A track from the forthcoming Epic Streamer “Walking with Camels” Ep/Album has just premiered on the Mad Decent website, go over there to check it out.

Insane Fennel gave The Last Sacrifice an Apocalyptic Wall of Bass Re-rub. There are a further 11 remixes to drop from producers from all over the world and this has been an exciting project and the results are pretty magnificent! The forthcoming EP/Album features an array of genre styles from current hot fave Gqom (Gome) through to 80’s Synthwave, Grime, Tribal, Vogue/Ballroom, Techno, Wobble, Neuro Funk, DnB, Acid, Jungle and Skweee.

You can check the original EP below and watch out for more news about the other remixes.

E.Reflexion – Dama Doff [Free Album]

dama dofffffffffffffffffff

French Beatmaker E.Reflexion’s music is a mix of different styles from Electronic, Ambient, Dubstep, IDM, Grime, Breaks, Jungle, 2step to Breackcore.

He drops his first Free album on Generation Bass Digital called “DAMA DOFF”. It’s an album of collages and sketches, akin to an audio travel report, of his journey to North & West Africa (Morocco/ Mauritania /Senegal/Gambia). He skilfully blends the traditional music of these countries with experimental Electronica.

The first half of the album focuses on North Africa and the rest on West Africa.

All compositions by E. Reflexion
Sample Hunting by TIWOM
Piano & Santour by Gui
Vox Samples – Claire/Agnes/George/Amidou/Mohamed/Aysatou/Le Ramasseur de Bounouk


French Beatmaker E.Reflexion began experiencing in free party & sound system on a rhythm box (Korg ,roland ext….). Later he started to work on MAO to make more experimental music and produce beat for different Mc’s.

He has collaborated on different projects such as:
-DUB GOES WILD (dirty room77)
-BASS THÉRAPIE (peep rec.)
-PEUR SUR LA VILLE (grime sin)
-DUBZ TAPE (asso kapblanc )
-INSIDE THE MIST (la crise prod)
-EXPECTATIVE LIFE (5050 records)
-STATIQUE (autoprod)
-PIZZA ep (Digital Birds Records)

contact : [email protected]
bandcamp :
soundcloud : @electronic-reflexion


Introducing : E.Reflexion

dama dofffffffffffffffffff

We’ll be dropping an exciting, fresh & innovative free album by this French beatmaker later this week (artwork above) on Generation Bass Digital. It’s an audio travelogue of collages and sketches of his journey to North & West Africa (Morocco/ Mauritania /Senegal/Gambia). He skilfully blends the traditional music of these countries with experimental Electronica.

Whilst you’re eagerly waiting for that to drop, check out some of the stuff on his Soundcloud and Bandcamp:

Hassan Hakmoun and Adam Rudolph : MARAHABA (Gift of the Gnawa)


Awesome Gnawa Fusion track scouted on the Soundcloud. It’s an epic 8 minute fusion of Gnawa Jazz that will transcend you into another world and help to broaden your musical horizons. Glorious.

Neyssatou uploaded cause she as she says:

This is a piece by Hassan Hakmoun and Adam Rudolph MARAHABA from the album Gift of the Gnawa, I uploaded it here because I couldn’t find it on internet and it’s worth a listen 😉



More Arabic Bass in this latest instalment featuring a lot of Middle Eastern inspired Juke, Footwork, Dubstep, Grime, Trap and wild North African flavas. Features tracks from the soon to be dropped “Karami Volume 2” by Sarantis, Hussein Sherbini’s recently released EP “Electro Chaabi” , and it even features some M.I.A.

You can download it now:

Arabtronix Volume 5 [June 2015] by Dj Umb on Mixcloud

Grab the previous volumes too whilst you’re at it:

Deena Abdelwahed : Arabstazy [Future Arab]


Deena is an Experimental Tunisian artist and member of “Arabstazy” and she is on the search for Futuristic Arabic Club Music!

“Arabstazy began as a set of concerts held by the ethno-electro musical label Shouka, and featuring artists originating from the Arab World, or making a singular use of its legacy. Each show is considered like an adorcist transe ritual, where the audience is invited to experience voluntary, desired and curative possessions.

Arabstazy is now established as a collective of musicians and visual artists wanting to promote the underground electronic arabic scene. Tired of the dripping orientalism brought by the mainstream scene, they wish to offer shows introducing sharp artists and original performances.”

I’m feeling some of her stuff, most of the sounds are sketches of stuff yet to be fully realized but it shows great promise in its ideas and execution. Here’s some of her sounds to get you started to explore deeper into her catalogue:



Our favourite dude Hassan Hajjaj, A brilliant photographer and designer from Morocco (whose artwork use to adorn some of my club flyers from 10 years ago) has just released this documentary that he’s been working on for the past 2 years.

It’s a glimpse in the colourful and wonderful life of Marrakech and into the life of Karima, a Henna artist at the mind-blowing Djemaa el-Fna.

It Will be shown at LACMA MUSEUM on 13TH MAY 2015 – FREE ENTRANCE.

Check this out:

HASSAN HAJJAJ – KARIMA Trailer – World Premiere at LACMA from pete stern on Vimeo.

Here also is a track from the movie:

Arabtronix Volume 4 [Arabic Synth-Pop/Italo/Electronica/Trip Hop/Skweee]


This is the latest instalment of my Arabtronix mixtape series.

Arabtronix is a mix series focusing upon Western Club & Bass sounds inspired by the Middle East, North Africa & including some Turkish, Hebrew & Persian sounds thrown in for good measure too. It is purely electronic in its roots! A lot of the artists who feature are indigenous to or who originate from the Middle East, North Africa, Persia & Turkey.

It draws upon recently released music & also from music that I’ve been collecting for some years. As A DJ I use to specialise in this kind of music & so I’ve collected some great stuff throughout the preceding years.

Arabtronix 4’s main focus is on Synth-Pop & Electronica. It’s a mix that showcases the latest electronic Arabic incarnations & also it goes back in time to the 80’s too.

I wanted to do a mix purely of Arabic material which evoked the spirit of 80’s New Wave but this proved to be quite a difficult task to accomplish as there just isn’t enough of that kind of vibe around that was given the Arabic sugar-coating. So I had to ditch that idea and instead went through some of the Arabic music I had collected from various decades, all of which were imbued with a western electronic influence.

This mix starts off with some awesome 80’s influenced New/Cold Wave by artists based in the Middle East & North Africa. It then goes into some Electronica & Trip Hop from the 2000’s period taking in some Arabic & Turkish vibes. It pauses for breath with some vintage Lebanese Pop from the 80’s before taking in some tasty Hebrew Electronica. It then takes a stop at Skweee junction with some incredible Skweee influenced by Arabic sounds & scales. This is followed by some Italo Disco from the early 80’s including Arabic covers of some big (& some cheesy) tracks from the 80’s & 90’s including an Arabic version of ‘Tom’s Diner”! Penultimately, the mix soaks in some B-Boy 80’s influence with a Middle Eastern tinge before it finishes off with some new sounds fusing Egyptian Electro Chaabi with Indie Rock (think, Arabian Stone Roses!).

This is another unique mix encompassing a lot of material that a majority of people will not be familiar with and would not have heard of before.

Think of it as a cinematic trip to the Middle East with a predominant Western aesthetic.

Download it now:

ArabTronix Volume 4 [Feb 2015] by Dj Umb on Mixcloud

Grab all 4 whilst you’re at it:



We’ve released a fair bit of music inspired by the Middle East and North Africa in our 4 years as a label. Here’s a playlist of all our releases so you can check them out and maybe you’ll stumble across stuff you might have missed in the past.

There’s a whole load more to come into the future!