Seriously Hot Mix here from our boy Streamer taking in all of his recent remixes, edits and originals.

This mix travels from Africa to the Middle East and goes to some weird and interesting places in between. It also takes in some tracks from the recent “Walking with Camels Remixed” EP. Covers Voodoo, Gqom, Footwork, Afro House, Samba, Dubstep, Neurofunk and Arab Bass. So much quality in this.

Whilst you’re at it download some of the tracks that feature in the mix:



A track from the forthcoming Epic Streamer “Walking with Camels” Ep/Album has just premiered on the Mad Decent website, go over there to check it out.

Insane Fennel gave The Last Sacrifice an Apocalyptic Wall of Bass Re-rub. There are a further 11 remixes to drop from producers from all over the world and this has been an exciting project and the results are pretty magnificent! The forthcoming EP/Album features an array of genre styles from current hot fave Gqom (Gome) through to 80’s Synthwave, Grime, Tribal, Vogue/Ballroom, Techno, Wobble, Neuro Funk, DnB, Acid, Jungle and Skweee.

You can check the original EP below and watch out for more news about the other remixes.

8ulentina & Tobago Tracks Present : Dismiss U


A compilation very reminiscent of Muslimgazue and latterly Mutamassik has just dropped on Tobago Tracks label.

It’s been curated by Club Chai resident 8ulentina who you should be familiar with by now if you’ve been checking in on the blog this past 6 months. It features an all femme crew and includes fellow resident Club Chai Foozool and some of our other faves DJ Haram and Maieli.

As 8ulentina told Dummy Mag where the compilation has premiered they “wanted to curate something that centers a feminine perspective within the non western diaspora.”  They further go on to say that the compilation “approaches sound/noise experimentation and diaspora narratives from an expansive yet dismissive perspective. The producers on this compilation dismiss borders and boundaries set by western standards. It’s a sonic dialogue highlighting difference within the diaspora in resistance to generalisations and false notions of solidarity. The compilation engages with the internet and technology as tools for survival, platforms for our creative work and ways to connect and alter our respective sonic archives.”

Head over there to read the rest of the interview.

It’s an experimental compilation that kinda deconstructs club sounds and it ends up sounding like a soundtrack to an art house movie set in the non-western world.  It’s pretty jarring and thought-provoking and amounts to a bunch of sketches over the course of the compilation.  The only fully formed track is the one by Maieli that takes in Bollywood & Deepak Ram vibes underpinned by a Missy rap and that one is a personal highlight for me as I’m a sucker for melody. The Nargiz track is another stand-out for me with its epic Egyptian strings.

Although the compilation is not specific to any one geographical location, its primary sound is Middle Eastern with shades of Armenia, Turkey, India and American RnB thrown in too.

It demonstrates a great deal of promise to come from the featured producers and I love the way it turns expected sound collages of the non-western world on to its head and makes western listeners re-think their preconceptions.

As stated at the outset a huge debt is probably owed to producers like Muslimgauze and Mutamassik.  I think it would have been so fitting if the latter had also been featured on the compilation being both femme and one of the originators of this kind of expansive noise experimentation focusing on non-western samples and vocals.

Overall, a huge heads up, will be on constant rotation at UMB Towers for the forseeable future and watch out for all of these artists who are set to make a mark in the future progression of Transnational vybz in more ways than one.  Full support from the GB crew!

For those in the USA who are interested to hear more of this kind of sound and other crazy off-shoots be sure to check out Club Chai!

You can grab it all for just over a fiver, that’s around 60p per track!

Loris : Bedayat ❂ Mix [Latin Arabe]


Loris is a DJ from Mexico with Palestinian origins, yes, that place in the Middle East facing the worst excesses of brutal modern-day apartheid! Nope, I don’t care what you have to say about that last statement, history will tell us we were on the right side!

Loris has been following us for a while and she wanted to share her new mix with us which takes in both her Latin and Arabic roots, 2 places of the world which take up a bulk of our posts and interests. It’s a great mix fusing awesome new sounds from Meixco such as Nu-Cumbia, 3ball with remixes of tracks from the Middle East by Western producers taking in Trap and Moombahton amongst other genres.

This is a gorgeous ride and the title which is in Arabic means “Beginning and Inception”:



We’ve given you so many presents over the past 6 years and here’s our latest for Xmas 2015.

Streamer: Walking With Camels EP – Free Download

All tracks by Streamer. Feat:
Tracks 1 & 3 Aleksandar Grujic (Keys from Serbia )
Tracks 1 & 3 Christoph Scherbaum (Guitars from Switzerland)
Track 1 Yrjänä Rankka (Bass from Finland)

For this EP, Streamer has taken a leaf from the book of famous French composer Maurice Jarre who scored orchestral soundtracks with a Middle Eastern vibe for world famous movies like “Lawrence of Arabia” and “The man who would be King”.

Streamer takes the blueprint from the soundtracks of such movies to create an EP filled with nostalgia from the era of yesteryear but with a modern Psychedelic Orchestral Dub blend fitting for today. Over the 4 tracks, Streamer scores a sonic, cinematic Desert Wave soundtrack for an imagined movie yet to be made. You can feel the dust and the heat emanating from the desert where the nomads wander searching for the meaning of life. Here, life is simple but complex, harder yet easier and brutal but beautiful and Streamer’s soundtrack underscores all of this.

Have a Happy Middle Eastern Christmas!

Streamer Bio:

Gary Shepherd (UK, in exile in Amsterdam) More known for his compositions in Dance/theatre for the internationally acclaimed choreograph Nicole Beutler. Dropping productions for imaginary films yet unmade. Also Host / DJ, Paradiso, BAU, NB Projects. Amsterdam.



8ulentina and Foozool run an influential monthly event in Oakland called Night Forms. It’s a genre-bending dance party that showcases different guest artists each month. Foozool & 8ulentina are the resident djs, and they get to share narratives through music,sounds and live visuals. This month they have Abyss X coming from LA and Helix of the Night Slugs.

Read more about the event in the East Bay Express and their piece “8ULENTINA and Foozool Remix Cultural Exchange”.

Watch this vid featuring music from the likes of our very own Sarantis:

Here some of their great mixes to gear you up for the dancefloor onslaught on the night:



Stumbled across this awesome mixtape on Foozool’s twitter by this Greek born, USA based Artist, Abyss X.

It’s a mix she did for Novembre Mag which incorporates some awesome Industrial Middle Eastern sections amongst a load of other underground club flava’s.

You can catch her perform Stateside in Oakland at the influential “Nightforms” hosted by 8ulentina & Foozool. Nightforms is a monthly event, a genre-bending dance party that showcases different guest artists each month. 8ulentina & Foozool are the resident djs, and they get to share narratives through music, sounds and live visuals. This month they have Abyss X coming from LA and Helix of the Night Slugs. Check the event flyer below whilst you soak in this delicious mix.


Abyss X also recently dropped a breath-taking Pop/Bass/R&B EP for the Mexican Extasis label who we’ve covered in the past:

Samaka (2008) EP – سمكة ٢٠٠٨ [Arabic Indie Rock]


It’s pretty rare to come across much Indie Rock from the Middle East and so when you find it, you need to shed some light on it, Let There Be Light.

Here’s something that one of our favourite experimental Egyptian artists Maii Waleed has uplaoded to Soundcloud, an EP from a band she worked with in 2008 called Samaka. It’s an EP soaking in flavours as diverse as from the likes of The Sundays, Natalie Merchant, The Pixies, Joni Mitchell and more.

I’m loving this!!!

Samaka سمكة EP Recorded in Fig Leaf Studio, Alexandria in summer of 2008

All music and lyrics by Shady El Garf and Maii Waleed except ‘Betbossely Keda Leih’ music and lyrics by Maii Waleed

Samaka سمكة :
Maii Waleed: vocals and keyboard
Shady El Garf: guitar and vocals
Samir Nabil: guitar
Sameh Nabil: drums