tamarindo C.A. a Production Label recognized in venezuelan popular country music,
I want to introduce you this young popular music producer who has been in majestic “campesinos” events participating as Dj in both Colombia and Venezuela.
Cumbia of the tiger!!
Intergalactic Cumbia of the tiger (mr. ioso y jairomendez) by jairomendez

cumbia gorilla!!

Cumbia Gorilla by jairomendez


Berry watta berry – JairoMendez Refixxx by jairomendez

She´s a homeless
She´s a homeless – Jairomendez by jairomendez

This 80’s cumbia-tropical Classic gets the jungle rmx!!
Pagarás – dubjungle refixxx (Jairo Mendez rmx) by jairomendez