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north africa


We've released a fair bit of music inspired by the Middle East and North Africa in our 4 years as a label. Here's a playlist of all our releases so you can check them out and maybe you'll stumble across Read More


Cairo Liberation Front (CLF) is the new wave of Egyptian wedding rave. Their approach on the electro chaabi sound has been featured in New York Times, The Guardian, Afropop Worldwide and Okay Africa. Read More

Cairo Liberation Front : Remix Collection Vol 1 Free Download

If you can imagine the Stone Roses on a psychedelic trip somewhere in Cairo via Netherlands, Brazil, Greece and Sudan, it'll provide you with a snapshot of the sound on the new Cairo Liberation Front Read More
CLF artwork

C Production : “Ji-Had” [Arabic Trap Banger]

I think our dude C-Production is doing some amazing stuff fusing North African and Middle Eastern sounds with Western beats. Being of North African descent is of immense help with this kind of fusion Read More

Hussein Sherbini : Apocalyptic Egyptian Techno

Quite unintentionally this week, here on Generation Bass it's become a bit of spotlight on the mass of growing talent from the Egyptian Underground started by yours truly. You find someone who leads Read More

99% 90s Egyptian Pop Mix

Those of you who know me really well, know how I just freak at the mere sound of Arabic Pop and especially Egyptian & Lebanese Pop. So I almost screamed like a girl today when I came across this Read More

Cairo Liberation Front – Bring The Noise Part IV

The Dutch CLF are rolling out a batch of exclusive Electro Chaabi mixtapes this week to celebrate their second anniversary as a DJ/Producer collective for their 5 favourite sites and earliest supporters Read More

Islam Chipsy : The Jimi Hendrix of the Keyboard Live [Electro Chaabi]

The Jimi Hendrix of the Keyboard is a man known as Islam Chipsy, part of the new wave of Electro Chaabi artists emerging from Egypt in recent years. The guys from the CLF (Cairo Liberation Front) Read More
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