Kicking Off 2017 With The New Dark Generation

2017 will see a rise of Lovecraftian, cosmic horroresque aesthetics

2016 slipped away without a spotlight for a development in music that has come into full force over the course of this year, completely out of view of most blogs and music magazines, even independently of the internet avant-garde’s metal fetish. It is one of the most successful stories of how a music movement can be assembled from different genres and musical backgrounds. Meet the new dark generation.

I’m calling it a generation rather than a movement or a scene because not all of the artists are necessarily connected or would recognise each other as part of the same thing. Rather there are smaller groups and scenes, probably more than there are on my radar right now, that are making forward looking, multi-genre music with a dark twist. With the facebook group Dark Electronic Music, I’ve tried to tie all of these small movements together and to some extent this was successful, but still far from where I’d hope it will move. But all of these movements and scenes have grown and diversified this year and that is something which can never deserve enough support.

Some household names and some new names to support. Also I lost a bit sight on the techno, hardcore and industrial side of things, so that’ll be saved for next time.

1. Hexx 9 records (label)

Of all the labels and collectives out there, few embody what I call the ‘new dark generation’ as on point as the New York based trailblazers of Hexx 9. Born out of the post-witchouse movement, they have released next generation gothic music on the interface of witch house, industrial, ritual ambient, drone, noise rave, dub, trap and more. Even Abu Ama‘s Arabic ambient dub tarraxo has found a warm home at the label.


2. 209 SINS

With separate projects known under different pseudonyms, 209 SINS is one of the most consistently active Soundclouders, combining repost selections with own productions and mixtapes: れモモ刀下∨ㄥ 匕卄丹れム乙 for vocal hiphop, ᴆ ᴀ ᵛ ᴵ ᴆ † ᴌᴬ ᴮ 0 ᵙ ℜ for hard-hitting industrial DnB rave crossovers, Philip K. Decker for cinematic ambient influenced instrumental tracks and yunΠg≠wellbutriΠ for mixtapes.

209 SINS recent selector’s choice of industrial bass rave mixtapes


3. ßęđŧīmĕ Šŧōŗĩėş

We’ve supported the Paris based prodigy ßęđŧīmĕ Šŧōŗĩėş and his alter-project Shinji (now [lyn]) several times before on the blog, but 2016 was the year where he put himself on the map, both with his two artistic projects and with his avant-witchhouse Facebook channel U+06e9. An autodidact classical singer, electronic producer and improvisationalist, bedtime stories’ has developed an impressively unique style, individually, without following any trend. Although he calls it ‘classical witch’, the sound transcends the witch house genre in every possible aspect, while its relation to classical music is even more intriguing. ßęđŧīmĕ Šŧōŗĩėş is a neoromantic, early-classical punk, reclaiming the sound and aesthetics of thoroughly elite, institutionalised entities as a tool for improvisational self-expression.

I’m looking forward to what 2017 will bring. Yet for now, ‘Gaia’ (Hexx 9, September 2016) is ßęđŧīmĕ Šŧōŗĩėş’ defining release.


Ģăīă was a project created by an unknown entity, a creature able to bend the nature of things and able to change reality by interacting with dreaming people. Ģăīă was able to save lives, but playing with human psyche is not without consequences, and most of the dreamers died. Only a few stayed alive, connecting with nature to transfer the energy of the entity into the lands. Now, Ģăīă is all around us and influence our reality, but maybe this reality is just a lng dream orchestrated by Ģăīă itself.

One of the exiting aspects of ßęđŧīmĕ Šŧōŗĩėş is that he knows how to deconstruct his own sound, combining elements of it such as the gothic opera singing, with vastly different vibes such as this industrial, rhythmic ambient track collab with Achromatic Residue.


4. Volkanos

Another very active producer and scene pusher involved in blending witch house elements with industrial ritual ambient music is Volkanos from Denver, U.S. Involved with the Hexx 9 label as well as the dark experimental techno label Tenebrous Music. Grown up in a family involved with Wicca and Shamanism, Volkanos always had a vision of fusing music with symbolism, mythology and ritual choreography. Expect a more in-depth interview soon on the blog!

Volkanos’ style: suggestive horroresque soundscapes, blended with organic percussion and witch house flavoured rave synths

The All Souls mixtape which came out around halloween is one of my favourite mixes of 2k16, particularly because Volkanos, next to myself, is one of the only artists in the world fusing witch house, dark techno and 209 sins style industrial bass music with the dark flavoured side of ‘avant garde club’


5. Young Yogi

Supported several times before, Young Yogi, alter-project of GAMEFACE, is paving the way ahead of the dark trap microgenre which GAMEFACE has been building for about two years now, steering away from sounds of EDM trap as well as from post-internet cloud trap into a more unique and conceptual direction. Young Yogi’s sound combines the explosive tension and monstruous 808 bass of the new dark wave of cloud trap and with psychedelic uplifting melodies and cyber-utopian mystical thematics.



Mad genius of the witch house scene, playing with thematics and imagery sometimes too gruesome for even me to share. When he disappeared from all his social media platforms at some point last year I, and probably more with me, was honestly worried he’d put an end to his life. But he came back and has been uploading so much fire lately, venturing from his already rough and eclectic twist on witch house further  into noise, breakcore, hardcore, dark trap and black metal.



Especially Sadwrist’s more trap leaning work would probably fit the new #RAGECORE genre, created by the Antwerp based beatmaker Rare Akuma. Pushing a blend that is sitting somewhere in between drill, deathstep and metal, Rare Akuma bridges the worlds of hiphop, loud bass music and the rise of metal in the electronic avant-garde.



The witch house scene in the Netherlands is small and fragmented. The people that make it are not really connected into one scene. In fact, there isn’t really a scene at all. The genre is just getting a bit more known over here only recently (then I’m not talking about Crystal Castles) among the new generation of dark-alternative leaning fans who can nowadays listen to anything from vaporwave or sad rap to anime music or whatever edgy genre the internet has spit out over the last years. Producers are a different story. With Atilla The Hvn and Noire Antidote there are two great forward looking examples, one coming (as far as I can tell) from industrial techno, the other (alter-project of Benjamin’s Plague) coming from the cybergoth-industrial scene.

From Tilburg, home base of Generation Bass, Atilla the Hvn seemed to come out of the blue when I first discovered him last year, but apparently he has not only been experimenting with witch house for more than two years, has a solid following and is well connected in different forward looking corners of music. If I may bet on any producer from the Netherlands to rise to greater heights in 2017, Atilla The Hvn is the one.

Dark melancholic trance & hardcore beautifully blended and distorted into a powerful emotional rave flavoured soundscape.

I’ve known the guy behind Noire Antidote for a while (never met him in person tho) because of my occasional adventures in the industrial scene and how much I like dark electro, I was even happier to find out that within the remnants of the gothic scene at large, there is interest in witch house as a direction to go into. Not that I have anything particular against industrial hardcore or psytrance, but with self-proclaimed scene destroyer DJ Krat (industrial hardcore/rhythmic noise), the psy/goa scene or wallowing in German festival nostalgia as the only three options, witch house was never embraced by the gothic scene in the Netherlands so far. In 2017, things have changed. Whether it makes sense or not to still talk about a gothic scene is irrelevant. Noire Antidote is making great music and actively reaches out to crowds with livesets on industrial minded festivals, without the need for a witch house scene.


10. The Enigma TNG

Back in the days I’ve suppored The Enigma TNG, still one of my all-time favourite producers, as an example of what an eclectic, multi-genre cyberpunk flavoured dark music future could look like. Almost two years later, he is still going strong, consistent pushing and developing his unique style. And where back then, he was a solitary pioneer with a solid following mainly in the world of cybergoth-electro and alternative electrostep, today his sound, involving elements of metal and cinematic epic orchestral music, is being mentioned as an inspiration for the direction in which the club avant-garde will be moving in 2017.

His newest album, ‘Midnight’, came out in October last year.



11. Toxic Embryo

Upcoming live electronic formation and enfant terrible of the dark-alternative scene in the Netherlands. Drawing inspiration from sources like Babymetal, BOTDF, anime music and nightcore, Toxic Embryo’s twist on dark electropop possesses the same post-ironic DIY edge as PC Music’s bubblegum rave or Elysia Crampton’s conscious use of cartoonish horror elements and recontextualised pop sentimentality. The nostalgic, trancy neo-rave melodies and anime-esque adventure lyrics combined with campy cyberpunk aesthetics will leave the traditional electropop fan in utter confusion whether this is a joke or truly garbage. Yet at the same time, this androgynous blend of hyperpop and angelwave, fused with metal, hardcore, trance, rap and live performance is exactly where the avant-garde of internet culture will be moving in 2017.


Trailblazers : A New Portrait Series – #1 : Savana “OMEN” Painter


Generation Bass has been introducing innovative music developments all over the world since 2009. Over the last years, the focus of the blog has shifted more and more towards connecting and integrating them, rather than throwing them out in the air. ‘Trailblazers’ will be a series of interview-portraits which give a deeper insight in the people who are doing something infuential in the avant-garde of contemporary music.

The Sacramento based songwriter, producer and performer Savana Painter is such a forward-looking artist who has developed her own entire new branch of dancehall over the last years, which is now starting to gain influence, in the dancehall scene as well as the club music underground.

Her intense, emotional sound labelled #DANCEHALLEMO is a blend of dancehall with rock, symphonic metal, punk and dub poetry, and is suitable for live performances as well as for a diverse variety of club and soundsystem settings and would even blend in seamlessly at a rock concert.

After debuting two years ago with the RnB flavoured ballad ‘Negative Frequence‘, she has ventured into experimental/gothic dubstep, reggae-rock-step, trap and, most recently, industrial moombahton, on our very own DoomBahTon Vol.1 compilation. As far as soundcloud goes, the tag #DANCEHALLEMO first appeared with the track ‘DCLXVI (Beast) Raw‘ based on a menacing, slightly slowed down version of the powerful moombahton/afrobeat flavoured Wul Dem Again Riddim.

Since then, #DANCEHALLEMO has drawn elements like electric guitars, epic symphonic orchestral and choral soundscapes, stunning dark-romantic piano melodies and boom-bap hiphop beats.

GB: What is the most important thing we missed from you?

SP: The most important thing you’ve missed from me would have to be my mind control project pieces named ‘Project Chatter’. So far I’ve worked on four parts in which I’m very pleased with.  The canvas behind my vocals is creating a new wave in dancehall. I’m humbled. A swift change is coming and it’s the Omen, Good or Bad, fear not.

I speak on religious division and what angers me in this crisis which our world is facing, a spiritual warfare that has absolutely no gain.  I’m just expressing myself, not like I’m trying to force countries to believe in my ideology. Ha ha hmm.

GB: At a certain point, this self-expression evolved into the tag #DANCEHALLEMO right? Can you tell a bit more about how that happened?

SP: #DANCEHALEMO is not just a tag. It’s a new genre for the unorthodox dark souls in dancehall. I merged it with emo, in which is a subgenre of rock. I produce and deliver confessional hardcore lyrics and dancehall is already aggressive so I thought it would be a fantastic merge.

I live for guitars, strings and choirs in my rhythms. When the vibration transcends through my system it feels like the ultimate orgasm. Heavy drums, bass, grunge and screams.. Oh god, that’s the art of seduction! Ya!

GB: In the dark-music article I compared you to Tommy Lee Sparta. Is #DANCEHALLEMO the new gothic dancehall?

SP: Man ´dark music´ was a great article, thanks for making me a part of that.  Tommy Lee is an exceptionally talented visionary so I wouldn’t compare the two. Comparison may begin to sound like competition and I’m running no rat race.

GB: Dancehall and reggae are major motors for the development of music, with a huge impact worldwide. What can you say about the current developments in the Jamaican underground? In which directions do you think it will move?

SP: Dancehall overall is a movement that’s been around before I was born, so yes with great pride I can say I’m part of this musical journey in which I can make my contribution to and impact on our worldwide fraternity.

The underground music in Dancehall and Reggae is on the come up. It’s not like back in time when you had to burn a numerous amount of cd’s to sell a record or give away songs in order to be heard. You can pretty much stream your music on a number of different media outlets. The only con with it that is most artists don’t spend time on getting quality over quantity, so it makes it hard for the audience to want to open an ear for an impeccable talent.

A positive thought on any direction it decides to move in… I cannot predict Dancehall and Reggae’s changes. One-minute dance songs a run di place ha ha, next could be one drop, who knows. I just stick to my blueprint and keep it pushing. You feel me? I love every aspect of the genres so I’m in good faith that we can only elevate.

GB: You are a very multi-skilled artist, creating artistic concepts, producing music, writing lyrics and performing live on stage. Which role is most important to you?

SP: Thank you, Thank you Victor.  I must be bright as day, dark as night. He he aaah if I could live on stage I would. Creating is awesome but there’s nothing like being on stage transcending ones message so the universe can receive it chant and dance in harmony.  As a master in the universe of thou majesty, one must know their true divine purpose. Omen.


“Savana performing with a live band”

GB: You have collaborated several times with producer-DJ Champion Rocka, how would you describe your artistic bond with him?

SP: Yes, Steve is not an ordinary producer. His dreams are very extreme. And you can hear it in his sounds; really grand I admire his drive and motivation. Working with him has always been a great pleasure.  Mad minds are masterminds so we kick ass. Ya dig it?

GB: Could you give us some hints of things we can expect from you in the near future?

SP: Oh yea, in the near future please look out for my Album called OMEN.  It was set to release this year but I’ve stumbled over some minor obstacles; that caused a set back. But I’m shooting to have the release early next year. I’m always dropping new joints otherwise so keep it locked and tuned into my media outlets.  I have a few music videos’ that’ll be dropping pretty soon for songs like Ancient Warrior, Possessive and Chant N Sing.


Check out her freshest release here, produced by Salvatori Beats!

Follow Savana “OMEN” Painter






Elysia Crampton – American Drift [Album]


We’ve been sleeping on this project, unfortunately. It was announced and pre-listenable already months ago via a number of major platforms like FACT and has been out since last week on the New York based forward looking label Blueberry Recordings. Too long to wait until the next Essential EP’s, even tho it will be included there too because if there is anything essential that has been released lately it’s this album.

Elysia Crampton, an American avant-garde electronic artist with Bolivian roots and a childhood in Mexico, is one of the most important musicians of our time. I’m saying musicians, rather than ‘producers’, ‘composers’ or ‘electronic acts’, because the terminology used to pre-assign musicians to certain boxes such as dance, urban, band- or modern classical music is closely connected to the culture that shapes these notions. It is this culture that Elysia intends to question with her music. Her tracks are all impressive, thought provoking, intellectual pieces that draw on themes such as indigenous and black American history, trans and queer theory, spirituality, poetry, geology and art.


In a way resembling other avant-garde music movements from the last years such as vaporwave, Crampton’s music recontextualises familiar and nostalgic elements which aquire a whole different meaning in their new sonic and visual environment. What makes her music so much more powerful and unique than these other movements is that here, the recontextualisation taking place is not based on obsessions of the dominant majority cuture, such as mall environments, but instead on the experience of looking for belonging as a trans woman of colour.

In that respect, her approach comes close to the club-trax underground, with many of whom she is in close contact. Yet Crampton’s relationship with the club itself is ambivalent. Her music challenges established narratives and meanings of ‘the club’ and envisions new spaces that enable shared moments of experience and expression which are more conscious and meaningful and better protected against the intimidation of dominant forms of culture.

An important leitmotiv are the typical jingles and vocal announcements heard on the radio all over Latin America. Here they become the voices of supernatural beings, woven together with apocalyptic synths and videogame sounds as well as elements of crunk, cumbia, 3ball, baile funk, Bolivian metal and Andean huayno, into an extremely powerful transdencental experience.


1. American Drift (feat. Money Allah)

2. Petrichrist

3. Wing (feat. Money Allah)

4. Axacan


Follow Elysia Crampton:





Camel Driver : The Wedding [Heavy Oriental Stoner Rock]


Feeling this, makes a change, Heavy Orienal Stoner Rock!  Luv that “Wedding” track!

CAMEL DRIVER is a three piece instrumental rock band from Kiel/Germany. They combine finest desert rock sounds with rawmetal influences and fine-tuned/hot oriental jazz parts. CAMEL DRIVER has gone deeply into versatile songwriting to create their own colorful and massiv sound landscapes. Their self-titled debut album was released on vinyl in autumn 2014

The Algorithm : Terminal [Post – Apocalyptic Bass]


Not the first time this brilliant French producer has been on our pages, we’ve been blogging him since 2011 and he’s also featured on some of my Post-Apocalyse mixtapes. He seems only to be getting better and better and I can’t believe he’s still only 24. He was around 20/21 when we started blogging him.

Only Ruby My Dear comes close to what he’s doing, this is really awesome Breakcore meets Post-Rock meets IDM.  It’s bleeding EPIC!

“I started writing this track in June 2014, a good break and a few tours after the last album, I saw the production process as an opportunity for me to explore a lot of different things at the same time, like guitars and some sound design techniques.

The track has a strong melancholic or even nostalgic vibe to it, which is something that I can’t seem to get rid of, but it still shows a lot more modernity and clarity in the production value. I guess it mostly sounds like post-rock meets IDM, but the mood is dark and unstable, and when you think there’ll be hope you realize it’s all chaos and fear. Its not a sad song, it’s a song about fragility.
I think it says a lot about myself, and about the people I meet, at the end of the day we are all watching the world growing into a globalized and complicated culture and we have to fight for what we believe as we all carry our own values and knowledge from the past.”
– Rémi Gallego, 2014.

Halloween & Dia de Muertos Mega Selection [All Genres]


Last year I wrote two elaborate posts celebrating halloween and the Day of the Dead, going into the similarities and differences of the two. I doubt if I can meet the same level of sophistication in a post again. Therefore here, dedicated to both traditions, an extended selection of more and less dark-edged gems in any kind of genre, which haven’t been posted here so far yet (as far as I know).

See it as a month of posting, jammed into one gigantic roundup.. It’s a long list again, but take some good time for each of them!

First an alround bass halloween-mixtape by the rough Russian tropicalist Insane Fennel!

Delicious dark-house grooves in the newest edition of the Chicago based avant-garde platform The Doom Cult‘s mixtape series Sonic Ritual, this time featuring Curses* from New York!

And here a magnificent, Andes-flavoured future-Latin mixtape from the Chilean global bass alrounder Señor Chancho!

Here a dark halloween-themed moombahton banger from one of the most promising Dutch global bass producers, DJ Miss Devana!

Halloween 420 edit of a Mexican 3ball classic, by the Chilean moombahtonista STARK!

Nightmare trap from the Dutch alround bass prodigy INDISA, released on the label Pyramyth!

An mindblowing dark cyber-experimental banger from avant-garde-trap producer ADAMAS. Check out the video here!

More amazing avant-garde vibes here, from the Norwegian futurist Drippin, via the forward-looking rave label Lit City Trax!

I am always thrilled by the most daring cross-genre experiments. Corroded Master reworked Waka Flocka Flame’s ‘Hard in da Paint’ into delicious cyber-industrial flavoured EBM (= Electronic Body Music, not EDM!!).

If there’s going to be a fusion of cyber-industrial with reggaeton/moombahton in the near future (there will be, trust me!), this pearl of a track from the unique Mexican producer Sitlaly is already a good fortaste of what it may one day sound like!

Then time for two dark-edged moombahton bangers..

First DJ L.O.B.B., which stands for Lots Of Bullets Bulatti, from Rancho Cucamonga (California), drops a deliciously percussive tune with powerful synths!

Joel Ramirez, from La Paz Bolivia, drops a mindblowing demo of a track that will be released soon!

Alma, from Portugal, is a fresh and extremely promising star on the horizon of music.. with only 2 tracks and 17 followers so far, I already know that we are going to see this name all over. Wanna know why, press play and be blown away by some of the sickest dark kuduro you’ve ever heard!!

Dj Doraemon drops another powerful kuduro banger!

Dj Ly-COox is becoming one of my favourite producers these days! Check out this mystically flavoured afrobeat tune that was released last week!

Anderson Teixeira drops some equally amazing tarraxo!

And Nidia Minaj‘s new, mind-altering grooves are just absolutely jawdropping!

RuidoconH is a producer I remember from last year when I posted a unique dark cumbia tune from his hands.. Now he is back with an absolutely stunning dark ruidoson production!

In my funk post I told you about the Brazilian experimentalist Joao Pavigo.. Here is his next-level acid 3ball tune!

And here another experiment, mixing a funk vocal with booming grime!

The Dutch experimentalist DODBB is one of the producers closest to myself when it comes to our love for continuously pushing the boundaries, exploring new cross-fertilisations between different scenes and sounds.. Lately he has been exploring the electrfying, grungy underground sounds of electro-techno, resulting in this two-track mini EP of filthy, industrialistic moombahton! Absolutely beyond next-level future rave beats, invoking images of twerking cyborgs in an abandoned high-tech power station!

Dash Slktr is an alround tropicalist from Cali, Colombia, who released another huge EP earlier this month, via After Mess Recs, an up and coming all-genre underground label which is becoming an ever more important player in music these days!

The main track, ‘colors’, is a dark-edged moombahsoul-twerk tune, reworked into melbourne bounce by the Chilean EDM producer Donner! and into orgastic moombahton by the Mexico City based upcoming name Fresh Prince.

The second track, ‘Pitty’ is an equally dark and heavy moombahton banger. Nozdeer, another talend from Mexico City transformed this one into brutal-yet-uplifting electrotrash. Finally, Cthu-Loops chose a unique percussive, prehispanic-flavoured moombahton, labelled as ‘ancient-tropical’!

Since we discovered the transcendental deep-tech duo The Gurus, we’ve been in love with their work and mission, both art-wise and music wise. Check out the fresh project they released this month: an extensive, 9-track LP consisting of 2 separate EP’s – ‘Genesis 111’ and ‘The Secret to Liberation’ as well as an exclusive extra track. ‘Genesis 111’ is situated on the deep-thoughtful side of the spectrum, while ‘The Secret to Liberation’ leans slightly more towards a more experimental retro-acid flavour. ‘Ezekiel 25:17’ is an extraordinary jewel that combines a minimal techno beat with subtle organic percussion and a thrillingly heavy vocal samples.. Take some time to listen to these delicious, sophisticated grooves and to be inspired by teachings of great thinkers like Terrence McKenna and Alan Watts!

After my big shoutout, KnowKontrol released another, equally magnificent industrial RnB track this month.. close your eyes and drink in these stunning, emotional vibes!

I’ve been very much into analog synth music as well these days. And high-tech cyberpunk robot Progeny-1 a.k.a. Brian the Lion is one of my favourite artists in this genre. I’ve been receiving lots of appreciation from him as well in terms of likes on my playlists and reposts. More than time to show some love back. Check out this breathtaking, cinematic flavoured mid-tempo that brings you right back to the noire-future as envisioned by the 80s tech avant-garde like Vangelis and the movie Blade Runner!

Black Metal Elitist Earworm is a radical genre-crossing metal-bass project, organised by Caballo. Unique and risky in Latin America, where metal-fans on the one hand and fans of urban-latin sounds like reggaeton and cumbia on the other hand won’t skip a single opportunity to bash each other’s music taste. Their brand new 10-track album, ‘March into the Slaughter’,  which appeared yesterday on Latino Resiste netlabel, throws it all into one blender and presents an insane mix of rindcore, black and death metal sounds fused with grime, dancehall and moombahton!

Get the full album here!

Gameface has been massively in the spotlights of Generation Bass over the last months and rightly so. If you haven’t heard it yet, check out his new single here, next-level and dark as always!

HVRXLD, from London, is a producer who deserves a lot more attention and every time he releases something new, I feel that it should be blogged but so far it has always slipped through but that will change in the near future. Here already his most recent EP as a foretaste of what you can expect: an awe-inspiring, hyperfuturistic blend of angelic dreamscapes and crystal-bright 808 drums labelled as ‘artwave’, a genre which he created himself!

Artwave is an example of the many branches, ‘microgenres’ of underground internet culture, of which vaporwave is by far the most elaborate. While we were busy with zouk-bass, tarraxo and arabic music, we’ve been completely sleeping on vaporwave over here at Generation Bass. Which is too bad because vaporwave, both its music and its art, is becoming one of the major sources of inspiration for many scenes in the world after EDM and all the other categories in general that we’ve known since the 90s. If you’re looking for a definition of vaporwave music, I’d best direct you to the genre’s ultimate classic: ‘Floral Shoppe‘, an album from the experimental audio engineer and graphic designer Vektroid a.k.a. Macintosh Plus which has reached an iconic status in the vaporwave scene.

The Mexico city based alrounder Chickin’ Dómine reworked the mellow chopped ‘n screwed,  hypnagogic 80s mall-sound of the album’s main hit ‘リサフランク420 / 現代のコンピュー’ into delicious salsa-cumbia!

Yelram Selectah cumbiafied the new single ‘Know What I Want‘ of the Colombian singer-songwriter Kali Uchis!

Just two days ago, the cumbia experimentalist Xalistec released this absolutely marvellous, psychedelic cumbia track, dedicated to the dead!

More psychedelic cumbia here from one of the most important exponents of that subgenre, the Argentinian visual artist and experimental producer Tu Guaina!

Let’s finish the post with some more happy vibes now!

The rising Mexican talent Billion Dollars drops another satan bass track that is both dark and euphoric at the same time!

Two of my favourite moombahton producers, the Bogotá based Dj Tombs and LosXL, teamed up for this fantastic, Indian-flavoured moombahton banger!

Fresh and heavy tribal evolution here from Dj Giovanni Rios!

And the one and only Dj Tamalero is also back with a happy club banger, featuring one of the most legendary 3ball MC’s ‘El Pelon del Mikrophone‘!

I want to blog Dasilvio Armindo for a long time now and we’ll definitely see him more in the near future. He is one of the most active kuduro & zouk bass producers in the Netherlands with excursions into genres like moombahton, latinhouse and trap. Check out this great compilation with the best of his recent work!

The legendary moombahton duo from Lops Angeles 2 Deep teamed up with alrounder Deejay Quality for a dancefloor smashing cumbia remix of the stripclub anthem ‘Money on the Floor‘!

And here the most euphoric cumbia banger of all, the newest release of 3ball giant Dj Gecko, together with Dj Alan Mendoza from Monterrey!


Sexxy *Sunday* Cumbia – Cumbia XXX (NSFW)


Model: Rosa Leyva, from the Peruvian cumbia girlband Vanessa y las Tremendas de la Cumbia

Cumbia is very sexy music. It sounds obvious, but when I checked out Munchi’s fantastic Cumbia XXX EP again for Munchi Day, I thought it the perfect chance to show why this weekly roundup is called SEXXY in the first place!

There was so much cumbia this week that I didn’t manage to finish it all yesterday. But I hope you’re still in that Munchi-vibe. Because nothing in the world is more ‘SEXXY CUMBIA’ than Munchi’s cumbia-XXX EP: 5 unique, crazy tunes, where cumbia meets 3ball, dembow and, above all, porn! Man, this is totally legendary already after 4 years! POW !!

When he released this, Sexxy Saturday Cumbia was just starting to become a regular thing and still had to become the tradition that it is today. Sometimes it was written with a tripple XXX, sometimes it was not cumbia but, well, QUMBIA.. I haven’t seen the variation SAXXY Saturday cumbia yet tho.. but this looks kinda awesome! Should actually do it soon!


The intense sexxyness of cumbia, pretty much on par with reggaeton, challenged only by baile funk and stripclub twerk-rap (maybe). But it has deep roots in the aesthetics of Latin American popular music. Nothing new really. In fact the girls in the vids have hardly changed, only traditionally-looking greying men with accordions have been replaced with guys in their 20s with the newest fashionable baseball caps and sneakers.

This song from the late 90s from the Colombian singer Gabriel Romero is pretty much the visual style of a lot of popular cumbia that has been around at least since the 70s..

Now compare this with this fresh new release from the Argentinian urban-cumbiaton artist El Apache Ness that came out this week.. Get this banger here for your latin sets this summer!!

And for who’s not such a fan of the formula ‘men performing, surrounded by a bunch of titties ‘n ass’, in the Andean countries, glamourous cumbia-pop girlbands, are immensely popular! This is a live performance from last year of the group Vanessa y las Tremendas de la Cumbia!

When looking for dance-tutorials for the Monterrey-style cumbia last week, this popped up in my suggestions list and just wanted to share it. ‘Cumbia Callera’ is an award-winning arthouse movie from 2008 that tells the story of a sex-addicted, socially retarded upper-class nerd who becomes obsessed with a seXXy barrio-queen from Monterrey’s characteristic cumbia-subculture. If you manage to sit through an almost unbearable amount of skillfully built-up awkwardness, it is a pretty brilliant, artistic and enjoyable movie with great soundtracks from the king of Monterrey’s cumbia, Celso Piña. Definitely a must-watch for every transnational bass fan!

But let’s move on to the mixtapes now!

The weekly mix for Regional Label is delivered each week by another heavyweight of the nu-cumbia scene. This week Yelram Selectah befalls the honour! Of course Yelram wouldn’t be himself if he hadn’t done it in his own unique way. This eclectic mix of different transnational bass flavours like moombahton, zouk bass and trap takes cumbia to a whole next level ! A great bunch of Generation Bass’ favourites are featured in these 45 minutes of tropical madness, from the Tijuana border right into your speakers !!

Exta Machine has a created a second soundcloud acount recently which I didn’t follow yet. That’s why I missed this nice mixtape last week with mainly tracks from his own oeuvre.. always proudly presented by ‘Los Machines’!

On the lookout for new stuff I discovered KayGee, a French-British nu-cumbiambero living in Spain. For fans of the more organic approach to nu-cumbia  this will definitely be  the ultimate chill Sunday-afternoon listen! You can spot Censo Piña’s soundtrack of the above posted movie in this mix..

We’ve got again one EP release this week, but a fantastic one !!

QTZLCTL, nam after Quetzalcoatl, the feathered-serpent god from prehispanic Meso-American mythology, is a new transnational bass collective and label that focuses on deep, organic and funky tribal/tropical bass. This week they released the newest EP from El Búho, with 3 absolutely delicious tracks: two original mixes and a remix by QTZLQLCTL‘s own Nicola Cruz, from Ecuador!

For the single releases I continue with Erick Jaimez, whom I often blog at the end because of the ‘closing banger’-energy in his style.. But no need for a club warming-up on a Sunday afternoon so now I’ll start with this right away!

released four new cumbia tracks, plus a 3ball one that will be part of the first next 3ball roundup I’ll post..

But here now, four times Erick Jaimez at his best, from downtempo to uptempo, and with just the right amount of trap and ‘crunk’!!

Of all my favourite cumbia producers, Malefics is one I easily overlook as a blogger constantly bombarded with the newest stuff every day. His previous release is from almost half a year ago and I just re-listened the rest of his list and realised again how unique his style is. ‘Dumbia’, a rougher form of electronic cumbia, and ‘post brutalism’ an eclectic mix of many other underground sounds. Especially his experimentation with metal vibes and vocals is amazing. All these elements again come together in this new song: ‘Moskito’.

There are few things that make me so happy as encountering cumbia, or something that sounds a lot like cumbia, outside the transnational bass scene. Not every reader of SSC may know HEFTY. But you do know that darker styles of music are my second love after transnational bass. And dark techno is definitely on that list. HEFTY is a quite famous name in the world of dark techno. This week he released a ‘spooky downtempo’ tune.. but when I heard that percussion, with a delicious cumbia syncope in it, combined with a more Middle-Eastern kinda sound, my mind was blown!  ‘The Enemy Within’ is DEFINITELY my favourite track of this week! Grab it for free and play this in all your digital cumbia, zouk-bass or Arabtronics sets!!

Now we’re on a slow-dark trip, I also had to share this tune, which I escaped my radar a couple of weeks back, from the Mexican experimental acid-cumbia artist MareaBoba: ‘Remolinos Chinos’, (“Chinese Cyclones”)!

Dj Caution blew my mind yesterday with this absolutely fantastic, mysterious-deep Andes-cumbia track!

And Dj Sitlaly from Mexico did this mysterious-deep tune, spiced up with some vintage-vibe erotica sounds. I’ve blogged a couple of these kind of tracks now over the last months and this seems to be a whole new style, with the synth-organ and oldskool synth-vox sounds. I’ll dive deeper into this for next time!

Etoro, a transnational bass and electronica label based in London, will release an acid bass next week featuring, among other things, one clearly cumbia-flavoured track.. I’ll keep you updated about the release, but here you can already enjoy the preview!

This underground-acid stuff often comes very close to an 8-bit kinda vibe.. For chiptune fans there is also this brilliant, minimalistic 8-bit cumbia experiment from Sonora Rumbatron, the ideal soundtrack for a nostalgic Sunday afternoon with a good old retro-game on your smartphone!

Last week we already saw how powerful a cumbia sonidera groove can be when spiced up with heavy bass sounds. This new release from the cumbia bass formation La Furia con Lujuria, from Oaxaca Mexico, is another excelent example with here too, extensive use of retro-futuristic gameboy-bleeps!

Nostalgia can come in different forms.. going back to 90s digitalism is one thing, but lying down in the smoky, loungy vintage sounds of 50s/60s oldskool soul-blues is on a whole different level. Turbo Sonidero Futurístico helps you to do just that, with this delicious cumbification of Donnie Elbert’s first hit ‘What Can I Do’.. ‘Que Puedo Hacer?’!

El Infamoso Dj Gecko announces that this passionate ‘kumbia editada’ tune will be his last free release. Of course his tracks are worth paying for but for and we will of course continue to promote his stuff.. But for now, grab this for free!

And Dj Rayo from Argentina is planning to take some tracks off his soundcloud list to work some more on them and also upload more mixtapes instead. As a preparation, he already gave us this short snippetmix from his own work!

Sonido Negro is another remixer from Argentina whom I didn’t know before making this post. This is his newest release, spicing up sampled cumbia with a heavy energetic kick. If you’re into quite traditionally sounding edited stuff, the kind of cumbia that is often written with a ‘K’, you can download his whole, extensive list for free!

No club preparation to do, but still I preserved a couple of euphoric bangers for the end of the post…

Starting with the Madrid-based Guatemalan tropicalist Meneo. His track reminded me that three days ago (20 March) was the International Day of Happiness. It may be because in Holland people are not so much into these kinds of international days, don’t know why.. but it just all passed me for some reason. But here a special, happiness-inducing cumbiaton banger.., accompanied by a crazy, arty music video..

More massive cumbiaton from Yordan Flex Mexico in collaboration with Dj Kano Mix.. This is extra dope because it’s a transition from Mexico City-style cumbiaton to moombahton !!

Cumbiaton from Argentina is also represented with this new track from DJ TAO!

On his other Soundcloud account he uploaded this powerful dubstep remix of his own cumbiaton tune ‘Fumando Pasto‘! Not exactly cumbia but a still the perfect addition to any cumbia or transnational bass sets!!

But the happiest dancefloor bangers of this week come from Exta Machine, with this excellent remix of the nu-ska-reggae song ‘We Are Many’ from the French transnational band Zompa Family..

..and from The AlfreDJ Project who did three fantastic, super-catchy pop-cumbifications of this week:

Of Flo-Rida ft. Pitbull‘s ‘Can’t Believe It’..

..of the official Latin remix of ‘Blurred Lines’, featuring J Balvin..

..and of the ultimate 90s summer-tune, Inner-Circle‘s ‘Sweat’ !!

That was it for this week !

Javier Estrada – Vampirism EP


Doing my preps for today’s Sexxy Saturday Cumbia, I discovered that Javier Estrada is back with this fantastic release!

‘Vampirism’ is an EP for fanatics, like me, of the harder/darker side of bass music. Javier has devoted his tireless musical talent to heavy sounds in four different flavours: moombahcore, electro-bass, mortal-combat inspired 3ball and uptempo metalstep.

The EP was released for the innovative, Mexico City based project Liga Mexicana del Bass and can be downloaded for free!

La Resistencia Vol.2 Compilation !


For fans of the trashy side of bass music like myself, this new compilation is a bomb. The new Mexico-City based label After Mess delivers truly genre-crossing electronic filth from producers around the world, varying from moombahcore and trap to dark techno and hard electro.

The Colombian electro-trash artist Bassphomet made a selection of 20 diverse tracks, with contributions from frequently blogged artists on Generation Bass such as Noizekid and Fake Moustache. There are some raw electro bangers, there’s moombahton, there’s techno and even some metal and industrial influences can be heard. All tracks are free, and good for 1,5 hours of crazed dancefloor debauchery!