Dj Doraemon – Apocalypse EP [FREE]

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This artist from Portugal first caught our attention way back in about 2013 when he was about 15 years of age. His productions range from Tarraxo, Afro Beat and Kuduro through to Kizomba.

For this EP we’ve chosen some of his most brutal of tracks in a dark dystopian apocalyptic vein.

When we first heard these tracks, they just blew our minds with their immense power and unique sound. The tracks exhibit a raw, unpolished demo-like quality which we would not change for the world. They also demonstrate a maturity way beyond the 15 years of age of the producer when he made some of these tracks.

The brutal beauty of these tracks is further mythologized by the fact that pre-masters or wavs just don’t exist anymore as Dj Doraemon’s computer crashed and he also did not back up any of his stuff.

So we are left with just the unmastered MP3’s in 160kbps! You must think we’re mad but this fact didn’t deter us from releasing this EP because this is essential music that needs to be heard and which we must have on our label regardless of quality and bit rate. It also ties in with the way in which a lot of underground artists of African heritage actually drop their tracks without giving a f**k as to bit rate. Now that might mean an epic fail on a great sound system but paradoxically this is the real deal in many ways!

Over the 5 tracks Dj Doraemon creates distorted polyrhythmic beats interspersed with gun shots, sirens, bells that toll for thee, animated voices, crash cymbals, screams, groans and static interference. There’s a naiveté and doom laden atmospherics to create bleak yet enthralling imagery.

3 of the tracks belong to the Tarraxo genre whilst the latter 3 to Kuduro. This is a name to watch out for in the future but we couldn’t wait and so here he is in all of his rawness!

Dj Doraemon aka Ivan Lima is from Cova Da Moura, Lisboa, Portugal. He is now 18 years of age but started producing at the age of 10 after he saw a friend working in FL Studio 4. He feels he has developed his own style and vibe but also acknowledges that he so much more to learn.




Bison X Kush Arora X Squareffekt – Northern Migration


#Future Tarraxo, Tarraxo, Zouk, Kizomba, whatever you wanna call it, I’m still really loving these sensual vibes and especially the place where Bison & Squareffekt take this sound.

The opening and often ending of their tracks always remind me in some way of the 1983 epic Scarface and the Soundtrack by Giogio Moroder, albeit the music itself bears no relation to the story line, imagery or themes of that movie.

I still think the full potential of Bison has remained unmatched since his first EP which we released “The New Wave of Tarraxinha” but this and his subsequent releases with Squareffekt have come very, very close.

On this new number, they have teamed up with a very familiar and established name in the scene, Kush Arora, who we’ve known since the beginnings of this blog. With Kush in tow, the #Future Tarraxo sound is the dominant backdrop but it is stretched further to include a subtle Indian influence on the percussion and also in my view a very surprising hint of Pop Arabia in the strings, now that is something I’d really love to hear more of in their productions because it just seems to fit in so naturally.

Another gorgeous track that deserves so much more attention than it is likely to receive online.

Here’s what they say about their collab:

After having a internet admiration for each other’s music, and a desire to learn from each other on their traditions, the three of these folks across the world started to trade sketches in 2015 which lead to this song, the first of many that will be emerging.

Bison & Squareffekt are a Portuguese production duo on the rise, who have a unique, futuristic and melancholic take on the sensual cadence of Angolan kizomba and tarraxo. As the zouk bass sound spreads across the globe and producers push these sweaty 90BPM into new and unfamiliar territories, the duo takes an organic approach to the genre as they reimagine the tarraxo sound from within. Putting a modern electronic twist into the slow sexy beats that make the ghettos dance provocatively from Lisbon to Luanda, Bison & Squareffekt are definitely here to stay.

Kush Arora has been producing a variety of indo carribean, kuduro, industrial, and ambient sounds in San Francisco for over 18 years. He lends his sound design, beat structures, and evolving landscapes to the tarraxo formula, propelling it further and further into space.

JayPross X 2PeKes – Zourney [Free Download]

ARtwork 2pekes Jpross small

Following his previous releases on Generation Bass Digital as part of DZC Crew, the time has come for Portuguese Bass Underground artist 2Pekes to branch out on his own for his next release on our imprint. However, he is not completely alone as he enlists the services of fellow Portuguese producer JayPross to deliver the ear catching melodies on this new tune named “Zourney”.

This new track keeps all of the hallmarks of the recognisable 2Pekes journey sound, a dark, unrelieved tension that makes you expect a breakdown or drop any second, which never comes but keeps you on your toes with its slow kick drums and double time percussion. With bleeping, thin, whiny synths and a beautiful percussion layer, this is another beautifully understated #FutureTarraxo track from one of the leaders of the New Wave of Portuguese Bass.





Dj BeBeDeRa : Guitarra Do Guetto


Dj BeBeDeRa is one of our faves from the PBU (Portuguese Bass Underground) and he made his official debut label release on Generation Bass coming on to 2 years ago. He is still dropping BOMBS and no-one quite sounds like him and we continue to support our faves.

Here are some his latest creations fresh for 2K16 ranging from Kizomba, Afro House, Fodência, Tarraxo and Guetto Zouk made with love and sent from Portugal!

2PeKes : Ah Dub


2Pekes from the famed Portuguese Bass Underground collective DZC Crew just dropped a Dub playlist which features remixes of the infamous MikeQ track “Ah Dub” rewerked in an Afrobeat style. Check it below.

Watch out too for his forthcoming release on Generation Bass Digital of a great track called “Zourney” with fellow Portuguese producer JayPross!

DJ Dotorado – Maluku EP Vol.2 [Eclectic Afrohouse]


Sometimes it happens that an artist fame becomes limited by just one decisive track. In the beginning I was afraid that that might happen to DJ Dotorado, whose banger African Scream rose to absolute anthem proportions virtually out of nowhere, quickly overshadowing the artist behind it. That he is a boundary pushing, creative artist with the potential to become an established name already became clear in March with his first EP I can no longer find on Soundcloud… And now at the threshold of 2016, at the bright end of a fundamental year for music, DJ Dotorado definitively proves himself ready to stay in the spotlights.

When ‘African Scream’ came out, DJ Dotorado was only 16 years old. Today, nearly two years later, he has developed a broad, eclectic style as well as a solid fanbase. Like in the previous EP he draws again from a wide range of genres including trap, chicago drill, baile funk, kizomba and fodençia, alongside his caracteristic melodic-euphoric afrohouse.

If there should be any startingpoint to push underground sounds we’ve supported over the last last years into mainstream audiences this winter, it is undoubtedly MALUKU EP VOL.2!

Follow DJ Dotorado:






Great track here by Portuguese producer Puga delivering a sound harking back to the glory days of Global Bass but with renewed impetus.

Dj Nervoso : Original Dj's Di Ghetto member drops hot new Tarraxo


We first encountered Dj’s Di Ghetto back in 2010 even though by that time they’d be going for quite a while creating some wild Tarraxo beats.

They received a renaissance in 2013 when Marfox collated and released a bunch of old material dating back to 2006 on the Principe label.

They were made up of 6 members, some of whom we have since released on our label including Dj Marfox and Dj NK. The other members were Dj Foxfuxo, Dj Jesse, Dj Pausas and this man, one of my faves, Dj Nervoso and they started out in the early/mid 2000’s. They are all Portuguese based and drew inspiration from Angolan Dj Znobia’s Tarraxinha creations

So, this dude is a bit of a legend and he’s just dropped some awesome new tracks that are as intriguing as a lot of his older material. The Abubu & Braba tracks tho’!!!!!

This is ORIGINAL 100%:

#Future Tarraxo


Here’s a mix I did paying tribute to a great new sound that I’ve been falling in love with for the past few years, #FutureTarraxo.

The term “Future Tarraxo” first came to my attention via a track so named by Bison on his Wave of Tarraxinha EP that we released a while back.

As soon as I heard Bison’s sound, I was just head over heels in love with it. In forging this sound, he borrowed a lot of inspiration from the great DJ Znobia but he took it to the next level. Hence why his first EP was called “The Wave of Tarraxinha” suggesting a New Wave had hit our shores and indeed, it had.

This was a new sound albeit it was born and built upon the sounds of before from Angola – Tarraxinha, Kizomba, Zouk & Tarraxo.

Bison formed a partnership with Portugal’s Squareffekt where they both nurtured this sound to include a European Club vibe. They released 2 EP’s which defined this sound “Odyssey of the Mind”.

Others came along taking this sound as an inspiration and they did their own take on it such as Photo Romance. Whilst, another, Tilha was doing something similar but took it an altogether different and much darker, gothic direction.

Then the most famous name of all in this micro-scene, Arca (who has produced both Bjork and Kanye West) dropped some #FutureTarraxo from out of nowhere with a devastating impact.

Arca didn’t call it #FutureTarraxo and none of the numerous publications who covered it on-line (given his Bjork & Kanye fame) knew what it was or what to call it.

We knew what it was, we knew what to call it. There is no denying that this was #FutureTarraxo 100%! Having checked Arca’s soundcloud page around that time, I could see that he had been checking out some of the producers in the Portuguese Bass Underground and so this further confirmed to me that “Thievery” was a deliberate take on #FutureTarraxo!

To me, it is an evolving sound, nothing else sounds quite like it and I’m really interested to hear where its evolution will take it to in the coming years.

This mix is made up of mostly Bison and Bison & Squareffekt tracks with a few by Tilha and one each by Arca & Photo Romance. It is underpinned by the spirit of DJ Znobia, as it could be argued that this sound might not even exist were it not for him.

Space Age Beats from Africa, born in Angola, nurtured in Portugal and presented to the world.



#FutureTarraxo (Sept 2015) by Dj Umb on Mixcloud

A New, Mutant strain of African Diaspora soundtracked to the Future by:

1. Bison & Squareffekt – On it’s way to Orbit [Generation Bass]
2. Bison & Squareffekt – Voyager [Enchufada]
3. Bison & Squareffekt – Lightning on Jupiter [Generation Bass]
4. Arca – Thievery [Mute]
5. Bison & Squareffekt – Saturno [Generation Bass]
6. Bison & Squareffekt – Praia Morena [Enchufada]
7. Bison – Ghetto Tarraxo [Generation Bass]
8. Bison – Dangerous Tarraxo [Generation Bass]
9. Tilha – Nada Importa [White]
10.Tilha – Hole [White]
11.Antae – Alma (Photo Romance Remix) [Regional]
12.Bison & Squareffekt – Night Crawlers[Generation Bass]
13.Bison & Squareffekt – Futura [Generation Bass]
14.Bison & Squareffekt – Solaris [Generation Bass]
15.Bison & Squareffekt – Magnetism [Generation Bass]
16.Bison – O Demonio Do Tarraxo [Generation Bass]
17.Tilha – Tarraxo N’Zouk [Generation Bass]
18.Tilha – Esta Noite [Generation Bass]
19.Bison & Squareffekt – Passengers [Rimas & Batidas]
20.Bison & Squareffekt – Neon Lights [Rimas & Batidas]
21.19.Bison & Squareffekt – TGYP [Generation Bass]
22.Bison – Future Tarraxo [Generation Bass]
23.Bison & Squareffekt – Odyssey of the Mind [Generation Bass]