Winter Sessions #1: 10 Essential EP’s


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There’s a drawback to blogging one or a few genres very tightly and then doing a step back to focus on other things (like organising Generation-Bass-related events): stuff slips through your fingers. You see things on Soundcloud and Facebook via your phone of which you know that you want to blog it immediately, were it not that you don’t have access to a proper computer or have your agenda jammed with so many meetings that you cannot sit down for the necessary background research.

These are 10 such EP’s. I hope you have downloaded them already when they came out. If not, there’s still a chance to grab them before the end of the year!


The Mexico City based vanguard label en collective NAAFI has been one of my absolute favourite initiatives in music for a while now, but for some reason I haven’t found an occasion yet to blog them here. Mexico City is, like Lisbon and London, one of the hotbeds of creativity where the future of music is being forged as we speak and NAAFI is the spot where the country’s most creative minds have come together. These include for example the artists who created the exciting ruidosón movement back in the days, as well as giants like LAO, Paul Marmota, creative prodigy Siete Catorce, and 3ball costeño OG Dj T3TRIS.

Two weeks ago, they released this mouth watering EP from the Mexican grime and future-bass producer O.M.A.A.R. a.k.a. OMVVR – featuring a remix by Dave Quam a.k.a. Massacooramaan – which brings together the sounds of grime, dark-mystical avant garde trap, Jersey club and ancestral percussive experimentalism!

Get it here!



One of the most exciting things about the movement embodied by NAAFI is that, while equally drawing from genres like UK bass and urban-latin flavours, it also incorporates gets inspiration from the post-internet microgenres such as witch house, vaporwave and similar, futuristic electronica. This is cutting-edge music that has surpassed the phase of branding the urban-latin and ancestral elements as ‘tropical’, a move that we at Generation Bass have also taken with sounds like future tarraxo.

DINAMARCA is a producer based in Stockholm, who released an EP this month which ex-colleague Filipe (who nowadays runs the successful YouTube channel LAcroixx, formerly known as Zouk Bass TV) described to me as the kind of sound that would result from a collab of Munchi with Fatima Al Qadiri, the two OG’s of global bass and post-internet music respectively! The 5-track EP ‘No Hay Break’ – featuring the Swedish trailblazing rapper Gnučči, the American genius Dj New Jersey Drone, the swedish futurist Ṭāriq, the Swedish singer-songwriter Kassandra and the Mexican, NAAFI-affiliated futurist Zutzut – delivers a radically forward-looking blend of deconstructed reggaeton drums, experimental synths and minimalistic vocals.

Add it to your sets and phones!



Something that you will definitely see grow bigger in 2015 is the blend of global bass as well as avant-garde sounds with more extensive, live performed vocals. All these upcoming movements aren’t just the new ‘dance music’, new innovations for ‘EDM’ but just as much the new ‘urban music’. Or even more, they make these old categories ever more obsolete.

Blaze Kidd is a London based rapper with Ecuadorian roots who fuses grime with reggaeton, zoukbass and future-RnB. This 13-track mixtape contains a diverse collection of tracks with different flavours and vibes, produced by many of London’s most innovative producers: EndgamE, u l i, Kamixlo (a name to watch in 2015!!!), S H A N T I, Ana Caprix and PALMISTRY, also featuring extra vocals from Bladee and Virus!

No download or buy link, unfortunately.. Book him live >> [email protected] !



We’ve supported the rise of Billion Dollars since the start and in a short period of time this Mexican global bass talent has emerged from the shadows of the global bass underground as one of the most promising producers to watch in 2015! After he launched his ‘Satan Bass’ genre experiment, he has been picked up by giant Mad Decent and featured as background music in a documentary by Vice News with his track dedicated to the 43 missing students from Ayotzinapa.

A month ago he extended his experiment into a full EP, released via Caballo’s Latino Resiste as a ‘Mal Dicen!’ project.

If you don’t have it yet, grab it here for free!



Another rising name we’ve been supporting from the beginning is Gabriel Rowano, who just launched a new, promising platform, NLSHYRSLF, which will bridge the gap in global bass between the passionate online underground and mainstream nightlife audiences, in both the dance and the urban scene.

Last year, he entered the scene with an impressive EP named Unleashed that experimented with an uplifting, emotional, melodic sound which was refreshing compared to most global bass that kept stuck into the hyped-up lazer synths that we in Holland have been hearing for almost an entire generation now. Now, a year later, he is back with a second volume, with flavours varying between moombahton and rasterinha, featuring Cuernavaca (Mex)’s global bass talent Washiwasha and Dutch prodigy Indisa. Pepare for some exciting projects in 2015!

For now, grab this here!



Jet Airess, who emerged from Malaysia’s creative Borneo bass scene, is a producer whose unique, catchy style we’ve been in love with ever since we first heard it. Like Billion Dollars, she has quickly become a core member of the online global bass scene and has now also moved to the next level with an extensive EP for Latino Resiste.

With 10 tracks, Wok Enow EP is a happy, psychedelic trip on the most crazy imaginable bangers, with remixes from Caballo, Billion Dollars, the Borneo bass OG’s Sundae & Pharmacist, the Indonesian bangerista Rama Rival and others.

Download the tracks for free on Soundcloud …and also check out Jet’s newest exclusive release that came out this week on Global Bassed!



I’ve been wanting to blog this so bad ever since it appeared but I didn’t have time until now. Remember my collosal post about how moombahton is growing into an ever more powerful movement inside Latin America? Well that is only continuing. Chile’s next-generation global bass producer S T Δ R K teamed up with Guatemala’s Big Brown Bears (formerly known as Dawgie Style) to create the netlabel Latino Army Records to push moombahton and neighbouring global bass flavours more effectively into the local Latin American music scenes.

S T Δ R K‘s second volume of ‘Viva Moombahton Mi3rda’ is the label’s first major release, featuring many known and lesser known names such as Dawgie Style (Guatemala), DASH Slktr (Colombia), Moombah Kingz (Chile), Marco Villarroel (Sweden), Wost (Venezuela), MASTA (El Salvador) and 3F3XT (Chile).



Rod Franco belongs, together with Dawgie Style, Master Fad3r and our own Generation Bass blogger Shivo a.k.a. Ead Wine, to the circle most active global bass pushers in Guatemala.

Last summer he released an EP via Moomba+ records, with 5 original mix tracks, delivering the classic sound of bumping moombahton, with some experiments in the direction of cumbia and lento.



Colombia’s upcoming global bass name Dj-Tombs provides yet another example of the rise of moombahton in Latin America with again an essential release from Latino Resiste, which reached the November Top 20 of the influential Colombian urban-latin music portal Flow Cartagena!

Appearances are made by again a diverse array of both Colombian and international artists: the Bogotá based reggae singer Farina, the Puerto Rican Latin-indie-pop singer Danny Fornaris, Jack Style, the reggaetoneros Criss y Ronny, Raro Bone and Jack Style and the moombahton heavywheights los XL and Happy Colors!



I conclude this post with a jewel of an EP. One of the releases from our Chilean friends at Regional, that I’m still behind blogging here.

Dat Garcia is an independent, creative spirit from Buenos Aires who freely mixes electronica with live organic elements and her own lyrics and vocals, blending it into a thoughtful, meditative atmosphere that draws from ancestral music as well as from many different branches of modern music genres such as dub, minimal folk-pop, and ambient.

‘Ermitaño Interior’ is an emotional, personal project that tries to capture the soul of the artist into 8 excellent, purifying tracks.

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Ricky Vaughn – The Art Of Moombahton Volume 3


Great new mix up from Ricky Vaughn that showcases the latest hottest things happening in Moombahton including a bunch of his own tracks, edits and remixes.

Something he laid down for an FM station.

Check it out.

1. Intro
2. Future – I Won (Ricky Vaughn Rework)
3. Ricky Vaughn x JSTJR – Raw
4. Noizekid x Addictiv z Zion – Zun Dada
5. SIZZURP x Orlande Guerreiro – Cambumbo
6. Ricky Vaughn – Pharrell No llores
7. DJ Lockie vs Pato Banton – Go Pato
8. Ricky Vaughn – Tito No llores
9. Ricky Vaughn – Mis Cuernos (Noizekid Remix)
10. Ricky Vaughn – Mis Cuernos (LocoMotive Remix)
11. LocoMotive – Caliente
12. Big Pun – Still Not A Player (Ricky Vaughn Rework)
13. Spice – So Mi Like It (DJ Lockie Remix)
14. Yuri Viroj – Pop That (Ricky Vaughn Edit)
15. Ricky Vaughn – The Secret
16. Artists Congo Tardis #1 – Marathon (Ricky Vaughn Remix)
17. LightCore – EL Duro
18. Botnek – The Sound (G-unnior Remix)
19. Ricky Vaughn – Slow Down
20. Ricky Vaughn – Jahan On Me….
21. Ricky Vaughn – Yeezus
22. IzzI Spread – Melcochita (Rumba q Tumba)
23. Ape Drums & Phat Duece – Dude (108 Edit)
24. Ricky Vaughn – Like Ohh
25. M.I.A. – Bring The Noize (Ricky Vaughn Rework)
26. Munchi x Isa Gt – Isa Te Dijo (Ricky Vaughn Rework)
27. Ricky Vaughn x Paul Lee – Original Kings
28. Max & EJ x Noizekid – Flow Natural
29. Ricky Vaghn x Kapo – Thinking About You
30. Ricky Vaughn – Sex Tape (VIP Edit)
31. Billion Dollars – No Creas
32. Fania All Stars – Los Bravos (Selecta Doc Remix)
33. Ricky Vaughn – Leccion Cumbia
34. LocoMotive – Suave (OG Mix)
35. GodWonder – La Campana
36. Bunji Garlin – Differentology (RATHERO Remix)
37. Plan B – Candy (J-1 & Man-K Remix)
38. Hoodie – I feel So
39. Jhene Aiko – The Vapors (Ricky Vaughn Rework)
40. Andre 3000 – Prototype (Ricky Vaughn Rework)

CVNT TRAXXX – Cannabis Kitsch


Great new release here from one of Manchester’s leading proponents of Bass music. I luv how 80’s sounding synths are coming back in a big way and that they “still” sound so futuristic like they do on the first track of this release. The whole release has the shades of futuristic Electronica, Hip Hop, Dub, American Club and even an ode to Moombahton on the track “Monsanto”

Ballroom/Vogue’s seminal “Ha Dance” figures mostly throughout the release. Most of you should know by now Ballroom is most in love with the Ha Dance’s metallic, demanding, industrial-sounding crash, often used every fourth beat to punctuate dancers dramatically dipping to the floor and first used by Masters at Work’s on their 1991 classic, “The Ha Dance”.

Then there’s a clutch of remixes that take the tracks into different and interesting directions by the likes of Slagz, Traxxx Romay and Vjuan Allure giving it a more American Club vibe (the cooler vibe as opposed to EDM) throughout.

Def cop this, great club music for real dance floors:


Late again, I know, I’m sure you guys spent last night sobbing into your pillows wondering where this week’s mixxxtapes were, well fret not, here’s some killers… Meneo‘s unique brand of MerenStep opens this week’s proceedings, followed by some digital cumbia classics from Marsali & we finish with some 130ish UK bass via Australia from Subweight.


GB officially loves Meneo and this tempo hopping latin bass tape isn’t about to change that. Lots of Meneo’s own amazing work in here, check it out

MENEO – Desnalgue MiniMix by Cuac Musica

The Bloody Beetroots – Warp (mr. ioso cumbia re-work)
Dave Nada – Punkrocklatino
Dj Loko – El Dengue
Meneo -Subidon
Congorock – Babylon
Fulanito – El Cepollo (Dj Punish Bootleg)
Meneo – Hello (re-edit)
Mexicans With Guns – Dame Lo
Crystal Fighters – i?LDN(MENEO Remix)
Hechiceros Band – El Sonidito
Wildlife – Jumbie (Toy Selectah Cosmico Guarachero Remix)
Round Table Knights & Bauchamp – Calypso
Jessie Evans – Let Me On (Sonido Desconocido Remix)
Meneo – Puro Divino (enrique y ana sound)
Mercedes Sosa – Antiguos dueños de las flechas (Doma Tornados)


Marsali drops 25 minutes of digital/cumbia/ton for FFTANG! FFTANG! – A lot of tried & tested tunes on here but none the less a big mix, wicked selection.

Mi Cumbia Colombiana – Rayito Colombiano
Brooklyn Cumbia – Uproot Andy
Yo Me Voy Pa´La Cumbia – Sergent Garcia
La Pava Congona (Señor Sabor Remix) – Andrés Landero Y Su Conjunto
Soledad – Sono Rhizmo
Samba De Los Aburridos (Lucio K Mix) – Calle 13 & Erasmo Carlos
María Hernández – La Troba Kung-Fú
Cumbia Nightlife (Dave Nada Moombahton Edit) – Joyce Muniz & Shanti Roots
La Incomformable – The Binary Cumbia Orchestra
La Cologiala – S.O.S
Punta Banda – Nortec Collective
Para Bailar (El Hijo De La Cumbia Remix) – Alika Y Nueva Alianza
No Hay Nadie Como Tu – Calle 13 Ft. Cafe Tacuba


Subweight out of Australia drops a dark / funky / uk bass mix

Dark Horse Mix by Subweight

1 Getting Me Down By Blawan
2 Creeper By Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneekka
3 What You Do With What You Have By Blawan
4 Chazam By Julio Bashmore
5 Brasil Deadwalker By 2562
6 Breezin’ By Boddika
7 Grand Prix By Boddika
8 Jager By Mosca
9 Rut By Joe
10 Breakup By Braille
11 Aquatic Family Affair By 2562
12 Closer By Jon Convex
13 Aqua Box By Jam City
14 At It Again By Brenmar
15 Tilt Shift (Swing Ting Remix Dub) By Mosca
16 Want Me By Brenmar


This week: EshOne providea all the wonky latin bass you never knew you needed, DJ Mpula takes us on a mini Kuduro excursion and Sol Rising shoots us into space on a psy-global-bass ride…


EshOne posted this mix of his own productions on the Moombah FB group, promising some moombahtonised versions in the pipeline, but dude, there’s no need, you’re already blazing a trail here. Wonky 140 latin bass, heavier on the latin for the first half of the mix, then heavier on the wonky from then on. The tune at around 33.50 is sinister as fuck. You know you need these tunes so click the ‘buy’ link on the player to grab some of them from Beatport.

EshOne – A Mix of Tijuana Bass, Etc. by eshone

1. EshOne Ft Erica AP – Papi (Forthcoming Roguedubs May 2011)
2. EshOne – Minutemen (Forthcoming Roguedubs May 2011)
3. EshOne – Sofistas (Forthcoming Roguedubs April 2011)
4. Misk & EshOne – Cambio (Forthcoming Roguedubs April 2011)
5. Misk & EshOne – Cerveza Grande (Forthcoming Roguedubs May 2011)
6. EshOne – Motavated (Forthcoming Roguedubs May 2011)
7. EshOne – Street Tacos (Forthcoming Roguedubs April 2011)
8. EshOne – Chingón (Forthcoming Roguedubs April 2011)
9. EshOne – Mr Fixit
10. EshOne – Thorax Thursday
11. EshOne – Peculiar
12. EshOne – Bad Timing
13. Misk & EshOne – Jazz Snaps
14. EshOne – Boxcars
15. EshOne – Malf
16. EshOne – Chale
17. EshOne – Strain
18. Miguex & EshOne – The Lot
19. CEO – Sick Alarm (EshOne Remix)
20. EshOne – Metals & Solids
21. EshOne – Mineral Water (Eight:fx March 2011)

DJ Mpula

25 Minutes of Kudurish awesomeness from DJ Mpula (aka the guy behind Batida), with a few names you’ll know and a few you probably won’t, but every tune is massive, check it! (Oh and go buy the first tune, Yumbala, from Ghetto Bassquake).

Batida’s Yumbala Mixtape by okayafrica

Batida – “Yumbala”
Alidjuma – “Ta Maluka (Batida Edit)”
Buraka Som Sistema – “Candonga”
Debruit – “Nigeria What”
Matadi – “A Nossa Terra”
Bogaloo – “Xibaba (So Shifty Remix)”
Kubo – “Kagua (Batida Remix)”
Batida – “Alegria (Octapush Remix)”
Congo Music – “Kinshasa One Two”

Sol Rising

I love this guy’s style, half way between a psy trance chill out space and a sweaty global bass dancefloor, and somehow equally suited to both. Grab Sol Rising’s tune ‘All Night Long’ (featured on the mix) here.

World Bass Volume 2 by DJ Sol Rising

1. Aerosmith – Dream On (GRiZ Remix)
2. Phutureprimitive – Cryogenic Dreams
3. Zeds Dead – Coffee Break
4. Emancipator – Anthem
5. Bassnectar – The Matrix
6. Michal Menert – Starfall
7. OTT – Rogue Bagel
8. Cheb i Sabbah – Alkher Illa Doffor [Bassnectar Remix]
9. Balkan Beat Box – Balkumbia (Sub Swara Remix)
10. Smoove, Turrell – I Can’t Give You Up – (A Skillz Remix)
11. DJ Sol Rising feat. Aima the Dreamer – All Night Long
12. Natacha Atlas – Batkallim (David Starfire Remix)
13. Pryda – 2night
14. Tiesto vs Diplo – C’Mon Original Mix
15. DJ Craze feat. Wrekonize – Dance Alone
16. Freestylers ft. Belle Humble – Cracks (Flux Pavillion Remix)
17. Beats Antique – Alto
18. Phaeleh – In The Twilight