A track from the forthcoming Epic Streamer “Walking with Camels” Ep/Album has just premiered on the Mad Decent website, go over there to check it out.

Insane Fennel gave The Last Sacrifice an Apocalyptic Wall of Bass Re-rub. There are a further 11 remixes to drop from producers from all over the world and this has been an exciting project and the results are pretty magnificent! The forthcoming EP/Album features an array of genre styles from current hot fave Gqom (Gome) through to 80’s Synthwave, Grime, Tribal, Vogue/Ballroom, Techno, Wobble, Neuro Funk, DnB, Acid, Jungle and Skweee.

You can check the original EP below and watch out for more news about the other remixes.

Gqom : Like This!


Streamer has been at the Gqom again and he’s come up with a storming new track which is an awesome prelude to the Walking with Camels Remix EP that we’ll be dropping soon.  Incidentally, a Gqom remix from the forthcoming EP has been getting support from the BBC at Radio 1 with Toddla T.

The great thing about Streamer is that he doesn’t create all this quality music for fame or fortune or to jump on some bandwagon, he does it because he just genuinely loves the music and loves to create!

This new track is just going to kill it on the dance floors with heaps of bass and tons of bleeps and those PSYCHO Strings! This is GHETTOPHONIC………….LIKE THIS!!

Here’s a few other new tracks too which are just sublime too.



Just shut the fuck up and let the main man talk:


So here’s something that we have been really excited about for quite some time now.
THE sound that has been taking over the Dominican Republic – Dembow.

After the Dominican youth got into Reggeton and later creating an entire scene on their own strength with Dominican Rap, Dembow was making noise on the island with tracks like ‘Pepe’ by Doble T y El Crok. There was a big longing for the riddims found on the Playero tapes, that the polished sounds of Reggeton simply were not providing anymore. Ever since Dembow made an entrance back then in ’09/’10, Dominican Rap was getting on the background and Reggeton seemed to be forgotten about. This was the new sound and it was only after a couple of years of evolving, that the sound finally started to create it’s own identity.

In comes Amsterdam based Godwonder, also of Dominican heritage, to present his 7 track EP. After 2 years, we present his unbiased vision of Dembow. Influenced by Dembow’s “cousins” Reggeton and Moombahton, but also by the islands own Merengue and Mambo, to show how it’s done. People have been sleeping on it for too long, so we decided to crash the parties at ADE to wake everybody the fuck up!

You know what? I’m not even going to describe the tracks for you. I suggest that you go ahead, grab your fucking bottle of Presidente and realize that the sandungueo just started again.


Streamer : Full Stream Ahead


We’ve featured Streamer here before with his take on Fodencia and some Arabic stuff, more of which is coming soon but here’s a bunch of new stuff that he’s been doing.

Streamer aka Gary is an Englishman living in exile in the Netherlands and he’s been on my radar since the mid 2000’s as he’s been an active participant in the Trans Club/Bass world since then and this dude has got some serious musical chops on him.

Here’s some seriously funky 90’s Big Beat alongside some Dub, Kuduro Glitch Disko, German Disco and bleedin’ T-Rex.

Here’s some Gen Bass trivia for you, one of our label artists was actually once taught to play guitar by the one and only Marc Bolan (RIP) of T-Rex – FACT 🙂

Kuenta i Tambu : Muchu Danki


In the past few years our dude Indian Jones has been championing this band from Amsterdam, Netherlands and now they return with their new EP “Muchi Danki”.

“Inspired by Traditional Afro Caribbean Music from Curaçao and European Dance, Kuenta i Tambu has created a brand new sound! They cleverly found a balance between electronic sound samples, singing and chanting and the infectious rhythms played by ritual tambú drums.

Some call it Global Bass, others prefer labeling it Tambutronic but one thing is for sure: it’s a wild and colorful explosion of energy, and always seems to set off some serious movements on the dancefloor!”

Here’s what they say:

“Last summer, while on the road, we came up with some new material to be shared with all of you. Compared to our last release, Santa Electra, we chilled out a little bit, just so that we could have the best of both worlds on this record: a relaxing sound as well as the partymode-tracks.

1. Where To Go
This Afro -Tronic anthem was made as a guiding light to all people on the verge of throwing in the towel due to the distress of modern-day society. Enjoy this smooth and uplifting track encouraging you to pursue your heart’s desire and to go where you’ve never been before.

2. Muchu Danki
This original tambutronic track symbolises Kuenta i Tambu’s never ending gratitude towards everything and everyone that have been helping or participating in any way in realising so many wonderful dreams and giving us so many opportunities.

3. Peace Of Mind
With this neo-Dancehall love song we place ourselves in the shoes of a couple, caught in a recent plague that seems to hit relationships nowadays. “The inability to communicate due to anger and egos!” This time the guy, in a whirlwind of emotions, is trying to get his lady to sit down, relax and have a talk.

4. Mi Kueru
A love song with a twist. This Afro-Curaçaoan bubbling banger narrates the passionate relationship between a percussionist, his drum and its skin: hitting it hard while being gentle at the same time. True Love”

Cynic_Al aka oze – Zero House


Loving this Chill house track from this Dutch Experimental producer. Heavy on the icy cool atmospherics and a perfect opening or mid set number to build things up from, great stuff. A cool sultry female vocal on top would make it even better but sounds great as an instrumental too!

Hasse de Moor & Happy Colors – Melaza


I haven’t posted much of this kind of stuff in quite an age but this one really deserves some spotlight. This is just one massive killa track by 17-year-old Dutch producer Hasse de Moor and Dominican Republic’s finest Happy Colors.

This track just gets better and better after the 1.18 mark, absolute banger!

You can still grab Happy Color’s EP that he released on our label Generation Bass here:



The brilliant Sarantis returns with a 20 Instrumentals release packed with the finest bashment, dub, footwork grime and juke.

A must have!!!

DRVG CVLTVRE DJ SET @ Club Moog Barcelona [Psychic House & DoomDisco]


Generation Bass owes a great deal to Drvg Cvltvre and this dude just keeps giving and giving back to the music community.

Drvg Cvltvre has had many successful disguises in the past but I think this new one is finding him reaching the peak of his huge and incredible talent.

A massive live set here, don’t sleep on this baby:

We also hope you didn’t sleep on his brilliant #GB Mix 2 which journeys familar terrain for most GB followers out there. This series is exclusive to Mixcloud:

GBMIX#2 by Generation Bass on Mixcloud

C Production : "Ji-Had" [Arabic Trap Banger]


I think our dude C-Production is doing some amazing stuff fusing North African and Middle Eastern sounds with Western beats. Being of North African descent is of immense help with this kind of fusion as this new track demonstrates. Never been hugely into Trap but there’s just something about any kind of music that incorporates Arabic sounds that gets my mojo working: