❤ Lovaria ❤ by AquaBazz


Lovaria; much too obsession with love and lovemaking. Experienced by those lovers who have just fallen in love and started dating together. Those stung by lovaria cannot think about anything other than love, love and love”

This can explain the idea of Lovaria mixtapes, created by brazilian duo “AquaBazz”. Actually, they were two djs: Aqua Light and Wrong Bazz, great friends with same taste to sounds and mixing. After a while, they decided to create AquaBazz for fun and release this amazing mixtape of Lovaria.

The concept is to bring love. Yes, love to dancefloor – all we need is love, rigth?. But, love don’t mean boring experience. It is the oposite. This mix bring chill tracks with big drops and taste beast. You can – off couse – listen it with your date, but you can listen to relax.

This week they released the 2nd edition and promisse for more. You can listen it on Mixcloud or download on their website Lovaria.me. You can follow AquaBazz on soundcloud too, they’ve few nice edits too.

Aquabazz – Lovaria (Volume 02) by Aquabazz on Mixcloud

Here is the volume 1 – highly recommended

Aquabazz – Lovaria (Volume 01) by Aquabazz on Mixcloud



Great mix here featuring a bunch of killer tracks from that awesome dude Fox who we wrote about a few weeks back. There’s also tracks here by him in his former name “Vax”!

Those Fox tracks are just a cut above most stuff I’ve heard this year!

Fox – Wendigo
Fox & Sinerise – Mousai Dub
Vax – Wintermute
Vax – Deleted Scene
Fox – Attachment
Fox – Chthonic
Vax – Naive
Vax – Unrest
Vax – Vulpineal (Undrig Remix VIP)
Fox & Sinerise – Fairweather Dub
Fox – Sidhe
Fox – Marketing Casualty
Fox – Jaded
Fox – Missing You

DJ Chrisz : Corridos, Cumbias, Tribal & Huapangos Mix


Cool mix here from DJ Chrisz, originally from Mexico but currently living in Texas. As the title says, it’s a mixed bag of Corridos (Mexican Ballads), Cumbias, Tribal Guarachero and Huapangos (in short, another form of Mexican Folk music).

This is authentic stuff that would kill it at any Mexican or other party and it’s intoxicating and as Baauer would say, “It’s Exotic” lol.

Just another THUMPing Nguzunguzu Mix


The thing with Nguzunguzu is that apart from being impeccable and interesting producers, they always deliver on their mixtapes. I have yet to hear one that hasn’t been sensational and this one that they’ve just laid down for THUMP is no exception.

Guaranteed, I’ll be playing this one for the next few months.

Kelela- The High (MikeQ & Divoli remix)
Teedra Moses- All I Ever Wanted
Killer Mike- Ready Set Go Instrumental
Arcangel ft. De La Ghetto- Estamo Aqui
151 Feva Gang- Kush Groove
Stardust- Music Sounds Better With You
Ciara- You Can Get It
Bok Bok- Melba’s Call Instrumental
Jhene Aiko- The Worst (IamDjGetem YoungKid Jersey Club Remix)
Nguzunguzu- Rotations
Jon E Cash- Cash Combo
Donae’o- Niggas in Paris remix
Kingdom/Aaliyah- One OG in a Million (Joey LaBeija edit)
Jeremih/ Cashmere Cat- Party Girls
Teyana Taylor ft. Yo Gotti & Pusha T- Maybe



Really exceptional and top quality work here by Greek artist Cayetano who delivers 2 Nu Cumbia tracks for his latest EP, which are simply some of the best Nu Cumbia I’ve heard for quite some time.

On this EP, Cayetano takes on the alter-ego of “Yuriyuri”, an international outer-spaced character (his parents named him like Yuriyuri from Yuri Gagarin).

This new outer-space disguise is pretty apparent from the first track “Space Cumbia”. I think he plays some kind of homage on this track to that the brilliant French band, Space, who pioneered Space Disco.

The second track “Nadie Quiere Trabajar” returns to more conventional sounding Cumbia territory, namely Colombia, but brought bang up to date.

Both tunes are just pretty awesome and capable of blitzing every conceivable Transnational Bass dancefloor anywhere in the world.

Check out this superior EP here and note that it is being released on May 12th.

A must have!

In the meantime grab this beautiful mix for free:

Cayetano’s radio mix, with selections from the Past, Present and Future, for the “Input Output Putput” radio show, hosted by GUIDDO on RadioJazz.fm

Including Panama Cardoon’s brand new “Deseos” track (still unreleased when broadcasted) and Cayetano’s remix to Ancient Astronaut’s “I Came Running” which is going to be released soon from Switchstance Recordings.

1) Digital Jockey – unknown
2) Dj Booker – Dazed In Vegas
3) Peder – Daylight
4) Panama Cardoon – Deseos
5) Cayetano – Never Gonna Happen Twice (JK Soul remix)
6) Ancient Austronauts – I Came Running (Cayetano remix)
7) Serafim Tsotsonis – Red, Green, Blue
8) Filastine – Circulate False Notes
9) Quantic – Painting Silhouettes
10) Sixtoo – Sidewinders
11) Paul White – Design Centre
12) Nobody – Apollonia Millenium and Her Private Parts Marching Band
13) Andrian Youndge – It’s Me
14) Lukid – Veto
15) Midas Touch – Garage Girls
16) Hidden Orchestra – Dust
17) Cayetano – Chin Achin (Hain Teny remix)


D.PE▲CE : Generation Bass Summer Vybz Mixtape


Our London Club Impresario D Peace is back with a great mix that he has laid down exclusively for us following the awesome EP that we released most recently. He did this whilst currently hangin’ out at all the cool places in Dubai!

The artwork is just wow too and the mix is Fyah full of summery goodness including Kuduro, Moombahton and Bass bangers old and new!!!

Don’t sleep on his EP either, still for free, cop it below:



Really interesting mix here from Zhao that he did for Afropop and here’s what they say:

For those who don’t already know, DJ Zhao has been one of the most interesting players in the ever-variegated transnational dance scene, connecting the dots between African, Diasporic, and Euro-American dance, trance, folkloric, bass musics. He did a killer mix for the Punk in Africa movie, and some wonderful collections of vintage Congolese jams. However, for our listening pleasure, he’s put together something rather different. But instead of describing it ourselves, we’ll let him explain the mix in his own words.

Most definitely not for the faint of heart, made with Berlin’s Berghain Club in mind, this one needs the best sound system you have access to (preferably a Function One), as well as very loud volumes.


“Percussion music is a contemporary transition from melody driven music (of the European tradition) to the all-sound music of the future.” – John Cage

Techno, an umbrella term for various styles of electronic music, can be characterized by an eschewing of narrative song structure and melodic content to focus on repetitive machine beats, usually with a steady 4/4 kick drum, snares on the 2, and a compulsive high hat in between.

A culture of mechanical anonymity and electronic universality, Techno purportedly embodies values from a post-human future, cut off entirely from the mess of our collective past. But reality of the music is the opposite: it came out of specific histories and locations, and is a direct product of both the 20th Century as well as much older rhythmic traditions from the mother continent.

Similar to older Afro-American styles like House, Disco, Funk, Soul, Motown, Rock, and Blues, the 4 on the floor beat emblematic of most techno is a good example of the duple rhythm, which became popular in America (and the world) from the legacy of slaves playing African percussion music without drums, with influence from European folk music. Fast forward to the 1980s, Africa Bambataa meeting Kraftwerk was a new chapter of fusion, and produced new strains of African rhythm mutation under new and specific circumstances. The simplicity of the 4/4 duple rhythm and machine sounds spoke to new generations raised in urban industrial settings, and part of its wide international appeal.

But in Techno African rhythm traditions survive and thrive, in mutant form, re-imagined and reconstructed based on earlier re-imagination and reconstructions. The brightest minds in modern electronic music have all made use of specifically African musical ideas and rhythm sensibilities, and IMHO, the best Techno is polyrhythmic, a reduced and streamlined version of African percussion. The music of the genre’s most important innovators often includes off-kilter syncopation, beats falling not squarely on the grid, as well as different interlocking rhythms playing at the same tempo, such as 3/4 with 4/4. Often subtle in its interaction with the dominant duple beat, these percussive elements and dynamics are expressive of complex rhythmic sensibilities which are, if indirectly, unmistakably related to African traditions. Today it is no different, many of the brightest minds are making the deepest, hardest, most forward thinking and uncompromising underground Techno with, consciously or unconsciously, African rhythm ideas in mind. Synthesizers play the part of Djembes, bleeps and blurps are drum accents: the African-ness of these beat patterns may be more obvious to me and others who spend a lot of time with African music, but I think will also become apparent to anyone who has an open mind and really listen.

If dance music itself can be defined as the design of sound patterns according to, and for, the proportions and speeds of the human body – African traditions have had many tens or even hundreds of thousands of years to perfect exactly this. Techno is often said to be about “functionality” on the dance floor – for this reason it makes sense that the evolution of new dance music should increasingly look to Africa for inspiration.

This mix was made to demonstrate all of this, including legends like Underground Resistance and Jeff Mills, as well as later and present day innovators such as Surgeon, Ancient Methods, Redshape, Peter Van Hoeson, etc, with a sprinkling of samples from field recordings and traditional music from Africa. (It would have been too easy to include UK Funky and other kinds of new bass music, which are often even more explicitly Africanized, so I am keeping this one mostly genre specific.)

Sexy Saturday Cumbia – The Good Fight


We’ve been busy here on Generation Bass even in the usual summer Internet doldrums. Keeping on with the new releases in the realm of Zouk Bass but also the Cumbia EP’s are coming in strong, so strong in fact that I’m over-stocked at the moment, which of course is a good thing. This week we saw a new single from the upcoming Cumbia EP by Elegante & La Imperial titled “Azangaro Remakes,” which will be out this Tuesday, so please keep an eye out, though don’t worry much because I will be promoting the hell out of it as I usually do. What can I say? I’m quite proud of how these Cumbia EP’s are turning out.

If you missed the single earlier this week you’re in luck, for I will now repost it here on my beloved Sexy Saturday Cumbia.

El Mulato’s work is always hard for me not to share here on SSC. His productions always interest me. This time he has a super delay dub remix of Cumbia Del Sol where he teamed up with Toty Kumbia Style.

Around 4:20 every day this guy most go insane. My regular artist here on SSC introduced me to The Chromatics with this mashup featuring one of my songs I wrote over two years ago. It turned out to be an interesting meeting.

Real Cumbia Activa brings another visit from our friend 4:20 Music Flavor with his three other partners and their collaboration with a fifth DJ Arturo Hererra.

To further introduce one to R.C.A., here is a short mini-mix of their tracks.

Mini Mix-tape R.C.A. #1 by Realcumbiaactiva on Mixcloud

The Captain is always welcome here on Generation Bass. The master of dope edits and mashups returns with his newest mash of Calle 13 with Jorge Meza.

Our good Argentine freak, Freak Castro, returns to SSC with a groovy tropical remix of the Breach song Jack.

Twice in a day Toty Style is back with a sick little Andres Landero remix.

This next one involves a few different elements other than Cumbia that are more prominent but I couldn’t resist because this original work by Manteka is really dope.

Every time I share a Dash Slktr track on SSC I say that it’s been a while since he’s been on here. I wish to retire saying that by just saying, it’s good to have him back.

DJ Pase delivered the perfect vibe I was looking for when I came across his new track. A Song that takes it easy and takes its time is what we get.

This week I kept the words short and sweet but the music selection is bangin.


Sexxy Saturday Cumbia – Famous Fame


Art By 4:20 Grafix

With all the pleasures and massive improvements the Internet provides us these days, there are still aspects of the what we now call the “old world” I do miss. Beyond gambling by purchasing albums for one song we heard, or of a band we were told about without being able to sample them, beyond the joys of the arguably truer sound of analog recording, most of all I miss how much more difficult it was to become famous. One really had to work at it back then. Now everyone apparently is famous. Facebook and Twitter among the other social networking diseases, creates an illusion of success which in turn – turns into a delusion of success by the creator of the illusion.

It’s of course isn’t all bad, I know I would have to work harder to get my work out there, but that being said, if I have the drive to do it among the immense amount of competition online currently, then I most likely would have the drive to do it without all the help of social networking. I would be driven to overcome the many limitations. I believe this to be true. And I wouldn’t have to avoid all the delusional “celebrities” in the process, like I have to now.

Though I would say one of the biggest issues with the modern world as far as live music is concerned, is that now music festivals are the best way apparently to promote albums and artists. So that means in order to attend a show of a band we like we have to wait through a series of mundane EDM “performances” by DJ’s no one knows. That’s basically what a music festival is nowadays, a bunch of DJ’s no one knows appearing in front of a lot of people who aren’t there to see them. Then these DJ’s upload the pictures of them giving off this epic “performance” on their Facebooks and in their Tweets furthering the illusion of success.

Everyone is so incredibly famous apparently. That’s what I would assume if I was an alien being who just began studying our species without any historical reference, that is if I was just studying the species as it stands today. Everyone is famous indeed. Soon no one will not be known, and that’s apparently how we want it to be no matter what we say about the NSA. Obviously based on what we share willingly I find it amazing that anyone is actually concerned about privacy anymore, but I’m changing topics slightly here.

I, the famous El Guero Unico, once again bring you this week in Cumbia with my incredibly famous Sexxy Saturday Cumbia.

What have we here? Cumbia Machin is back on SSC with a new little piece that starts off simple but takes a turn for the quirky exciting style we know them for.

Oh this is a lovely one. I was quite excited to come upon this one. All the other Kraftwerk fans out there will most definitely appreciate this cover of The Model.

Tampico Grooves dropped this remix by the other day you should definitely download and mix into a set soon.

The always busy Pedrolito Radioglobal never ceases to provide the best Cumbia mixes. He returns with his forty-forth installment of his Cumbia series on Mixcloud.

Dale amor a la cumbia que la cumbia te lo devuelve #44 by Pedrolito Radioglobal on Mixcloud

Polymiller hooked up with Cassetteblog to release an exclusive single with them. Melodically Mi Obsesion is powerful and really captures the feeling of intense obsession.

Another recent release comes from one of my favorites in the, I would say Nu Cumbia but I think Latin Bass scene is more fitting, DJ Neber, with his new album With Latin Flavor. I recommend downloading this masterpiece immediately.

New releases don’t stop there. I also wish to repost a few of Folcore’s new releases this week from Tropical Terror, Qechuaboi and Oye!Simpson. Clicking on their names will take you to the more informative reviews I published on Generation Bass earlier this week.

To sum it all up this weekend I’m going to allow Philthy Dronez the last spot with his ode to The King of the Surf Guitar Dick Dale.

Back to the fame game with me! Keep in touch through the week!