Rogelio Huerta : Eel Sessions

It's been a long time since we had any Rogelio Huerta on this blog after covering him some years ago and also releasing one of his EP's for free some time back. Alongside Javier Estrada, he is one Read More

Loris – Cumbia Rebajada

If you're new to the blog then a Cumbia Rebajada is basically slowing down the beat of a Cumbia and here's an awesome new mix by one of my new fave selectors from Mexico, Loris who pays her dues to Read More
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Loris : Bedayat ❂ Mix [Latin Arabe]

Loris is a DJ from Mexico with Palestinian origins, yes, that place in the Middle East facing the worst excesses of brutal modern-day apartheid! Nope, I don't care what you have to say about that last Read More

Mixpak FM 091: Lil Tantrum

I can't express often enough how much I love MIXPAK's work in fusing the avant-garde worlds of future dancehall and underground club music, precisely by picking the right artists who can make the bridges. Read More


Stumbled across this awesome mixtape on Foozool's twitter by this Greek born, USA based Artist, Abyss X. It's a mix she did for Novembre Mag which incorporates some awesome Industrial Middle Eastern Read More

A Weekend with KUDDEDIEREN, SSDSS & Tico Sandoval

Bottom left: Tico Sandoval, S x m b r a (Generation Bass), DJ The Teacher (Kuddedieren), DJ John Tinnick (Safari); Top left: SSDSS (Kumbale), MC Gene Power (Kuddedieren), Samira (Kuddedieren), Zoë Read More

Alfonso Luna Drops New Tribal Prehispanico LP

Alfonso Luna is back with a second release on the German forward-looking Latin netlabel KUMBALE, a full album with 12 hypnotising tracks that keep pushing the boundaries of electronic music fused Read More

Panther Panther! – Acapulco Space Station [Cumbia Digital]

Pablo Villierezz better known as Panther Panther! is a visual artist who makes live performances as a DJ, VJ, or in other words as an "AV Artist"; a 'Chilango' of birth but who at the age of ten found Read More
Acapulco Space Station
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