Kicking Off 2017 With The New Dark Generation

2017 will see a rise of Lovecraftian, cosmic horroresque aesthetics2016 slipped away without a spotlight for a development in music that has come into full force over the course of this year, completely out of view of most blogs and music magazines, even independently of the internet avant-garde's Read more [...]

Generation Bass Introduces: GORGE

Imagine a genre supposedly born in in the mountains on the Indo-Nepal border, communicating the aesthetic and spiritual sublimeness of rock climbing, becoming the soundtrack to an international rock climber-clubber subculture in Canada and Argentina and eventually morphing into a passionate avant-garde Read more [...]

Important Stuff We’ve Slept On

I am a slow blogger. I usually rake in as much as possible of everything that pops up in my soundcloud feed or on Facebook and if I dig it, repost, comment, or thumb it up.But as usual, I´m behind with important posts so that all the important new stuff disappears to the end of the queue of everything Read more [...]

Afrofuturism: The Apocalypse and Beyond

NOTE: My Afrofuturism series are a week belated because I had problems with logging on to the sitePhoto via: Black Quantum Futurism"You ARE the noise gate" - Magician from the shortfilm 'Noise Gate' (2013)The venue WORM is connected to a bar-restaurant, Wunderbar, where the afrofuturist vibes Read more [...]

Darkness Rising [Special Mega Feature]

***This was originally a Krampus-special, planned for half a year ago. Last year, I first introduced krampus to Generation Bass in a legendary edition of Sexxy Saturday Cumbia.***And with every passing year, ever more people all over the world are finding out about this frightening creature Read more [...]

Drvg Cvltvre presents: North by Northwest

hey guys, it's your favourite web hound with some new gems of the industrial techno / techno / abstract / weird house / noise kind...I found some really good stuff this week, so I'm just going to dive right in here:D. Tiffany drops some seriously dark stuff with his new track zZzz. I love how those Read more [...]