If you wanna know what’s going down in India from a Bass perspective then you can’t go wrong by following Nucleya’s movements.

Nucleya was an integral part of Generation Bass Artists’ “Bandish Projekt” in the very early days but then the boys went their own ways and here is where Nucleya is now with his projects. He has tended to focus on the more commercialized & Americanized vision of Bass music, more EDM than Europe’s Electronic Underground which is where the Bandish Projekt are currently at. However, both retain their Indian roots in large measures.

This EP features a number of collaborators, most notable for GB readers will be Denmark’s Julius Sylvest on “Mumbai Dance” which takes a bit to get going but once it does, it’s like an express train! kinda reminiscent of that classic Duke Dumont “Hoy” track which still kicks some major, major ass!

The stand-out for me though is the opener “Laung Gawacha” feat. Avneet Khurmi, this one gets my vote.

If you like your beats “stadium” phat, with huge drops and with a Spicy Indian flavouring, then this is for you:

Homegrown : A Timeline Of India’s Evolving Bass Culture


A brilliant article documenting the evolution of Bass music in India has just been written by India’s culture mag “Homegrown”.

The piece expertly traces the history and evolution of Bass music in India from the mid 90’s through to present day incorporating interviews with:

…...”the bosses of bass, over 45 of them to be precise, regardless of whether their 15 minutes of bass-fuelled fame had come and gone over a decade ago, or whether they’d ventured into newer territory, and as they each narrated their own personal journeys—each more entwined with the others than they might have realised—the multiple, simultaneous conversations quickly began to evolve into more of a round-table conference than we had intended.”

The article is so big that it is split into 2 parts:

“The first is more fragmented, involving the very initial pioneers/pushers of the genre in India, both locals and foreigners, and the UK’s Asian Underground Movement, forming the foundation for everything we see today.”

The second involves a few incredibly key latecomers who took it upon themselves to resurrect an otherwise closeted genre, and take the time to evolve larger audiences’ taste for it. Neither could have evolved without the other.”

Of course, yours truly and my mixtape “India Calling” and Generation Bass are mentioned in Part 2 and that’s quite an honour for us, so thanks to all at Homegrown.

This really is the most comprehensive piece we have ever seen on the “Indian Bass Scene” and it’s quite a captivating and riveting read.

Please do check it out.

A Timeline Of India’s Evolving Bass Culture Vol. I: The Pioneers Decode Significant Moments From The Early Days

A Timeline Of India’s Evolving Bass Culture Vol. II: Veterans Break Down More Recent Milestones

Alo Wala x Nucleya – Little Lotto (feat. MC Zulu)


Good Transnational Bass collaboration here from India via Denmark to the USA.

Alo Wala is a product of The Post World Industries team headed by the lovely Mata Hari.

“ALO WALA, meaning “person of the light” in a Bengali / Hindi mashup, is a live electronic music band featuring Chicago-born rapper Shivani Ahlowalia and Tropical Bass pioneers Copia Doble Systema. Intergalactic, their sound is rooted in hip hop and branches into countless bass-driven subgenres as they deliver an explosive dancefloor experience.”

Nucleya is a name that ought to be familiar to you as the Generation Bass blog were one of the first to highlight him on the blogosphere at least 5 years ago. Not only that but he use to be a member of Bandish Projekt in the early days until the dreaded “artistic differences” tore them apart. You might also recall him from my infamous India Calling Mixtape back in 2009!

If you don’t know who MC Zulu is then you ought to come out more often.

Sly&Robbie guitar lick leads the whole track with M.I.A. like rapping by Shivani before the Indian madness kicks in which is kind of reminiscent of that classic Duke Dumont banger “Hoy” which use to slay the dance floor whenever I dropped it.

Mc Zulu’s flow comes in half-way through guaranteeing the party vybz are well & truly present!

Essential Banger!

A bit of India



A bit of India… I won’t be bragging about my origins ; Indians are clever people and they don’t get tricked by my features, when i go there they know i’m a f***in’ tourist and that’s ok for me – i’m not asking people to greet me arms open just because we originally come from the same place. I’m not gonna play that game of rediscovering my roots and being proud of a country i barely know. However i am proud to share all the energy Indian artists have managed to bring on the international scene ; how Indian music influenced western music producers and how the latter are able to blend it nicely to their own musical background.


Captain Planet is certainly one of my fav artists. In a previous post i said that the man had a style, his own style. The way he composes, makes you easily forget that it’s electronic music, you really feel in a concert hall bouncing to a live performance. Unplug your mind for a few minutes and enjoy the trip !

Ram Ad Infinitum by Captain Planet
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”100″ iframe=”true” /]


Copyflex from Copia Doble Systema teamed with Ben Horn and Papon to produce a real beautiful masala track, full of colours and light for Indian movie Patang (the kite).
Under the Bolly flavour we do recognize the distinctive stabs, the dubby style that marks the tracks of Copia Doble Systema.
Copyflex & Ben Horn feat. Papon – Maaru Amdavad
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”100″ iframe=”true” /]
A poetic journey to the old city of Ahmedabad, PATANG weaves together the stories of six people transformed by the energy of India’s largest kite festival. Every year a million kites fill the skies above Ahmedabad–dueling, soaring, tumbling and flying high. When a successful Delhi businessman takes his daughter on a surprise trip back to his childhood home for the festival, an entire family has to confront its own fractured past and fragile dreams. Music and fireworks, food and laughter, a kaleidoscope of color and light, the magic of the kite flying high – a traditional recipe of healing and renewal. With naturalistic performances from actors and non-actors alike, bold, lyrical editing, vibrant cinematography and a kinetic score, Patang delights the senses and nourishes the spirit.
(from the Synopsis section of the website)


Watcha Clan French World’n’bass band from Marseilles has been remixed by Copenhagen producer Danochilango, and the result is just awesome ! The voice of Sista K is transporting you to new horizons
We Are One – Watcha Clan (Danochilango Remix)
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”100″ iframe=”true” /]


Vinayak^A விநாயகா
Talking about the work of Vinayak^A and the artist himself is quite a long story and i think he deserves a long post just for himself ; but for the moment, let’s enjoy listening to these beautiful colorful tracks. Bridge between sweeter&bitterness reminds me of my car trips at night in the streets of my parents hometown when i was a child. So much to see and hear at once. There’s something hypnotizing that recalls me as well of some of the best tracks of Leftfield.
Vinayak^A விநாயகா Bridge between sweeter & bitterness
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”100″ iframe=”true” /]
Vinayak^A விநாயகா Andrea Fissore – Bombaya (Vinayak^A remix)
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”100″ iframe=”true” /]


Tigerstyle !!! The two brothers from Glasgow play that electro Bhangra madness i could listen to all night long !  Ay-Ha is part of an EP including original track, instrumental and remixes from PMG, WAFA, Jakez Hench, Kumarachi and should as well be featured on the forthcoming album Digi-Bhang (2013).

Tigerstyle – Ay-Ha! ft Sarbjeet Kaur & Billa Bakshi (Intro by BiggTaj)


And to finish here’s one video of the Dewarists, a series of musical documentaries that will take you around the world. It’s real well produced, rather thorough as it takes time to present artists and what motivates them.

The Dewarists w/Brooklyn Shanti, Mou Sultana&Nucleya S02E08


You will notice that whatever the opinions and the backgrounds music reunite all these artists.


Links :

Check Wizraeli’s post about Watcha Clan on Generation Bass

Visit Brooklyn Shanti’s website

Visit Nucleya’s website


Nucleya Asian Madness

I found this dirty beauty on souncloud and i really like it . Fat and sweet .

Nucleya , a producer to follow, Udyan Sagar, who started his musical journey towards the end of 1990‘s when he co-founded Bandish Projekt.

I’m looking forward to listen his new stuff.

For the moment he dropped this one for free. Extracted from his new Ep , Khandit Nayaka

FREE DOWNLOAD – Khandit Nayaka – Nucleya’s VIP REMIX by Nucleya

Link for the download here.



dimmSummer presents: SUBcontinental BASS!

The next step in Transnational Dubstep vibes come from High Chai Recordings with ‘dimmSummer presents: SUBcontinental BASS’.

dimmSummer says this: “I wanted to steer this mothership full-throttle ahead with like-minded producers and bass-Jedis on board. The comp had to find that perfect balance between grit and melody, whether in my earbuds or dropped in a set. Producers from around the planet brought their signature sound, complimenting each other as a whole, while pushing bass music boundaries forward.”

And I sum it like this: A dense fusion of global bass culture sounds & sensibilities where drums and arrangements are so cohesive it feels like one producer partnering with a guest for each track. Definitely a sign that this compilation is the messenger of a movement.

If you’re visually biased then a good intro is this promo video

dimmSummer presents: SUBcontinentalBASS from sankar sury on Vimeo.

But video or any mess of words you put to it don’t do it proper service… just listen to it!

dimmsummer presents: SUBcontinentalBASS by highchai


desi girl punk logo2

[Image courtesy of Vinod of AUDIO DAKOOS]


So last week we had a BRILLIANT mix incorporating some INDIAN DUBSTEP from DJ Coconuts from Tupolev Soundcrash.  Man, that was very well received.  So it’s gonna be kind of tough to follow that.

Anyhow, here’s my INDIAN DUBSTEP MIX, which showcases “some” of the Artists that I’ve been championing at this blog on DUBSTEP MONDAYS.  Some of these Artists I hope will appear on the proposed India Calling – Dubstep Compilation at some point next year.

These are tunes I’ve been blasting at most gigs I’ve done this year in the underground circuit with Tropical Tek House doing the rounds at other gigs.

As most of you know, I don’t spend more than a max of 1 hour 30 mins on a mix.  20 mins prep time for this one and then straight to recording it LIVE in my studio on my Pioneer CDJ’S- one cut- one take in real time fashion (unmastered).

I hope that the mix gives you an insight into just how great some of the stuff coming out of India is at present with standouts for me being Bandish Projekt, Deaf Bass Twins and Nucleya.

Some of the other artists are not Indian like 16 Bit, Barbarix, Celt Islam and Datsik but man it’s cool to hear them embracing these vybz and to such astounding effect too.  Plus the mix is not 100% Indian as it incorporates some Arabic inflexions too, not too much, just a tiny bit!

Of course the idea for the India Calling Compilation is that it will include indigenous Indian Artists only, born and bred there, to showcase its home-grown talent.  So many of the tracks on the mixtape won’t make it.

Just so you know, “Yaar” means “Mate” and so the title translates as “Dubstep, Mate”!





1. Intro – Bhor (Umb Edit) – Bandish Projekt

2. Journey (Liquid Strangers Sliptrip Edit) with Bhor sample (Umb Edit) – Bombay Dub Orchestra

3. Halaqa (Umb’s Edit-with sample from Puerta (Atlantean/Natacha Atlas) – Celt Islam

4. Cobra – 16 Bit

5. Ali (Deaf Bass Twins Remix) – Midival Punditz

6. Installer – Barbarix

7. Cassiopeia – Nuphlo

8. Chutney Grip – Schema

9. Amirah – Chasing Shadows

10. 12345 Technology  (Barabrix mash up) – Bandish Projekt

11. Cop Killer- Sukh Knight

12. Boom – Datsik

13. Egyptian Horns – Ed Solo

14. Kesariya Balam – Deaf Bass Twins

15. Sense Distortion – Bandish Projekt

16. Waiting (Umb Edit) – Bandish Projekt

17. Pragat Pritam – Nucleya

18. Atomizer – Nucleya

19 Outro – Words of Rumi


Just checked the charts at Fairtilizer this morning after uploading this mix yesterday and it’s placed as follows:

NO. 1 – DJ MIX

NO.1 – PUNK (hahaaha)

NO.1 – World

NO. 1 – All Genres

As I’ve said before, the Fairtilizer chart placings add little value to the quality indicator of a mix, save to say some peeps seem to appreciate it but I have seen some truly awful mixes top their charts before.  But as before, it always feels good to be No.1 in something, even if it’s only within a very narrow remit 😉




The INDIAN DUBSTEP revolution continues and believe me there is LOADS more to come 🙂

My mate from Six Degrees, Bob Duskis, who also runs the GLOBAL NOIZE blog sent me a bunch of the latest remixes for MIDIVAL PUNDITZ’S “Atomizer” track.  If you recall we posted the In Flagranti remix a little while back HERE.

Anyway, ONE remix just fuckin’ blew me away man…and it’s this one by India’s NUCLEYA….man it is like a nuclear explosion, it’s IMMENSE!!

It’s not available for download yet but just listen to this MF’

Atomizer – Midival Punditz (Nucleya Remix) by Nucleya


However, you can download another track by Nucleya, his bass heavy BOLLYWOOD MASH UP HERE.



Here’s a couple of other great new Indian Dubstep tunes.

The first is from Californian based KUSH ARORA, who we have covered previously on the blog, track back HERE.

Boiling Over

And here’s another 2 you can stream from the ENGINE EARZ.

I’m working on getting some downloads of some of these.

So Fine Ft Shaun Paul Engine-EarZ Remix by Engine-EarZ and DJ Luxy

Lucky by Design – Engine-EarZ & DJ Luxy by Engine-EarZ and DJ Luxy

I’ll leave you with some awesome sounds via vids.