Tigermonkey : Zooby Doo [Moombahton] [Ribena TV AD]


This could be described as a novelty track but it’s Moombahton and it’s all over UK TV at the moment thanks to a Ribena TV Advert. I must admit when I first saw the Ad, I found it fascinating and the track is quite catchy and really bonkers too. I’m just shocked that it’s getting no blogospere coverage. As some of you who have been with us from the start will know, we were one of the first blogs to pay massive coverage to the Moombahton genre but it’s been quite a while since I have personally posted any “Moombah” but this one was worth it, even just for the gimmicky, novelty factor. Maybe this is where Moombah was always meant to head lol.

It’s still free too!!!!

And here’s that dope AD:

Moombahtonistas, Before You Ever Touch Ableton Again, Read This !!


Forget everything you’ve believed so far about moombahton. The story about the teenage skipping party where Dave Nada slowed down his Dutch house set to 108 BPM to keep the reggaeton-vibe the crowd was dancing to, is false. A myth, made up to give the genre a more inspirational ‘birth story’ than it really has. After all, it is much more exciting to be part of a whole movement of new generation teens in DC than of a publicity stunt designed by a number of eager DJ’s-producers to capitalise on the blogosphere’s global club fever and the hunt for the ‘Next Big Thing’. No attendants of the skipping party have ever been able to be identified…

In one the most important posts in the history Generation Bass, we have shown that the the combination ‘dembow + electronica’ had been around in many ways and places long before Dave Nada. This will show how it has continued to thrive in many ways and places, independently from the EDM bandwagon called moombahton..

Having been part of it for a while now, I’ve come to the conclusion that the main thing which the moombahton movement seems unable to get rid off is the persistent stench of inauthenticity. After a short passionate community period, which the Generation Bass team sometimes nostalgically looks back at, the genre mainly attracted people whose intention it was not to express something essential about themselves and the way they experience life, but rather to jump on a bandwagon as a quick route to fame & riches.

After the hype, a ultra-hard core of dedicated fans, almost all of which are themselves DJ’s-producers and bloggers, has remained and is keeping moombahton alive and well. But even after more than two years after the hype, just the slightest hint that moombahton might possibly ‘blow up’ again seems enough drive the scene to extasis. This happened around last New Years, when rumours spread that Dillon Francis and Skrillex would release a moombahton EP in 2015, and just now again, Hardwell announces that he will drop a moombahton set at EDC Las Vegas and immediately the scene goes ape.

Despite my love for moombahton, but I really don’t get it. Wasn’t the too-early attention of the big industry-artists like Dillon Francis the main reason for the scene to evaporate in the first place? Wasn’t the promise of ‘blowing up’ the reason why dozens of kids started to copy stale formula’s like the ‘Dutch synth-banger’ or the ‘Dillon-bro-drop’, instead of expressing themselves? Wasn’t the accepting the worship culture around the big American EDM festivals as the ultimate goal for every artist and genre the reason why the scene attracted almost exclusively DJ’s and producers? If you compare moombahton with neighbouring scenes and genres, there were no dance-battles, no MC’s and singers, no DIY music video’s, no girls using it for YouTube bedroom-dance vids, no specific fashion, no lifestyle or anything else than music and terrible coconuts’n-hipstertits-aesthetics that could define and distinguish moombahton. None of it.

Most analyses of why moombahton failed, such as Remezcla’s from April this year come to basicaly the same conclusion as I have been arguing all along: the Latino community at large has never embraced it as its own sound, something that represents the entire generation such as reggaeton did. Dillon’s ‘gringo-ton’ already whitewashed moombahton before the large part of Latino teenagers probably ever heard about it.

For a genre to stay, it doesn’t need DJs who want to get famous, it needs a ‘home-base’. This can be people in schools, on the streets and on downtown sports courts, young guys and girls who can relate to a sound as a reflection of who they are. Pretty much how witch house, another hype from the same period, managed to find a solid home base in Russia. If there is ever to be such a home base for moombahton, it most probably depends on the scenes of its most neighbouring genres: Afro-Caribbean bubbling/urban-eclectic in the Netherlands and reggaeton in Latin America and among Latino youths in the US. Bubblinghouse, the precursor of Dutch house was originally the Dutch-Caribbean dancehall scene’s answer to simultaneous developments in the Dutch rave scene, remixing early hardstyle and dance songs with sped up dembow riddims and the effect was rad, while reggaeton was the Puerto Rican and Panamanian answer to dancehall.

Moombahton was, if anything, the hipster-EDM scene’s answer to the blogosphere’s ‘tropical’ hypes. And any scene life such as parties depended on selling the sound as ‘tropical’. Which to the Western ear means: exotic, other, tantalising, bananas, toucans and dark-skinned butts in panther thongs. The only promising thing is that most of the ultra-hard core fans are nowadays located in Latin America, in countries like Mexico, Chile and Colombia.

The idea of combining dembow and electronic music existed long before moombahton, and obviously will continue to exist, finding its way into other upcoming scenes and genres that don’t necessarily identify themselves with the moombahton movement. Some even seem to distance themselves from it.

So dear moombahtonistas.. I am not against moombahton and I certainly don’t want it to die, but before you open Albeton, FL studio whichever programme you use, to load once again the same Dutch laser-synths and banger-raises (let alone Skrillex-growls), check out in what kinds of directions people are moving who aren’t worshiping 2010 Munchi, Dave Nada & Sazon Booya as the holy gospel. And then again, don’t copy them, but be inspired by them to create something that reflects what you feel. Moombahton needs to reinvent itself from the scratch. Maybe then, there can still be another future for the genre.

No matter the genre tag that will be attached to it, here are ten examples that show you a future of electronic dembow which is already there and will stay anyway!

1. The London Underground

I simply can’t stop praising the new scene emerging in South-East London, determined to rebuild an entirely new, multi-cultural alternative club scene from the scratch, deconstructing the obsession with tempo and genre dominant in what is left of the traditional electronic music scene. Because of the Latin roots of most artists in this scene, dembow comes back in any imaginable way, yet always fresh and devoid of fixed formulas.

Here is Kamixlo, who has Chilean roots, one of the most exciting upcoming talents in the entire world right now!

And Endgame, whose EP we selected for our 3rd Essential EP’s volume!

And here Endgame and Kamixlo together, featuring the London based Ecuadorian rapper Blaze Kidd!


2. The Stockholm Underground

Maybe it is too early to talk about a full-blown local underground scene as much is still taking place only on the web, including artists from many countries of Europe and Latin America. But nevertheless, the visionary producer Dinamarca is pushing a whole new global club sound, in many ways connected to what’s happening in London, both with his label STAYCORE 117 and as a producer.

Here a release from the Croatian Mapalma and the German Mobilegirl on the grand STAYCORE 117 Summer Jams compilation. Check out the compilation here!

Not living in Stockholm but connecting very well in sound is the Houston based duo Santa Muerte, who flips a dembow remix of False WitnessMakina on another EP that we featured here.

3. The Mexico City Underground

With the Mexico City underground I usually refer to the circle around the label and platform NAAFI. But in fact there are many more potential artists whose style fits perfectly into the style pushed by NAAFI, STAYCORE 117 and the London scene and distinguishes itself from both EDM-oriented ‘global bass’.

Sitlaly is an entirely enigmatic producer whom I’ve been a major fan of since a long time back. Yet I still haven’t been able to find out more, such as if there is a scene around this unique sound. All I know is that reggaeton and cumbia sonidera beats are mixed with the most unique, mysterious sharp synths!


NAAFI nestor Paul Marmota here with a great house-flavoured remix of a reggaeton track!

And from Mexico City’s ever vibrant cumbiation scene, Dj Saiber & Dj Luibser who are experimenting ever more with different sounds and vibes lately!

4. New movements inside reggaeton

All the new developments inside reggaeton, after saturated Latin-pop-ton died, are too many to review here in this post. Therefore a personal pick of exciting stuff I came across.

First of all, a name to watch in 2015 and 2016 !! Tomasa del Real is a forward-looking reggaeton artist from Chile whose style subtly combines the dark avant garde flavours of witch house, dark trap with de powerful underground sound of reggaeton’s heydays!! This breathtaking, gothic flavoured track was produced by a well known name for Generation Bass readers, the Peruvian Dumbiatonero Deltatron!

Here the Brooklyn based reggaeton DJ Jova, about whom I don’t know that much yet apart from that his reggaeton remixes are pushing a fresh, elextronically flavoured sound!


Sufian Batti is a reggaetonero from Murcia, Spain, who makes some pretty exciting stuff !!

5. The trap & futurebeats scene

“Trap killed moombahton” is the general idea, why many moombahtonistas still have some kingering beef with trap. But after recycling the same 808 beats for so long now, incorporating dembow is not at all an illogical way to go, for both the electronic and the hiphop side of trap.

Future beats/future bass is sort of the destined successor of EDM, the new umbrella genre that can absorb all kinds of next-generation electronic sounds and flavours. In general the focus is on lush, melodic synth work and rhythms that draw from jersey club, juke, trap, grime and house.. but so far not so much non-Western rhythms from global bass, like dembow. But if it is done, like in this remix by the Mexican avant garde producer Phynx, the combination is beyond rad!

GANGSIGNS‘ dembow remix of Rodji Diego‘s drillesque stomper ‘Jump Off Da Porch‘!

Not exactly a fan of mainstream EDM trap but this new collab of Trapzillas with Los XL is both flames and hopefully an inspiration for more producers to look beyond trap.

Karl Hungus‘ banger ‘Duro’ shows how thin the like between EDM-twerk and moombahton can be!

And as far as the hiphop side of trap & chicago drill go, I haven’t been able to find many recent examples of tracks that involve dembow but these beats still sound fresh as fuq!

Mindblowing trak by the almost unknown, totally underrated french hiphop producer Samir Nouar!

And another from the Medellin based Colombian reggaeton producer JobaBeatz!

6. In dominican dembow

The successor of reggaeton in many aspects, going more oldskool in terms of riddim sounds and speeding up the BPM until it becomes almost bubbling. I could write an entire post about Dominican dembow but here an illustation that electronic synths have a promising future in this scene too. DJ Scuff is a no.1 channel you must follow if you’re into dembow.

7. Innovative moombahton

Finally we turn to who is doign something unique within moombahton itself. Then I don’t mean making taking litteral genre flavours like deephouse, techno or psytrance, moombahfying them all in the exact same way, but artists who manage to create truly new sounds with elements from all kinds of different genres.

Cepillo Cuevas is one of the most underrated moombahton producers around, what I love about him is that he, more than any other moombahton producer, is inspired by the post-internet underground!

I wish I could blog this absolute crusher from the Brazilian bass alrounder Maffalda Aeternum on a more prominent place in this post because it is probably the single best moombahton track that has come out this entire year!!

It has seriously everything, the dark futuristic melodic synths which are both chicago drill and dark cyberpunk-retrowave at the same time, punping dembow, diverse latin percussion from cumbia and rasterinha and a excellent tension level for perreo!

Share this, download this, play this, bump this in your car, this is my track for the summer of 2015!!

Fake Moustache from Mexico City is becoming a moombahton veteran who continues to innovate the genre, together with Sonido Berzerk from Veracruz he made this future-beats/vapor-trap/Sadboys/postdancehall inspired moombahsoul beat, meant for an MC to add vocals.. but even without vocals this is brilliant!


A producer who continuously keeps innovating moombahton into melodic territory is the Canadian alround talent Antae. His newest release, Deep & Duro, on new compilation of the Dutch netlabel NLSHYRSLF Recordings, combines psyc-prog-trance and Blade-Runneresque retrowave with dembow and it blows my mind!


8. In the Netherlands

As I said, if there is any place next to Latin America where moombahton will potentially find a home-base, it will be in the Netherlands, where it fits smoothly in the sound range of the multi-cultural urban-eclectic scene (the continued bubbling scene after bubbling died) where genres like dancehall, kuduro, azonto, latin & afro-house, hiphop and zouk are freely mixed together. Because of this more independent scene-culture, producers are much more concerned with how people on the dance floor will respond than with whether or not their track will be picked up by Mad Decent. This creates an sound that seems refreshingly unimpressed by the American McRave-sound of most moombahton from the other side of the Atlantic.

DJ Menace from Rotterdam is an established name in the Dutch eclectic scene and with this banger he shows that Munchi has talented successors in the city Rotterdam. Moombahton is in safe hands!


Marvelous K makes the most independent, brilliant stuff of all, ‘Toasty’ came out just last week!



It is 2015 and I’m still waiting for the most obvious next step to happen, global bass not (only) as the new EDM but also as the new urban, providing multi-genre beats for MCs.. It happens and also here, the Dutch urban-eclectic scene is ahead of everybody else. This delicious track from the Dutch rapper Bollebof, produced by the Rotterdam producer Lange Sjaak, went completely unnoticed in the global bass scene but was well appreciated by the Dutch rap scene!

Dj Miss Devana from Eindhoven, focused most on next-generation bubbling beats, is an essential talent to watch in 2016. She has the perfect dose of non-conformism to keep music fresh and exciting! This moombahton track is one of my favourites.

9. Myself

I’ve barely ever shared my own tracks because I hate using blogging as self-promotion, but now it serves a purpose. Because the reasons I make my tracks are not (yet) to become an established producer with a well recognisable sound, but to bring different worlds and styles together and show how you can arrive at new sounds (I often fail to even make what I have in mind anyway).

This track was for ArntreLA’s Moombah Bandits compilation Vol.1, inspired by the sounds from London scene, the post-internet underground and dark trap.

This was my remix of Antae’s future 3ball EP, drawing from new-age ambient, deep dub techno and psy-prog!

Here I drop a dembow beat to a cybergoth/aggrotech/dark electro inspired sound, spiced up with a dark techno ambiance!

10. Totally different genres that have nothing to do with dembow

Maybe the most refreshing way to imagine how many more things are possible with electronic dembow is to listen to producers who probably aren’t even aware they are making something close to dembow.

Deep in the underground of both techno and hardcore, there are variants called ‘doom’, which usually have much lower BPM’s. The space that emerges to experiment with more complex rhythmical patterns sometimes leads to a dembow kind of vibe almost magically!

Gripping track from Generation Bass owner one of the most forward-looking producers alive Drug Culture!

The alternative hardcore label Noisj releases the most exciting stuff on the heavier side of the electronic music spectrum.

The stockholm based producer Starving Insect has a unique, apocalyptic style in between doomcore and doom-techno and several of his tracks are at a lower BPM and rhythmical enough to make you imagine what it must sound like to get actual dembow involved!

Here a stunning, pitch-black dark ambient flavoured collab with Omnicide!


Here a more energetic collab with Ragnarok from Norway, for which they transformed the genre name ‘whalecore’ from a metal fad to alternative hardcore!


Less rhythm than techno usually, but the same in fact applies to the 80s retro-darksynth that is making a massive comeback this year. It was hard to find a more recent example where dembow would fit immediately so I picked one of my favourite tracks from one of the best and most famous producers of the genre, Perturbator‘s passionate stomper ‘Future Club’!

— Disclaimer: the opinions expressed in this post are the writer’s personal opinion and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Generation Bass as a whole —


Moombahton Summer Special (Roundup)


Artwork design inspired by Billion Dollars

Our zombie-apocalypse trilogy was meant as the beginning of a more permanent return of moombahton on Generation Bass. Last month, we gave you a foretaste with Gully’s appetising moombahton-salsa stomper and the fresh Tradigital EP from Gingee. And here we are with the first solid roundup, shouting out to the whole moombahfam, especially our friends at Original Moombahton and Moomba+ whose tireless, amazing work is starting to yield sweeter fruits with every passing month!

If you don’t have them already, these are the tunes you should be playing all over this summer! On the festivals, in the clubs, as ringtones for your phone!


There may well be more new moombahton mixtapes out there but I picked this one from the DC based DJ-producer Hugo Haze that came online just a couple of days ago. This second edition of his Noche de MooMbahTON mixtape series is the perfect introduction to the freshest moombahton around today. Especially if you don’t have time to listen to every track supported in this post and need a good summary.. I advise you to check out this mix!


The most spectacular moombahton release is from the upcoming Colombian talent Dj Tombs, who dedicated a 9-track EP to the fusion of moombahton with the Caribbean-Colombian style champeta. The great thing about this EP is that it contains collaborations with Colombian MC’s and producers as well as with important names in the international moombahton scene.. Original Moombahton already showed love for two tracks from this EP. Now full support from Generation Bass too!

Get it here!


The Chilean basshead S T Δ R K released another exciting project, ‘Viva Moombahton Mierda Vol 1.’: an all-free mega-album with 10 fresh tunes that came out last week via the newly created Chilean netlabel Chile no es chile. The album contains original productions as well as remixes and features upcoming names in the scene like Moombah KingzDawgie Style and Rod Franco alongside the Chilean electronic alrounder 3F3XT! For fans of the classic sound of moombahton this album is just perfect, time to add this to your sets and playlists and to heat up your block parties and BBQs!

DODBB a.k.a. DjFTFB made two delicious moombahton experiments that draw heavily on techno and deephouse, with a dark edge. Both tracks, dedicated to Baron Samedi and his wife Maman Brigitte, two important deities from the Haitian Vodou religion, are now released togehter as a nice mini-EP!

Single releases:

Ricky Vaughn has been leading the moombahton movement for a while now. This new club-flavoured release shows Ricky is still undisputedly ‘The Greatest’!


But Dj Lockie is a good rival for that title. His moombahton, bubbling and zoukbass remixes of dancehall and RnB songs are the very essence of global bass at its finest. An experienced producer who is there to stay and whose name we will definitely hear more in the near future!


Lockie and Wu Tang turntable legend Dj Sueside are regular supporters of each other’s music. Both like to showing respect to oldskool dancehall, the direct root of both the dembow and the bass-side of moombahton. Just check out this fantastic Lee Anthony remix, with some synth work so absurdly phenomenal and crazy that I don’t even have words for it!

GodWonder is under the favourites radar of Generation Bass since his impressive skullbass special earlier this summer. He is also becoming one of the major supporters of the new-generation moombahton movement in the Netherlands. Check out his moombah remix of the ghettozouk flavoured hit ‘Fissa’ (slang for ‘Party’) by the 11 year old rapper Tur-G!


And the original track is so huge that it needs to be shared! Meet the future of the Dutch urban scene here, featuring Emms from the crew Broederliefde, best known in the moombahton scene for Morrison’s fabulous remix, and the 13 year old Andy. Get it here!

Billion Dollars from San Luis Potosí, Mexico is a promising upcoming talent whose quality, originality and subtle style show every sign of readiness for a massive breakthrough. This absolutely phenomenal banger will be released this as part of the Summer Night Antems EP on the Mexican electronic music label Nightone Records!

Gabriel Rowano too is synonymous with the kind of moombahton that has amazing mainstream-hit potential: fusing the worlds of dance, urban and latin music in a catchy, melodic and passionate way. Rumours about a huge collab with the young, Rotterdam based talent Indisa have been buzzing around on Facebook for a while and this week it’s finally there.. Grab it for free!

But perhaps most of all, the Venezuelan producer Wost, whom Mad Decent rightly called a prodigy, is a name from whom you can almost certainly expect spectacular things in the near future. Check out his fresh collab with the Mexican electronic alrounder Zombie Blood Party, blending moombahton with twerk and merengue.. PODER LATINO!

And of course don’t forget the Chilean duo Bacondo that has been on the rise this year with their unique and powerful Andes-bass sound. Since their spectacular EP and support from Thump Mexico they’ve released two new freebies and this is my favourite! Grab it!

Hataah is another absolute prodigy in the scene, one with a unique, organic style that takes percussion to a level way beyond the next level. He is back now with a breathtaking, prehispanic themed moombahton tune! Download it now!

Equally unique percussive vibes are delivered by Naybr an alround bass producer from Miami in his second release via Original Moombahton!


Frequent readers of my posts will know that I love hardcore and hardstyle influenced global bass. The rougher the better. G-unnior is who is never letting us down with this kind of sound, continuously pushing tunes that guarantee a spectacular amount of hard energy. Grab this new freebie which has some deliciously raw screech-work!

Hugo Haze teamed up with the Guatemalan moombahtonista Dawgie Style last months for this deliciously filthy banger!

Here, in turn, Dawgie Style‘s collab with S T Δ R K!


And check out S T Δ R K‘s freshest crazy banger that came out just a couple of days ago!


The Venezuelan duo Mambo Killers makes the crowds jump with this epic piece of classic-moombah flavoured madness!

And Rod Franco from Guatemala knows how to make all the single girls on the dancefloor go wild!

PEACETHEFVCKOUT, a DJ-producer from LA, has been releasing great moombahton for a while now and is becoming a regularly featured artist on Original Moombahton. More than time for some love from Generation Bass! Check this out and see why!


In June, the Swedish electronic alrounder Marco Villaroel appeared on Original Moombahton Vol.1 compilation with a collab with LocoMotive. His new track that came out last week is a perfect example of the kind of moombahton that we need!


Alan Wolfe, from Tampa Florida has been around for a while with productions in various genres. This year he shifted his focus towards moombahton. His new release is just amazing: a beat that holds the perfect middle between dembow and a more breakbeat flavoured groove and synth-work so delicious that gives me goosebumps!

Will Hype is a moombahtonista from Spain whom I overlooked in the Europe section of the zombie roundup. Back in May, he released a huge moombahton banger together with dancehall vocalist Sherpa Man! Check out the (NSFW) video and download the tune here!

Next to this newest generation of moombahtonistas, folks from what I call the ‘middle generation’ are still rocking it as hard as ever!

This huge release from Tittsworth and Dj Blass‘ featuring the reggaeton stars JowellPolaco and Maicol is not only a tune with enormous hit-potential, it also marks one of the most important new developments in moombahton that I’m very excited about: closer integration of moombahton with reggaeton!

I’ve been talking to many people about the question that has been puzzling me ever since I know about moombahton: why isn’t it embraced yet as part of the new generation of urban-latin sounds like salsa choke, mambo de la calle and dominican dembow. But now this seems to be changing. The vocals in this song are not sampled but were an actual collaboration of a producer who has one of the biggest moombahton hits so far on his name with an absolute reggaeton legend together with influential names in today’s reggaeton scene!

Noizekid‘s legendary moombahton edits of reggaeton classics have also provided perfect bridges between the urban-latin scene and moombahton and I cannot imagine otherwise than that this must have been a huge boost to the movement!


Fake Moustache, who started pioneering with moombahton in Mexico more or less completely on his own can now witness that his country, especially Mexico City where he lives, is now one of the most vibrant hotspots for moombahton!

The duo LocoMotive is an example of the promising crew of upcoming moombahtonistas when the initial hype was at its peak. But unlike others from that era, they never stopped producing it. This fresh, twerk-flavoured, perreo-inducing collab  with Happy Colors came out just a couple of days ago!

MaxX and EJ also belong to that generation of producers and continue to be a huge inspiration. Check out their fourth and newest edition of their ‘MaxX & EJ Mondays: 10×10’ release series in collaboration with Do Androids Dance where they explore a wide variety of bass and club sounds. This time they deliver some catchy pop-flavoured moombahton, featuring The R.O.A.R. that sounds ready for the radio!


A third important name from this category is Kapo, from New York. This official remix for the Panamanian reggae(ton) and dancehall artist Mr. Saik shows once again that moombahton and reggaeton are coming closer together in an exciting way!


The spotlights of this roundup were on classic and reggaeton influenced moombah so let’s finish with some more genre-crossing flavours!

Passionate moombahcore from Krumm!


Powerful dark-experimental moombahton from John Johnny!


Lush and steamy moombahsoul from Mohntee!


Delicious afterhours flavoured moombahdeep grooves from JVDS!


And my personal favourite genre-crossing experiment: a neo-80s analog tropical tech tune from Paris based synthwave producer Cosmovitali!


Original Moombahton – Vol.2 Compilation


Following Vol.1 of their official compilation seriesOriginal Moombahton is back now with an impressive second edition, where a whole new series of big names as well as upcoming talents make their appearance.

But Vol.2 is much more than just an extension of the first. In style too, this new series explores territory well beyond the classic formula of dembows with Dutch synths that characterised Vol.1. Good examples are Dj Melo & Danny G’s heavily percussive latin grooves, Gabriel Rowano’s bouncy club sound and the epic, almost cinematic moombah-hardstyle of Championrocka. With these 20 fresh and top-notch tracks, moombahton conclusively demonstrated it’s becoming a mature scene now, able to pass on the baton to a diverse new generation of passionate talents.

Add this to your set’s and playlists and heat up our summer nights, on the festivals, in the clubs and for yourself!

Download both volumes for free!




01. Noizekid x John Eric – Tembleque

02. ZKYA – Shake That

03. Temir Bulut – Ridin’ Low

04. LightCore x Tré Melvin – Types of Hoes (Wannabe Munchi)

05. Dj Melo x Danny G – Tu Tambien

06. Wost x Nathaniell x Vico C – La Vecinita

07. Morebrains x WOOGIE – Jumanji

08. Gabriel Rowano – Rompe La Discoteca

09. Jon Kwest – Parking Garage (Fr33k It)

10. Comrade – Para No Xao

11. Macrohard – 37000ft

12. Championrocka – Head Hunting

13. Paul Lee – Snake Dance

14. The Maniax – Fiyah-Fiyah

15. PEACETHEFVCKOUT – Funk The Baile

16. D-DOTs – WTS (Mash It Up)

17. Rod Franco – Rumba

18. dOpe Tendencies – In The Club

19. Rathero – For The Hood

20. Banginclude – Twerquake (Moombah VIP)

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/playlists/41437558″ params=”color=ff9900&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=false&show_user=false&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

Moombahton Zombie Takeover Part 3 (Final) – Europe, Africa & Asia


Artwork: Amazing acrylic concept painting for Delft-styled ceramic art, by the Amsterdam based tattoo artist Mick Grognardi

It’s been a month ago since we first announced the turning point. If moombahton is dead, then this is the zombie apocalypse: a moombahton that is leading the great resurrection and revenge of all ‘dead’ underground genres!

It is always a very special thing if you somehow inspire somebody to make music. Happened to me for the first time when Antae decided to combine deep prog with 3ball prehispanico and with this following artist it happened again. DODBB, a.k.a. Dj FTFB is a rising new bass fanatic like myself and my BAE Svmus Bass. Since we crossed paths on Soundcloud, we’ve been talking much about pushing the limits of creativity into further into new territory with new experimental crossbreeds, especially in the direction of the dark side of techno. Just when I was working on the first edition of this moombahton zombie series he told me, without knowing yet what I was up to, he told me he was working on a zombie-themed track with some moombah influences and this idea blew my mind. So the inspiration went both ways: with his ideas, he influenced me in my writing, while the fact that I was doing this series gave him the enthusiasm to really go for a moombahton vibe and work the message of my posts into the track itself. And so emerged something like an anthem for this moombahton zombie trilogy, chanting as we are marching forward: ‘We Ain’t Dead, We Are Mutated’!

Check out the first two reports of this epic zombiemarch>

PART I: USA & Canada

PART II: Latin America

And the party has only just begun. In today’s final mega-post the moombahton zombies are taking over the rest of the world. Be ready for a dose of undead power more massive than you’ve ever seen before.. This is probably the longest post ever written in the history of Generation Bass, longer than you will likely ever encounter again and I hope your internet connection can handle loading it all. Thought about splitting it up but nah.. this is huge anyway so better keep it like that. Let’s go!


Together with Munchi and Morrison, Hoodie belongs to the hard-core of first-hour Dutch moombahtonistas, who’ve all had a major influence on the scene not just in the Netherlands but worldwide. Lately they’ve moved into different musical directions. Munchi has kept experimenting with different global bass genres like Rasterinha, Morrison has gone back to his old love for RnB and soulful grooves as part of his new crew RGGD, while Hoodie has continued with urban-flavoured EDM bangers in the genres trap, twerk and moombahton. Last month, he introduced the first volume of a new mistape series: ‘ITSHOODIEBITCH’!

Dj MeSs is a reggae, dancehall & RnB-oriented DJ-producer from Slovakia, Central Europe and an important player in the Caribbean-urban music scene there. He has been showing love for moombahton from the start and is an avid supporter of moombashment, a subgenre of moombahton with dancehall and soca elements. Because of Major Lazer, this style has probably been the most succesful kind of moombahton thus far. Check out this mixtape, bringing an absolutely massive blend of moombahshment, dancehall, dembow, soca and trap!


Another Central European country where a small group of highly talented, like-minded collective of tropical music fanatics has made its appearance not too long ago is Hungary. Since a year now, they have created a forward-looking record label for transnational ambient and bass music called Babylon Records, which has already featured an impressive list of important artists in the scene and which we have supported for as long as it exists. With regular podcasts, they present their freshest music to the world in a way that gives a clear impression of their sound and approach to music. Stas is one of the crew’s leading members and just a couple of weeks ago, he delivered the 4th edition of the podcast series with an absolutely mindblowing mix of organic, oriental and tribal ambient moombahton!

Moving to Serbia, deep on the balkan, where global bass embassador Neki Stranac is without any doubt the most active moombahton enthusiast. In the beginning of this month, he delivered the podcast mix for the Dutch electronic music platform DjMag.. If you can read Dutch, check out their interview with Neki here!

Mauritius is a small island for the coast of Africa, close to Madagascar and this island appears to have a blooming club scene where especially the hot sounds of latin & afro-house, deep house and zouk belong to the most popular genres. Most of the dj-s and producers are smoothly integrated with the popular latin house scene in the Netherlands and Portugal and it seems only logical that moombahton will make its entrance at some point and that indeed seems to be happening. Check out this catchy, accessible mix from Deejay Dexx!

Albums & EP’s:

We’ve got a lot of mixtapes here and we’re starting with one that I had almost included in the first edition representing Canada but decided to perserve for this post. My mind was blown from the very first moment I saw this absolutely mouthwatering EP from the Canadian-French bass & hiphop alrounder MAS Danger! popping up on my Soundcloud feed last month and it still does every time I listen to it again. ‘Soltura CDS’ delivers two experimental latin-flavoured tracks with prominent references to reggaeton! The main track, ‘Soltura’, is a rough, tango-inspired track that is situated in the grey area between moombahton and moombahcore yet remains subtle and sensual. ‘Copa de Oro’, supported by Original Moombahton, is an even more sensual, dark tune with delicious flamenco influences!

Get the EP for free on the label After Mess Recs‘ soundcloud channel!


The next EP is coming at you from Bristol, UK. Goodzie is a bass music alrounder with an energetic style who’s been showing love for moombahton for more than 2 years now, supported both by us and by specialised channels like Moomba+, Moombroton and the old Moombahton.net. ‘Busted EP’, released 3 months back, contains three skillfully produced futuristic tunes that combine deep, dreamy pads, powerful bass sounds with delicious, subtle dembows in different varieties.

Get the EP here!

Temir Bulut is a 17 years old electronic music talent from Germany who has moved from progressive house and dubstep into moombahton and trap. Just two months ago, he debuted on Babylon Records with a fantastic, transnationally flavoured “festival-moombah” mini-EP!

Rafael Aragon, from Paris, is a visionary musician with an experimental approach to global bass that can be alternately tribal-organic, dub-inspired, heavy or even go into the direction of psychedelic ambient and trance music! Two months ago, in collaboration with Stas, he released the ‘Lucky Ginger EP‘ which contains four breathtaking, Indian flavoured midtempo ambient bass tracks that one by one blow my mind!

Get the EP here!

Kid Cala from Madrid, Spain, delivered this amazing, steamy EP, which caught my attention right when it came out two months ago. ‘Duro, Suave & Lento EP’ are 6 tracks, two of them moombahton, the rest on higher BPM rates, that all make the perfect combination between reggaeton and electronic madness. Some serious perreo-debauchery guaranteed with this one!

Get it now and heat up the club this weekend!

Bass alrounder ZYKA from Bologna does a good job as a representative of the moombahton movement in Italy with regular support from Original Moombahton, and from Moomba+ too with this EP released a while ago already for Moomba+‘ Record label. ‘Homework EP’ contains 4 euphoric bangers with a powerful, festival oriented sound that all deserve to be played for large audiences this summer.

You can download them directly from Soundcloud!


And more recently another, equally massive EP on Babylon Records. Compared to ‘Homework’, ‘Blackout EP’ experiments more with delicious tropical percussion, but without sacrificing any of ZYKA’s powerful festival-energy..

Grab the EP here for free!

Hungarian moombahton embassador Stas again now, with this absolutely amazing, Middle-Eastern inspired EP, which (shame on myself) we haven’t supported on the blog yet when it came out.. Still an absolute must in the collection of any transnational bass Dj and fan!

Get it here!


The final EP, from the rising electronic music producer LFO Monsta, from India’s high-tech capital Bangalore, is once another release of Moomba+ Records, which came out just last week. “Plastic Bag EP’ is a mini-EP with two absolurely mental bass bangers. ‘Retro Soul’ has a heavy Dillonesque moombahcore sound, whereas ‘Plastic Bag’ goes more into the direction of the Dutch-synth-based tropical bass madness with a vibe that is somewhat reminiscent of the experiments of Happy Colors and Caballo but with its own unique style. Get them both from Soundcloud!



Fusing the deep, loungy sounds of UK house and garage with the 108-110 moombah flavour was an enriching innovation in the genre, starting about three years ago, and the Leicester-badsed producer Disgraceland has always been one of its prime exponents. Here his most recent release: a moombification of a deephouse tune by his fellow-townsmen Mix Munkies!

Ghetto bass alrounder Gully from Edinburgh is an artist we have supported frequently, especially with the Bollywood-twerk EP, released last month as a Generation Bass exclusive. This wildly experimental track with both strong latin and trap influences came out a little longer time ago as a Moomba+ exclusive and is a perfect illustration of what we love about him!


Back in the days we called HARIKIRIBirmingham’s finest moombahtonista” and his name has been rising ever since. None of the blogs or in fact nobody interested in the forward-looking side of music can have missed his delicate deep futurism with casual excursions into heavier bass sounds. This is the most recent moombah tune he did: a Valentine-special moombahsoul remix of Jamie Foxx & T.Pain’s ‘Blame It’!


And in case you don’t have it yet, also check out this powerful moombahcore banger that appeared on his Transformers EP earlier this year!


Another of our favourite artists is the Cardiff-based tropicalist Castro. Personally I’ve been hooked on his music ever since the first moment I heard his classic tune ‘Toot Toot’ and his Generation Bass exclusive Who I Am EP of December last year is one of the most mindblowing things we released in 2013. Last month he did this offocial moombahsoul remix for the up and coming pop idol Daniel J!

Johnny T. from newcastle is a very versatile experimental producer from Newcastle who goes on a moombahtrip only occasionally but when he does, he always brings along his unique thoughtful style. His moombahton productions have been featured on Ginger Shinobi‘s phenomenal Moombahdeep compilations. Now he is back with a new deliciously minimalistic mid-tempo track..

..also check out his previous fantastic moombahdeep production from half a year back!


Germany has a thriving global bass scene and is the only European country to ever have hosted a Moombahton Massive event with Sabo and Nadastrom. That was back in 2012 but I thought it ‘d be motivating to show how epic it was back then!

Robs & Duke are a duo from Jena who received some massive love from Munchi last year for their rough approach to moombahton. Two absolutely massive 112 BPM booty bangers have since been added to the list!

One powerful dancehall inspired tune..

..and a remix of an original from MC Dominique Young Unique that has more of a twerk vibe!

Selecta Doc, from Dresden, is another moombahtonista with firm musical roots in dancehall. He has been releasing excellent moombahton especially over the last months. Check out his newest releases here now!

A powerful ‘basic moombah’ banger..

..a happy-jumpy tune with delicious percussion..

..and in case you haven’t seen this one yet, his absolutely massive contribution to Original Moombahton‘s Vol.1 Compilation we supported last week!


I already introduced the young talent Temir Bulut above in the EP section. Since his EP, he has been back with several new releses in different styles, among which this euphoric, uplifting and insanely powerful bigroom-moombahton banger: ‘Ridin Low’!

Moombro from Aachen on the Dutch border, is another promising producerwho started producing two years ago but recently made a full-force comeback with at least two new bangers each month!

Booming festival-oriented vibes in his most recent track.. “everybody shake your body”!!

According to the artist’s Facebook, more new stuff can be expected soon!


Like Germany, France too has a very active global bass scene and in case you don’t believe it, first check out this official video report of this year’s edition of the gigantic yearly event Dirty Safari, which happened only a month ago!!

Also check out last year’s report, complete with an interview!

Prominently featured in the above video is Zee Reach, an allround tropicalist from Strasbourg who is one of the main players in the global bass world in France not just as a DJ but also as a producer. Last month he released this remix of Francky Vincent’s ‘Tu Veux Mon Zizi‘..

..a little longer back, he did this energetic moombahton remix for a multigenre EP by the Jamaican tropicalist CAЯИИIBAL..

..and this moombahfication of Caterva‘s epic tropical bass anthem ‘Mundo Tropical‘!

From the French-German bordercity of Strasbourg, we move to Paris.

Next to his EP with Stas, Rafael Aragon also contributed to Kosta Kostov ft. Manushan‘s Hasrat EP with a delicious moombahton remix!

Grab it here!

Another Paris-based producer, DJ LBR, is doing excellent stuff too! As a versatile producer, he brings a combination of vibes ranging from electrohouse, hiphop, dancehall, twerk and moombahton. His latest dancehall-inspired moombahton bangers are both amazingly catchy tunes with such immediate radio-hit potential that I’m really wondering why you don’t already hear this all over the place!



Also based in Paris is Photo Romance, who did a lot of moombahton in the past but has focused mostly on romantic zouk grooves lately. This week he returned to moombahton track, together with the Chicago based producer Nader for the Belgian Afro-tropical label La Brousse Records! Enjoy some delicious percussion and Afro-house influence in this one!

Also check out the tune he released two months back for Do Androids Dance, which unfortunately is not classified as moombahton but as midtempo electronic.. whatever, it is unthinkable that a highly percussive tune with clear dembow an even rasterinha influences called ‘bring back the dead’ could possibly be absent in a moombahton zombie march!

The final Paris based producer is someone I discovered last-minute but whose music blows my mind. Maru-Dit-Chefoulloum is a French Polynesian producer who has a number of great moombahton as well as electro and Dutch House remixes on his soundcloud list. Here his most recent release wich is a pure banger, remixing an original that I couldn’t find on the internet but which I believe is made by this guy about whom I also couldn’t find out as much as I wanted to, so if anybody knows these guys, let me know.. But for now, enjoy some epic moombahton heat!


Hyskin is another promising bass producer with a powerful, festival oriented style, perfectly comfortable in all corners of the currently growing borderland between ‘EDM’ and ‘urban music’. His New Beginning EP, which came out only last week, represents 5 different approaches to epic festival music, including progressive house, cinematic slow-trance as well as a trap a twerk and a moombah tune that are all three accompanied by tight full-lyrics rap vocals. Download the EP from his soundcloud and play this for the large audiences this summer!
‘I Love Unicorn’ is the moombahton contribution to the EP, an experimental moombahcore tune with an ironic lyrical tribute to the mythical creature that has become one of the ultimate symbols of hipsterism. I love unicorns muthafuckaaaa!



The last tune representing France is from last year but I still wanted to include it because it’s so dope that I couldn’t leave it out!
ORiJiNAL FOX is a dancehall MC who likes experimenting with different flavours in bass music. December last year he released this absolutely massive tune ‘Moombahton Style’, produced by Dj Kayens!

The Netherlands:


This artwork also blows my mind: a bejewelled Delft-style ceramic skull, by the Singaporean-Dutch artist James Chiew.. just had to post it!

I talked about it in both previous editions of this zombie-series that what moombahton most urgently needs is a home-base: a local scene that embraces the sound as its own expression and keeps producing it regardless of whether or not it will be a ‘next big thing’. Instead of many other bass genres that grew from local scenes like kuduro, 3ball or baile funk, moombahton didn’t have anything like that.. maybe apart from the Moombahton Massive gatherings in DC. And it looks hopeful because, in Latin America, homeland of reggaeton Mexico and Chile are rocking it and many other countries are starting to follow.. And what makes it even more hopeful is that the Netherlands, homeland of bubblinghouse, moombahton’s closest possible cousin, is rocking it too, probably harder than any other country in the world..

It was here, where the initiative was started to launch a recurring moombahton event, 108 Moombahton, in Utrecht, carefully built up by the Dutch global bass embassadors Café de Calaveras and Tommy Tequila from the Bomb Diggy crew. It has hosted important names in the scene, including Fellow and the one and only legend David Heartbreak. It was this place where I developed my love for moombahton and eventually got personally involved in the scene. I owe so much to them and that cannot be said often enough! The event is currently in the freezer now, but in the mids of a zombie apocalypse, nobody knows what may happen.. Because moombahton itself seems to be doing better here now than ever before.. Just check out this absolutely massive list to see what I’m talking about!

If there is anyone who deserves most to start with, it is first-hour moombahtonista Hoodie who has always kept showing love to moombahton.. If you haven’t heard his newest tunes yet, released over the last half year, enjoy and download them here still!

When I think about Hoodie, I can’t help but think about crazy, wildly creative bangers. ‘I Feel So’ is a amazing, melancholic, deep-trancy track that shows another side of his versatile talent. This emotional moombahton track will touch every nerve of your existence. Close your eyes, press ‘ Play’ and be transformed to another world..

In this remix of Gianni Marino & JURAB‘s tropical house banger ‘Wayaki‘ we again meet the Hoodie we know best!

Get the Wayaki remixes EP here!

Dj Lockie, from Amsterdam, is one of my all-time-ever favourite Dutch bass producers. He was the one that kept bubbling alive virtually all by himself. Until global-bass interest and especially Munchi started reviving it bit by bit, Locky persistently kept releasing amazing new productions like this one for his Bubbling Beats series on Youtube. And he is still out there doing his thing! He’s also showed some big time love for moombahton with both equally amazing remixes and original productions! Here a selection of his most recent tunes:

A moombahfication of Farruko’s ‘Besas Tan Bien’..


..a moombah remix of a deliciously mellow zouk-dancehall tune from the Martinique-based dancehall artist Mr Sm!


He spiced up QQ‘s ‘Walk Wid Di One Drop‘ with some extra catchy moombah snares!


Fantastic moombahton here with crazy synth work in this massive remix of dancehall princess Spice‘s ‘ So Me Like It (Raw)!


Together with Lockie, the legendary hiphop dj Sueside is one of the most important and most active supporters of the moombahton in the Netherlands at this moment. DJ Sueside has an impressive musical history, having been Wu-Tang Clan’s official turntablist since the early 2000s. That makes it extra special that precisely he has embraced moombahton and an honour to share his tunes:

He too did a moombahton remix of another song by Mr Sm ft. J-T!

Amazing synth work here in this fresh, oldskool dembow inspired production, also supported by Original Moombahton!

The next track is a collab between Sueside and Lockie, restyling Stein‘s ‘Gun Inna Baggy‘ into a powerful moombahton banger!

The final tune I selected is an absolutely delicious moombahton rework of the song Todas Las Chicas by the ‘reggae en español’ veteran El Profeta!

If had to pick a producer who deserves the title of most promising upcoming new bass talents of this moment, with the potential to rise to fame in the coming years, Danilo, from Heerhugowaard, would definitely be among the finalists. His collab with Hoodie and massive release on edm.com’s Trap Music channel last year and the recent jawdropping exclusive for Do Androids Dance all haven’t gone unnoticed. Judged by his soudcloud list, moombahton is one of his priority genres, which makes Danilo’s potential a promising sign for the movement as well!

Last week he released his newest track, as a summer exclusive together with Trankilo: smooth, deep and powerful at the same time! This one deserves to get straight to the radio, play this at every possible beach party this summer!


That also goes for this absolute firebanger ‘Bun Dem’, released a couple of month back: wildly experimental ‘vocal only’ buildups, hard hitting beats and crazy synthwork that will make any crowd go nuts on the dancefloor!


The final tune I selected, a collab with the upcoming Amsterdam based producer Jeremia Jones, is one of my absolute favourites: powerful madness combined with deliciously subtle hints to cumbia, baile funk and 3ball!!


Also check out Jeremia Jones‘ wicked snippet where moombahton meets hardcore and baile funk!


Godwonder is another very promising bass talent about whom we’ll definitely hear more in the future. As Generation Bass, we put in the spotlights recently with an amazing exclusive skullbass release. Here some more massive love for his moombahton productions!

A crazy moombahfication of Lumidee’s already nostalgic hit ‘Never Leave You‘!


..and here some booming festival-flavoured moombah-trap vibes combined with passionate salsa!


There are two things very important when a scene needs both needs to grow and get a more solid basis: young talent as well as experienced, musically matured artists. Gabriel Rowano, from Wieringerwaard, belongs to the latter category. As a producer with equal passion for angelic trance music and passionate reggaeton, he has done amazing work to advance moombahton alongside other bass genres. Here are the most recent examples!

First an amazing tropical moombahton track he did last month which has a lot of cumbia in it, giving the tune a very Colombian flavour..

..and here is his massive remix for Ricky Vaughn‘s ‘Jahan On Me‘, about which Ricky Vaugh told Gabriel that he liked it a lot!

Next to trance and reggaeton, hiphop is one of the producer’s strongest musical inspirations. This deliciously smooth moombahfication of Schoolboy Q ft. Kendrick Lamar‘s ‘Blessed‘ demonstrates the deep respect and passion he has for the genre!

And.. just two weeks ago he released a preview of what promises to become an amazing, energetic club banger, ready to conquer the dancefloor!


Marvelous K is a producer with a solid background in Dutch house, with tracks featured on Chuckie’s Dirty Dutch compilations and support from the some of the most influential DJs in the scene as well as from MTV. Since about half a year ago he has embraced moombahton, adding his own style to it. His monthly tunes breath the typical Dutch ‘borderland vibes’ between ‘urban’ and ‘dance’ that has created Dutch house and to which moombahton owes so much.. This is why moombahton belongs here in Holland and why I’m convinced it’s here to stay!

Rhythmically, the nagging laughter of the bully girls in Jessie J’s childhood revenge ‘Who’s Laughing Now‘ already sounds kindof like a moombahton lead synth and bounces even better with a good dembow behind it. That’s precisely what Marvelous did here!


The next banger is an epic middle finger to the follies of modern bureaucracy, born out of recognisable eternities of waiting time when calling the tax administration (‘De Belastingdienst’)..


‘Gunshot’ is a delicious tune from some more time ago when he started exploring moombahton. This minimalistic, percussive production reminds me of the style of Dj Master D and clearly shows moombahton’s roots in Dutch-caribbean bubblinghouse!


The original version of Smash & Aries vs. MiqStar & Wildboyz‘ ‘Ja Toch!’, which came out last year, already is an amazing perreo-inducing moombahton track, which Marvelous K spiced up with some extra banger-energy!


Smash & Aries is an Amsterdam based DJ-MC duo of which DJ Smash Parker is the one who delivers the beats. Just a couple of weeks ago, he teamed up with upcoming Dj talent Dj LaMaggz for this seductive titties flashing invitation, moombahfying Ty Dolla $ign ft. B.o.B.‘s ‘Paranoid‘!

The 2007 hit ‘Magnifico‘ by the popular Antillian bubbling formation K-Liber 4 Life is one of those tunes from before the Dave Nada era that definitely deserve the label moombahton in retrospect and show that this genre just had to be there at some point. A couple of month ago Smash & Aries, again with Dj LaMaggz, have reworked this classic into a powerful moombah banger.. Press dat button!


A bass talent who keeps blowing my mind is Rajeev Gualtiero. A while ago whe shared his amazing Booty Packs, if you don’t have them yet, get them here: Vol.1; Vol.2; Vol.3! Since the last volume he has been back with great new moombahton..

This smooth moombahsoul bootleg of John Legend’s ballad ‘All of Me’ came online just last week..


..and a couple of months back he released this absolutely amazing edit of Beyonce ft. Sean Paul’s classic hit ‘Baby Boy’!


And my absolute favourite is this amazing remix of the Surinamese 80s hit ‘Pum Pum‘ from the alround Caribbean-pop formation Trafassi, moombahfied in collaboration with the Eindhoven based dj-producer Ray Mautar!

Expect more heat in the near future and be teased by this snippet for a fresh moombahton-dancehall banger that appeared on my soundcloud list just yesterday!


It is seriously raining upcoming bass talents in the Netherlands. JVDS and JEAZY, representing Arnhem, are going full force, bringing fresh new club-ready moombahvibes almost every week over the last months. Like so many others in the scene, they really know how to bridge different genres on both the ‘urban’ and the ‘dance’ side of things. Two collabs of them here:

First some bedroom vibes with this  moombahsoul remix of Mavado ft. I-OCTANE & Denyque‘s ‘Tie Yuh’, spicing up the baby-inducing SeX MaTe Riddim with some subtle extra dembow!


These are moombah vibes for the festivals instead, moombahfying Jay Hardway‘s new EDM track ‘Bootcamp‘!


And some more solo releases from the two of them:

JVDS keeps pushing the boundaries. Just last week he released this absolutely delicious exploration into moombahdeep!


And with the original production ‘Big Booty Bitches’, JEAZY demostrates that he is ready to bring not only great remixes but also totally fresh bangers.. Keep an eye on these names!

That also goes for Versano Laroz, another excellent producer from The Hague who brings a combination of different danceable flavours like moombahton, kuduro and latin house..

His latest moombahton production, supported by Original Moombahton, is from three months back and it blows my mind!


Be prepared for this remix of Demarco‘s ‘Steady Whine‘ to be released in the near future. Track is currently being reworked into something even more epic than this teaser already is!


Next to his zombie tune, DODBB released more moombahton recently, further elaborating his unique style..

This amazing dark-edged, Haitian voudou inspired track that came online only yesterday..

..while this delciously seductive dark-deep moombahtwerk-techno track is from last week!


If there is one city where moombahton is really blowing up, it is Breda, in the south of the country. For about two years now Naffz and Nick Mathon, have done great work for the popularisation of moombahton with their many accessible, easy listening bootlegs and remixes of popular songs that have doubtlessly enabled DJs all over the country and beyond to mix moombahton into the most mainstream possible cub sets and have many weekend crowds go loco on 108-110 dembows. Here a quick selection of the most recent examples, starting with this official remix of Hardwell & MAKJ‘s hit ‘Countdown’ (grab full track here)!

This moombah-twerk edit of reggae-pop classic ‘Red Red Wine’, a collab between Naffz and the crew STTRBSTN, is one huge good-vibes cannon that will be epic on every eclectic, mainstream flavoured weekend night!


And already half a year ago, Naffz released this epic, festival oriented moombahton banger together with TMH!

Honey-sweet ballad sounds combined with smooth dembow vibes are always a perfect combination, and with some nostalgia added, it’s even better.


LMFAO ft. Lil Jon‘s hit ‘Shots‘ is one of the many party-till-you-drop anthems these artists have produced some years back. With this bootleg, Nick Mathon transforms their already crazy weekend madness into a powerful moombah banger!


More happy weekend-vibes with this nice tune, which is melodic and housey but has an extremely danceable dembow-beat at the very same time!


TMH is another bass producer from Breda with an accessible sound and a background in hardstyle. Together with the Haarlem based formation Kuddedieren, he released this energetic moombahtwerk tune last month!


And not much earlier this other huge moombahtwerk banger!


The Breda-based crew STTRBSTN (Bouncing Animals) are out there with one mission: making everybody dance, even your goldfish.. With that in mind, they’re bringing a catchy blend of moombahton, kuduro, trap and house.

Together with Guerrilla Crew they restyled ‘De Libi‘, the new single of the popular Dutch rapper Mr. Polska, into a tasty moombahtwerk banger!


This duo, Guerrilla Crew, based in Waalwijk and Raamsdonkveer, are spreading more moombah vibes around the south of the country, these two examples are from last month only and the list is a lot longer and you should definitely check out their older tracks too..

The deliciously minimalistic stripclub banger FM$ from New Boyz is already a couple of years old, but spiced up with some dembows and sharp, crazy synths by Guerrilla Crew and Royal, the tune sounds fresher and filthier than ever!


Together with Ivan Burst, from Epe, another dirty banger is in the making, remixing August Alsina ft. B.o.B. & Yo Gotti‘s twerkalicious ode to alcohol: ‘Numb‘!


The ‘s Hertogenbosch based duo Moombahteam is probably one of the best known mainstream moombahton representatives, with gigs in clubs all over the country and air time on popular Dutch radio channels like Radio 538‘s Avondploeg last year and more recently, on Slam!FM, check that session out here:

In the above video they present their fresh new release ‘Drop That Kick’, featuring Dutch rap pioneer Brainpower.. a catchy classic moombah banger with delicious tropical percussion and oldskool hiphop scratching!

Check out their previous release from two months back, moombahfying Cutty Ranks‘ oldskool dembow classic ‘Limb By Limb‘, which can be downloaded for free!


Also from ‘s Hertogenbosch is Dj Tomcio, who also has an equally eclectic and catchy style that includes moombahton alongside other genres like kuduro, latin house and trap.

Ariana Grande ft. Iggy Azalea‘s hit ‘Problem‘ got a delicious moombah makeover this month!


And before that, the bohemian swing vibes of Stromae‘s Tout les Mêmes are skilfully spiced up with a euphoric blend of tropical flavoured moomahton beats and powerful bigroom synths!


Chippie ft. Lewis‘ ‘Mooie Vrouwen‘ (‘Beautiful Women’) is a bubbling classic from back in the days, from a time when bubbling wasn’t always at high BPMs yet. With this soon-to-be-released moombahton remix, past and present come together in a very danceable way!


Miss Devana, from Eindhoven, is a very talented producer who makes the most fantastic bubbling! Once in a while she experiments with moombahton too. Check out this crazy tune from a couple of months back.. You can definitely expect more of her music on Generation Bass in he near future!

Anton Kemmeren is a producer from Tilburg, one of Generation Bass’ home cities, whose transnational flavoured moombahton we supported last year in our Free Moombahton EP Series Vol.5. And he is still showing massive love.. in this newest release from last months he combines peaceful Andes flavours with heavy beats and powerful synths in a way that perfectly suits the unique style of Bacondo!

Moving on to Rotterdam now. Say moombahton and say Rotterdam and of course you will think about the absolute king of moombahton himself. After his Perreo 101 EP in March this year, Munchi hasn’t released any new music yet. But there’s another producer in town who has been showing love for moombahton for more than two years now, again combined with latin house, kuduro and trap: Dj Vano Rodriquez!

Together with the urban-electronic DJ formation, clothing line and charity foundation Dutch Hustlaz, he moombahfied the freestyle on the legendary Bam riddim by the Dutch rapper MocroManiac.


And here a delicious moombahsoul bootleg of an emotional ballad from the Dutch rapper and singer Mr. Probz!


Also from Rotterdam is the young bass talent INDISA, who debuted on Original Moombahton two weeks ago with this absolutely crazy banger: ‘Guayando’!


Someone who I’ve always hoped would go into moombahton is the one and only Dirty House maestro Vato Gonzalez. Some hope back in the days when he did that ‘Runway remix‘ and a year later the absolutely badass ‘Bad Gyal Riddim‘ but unfortunately he doesn’t seem to have embraced it entirely yet. Still my hope keeps being triggered. Some months ago he did this huge remix of Dominique Young Unique‘s new hit ‘Throw It Down‘!

Dasilvio Armindo is known for his frequent delicious new kuduro, latin house and zouk bangers. But once in a while he makes moombahton as well, like this remix of Jebroer ft. Nigel‘s new single ‘Camouflage‘. Make sure you check out the original, which already has an amazing, futuristic-sad zouk-ish beat that you will definitely dig. And here dasilvio adds a little more dembow and dance-drive!


Afro Bros are a popular dj-producer-label-owner duo from Arnhem, specialised in the combination of huge, festival-oriented dance sounds with a lot of delicious percussion, whether it comes in the form of latin house, afro house, electro or trap.. Not too long ago, they released this first moombahton banger to celebrate their 20K Facebook likes: ‘Can’t MTFCKN Stop Us!’

Wildly eclectic party-king FeestDjRuud has been one of the most influential figures in Dutch nightlife over the last years. As a lover of the most unlikely cross-genre madness, he has been showing a lot of love for moombahton in his mixtapes for a long time already. Last month, he released this wicked moombahtwerk track, a collab with with Kid de Luca!


Rolito is a very talented and promising Colombian-Dutch hiphop producer from Groningen, in the north of the country, who has worked with big names like the Colombian rap formation La Etnnia. Recently, he became interested in extending his talent beyond hiphop, experimenting with bass genres and made this amazing lento banger!


The versatile urban-EDM producer-Dj Stavros Martina from in Almere (closest to myself) shows regular love for moombahton, both in his mixtapes and with new remixes.. A couple of months ago, he officially remixed Freedo‘s reggae-influenced trap tune ‘Champion Sound‘, transforming it into epic festival-moombahton!

And for carnival this year he made a crazy mini EP, which contains this moombahfication of the Dutch Bob the Builder themesong..



Crossing the southern border now on to Belgium.

Captain Steel, from Antwerp, is an important name in Belgium’s global bass scene both with gigs and with his own music. His smooth moombahton remix of Bomba Estereo‘s song from last year ‘Pure Love‘ is his most recent release. Some months old, but a suitable track to play anywhere this summer!

Merdan Taplak is another very active Dj-producer from Antwerp. With his versatile urban-oriented style, he makes excursions into popular hiphop as easily as melodic dubstep. That musical flexibility he brings along in this heavy bass hitter, where it is combined with the high-voltage vibes of Goodzie!


Because of its historical relations and language, Spain is in many aspects-in between Europe and Latin America, being home to the most Latin American immigrant communities on the European continent so where probably most cultural exchange takes place. I know that this definitely applies to more mainstream latin genres like cumbia. Moombahton seems to be in a beginning phase still but with active moombahtonistas doing a good job pushing the vibes!

DJ JAAB, from Murcia, is an electrohouse producer who moved into moombahton recently with remixes of Firebeatz‘ new EDM smasher ‘Bazooka‘..


..and Blasterjaxx‘ new hit ‘Rocket‘ which already has, like Chuckie & Afrojack’s ‘moombah’ this characteristic ‘bubbling remnant’ snaredrum that can really make a positive difference for Dutch house against most other 4/4 fistpump stuff!

The Valencia based electronic alrounder Ludio likes festival bangers that can’t be huge enough. Next to remixes, he also has a number of promising original moombahton productions on his list. I picked the mosth recent examples of both!

A remix of a track which’ original I couldn’t figure out (and have the idea that it’s something very famous while I’m being stupid for not recognising it..) but still this is massive anyway!

..and here a booming example of moombahcore as I like it best: heavy bass sounds, but without sacrificing any of the dembow and latin percussion that make moombahton so amazingly danceable!


We’ve seen the Italian moombahtonista ZYKA above already with two EP’s. Next to those, he has released a couple of solid single tunes on Original Moombahton!



And more can be expected soon! Already check out this promising teaser!



Up north in Sweden, there is a highly active duo going by the name of As We Spoke.. Coming from a reggae soundsystem background musically, they bring the hottest global grooves to the Swedish dancefloors. They are specialised in original productions, most often in collaboration with dancehall MCs, that combine a jamaican vibe with loud bass. ‘Hardcore Style’, a rough moombahall banger, is perfect illustration of the sound that they’re pushing!

Czech Republic:

In the Czech Republic, moombahton and global bass as a whole is represented by somebody whom we have supported extensively over the last years: the alround tropicalist Chong-x who brings a combination of cumbia, moombahton, dancehall and more.. His playful-energetic style has been iconic not just for his own work but for a whole stream in global bass music at large. His latest two moombahton releases are both from a couple of months back already and you’ve probably heard them already in several mixtapes.. but in case you don’t, chance to grab them still!

Most recently he moombahfied ƱZ & Aazar‘s twerk banger ‘Shake‘ creating a tune that is even more powerful than the original..

…and a month earlier the catchy song ‘Manos Arriba‘ (video!) from the Cologne based Latin-rap formation Chupacabras!


Earlier on in the post I already talked about know the impressive Hungary crew, one of their members (Stas) and their label  Babylon Records. The other names from the collective, definitely no strangers for frequent readers of Generation Bass and global bass fans in general, have also released delicious new moombahton since the last time we reported about them!

First one of bass music’s prime boy geniuses: Hataah, from Gyor, who has built up an solid list of excellent tunes in just two years, some of which have already reached genre-classic status in global bass circles.

Hataah has a predilection for bass music with a tribal ambience: minimalistic in synths but rich in polyrhythmic percussion. That is clearly reflected in his latest moombahton creation!

Gekkei, also from Gyor, is Hungary’s third main global bass representative. Focusing on a wide variety of tropically flavoured grooves (for example, he brought boombahchero back to life earlier this year!), like Hataah, he produces moombahton only once in a while. His latest release is from last month and is a skillful moombahfication of Gregor Salto vs. Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano‘s Hardwell-bootleg ‘Mexer vs. Piña‘!


Next to his mixtape, the Slovakian dancehall & moombashment representative Dj Mess did this steamy moombahton mashup of Kelis‘ vs. Khia‘s respective hits ‘Milkshake‘ and ‘My Neck, My Back‘!



As final European country crossed by the ever-growing procession of hungry moombahton zombies, we’ve got Serbia, where Neki Stranac is not only making podcasts but also releases great new moombahton at least twice a month. The most recent examples are this moombahfication of N4GGA (GR) & Walter Smith (UK)’s recent “bigroom balkan banger” ‘Balkan‘..


South Africa:

One of the things that slightly surprised me, but not necessarily in a bad way, is the almost complete lack of moombahton on the African continent. Jamaican dancehall sound is popular all over Africa and since global bass exits, Africa has been a prime source of fancy sounds, from Kuduro to Kwaito to Afrohouse. But apparently, flows in the opposite direction don’t seem to have occurred. All of this may have to do with the ongoing dilemma about global bass being the appropriation of sounds as marketable innovations in the West rather than an equal exchange of ideas, but let’s save that stuff for later now.

Subvertex is a versatile EDM producer from Cape Town who is equally at home in different grooves but always on the heavy-bass-side of the spectrum. When it comes to midtempo grooves, in-your-face moombahcore seems to be the most obvious choice in that case and that is indeed what he does in this Dillonesque banger ‘Freak Off’!

But just last week he released this fresh new tune that still uses powerful bass synths but now combined with a clear dembow groove and delicious experimental percusion!


But the music scene of Mauritius is a very cool thing to find out about and I’m still exploring it more.

Dj Ash is a promising 16 years old talent who makes banger after banger, mostly delicious, percussive latinhouse, many of which are baile funk remixes, which makes it even better. He has been showing love for moombahton since at least a year now, with remixes as well as original productions. Last week, he released this wicked moombahfication of Beenie Man classic hit ‘Dude‘, also using trap and latinhouse elements in a massive way.


And here a preview of fresh banger, a moombahton rework of a bubbling tune by Dj Lockie, that will soon be released!


This banger, ‘Quasimodo’ from another young Mauritian producer Dj Dono, is the first of the (since yesterday) two track on his Soundcloud list. Maybe he has had more in the past which he deleted but still, with a debut like this, more great music can definitely be expected!


South Korea:

We make a leap to Asia, starting in Seoul, South Korea, where the bass producer Official Linker, who has collaborated with Macrohard in the past, released ‘Future Shock’: a powerful moombahcore banger with a delicious, kindof industrialistic dembow beat as its basis! Title invokes memories of the 1970s book that popularised the term ‘information overload’. We’re all living that today now and sometimes it’s necessary to get away from it all for a while and dance to vibes like this!

Get the whole album here!


Recently we’ve been showing some massive love for Malaysia’s electronic music princess Jet Airess and the homegrown genre Borneo Bass.. But did you know that this movement was created by the forward-looking duo Sundae & Pharmacist, who started the label Bassfriends Records, the central platform for the Borneo Bass scene, as a counter-movement against mainstream EDM culture in Malaysia? To me, that makes it even more epic to support and the fact that they have embraced moombahton among their styles is an extra reason to be enthusiastic.

Just last week, Sunday & Pharmacist did this huge moombahfication of ‘Kantoi‘, a catchy indie-pop song by the singer songwriter Zee Avi!


ZAZA LAND is a project of several Bassfriends-affiliated producers together who, released this powerful festival-moombah track back in April (get full track here)!

The amazing moombahcore banger ‘Moombah Di Amirika’, from Zeeqsquad, is a little bit older but still too epic not to post!


At the end of their world-tour, the zombies have arrived Down Under. So far, I haven’t been able to discover much of an actual moombahton scene here but that doesn’t mean it is completely absent. Here, it is electrohouse producer LowParse who has recently started exploring several global bass genres. This raw, energetic moombahtwerk banger ‘Helicopter’ is a promising sign of what may come in the future!


Original Moombahton – Volume 1 Compilation


Since the beginning of this year, Original Moombahton has rapidly become the main provider of the best, highest quality moombahton and their influence on the music scene has only just started to manifest. They’ve been doing a phenomenal job from the start, uploading new music on an almost daily basis. Now it’s time for the first edition of an official compilation series.

‘Original Moombahton Vol 1’ is a mindblowing compilation delivering 15 skillfully produced tracks from producers representing different corners of the globe.

Style-wise, these are all excellent examples of what can be called classic moombahton bangers, with flavours that vary between the delicious minimalism of Billon Dollars, the crazy experimentalism of Happy Colors and GodWonder and the rough moombahcore of Jameston Thieves and Krumm. But all tunes are equipped with just the right amount of undead energy to conquer your speakers, your sets and dancefloors worldwide.


01. MaxX and EJ – Número Uno

02. Ricky Vaughn – The Secret

03. Kapo – Ensayo!

04. GodWonder – Baru Acelra

05. Mohntee – Take It To The Streets

06. Krumm – Body Rock

07. Selecta Doc ft. Dreadeye – Step Forward

08. Happy Colors – Miya

09. Billion Dollars – Suck My 41

10. Cubaki – Cardiofitness

11. Marco Villarroel & LocoMotive – Get Down

12. Jameston Thieves – Tizzy

13. Mambo Killers – Sandungue – O

14. Varilla – Go Down

15. Noise Twins – LÁ NA TREFA DO CHEFAO

The impressiveness of this project, which reminds of T&A’s Moombahton Forever release last year, is truly the icing on the cake, the ultimate sign that the moombahton movement is more vital and passionate than ever.

“We are the future, we are Original Moombahton.”

Grab the EP for free and be part of this!


..and be prepared for the next edition, dropping on June the 30th!

Follow Original Moombahton:



The Great Moombahton Zombiemarch Continues – Part 2: Edición Latina (In Spanish)


Artwork: skulls decorated with the bead-art of the indigenous Mexican Huichol culture, created in 2011, in a collaboration of Huichol artisans with the British allround designer Catherine Martin

The zombies are on the loose… All the dead, underground genres are slowly starting to take over, looting the leftovers of a collapsing commercial industry, and moombahton is ready to march along. What’s more: to LEAD this revolution!!

PART 1: USA & Canada

Here we saw what’s going on in the USA, where the movement started, and in Canada. This post was, until then my biggest post ever and this one is even more gigantic (I hope the site won’t have too many troubles loading all the tracks). This second part of the series will show all that’s going on South of the border.

Because, moombahtonistas latinos, this post is for you and your fans in your city & country, I’ll continue the rest of this post in Spanish (for all of you who don’t speak that language, there’s Google Translate..).

A continuar! El movimiento del moombahton y del ‘global bass’ en general, ha crecido mucho en Americal Latina en los ultimos años. Sobre todo en México y Chile, y también hay iniciativos en Guatemala, Venezuela y Colombia entre otros. Lo más promotedor es que el moombahton de hoy se está evoluando rapidamente de un experimento Americano en el mundo del EDM hacia un genero con un carácter en sí misma. Un carácter profundamente latino y más allá de los categorias tradicionales de lo ‘urbano’ y del ‘electronico’ que pertenece tanto al reggaeton que a la música house y al mismo tiémpo a ningún de esos dos.

En México y EEUU, hay cada vez más colaboraciónes entre artistas de los dos lados de la frontera. Y aquí también es Ricky Vaughn que hace lo más esfuerzo para adelantar el movimiento. Estas ultimas meses se dedicó a un tour por México, tocando en la Cuidad de México..

..y en San Luis Potosí..

Lo que apareció en la television, con una entrevista más extenso con el organizador del evento, Pita W!

No solo México ha tenido eventos que han introducido el sonido. El el principio del año pasado había un Moombahton Carnival en Bogotá, Colombia, organizado por los embajadores Colombianos del global bass, El Freaky Colectivo, con en su lineup los gigantes Nadastrom, SABO y Machete All Stars, y un otro Moombahton Massive en San Cristobal, Venezuela. Y en Noviembre, Nicaragua también tuvo su Moombahton Massive, lo que una edición especial para el Dia de  los Muertos, condimentada con muchas formas de expresion culturales-experimentales!

Miren el apetitoso trailer acá..

..y acá hay un documental muy bonito, hecho por el plataforma cultural, Grupo Meka, que estuvo detrás de la initiativa para este evento, tratandose del moombahton y de la escena cultural latina-vanguardista en Nicaragua!

Tiempo de continuar a las mezclas!


Fake Moustache, de la Ciudad de México, empezó a producir moombahton hace más que dos años y ahora se ha convertido en uno de los exponentes más importantes del movimiento en México. Esto es su mezcla más nueva que hizo hace un mes para el canal tropi-trónico Mexicano Tropic-All!

Esta mezcla con un sabor brusko y oscuro, hecho por el tropicalista también de la Ciudad de México Mr.Jags, con selecciones de su propia obra, era nombrado entre los 5 finalistas para el concurso de mixtapes organiso por uno los plataformas global bass más prósperos del momento: Day Off. Aquí pueden chekear una buena reportaje con algunas impresiones de la sesión más nueva! Esto no solo es moombahton pero si tiene un montón de dembows electronicos bien sabrosos!


La próxima otra vez viene del Distrito Federal. El reggaetonero Dj Krizis, del crew cultural urbano-electronico The Zombies Collective, hizo esta energética mezcla el mes pasado como una primera introducción a este genero para sus seguidores: ‘This is Moombah’!


Un moombahtonista pasionado que indudablemente merece más atención de la moombahfam es el DJ-productor Guatemalteco Wicho Lopez, a.k.a. Master Fad3r, who has done an amazign job is pushing the movement in Guatemala, including a monthly radio show and the organisation of a Moombahton Invasion party last halloween, which brought Fight Clvb (ex-SazonBooya members SAV & Mystereo) to Guatemala!


Wicho con SAV y Mystereo dando amor a la calavera del Dia de los Muertos

En su show, Atomic Boom Bah, emitido en la estación de radio Guatemalteca Radio Saturn, Wicho presenta lo más fresco, más exitoso del moombahton, trap, 3ball y otros estilos del global bass a los fans de la música electronica! Ésta es la sesión más nueva!

Dj Mauro es un DJ-productor allround de Cali, Colombia. Recientemente, empezó experimentando con trap y hace un mes también hizo una mini-mezcla de moombahton.


La última mezcla de este posto, hecho por el tropicalista Peruano HoaX, incluye un sabor más ‘deep’ y tambien un poquito de zouk bass y cumbia digital!


EP’s y albums:

Un nuevo album que me alegra mucho es este proyecto ‘Helado Oscuro’ (for English speaking people: ‘Helado Oscuro’ means ‘Dark Icecream’ which in Spanish sounds identical to ‘The Dark Side’, pretty epic word-play!) de Master Fad3r, que hizo un EP completo de pistas de moombahton que son realmente ‘canciones’, con letras completas realizadas por una diversa selección de artistas Guatemaltecas! En la pasada sesion de Atomic Boom Bah, Wicho presentó el EP y habló un poquito acerca de su pasión para el moombahton y de los origenes del proyecto Master Fad3r!

Bajen el EP aquí en el almacen de iTunes!

Un otro album muy amplio viene de la Ciudad de México, de Cepillo Cuevas, un productor de todo tipos de la musica bass, los estilos más tropicales y latinos igual que estilos como el glitch hop, electrohouse o el drum ‘n bass. ‘Para Nada’ es una compilación de todos sus producciones de moombahton desde el principio del año 2013. Tiene 11 pistas de exelente calidad musical, explorando todas las diferentes sabores que brinda el genero, desde los sonidos suaves de moombahsoul y moombahdeep hasta los robustos y energéticos del moombahcore, y siempre con una combinación de percisión bien tropical y synths eufórifos y melódicos!


‘Spend Money’ es el EP más nuevo de Fake Moustache, publicado en After Mess Recs, el nuevo label Mexicano electronica-alternativa. Tiene tres rolas en tres diferentes estilos: trap, moombahton y cumbiaton, la ultima de que ya apoyámos antes en una edición de Sexxy Saturday Cumbia. Acá presentamos el EP completa!


G-Unnior, de Tijuana, hizo un montón de rolas de moombahton fantásticas desde hace un año. ‘HARD-AH-TON’ lo dice todo. Es un EP con un tres pistas bien duras y violentas. Trae influencias del hardstyle tanto como del Dutch house y del dembow, pero todo con un toque único y experimental. A veces hace recordar de la fusión fabulosa del moombahton con gabber lo que hizo La Muerta de Culiacán en 2011. Desde entonces desapareció completamente..

Billion Dollars de San Luis Potosí, México, es un nuevo artista prometedor en el mundo de moombahton y global bass. ‘El Gallo’ es el EP multigenero en lo que presenta lo mejor de su obra!

Mensaje del artista: “IT’S FREE, BITCHES


El ultimo EP ya era publicado hace un medio año, pero lo quiero compartir porque Ghetto Kids, un colectivo de dos Djs-productores y un baterista que toca live, también de la Ciudad de México, indudablemente es uno de los lideres más importantes de la escena global bass Mexicano en general. Tienen conecciónes directas con los artistas más importantes en las escenas del 3ball y del cumbiaton como 3ball MTY y el Colectivo Understyle. El año pasado tocaron juntos con PablitoMix y con los cumbiamberos digital Argentinos de Chancha Via Circuito en multiples ocasiones como el aniversario de VICE México, el aniversario de Day Off y más recientemente en el gran festival Vive Latino 2014, tocando una fusión a la perfección de reggaeton, cumbiaton y moombahton!

Chekenlo acá..

‘Todos Santos EP’ tiene una pista de glitchhop, una de moombahton y la última es de trap. ‘Cirios’, una colaboración con la vocalista Sara Cobo y un otro colectivo del bass Mexicano, Mnstr Prty, es una producción que combina dos lados del genero: un atmósfera ‘deep’ igual que lo eufórico y loco, con un toque delicado del moombahton ‘glitchero’ de artistas como Dillon Francis.


Noizekid, de Nuevo Laredo, es probablemente el productor de moombahton más famoso de México, más conocido por sus remezclas moombahficaciones de muchas canciónes de reggaeton y sus ediciones especiales para Muevelo! Es uno de mis productores favoritos porque sus synths son los mejores!

Echen un vistazo en sus rolas más nuevas!

Una colaboración con Addictiv, moombahficando el clásico ‘Zun Da Da’ de Zion..

..un otro bootleg excelente de Tito el Bambino & Beenie Man’s ‘Flow Natural’ con MaxX and EJ de Nueva York, que apareció como una exclusiva para Tropicalbass..


..uno del EDM banger del momento ‘#Selfie’ por The Chainsmokers..

..y uno de Alex y Fido’s ‘Eso Ehh’!


Un otro artista que ha sido muy importante para el movimiento de moombahton en México es el tropicalista Javier Estrada, que ha trabajado mucho con nosotros en diferentes ediciónes exclusivas para nuestro label, como este Moombahton EP de hace un año.

Esto es una canción featuring MC Boogat que ya apoyámos el mes pasado. Si no lo has escuchado todavía chekalo acá, porque estoy de acuerdo con Dj UMB, que escribió ese posto original, que esto es indudablemente el mejor moombahton que vas a oir en todo el año!


Fake Moustache se reunió con Mr.Jags para esta producción bien loca que te pondrá a sandunguear!

PablitoMix ya vimos anteriormente en este posto como uno de los artistas más importantes en la escena del cumbiaton en la Ciudad de México. También ha empezado experimentar con el moombahton. El mes pasad publicó este demo para una nueva producción!


No es la primera vez que un cumbiatonero ha hecho moombahton. Ya en 2012, Dj Bekman empezo a introducir el genero en la escena de cumbiaton con una mezcla y despues también con sus propios producciones.

Estos son los ejemplos más frescos!


..y ‘Me Gusta Tu Culo

..y también cheken sus dos rolas del año pasado:

‘The Cry of the Mariachi’


..y ‘El Maldito Sonido “Moombahton”‘!


Tremenda La Sucia es el alter-ego de Imix Jaguar un artista multi-disciplinario, musical tanto como visual y propietario de Popol Vuh Records, un label que se dedica a una combinación de psytrance, goatrance, darktrance con diferentes estilos del global bass. Tremenda es la personificación de su lado loco, maleducado y pervertido.

Acá una colaboración reciente con Cepillo Cuevas..

..’Jalea’, la rola más nueva es una reedición de una producción que hizo hace algunas semanas, que republicó ayer con una letra del hiphopero MC Drako!

Despues de lo tanto que está pasando en la escena del Distrito Federal, exploramos los otros lugares. Primeramente  Tijuana! Acá un surtido de las rolas mejores de G-Unnior que hizo después de aparte de su EP!

Su producción más nueva ‘Pa’l Piso’..

..una moombahficación de Botnek’s Dutch house banger ‘The Sound‘..

..una colaboración con The Daybreakers, del DF: ‘Hay Papi’..


..’Bellaqueo’ que te habra perrear intensamente mientras que suenan los bajos ricísimos del oldskool dubstep..

..y una pista bien sabrosa, inspirada por los zombies!

De la misma ciudad, Tijuana, es el post-cumbiambero legendario Yelram Selectah, destacado frequentamente en mis posts de Sexxy Saturday Cumbia. También tiene amor para el moombahton, y esta rola loca, oscura y deliciosamente pervertida, un homenaje al descubridor de nuestro mundo inconsciente, es el ejemplo más reciente!


Mazziv. Bhuyaka! está representando la segunda ciudad más grande del país, Guadalajara, con dos pistas colaboradas con DJ Elnica:

Un homenaje al reggaeton clásico de Don Chezina..

..y ‘$ANDUNGA’: moombahlocura en su forma más pura!

Washiwasha, de Morelos, recientamente se convirtió en uno de las personas más activas en el mundo del global bass, siguiendo todos los acontecimientos más nuevos en la escena bass en Mexico y afuera. Y el mismo también es un productor muy prometedor. Esto es su moombah más nueva, una colaboración con los moombahtonistas Chilenos J-1 y Man-k: ‘La Policia’!


Y esta rola, igualmente dura y tropical, hizo have un mes, junto con el cumbiambero El Gato Deejay!

Freebot representa Monterrey con estas dos producciones fantasticas:

‘El Bando’ que combina un sabor muy latino y alegre con un toque experimental..


..y ‘F*ck Th3 Government’, una rola energética rebelde y con un mensaje bien claro!


Pita W ya vimos como organizador del evento de moombahton en San Luis Potosí. Esta es una remezcla que hizo de la canción clásica de los años 90: ‘Coco Jambo’. Los años 90 son uno de los fuentes musicales más importantes del momento y esta canción que ya tiene un tempo medio-lento y un sabor bien latino, una remezcla moombahtonera es una opción también obvia y genial. Alguien tuvo que hacerlo y Pita lo hizo. Disfruten esta rolita del recuerdo!


Arriba en el posto ya hablé un poquito sobre la escena del moombahton en Guatemala y del papel central en ese movimiento del DJ-productor Master Fad3r. Esta canción excelente de es la pista central de su dicho album ‘Helado Oscuro’. La razón que lo pongo extra es porque está canción demuestra de una manera muy clara las posibilidades que tiene el moombahton. Esto es una canción, con una letra, que también combina diferentes sabores, balanceando entre lo moombahsoul y una vibra más energetica y apasionada, que hace recordar del estilo del productor Holandés Gabriel Rowano. La única cosa lástima es que no he logrado adivinar quién es la vocalista que canta esto..


La semana pasada hizo una remezcla excelente de una pista de Rod Franco, ‘Ojos Negros’.


Rod Franco es un otro moombahtonista Guatemalteco, la mitad del dúo Beans Carteljunto con Dawgie Style. También tiene un podcast que se llama Sonidos Del Central.

Además de la producción original de ‘Ojos Negros’, un moombah con un sabor muy latino..


..también hizo una moombahficación pegajosa de ‘Cumbia Sobre el Rio’ de Celso Piña y Control Machete, que ya apoyámos en Sexxy Saturday Cumbia..


..y una fusión deliciosa de moombahton y salsa!



La escena del moombahton en Colombia ha cambiado mucho en 2014. Antes eran los tropicalistas de El Freaky Colectivo y el artista alround-bass Plukaut que fueron adelante del movimiento, juntos con el rey Colombiano del deep cumbia, Dany F que a veces también hizo algo de moombahton, como ésta remezcla del hit de 2011 ‘La Tusa‘ de los salseros Caleños Integración Casanova.


Pero recientemente ha llegado una nueva generación de moombahtonistas y lo más importante de ahora es Dj Luiscar, apoyado por OG Moombahton y con una buena lista de pistas de moombahton desde los principios de 2013.

Esto es su producción más reciente: ‘moombahsuave’!


Y acá un demo completamente fresco bien loco.. Entramos en un estado de descontrol completo!


Hace un año, el reggaetonero Ryder Rex hizo este gran banger que todavía quiero bloggear porque me dió mucha esperanza cuando lo descubrí que tal vez más reggaetoneros Colombianos fueran a experimentar con el moombahton. Pero nunca volvió a hacerlo..

Descubri a Dj Tombs de Bogotá Colombia, solo ayer, escribiendo este posto. Es un DJ-productor versatíl de excelente calidad que mezcla sonidos electronicos y los urbanos más mainstream en una mixtura de electro-latino, dubstep y moombahton. Esto es su moombahficación del hit ‘Chupa Song‘ de la cantora Rumana Andrea.

Y esto es un demo del productor de reggaeton Back dj ‘El Futurista’ que no está etiqueteado como moombahton pero musicalmente totalmente lo es!



Venezuela también tiene algunos productores muy promotedores de moombahton.

Mambo Killers son un dúo de Tachira cuyo fama está aumentando rápidamente en la escena de moombahton global. Estos son sus dos pistas más recientes, bangers duros con mucha ricura de los sonidos bajos..

..y acá un otro que demuestra su enfoque energético a la música!

Wost ya es un nombre relativamente establecido, con producciónes en una variedad de generos bass, con colaboraciones con y remezclas ofociales para varios artistas importantes como Caballo y Ricky Vaughn. Hace algunos meses apoyámos su ‘Raptor EP‘ multigenero en nuestro blog que tiene ésta pista moombahton-salsasero bien sabrosa..

..y acá homenaje a Celia Cruz con un mashup de su hit clásica, ya moombificada por Doc & Jes con ‘Bash‘ de Ricky Vaughn y Woogie!

Puerto Rico:

Tal vez en contra de las expectaciones visto la popularidad del reggaeton en la isla, hasta donde sé yo, no una ‘escena’  de moombahton en Puerto Rico. Pero a pesar de eso, hay John Johnny, un productor electrónico experimental talentoso con un estilo duro, industrial y distópico. En los varios ritmos que hace, ha experimentado frequentemente con el moombahton y dembow en general.

Ésto es su pista de moombahton más conicida, que también era apoyado por OG Moombahton


Acá una otra del año pasado que todavía quiero compartir porque a mí me gusta muchisimo!


..y una moombahficación de una pista dark electro de Crossfire!


Republica Dominicana:

Lo mismo va para la Republica Dominicana. Se puede decir que Munchi, un Dominicano viviendo en Holanda, representa a la isla más prominentemente, y también, en el mundo de global bass hay Mediopicky y Freaky Philip que también son dos embajadores Dominicanos muy importantes. Pero los recientemente no ya han producido nuevo moombahton.

Quien sí ha continuado produciento moombahton es Varilla, que hizo esta nueva banger solo hace dos semanas..


..y acá una compilación de sus otras producciónes de este año!


Una explicación especifica puede ser que la Republica Dominicana tiene el estilo de dembow que ha ganado mucha en popularidad en los ultimos años, más o menos contemporaneamente con el moombahton. En esta escena también hay híbridos de dembow con la música electrónica. Esto son dos ejemplos de ‘dembow electrónico’ de M Produciendo un productor de Nueva York de la escena dembow, que con un tempo más bajo y unos sonidos bien electrónicos totalmente merecen la marca ‘moombahton’!


Aparte de México, Chile es el país latino endonde la escena del moombahton ha crecido más sólidamente. Esto es más debido a dos dúos especificas. Primeramente Bacondo, el nuevo proyecto de festival-moombahton-andino cuyo gran EP era recibido con mucho entusiasmo. Como solo artistas J-1 y Man-k tambien han continuado produciendo grandisimas pistas de moombahton!



El otro dúo son los Moombah Kingz que están haciendo remezclas moombahtoneras extremamente pegajosas y exitosas los que han compilado en tres grandes packs!



Argentina está representada por el productor de global bass Reptilian Commander cuyo focus en general es más en el zouk bass que en el moombahton, pero a veces si lo hace. Acá es el ejemplo más reciente, que era parte de la compilación absolutamente fantástica Temporal Vol.3, del netlabel Chileno Sello Regional!


✞ЯфPKiLLΔℤ, productores de todo tipo de música bass y lo urbana, tienen una historia extensa en la escena electrónica en Brasil y han llegado a una fama dentro de Brasil igual que internacional. Su focus central es el trap y música bass en el estilo de las festivales internacionales. Esto es una pista reciente, etiqueteada como ‘latin bass’ pero con mucha influencia del moombahton!

Arturo Herrera es un artista importante en el mundo de la cumbia digital. En los ultimos meses ha hecho algunas rolas que combinan la cumbia con el moombahcore-jumpup en el estilo de Dillon Francis. Porque ya las he blogeado para Sexxy Saturday Cumbia, solo les doy mi ejemplo favorito!

See you at the next edition in EUROPE, AFRICA and ASIA! The zombies are ready…

If moombahton died in 2013, then this is the zombie apocalypse… and it’s going to be fun!! – Part 1: USA & Canada


Artwork: detail of the Tzompantli (prehispanic Mexican skull rack) inspired background of a Dia de los Muertos altar in Philadelphia, part of an exposition from 2012 by the Mexican mural artist César Viveros Herrera

Moombahton is dead. We all know. There was a period when hearing or even just reading these words would trigger me into a defense-mode, but last October it became official. Even for the fiercest defenders, the struggle only had one end-point: acceptance. Or maybe not…

After all, was moombahton’s ‘death’ so bad in the first place? Being kept at a fair distance from the currently sinking-ship called EDM is probably something that should not be mourned over but rather celebrated. Death can be dealt with in a joyful way. An appropriate parallel with what the sugar skull stands for in the Day of the Dead tradition. And now the music world as a whole is entering a creative chaos, moombahton can proudly join in the gigantic march of dead genres, hungry to feed off the blood and brains of the collapsing commercial industry.

What makes all of this even more hopeful is that moombahton seems to become more firmly embraced both in the Netherlands and in Latin America, ‘homelands’ of Dutch house and of reggaeton. With a stronger ‘local home-bases’ a scene is no longer dependent on hipster-attention in order to stay interesting and to attract new talent. It’s happening slowly, but there’s something going on in Latin America, in the Netherlands as well as in the USA & Canada. The new central spot, Original Moombahton, is doing a fantastic job in bringing it all together. This post will show what the different clusters of the moombahton scene have been up to just these months, including some older stuff because it just needs to be blogged…

Let’s go!!


In my cumbia posts, I’m used to split things up into mixtapes, EP’s and single releases.. so here imma do the mixtapes separately just to get into the right vibe!

Few of us will doubt that Ricky Vaughn is currently the leading force behind all things moombahton and nobody else deserves more to walk in front of this massive zombie march. That’s why I open with this mixtape with unreleased specials, delivered as a celebration of and for his 30K fans on Facebook!


The Washington DC-based DJ-producer DJ Madd OD is another moombahton OG, one who has done an amazing job in introducing moombahton in his home-country Nicaragua (which was home to a Moombahton Massive – Dia de Los Muertos Special last October!). Check out this fantastic ‘Moombahton Mayhem’, mixed 2 months ago for Do Androids Dance!

Hugo Haze is an up and coming name from the new generation of global bass fanatics. This mix is the first episode of a new moombahton mixtape series, ‘Noche de MooMbahTON’, which we will definitely keep you updated about in the future!


If you asked me a year ago what the main problem with moombahton was I’d have answered, among many other things, that there were far too many bangers and far too few tracks meant for another place in a set than the ‘climax’. More specifically, moombahton is craving for tracks that bring a hot ‘perreo’ vibe back into it. Of course there is a lot of great soulful and deep stuff too, but that’s a whole different thing. Many producers seemed to forget that the way you can dance to dembow is precisely what makes a low BPM interesting in the first place… Fortunately, I see more and more diverse vibes in moombahton these days, and much of it also seems to get closer to reggaeton again.

Necio, a moombahtonista from Compton, LA, is one of the most avid pushers of moombahton as an innovation inside reggaeton itself, just like dominican dembow and Mexican cumbiaton. This epic mixtape, which was mixed already two years ago, could not have been published on a better moment than now!



The day before yesterday, I was already more than half way writing this post when this mindblowing new EP came out from the Orlando-based bass alrounder Big Makk! ‘Midnight EP’, which contains two delicately produced tracks, brings an ancient-futuristic hybrid of moombahton and techno. The delicious combination of percussion, atmospheric sound effects and subtle use of tension make this EP one of the most promising innovative experiments in moombahton I’ve seen in a while!

Get it here!


A while ago, ‘Dos Borrachos’ from LocoMotive was an EP released as a special edition for Do Androids Dance. I can’t recall exactly whether or not Generation Bass has already supported it, so just in case we haven’t, I just do a quick review here.

The first two tracks are heavy bangers with dominant sharp synths, reminiscent of the strongly Dirty-Dutch inspired early moombahton bleeps and Skrillex-growls took over the genre. The final track, a collaboration with moombahtonista of the very first hour DJ Melo, is a more subtle, cumbia-influenced track that features accordeon and organic latin-percussion sounds!

All tracks are free!

The Korean-American bass producer Macrohard, based in Durham North Carolina, frequently shows love for moombahton alongside other global bass flavours. ‘Me Da Igual’ EP was released earlier this year on the great alternative-electronic-oriented Mexican netlabel After Mess Recs and delivers an excellent blend vibes! ‘Me Da Igual’ is an experimental track that fuses the grooves and sounds of moombahton, deephouse, techno, and dubstep, while ‘OGM’ is a subtle porn-flavoured twerk track that stays close to the hiphop roots of twerk music!


More recent is ‘Saoco’, this fantastic EP from the New-York based producer SΛNDL♂T. This EP is an excellent example of what I see emerging as a new generation of moombahton, which most important feature is that it stays danceable and grindable, even when combined whith roughest moombahcore sounds!

Another perfect example is ‘Hablo Un Poco’, an equally powerful EP by the up and coming Trap-A-Lot Maffia-signed bass alrounder CZuR, released only two weeks ago, with another three tracks that all have an enormous amount of dance-drive, but of the kind will make you dance!


US-Canada connection in m0ombahton is most directly celebrated in this collaborated EP by Toronto’s Cortez Syndicate together with SikkSounds (DC) and D-V3KZ (Chula Vista, CA)! ‘Empuja EP’ brings a subtle, downtempo lento tune and a powerful moombahton banger, both with a lot of latin percussion and a vibe that guarantees some intense perreo!

And if you haven’t got SikkSounds‘ massive 7-track ‘Moombahton Sexxx EP’ from last year in your collection yet, grab it here!

The final EP also comes from Toronto, Canada, delivered by SlyRocka. ‘Cold Snap’, released already four months ago, is an EP that brings wonderfully deep grooves with delicious percussion in three tracks that vary in vibe from light and dreamy to heavy and dark!

But more than time now for the actual worldwide zombie-march to take off, starting in the USA where the movement started, going down south and then crossing the Atlantic! Keep in mind there’s no order of importance in which country is mentioned first…


Again, nobody deserves more to lead this massive procession than Ricky Vaughn. After his amazing Viva La Ricky EP, a Remixes EP and a mindblowing third edition of The Art of Moombahton, this week he is back with a absolutely crazy remix of not just of the hit-track ‘Yeezus’, but of all tracks on the whole album together!


After his EP, SΛNDL♂T is also back with an exclusive release for OG Moombahton, delivering a moombahton remix of Tito El Bambino‘s reggaeton classic ‘Pepe‘!


I know that opinions about this differ but personally, I’ve always been in favour of keeping moombahton close to reggaeton and the broader ‘latin-urban’ scene that includes innovative genres like nu-mambo and nu-salsa, among other things. Reggaeton legend DJ Blass has shown love for the moombahton movement from the very start and has definitely done a lot to draw the two worlds together. What’s especially dope is that he didn’t ‘switch’, like many hype-artists who jump on a bandwagon while leaving their ‘old’ style behind. Until today he has continued to produce great reggaeton, next his excursions into moombahton, dominican dembow, trap and kuduro.. Check out his newest release: transforming Enrique Iglesias’ new hit ‘Bailando’ into the ideal club banger, with a Sean Paul-vocal, 808 drums and powerful moombah madness!


That also gives me the opportunity to share his ‘A lo Loco EP’ from October last year. When it came out, I wanted write a post about it but I didn’t manage to. Which I still regret, because this is one of the absolute-best moombahton EP’s that has appeared ever since the heydays of Munchi..

This filthy banger from Hammo Sung & LocoMotive, released in the beginning of this year, is one of those tunes that have the potential to become a genre-classic, a hook that pushes a recognition-button and makes the crowd go crazy. Both being important names in the bass scene on the interface of trap, moombahton and house, I definitely hope to hear more moombahton from their hands in the near future!

Also check out Hammo Sung‘s epic tribute to the Colombian salsa-legend Joe Arroyo

…and his most recent collaboration with the Miami-based Dominican bass talent Happy Colors: a unique, downtempo lento-trap banger. Maybe not completely moombahton for the purist, but the rough, dembow-vibe makes it closer to moombahton than to anything else!

There are probably no other producers who have kept pushing new moombahton so persitently as the New-York based duo Noise Twins, who have delivered new quality productions on an almost on a monthly basis. These are their newest releases.

‘Noisetwins’: a short, dark-edged and somewhat bigroom-ish tune with an energetic dembow beat!

…’La Na Treta Do Chefão’: a heavily baile funk inspired, tropical track with delicious percussion but also with sharp Dutch synths!

… and ‘Future Noize’: a heavy moombahcore banger with an intro and middle part in which they explore a subtle, futuristic vibe, different from their usual stryle, creating an uplifting, mysterious atmosphere that reminds me of the cumbia of Sitlaly!

Kapo is another first-hour moombahtonista from New York who has been very important for the scene, best known for his ‘Viva La Moombah’ trilogy, and with quite a number of genre-classics on his name. This is his newest creation, that officially came out this month on Groove Therapy Records as a Cinco de Mayo special!


Staying in New York, Go Buck has released as many as three new moombahton tracks this month only, which are all wildly creative in their own way..

‘Birds’ is a crazy moombification of DJ Snake’s hit ‘Bird Machine’, spiced up with extra bird-sounds, some of which made me realise that some of those actually resemble bleep-synths.. or is it the other way around..?

‘Fluence’, a collaboration with the mysterious BNRCPZ, is a feelgood-flavoured track which has the potential to become a radio hit this summer!

[email protected]@a’ is a funky track where elements of classic house, nu-disco, deep house and even some very subtle traces of dubstep and baile funk blend together in a delicious mid-tempo groove!

Apart from his EP, Macrohard is did two more crazy moombahton tunes:

A moombahfication of Gregor Salto & Wiwek‘s Dutch-electro banger ‘Intimi’..


..and an epic moombah-tribute to the legendary original pokemon ‘theme rap‘!


Following his mixtape, Necio delivered more moombahton-reggaeton fusion this week: a smooth moombahfication of Wisin y Yandel’s ‘Tu Sabanas’!

A little further back this year, DJ Madd OD DJ TΞBO did a ‘classic-moombah’ remix of the hit ‘No Me Trates De Engañar‘ from the Panamanian reggaeton legend El General!


And here another basic banger from M∆¢H!ИЄ GµИ 8Ø8’s-crew-member Nuggiez Beats, which stays close to reggaeton in its own way: with a classic, perreo-inducing dembow beat!

And just few days ago, a fresh new moombahton-crew was launched the US-Mexican border city of El Paso Texas, Eskeleto, presenting itself to the South-West and to the world with this high-energy banger: ‘POW!’

PoundPoundPound is a duo from Lafayette, Indiana, which also pushes moombahton in combination with trap and house and have continued producing and supporting it. In the past, they’ve done specials for Moomba+ and then-still-Moombahton.net. After some more EDM oriented productions, they’re back now with a remix of Ricky Vaughn Kapo‘s ‘Thinking About You’..

And with ‘En Route’: a new multigenre EP, released just yesterday, which contains next to an electrohouse and a nu-disco tune, as many as three fresh new moombahton productions!

Probably, it is the popularity of twerk music (and maybe zouk-bass) that created a demand for a larger grab-bag-tag of Mid-Tempo, to refer to all those different styles together. Many moombahtonistas and global bass fans hate trap and twerk and part of the reason may be that for some time, they felt like trap and twerk were taking over their party, at the expense of interest in moombahton. Understandable, but for me personally, it would be a wasted opportunity if moombahton on the one hand and trap and twerk on the other hand remained hostile towards each other rather than join forces. It even seems that moombahton might be getting the last laughs. Now an underground trap scene is emerging that is retracting from the EDM-industry, there are some signs that this scene is regaining some interest in moombahton too. But I’ll preserve this new trap scene for a separate post soon.

This big remix of  is one of the many examples of how deliciously well these vibes can flow together!

That track is actually a re-twerk of an original moombahton track which is another example of an ‘instant genre-classic’!

Here another perfect example, delivered by DJ Madd OD!


…and another one from the Boston-based trap & bass artist SCRVP in collaboration with the German hiphop & EDM producer Johnny Good!


And just as I was writing this post, a fresh new moombahtwerk banger appeared on my Souncloud stream, from Chicago’s rising trap & EDM star Julian Benasis!

You will have noticed that I have focused mainly on dembow-oriented stuff and less on electro-glitch-Skrillexstep-inspired moombahcore and nu-jumpup-flavoured bangers.

Fans of the latter sort can bask in this wonderful, uplifting space voyage from the Miami-based producers Kosmos & Krumm!


Since Cortez‘ and SlyRocka‘s EPs were most recent releases, my Montreal-based BAE Antae is repping Canada all by himself. Drawing from his solid musical background in underground prog, he does a fantastic job with this spectacular progressive-flavoured remix of Bacondo‘s ‘Umayuwaka‘ ft. Loki Da Trixta!


…and a delicious moombahfication of ‘Bubbah Meck‘, the zouk-bass original from the Brooklyn based tropicalist Banginclude!


Ricky Vaughn – The Art Of Moombahton Volume 3


Great new mix up from Ricky Vaughn that showcases the latest hottest things happening in Moombahton including a bunch of his own tracks, edits and remixes.

Something he laid down for an FM station.

Check it out.

1. Intro
2. Future – I Won (Ricky Vaughn Rework)
3. Ricky Vaughn x JSTJR – Raw
4. Noizekid x Addictiv z Zion – Zun Dada
5. SIZZURP x Orlande Guerreiro – Cambumbo
6. Ricky Vaughn – Pharrell No llores
7. DJ Lockie vs Pato Banton – Go Pato
8. Ricky Vaughn – Tito No llores
9. Ricky Vaughn – Mis Cuernos (Noizekid Remix)
10. Ricky Vaughn – Mis Cuernos (LocoMotive Remix)
11. LocoMotive – Caliente
12. Big Pun – Still Not A Player (Ricky Vaughn Rework)
13. Spice – So Mi Like It (DJ Lockie Remix)
14. Yuri Viroj – Pop That (Ricky Vaughn Edit)
15. Ricky Vaughn – The Secret
16. Artists Congo Tardis #1 – Marathon (Ricky Vaughn Remix)
17. LightCore – EL Duro
18. Botnek – The Sound (G-unnior Remix)
19. Ricky Vaughn – Slow Down
20. Ricky Vaughn – Jahan On Me….
21. Ricky Vaughn – Yeezus
22. IzzI Spread – Melcochita (Rumba q Tumba)
23. Ape Drums & Phat Duece – Dude (108 Edit)
24. Ricky Vaughn – Like Ohh
25. M.I.A. – Bring The Noize (Ricky Vaughn Rework)
26. Munchi x Isa Gt – Isa Te Dijo (Ricky Vaughn Rework)
27. Ricky Vaughn x Paul Lee – Original Kings
28. Max & EJ x Noizekid – Flow Natural
29. Ricky Vaghn x Kapo – Thinking About You
30. Ricky Vaughn – Sex Tape (VIP Edit)
31. Billion Dollars – No Creas
32. Fania All Stars – Los Bravos (Selecta Doc Remix)
33. Ricky Vaughn – Leccion Cumbia
34. LocoMotive – Suave (OG Mix)
35. GodWonder – La Campana
36. Bunji Garlin – Differentology (RATHERO Remix)
37. Plan B – Candy (J-1 & Man-K Remix)
38. Hoodie – I feel So
39. Jhene Aiko – The Vapors (Ricky Vaughn Rework)
40. Andre 3000 – Prototype (Ricky Vaughn Rework)