Our global friend MAGA BO has a new freebie online today, this guy has been instrumental in getting GB of the ground in the first place, inspiring me to start blogging in the wee wee beginning in 2009! He was also repping us in 2010 on one of the big stages at the Mundial festival and has been staying in touch ever since we first met around ’07 or ’08. This is a ragga-esque banger, a remix from a great cut by SUB SWARA, redone with additional percussion by João Hermeto. Recorded and mixed at Comando Digital, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This joint is an official remix, but was never released, but now needs to get out into the world!
so here YA GO!

Fire It Up (Maga Bo Remix) feat. Lyrics Born – Sub Swara by MAGA BO

and the original version:
Fire it Up (feat. Lyrics Born) by Sub Swara

Maga Bo – Ransom EP + Video


Senseless Logo



Maga Bo Artwork


Maga Bo’s new EP is an explosion of heavy hitting world bass music. The musicians on this release show how powerful traditional instruments riffs and rhymes can sound with the right electronic production. I’ve just received a video clip for Gondar that illustrate beautifully how this  production happened and how Maga Bo gets around to the sound!

Maga Bo – “Gondar feat. Eritbu ‘Solomon’ Agegnehu and Entenesh Wassié” from Maga Bo on Vimeo.

I got to choose a remix as a promo for ya’ll and picking one wasn’t easy because they are all wickedly good. I end up going with Filastine,as I am a big fan of his stuff and cuz it is hard to find new material from him (although he told me that a new album is in the works for summer/11).  Enjoy this quality release (out 4/25/11) that will be heavy ammunition in any dj’s crate.

GB Exlusive Promo Remix: Maga_Bo_Ransom_Filastine_RMX (320kbps)

ARTIST:Maga Bo / TITLE:Ransom EP

LABEL:Senseless Records / RELEASE DATE:25.04.10
FORMATS:Digital Download / ONE LINE:Africa bass soundclash

buying links:

Maga Bo – Ransom EP by Senseless Records

From the label:

We’re welcoming in the 5th birthday year (see below) for Senseless with an incredible release that mixes cutting edge bass music with traditional Ethiopian instruments and folklore. Combined with the artwork, a ‘making of’ video and backed by a truly international set of remixes, it is a project that has been a year in the making. The man responsible is international bass nomad Maga Bo, a producer and DJ who literally embodies the global spirit of Senseless as a label. You might know him from an extensive discography including is work with the Dutty Artz collective in NYC (DJ Rupture/Matt Shadetek/Uproot Andy etc), or on labels like Shockout, Tru Thoughts, African Dope or Soot Records. For those unfamiliar with his work he lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a place where he draws plenty of inspiration from, musical and otherwise, as he explains,

“Brazil is a massive inspiration… I’m very interested in afro-brazilian rhythms, of which there are many. samba, coco, baião, sambareggae, jongo are all present in my new productions for example”.

There’s another level to his experience in Brazil too, one that informs his work on a deeper level:

“I’m a permanent resident in Brazil, but this has been a very difficult and stressful journey and has really opened my eyes to the experiences of immigrants around the world. I am a migrant musician, as most musicians are, historically, to some degree. Migration and immigration are powerful forces influencing and affecting culture and art. The music that I compose, produce, play and research is a product of migration – my own journeys and the journeys of others.”

That very much sums up Bo’s existence and why we’re so excited to be working with him: a relentless thirst for travel, discovery and collaboration driven by music. This EP came about from a trip to Ethiopia where he met Indriss Hassanwho plays the distinctive single-stringed masinqo on title track Ransom. The track was inspired by the infamous hyenas which are fed raw meat outside the gates of Harar, birthplace of Ras Tafari. As Bo explains,

“The way they way move is unlike any animal I’ve ever seen: very powerful. It was their particular way of moving – with caution, but also with desire (to feed) and power – that inspired this track.”

Ransom evolves out of a haze of field recordings driven forward by handclaps with the distinctive masinqo loop rising up out of the atmosphere before a deep sub bass rolls in to underpin it. It’s at once hypnotic and psychedelic, evoking the intensity and energy of a vibrant city like Addis Ababa after dark. The other original track, Gondar, is a traditional Azmari song from Ethiopia, rewired with a dancehall-like riddim and elastic synth bass and more masinqo, this time played by Eritbu “Solomon” Agegnehu.

The remixes come from a truly international line-up all hand picked by Maga Bo himself. First up with a dancehall/dubstep hybrid is the legendary Timeblind of NYC via Berlin, whose varied career has seen everything from techno releases on Hawtin’s Plus-8 to digital dancehall on Kid606’s Shockout. Teleseen (Percepts Recordings), another NYC native atomises the parts and reassembles them in a gloriously schizophrenic electro/acoustic showdown. South Africa’s Fletcher (African Dope) takes the track in a dub direction adding space and FX to the mix. Filastine (Soot/Jarring Effect/Uberlingua/PWI), from Barcelona, comes through with a time-bending groove and ratty, resonant subbass. Last up, Senseless family Pacheko from Venezuela offers up a dub orientated bass-weight monster aimed at deeper dancefloors, something a little different from his recent 4×4 work.

Finally, a special mention for the artwork, a collaboration between local photographer Michael Tsegaye and Venezuelan designer Mad Kick, part of the Abstractor collective with Pacheko. A video clip shot by Maga Bo during the recording of “Gondar” completes the picture.



Beyond Digital: Morocco – what if the DJ were the NGO?

morocco babe

Our buddy Maga Bo is involved in one of the coolest projects I’ve ever heard of. Actually it is very similar to an idea I had back in 2008 while speaking to a very cool dude from Morocco. He was telling me about how musically talented the kids in his village were and how passionate and inspired they are about life. We thought how cool it would be to teach them some electronica and give them the tools to produce and share their creations.

I visited Maga Bo’s website to catch up on his activities when I wrote the Global Heavyweights post about a week ago, and there I learned about his upcoming project in Morocco. After watching the promo video for it and reading the info, I truly believe that this project has the potential to be something really amazing for the locals in Morocco, the international participants and volunteers, and later for all of us lovers of global bass music as the results will start pouring back in online.

If you read more about it, you will see that they have a main supporter for the project and the funding they are seeking for are for a preliminary trip out there to make sure everything runs smoothly. Here is your chance to pledge and be a part of a real social benefit that is deeply grounded in the music we love and the cultures that we admire.

By pledging you can also receive pretty awesome stuff including personalized dj mixes, a visit by Maga Bo and Dj Rupture to rock your party and the ultimate kickback is a chance to jump on-board and become a member of the Beyond Digital team. Please visit their kickstarter page and give what you can. The mere thought of contributing to the global music movement through a project that is going to give so much to the musicians and artists involved in it is worth any dollar amount.

Hurry up and donate now, only 2 weeks left to fund the first phase of the project and to get it started!!!:

BTW, while on his website, i found this mix of his from about a year ago, highly recommended listening and downloading:

and this awesome remix of Filastine

Hot Sur le Spot feat. Wa BMG 44 (Maga Bo reMix) (Quemalo Ya Riddim) – Filastine by MAGA BO

both were previously featured here on GB 😛

Global Heavyweights!

marian rivera

Hey Wizraeli here, wanting to let you know about some heavy tunes that grabbed my attention big time! You know, I go through a lot of music, both commercially released and self-published, and what I have been hearing is a big difference between the two categories. There is something so fresh sounding about listening to a tune right out of the oven, minutes after it was bounced and exported by the artist, slightly raw, maybe unmastered, and just how they intended. The artists are of course influenced by their environment and current worldly affairs and getting to listen to the music immediately after it was created makes the experience more powerful. This is still an emerging phenomena thanks to soundcloud and other services, and music production itself is taking a similar direction. Now, with upcoming cloud-ready music production applications (check out ohm studio), soon transnational collaborations will happen instantaneously and our listening pleasure soon after.

Shifting back to this post, let’s hear what some of the hard rockers of the scene got to offer to us starting with the already Legendary Son Of Kick and this HUUUGE RAW Rmx that stood out my playlist like a giant in a (ganja) garden. Listen to it and tell me if you don’t get what I was just talking about just then, freshness!

son of kick - missill remix

Missill “Invincible” Ft Spoek Mathambo (Son Of Kick Rmx) by Sonofkick

stereotyp logo

CrunchTime Records very own Stereotyp is here again with two new instrumental barefoot riddims. If you ever seen him perform, heard his tracks, or spun them yourself, you know that no one drops that bass as heavy as Stereotyp! So make sure your bass-woofer levels are cranked up, press the big play button below, and check out the latest from the CrunchTime Records production house and Stereotyp who pretty much defined the genre without tempo limits, Barefoot. (be sure to check out their active group on soundcloud). So I am not sure if these riddims are stereo’s, ku bo, or both, so i am giving the credit for them both.

ku bo - coocoo riddim

KU BO CooCoo Riddim by stereotyp ©

ku bo

Dingo riddim by stereotyp ©

bumps and mc zulu

Bumps and MC ZULU, are you prepared for this??? Both artists need no introduction to the scene, and when they collaborate together, flames!!! Feel the vibe, listen to a sample from their upcoming E.P. And here is what Bumps had to say about it on his blog

Comin’ soon is another EP from Chi-Town rez, MC Zulu with a little help from myself, The Bumps, with my hand on the trigger! You’ll able to pick up the whole EP real soon (details to follow), but for now, here’s a preview of what’s going down baby! Rawkuzz…


ori shochat

Ori Shochat, have you heard (you have if you follow us, see vibetown post below :D)? He is a leading Hip-hop DJ and Hip-hop pioneer in Israel, and hosts Israel’s most popular hip-hop show on Radio Tel Aviv. He has produced gold and platinum records for leading Israeli and Arabic artists.

“Recently Ori linked up with the local Dubstep scene – he produced 2009’s biggest dancefloor hit in Israel and is DJing and working with international stars such as Borgore and Tomba. Ori’s new release is a new mixtape alongside DJ Alarm entitled “Vibetown” and has exclusive appearances from artists such as Erykah Badu, DJ Jazzy Jeff, The Beatnuts and more.”

It is his ventures into dubstep and bass music that got him here so make some room because some heavy weight is about to drop on the floor:

don\'t know where i am going!
Let’s start with a track Ori made exclusively available for download for us (by request) on his soundcloud, grab it while it’s hot!

Don’t Know Where I’m Goin (Snippet) by Ori Shochat

Other tunes that totally grabbed me by Ori are:

The dancehall killer:

Lukach – Brandon Walsh (Prod. Ori Shochat & Cohen) by Ori Shochat

karolina (ori shocat remix)

This excellent remix of MC Karolina:

Karolina – Af Echad (Ori Shochat Remix) by Ori Shochat

Back in July of last year, Caballo posted about VibeTown, a funky mixtape Ori and DJ Alarm did, Vibe Town: this multi-genre, multi-style, multi-language, mixtape is a transnational bass killah!!

Very dancefloor-oriented, and still very fresh, grab the FREE Download here: and check the original blog post for track list, artwork and more info:

maga bo

Keeping it heavy and groovy with this BOMBA of a track by Maga BO (thanks for the tip Caballo). Love the drop at 2:34, man this MC is HOT and her voice very powerful, love the variation on the BalieFunk stylee.

Fuego (Maga Bo Remix) – Bomba Estéreo by MAGA BO

d/l link:

boxing gloves

yo yo coming to a drastic end here with this heavy post, so until next week (that’s right I am going weekly now) don’t get knocked out! And if you do, write me about it and specifiy which tune did it to you and ill be sure to go after it!  pm @

CariocaBASS!! Hot Brazil!!

!Fresh sound from Brazil!!!

Funk na caixa few days ago dropped some awesome tunes from there as well!!

It was pure brazilian Fire!! you can not miss that post!!

zicamen from Lorena!!

FREE download
ZiCaMeN – TaPa Na PaNTeRa by ZiCaMeN

Ide Rather Putaria by DJ Comrade

Free Download!

São Paulo-based singer Luísa Maita has been hailed by the media as “The New Voice of Brazil” by National Public Radio. The Maita Remixed EP offers a fresh perspective on one of Brazil’s most exciting new talents.
This one is dope!

Although he is not brazilian born, Maga Bo has made Rio de Janeiro his home base since 1999, although most of the time he can be found digging up new sounds in far flung corners of the globe. Inspired by South African kwaito, Brazilian baile funk, Jamaican dancehall, Angolan kuduro and other cutting edge urban sounds, Maga Bo is a leading figure in international urban bass music.

also drops this beleza! not free… but it is quite cheap cuz it is the whole EP!! buy if u have 2 bucks .
This one is same tune…Warrior one RMX!!


Hey all,

our regular GB guest Process Rebel has a new EP out; Step Specialist. It’s been just released on his own digital Subinfinity Recordings label and I can fully say that the Step Specialist track with Profisee is a post- dancehall crasher dub! Heavy dubs, flowing dancehall riddim and solid production. Listen below, you can download the Zero Dub track.

For who doesn’t yet know Process Rebel aka Chad Lee Jones;  he’s a DJ/producer working in a nextstep fusion of electronica, dub, rock, hip-hop and bass music, traversing the electronic music diaspora with a lean towards dub, dubstep, post-dancehall and global ghetto tech. Process Rebel currently lives in Amsterdam and is working on his debut full length album titled ‘Angels & Speaker Cones’ and the 101VOiD project with MC Zulu.

Step Specialist (How It Go Version ft. Profisee) by processrebel

Step Specialist (Instrumental Version) by processrebel

Zero Dub !!Free Download!! by processrebel

and just added, a new Process Rebel remix of Selande’s Faust. Digital dub, nextstep and throbbing bass in a soothing mash.

Selande – Faust (Process Rebel Remix) by processrebel


Going into neo-dancehall territory now, Brooklyn grown yet nomadic travelling Teleseen aka Gabriel Cyr has put up 2  new remixes, including a remix of Black Monday by Maga Bo. One of them you can download! His dubbed dancehall is brooding there with rigour and sweat. Salty quality stuff.


Hold A Meditation(Teleseen Remix) by Teleseen

Black Monday (Maga Bo Remix) by Teleseen


And finally, a smashing mashup remix by Maga Bo of Poirier’s Immigrant Visa smasher. Ragga riddims mashed with samba never sounded so carnivalesque. Truly one for the summer! And oh just so you know, Bo has cut off his dreads.






Signing off for now, hasta la proxima post!
Rebel Up! SebCat



If you’re a Church-goer (Praise de & perfect imagery for a Sunday Morning!

Welcome to the Generation Bass Church this Sunday Morning and this is a PERFECT mixtape for a Sunday Morning Sublime!

Great to see stuff on the mix that we’ve blogged here and introduced to the world for the first time, this is an AWESOME mixxxx!

Copia Doble Son Systema – Pepita’s Mixtape de Verano by COPIA DOBLE SON SYSTEMA

This is the bombshell mixtape by creatora y cantante PEPITA of Copia Doble Son Systema. Crank it up and enjoy this superbe latino sporty adventure!!!

Copia Doble Son Systema feat. Pepita – San Pedro
Sandi Papo – Vamos A Bailar
Guaracha La Pelua – Dejate De Cosas
Copia Doble Son Systema – Cumbia Colegiala Pon The Floor feat. Vybz Kartel (3re Refix)
Negromoreno – Sargento Kaoma
Andres Landero?
Jpshuk – Lie To Me
Copia Doble Son Systema – Made In China
Eek A Mouse – Wa Do Dem (Andrés Digital Cumbia Remix)
Guaracha Pulehebilla – Cumbia Cienaguera
X-Pensive Nframa – Aunty Adoley (Maga Bo vs. Sabo Remix)
Gocho – Pies Izquierdo
Buraka Som Sistema – Kalemba (Wegue Wegue) feat. Pongo Love
Jpshuk – Cuartetazo Remix
Dj Dennis – Jonathan ii
Copia Doble Son Systema – Pablo Pueblo Cumbia
Dj Zebra – Radio France
Los Rakas – Abrazame (Uproot Andy Remix)
Copia Doble Son Systema – La Gota Fria



Ok been a long time since we did anything on Kush Arora.

We’ve included his tracks on posts from time to time but we have not done anything singularly on him alone since last year when I covered him HERE.

He’s moved on a little from the Indo-Dancehall to Funky, Double Time Dubstep and African Grime!!!

Some really interesting stuff here!

You can download a studio mix jam-packed with original material and funky bashment.

Kush Arora-Daggering Funky+ Exclusives April2010 by KushArora

1. Kush Arora- “Humidifier” ( forthcoming voodoo sessions ep) acapella- MC Zulu-spread the word+Bounty Killer- Warlord Walk
2.Kush Arora- “Rumbler Riddim”(unreleased live dub) acapella + MC Zulu- Caress(from DavidLast and Zulu’s “Musically Massive”)
3. Other Weapons feat Lady K +Dr. Isreal+Juakali ( SubSwara Remix) -“Backflow ”
4. Other Weapons feat. MC Zulu – “So Decadent”( Kush Arora Remix)
5. Ill Cosby + Natalie Storm “look pon me “-“Lo Oyen”
6. Lil Silva – Flex vs. Pulse +Kush Hunter “Rasta Daggering”
7.Warrior One -” Bad Like Jimmy Cliff”
8. Beware&Motorpitch-“Pororoca” + Tarrus Riley – “Trap Setter”
9. Secret Agent Gel – “6 Am Shuffle” + Wiseproof”Wallflower Flex off Dread Bass Chronicles”
10. Monkey Steak – “Haarlem Drift”
11. Mj Cole Feat. Fox – “Fly Up Yo Banna”
12. Busy Signal – “Bakka Di House”(KAMASUTRA RIDDIM)
13. Beenie Man- “Gucci Glass”
14.Lady Chann – “Sticky Situation”(Toddla T Remix)
15. Nickodemus- 2 Sips & Cup ( Kush Arora Remix)
16. L Viz 1990 – “Compass ” + Bongo Chilli “Wine Mek Me See You( Off dread bass chronicles)
17. Freeland – “Do You” (High Rankin remix)
18. Mosca – “Nike (Club Edit)”
19. Kush Arora – Blood Magic” ( Unreleased live dub) +Juakali “Two Finga”
20. Sully – “Phonebox” (Point B Remix) + Juakali “Dem Boys”
21. Kush Arora – “Empty Alleys” (forthcoming Voodoo Sessions)
22. Eprom – “Never”
23.Octa Push feat. MC Zulu -” Baila Mundo”
24. Kush Arora – “Deal Breaker” ( live dub) + Mc Zulu “Lose Control”
25.Schlachthofbronx feat Spoek & Gnucci Banana- “Ayoba”(Ku Bo remix)
26. Jahcoozi feat Lexi Lee – “Freeze(Kalbata remix)”
27. Distal – “Boss Of The South”
28. Wiley – “Average Worker”
29.Roll Deep Riddim unknown
30. Marcus Visionary – “Crackhead”

Here’s the OFFICIAL line on the release and download some more freebies below!


Kush Arora presents ‘Voodoo Sessions’, a journey that continues the legacy of his bass driven Indo-Caribbean catalog. This time a tribal approach of funky, double time dubstep and African grime is the order of the day as Kush explores new territories for the first release of this year. Kush Arora has been sculpting sound in San Francisco and beyond for the past decade, branding his own signature imprint on dancehall, dread bass, dubstep, and Indian music.

The title track “Humidifier” skirts around the house tempo tropical sound, fueled with angular drum and effects edits. It contributes Indian remix theme elements into a completely new territory for the funky sound and touches upon edges of dub.

“Empty Alleys” continues on the sample heavy theme with a 138 BPM soca-step banger fit for any dubstep or electro DJ, reminiscing on a New York sound drenched in Indian aesthetics.

The release also features a remix of “Nakhil” by Maga Bo, previously released on Dutty Artz featuring K-Libre from Tunisia, with Bay Area afro beat dub master Bakir adding his hands to the remix. A grime and meditational approach is taken to the vocal, contributing sped up African instrumentation with industrial darkness.

1. Humidifier
2. Empty Alleys
3. Maga Bo featuring K-Libre – Nakhil (Kush Arora and Bakir Remix)
4. Humidifier (Club Edit)

About the Artists:
Over the past years Kush Arora has shared the stage with the likes of Thievery Corporation, The Bug, Flying Lotus, 2562, Digital Mystikz, Bassnectar, and countless others. His style has been sought after in the remix capacity by the likes of Balkan Beat Box, Zion I, 2 Short, and he recently finished a new project with MC Juakali called Dread Bass Soundsystem. His work with the Surya Dub crew earned them best club night awards in San Francisco, and he has been featured in Pitchfork Magazine, BBC, LA Weekly, URB, and XLR8R.

Maga Bo has been featured on countless releases from across the globe from Dutty Artz to Six Degrees Records, and avidly has contributed much to the daring side of cultural electronic music. “Nakhil” was originally released on his record “Archipelagos” on Six Degrees Records. Bakir runs the SF-based Dubs Alive imprint, and has shared releases alongside DZ, Jazzsteppa, and is currently is on tour playing trumpet with Jazzsteppa across the U.S.A.

More Information:
[email protected]


Boiling Over by KushArora

Kush Arora Featuring N4SA – Technology by KushArora

09 Wine Mek Me See You feat. Bongo Chilli by KushArora


This post right here came from the last place i expected.. Asiandubfoundation’s sidekick who linked me to Urban World records as they are releasing LA CUMBIA COLEGIALA!!!! AND THAT IS WICKED BECAUSE ACTUALLY IT IS THE FIRST TIME I FIND A CONNECTION BETWEEN ADF AND PASTOR LOPEZ!!!!!!
Copia Doble Systema – Cumbia Colegiala (Mezcla de la Pista) by UrbanWorld Records
Spring is here, and the hotness of summer is getting closer. We can feel it in the air and in the music. This time we travel to south america, where Copia Doble Systema find their inspiration. Copia Doble Systema is a unique Copenhagen act, mixing Cumbia and electronic music. They have been a hype in the blogosphere for quite some time, getting their music played by major DJs from around the world. Their first EP “Cumbia Colegiala” is now ready for release, featuring a diverse selection of remixes.

Thykier part of Junkyard Productions and percussion specialist fused Cumbia and Samba to a sweaty dancefloor tune.
Copia Doble Systema – Cumbia Colegiala (Thykier Remix) by UrbanWorld Records
Chico Mann part of the world famous Antibalas afro beat collective bring his signature latin old school electro vibes into an futuristic out of date version.

Copia Doble Systema – Doble Trouble (Chico Mann Remix) by UrbanWorld Records
Maga Bo version is mad!!
Copia Doble Systema – Cumbia Colegiala (Maga Bo Remix) by UrbanWorld Records

GRAB THIS ONE FREE (til it last)
Copia Doble Systema – Cumbia Colegiala (Mezcla Radyo) – 128kbps by UrbanWorld Records
taken from urbanworld



Like the clash of two great minds, this track crashes into your skulll, it has been out for some time, but just got the thumbs up from the peeps at TIGERBEAT to share this gem! That’s how we like it, record companies that dont give a shit, but praise because we throw their cuts online… gotta love em! BAILE FUNK from the source with some extra detail in the production. good stuff!