DJ WOO • Rasterinha Booty Mix 2014

Awesome Rasterinha mix direct from Brazil by DJ Woo sent to me by one of the Pearls Negras production team featuring all the hottest Rasterinha tracks that have come out recently.A great intro to this exciting new scene:featuring LEONA • DENNIS DJ • DJ SHAUN • MC DEBBY • AMASSA • ANITTA. SISTAH Read more [...]


James and Taz are the 2 dudes behind UK based KJs who brought you that great Zouk Bass "Ziren" track that started off the Missy Elliot trend.  I was unsure about that track when I first heard it but now it has become one of my favourite Zouk Bass tracks.The dudes have returned with a new track, Read more [...]


Man just found this via the trail of our young whizz-Kid Munchi who discovered it on Soundcloud and I just had to get it up here asap. Moombahton MADE IN BANGLADESH, how cool is that!!!  George Harrison (R.I.P.)  would have been over the It's a KILLA track too by this dude:Big UPs DJ Read more [...]


Ok Flore's new album Raw is out now.  It's been on my player for the past few weeks non-stop.It's a great dance album, one of the best I've heard this year thus far.  It contains everything you want from a dance album and more.  Not a weak track in sight and such a wide variety of styles and genres, Read more [...]