Streamer – Walking with Camels Remixed [Free for 24 Hours Only]


We return with Streamer and a Remix EP focusing on his “Walking with Camels” EP which we released last Christmas. We loved that EP so much that we just needed a follow up and what better way than to get a bunch of our favourite producers to put a twist on the EP.

The original Walking with Camels sounds like a precious, classic and unmissable (they don’t make it like they used to) 70s recording featuring some tracks in the tricky measures of 6/8 and 5/8.

In parts, the EP sounded like the lost Middle Eastern Jazz recordings of Idris Mohammed, Byrd and M Jarre jamming together on a modern electronic Psychedelic Orchestral Dub tip… a sonic, cinematic Desert Wave soundtrack for an imaginary movie yet to be made –

For the Remixes EP, this world was turned upside down and inside out, deconstructed and reconstructed for the club environment. Most of the remixers opted for Last Sacrifice as the track to remix. It is a track that gets under your skin and refuses to leave and there never seems to be enough of it, always leaving you yearning for more

The 12 tracks on the Ep/Album feature an array of genre styles from current hot fave Gqom (Gome) through to 80’s Synthwave, Grime, Tribal, Vogue/Ballroom, Techno, Wobble, Neuro Funk, DnB, Acid, Jungle and Skweee.

1. Streamer – Walking With Camels (Ballroom Version)

Streamer turns the EP Title track into a Vogue/Ballroom Bass blitz in the desert. Arab Ha! never sounded quite like this before demonstrating that Streamer is a true Master At Work!

2. Streamer – Last Sacrifice (Bandish Projekt Feat. Aishwarya Joshi)

Bandish Projekt created a spine-tingling remix of The Last Sacrifice featuring Hindi vocals on a 5/8 Dubstep excursion.

3. Streamer – Searching For Ketama (Gqom Burn Riddim)

For his first remix of Searching for Ketama (there are 3 in all), Streamer looked to South African Gqom (Gome) for this remix. Commercial and accessible and already supported by BBC Radio 1 and Toddla T amongst others.

4. Streamer – The Last Sacrifice (Insane Fennel Apocalypse Remix)

Insane Fennel added to the ritual and gave The Last Sacrifice an Apocalyptic Wall of Bass Re-rub. first premiered on the Mad Decent Blog.

5. Streamer – Midnight Express (Neuro Version)

Streamer, who it seems can turn his hand to almost any genre style and pull it off with aplomb, gave Midnight Express a Neuro-Funk, DnB, Jungle make-over turning it into something completely MAD!

6. Streamer -The Last Sacrifice (Sarantis Remix)

Sarantis turns The Last Sacrifice into a Grime epic.

7. Streamer – The Last Sacrifice

Sanmon transformed the sacrificial ritual into a Techno behemoth.

8. Streamer – Searching For Ketama (Golden Version)

Streamer’s 2nd remix of Searching for Ketama finds him giving it a Ketama Gold sheen with a harder hitting vibe, taking it way down to 80 BPM.

9. Streamer – The Last Sacrifice (Zhe Pechorin Remix)

Zhe Pechorin gives The Last Sacrifice a new deep-tribal, slow-grind make-over.

10. Streamer- Bedouin (Center Of The Universe Remix)

Our friend Centre of the Universe was bold enough to tackle Bedouin producing an other-worldly remix that sounds like we could have landed on the moon, way before Neil Armstrong did!

11. Streamer – Searching For Ketama (DesertWave Version)

For streamer’s 3rd and final version of Ketama, he covered an idea I had in my mind for a Bladerunner version in the form of a DesertWave remix harking back to 80’s Synthwave sensibilities.

12. Streamer- Midnight Express (Drvg Cvltvre’s Acid Kool Aid Mix)

We close this Ep/Album with Drvg Cvltvre tapping into early Pink Floyd for inspiration combined with his affinity for Acid and he teases us with a slow bulding mellow monster.

Steve Green










Dj Sissyfus – Børek På Oslo S


Dj Sissyfus is behind the brilliant Center Of the Universe who hail from Norway. You should recall we released his brilliant Transnational Skweee EP “Never Mind The Boreks” last month.

He has now dropped this MEGA mixtape incorporating the sort of material he plays out as a DJ. This takes in all manner of Transnational sounds from Skwee through to Arabic Pop, Indian, Persian, Albanian and Gamelan vibes and Electronic material.

Awesome mixtape which includes a Balkanized “Twin Peaks” which even out weirds David Lynch!

Booking: Sissyfus (at)!

1. Mesak – FAT Bellydancer
2. HOXARËN – Gabimet Paguhen
3. Ion din Dorobanți – mi-e pofta
4. Kanttoricoco – Haram Abi
5. DJ Delay – Baga Cumbia
6. Fløøød – Walms
7. Lazercrotch – Mar Mozul Mar
8. Zafer Dilek – Ateüine Yandćm
9. J Dilla – ?
10. Mohamed Hamaki – Fe Hodn Eneik
11. BHLB – Gamelan Rework
12. X.A.CUTE – Be One
13. Tøyen – India Pindia
14. Googoosh – Talagh (Alek Lee Edit)
15. Catani – balkan twin peaks


Gan Gah press pic

GAN GAH is a young DJ and producer borned in the suburbs of Agadir but now based in Brussels.

Fed by traditional « Gnawa » and Berber rythms since ever, this accomplished
musician, who has been performing for many years as a beatmaker under various
pseudonyms, knows how to shake a dancefloor with his bewitching beats!

The mix of all his influences ended in an awesome combination of club music and traditional North-African music/rythms/melodies.

Now he just released his first EP “Souktronics” in a declaration of love to his Moroccan
roots and to modern electronic music which is more than likely about to make a lot of noise on worldwide dancefloors !!!

Enjoy it !




Jus Now (UK)

Really Interesting music!

Im hearing influences from all over the world here! Im sure some of these will be getting some play in my DJ sets!


Kush Arora (US)

Very into the first and third song man…will be playing on Surya Dub Radio on monday 94.1 FM california’s oldest and largest independent station. Big up from Surya Dub, really enjoy the basement.


Samrai (swing ting/uk)

” an interesting blend of Eastern sounds and ruff club aesthetics taking on Jersey stylings, funky and grimy rhythms, EYWA is the standout for me “


Rafael Aragon (Tropikal Masala/ FR)

“vraiment bon le EP de Gan Gah !! Snake Dance défonce tout !”


Schnautzi(Argent Sale / CH)

“Glad to hear new influences into the bass music family! EYWA and The Snake Dance are little dancefloor bombs”








A great, atmospheric chilled bass number here by Salt Lake City producer Khensu who imbues his tracks with an icy cool Transnational Ambient vibe.

This one has an Arabic flava:

And this one with more of a Far Eastern Oriental vibe:

Tropikal Camel : In Die Hafla EP [Hafla Bass]


A great EP by Tropikal Camel aka Rocky B whose Neft release will drop on Generation Bass next month.

On this EP he soaks in the music of his origins and twists and turns it into his own style which we can call Hafla Bass, as we love making up new sub-genre names on the blog.

Here’s what the Folcore label say:

Rocky B’s new project The Tropikal Camel are a series of sonic adventures in Tribal Arabic music, future bass, shamanic sound scapes and industrial beats.

The title of Tropikal Camel ‘s debut album, Rocky’s first release outside of Israel,
“In Die Hafla” , means in the party (Hafla), a phrase in Arabic and German.

This name is a reflection of Rocky’s journey to his roots in Iraq, Kurdistan, Morocco and Austria,
As a grandson of immigrants that were forced to forget their motherland’s culture, and repress their cultural heritage.

Rocky’s music in this album reflects a process of liberation from those oppressive chains, toward a consciousness free from shame and denial.
At the same time it tells a personal story of Rock’s experiences in Berlin as an Eastern immigrant in the West.

This album is also a tribute to many releases in Israeli/Jewish/Arabic music culture that were and still are popularly known as hafla music, or “party music”. This kind of recordings contains celebratory songs sang in weddings and holidays, including many tracks which are cover versions of music from all over the Middle East.

As an extension of this tradition, Rocky sample from wildly diverse sources such as old belly dance records from Lebanon, Zorna music from Egypt, Anatolian rock from Turkey, etc.
The album is released by the Spanish label Folcore from Barcelona that focuses in global bass from Europe and south America.

It’s free too:

Khan El Rouh : Syrian Electronica


It’s pretty rare to find any Electronica from Syria and so when I do, I always love to show it some support.

This artist has done a number of tracks with an ambient electronic edge and it’s pretty good stuff to explore.

You can grab this EP for free:

Buy these tracks:


Stas – Tales From Liasufam Desert

Stas - Tales From Liasufam Desert


Stas - Tales From Liasufam Desert

I just found this piece of aural enchantment in my inbox. It embodies the sound that we’ve come to expect from Stas and his Babylon imprint. If you like his body of work, you will find some niceties inside. This is more on the chill & minimal side of things with the occasional burst of adrenaline to bring a bit of balance.

On a side note: This is my first post in several months…after surviving the life-disrupting misadventures of moving to a new house. The chaos included medical emergencies, veterinary emergencies, a  tetanus shot, legal counsel and some good things too…like, quitting nicotine, swimming in our new pool , feeding the fish in the canal of our backyard. Unfortunately, my studio still looks like an electro-acoustic vomitorium…which I hope to change very soon…Enjoy.



Really diggin’ this dark, experimental Middle Eastern Electronica by this artist whose works draws many parallels with 2 artists.

Firstly, that infamous Mancunian Muslimgauze, who was influenced by conflicts in the Muslim world with an emphasis on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  Secondly, Egyptian but American based, Mutamassik, who merges Egyptian percussions with hardcore breaks aka Sa’aidi hardcore & Baladi breakbeats.

Rocky B is the Israeli equivalent and also admits to finding huge inspiration from Muslimgauze for his sound. He has been a musician, producer and MC for 14 years and is also a music digger. He now hosts and edits a radio program in Israel in Kol Hka’Mpus radio station dedicated to forgotten music from the Middle East and North Africa.

He has many different projects on the go and one of the projects that he started 6 years ago is an instrumental conceptual piece named “Izraelgauze-the Jewish race regime”. An album that was he says influenced and spiritually guided by Muslimgauze.

He says that the Race Regime is a Arabic industrial album, a mix of ethnic samples and hard core distorted tribal beats. Influenced by his mental mentor Muslimgauze, Rocky takes the listener to a journey into the dark alleys of the middle east.

You can cop that album here:

The other project that he has is one where he calls himself “The Tropikal Camel” and this project has two sides: the Middle Eastern Bass side and the more Tribal Techno side. This is his live side where he plays a live Electronic set with vocals in Hebrew and English.

Cop a taste of that one here:

Orient Dub Express












First time i heard Metastaz i was hitting the road straight to Marrakech. Geoffrey, the boss of Fresh Poulp Records (a Creative Commons netlabel specialized in dub music) was blasting the tracks on the car radio and i would keep asking « Putain c’est quoi ce truc de ouf ? ».

You can imagine the atmosphere, white heat, fast driving, endless sandscape and loud basslines.

So it’s time for me i shared a bit of that moment of pleasure, and the moment is right as French producer Thomas Simoes – the man nicknamed Metastaz – has just released a prev. of his last track.

Huge, symphonic, heavy, loud, just great.

Hashashin (Ft. Miscellaneous) by Metastaz

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]


Metastaz Orient Dub Express album is available for free on his bandcamp page. So listen, download, play it loud !

Special attention goes to Orient Folk and Snakes on that album. Huge tracks !

Orient Dub Express (Album) by Metastaz


Generation Chill -Brandy Alexander Project + Laps

I love Umb’s idea to have a sunday post with downtempo sounds . So here comes my contribution .

EPP1 from Brandy Alexander Project + Laps took my attention , one for being a lovely downtempo-ambient album and second it’s released under a Creative Commons label called Libre Comme Lair wich is an interesting point . This is their statement :

“Founded in 2003, LCL believes that sharing is an essential tool of culture, the basic of its language. Open licenses are for this ideal, and the NTI are the dreamed vector for spreading this spirit.
We hope to make you discover artists, make you wanting to exchange with them, and to make them discover after, so that the free culture movement can become perpetual.

Brandy Alexander Project + Laps are mixing elcectronic sounds with transnational influences , field recordings such as Muezzin chants in Istanbul,sounds caught during a Sufi ceremny in teh middle of teh turkish region of Kappadokia.

Salvador , in reference to Salvador Allende , is an ambient next level track , peaceful sounds with a strong message : Salvador’s Allende Speech in the United Nations in 1972 wich is still valid nowadays . The result: an oniric trip with content , not a frivolous vision of ambient music .

Salvador (Brandy Alexander Project + Laps) by LCL netlabel
Turkye a trip to the turkish sufi sounds , wich reminds me my past days in sarajevo . As my friend Pathann would call it, a perfect Sunset Soundtrack .

Turkyie (Brandy Alexander Project + Laps) by LCL netlabel


Türkiye from brandyalexander on Vimeo.


You can get the whole E.p in Libre Comme Lair webpage HERE.

Enjoy !