Moombahtonistas, Before You Ever Touch Ableton Again, Read This !!

Forget everything you've believed so far about moombahton. The story about the teenage skipping party where Dave Nada slowed down his Dutch house set to 108 BPM to keep the reggaeton-vibe the crowd Read More

Steve Ohh & Arntre LA present : Moombah Bandits Volume1 [REVIEW + FREE DL]

  Artwork by Gabriel Rowano 2015 will be an exciting year for moombahton. While the rest of the world gaped at the EDM bubble, bursting and shrinking like a punctured inflatable castle: Read More

El Catorce : Papi [MoombahSoul]

One style of the Moombahton genre that seems to endure for me is MoombahSoul and MoombahLuv and this track by Mexico's El Catorce is a short but sweet Moombahton track that I can get into. The Latin Read More

Moombahton Summer Special (Roundup)

Artwork design inspired by Billion Dollars Our zombie-apocalypse trilogy was meant as the beginning of a more permanent return of moombahton on Generation Bass. Last month, we gave you a foretaste Read More

Original Moombahton – Vol.2 Compilation

Following Vol.1 of their official compilation series, Original Moombahton is back now with an impressive second edition, where a whole new series of big names as well as upcoming talents make Read More

Moombahton Zombie Takeover Part 3 (Final) – Europe, Africa & Asia

Artwork: Amazing acrylic concept painting for Delft-styled ceramic art, by the Amsterdam based tattoo artist Mick Grognardi It's been a month ago since we first announced the turning point. If Read More

Original Moombahton – Volume 1 Compilation

Since the beginning of this year, Original Moombahton has rapidly become the main provider of the best, highest quality moombahton and their influence on the music scene has only just started Read More

The Great Moombahton Zombiemarch Continues – Part 2: Edición Latina (In Spanish)

Artwork: skulls decorated with the bead-art of the indigenous Mexican Huichol culture, created in 2011, in a collaboration of Huichol artisans with the British allround designer Catherine Martin The Read More
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