Meneo + Okuda – El Jardín Video


Spanish ElectroTropical producer Meneo, who is well for getting stark raving mad & bollock naked on stage, has just released this new track and video.

Likely to raise some eyebrows with its naked content.

Sexxy *Sunday* Cumbia – Cumbia XXX (NSFW)


Model: Rosa Leyva, from the Peruvian cumbia girlband Vanessa y las Tremendas de la Cumbia

Cumbia is very sexy music. It sounds obvious, but when I checked out Munchi’s fantastic Cumbia XXX EP again for Munchi Day, I thought it the perfect chance to show why this weekly roundup is called SEXXY in the first place!

There was so much cumbia this week that I didn’t manage to finish it all yesterday. But I hope you’re still in that Munchi-vibe. Because nothing in the world is more ‘SEXXY CUMBIA’ than Munchi’s cumbia-XXX EP: 5 unique, crazy tunes, where cumbia meets 3ball, dembow and, above all, porn! Man, this is totally legendary already after 4 years! POW !!

When he released this, Sexxy Saturday Cumbia was just starting to become a regular thing and still had to become the tradition that it is today. Sometimes it was written with a tripple XXX, sometimes it was not cumbia but, well, QUMBIA.. I haven’t seen the variation SAXXY Saturday cumbia yet tho.. but this looks kinda awesome! Should actually do it soon!


The intense sexxyness of cumbia, pretty much on par with reggaeton, challenged only by baile funk and stripclub twerk-rap (maybe). But it has deep roots in the aesthetics of Latin American popular music. Nothing new really. In fact the girls in the vids have hardly changed, only traditionally-looking greying men with accordions have been replaced with guys in their 20s with the newest fashionable baseball caps and sneakers.

This song from the late 90s from the Colombian singer Gabriel Romero is pretty much the visual style of a lot of popular cumbia that has been around at least since the 70s..

Now compare this with this fresh new release from the Argentinian urban-cumbiaton artist El Apache Ness that came out this week.. Get this banger here for your latin sets this summer!!

And for who’s not such a fan of the formula ‘men performing, surrounded by a bunch of titties ‘n ass’, in the Andean countries, glamourous cumbia-pop girlbands, are immensely popular! This is a live performance from last year of the group Vanessa y las Tremendas de la Cumbia!

When looking for dance-tutorials for the Monterrey-style cumbia last week, this popped up in my suggestions list and just wanted to share it. ‘Cumbia Callera’ is an award-winning arthouse movie from 2008 that tells the story of a sex-addicted, socially retarded upper-class nerd who becomes obsessed with a seXXy barrio-queen from Monterrey’s characteristic cumbia-subculture. If you manage to sit through an almost unbearable amount of skillfully built-up awkwardness, it is a pretty brilliant, artistic and enjoyable movie with great soundtracks from the king of Monterrey’s cumbia, Celso Piña. Definitely a must-watch for every transnational bass fan!

But let’s move on to the mixtapes now!

The weekly mix for Regional Label is delivered each week by another heavyweight of the nu-cumbia scene. This week Yelram Selectah befalls the honour! Of course Yelram wouldn’t be himself if he hadn’t done it in his own unique way. This eclectic mix of different transnational bass flavours like moombahton, zouk bass and trap takes cumbia to a whole next level ! A great bunch of Generation Bass’ favourites are featured in these 45 minutes of tropical madness, from the Tijuana border right into your speakers !!

Exta Machine has a created a second soundcloud acount recently which I didn’t follow yet. That’s why I missed this nice mixtape last week with mainly tracks from his own oeuvre.. always proudly presented by ‘Los Machines’!

On the lookout for new stuff I discovered KayGee, a French-British nu-cumbiambero living in Spain. For fans of the more organic approach to nu-cumbia  this will definitely be  the ultimate chill Sunday-afternoon listen! You can spot Censo Piña’s soundtrack of the above posted movie in this mix..

We’ve got again one EP release this week, but a fantastic one !!

QTZLCTL, nam after Quetzalcoatl, the feathered-serpent god from prehispanic Meso-American mythology, is a new transnational bass collective and label that focuses on deep, organic and funky tribal/tropical bass. This week they released the newest EP from El Búho, with 3 absolutely delicious tracks: two original mixes and a remix by QTZLQLCTL‘s own Nicola Cruz, from Ecuador!

For the single releases I continue with Erick Jaimez, whom I often blog at the end because of the ‘closing banger’-energy in his style.. But no need for a club warming-up on a Sunday afternoon so now I’ll start with this right away!

released four new cumbia tracks, plus a 3ball one that will be part of the first next 3ball roundup I’ll post..

But here now, four times Erick Jaimez at his best, from downtempo to uptempo, and with just the right amount of trap and ‘crunk’!!

Of all my favourite cumbia producers, Malefics is one I easily overlook as a blogger constantly bombarded with the newest stuff every day. His previous release is from almost half a year ago and I just re-listened the rest of his list and realised again how unique his style is. ‘Dumbia’, a rougher form of electronic cumbia, and ‘post brutalism’ an eclectic mix of many other underground sounds. Especially his experimentation with metal vibes and vocals is amazing. All these elements again come together in this new song: ‘Moskito’.

There are few things that make me so happy as encountering cumbia, or something that sounds a lot like cumbia, outside the transnational bass scene. Not every reader of SSC may know HEFTY. But you do know that darker styles of music are my second love after transnational bass. And dark techno is definitely on that list. HEFTY is a quite famous name in the world of dark techno. This week he released a ‘spooky downtempo’ tune.. but when I heard that percussion, with a delicious cumbia syncope in it, combined with a more Middle-Eastern kinda sound, my mind was blown!  ‘The Enemy Within’ is DEFINITELY my favourite track of this week! Grab it for free and play this in all your digital cumbia, zouk-bass or Arabtronics sets!!

Now we’re on a slow-dark trip, I also had to share this tune, which I escaped my radar a couple of weeks back, from the Mexican experimental acid-cumbia artist MareaBoba: ‘Remolinos Chinos’, (“Chinese Cyclones”)!

Dj Caution blew my mind yesterday with this absolutely fantastic, mysterious-deep Andes-cumbia track!

And Dj Sitlaly from Mexico did this mysterious-deep tune, spiced up with some vintage-vibe erotica sounds. I’ve blogged a couple of these kind of tracks now over the last months and this seems to be a whole new style, with the synth-organ and oldskool synth-vox sounds. I’ll dive deeper into this for next time!

Etoro, a transnational bass and electronica label based in London, will release an acid bass next week featuring, among other things, one clearly cumbia-flavoured track.. I’ll keep you updated about the release, but here you can already enjoy the preview!

This underground-acid stuff often comes very close to an 8-bit kinda vibe.. For chiptune fans there is also this brilliant, minimalistic 8-bit cumbia experiment from Sonora Rumbatron, the ideal soundtrack for a nostalgic Sunday afternoon with a good old retro-game on your smartphone!

Last week we already saw how powerful a cumbia sonidera groove can be when spiced up with heavy bass sounds. This new release from the cumbia bass formation La Furia con Lujuria, from Oaxaca Mexico, is another excelent example with here too, extensive use of retro-futuristic gameboy-bleeps!

Nostalgia can come in different forms.. going back to 90s digitalism is one thing, but lying down in the smoky, loungy vintage sounds of 50s/60s oldskool soul-blues is on a whole different level. Turbo Sonidero Futurístico helps you to do just that, with this delicious cumbification of Donnie Elbert’s first hit ‘What Can I Do’.. ‘Que Puedo Hacer?’!

El Infamoso Dj Gecko announces that this passionate ‘kumbia editada’ tune will be his last free release. Of course his tracks are worth paying for but for and we will of course continue to promote his stuff.. But for now, grab this for free!

And Dj Rayo from Argentina is planning to take some tracks off his soundcloud list to work some more on them and also upload more mixtapes instead. As a preparation, he already gave us this short snippetmix from his own work!

Sonido Negro is another remixer from Argentina whom I didn’t know before making this post. This is his newest release, spicing up sampled cumbia with a heavy energetic kick. If you’re into quite traditionally sounding edited stuff, the kind of cumbia that is often written with a ‘K’, you can download his whole, extensive list for free!

No club preparation to do, but still I preserved a couple of euphoric bangers for the end of the post…

Starting with the Madrid-based Guatemalan tropicalist Meneo. His track reminded me that three days ago (20 March) was the International Day of Happiness. It may be because in Holland people are not so much into these kinds of international days, don’t know why.. but it just all passed me for some reason. But here a special, happiness-inducing cumbiaton banger.., accompanied by a crazy, arty music video..

More massive cumbiaton from Yordan Flex Mexico in collaboration with Dj Kano Mix.. This is extra dope because it’s a transition from Mexico City-style cumbiaton to moombahton !!

Cumbiaton from Argentina is also represented with this new track from DJ TAO!

On his other Soundcloud account he uploaded this powerful dubstep remix of his own cumbiaton tune ‘Fumando Pasto‘! Not exactly cumbia but a still the perfect addition to any cumbia or transnational bass sets!!

But the happiest dancefloor bangers of this week come from Exta Machine, with this excellent remix of the nu-ska-reggae song ‘We Are Many’ from the French transnational band Zompa Family..

..and from The AlfreDJ Project who did three fantastic, super-catchy pop-cumbifications of this week:

Of Flo-Rida ft. Pitbull‘s ‘Can’t Believe It’..

..of the official Latin remix of ‘Blurred Lines’, featuring J Balvin..

..and of the ultimate 90s summer-tune, Inner-Circle‘s ‘Sweat’ !!

That was it for this week !

Cloud Diggin’ : from the smoky lounge to the tropical shores

Cloud by Rebecca Johnson
Cloud by Rebecca Johnson


What are up to at this time ? You’ve had enough with the cold and wish to feel the heat of the sun ? I hope so ‘cause we’re heading to sunny shores.

Well not yet, to be true. We need to stop by the back lounge place of the club first. Someone was sending smoke signals.



Famous Dj from L.A released a few months ago this great remix !

Jitta On The Track – Smoke Signals (D!RTY AUD!O Remix)
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”100″ iframe=”true” /]
Something in between juke and trap this remix will certainly bang your headphones. Radically modifying the original melody, we get here something mesmerizing, it reminds me of these flutes you can hear played by snake charmers, not being a fan of trap music i’m pretty much impressed by the atmosphere this genre can create however. So put me on the list !



Well-known for their prods on the Moombah scene, they also got into Trap music. And the result is quite something !
Wiz Khalifa – Work Hard Play Hard (Valentino Khan & ETC!ETC! Remix)
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”100″ iframe=”true” /]

Super hot trap remix of Wiz Khalifa’s Work Hard Play Hard. It’s loud, rich, wicked !



Not the first time we blog D-V3kz’s prods and certainly not the last one !

D-V3KZ – Lights & Flames (original mix)
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”100″ iframe=”true” /]
I remember first D-V3KZ from his work on tropical tracks which was already excellent. But this is far better. Listen for yourself, download and share the heat !


So there’s the My cool thing that didn’t enthralled me at all. Surely because the all thing had something that reminded me of Daft Punk – and i’m really not into Daft Punk. But the more confidential releases of his other tracks on his SC page, display a strong talent, a real imagination and a great sense of composing. Daring melodies and heavy beats !
Adam Tensta w. Elliphant: Rat In The Snow


Adam Tensta – The Fog w. Chords

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”100″ iframe=”true” /]

Adam Tensta – Young Black & Famous w. Adam Kanyama
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”100″ iframe=”true” /]
Adam Tensta – Raindrops w. Duvchi
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”100″ iframe=”true” /]

 Adam Tensta – Grapevine w. Jaqe

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”100″ iframe=”true” /]

Well i could post the whole Soundcloud page as his prods are big bangers. But go and check for yourself. And guess what ? Most tracks are available for free.



Lapalux is one of the first artists i blogged when i started my work on GenBass. There’s a good reason for that, he’s certainly one of the artists that really blew my mind in terms of quality and inspiration. This new prod is no exception.
Lapalux – BETHR
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”100″ iframe=”true” /]



Released at the beginning of the month on Sined Records, Break Bomb’s new EP Subtropical is indeed blasting. Three tracks only, but each flavoured with the sents of the sand burnt by the hot sun of a tropical island. I wished i could share more than my feelings about the music. The extracts are a bit short, but you still can get onto your favorite platform to get the full tracks.

Break Bomb – Subtropical
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”220″ iframe=”true” /]



Every Meneo release is like a musical tsunami. If you were blown away by the merenstep remix of I love London, you’ll surely be into this one as well. Using something of brega melody you get a nice tune with a very light melody over a fat beat and sharp synth.




The man that raised the temperature of cold Russia to transform it into a tropical forest has recently released a superb bootleg. If you dudes&dudettes are enough to like it, you’ll get it for free !

Mz Bratt – Selecta (Chuck Upbeat Bootleg)
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”100″ iframe=”true” /]

Cloud Diggin’


Cloud diggin’…

Is like exploring a treasure island accompanied by a bunch of girls wearing bikinis.

Is defintely to me the nicest part of a Dj’s job – even more than clubbing – though i love to see your booties shaking onto my mixes.


Let’s start first with Lapalux. The man has released a few great tracks recently, insanely beautiful. Listening to them i’m pretty much sure you’ll feel like a seahorse carried by a sea of love.


Lapalux – Forgetting And Learning Again ft. Kerry Leatham
[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]


Lapalux – The Hours

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

The two tracks are free to download from his bandcamp page so enjoy high quality free music. And if you’re a vinyl collector just wait for the release on Oct. 16th on the label Brainfeeder !

He has also worked on a remix for Aluna George which will be available on their album on Oct. 15th.


You Know You Like It (Lapalux’s Bass Ballad Remix)

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]


Aluna George (Aluna Francis X George Reid) – Your drums, your love


If you actually like Aluna George, know that two tracks are available for free on their website. Subscribing to their newsletter will get you access to a nice rererub of You know you like it and a special remix of Lana Del Rey.


Seapunk is not dead !!! Check that track from South African Simon de la Rouviere – the man nicknamed Simon Segfault  -, who actually remixed his own track to feed it with some good waverave !


Simon Segfault – Song for the Sun (waverave remix)
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]


Simon Segfault – Our Sound

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Nice chillout waves for your ears !


Alex et les Japonaises is a Belgian Japanese band playing a blend punkish tropical music, something really enjoyable. Released last year on Vlad Productions (the label of Boris Viande – great balkan party maker, composer and trumpet player) that track is on the album OJAMASHIMASU meaning “Hello” or “Sorry to bother you.”


Alek et les Japonaises – Tarjeta de fidelizacion

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]



We’re strong supporters of Meneo on Generation Bass ! The man has this insane way of mixing 8-bit music and tropical flavor. He has recently released a few new tracks that are definitely worth checking !


Meneo – Vamo A Ve
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]


Meneo – Eras tu

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

This track is part of Larele EP released on Subterfuge.


It’s not the first time we talk about Dragao Style on GenBass. And it’s worth talking again about the man. He’s recently come up with this uplifting rave-moombahstep tune that’ll certainly end up in your crates !!


Dragao Style – MOTOR DRAGÓN (ravetohn)

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]



[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]



Dominican producer Freaky Philip is back ! And that’s just hot as hell !! For 8 months he’s been working on that project with a bunch of friends producers and the result is awesome ! Mambostep – remember the name, check the style !


Freaky Phillip – Raices
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

The entire work is available for free on LatinoResiste digilabel !


Whut ????? Another Damien Marley X Skrillex remix ??? What’s got on your mind ?” you’re thinking. Well actually here’s the story : i was driving&listening to the radio when THAT very track popped onto a serious big French radio. To my displeasure however and possibly because it’s not an official remix, the radio host just mentioned the names of Damien Marley&Skrillex. I find that a bit unfair. So here you go guys !Big up to Dreadsquad for that great composing work !


Skrillex & Damian Marley – Make it bun dem (Dreadsquad remix)

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]



Take the weight off you feet“, i learnt that listening to BBC Learning English. So let’s do that and listen to this great jazzy tropical drum’n’bass track from Colombian producer Watusinger. I wish i knew a little bit more about the man cause i really love the style which reminds me of the Sambass Brazilian DnB comps.


Watusinger – No tengas miedo
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]


Let’s finish our digging with Mo Karmous‘ track Never too. I also wish i could tell more about the producer. But we at least can enjoy the music ! Minimal/Tropical/House. Call it whatever you want but don’t forget to check it !


Mo Karmous – Never too
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]


Real funny ass video here by our dude Meneo, there’s only ONE of him!

Hi!! Here’s my 5-min workout for professional dj’s.
Thanks to our dislexic dancing crew: Edu, Joana & Tonia. Cheers from Ibiza*

Produced by:
Music by MENEO soon at: &
visuals by: &
booking at [email protected]

Acid Pimps:

Chip Bass Monthly

So truly upset that this time last year I was giving my Blip Festival New York round up and review. I didn’t make it this year and after seeing all the photos and videos trickle through it looks like a missed a really really good one. A bunch of new stuff from a couple of old favourites this month keeping me inspired to keep doing these posts!!


Henry Homesweet

Constantly redefining what chipmusic is by making some of the most incredible music around Henry Homesweet has released the first in his new series of live improv hardware jams this time featuring an 808 alongside his GameBoy Advances. You can check out all the previous iterations as youtube playlists: Lo-Bit Bassment and the Out-House Sessions. And you can download the whole above jam from Soundcloud.



In 2009 at the Blip Festival afterparty I believe two Chipmusic superstars Covox and Random joined forces for a one off performance as Condom. Afterwards legend goes that the project files were deleted and the tracks were never heard again until now! I think the myth and supergroup nature of this project is really part of what makes it standout and for those that were there this release is sure to bring back great memories. You can download / stream the whole live set recording from Bandcamp.



A new track from Barcelona mad man Rigo Pex aka Meneo. It has been some time since we have heard chip stuff from this fellow and this track and video is everything his old material had.. intense mad tropical party destruction. A whole EP (the first since Santanalga in 2008) is to be released on Subterfuge soon. You can here a full stream of the EP (including Chip-Punk Anthem “Tiger Woods is Gay” T.W.I.G) here and read a little about each track here.



This came out just after last months post but well worth mentioning, some massive Game Boy Chipbass, covering electro, unadulterated bro-step and generally some of the most amazing wave channel bass programming you will ever here to have come out of a Nintendo handheld. Collecting some of the tracks previously posted in these posts (Wank Harder & Fuck Yeah). Its a Pay what you like download so definitely support this Japanese artist and get on the donate and download!



Spanish based Chip Label Low Toy, who have had some very high quality releases have put out this grimy release by Neuroflip all music coming from a Commodore Amiga, AHX Tracker. This means it is noisy distorted and brutal… Get pon the free download here.



A standout act at Blipfest 2011 he has gone from strength to strength this recording of a full set made for infamously awesome Utrech, Holland, Chipmusic party Eindbaas and it is just straight up massive. Electro and Dance stuff all the way through including some amusing covers (“Everyday I’m Chip Dancing”) well worth the download as an essential Chip Party Mixtape.



The confusingly named ??? from Canada has teamed up with some great artists for a new release and it is incredible. A double sided mix tape one side Dub and one side HipHop influenced chip can be streamed from the site while interacting with Flash visuals from UI. Each tape is half hour and can be downloaded separately but I highly recommend playing around and looking at the visuals while listening on the site it adds to it greatly. You can also grab a GoTo80 remix track that appears on the Hop tape from here. DO IT NOW PLAY HERE.



Some very dirty wub wub chipstep that has some great moments. Released on the highly recommended MP3 Death label for me the standout track is Green Slime and some of the others get a little too samey with their wobbles. But all in all good fun and FREE!



Even though I wasn’t there the chip community has amazing people who document everything so here are a couple of standout moments for me that I experienced later or heard on the stream

KODEK (don’t know the track name but amazing Univeral Ice Funk)


Monodeer (new unreleased footwork/juke style track)


George and Jonathan (Dubstep Daycare)


😐 Krew (no idea but naked mayhem)


Dr. Von Pnok (French Electro Madness)


Meneo is now inna southamerican tour, great vibes from the gameboy show and tropical sounds!!   Check out the flyer!

Anyway, he just released a single with his remix with Aerofustán in Buenos Aires.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&show_artwork=true&color=ff7700″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

About This Release:

Young Guatemalan upstarts Aerofustan debut on Plasma Torus in 2012, seeing the label uncover another of it’s musical facets with a fusion of bumping electronica and Reggaeton, cheekily genrefied as ‘Electropical’ by the duo themselves.

‘La Pegajosa’ is a bitcrushed excursion in dancefloor mechanics. Crunchy synth arifacts circulate the pulsing Moombahton riddim below a hypnotic lead line and moody vocal edits. Sharp weaponry indeed.

The remix from Barcelonian Superstar Meneo ramps up the pace with a choice selection of percussive synth elements and swelling bass.

This release embodies a unique fusion between Moombahton and Cumbia rhythms with crunchy and vibrant synths. Quality stuff.

Written by Pablo García Canga-Argüelles & Carolina Nino Rodríguez
Produced by Aerofustan
Published by Dharma Songs
(P) and (C) 2012 Plasma Torus

Here’s a free mixtape download:

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&show_artwork=true&color=ff7700″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

live session recorded at Zombie Club Madrid (3/8/11). A Blend of moombahton, dutch house and electro Uk Funky.

0:00 Jimi Knows – Munchi
1:27 Heads Will Roll – A-Mac (moombahton edit)
3:34 Que Que – Dillon Francis & Diplo feat. Maluca
6:59 Firepower – Datsik (Munchi remix)
8:17 Replica – Neki Stranac
12:20 Face – Zombie Kids (Meneo remix)
16:03 Sometimes – Miami Horror (Hook ‘n Sling remix)
20:25 Squirrel – Jerikan
22:59 Mochachos – Hostage
25:55 Campana feat. Maluca – Tittsworth & Alvin Risk
28:06 Skrillex es un Montro – Munchi
30:04 Twerk – The Living Graham Bond (Tomb Crew remix)
32:08 Poisson Vert – Nobody Beats The Drum (Meneo remix)
35:32 Latin Mayhem – C156
38:23 Bass Cannon – Flux Pavillion – (Audio1 remix)


Late again, I know, I’m sure you guys spent last night sobbing into your pillows wondering where this week’s mixxxtapes were, well fret not, here’s some killers… Meneo‘s unique brand of MerenStep opens this week’s proceedings, followed by some digital cumbia classics from Marsali & we finish with some 130ish UK bass via Australia from Subweight.


GB officially loves Meneo and this tempo hopping latin bass tape isn’t about to change that. Lots of Meneo’s own amazing work in here, check it out

MENEO – Desnalgue MiniMix by Cuac Musica

The Bloody Beetroots – Warp (mr. ioso cumbia re-work)
Dave Nada – Punkrocklatino
Dj Loko – El Dengue
Meneo -Subidon
Congorock – Babylon
Fulanito – El Cepollo (Dj Punish Bootleg)
Meneo – Hello (re-edit)
Mexicans With Guns – Dame Lo
Crystal Fighters – i?LDN(MENEO Remix)
Hechiceros Band – El Sonidito
Wildlife – Jumbie (Toy Selectah Cosmico Guarachero Remix)
Round Table Knights & Bauchamp – Calypso
Jessie Evans – Let Me On (Sonido Desconocido Remix)
Meneo – Puro Divino (enrique y ana sound)
Mercedes Sosa – Antiguos dueños de las flechas (Doma Tornados)


Marsali drops 25 minutes of digital/cumbia/ton for FFTANG! FFTANG! – A lot of tried & tested tunes on here but none the less a big mix, wicked selection.

Mi Cumbia Colombiana – Rayito Colombiano
Brooklyn Cumbia – Uproot Andy
Yo Me Voy Pa´La Cumbia – Sergent Garcia
La Pava Congona (Señor Sabor Remix) – Andrés Landero Y Su Conjunto
Soledad – Sono Rhizmo
Samba De Los Aburridos (Lucio K Mix) – Calle 13 & Erasmo Carlos
María Hernández – La Troba Kung-Fú
Cumbia Nightlife (Dave Nada Moombahton Edit) – Joyce Muniz & Shanti Roots
La Incomformable – The Binary Cumbia Orchestra
La Cologiala – S.O.S
Punta Banda – Nortec Collective
Para Bailar (El Hijo De La Cumbia Remix) – Alika Y Nueva Alianza
No Hay Nadie Como Tu – Calle 13 Ft. Cafe Tacuba


Subweight out of Australia drops a dark / funky / uk bass mix

Dark Horse Mix by Subweight

1 Getting Me Down By Blawan
2 Creeper By Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneekka
3 What You Do With What You Have By Blawan
4 Chazam By Julio Bashmore
5 Brasil Deadwalker By 2562
6 Breezin’ By Boddika
7 Grand Prix By Boddika
8 Jager By Mosca
9 Rut By Joe
10 Breakup By Braille
11 Aquatic Family Affair By 2562
12 Closer By Jon Convex
13 Aqua Box By Jam City
14 At It Again By Brenmar
15 Tilt Shift (Swing Ting Remix Dub) By Mosca
16 Want Me By Brenmar

EL GRAVETON II vvaa by Caballito , Graveton Made in Spain

This is massive.

I’m so excited to present this , there’s a before and an after in Spain .

Our friends Caballito from Granada just dropped a bomb . Graveton Volume II , a compilation of 50 gems. For the ones that missed them Caballlito is a collective formed by Grita Hansel and Bigote. Djs, producers , bloggers and net label rulers . Specialized in cumbia digital,  baile funk, cumbia, basslines, moombahton, dubstep, etc.. Visit their blog here

This compilation is formed by two parts , the first part is Caballito’s productions, i love each one of the tracks. Just put your speakers loud and get ready for teh Caballito experience . I bed your hips are going to hurt tomorrow.


The second part is the remixes from their tunes and some original stuff  .Pocolento,UNSUB feat Caballo, Deltatron, Chong X, Rafael Aragon , Javier Estrada and many more. What to say … la creme de la crem … Watch out , in this player you can only hear a sample of the remixes get all the compilation below.

CBLLT011 EL GRAVETON II vvaa by Caballito Netlabel

To get the full release go here

Part 1.

01 Grita – Pocolento
02 Bigote – La Cumbia Meta Acida
03 Bigote – Addis Ababa
04 Bigote – Angola es Hardcore
05 Bigote – Ay porque Dios me daria
06 Bigote – Baba
07 Bigote – Bolivia en New Orleans
08 Bigote – Esto si es sabor
09 Bigote – Fuego y Tierra
10 Bigote – Juanita
11 Bigote – La Cumbiacore
12 Bigote – Peluca
13 Bigote – Romance de Cumbia
14 Bigote – Selva Machete
15 Bigote – Tequila Warm
16 Bigote Feat Mish Mish- Hijxs.mp3
17 Cholita Sound – Choquechinchay El Jaguar (Bigote RMX)
18 Copia Doble Systema-Made in China (Bigote RMX)
19 Ku-Bo feat Deniecell – Sumanita (Bigote Remix)
20 Lesglobe Feat Jennifer Paulos – El color (Bigote remix)
21 Self Evident & Will Eede – Profunda Meditacion (Bigote Remix)
22 Los Ganglios – La Cumbia de Félix y Jaques(Bigote Remix)

Part 2 .

01 Axel K Soundsystem feat. Mc Gringo & Bebel – Cumbiaton Rutero Fila Andou (Copia Doble Systema Funkcumbia Edit)
02 Los Macuanos- Iglesia de San Miguel Canoa (Den5hion remix)
03 Bleepolar – Chiquita
04 Sonido Guay Ñeñe – Manca Fiesta
05 Abel Digital – Cumbia Psicotropical
06 Fauna – Para Mi
07 Goy Karamelo – La Trampa (Un Mono Azul & Dj Karim Remix)
08 Chicas Lindas & BN Loco- La Cumbia de los Pajaritos Emputados
09 Al Pacheco – Rolita Taos
10 Cholita Sound feat Roman – Lo quiere encendido
11 Chong X – Fat Hangover
12 DJ Rafa Caivano – Moomba Terrier
13 Los Destellos – Lamento De La Selva (El remolon remix)
14 Deltatron – Bello dia
15 Miss Bolivia feat Mariana Baraj – Peru (Iszen Rmx)
16 Rafael Aragon – CyC Latin Jazz Locura
17 SelfEvident & WillEede – Fantasia
18 Tones & SelfEvident – I See
19 UNSUB feat Caballo – Resiste
20 Mosca Verde – Lamerdeuse
21 Mejía – Son el verde
22 Lao – Tribu De Tambores (Letter D rmx)
23 Yelram Selectah-Future Border
24 El Gato Deejay – I want you back Rmx
25 Intiche – Latcho Drom Rmx
26 Doma Tornados – Cumbia Arenosa
27 Javier Estrada – Miyotl (V-M)
28 Joe Howard – Unidad


But hey there’s more …

Caballito is celebrating their first year anniversary with a massive party in Madrid called 12 hours of Cumbia .

Fauna , Meneo , Grita , Bigote , Andres Ramirez and of course our support from United Global Beats with Ion Din Anina. Don’t miss this if you are in the zone .

Watch the promotional video to see Bigote dressed as a rabiit . lol.

Caballito cumple 1 añito from Caballito on Vimeo.